The New North from Rhinelander, Wisconsin on March 30, 1911 · Page 10
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The New North from Rhinelander, Wisconsin · Page 10

Rhinelander, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 30, 1911
Page 10
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OR01KANCE Rhlnelander, Wis., March. 22,1911. . •- :\- - jr.?P- m •"Bee. I The Beard ot Supervisor* of Onelda County, Wis. do ordain as follows: That SectlonsSl and M, Township • 36, North of Range 5 East, be and the same Is hereby deUched trom the town of Lynne and attached to tbt Town of Uttle Rice. •;.-. Sec. 2 It Is hereby determined 'that there are no liabilities or credits . affecting v the territory herein men tloned. -- . A Sec, 3 This ordinance shall tale effect from and after Its passage and publication. * Dated, March 22nd, 1911. JAS. G.DUNN > Supervisor. . Resolved by Supervisor Parker and seconded by Supervisor Kelly that the resolution be adopted as read. Motion s BE U) FARMER )IHf HEBE HcNaughton Man Does Not Wholly Agree With Mason Miller's Opinion carried. County Clerk. SUCCUMBS TO WHITE PLAGUE NOTIQE OF ELECTION Albert Kettner Pass** Away Friday After a Long Illnest Following a long illness with tuberculosis Albert Kettner died at his home, near Woodboro last Friday morning. The funeral was held in this* city Tuesday from tie residence of los. Ketiner. Deceased was twenty-seven years cf age. He bad a large circle of friendi Instils city to whom . the newt of his death Is received with Badness. Editor Now N»rt»:— yason Miller's article In th« las Issue of the Kew: North, la wh!«h 1 told why the Rhinelander merchan are not entitled to the fanner's trad has attracted my attention and in reply I would like to ask Mr. Miller how many hitching posts Sears Roebuck & Co.. provide for the farmer. And this la not all—do the mail order houses extend tie farmer credit when he noeds tne goods but Office of the City Clerk, • Rhinelander, Wis., March, 30, 1911. To the Electors of the City of Rhinelander: Notice is hereby given that a Municipal election is to be held in the several wards of said City of Rhinelander on the 4th day of April AD 1911, at which the officers named below are to be chosen. The names of the candidates for each office to be voted for whose nominations have been certified to this office, are given opposite the title of the title of the office, as stated below. INFORMATION TO VOTERS The following instructions are given for the information am guidance of voters: A voter upon entering the polling ijacean giving his name and residence, will receive a ballot from the ballo clerk which must have endorsed thereon the names or initials o both ballot clerks, and no other ballot can be used. Upon receiving his ballot the voter must retire alone to a booth or compartment and prepare the same for voting. A ballot clerk may inform the voter as to the proper manner of marking a ballot, but he must not advise or indicate in any manner whom to vote for. wiscossis, COCSTT «X>U»T TOR o?xiE* corsn: In tte ia»tt« ol tbe E*t»te ot Nelson T»jlor. Deceased. In Probate. On the application ol VTUIUm Tajlor Ad- mlnstrator ol tbe Estate oluld Xelton Taylor deceased. «or the adjustment and allowance ot hi« administration account, and assltnicent ol tlie residue ol nld matt. ItU ordered. That said account be examined adjusted and allowed at retnlar term ol tali Court, to be held at the Court House In the etty ol Khlntlanler In said County, on the flrrt Tuesday or May A- D. 1911 It is lurther Ordered. That upon the adjust ment and allowance o« »uch account by thli 'Court, as aioresald, the rcsldu ol sali estate, II any, be, by the Inrther order and Jude ment ot the Court, assigned to inch othe penoni ai are by la* entitled to the same. It U further Ordered" That notice of the time and place o(examlmtlon and allowance ol inch account, and ot the assignment ot «nch realdue ot said estate be jlren to. All persons. Interested, by publication cl «ehnotice for three successive wetls, before said day. In the New' North a Weekly newspaper published In theOty ol Khlnelander In said County. Dated March 291911 by the Court. LEVI J. BILLINGS, MX—ASO Qoun not have the money! Do they carry his name on their books for weeks and even months as the hone K«> chant is often obliged to do? The answer is easy. Everyone knows that the outside firms demand cash with the order and they do not do ousincss in any other way. When th< goods come and if not satisfactory the farmer has got to stand the loss, •while Sears Roebuck or whatever concern It may be, turns a deaf car to his complaints. I agree with Mr. Sillier that hitching posts and public horse sheds are needed here >ut, I do-not think that the farm-, er should find this an excuse for sending his trade out of town. I fed sure that If the merchants were approached In the right way they wouM see that the posts and sheds were furnished. In regard to the farmer being fore ed to peddle his produce about the city In order to dispose of it, I will say that !t bis prices were right In the first place he would have no trouble In selling his produce to the merchants. Some farmers demand se or indicate luauj m«»u»*" ••.•-— -- — To vote for a person make a cross X in the square [ J under the printed name of such candidate for the office. If the voter wishes to vote for a person for certain office whose name is not on the ballot, he must write the name in the blank ipace under the printed name of the candidate for the office. ( The ballot should not be marked in any other^manner. If ithe • ballot be spoiled, it mupt be returned to the ballot clerk, who must ssne another in its stead, but not more than three in all shall be s sued to any one voter. Five minutes time is allowed In the booth to mark ballot. Unofficial ballots or memorandum to assist the • voter can be taken into the booth, and may be uied to copy from.. The ballot must not be shown so that any person can see how it has been marked by the voter. After it is marked it should be folded so that the inside cannot be seen but so that the printed endorsements and signatures of the ballot clerks on the outside may be • seen. Then the voter should pass out of the booth or compartment,. give his name to the inspector hi charge of the ballot box, hand him his ballot to be placed in the box, and pass out of tho voting place.. A voter who declares to the presiding officer that he is unable to read or that by reason of physical disability he is unable to mark his ballot can have assistance of one or two election officers in marking same to be chosen by the voter; and if he declares he is totally blind he may be assisted by any person chosen by him from among- the legal voters of the county. The presiding officer may administer an oath in his discretion as to such person's disability. The party destinatfon and candidates for the different offices are for example as follows: City Clerk GUST SWEDBERG Non-Partisan. INDEPENDENT. LYNN THOMPSON— Social Democratic. INDEPENDENT. JOHN J. VERAGE City Attorney. HENRY F. STEELE n Non-Partisan. O Non-Partisan. Street Commissioner. GARRETT LEE Social Democratic. SAM MOBERG n Non-Partisan. JAY E. RUSS Non-Partisan. O, Justice of the Peace. such high prices for their truck that! a store keeper ts unable to purchase! . and dispose of It at a profit. Even Alderman, 1st Ward. the house wives often buck on payingj his prices. Please think this over Mr. Farmer and hereafter boost for Rhinelander.| JOHN WALKOVIK. MeNaughton, Wis. . B. L>A Ot,L.t.ti — • — Non-Partisan. n n D n O JOHN STRANGSTAD— Non-Partisan. n WM. FOWLER W1LCOX. Non-Partisan. .n: Supervisor, 1st Ward. I Supervisor, 2nd Ward. 1 want your Pota- tees, all varieties, and will pay highest market price in cash. It will pay you to see me before selling to outside buyers. THE MUNICIPAL JUDGSHIP The Municipal court of Onelda County as created by the legislature! of Wisconsin Is empowered and does! Alderman, 2nd Ward. hindle a large amount of criminal and evil business each year. Practl-1 cally all actions both civil and criminal within its jurisdiction, that orignate In the county are first brought In thli court- I It Is a matter of no small moment j both to the Individual and the public at large that the municipal judge! shall possess ability and a knowledge of law that will enable a greater port I „.,„,•. on of litigation to be adjudicated In Alderman, 3rd Ward. hls court without necessity of appeal. Judge D. H. Walker during the! past four years has passed on many I cases Involving Intricate questions of 1 AW and his decisions liave been almost uniformly sustained. I The HEKALD believes the- voters I should seriously consldder the Import-1 anceof this coartln Its relation to the I judicial aEairs of Oneida county. It | la a question of greater moment than might appear at first thought.' Before casting your ballot look Into the matter and do not let your predjudie* or sympathy oothwelgb sound judge- ment.—Rhlnelinder Herald,- March 23. JOHN DORSCH n Non-Partisan. ANDREW OLSON Non-Partisan. n O O: PAT CAIN Non-Partisan. n JOHN Non-Partisan. n ^n ANDREW L1ND n Social Democratic. JUi o _o E. C. KROUT Non-Partisan. Supervisor, 3rd Ward. J. E. BONNIE n FRANK PECOR n Non-Partisan. n n Social Democratic. H. E. KEPPLER n Non-Partisan. Alderman, 4th Ward. TOMPKINS ; RHIKEUUDER, WIS. SEARCHING FOR WIFE DESERTER Al. Amundieri^sneritf of Door county, was la th8 city last Friday. Ha U a brother of under-flherlff Chas. Asnmndsen and about ten years ago made his home here. Sheriff, Asmundsen caae to Rhinelander in search of a raaa whq wanted for abandoning his family at Sturgeon Bay. The fejlow was later located at Mattooa and taken Into cat tody. . „ NOTED LECTURER COMING Chas. A. Payne, The eminent trat- ler and lecturer, has been engaged by the Men's Clcb and Charity League of this City for a series of six lectures during the week of April 9. An admission of 15 cents will be charged for the entire course. Tickets can be had from Charity League members. THEY DONT NEED IT Those who use ray varnish have no need to buy Varnish remover. That'* why It's economical. See samples of my work atT. C. Wood's Hdw. Ca's store.—CHI-NAM KL. COUNTY CANDIDATES The following candidates for office are to be voted for in the county at the election Tuesday, April 4. For Supreme Court Jostlce:—Aad John Ylnje. • ± -• ",.' '• „"_< s Supervisor, 4th Ward. PRESCOTT CALKINS— Non-Partisan. n o GUST LEWERT n Social Democratic. n A. W. BROWN- Non-Partisan. :D n n n Alderman, 5th Ward. JAMES M. BAKER Non-Partis an. CHAS. NEUE n n Supervisor, 5th Ward. FRANK E* PARKER Non-Partisan. Social Democratic ARTHUR TAYLOR n LOUIS STUMPNER Non-Partisan. Non-Partisan. Alderman, 6th Ward- WM. GILLEY n Non-Partisan. O THOS. WIGHT n Social Democratic. JAS. TRUMBLE Social Democratic O O Supervisor, 6th Ward- JAS. G. DUNN Non-Partisan. W*M. HUBBARD.^—Social Democratic. n O D — . . . . For Municipal -Judge: — R. Morttr, D. II. Walker. For County Superintendent Scbools:-F. A. Lowell. . . •_;< • of The voting places for the different wards are as follows: 1st ward, Hose House No, 2 r .'. 2nd ward, 1st floor ; 6candinavian Hall building. 3rd ward, Cliftop HoteL v t • 4th ward, Hose House No. 1., .''.". V 5th ward, City Hall.';, \ (i *..'..<.,. : •' Cth ward, Roepcke Hall.... V- The polls of saidelectlon will open at 6 o'clock in the mornmS and close at 5 o'clock in the afternoon of said day. Said election will be conducted, votes canvassed all in accordance with Chapter 5, Laws of 1893 as amended. - • Given under my hand and seal of the City of Rhinelander this 30th day of March A.-D; lBli> " • ' . -•. » : • •f ; GUST Gity Glerk.

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