Monroe Morning World from Monroe, Louisiana on June 29, 1958 · Page 1
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Monroe Morning World from Monroe, Louisiana · Page 1

Monroe, Louisiana
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Sunday, June 29, 1958
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WEATHER MONROE AREA: Scattered thundershowers today, tomorrow. Yesterday’s high, 84; low «1 ARKANSAS: Cloudy today, scattered showers tomorrow VOL. 29—NO. 254 Legislators Face Hectic Time Battle Most Of Major Fights Over; ^ Fireworks Seen RATON ROUGE (AP) — Louisiana lawmakers, weary from fussing and fighting, open the eighth week of the ID 58 Legislature Sunday with hard work ahead before the July 10 adjournment. Most of the major battles are over. House and Senate now must grind out legislation at a frantic pace to keep hundreds of bills from dying on the calendar or in committee. When the House and Senate return at 7 p.m., only one bit of essential business remains — the 384 million dollar general appro-, priations bill. The bill probably will pass the Senate Monday or Tuesday. A flurry of fireworks may erupt when the House is asked to agree to Senate amendments knocking out two House amendments. 100 Bills Ready The Senate has stayed pretty well on schedule, but faces a heavy calendar Sunday night with more than 100 bills ready for action. The House has been clogged with controversy. Lawm a k e r s jumped administration traces 4 Monday in doctoring the general appropriations bill an*4 Long con- Jïlonroe na World INDEX Class 4-9D Gard. Ns. 11C Churches 10C Radio, TV 8B Editorial 4A Sports 1-4B Financial 4B Theatres 7B 5 Sections 52 Pages TELEPHONE FA 2-5161—3-0501 SERVING NORTHEAST LOUISIANA EVERY MORNING_OLJPi^J^ MONROE, LOUISIANA, SUNDAY, JUNE 29, 1958 __________ FULL AP, UPI, AP WIREPHOTO PRICE TEN CENTS 9 Flyers Down In USSR; 29 Men Missing In Cuba IN NORTH LOUISIANA ON GUARD IN BEIRUT —- A Lebanese government soldier casts furtive glance backward as he and a comrade patrol deserted street in Beirut. Meanwhile, in northern port of Tripoli rebel for^e® attac{je^°^^ur ment troops and the battle raged through the night and into the morning, insurgent Wirephoto via radio from Rome) IN, AROUND TRIPOLI sources said, (AP Strong Attacks By Rebs Beaten Report Rebs Hold Sailors As Reprisal HAVANA, Cuba (AP) — Twenty nine American sailors from the U.S. Naval Base at Guantanamo were reported missing Saturday night after a picnic trip off the base. (The National Broadcasting Co. said in New York it had received ^ ^ ygar a report from its Havana corre- nCp0r'ts from nearby spondent that the sailor* had been of Arkansas and Mississippi indi- "‘"'"waV reported in Winn parish seized by Cuban rebels). cate the disease is striking there. Jagt wepk Checking '00- Wheeler blamed a combination in Washington, a Slate Depart- Dr. H. B. Wheeler, s ate veler- t.ondiljons which made north in wasmng , inarian, quarantined 11 parishes . { n outbreak of ment press officer sa.d the de- ^ ^ tbp dpadly diseas(, Louisiana ripe nartment is checking into reports startcd its sweep, generally fol Ouachita river the “incident in an effort to lowing the Ouachita river. (he’ regi0n last month, prob- what has happened to these Under Control Saturday adly vinCovering old anthral The outbreak is under control Wheeler said, and the ban : ........... i' ■inrtrr'Vii'rllri-ii»«^-^ Vdf. S.S-Rnf“* Anthrax Spread Causes Outlined BATON ROUGE, (UPI) — A deadly combination of floods, horseflies and lack of vaccination are the factors veterinarians blame for a serious outbreak of tne dreaded anthrax bacillus in northern Louisiana. More than 800 head of stock have died in the outbreak. worst in the normal anthrax-free section sinc_ ered 44 ' has been lifted ^^two^buder” One man has been strick- P* ^ fgst _ spreading anthrax V H 1 Y erevan . Ill \ * Atd <n<ï turkey fast - .. ,• snores could easily turn up south counties ^ ^ of thfi affoctcd area. One of see men. The Navy in Washington had no now immediate comment. The sailors left the base in (Continurd on Page Elght-A) southeastern Cuba for a ^picnic trip and were overdue at / p.m. BEIRUT, Lebanon (UPI) - Army |an^undC»,s.!& .°efl a in on a road north of the naval trnl collapsed with defeat of the . r0cket-firing planes broke tip strong wine tax hike next day Three ■ position in and around Tripoli Saturday, l,ong floor leaders switched to 0,1 evci.v v , oase. vote against the hill the gover- the government announced. i The point „here the bus was An army communique said the rebels used bO and HI fQund .g east 0f the city of Guan- millimeter mortars for the first time and that eight re >e tanamo. mortar emplacements nae. ^ Embassy sources indicat- been spotted- ed there was a possibility the The rebels claimed earlier sailors had they lost 5 men killed and 20 or 30 rebels. nor endorsed earlier in the session. Thursday the Senate angrily; p -sed a ‘resolution directing the House to “get to work.’ House Speaker Robert Angelle responded by tongue lashing House members, driving them to a marathon bill-passing session that sent the first Senate bills of the year to the governor. Sends Telegram Angelle next day sent a telegram to all r e p r e s e n tatives, reaching those not present in the House Thursday. He told them there was “an erormous amount of work to be done and many bills. will die unless they are acted on at once.” The Senate Finance Committer wiped out two House amendmenls ^ to the mammoth monev bill pro viding funds for most' state agencies. But by a 7-4 vote the committee refused to trim a $1050,000 grant to continue a city police payi hike despite a threat by the governor to veto it. Long threatened to close down every trade school in Louisiana if the committee didn’t knock out (Continued on Page Eight-A) MTT.T.ION-DOLLAR setup Shopping Center Project Launched Ramblin been kidnaped by PROTEST BORDER •VIOLATION’ — Map locates Yerevan (underlined), capital of Soviet Armenia, where Russia said U.S. Air Force plane flew over border from eastern Turkey and was forced down by two Red fighter planes. (AP Wirephoto) Capl. Pribble Dies In Crash 0i Jei Plane U.S. Deficit Of $3-Billion For Year Due WASHINGTON (AP)-The government is due to wind up this fiscally unhappy year at midnight Monday with a deficit of 2% to 3 billion dollars. . . High administration officials predicted this Saturday. Looming ahead for fiscal 1959 beginning Tuesday is the even more dismal prospect of red ink aggregating 11; billion dollars, or perhaps close to 12 billion. This would carry the federal budget farther off balance than in any vear since World War II, j not excepting the period of the Korean War. Upturn which the Farewell Greeting with lasting farewell a job that had been his for 28 years as city of Monroe building inspector. Sam H. Awl Saturday paid final visit to his desk. He expressed his deep appreciation of the little party given him Friday and to fellow workers for the handsome gold watch which they had given as a final token of their regard. Inc dentally, Sam declared that he and Bob Ed Tucker who retired, last November from many years as P. A. Poag’s assistant, were the only two that to his knowledge received a handsome gold watch as token of appreciation from fellow City of Monroe workers. Remembering Sid Ft. Moore, author of his self-created “Sid Says.” when he sought to spring a witticism that fitted in well with the sales program of a coffee salesman, his business line, died suddenly the past week. He was a man who loved the great outdoors and where -he realized many days of real enjoyment with his fellows when on the hunt. He had a witticism to match anything that suddenly arose. This column has printed at times some of his unusual skits. He served his country in World War I and was active in membership in the American Legion, honorary member of George Rifles Military corn- constant in his support of the Lions Club, many other groups Eight-A) Reprisal The rebels in seizing gineers declared the launched a UniteT^Statel ^had permitted modern construetion would all-'Cuban army planes to use the ]ocated in the 2500 mOCK the en­ action was charged the Construction has been started on a million dollar -dinrmine- center here, it was disclosed yesterday. ' The announcement was made by Go* rrmoa owner of the Twin City Shopping: ( enter which is building: the new center. Primos said the ultra­ wounded in a night of fighting They said government losses were one killed and four wounded. Rebels Driven Off The army said it counterattack following an i GuantanaW Navy base airport r~ Louisville Avenue in Monroe night battle which one rebel lead-jfor operati0ns against rebeljjn )he hpart of the motel area er called the fiercest in Tripoli j forces ,since the rebellion began severalj \\ s. Ambassador Earl E. T. I weeks ago. Smith denied the rebel charges. It said its troops and planes firing rockets broke up the rebel Sen. Ellender attacks Saturday afternoon. The army communique said that BenSOIl May rebels fired on army positions at Sidon in southern Lebanon but were driven off. The rebels also fired on a tanker-truck convoy in _.CHIiarTfW (AP) the Sidon area but were repulsed j WASHINGTON <AI it said. The center is being constructed on an area 687 feet wide across front, 1,000 feet wide across Claim Britain Promised East Europe To Reds Capt. Harry A. Pribble. 28, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. “Bob” Pribble of 1800 Filhiol Ave., was killed instantly yesterday morning when his jet fighter plane crashed on take-off at (. herry Point Marine Base, North Carolina. His older brother, R. R Pribble, was killed in action at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese tacked on Dec. 7, 1941. the Reds Seize U.S. Airmen; Ship Burns MOSCOW (AP) — A U.S. Air Force plane with nine men aboard was forced down by Soviet fighter planes Friday night inside Soviet teritory, the Soviet Union said Saturday night. The Soviets reported the plane burned and the crewmen were seized. Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko was said to have as­ sured'U.S. Ambassadoi Llewellyn Thompson the men are alive. A note handed by Gromyko to Thompson protested what the Soviets called a crude violation of their frontier. They said the plane had crossed the Soviet Armenian border and had flown up to 105 miles inside Soviet te ritory. They said the plane traveled almost 50 miles more before it was forced to land. Protest Note The protest note said the plane was a four-engine military craft of the U.S. Air Force and that its crew" wore U.S. military uniforms. (The U.S. Defense Department in Washington said Saturday night it had received a report that a transport type aircraft, believed to be a Cl 18 with nine persons aboard, was unreported on a flight from Nicosia, Cyprus, to Teheran, Iran, by way of Turkey. The Cl 13 is a military version of a Douglas DC6A four-engine transport. (The department said it had no further details immediately.) Thompson, asked for comment, said he had no details or information other than the statements made in the Soviet note. Embassy sources, who said the plane may have lost its way on its way on a flight to or from adjoining Turkey, said there was no indication of the type of plane or at A career man in the service, I Fant Pribble was a pilot in the its mission. Marine Air Corps, and was log- There was no indication. wheth- istics officer for the Marine All-;er the plane was frrced down by .... ~ — , - WASHINGTON (UPI) — Secret the back and 900 feet deep. !riocumenls published by the State It will be built in three r)onar«ment Saturday claimed feet tn8 Kin gave Russia a “half S^uad^n U 4 at I gunfire'after pursuit, other unit will be a one-story office promjse” in 1941 that the Soviets Cherry Point, where his wife and Men A|1Ve building Which will have 5,000 cou]d dominate pastern Europe'four children reside. _ t iu Rut it was learned square feet, while the third »nit, ]rf w j, U a bowling alley which will face dI Hudson Lane and will have 22,500 They quoted a feet. 'as ?y quoted a British saying London gave The base chaplain notified tlic Thompson asked Gromyko: official Rev- Wayne W. Gray^of Monroe,j ,,Are )bp mcn aiiVe“" later that Push Farm Bill alWleam betwL’n'secretary addition, there will be a «.000|lhat ¡mpTeiiton hut never really|^rn informed Mr. and Hr«. Prib- of Agriculture Benson and Sen. |square foot cafeteria whkfe j expected the Soviet Union to be ble, who attend the church. Alien .i Ellender <D - La) may said he would operate personally i to eain su pastor of Covenant Presbyteiian, Russia church, of the fatal crash. He in Left By Plane The foreign minister replied: “Yes.” (In Wiesbaden. Germany, headquarters of the U.S. Air Force in Flurope said it had no knowledge nhne for North of any of its planes being missing plane fiirlhor ill PflOS tO Five Irish army officers ar-iTiipVTj Ellender (D - La) may said he would operate LG, ,0 gain such strict control of United SsLULXL tl P«*H “L*"1 "" fbTbiwlin«'alley the area which Is now behind the They left by» = („r,her qi«ri» .0 fuU strength of 100, enabling an through Congress. m Iron curUin. Carolina »«lortay J*»; h u s statc Dcpartrrent. extension of observer operations FJleoder chslrman o the Sen “a ^ „ hm«,™ Wasl,inKton. the Slate De- ,'?UiT“SiiVroken0OTteFlffiS S?w^tWrpriS«Tthr2H*m atresdv have four «*£ TOe slory of P^seft" ^ ^ told m a memorandum by of Neville High School and of j partment naa noi city of Tripoli broke out Friday that junkedjiy known companies which hjvjl mfj m a meiIlwwuuuI„ U>T . NevUle nign acnuui Foreign "irday^Tripoli is one of the key j an omnibus farm bill vigorously signed up for loca^on* o Ado|f A Bcrle jr.t assistant sec- ; Annapolis Naval Academy. He | usually presents its notes in spots in the fight between the|0pposed by Benson^ in expre8sedLeta of statc in 1941 on a talk saw action with the Marines in gnd thpy are translated rebels, who are trying to over- This opened he door for a less r^>t t jn ^ „ primos ^ ^ w_th Rftlph c s stevcn- Korea and had been StatlOTed ^ embassy in Moscow before throw the pro-Western govern- sveeping Senate farm biH-limit- 1 tren on principa, private secretary of Cherry Point since June, l. transmitted to Washington, ment and install a government pd to cotton, rice, corn and other sam. shopping the British Foreign Office. j f-aul J. Neal, Neville principal, (M ^ Pentagonj a spokesman that favors President Gamal Ah- ]iveslock feed grains—which ha. ,he magnitude will have Berle said he asked Stevenson ..described him as an honor s said no report had been received del Nasser and his United Arab Brnson s blessing. ?tr£»SndSil influence in the de- whether Britain had entered any dent at Annapohs . and a very of the incident up to late afternwM Republic. ______ In other years, Benson usually a community,” “real agreements” with Russia, fine student at Ne'»»- ‘F..;,’, t,ut that a request for report had has been battling to revise farm |ve'^ment ^ consider it aniHe reported Stevenson said he also one of our l est football ho^n sent tf> thp Air Force in Eu- U1iri hills that came out of Ellender s [U™. lfm mp ,0 bp able to be a thought the United States knew players F eal recalled. ropo) Sheritl nurt committee. I t of sucb progress.” Russian officials had entered into Neigh^ remembered h protest, also broad- amFAvS (\p i—Sheriff This time, the secretary called ^,1' cited tl.e venture as negotiations with Poles Czechs always being a fme PJs?.n : ca7by Radm Moscow, charged w-ir " 'nf k-fferson Parish the Senate, bill workable leg.sla "^ecUon of our faith in the and Yugoslavs in London. was a good, all-round ., that the plane came across the T nr' v bone Satlir- tion and in the long-term interests s^oag economic health of the Mon-! Berle replied he was aware of added of ^ ^ honjp|. sf)U(h of Yerevan capital broke a .n..,., p (brown by a of the farmers. Sroe°rarea°T am sure that the in- proposed Russian arral‘g”® Tetchy0'‘Tt^ is"known' that of the Soviet Armenian Republic, 1 sen George D. Aiker (R-Vt), evitab1e growth of this section of for a “federated system linking were sseu-ny. and senior GOP Farm Committee|the stale wiU dictate a strong de- the four nations. He NEW (Continued on Page day when he was horse. Coci also received brutses auu i ” "greed with Ellender i ^¡nd7nr lhf; facilities we will of-¡Stevenson abrasions. H®.wa* as 3e. that the Senate should act on its ff>r in tbe new shopping center, ¡really m pital where his condition was dc b«lmeasurp as soon 8S possible.|he gaid scribed as good . ... ! Major provisions nf the Senate ; Background He was expected to be hospit , ..j . commodities: .Uonninf, jalized for several days. J ^„ntrolsl Primos goes into the shopping from four nations. __ ....__ Russia "were dominate that entire area.” to1 early in the morning. Air station (Continued on Page Eight-A) The business upturn ......— _ administration expects this fall PROM CUBAN REBS rould improve the budget outlook,) --------------but not substantially. The lag in payment of corporate income taxes would delay much of the effect of a recovery until fiscal I960. Even for the bookkeeping year now closing, however, officials acknowledge that present guesses may be wide of the mark by a- much as a few hundred million Official To Try To Get Men Back FROM AREA rorn - All planting cw««», —wjlb , long rstab.; would be removed and |^^rsilished background of business couid get a government price sup- ^^^^ {n addilion to olhrr port of 90 per f n/”f.*hpp aast : interests, Primos has been a pio price average of the Pas ppr developer in the oil and gas' or not less than 5110 a (Continued on Page Eight A) HAVANA (UPI) — AU. It will be twe or three ernm ..t official walked into weeks* before*the *1 final vouchers sl^aTrfs^Mountams Saturday in the weexs Dei° e - I night to negotiate directly with,Hons. gov- reconnaissance aircraft in •*» « with- the tempt ot avoid military activity , rent of parity if they stay«l witn area during the negotia- in allotments parity be ng a standard calculated to be fair in years, bushel. ('0((0n __ A minimum allotment of 16 million acres would go into operation with no reductions for .growers with allotments of . T i acre« or less. Farmers could get J\U^hor IS Dead an at- a support of from 75 to 90 per 'Highwayman' can be tabulated at the Treasury The business recession was the chief villian in transforming fiscal the Cuban rebels for the release of 10 Americans and two ( anadi- Kidnap Scene relation to farmers’ costs. Wollam was sent to the kidnap SÏÏ 'from" whit** the* *Kiseiibower| an* Thundershowers administration expected to be its owned Moa Bay ^0IinP - romoany reached Havana. He ,t,ird ,ucce«ivC year of balanced m^rK-nlo provmce. g ^ ^ ^ „ “«nlKt . LOOIIl Foï AlOO acting under orders Cuban rebels immediately for the purpose of obtaining the immedi- cratiored thundershowers ate release of the Americans and « ^ orrfer of the day in By SAM HANNA Staff Writer BATON ROUGE — With thf B, . . ,APl House coming back in at 7 Angellr has had difficulty in ob- ISLE OF WIGHT, England A p I o'clock tonight amid warnings; taining a quorum to conduct -Poet Alfred Noyes, whose Poetojfrom the Senate to go to work busineg| jn the House. As a re“The Highwayman’ was rnane|^ cbeck wdb official journals re- sujt> lbe senate warned the into a movie, died in a hospitat vea,pd that oniy sjx northeast 1Jou’se Thursday to go to work. Saturday. He was 77. Louifliana legislators have per-, ActuaUy, there is no accurate One of Britain’s most prolific j fect attendance records. How- jrecord 0f members absent. Some legislators arrive after the Yerevan is about 40 miles northeast of Mt. Ararat, in Turkey, traditional resting place of Noah’s The Soviet note said the plane flew over the border about 6:30 p. m. “The American plane was met by two Soviet fighters which by means of signals proposed to it to follow them to land on a nearby airdrome,” the note continued. “The plane border violator did not obey this demand. The Soviet * ;lr'- n''' •,lwa''s /nTand ''it landed onN" for the many empty desks. | territory in a district at « Had Difficulty Perfect Attendance For Six Lawmakers viet territory in a (Continued On Page *-A> budgets into the start or a period of deficit financing. new Boy, Cart Do $1,200 Damage Park Santiago, --------from the U.S. embassy here, drove to Moa Bay accompanied by Val Darnell, a company representative in Santiago. To Foothills roll ¡writers, Noyes was known for his Pver> tbe official roll calls show ;poetry throughout the Flnglish-|{bat on]y three legislators from ¡speaking world, especially thr;fbe Monroe area have more than ; United States where he lecturedjfjvg absentees, including Rep. J ouve _ extensively and taught for 10 soaman, Waterproof, who 1JasiBoUge members’ absent when the call has been taken. Others leave after it has been taken. For instance, there were 15 the Canadians.” American Embassy here said they hoped years. the would be The two men drove to Cristal foothills, where weekend * *■ embassy ¡ Sierra ft KNOXVILLE Tenn. (UPI) __„ ___ " power golf cart a defective switch Cuban guides into the mountains released during spokesman said a lu i«» th»i, tmrif and followed An embassy spokesman :h,Æn suidc, int. th. Mrûle^ïridiyïnd “Æ «b.1 hideout wa, believed the order, he received eerUer not damage in an elertrical apphance to he about » to «.mil« with to store. iof the American mining proper- Young Tony HostotUer Jr. I ties boarded the cart, flipped faulty switch and was off on wild ride around the store. negotiate rebels. He said Wollam’s directly with first orders to I His best-known work is “The the records reveal. Legislators r Barrel Organ” which contains the sometimes leave their desks W ¡familiar line “Come down fo Kew before a committee in bjac time ” But it was “The:Speak in behalf of their j The high rera Highwayman,” a poem about a fog considered. It if j d here yesterday|rornantic robber, that furnished these meetings that was 84 degrees^basis {f)r a {Um Rlory ,ators are The low was 61. | _ _t ,_ u . j i».. in,» call and votes are taken. But as House Speaker Robert Thp Alban Army announced it were given because Ambassador ine HUDan Army c_;,u “a\a «m want to mmn the1 The Cuban Army announce« . u warmer. had cancelled all pntrol activities Earl Smith did not want to jump officials, Twin Cities today and tomorrow ♦u ™ CT according to the the men fedpral \ forecaster M *1 i an npri * vpxlci hay i — ,, . i ^ romantic robber, the basis for a film story. The outlook for Few poets looked less like the today in Arkansas ¡public conception ofa sensitive is for clear to part- versemaker than Noyes He was ly cloudy and a lit- 6 fcpt tall, wieighed 2(Kl► P1r’,,1pa^’ Widely scattered and was broad - shouldered, < iean ¡shaven and short-haired. ! missed 17 of 31 openingj I roll call was taken Wednesday L- sometimes later, 40 were gone ’when a vote was called. The three who missed more is because of Than five opening roll caUs be some legis-1 sides Seaman, include Rep. l. a absent when the roll Gaharan, Jena, eight;; and Sen Andrew Sevier, Tallulah, seven However, Sevier, who has RAIN Angelle pointed nut when ’be during able to attend all nlc£}.m£s iH meet-1 (Continued on Page Eight-A) tin the area a“nd‘'had" ¡^«¿ 1^10 the matter feet tot." -bower, are expected tomorrow the House has been 30 members short at times ¡the past week, committee YES SIR! ! YOU CAN PLACE A WANT AD TODAY WANT AD DEPARTMENT OPEN 10 A.M. to 1 P.M. DIAL FA 3-3660 OUR SUNDAY NUMBER Ask ebout our low 7 day rates with cancellation privileges.

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