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f0f. wotpn worth or reliable merchandise should need no urging to buy. NEW WINTER COATS. One lot women's latest Btyle winter coats. 5.95 Good $10.00 values for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

WOMEN'S ONE-PIECE DRESSES New lot all-wool crepe one-piece dresses. All new shadeg and sizes. Specially priced, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 4.95 ol 1.95 SILK DRESSES One lot broken sizes silk dresses in navy, Itght blue and brown. Originally marked $6.50.

SILK POPLIN DRESSES 5 i i a a a I II I dresses in navy, cop- enhagen and brown- nearly all sizes in the lot Values up to $12.60. may have read house dress advertisements, but you yet found as good a house dress for the given price as you can buy in Moody's basement department. Thursday Friday and Saturday, at NEW OUTING FLANNELS Just received another case of heavy outing odors and leader The fine audience assembled at Stone's new auditorium Tuesday evening to enjoy the concert given by Madame Leonore Gordon Foy, a widely known dramatic ecrv ano, ably assisted by Alifes Irene Carpenter, accompanist fpr the repertoire numbers, and Prof. JBrnest A. Boehmer, of the Dakota conservatory, found expectations more than realized, as dhe program proved one of the most delightful artistic treats given here.

The audience proved most responsive and appreciative to the artist's work, and Madame Foy Was splendidly assisted in her delightful program by the above-mentioned local musicians. "The program was divided into two fcsrts, the first being devoted to a repertoire consisting of musical gems in Qerman, Polish, Slavic and English, from such well known composers as Coverly, Schubert, Strauss, Chadwick, Chaminade, Saelawsky, Ronald and "Ware. Madame Foy proved herself to be not only a thorough but a very versatile artist, capable of interpreting every mood, as the selections chosen represented themes of a most varied character, ranging from the wierd but fas filiating recitative style of Der Dopptlganger (Schubert), and the dramatic Chanson Slave (Chaminade), to the dainty favorites, Du Bist Wie Eine Blume (Chadwick), Joy of the Morning (Ware), He Loves Me (Chadwick), ami Little Winding Road (Ronald). The Polish Folk Song, arranged for Madame Foy by Saslaweky, met with marked favor, and her other numbers, Die (Coverly), Standchen Don't "Good Goods and Little Figures" ARTISTIC TREAT BY MADAME F0Y AND LOCAL MUSICIANS you want these 4 funny Dolls? "Aunt Jemima" and "Uncle Mose" are 15 inches high and the Pickaninnies 'Diana-1 and 4'Wade 6sts For Last Half of CHILDREN'S UNION SUITS One table heavy fleeced gray boy's and girl's union suits tsizes 2 to 6. Special WOMEN'S UNION SUITS One lot women's fleeced bleached union suits, high or low neck, long or short sleeves, all sizes, at 89c (8trauss), and Hindu Slumber Song (Ware), were delightfully given.

The accompaniment in the Strauss number is especially difficult and Miss Carpenter played it with an admirable finish, proving a most sympathetic- and artistic accompanist throughout all the numbers In which ehe appeared. The singer used beautiful tone shading in the Hindu Slumber song, and the lyric quality of her voice was especially noticeable in Joy of the Morning, and an encore response, the well known, Ts a Rose. Another pleasing encore number was Als Die Alte Mutter. A noticeable feature of this part of the program was Madame Foy'a perfect enunciation and maetery of the various languages, she singing the difficult airs with ease and temperament. The second part of the program was the feature of the evening, being interpretations of leading roles from three well known grand operas, in all of which the finger has previously appeared.

In this part of the program Professor Boehmer gave the oral Interpretations of the operae chosen, Wagner's Lohengrin, Puccini's La Tosca and La Boheme, and played in his usual artistic manner, the piano excerpts and motifs leading up to the. arias given by Madame Foy. The costuming in this part of the program was an unusual and most attractive feature, illustrating in minute detail the parts given in tions of the operas, and the gowns which the singer wore were both elaborate and effective. The snowy robe worn in the role of Elsa. in Lohengrin, truly a was an are 12 inches high, all in bright colors.

The coupon on top of package tells you how to get them. Ask AUNT JEM I MA' PANCAKE FLOUR kind that makes the d-c-l-i-c-i-o-u-s muffing y. toaffhA griddle cahm asement children will Be sold here unusually cheap. Everyone familiar with the 48c Ut-VA, AV1I9 69c WOMEN'S SWEATERS A clean up in odds and ends In women's and misses' sweaters in white, gray, black and less than half manufacturer's cost While they last 1.95 OUTING FLANNEL Q0WN8 25 dozen, splendid style regular $1.00 quality outing gowns 79c MERCERIZED PETTICOATS 6 dozen women's good quality mercerized sateen petticoats. Special Thursday, Friday and Saturday lie town Tonef 8PECIAL SKIRT SALE About 50 women's slcirts in navy and Copenhagen: In the new pleated and tunic effects.

The best value in Fargo at $7.50 Thursday, Friday and Saturday 4.95 SO CHILDREN'S COATS Thursday, Friday and Saturday JrOlI will find the best values in children's coats in Fargo. Sold in "down stairs." Choice entire stock 4.95 SILK PETTICOATS See our new line of jersey top messaline petticoats in all new shades. Specially priced One lot light shades, serpentine cfepe Idmonas, trimmed, never Bold at less than $1.60. To close 1.98 CHILDREN'S DRESSES If you are interested in children's 8 to 14 it will pay you to see our new line at $1.25, $2.00 and CREPE KIMONAS 2.50 silk 50c WHITE NOVELTY GOODS One lot fancy mercerized novelty goods in pretty patterns. Values from 20c to Slightly soiled.

To close MO, IS Apr. exquisite creation, nil hand-made, and the others were equally suitable to the roles depicted. Madame Foy sang the role of Elsa, with Walter Damrosch, in the first singing feetlval held in Texas, a musical event of importance. Professor Boehmor's oral explanation and musical interpretation of the excerpts from Lohengrin, which included the beautiful prelude, the well known wedding march and the music preceding it, were especially pleasing. Madame Foy sang the aria.

Elsa's Traum, in the German, most effectively. In La Tosca, followirfg the resume of the opera, Professor Boehmer plaved the of Tosca, Mario's Love Korig, and the duet of Mario and Tosca. The singer's rendition of Tosca's prayer, just before the murder of her persecutor, given In the Italian, was very dramatic. The dainty role of Musette, in La Boheme, sung in the English, was heartily encored, and the singer sponded by giving it a second time. Protessor Boehmer also gave a resume and piano motifs from this Madame Foy's voice, which is of excellent texture, has a wide range and even register, and her lower tones are unusually well developed for a soprano, uhe program of iaat evening revealed careful and thorough artistic gaining.

Cfcrtatmaa Glfta band painted china now en display- Fooler Slocum, 1084 11th St. Jf, Phone SOCIAL NOTES Mra. Charles of Casselton, spent Tuesday in the city shopping. T- wi, on south meet Frf- Dec. 11, with Mrs.

E. r8 1106 Tenth 8treet of the popular Kadona Dancing club parties Is to be given at Saturday evening. ball next Mrs. Dave Gunness. of Barnesville.

is here as the guest of her daughter. Miss Beatrice, who is a student at Fargo college. John Bathrick, i8 to be host Frl- evening to the members of the number, at Bathrick home, 1912 First avenue The Emerson club will be HuU hi 8 econd tesw" A on, No. 6 Stratford apartments. Second avenue south, next Monday afternoon, the aflair being a 1 o'clock luncheon.

of this season of the Metropolitan Dancing club will be he htB ot Columbus hall Thuisday evening, Dec. 10. The party rs MieHeB Imogene Nichols and Irene Carpenter. Margaret Jennings, secretary: The Woman's Catholic Order of Foresters wai 'hafi Sht a the Sons of 0rse A way nau. All members are requested to be present, as the annual election of officers is to take place.

,1 Newsalt, who Deen in the eaat since Thanksirlvlne returned home Monday night. Mrs' Newsalt visited at the home of a son, G. iveebler, in Chicago, and at tho a- c- Mrs. A. F.

Colwell, of the Blenheim apartments, was hostess this afternoon ti' ma 4 of morc intimate friends of Miss Gladys Guthrie, in honor of the latter's approaching marriage at an informal tea. The afternoon was spent in needlework for the bride-tobe, and dainty refreshments were enjoyed. Mise Gladys Guthrie, who Is to become the bride of Lieut. Maxon Lough on Dec. 19, will be the guest of honor at a prc-nuptiai party Thursday eve2, ses Isabel and Clara Rose, 322 Kighth street south, entertain informally, at anotluT partv Friday afternoon, it which Miss Katherlne Lowman will be hostess.

Alice Haggart, of the A. C. faculty, is to eritei tain the young women and the ladies of the faculty, Saturday afternoon at the college, ana the proceeds of the small admission fee to be charged will be presented as a Christmas gift to the Children's Home. The program planned for the gathering will consist of readings, music and various htunts, in the armory, and will be followed by dancing. The young ladles of the Unity club met in regular session at the Y.

W. c. A. Tuesday evening, and edvoted the time to preparing articles for the V. W.

C. A. bazaar which is to be held next Saturday afternoon and evening at the old Eggert market location, on jkmtli Broadway. Considerable work was enjoyed in connection with their needlework activities. Grand Forks Herald: A distinguished guest in the city Tuesday was the president of the North Dakota W.

C. T. Mrs. Elizabeth Preston Anderson, of Jamestown. Mrs.

Anderson arrived yesterday to attend the executive meeting of the State Knforcemcnt league, which is in session today, and she is visiting with her son, Cuyler Anderson, who attends the state university. songs, the latter to be mostly the old will go to finish payment on tho piano fund. Miss Tork, of the A. C. nlng at the regular meeting of a ladles' The club's next meeting, in two weeks, will be with Mrs.

J. P. Hardy. ing. The January business meeting will be held at the home of MIes Gertrude Schwarz, 923 Second avenue south.

The members of the Gamma Necha sorority of the Moorhead normal school were hostesses Monday afternoon at the home of one of their num- THE FARGO FORUM AND DAILY REPUBLICAN, WEDNESDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 9, 1914. 7 was accomplished, and a social time and Jane H. Watt. Over 100 women At the Christian church this evening Mrs. C.

A. Mcherer, of 2811 Stevens avwlll be given aji entertainment known enue, that city. The Bachelor's Dream, which con- sits of a series of living pictures and and a delicious three-course lunch was i served at 5 o'clock, with covers laid for thirteen. The dining room was decorated in the sorority colors, yellow and white, and in the living room Christmas bells, polnsettas, red candles and shades, narcissus and yellow roses were effectively used. The social event of this evening will be the pre-nuptial reception, complimentary to Miss Alice Lewis and James Chesley Beale, the latter of Franklin, who are to be married at the bride's home Thursday evening, to be given this evening by Mr.

and Mrs. R. S. Lewis, at their home. 1102 Third avenue south, in honor of the marriage, at the Lewis home, Thursday evening, of their daughter, Miss Alice, to James Chesley Beale, of Franklin.

Va. The guest list for the reception includes more intimate members of the younger social set and young married friends, and old friends of the family among the older set. Mr. and Mrs. R.

C. Lew is and baby, of Minneapolis, the former being a son of the host and hostess, are expected to arrive in the city evening in time for the reception, and R. S. Braisted, of Minneapolis, whose wife is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

Lewis, and has been in the city for several weeks, arrived thin morning. Mrs. W. H. McCullers, of Clayton, NT.

sister of Mr. Beale, will be another outof-town guest. were In attendance at the meeting. Mrs. Mary Wasem and daughter, Mrs.

Q. K. Bateinan. who were guests for a few days at the home of their son and brother, B. time ballads.

Assisting in the music Assembly hall, at which time will be the A. C. mrn'i quartet, also annual eUrtJon of officers will be R. W. Darner and Lelawl Porter.

facult.v, is to give a program of read- i pj Mrs. Stockham charge of the en-- present. The meeting will be called to tertainment, the proceeds from which rton The Girls' Glee club made their first honor the initiation rites were held, appearance before an audience this are Misses Hazel Hutcheson and Milyear, when they sang In chapel this dred Bvsmith. Others present at the morning. They sang as well as they banquet, aside from those mentioned looked, which Is paying high tribute to above, were Misses Llssie Hodgson, their vocal powers.

The personnel ol the club is about the same as last year, Keinlnger, India Freeman, Elma Faust, with a few exceptions. The ftrst num- Zelma Shute and Deborah Hall. ber was an Indian song, The Iand of the Sky Blue Water. The second was Christmas Card time Is here. Order Coppah Moon, a song in negro dialect.

riow -while our stock is complete. The third was a beautiful Russian njanv benutlful designs to select from, hymn, Glorious Forever. Another Rr Hardv gro song, Virginny, followed In re- VVaaem and wife, left Monday night for Lake Alfred, where they expect to spend the winter, Mr. and Mrs. F.

H. Knowles, Fourth avenue north, returned last evening from Minneapolis, where they spent Thanksgiving at the home of their son-in-law and daughter, Or. ahd Th Lady Maccabees will hold their ular review Thursday evening in Ail members are urged to be order at 8 o'clock. Miss Ella Ktvle, of this city, who It a pleaping reader of ability, gave the principal feature of a program at Ma- a8t ings Thursday evening in the opera- that city also appeared in music and house at Wheaton, for which place she leaves this evening. Miss of the circus, and enthusl-1 York will precede the popular selection, i astically received.

Polly of the Circus, with three short annual banquet and initiation of readings, and will be assisted in giving Mrs. J. M. Bathrick, 1012 First ave- IJserved In five with covers nue north, was hostess Tuesday eve- or evening. In which talent ot Kiv, the La rhom H0r0rity the program by the Wheaton nigh were held last evening, the former at school glee cluba and orchestra.

She the Gardner, and the latter at the home will return to Fargo Friday. nf Frances Kmcrv. The banquet Vowles and Marian Phillips, nd i2 1 Walk to prolonged applause. The Young People's Alliance of the A A Evangelical church met last evening' at the home of Miss Mary Horn, for Its monthly business meeting and semi- The program to be given at the annual election. The officers elected civic Centre Friday evening will be in were as follows: President, K.

J. Teich- two parts, aa follows: maun vice president, Selma Schwars vmrt recording secretary, Rose M. Teich- mann: corresponding secretary, Albert Music Miss Margaret Hutchinson Hoffman: missionary secretary, Mrs. i Man in the Shadow W. C.

Menges: treasurer, Reuben David K'pelman Teichmann librarians, Edgar HolTman at Dancing School and Peter Horn: usher, Albert Hoff-j Alice Pearaon man first organist, Gertrude Sohwari Highland Laddie and second organist, Myrtle Meinecke. After the business, a short literary i program followed. The hontess served Roberta Lanouette refreshments at the close ef the meet- Runaways ,111 selection was of Fargo college fifteen, and a basket of a bridge club of a dozen members. An t-ather Dahl was toastmlstress, enjoyable evening was spent with the club's usual diversion, and following cards the hostess served a delicious lunch. Christmas decorations betokened the near aproach of the holidays.

table decoration, and the welcome to the new members was given by Miss Frances Shea, president of the sorority, with responses by Miss Hutcheson and Bvsmith. Other toasts were responded to by Mrs. Wa8 joyed. The new members, in whose Helen Smith, Marjorle Knapp, Grace narqy. AflVl.

rliriLlJ ALU 1AL 1 Evelyn Witchlk Frances Emery Intermission. Piano Dance F. B. Pennington Miaa Margaret Hutchinson. Part 11.

An Oriental Love Tale, ber, Mrs. Fred Hill, 802 avenue Characters. north, Moorhead, at a silver shower for Miss Amanda KomstadiuS M'ss Joanette Johnson, who, on Christ- His Sweetheart Miss Ruth Gage mas night, to become thft bride of Two Accomplices Miss Almeda Leland C. Follett, of Sabin, Minn. The I shank.

MiB8 young ladies presented Miss Johnson The songs and dancing In the play with a beautiful set of teaspoons, bear- a Margaret Cruickahank re to be of a Japanese character. Ing the sorority monogram, and spent the afternoon In hemming towels and For correct social stationery, call at making kitchen utensil holders for her. Hardy. The most comPiano music was a pleasant diversion, 'J1 at moderate A welcome can be worn out sooner than a summer suit Dainty Ltght Lunches From 11 a. m.

to 11 p. m. Regular Business Peoples' Luncheon from 11:30 a. m. to 1:30 p.

m. All ftaal Homo Cooking. Crowley's IP OHO The Ladies' Aid society of the First Button from your own cloth made to Presbyterian church held its annual order. This ia absolutely the latest meeting Tuesday afternoon in the thing out. Bernler's $2 Hat Store, 612 church parlors, Mrs.

George Sweetland 1st Ave. No. presiding. After the usual routine reports, Mrs. R.

M. PoHock was callcd to the chair. The nominating committer gave their report, preceding It with i detail of their harrowing In search of a president. Mrs. Swe land, who has been an Ideal presUli officer, had declined re-election, mu to the regret of the society.

A tribi to her wonderful qualities of leadt i ship was made. Mrs. C. A. Benin house, the efficient treasurer, had felt unable to serve longer.

The following list of names was reported: President, Mrs. George O. Richardson: vice presidents, Mesdames E. C. Hansch', George Sweetland, W.

H. McArdle, and C. R. Stone: secertary, Mrs. P.

W. Satory treasurer, Mrs. J. L. Savage and secretary of membership, Mra.

H. R. Turner. On motion Mrs. E.

F. Ladd, the secretary was Instructed to cast a ballot for the entire list. The annual reports will be given at the January meeting of the. society. The substitution of an Easter thank offering for the usual Christmas sale, was spoken of as a subject of congratulation.

The amount of the offering this year was about 1180, which will be used In paying the society's pledge to the building fund. A social hour followed the business meeting Tuesday, and the December division served refreshments, those serving being Mesdames E. L. Yocum, R. H.

Walace, Anna M. Ward, Abbie L. Wilson, H. H. Wheelock, J.

F. Welton, R. C. Williams, William Young, and J. J.

Wandmaker, and Misses Agnes MMS. L. Babies' and Children's wear with MRS. L. A.

PINNEY Corssts and Furnishings. S20 Broadway. PICTURES FRAMED Ftaa and Cheap. Now la the time. This is tbo place.

J. F. RICE South Broadway. Fargo, N. D.

KODAK FINISHING fi Hoars liagefr-Newion Co. So Soft "and Flexible Just Uko tha gloro ob the hand, tip Laced Corset for flgrure in an excellent manner. It removes all pressure, lifts and the matter of vital Importance to the health of all It Is a delight to tha Wfcarer. The wearing qualities are splendid and the garment may be cleaned jto look like new. Be fitted by our expert coraetiere one of the lateat models.

There la a model for every type of figure. Mezirow, Bruce Quinn L. U-I'' Thursday and Friday Only Price for $25.00 and $30.00 Values Quality and servieo bring eur I 4 1 ii 4 M'ti SILK PETTICOATS Prices, $1.98, $2.98, $3.98 and $5.00 Values notably rare, styles ultra colors styles. All silk jersey, messaline and crepe de chines. INFANT'S FLOOR Pretty Bonnets, 50c, 75c $1.00 and up Wash Dresses, 39c, 50c 75c and up Knit ackcts, knit caps, booties, celluloid and ribbon novelties.

See Infant's Floor. HOLIDAY RIBBON FLOOR For fancy work, hair ribbons, and every purpose. The greatest values we have ever offered. Prices are as follows: $3.50 Ribbons for, yard. $1.39 $1.50 Ribbons for, yard 79c 85c Ribbons for, yard 75c Ribbons for, yard 89c 65c Ribbons for, yard 29c Assortments arc bigger and better than ever before.

HUMAN HAIR GOODS FLOOR Very special prices for the holidays. FARM Classes in water color, basketry and other art work, under Miss Blake. Phone HpHE tenderest skin in the world is that of a new born baby. The soap that nurse uses for its bath indeed must be the in the world. If you could mildest ft into the millions of nurseries where Ivory Soap is used you would know that Ivory is good enough for your bath and toilet too.

Ivory is the favorite nursery soap because it is the mildest, the purest, the finest that can be made. For the same reason should be your favorite too. isAjiS? thPMI i1 W. There are 25 dresses in the lot to select lace and satin, chiffon and satin effects. These arc superior in style and value.

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