The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 19, 1894 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 19, 1894
Page 8
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DEAD SHOT! t « O m» Is the name, DRUG STORE the place. flies fey The beat Fly t*ftperin tQ &9k for nunsnTrettr. sat seti td &8 r-elof!B ftt&ool, tnaft tlffSe wfro f L ... >ji_j"i l^ti,!.* Vj!i •S" 2£«»»*t4K«> j,i isVtAA nflmbet of IT. Bolehus Fatally tttift* Brilliant Wedding of Of. And take no other. Sold only by W. J. 8TUDLEY, DtlUGGlST, ALGOff A* IA. When in need of Hardware, please call on me and get prices. I aim to keep the best, such as garland Stoves and Ranges, Baker Barbed Wire, Heath <fc Milligan's Paints, Etc, JT, FARMS AND WILD LAND FOR SALE ....... ••"•'""I MONEY CONSTANTLY ON. HAND FOR FARM LOANS, And furnished immediately upon application. Opera House Block. HAY & RICE -fCHAS. ROSEWALL,^ Painting and Paper Hanging C. L. LUND. ESTABLISHED 1880. J. J« RYAN. (Successors to 0. L. LUND.) Real Estate Dealers, Algona, Iowa, We wish to announce to the readers ol the.REPtrpLiCAN that we ^^^^J^y .ties for the sellins;of farms and ^^f^^^ ^X^^^lt^^S!^ / in iin'Tnoroveu lanus iu csoriiioiu i.u»vai «"" ••" •—•••" ~"s Plum Creek Shows up Many Ffifrh tin* provemehts—A ttiftd Bull aft Butt, PLUM <2REEK, otJB qoHSEBPoNDfiirt fifcrottrS A Loire OP IMPROVEMENTS ift TttE WfcS? HALS* OP THAT f OWftsarl?, PLUM GKEEK, Sept. 14,1894.—Editor R»- f tiBLiCAS: As I promised to (give your readers an account of the improvements In our locality and 1 will try to do so how, detailing the facts as I found them, We will start with the west side of the river, and wo Will step back about eighteen months, On that side we see W, L. Bonn's neat little residence and barn, the house 16x24, with 14 foot posts, tho barn 16x28 with 12 foot posts. The barn he built him self, and Billy did a very good job Indeed. On this side Johnny Reibhoff has put Up a new windmill, and Emll Leeck has'in* vested in. a .threshing outfit. Next comes Ex-Treasurer D. Rice, who has adorned his house with three porches, put a fine cistern under tho house, with a pump in tho kitchen, laid a new sidewalk, and put in a largo pair of scales besiaosap- plying paint without stint. Daniel has as nice a place and residence as you may wish to see. C. W. Hopkins has supplied his farm with a new windmill, pump, well and water tank of 22 barrels, and has erected a cattle barn. S. G. Maine has put up a house for our local trapper and nimrod 8x18 and 8 foot posts, raised his hay barn and reshingled his barn. A. L. Soeley has put up^a neat little cooking house, where he cooks his feed for hisiherd of hogs, the size of it being 8X12. Fred Hugh's new corn crib comes noxt. It is 8x12 and 8 feet high. Fred has a new pump and a new binder, and he is as proud of his binder as he is of his baby, nearly. B. P. Keith's hay barn and cattle sheds come In here. If we are uo,t mistaken tho size of the structure is 48x60 with 12 foot corner posts. At present he has his barn full, chuck up. Ed takes a back seat for nobody. Fred Miller has built an addition to his house, 16x26 and 13 feet high, reshingled his old part and painted the new and old parts, besides providing himself with a large cistern, with a pump In the kitchen. Now comes our local pioneer democrat, Peter Ferguson, with his new hay and horse barn, 28x40 and 12 foot posts. Mr. Ferguson has also a new 22 barrel water tank. . ; H. Warner's new hay barn is 26x48 with 10 foot posts, his oat bin is 6x12 and 6 feet high, and his corn crib. Now if this escapes the waste 'pasket I . who are (Sotstdef 6d to toeldng to respectable people of totvn, who have taken a pfkininent p'artln this, and who hate not teen vet y choice of their language when totd to leave things alone. Miss fief tha towe, who Is attending schoolfh Algona, spent Sunday with hef parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry towe, of this place. Miss Gertie Bohn, of Algona, Visited &t hoffie last week, FAf AL Ff6tti j. F. Bdlfehu&.crf Wssley, Hags Mbndfijr-iis HAS Not Consciousness. J. F, fiolettus, "who lives near Wesley, met with att accident Monday that will almost certainly prove fatal,. He lives a mile or so southeast of town, and about nooii he started with a neighbor named Sharp, to go to Mr, Seaman's,, his brother* itt-law, When he got a mile and a half northwest of Wesley one of tho horses kicked over the tongue and broke it, and the piece left oh tho light buggy ran into the ground, which upset the buggy and threw the men out in front, Mr. Bolenus striking on his head and Mr, Shary being thrown on top of him. He Was got to town as quickly as possible and Doctors Kinnie, Hill and Kcllcy have done everything possible for him, but without any hope df saving his life. He has not recovered consciousness since the accident, He is one of Wesley's best farmers and citizens. LATER— The doctors this morning have some hope for his recovery. ttftprotectea &m aiow waia si We think wft nav^mfsftftdtetl tff — r the Quotation 'aft-d that&aflf J6te MS thfe author, but at Any fate we tfclteve thai such a Bian will not be admitted thttiugh the pearly gates, and If he attempts to crawl under the fence and get in he will be sofrysuch selfishness do not belong tb heaveh. it is jhade of better matef ial and such an individual, if he wefft so unfortunate as to succeed in sneaking in* would feel So out of place that hell would bepfe- fef able to him. Jas. Nolan went to Chidago with a car* load of cattle Monday evening. The school board held its annual tember meeting Monday night. _ .._ .. .__ ~* QERMANIA, BURT, AND The Bancroft Insurance Agency. The Only one in Kossuth County. J. A. Freeh, Proprietor. will give you the east half of three mile's square in the near future. MARRIAGE OF DR. HEFLIN. A SEBIOUS CASE OF BULL-DOZING BOMB BAD ACCIDENTS. At Mr. Angus' farm a sociable was held Friday evening of last week in their new barn which has just been completed. The ladies furnished supper during the afternoon and evening and Burt and vicinity was well represented, the Burt band being in attendance in tho evening. Games were indulged in by the younger people and a social time was had generally. Mr. Angus can be congratulated on having such a fine building. Improvements like this go a long way to make Northern Iowa farming ' industry a pleasure. The Messrs. Ramsey, of Algona, built the barn, the dimensions of which are 72 feet by 54ieet wide and 37 feet high. Th,e Epworth League gave a lawn sociable Tuesday of last week on Marble's lawn, whichowas well attended, and all had a good time. Bu.-t has been the center of numerous accidents recently. The last one to date was that of Frank Payne, one of Den Payne's younger boys. A number of men jvere loading hay into Mr. Payne's hay ,barn, and between lo.',ds the boys were lamjis'Tng themselves by being pulled up ^the'haV skid into the barn, but Master 'Frank missed his footing, and the bay .h'oqk new up, catching the lower lid of his o** Tflfi WEEK. At the republican caucus held in the State Bank on September 14th, B. F. Smith, G, Steisel and E. O, Fitz were appointed delegates to attend tho county convention at Algona on the 18th, W, T.Hail & Co. and W6rtman Bros, have built an addition to their store rooms which gives them each a room of 22x80 feet, which both firms Were in need of, Hi R.-Elvidgo's new dwelling will be ready to occupy the middle of next week. Born to Mr. and Mrs, Fred Keohitz, on last Friday evening, a 9-pound boy. Both mother and baby are doibg well, The four-rmonths-old child of Mr. and Mrs.'Julius Becker, is again well, after about three weeks of severe sickness. Dr. Fry attended the child all through its spell and proved very successful, and Mr. and Mrs. Becker say he saved tho child's life and would advise any one in need of a doctor to get tho service of Dr. Fry. P. H. Spangler and wife, H. R. Mvidge and wife, all Sundayed in Bancroft at their parents, Mr, and Mrs. G. G. Wool - cott's. Tho boys are having lots of fun now- §. _. . ....0.^t^-.x.- — r tfftfefe tiffie, is doltrg well, and we dare say has ttefet- regretted his purchase. William Sto6kwell has brfught the thfffe John Itferf residence lols'ott the street ^esfc of G. V. Slade. C. L. Liind sold a 2ofl-acre farm in Em* Mett county the other day at 132 per acre. Buffalo Center Tribune: A trial ih a justice court at LuVertterecently resulted ' in a vet diet for the plaintiff of $22.25 and the costs in the case amounted to over |90, Justice.conies high down there. Wesley Reporter: Mrs. Guy Grove, of Algoha, visited with her lihcle's family, S. E. Grove, a couple of days this week*,.. The Misses Luella and Arabella McJPher* son have made a splendid success of bee culture, and have secured over 300 pounds of choice hottey—of which the Reporter household has tested the fine quality, Parties wanting a choice article of this kind should call atG, S, MePherson's Meat market.,,,Charley Brunson is minus a buggy, all on account of driving a thor* oughbred horse, who took it into his head 1 , Wednesday, to make kindling wood of it,,,,Fred Corey will have his horses at Jhe fair at B'fitt and also Algona next week.,. ,One of our merchants incidentally remarked yesterday that his trade, so far this year,is double what it was this timelast year, Kossuth county is all right... .Mrs, Will Reid, of Algona, is keeping house for her father, M, Corey, during her mother's absence at Charles City....Tho county board of supervisors are making a vigorous effort to exterminate the Russian thistle., Tho township authorities have been notified and every farmer is expected to destry those on his land or accept the penalty. Now is the time for prompt action. Let every,, one turn out and do his. part. days, since they have their new race track completed, just east of town. H. R; Bldvidge shipped a car of nice porkers'on Saturday night, that he paid from $5.80 to $6.00 per hundred for. That is what pleases the farmers—good prices. W ANTED — Experienced . Salesmen to sell ouv "M Agents and: Pants.!' Something 1 immense, Bents any line' ever shown. Big money for the right party.. Address with references stutlng,former- employment, experience, etc. • MODEL PANTS CO., ITS Madison St., Ohtr- cago, 111. • PROFESSIONAL & BUSINESS DIRECTORY LED YARD, LEBYABD LAND GOING—A. I). SELLS FIVE FARMS IN TIME TO TAKE THE 3:30 TRAIN. T. O. Quist, living west of town, had a runaway last week, and in jumping out of the cart got his collarbone broken. ... T. A. Miller, the popular druggist, arrived home last Saturday, after spending a week in Des Moines taking in the Fair and buying holiday goods. A. D. Clarice was up here again last Wednesday with five land-buyers and sold to every one of them and had the deals closed in time to take the 2:30 passenger home. They all bought a quarter each, except one, who got a half section. It takes A. D. to do the business. M, Stephens came homo last Monday with two carloads of horses from Story A.. D. CLARKE & FARM LOAXS* Office 011 Dodge street, Algona, lows , ^ tearing it in a bad manner. Doctors Beane and Peters were called to attend •m i _ '».'i¥j- .i... J>AiiM*3 w r\ finnan t»TT 4r\ Q/ltnltllQ — Companies Represented. Phoenix of Hartford. Fire Association, Philadelphia. State Insurance Co., of Des Moines. Capital Inmirance Co., of Des Moines. Merchants and Bankers, of Des Moines. Anchor of Creston. Dubuque Fire and Marine, Dubuque. Standard Life and Accident. Equitable Life. Equitable Life Assurance Soc'y of theU.S Northwestern National of Milwaukee. If your Policy needs changing or fixing up, 1 can do it for you no matter what company you are insured in, Correspondence solicited. Creamery and Threshing Machine Insurance a Specialty. j. .A.. nra^EOH, Banoroft, lowet. tt. M, Richmond, Pros. 15. F. SmltU, Vice Pws, A, B. Richmond, Cashier. 0, J, Lenander, Ass't, Cash, Farmers' & Traders' Savings Bank T> « Tk.Tr-ir»/-vi7im Tf\"W\ BA^OJBOFT, IOWA, t - ized I from Kurope, jji»JiuJLUJ.tS-R, M, Wchmond, N. B. Sheridan, Mayue, o; l£, Mallory, J-N. Sheridan- A, B. Riclimena, B. F. Smith. 8amu«J Land, Loan, and Insurance Agency, He Weds the Daughter of Ex-Supervisor C. A. Olson in the Presence of a Large Company of Guests— A Happy Event. One of. the most beautiful weddings ever witnessed in this part of the county was the marriage of Dr. Frank C. Heflin, Sweai City's only physician, and Miss Jennie V. Olson. The wedding took place at the residence of the bride's parents and the whole grove was decorated by over a hundred colored Chinese lanterns which made the grounds as light as day. The bride and groom stood under a pyramid of Chinese lanterns just outside the front door of the residence during the ceremony, which was prformed by Eev. 0, A. Landell, of •the Swedish Lutheran church of Swoa, and he used the beautiful English Lutheran service which had never before been heard in these parts.. At the conclusion of tho ceremony ho explained that Dr. Heflin was now a Swede and was henceforth to be known as such, as well as his business partner, E, M. Eyan, who had I also married a Swedish lady a week bei fore. The bride and groom wore the recipients of hearty congratulations by all tho guests and if all of the presents were to be mentioned it would take a column of space. It is enough to say that they were very beautiful and costly. Among the guests were some of the best people or Garner, Buffalo Center, Germania, Armstrong, Bancroft and Algona, The wedding supper was sucii a one as Mrs. C, A,' Olson only could prepare and if anything wasleftout wo cannot imagine what it was, At a late hour the guests left for their hoines, feeling that they had had a royal good time and wishing thebrjde »i}d groom long life, happiness and prosperity, TJP: BBPUBWOAN correspondent wishes tho happy pair smpotb sailing down the river pf time and extends them hearty congratulations, J, A. F, him. 'It was found necessary to adminls- ; tei ; chloroform, and several stitches were | ; taken. The probabilities are that his 'eyesight'will not be Impaired. '" A;case'6f bull-dosing was experienced by Mr. Ed Wilson, Saturday of last week which came near being a close call for him. Attempting to cross through his pasture, the vicious animal attacked him, and although dehorned, succeeded In .knocking him down a score of times, a,nd would have used him very roughly had not Chas. Meinzer cjme to his relief and taken similar punishmant, allowing Mr. Mr. Wilson to make the fence, Mr, Meinzer, however, found the brute too much much for him to handle and called lustily to Will Elvidge, who came promptly to his aid, and by foiling the animal in true Spanish fashion, both succeeded in reaching tho fence, where Mr. Wilson was found in a dead faint. Dr. Beane was called to attend tne bruises, and we hope to see Mr, Wilson on his feet in good shape, M. Jas. Stewart's younger son is having a siege of typhoid fever, The water in the wells is getting so low that impurities in it may cause this disease to spread, and care shoul'd be taken to boil drinking water iu th'is locality. county. They were horses he took on his big Elmore farm: He had seventeen ,head of mules and nineteen head cf horses and U. CALL, 8EA.L>ESTATE AND ABSTRACT QFFK For Information in regard to lands in North western Iowa, write to him, Thorlngton street, Algona, Icrg GEO. E. CLARKE, , CHAS. A. OOHEitcI CLABKE & COHIENOlij ATTORNB 7^ AT LA W, ALGONA - - .- - - - Algona.. WHITTEMQRE. Established 1881. A large list of wild lands for saje. improved farms property for sale or rent. Farm loans on Jong time and low rates of Offices at Bancroft and Swea Qity, Iowa, _^..„-»..•.•, R f M, RICHMOND, GALL 4T THE OFFICE OF Qandi4at§§ for the Reform SchogJ Put-* I: K' T ,1-v >>,->' ,» •p. L%\ ' UM 1 ' "fxs.«' „ • LAND AND TOWN LOT 00, insurance and Farm Loans Wesley DnWon and Mjsa Maggie of WWttemore visited at J. R, ten's Sunday, Mrs, Lizzie Maybew, of Ponton gounty? Bister of Mrs, M, A- Sabjn, is visiting ner and her mother, Mi's. s. G, Thompson, pf Wblttemore. MJss Rosa Parsons began the fall Qfechoolin the Morris distript> ago Monday. Miss Mary putton returned \\m in IPSbHteuiore l$st week, ^^^yber oieee, Miss Marion who will spend a couple o,f weefes ,, relatives gad friends in this victory. Fred H, Arnold bad tbe misfortune get pnepf bis feet o«t i» a corn cuifcter, 1 It was pits a fea4 cut, an.4 "" creches,' J)«t fae fc ,„.„. at pflpofe We tope to ro WJW M t rm f A LOT OF LIVE NEWS FROM A LIVE TOWS. Mr. and Mrs, Edengbr and brother Will, are at PJattviJle, Wis,, visiting. Joe De Graw thinks Wesley good enough to stay in while he plies his trade, but we venture he will come back as soon as he cap, Joe has never been able to stay away from us long. Henry Thompson was on the sick list last week but is better now, The Good Templars promise a fine entertainment to occur Sept, 38, at the Opera HalU Proceeds, we understand,'are to' be used to pay for the organ bought. > Come put all who enjoy home talent and especially all woo would like to see this good or* der grow, and encourage them. Ou,r Agent fcatborpbas an assistant, a Mr. Barnes. j, T. Creigbton, ba« added baking sup. plies tto bis stock, Messrs, Randall and Doxsee were over has sold one half of them already. J. B. Jones and Enos Colvin came up ast Thursday with some land-seekers and sold one of them 320 acres' five miles west of town for'$30 per acre. 1 J. B. Jones, yery much disliked to let that piece go,, but of course, got a fine price. 'The purchaser calculates to move on it in the springi Geo. Call, the good looking real! estate man of Algona, was here .Thursday, looking after his 1 ands and' mules. If you want a mule call on Stephens. A big prairie fire started three miles south of town Thursday afternoon,, and before it was checked had burned up two large stacks for Wilson & Co., two for Ordway and four for Nelson, besides a good many straw stacks. If you want to borrow a new buggy, you needn't go to Ordway, as some one took his while he was away to the fair, and as yet has forgotten to bring it back. Weemer & Beech, of the State Bank, bought two farms last Saturday, Weemer, says he had rather buy than sell, Wartman & Son have been here for the last two weeks shipping hay and grain, off their farms, At the caucus last Saturday the Dpxsee men were defeated, and delegates for Calkins -elected. If you need anything in the crockery line don't wait to? buy it, but come at once to Ledyard to Phil Tilm'oney's new Store and get supplied, He has the nices,t line of crockery ever shipped to Ledyard, Died at Ledyard, Iowa, at l a. in.» Sept, 16, Miss Mary Norma Leo, aged.31 years, of Harvard Junction, Illinois, Deceased came here two weeks ago 'to. visit 'her sister, and five days after was taken sick with typhoid fever, wbicb rented'in ber. death, The bereaved sister bfts,tb9 sym- \j, patny of the entire community, remains will be snipped W. B QTJARTON tj ATTORNEY AT 'LAW, Office over Edssuth Co. Bank. Algona, I SULLIVAN'^. Mql ATTORNEYS- AT- LA W. Postnffioe BlocK. ALQOKA.,'|IOWA. DANSON & BUTLER. LAW, LQAN& AND' Collections a Specialty. . Office in Gardner building. Iowa. E. V. SWEATING.. ATTOR3E7 AT LA W> Money to loan. Algoaa, loyra. S-.S. SESSIONS. ATTORNEY AT LAW, Leans and Insurance. Special attention given « to collections ol all kinds. Office over ohrischUles' store. Algona, low*. tQ view ifce array |pr thepa and judging by winks tn^y are p)eaaed at standing up tfce of the insurance Company, h>re with the wortewn initne installation ol the sch^o.l lattw psj'.t of the. • QOUNTV NJSWS 4NP, kuVerne, News; C, Q, Ohu teresting himself in the Russian thistle question,, sent a 1 couple of specimens of tba,t ptenojrip'u.8 weed to Seo, Hanna yesterday, and it wil) be'a geo4 plaa *w PW pw pl^ipfbin and seen, as the majcwjty Qf H§ wouldn't ^ ftQW a ^ s ? ia » t» lst ^ frsw any »^r weed. pounty board will sutott tfe§ Quei* ejpp'tingsevw sueryisgrs mi L. K. GARFIELD; M. PHYSICIAN AND Offl«e on State street, Algo»ft AND SURGEON, Iowa, PHYSICIAN 0, B, PAUL,

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