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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 11

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 11

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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WEDNESDAY EVENING APRIL 23 1317. 11 rVr FLORIDA MAY BE AID FOR BIG POTATO FAMINE for marriage licenses, under the bill, would have been- required 'to submit health certificates showing thetr freedom of the prohibited diseases. Luce of Ban Ptego. "who championed the hill, moved reconsideration and announced he would cell up ttie bill again tomorrow. PREDICT CHANGES LONDON, April 25.

At a eonfereaee of journalists representing the Buropeen neutral countries consideration waa gren to the effect of the Russian revolution. One speskor expressed the belief that g-republics would be established before the BARS AIGRETTES 6ACRAMENTO, April 25. Possession of atgrett feathvra or plum ftr November 1, 1917, is made a misdemeanor If possession la for the purpose of sale, under the provisions of a bill by Baldwin 1 IM -iy last night by the Senate. The bill was introduced at the request of United States District Attorney John W. Prestos of Ran Francisco with the view of dls-ncwiraslnff the smuggling of plumes and feathers.

The federal law already prohibits their Importation, but many find their way into California and are sold. Tt bill now goes to the Governor. EUGENIC BILL LOST SACRAMF.NTO. April ttJ- By a vote of 18 to 18 the Senate last night rejected Assemblyman Wlshard's so-called eugenic marriage bill, almtd to prohibit the marrlajge of persons afflicted with sexual diseafn or leprosy. Applicants of San Diego, wtiich was given approval i Bookbinding at THE! TRIBUNE Office WASHINGTON, April 25.

Shortage of the 1916 potato crop may be I relieved" ty "rapidly Increasing shlp-j menu of. new potatoes from Florida! ths past 'week, the Federal Bureau of Markets reported today. Betwn April 1 and 20 6072 cars of the old and new crop moved and the dally! shipments of the new potatoes have jumped from the usual fifteen or: twenty cars to fifty-three cars April WE AJRET CLOSING OUT DELVEDINTO 18, seventy-three- on the 18tn ana ninety -six on the 20th. QUITTING THE RETAIL BUSINESS FEAR U.S. tVIAY HATWARD, April 2.

Alameda county Is a "little Paradise" from the point of view of horticulture and agriculture, with Intensive farming getting the most from the soil for the most part, although larger forage crops can and must be secured. This was brought out at a mass i meeting of the 100 farmers held here yes- i terday at the call of the committee on I repources and food supply of the Call- 1 SnnfnY. A HSUPPUES i ULr-JLJ JKJ I fornla Council for Defense for the purpose of having farmers co-operate1 with the government in raising larger crops. Agricultural and horticultural experts outlined local and national crop conditions and needs. Larger forage crops including sorghums are the special need of Alameda county, it was pointed out.

This, season, for Instance, only a 25 per cent crop of hay will be secured In the Midway sections, one of the largest forage crops growing districts snd about a 50 per cent crop in the Altamont section. Pasturage on the hills of Alameda county 1b only 40 per cent of the full yield. Under Intensive cultivation and producing good yields On the average In this county are alfalfa, eorn, tomatoes, sugar beets, peas, potatoes, cucumbers and all garden vegetables and ctrawberries. Grapes are a month "late In budding on account of the cold weather earlier in the season. DESKS, STOOLS, SCARFS, BENCHES, TABLES, TYPEWRITERS, OFFICE FIXTURES, MUSIC ROLLS WASHINGTON, AprU 25.

European neutrals-, are. thoroughly alarmed over the possibility government curtailing food exports to prevent their eventual dellrery Into Germany, it was disclosed here today. Plainly agitated, Paul Ritter, Bwlsa minister here, eajled at the State Department requesting an audience with President Wilson that he EVERYTHING MUST GO OPEN I EVENINGS tl in i i i OPEN EVENINGS might personally lay before the executive the plight in which his country would be plaoed by an embargo. BUSINESS GIRLS LIKE CUIICM The most remarkable sale ever held in the United States is creating the widest enthusiasm. Only once in a lifetime does such a rare chance to save money on good Pianos and Players come to you.

We are closing out we are retiring from the retail business every instrument has been marked way down. Good Music Rolls (88 Note) 4c, 6cr 12c. Here you can find good Upright Pianos for $10, $29, $41. Fine ones for $198, $200, etc. Good Player Pianos at $165, $178, $198.

Fine ones for $261, $278, $342. All are fully guaranteed by the manufacturers and ourselves, making your investment absolutely safe. EVERYTHING MUST BE TURNED INTO CONTRACTS OR CASH QUICK. Because it keeps tjifj bands soft and white, the It was reported that envoys of the Scandinavian countries will follow a similar course. When it comes to food price fixing, as suggested by the administration to conserve supplies during the war period.

Congress will be Ipoked In 'the hardest-fought battle of th war," unless present signs are wrong. A clear-cut lineup between members from rural communities and memw from, the large cities is rapidly developing. It is merely an outcropping of the old feud between city and country between farmer felfc and city folk, pro. ducer and consumer. The signs have begun to show themselves in the hearings before the Senate agricultural committge on the various plans for food conservation and production.

complexion fresh and clear and the hair i a 1 live and glossy. CUTICURA SOAP 'rip '5 fi cleanses, purifies .1 1' fl 1 II 4 andbeau- tifies, the -j i Ointment soothes and heals. To combat the demand for legislation authorizing the fixing of maximum food prices during the war period, rural United States has now come forward with a proposal for measures empowering the government to establish minimum prices. The fact that spring planting is at hand la acting as a drastic accelerator of Congressional action in dealing with the food problem. The Senate committee expects to WUI put Piano or nyer.

Ptano In your home, liberal Time to pay thn close its hearings within several Jays and begin work on retouching admin Sun, wind and dust all do their best to ruin the complexions of those subjected to them, Business girls who must face all kinds of weather find that Cuticura does much to protect their skins and keep them looking their best. Sample each free. Address postcard: "Cuticura," Dept. tfF, Boston. Sold everywhere.

Extra Savings For More Cash Down Extra Savings for Shortening the Don't Delay Another Minute Come This Week Sure! Open Evenings! istration food measures which will be laid before it by Secretary of Agri a culture Houston. These measures probably will be ready for introduc tion some time next week In the Senate. George W. Perkins, the Progressive leader, was expected to appear before the committee today to give it his views on the best plans for in suring the United State and its allies adequate food during the war. Per? kins has been active in attempting to solve New York City's food problems for many months and the committee sent him a special invitation to give it the benefit of his experiences, particularly in the problem of food distribution in the cities.

ib'THER Just a Few Samples of the Bargains Offered Space Will Not Permit More Spme of these instruments are slightly shopworn, others are used, but most of them are brand new, Marshall Travers Upright, Used, Cash 10 'eber Pianola Piano, Used v. Smith Upright, Slightly Used .1 r. $270 Bowman Upright, Used, Cash Only. 29 Stuyvesant Pianola Piano Schubert Upright, Used 41 Whitney Player Piano, Shop-worn $398 Hoffman Upright, Used 97 Newton Player Piano, Used for Demonstrating $298 Smith Barnes Player, Used for Demonstrating. Fischer Upright, Used 93 Knabe Upright, Used V.

DAUGHTER i Take Your Choice of Four Good Upright Pianos GHIPHS USED FOB Veu who tire easily; are pale, hag-ga rd a worn; nervous POTATO GROWING Irritable: It '-iTsed) -whorare-sub. i Sect to fits of melancholy or I a blues." Peck Upright, Used 99 TOPEKA, April 25. Kansas-, gt your blood examined for defici ency. If IlfIS TP Vina LJ I $5 Down. $1.25 a Week Former Prices $160, $175, $200, $225 that block ef the United States which Easterners have declared could not be Sreuscd Is answering today Governor Caper's "call for crops'' with which to rmON takenl three times a Smith Barnes Upright, Slightly Shop-worn Girard Upright, used 65 Bungalow Player-Piano, Slightly Used Decker Player-Piano, Slightly Used I after reed the united States and her allies.

tarn lis will lacrease yeuv etrnrw ranee 100 ptr cent In afking. many caset. Ftrdin A commission has been appointed to help with the work and a thorough and vigorous campaign will be made at once cultivate every waste plaee in the AT. UXATCD IRON obuintd tl dnifflt state. The campuses of the three big state gvjrftnu of money uiuatly prMTi PLAYER-ROLLS schools at Manhattan, Emporia and Law aftvr mal Urn tin 4c, 6c, 12c All 88-Note, Both Classical and Popular selections and the hand-played and orchestra rolls.

Former prices 50c to $2.50, ku la txUL will be turned Into potato fields. The Kansas State Agricultural College and the Department of Agriculture have "enlisted" In the work which promises "more crops grown in Kansaai. than any previous year." The banker who refuses to finance the seeding and cultivating of Kansas fields Krell Auto-Player Piano, Used for Demonstrating. KOTIC! OF SPECIAL MEETING OP STOCKHOLDERS AND OF INTENTION. NOTicw WEtpwr onncv hat epeclsl meetln of the Stockholder.

THR OAKLAND BANK OP 8AVTNOS, a eoiporatlon. 'trill he held on Monda. Martin Upright, Used fmball Upfight, Slightly Used 91 the Mth rtsv of Ma. 111. o'clock m.

of that rtav, at the office snd ban, ne-room of THW BANK fV AVTNOS. at the northeast comer JJwsaway end Jh Street. In the Oltr of Csslsnd, County of Alameda, State of Wagner Upright, Good Condition Bungalow Player-Piano, Concert Used Only Sohmer Upright, Used as liberal as prudence will allow" will be branded by the governor as a "slacker," according to a letter to the bankers of the state urging their co-operation. "The time Is short and the need is urgent," the appeal to the bankers stated. "Encourage the cultivation of vacant land in town and country and the farmers to increase their crop acreage as much as possible without sacrificing the rasa lands required for In a message to the people of the state Governor Capper declared, "It's the blgJ-geat part Kansas can play in the war, and the state must not fall down on the Lester Upright, Used said place Is the prt.

elpal plaee of business of said corporation and the buiWlne where the Board at IMreetore and the Stockholders of said corporation usuallv meet, at which said neetlnr It Is Intended to submit to ald BteckhoMere, for the purpose ef voting fhcron, the matters hereinafter set forth, Bald matters, which It la Intended to ubmlt to said Stockholders for the pur pea of voting tbereoa we as follows. Kimball Baby Grand, Concert Used Auto-Piano Player, Used for Demonstrating 93 $69 $93 97 $337 Take Your Choice of Four Good Player Pianos (Slightly Used) $5 Down. $1.75 Per Week Values You Will Never See Again in Oakland 1st A resolution amending Job. Kansas must fumleh Its proportion the Articles of TUB Lckerson Upright, Used Kimball Upright Chickering Concert. Grand, Concert Used Certificate) of Incorporation of men at the front and there must not be a single shirker In the state for the work at home.

The fellow who goes tot the front must not be the only one to III iigiu ior ms country. Chickenng Baby Grand, used Fischer Upfight, Used Steger Player-Piano, Used for demonstrating FOOD PRODUCTION STOCKTON, April 25. Methods for increasing foqd produotion in California will be discussed Friday at the OAKMMD WNK OP SAVINGS, 6 which said amendment the number el Directors of said THE OAKLAND BANK QP SAVINGS will be dinunubed from Eljven (in to Tea (10). fnd Such other business In connection with the above matters and otherwise as pax come he tore said meeting. NOTICK IS FURTHER GIVEN that at Skid infecting of aUockbolders.

It la la-tended to autaad aaia Anu" tK eel forth. This nesting- to ealled by the Board ot Directors of said THE OAKLAND BANK OB SAVINGS pursuant te the writMB request of ten (10) stockholders ef said THE OAKLAND BANK OV XAV. lKQa, dated Monday March lih, llf, sod pursuant to resolution of said fcoura on said day duly adopted, and to the by-law of thia corjpoiuoa, and tu Ui ut ya Biai caa-lurnia. iy W. President, by j.

T. EXCLKBTOK. Scrtary, annual convention of the California Development Beard here. Representatives from all the principal cities of Squares $5 Stools Benches Desks jf- the state will attend- Fifty business men will come by special boat from San Francisco. Experts In close touch with the various activities to avert a food shortage will speak.

DISCUSS WASTE WASHINGTON, April 25. Back yard and school gardens, canning and 1. $5 down, 36 months to pay the terms are absolutely available to all. 2. You are" given the strongest possible guaranteesigned both by the manufacturers and ourselves, making your investment absolutely safe.

Extra inducements for shortening the time. 4. We will allow railroad fare to any purchaser of an instrument ranging in price from $100 upward, and free delivery within 100 miles of Oakland. 5. 12 rolls of music and bench with Player, and stool with elimination of waste were questions NOtlCE OF NON-RESPONSIBILITY.

1, the undersigned, have bought the grocery business formerly owned by Blomqulst located at 3811 Grove treet, Oakland, California, and am in no way responsible for any debts or obligations contracted thereon by former owners. All eutstanding bills must be pre-lented on or before the SSth day of AprlL 1917, (Signed) JOHN HANLET. for discussion by the) Woman's National Farm and Garden Association when It opened a three-day meeting here. Mrs. Lansing, Mrs.

Baker and Mrs. Houston, wives of the secretaries of state, war and agriculture, respectively, were to act as chairmen of 3. Extra saving for more cash down. piano. COUNTIES TO AID MUSIC NOTICE OF NON-RESPONSIBILITY, the undersigned, have sold all my right, title and Interest in the Matthews-Stein painters and decorators, located atMiS! Telegraph avenue, Oakland, California, to S.

K. Matthews, and am in Cno way responsible for any debts or obligations contracted Jhereon by farmer owners. All outstanding', bills are as-surqed by S. E. Mathews.

I Signed) L. W. STEIN. Th annual meeting of the Oakland Oub shall be held on Wednesday, May 2nd, at 2 p. at the club rooms, Four-, feeath and Castro streets.

BOARD OP DIRECTOR. KACtuuKAiu, April zu. five mora eountles today notified th State Council of Defense that county defense councils have been formed, the five being San Mateo, Inyo, Flacer, Sierra and Tehama. All pledge complete co-operation with the State council, particularly In helping to solve the food problem. Only elghteeq ether counties ia the State remain unheard from.


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