The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 19, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 19, 1894
Page 5
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NEW FALL GOODS *btf* inducements and new prices, OtW l)f ess Goods depafttoent is filled to the ceiling with the choicest and newest fabrics, bought in foreign and do- j rices than eve* before. Of Dress Silks, Velvets and Dress Trimmings we have a full line. Flannels, Blankets, Shawls, Yart LOIS, tadies' and Children's Cloaks, fur Capes, Extra Good Values in Carpets, Lace and Cheniel Curtains, Draperies, Ladies and Children's Hose, Gloves, Mitts, Bed Spreads, A full line of Fine Linens and Underware. In Ladies' and Children's ^J^H ^f ^r ^^^M0 We have a large well-selected line, Also in Men's and Boys' Clothing, Suits, Over Coats, Odd Pants, Vests Duck Coats, Sats, Caps, Gloves, Mitts, Shirts, Collars, Cuffs, Suspended we nave a large, weu B ™«i,tc ^ <__„,. _., clleapest ^ ne O f Keckware ever shown you. Big drives in Undershirts and Drawers, Trunks and Valicee, 2 Our shoe trade is one of our leading departments and has been very satisfactory and itf larger and better at present than^ever^hereto£ore> We also carry a line of staple groceries. 1; xt ' i +n start thp trade at once we will make SPECIAL PRICES in every department through our entire store and will give you A NICE PRESENT with every $10,00 nurchase This present is something very useful as well as ornamental and will be appreciated by every one who gets it. Now we ask you to come in and look our goods oTer and see what we can do for you. Thanking you for all past favors, I am Yours Truly, JNO. GOEDERS. ALGONA, IOWA, SEPT. 19, 1894. LOCAL MATTERS. Opera House Grocery. See Orr on questions of paint. Fresh oysters at Ladendorff's. Ed. Butler has a bird dog to sell. If you want a job *of painting done .see Orr. Call and see the Corn Harvesters-at Tbe Wigwam. Miss Annie Ingham returned to her work in Chicago Monday, The Opera House Grocery can accommodate you better than ever. There was a considerable rain, Friday, four tenths of an inch falling. Buy your tea and coffee at the Opera House Grocery. They will save you money. The regular meeting of the Woman's Relief Corps comes to-morrow evening, •the 20th. The Old Library Association will meet with Mrs. J. R- Jones next Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Platt & Nelson's merry-go-round has been an attraction on the State street ^circus grounds the past week. Wallace Nichols, of Wisconsin, is Tisiting the Harts, the Wallaces, the •Chubbs and other relatives. Regular meeting of James 0. "Taylor W..B.'0-Thurstlay evening, Sept. 20. A full attendance is desired. Mrs. A. J. Lee and her two daughters jyj.j.0* xj_. tj • jt-juvj c*»av» ..«-. « •• — d are visiting at the home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Lamson. Walker Bros, have a new ad in this caper. These dealers are not going to fall behind the Carter standard. Miss Elsie Hunt left for Minneapolis, Monday, with a view to the study of art in the northern metropolis. E "C Tuttle will represent the Or- .ange Judd Furmer at the County Fair and give all the farmers a chance to subscribe. It is a good paper. • John Goeders is accorded large space in THE-REPUBLICAN'again this week. There is no more wide-awake merchant among us than Goeders. - The O. K. Lunch rooms have their banner swung out across the street. Theirs will be a popular resort of people wanting hot or cold lunches. . A bouncing boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Patterson of the south side, Saturday,. and congratulations have been more profuse than usual. A. W. Sterzback, who has been hav- ine a very uncomfortable time with one of his hands for the past month, is encouraged by signs of improvement, It don't hurt so much, The County Fair opens today with prospects for the most sucessful exhibition ever made by the society. The program for Thursday and Friday appears in our supplement, The school board held a meeting Monday afternoon and reflected tbe old officers to serve tbe coming year. They are John Reed, treasurer, and 0, M. Poxsee, secretary, Ben Winkie tells of a profitable crop '• raised by a-farmer near Hantford, Wisconsin- From six acres of clover he harvested 1 44,bushels, which he hauled to town in one load and sold for $440. Yesterday's convention was splendidly officered, Mi% Boyle has theexecu- ive knaok, and Jake Freeh makes a lightning secretary,-.whi!e; Mr 88 reading oferfc,«demon^ra^t fulness, as he had dsno befqyey Russian ttiistles have, covered on the Nypnm tow of town. Tbejarehobhingi in the most unexpected, ptewB,. now Sat the-f aimers'have posted them selves on the appearance of th.e, ( n<| are JooMng for thenj. The frost last week killed &1?OBlM *.«.**. ° v -™-^ ^ e £ ? jds, buj jeft An instance of tbe way weed seeds are transported over long distances, is told by D. 11. Setchell. He says there is a farm near Whittemore that has a mullen patch, and its coming is clearly traced to an importation of a herd of sheep from New York, The seed came in the fleeces of wool. The REPUBLICAN this week adds four pages to its regular edition as a County Fair Supplement. We had to have extra'space to accommodate a big run. of advertising, and besides that, we like to celebrate fair week by matching the big pumpkins and. the horses and cattle with a booming big paper. She race program at the fair comes tomorrow and next day. The way folks are built the horse race draws the crowd—not altogether a Sunday s'chool crowd, perhaps, but always a big one. The bicycle races will be an attraction this season, second to no others. The human race, sifter all, is the most interesting to the most of us. We present, this week, a letter from Mayor A. A, Call containing valuable suggestions in regard to tbebest means of preserving government corners. It will be read with interest by all land owners. It might be a good thing tor the county board to take some action looking to the prevention of future trouble in the matter of boundaries. The Algona delegates in yesterday's republican convention were: First ward, Eugene Tellier, John G. Smith, A. A. Brunson, Geo. Williams; second, T. H. Conner, Chas. Nolle, J. W.- Robinson, M. B. Dalton;third, Alpheus Johnson; H. A: Paine, J. R. Laird, F. L. Parish; fourth, F. M. Taylor, Frank Chandler, W. H. Nycum, Melzar Hag- VjllcUJUIOl, VT . J.4.. J-TJV/" gard, E. V. Swetting. Parish &Frise have a half page ad in this issue, calling special attention to stoves and ranges, especially the Majestic Steel range,, probably the most famous range on the market. A number of these ranges are now in use in Algona, one of them in the editor's kitchen, and they are an unqualified success. The days of tbe old- fashioned stove are numbered. The St. Thomas Sunday school had a most enjoyable picnic at the place of C.L.Lund Saturday. The children were entertained with a variety of amusements, among them a foot race between the Rector and W. L. Joslyn, while Lawyer Geo. E. Clarke' took numerous snap shots with- his Kodak for remembrances of the occasion. The refreshments included ice cream and cake, the first-named luxury being the treat of Mrs. C. L. Lund. Miss Cau-ie Durant "and her aunt, Mrs. Wooster, left for California Thursday, the news having come that Mrs. W. K. Vickroy was dying. The Vickroys, who were formerly well- known residents of this county, are located at Lakeport, Lake county, in the northern interior portion of the state. Mrs, Vickroy's ailment is cancer, and while it was possible she might live for stime time, her death at any time would be no surprise, The case against Joe Crose for cheating by false pretences was brought, be* fore tbe Ilumboldt county grand jury on complaint of tbe Renwick farmer who claims to have been cheated out of his span of handsome young Nor' man horses. The grand jury found an indictment against Grose answering tp the accusation, Gep, IJ, Clarke appeared for him and had the c^se, continued till the next term, the required bond being given a.nd Cvose accorded bjs liberty, ' ' *' >( ; Capt. Jeansonand wife, ontygl? Lake, have been in 'the ojty several days. The Captain's many -Algwa friends will be glad of the news that he has almpst fully recovered his robust health, though be still feels soms of bis long illness. The Woodward Theatre Company holds down tbe boards at Call's Opera House all this week. "Under the Bluck Elag" was played with strong realistic effect Monday night, and "Fighting Against Odds" was well put on last night. The usual Saturday tit'ternoqn matinee will doubtless attract a big crowd of little i'olks, Whose interest in the occasion will be 1 stimulated by a prize to be given to 1 the school child presenting at the door the longest ILt of words formed with the letters used to spell "Maud Mullet." There was a meeting of the Library Association Wednesday evening, when T. F. Cooke, Dr. McCoy, L. J. Rsiie, Mrs. C. A. Ingham and Mrs. Dr. Gar- geld were elected directors. Officers were elected, as follows: T. F. Cooke President, Dr. McCoy Vice President, L. J. Rice Treasurer, Miss Jordan Secretary and Librarian. The reading room is open every evening. The Chicago Daily Tribune is to be found there, and Harper's Weekly and Magazine and the Century are among the periodicals just subscribed for. C. D. Pettibone has kindiy supplied the REPUBLICAN with a complete record of the rainfall for the first, eight months of 1894. It .amounts to 11.83 inches. The usual annual rainfall for this locality, Mr. Pettibone says, is 38 to 42 inches, and of course we have more than two-thirds of it in. this first eight months. From these .data we conclude that we have had approximately from a quarter to a third of our usual'rainfall. The fact is mentioned just at this time, as it indicates something of the latest resources' of al soil capable of producing nearly 1 our average crop under such disadvantages. . The contractors, Nick Hubbard and W. B. Stevens, have been hard at work i since Monday morning/digging, the 1 trenches for the water mains. Mr. Hubbard is doing the work on the north side. The south side extension will be what was previously reported in the REPUBLICAN. It begins opposite the residence of J. E. Stacy and runs west to the Baptist church corner, then runs south two blocks to Dingley's corner, thence west to Mayor Call's, and thence north to State street. The north side extension is on Call street east to Cordingleys and'thence south and west to a connection with the State street mains at W. K. Ferguson's. The 25-cont circus advertised in the REPUBLICAN and drew about 200. Riugling's advertised in the other papers and had about 9.000. A word to the wise, etc. The above, from our esteemed south- side cotemporary, show* that it is troubled with a condition of mind as well as a theory. It has felt very sensitive on the question of circus advertising ever since last spring, when it .advertised a bankrupt concern. Tbe REPUBLICAN discovered its defunct condition just in time,to fire its ad and notify the public. Thea-esult was that though it bad big ads in both the other papers there was no circus crowd, and probably not a man was in from the country to see the show, When Ringling's advance man came to Algona be put a $15 ad in the REPUBLICAN and the same in the Courier, and gave a $18 ad to our esteemed cotemporary. Then when a show bad the effrontery to exhibit; in Algona and ignore its presence its poor judgement had to be exploited., It has been a long time since the writer hereof bad time to go tp a gSrcents^ow.and anyway we are satisfied to have had tb,e count ma$e by our esteemed potera- porary, who evidently was, drawn to it by th§ REPUBLICAN axj,bubour jpjpres* sjon is that everybody :who wanted to go to a. gS'C'ent show, after, witnessing the 25-gent parade, wa,s there, A word to the wise is, perhaps, sufficient, but evidently it js-not half epovigh to ex* the. feelings of oup -esteemed coat the etase of tbj quainted with each other, however, and both dropped into the bank to see about lixiug their political fences down there. George introduced them, and invited them to sit down, which they did, and the game of freeze-out began. Neither one cared to talk politics in the presence of the other, and "thar they sot," each one determined to stay-out the other, uhtil their 'bus had gone to the traiu, when finally one of them told the other if they wanted to go on that train they had better be going, and thev went. Next time you come boys, come one at a time and it will make it much pleasanter for both of you. E. E. SAYEKS, D. V. M., VETERINARY PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, j3>?-Offlce west of the Thorington House, 41(?ona.Iowa. HOSPITAL Accommodations. A. L. RIST, D. D. S Local anaesthetic for (leadening gums when extracting teeth. pain E. S. GL SIER, D. D. S. DENTAL ROOMS Over the Algona State Bank. SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO BAVINO THE NATURAL TEETH. The best of modern anaesthetics used to make all operations as painless as possible. GEO. W. HUNTER, Good Rig for Commercial and Business men furnished on short notice. StanM Bred Trotters and Pacers FOR SALE OR TRADE. Thorine-ton street, South of Hotel Tennant. . WM- PUTS IN— SMITH TILING, AND SEWER PIPE And does all kinds of ditch work. I- have had ari experience of ten yours, at this work and guarantee satisfaction in every respect, or address. WM. SMITH, Algona, Iowa, WELL BORING ; AND DRILLINGp We have machinery of all sizes for boring- or .drilling wells. Water guaranteed or ' -] no pay. Oall on or address, x QA.LLIQN BBQS,, Bancroft,!». pEO.W, HAWKINS, EWE LEE, 1-B.URT, IOWA. . PATTERSON & SARGHETT, Successors to Patterson Bros. Big Bargain Grocery, ALGONA, IOWA. We have a large and first-class stock of Groceries that we will sell as cheap as ihe cheapest, and will spare no pains to please our customers. We solicit a ha re of tbe public patronage and invite our friends to call and see us and give us a trial. We guarantee satisfaction. PATTERSON & S ARCH ETT. Are Now On Display When visiting the COUNTY FAIR You are invited to call and inspect our LARGE, NEW FULL } : STOCK OF | CLOAKS AND FUR CAPEL JAS. I rr^^\f F% TOLD on, ana on, and on, snd oa; <»Vt8l -v.^Si'.nw^f e-^i^T?f^*ll» J> IrfiAV

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