The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 12, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 12, 1894
Page 5
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H THE KEHJBUdAN, ALGOK/TtOWA, WEDKESMf , i8M. PA 11 AND WIN TPR A JTJL JL^A^ JT± A V JLX yI/ A A V A A^ A\ At Otlt store. New attractions, new inducements and tie W prices, OtlJ? Dress Goods department is filled to the ceiling With the choicest and newest fabrics, bought in foreign and dte- mestic .countries at lower prices than ever before, Of Dress Silks, Velvets and Dress Trimmings we have a full line* flannels, Blankets, Shawls, Yarns, Handkerchiefs* Ladies' and Children's Cloaks, Fur Capes, JBxtra Good Values in Carpets, Lace and Cheniel Curtains, Draperies, Ladies' and Children's Hose, Gloves, Mitts, Bed Spreads, A full line Of Fine Linens and Underware. In Ladies 1 and Children's »£* Ht* We have a large, well-selected line, Also in Men's and Boys' Clothing, Suits, Over Coats, Odd Pants, Vests, Duck Coats, Hats, Caps, Gloves, Mitts. Shirts, Collars, Cuffs, Suspended The largest and cheapest line of Neckware ever shown you, Big drives in Undershirts and Drawers, Trunks and Valices. ^SHOES! SHOES!-*- SHOES!*- Our shoe trade is one of our leading departments and has been very satisfactory and is larger and better at present than ever heretofore. We also carry a line of staple groceries, S^^ Now in order to start the trade at once we will make SPECIAL PRICES in every department through our entire store and will give you A NICE PRESENT with every $10.00 -cash purchase. This present is something very useful as well as ornamental and will be appreciated by every one who gets it. Now we ask you to come in and look our ' over and see what we can do for you. Thanking you for all past favors, I am Yours Truly, JNO. GOEDERS. GUT THIS OUT! ^''/ « "OQDWftRD 0, > ,6. D WOODWARD. MANAGER. This Ticket Will Admit Two Ladies, •Or Lady and Gentleman, if accompanied by one Reserved Seat Ticket.< Tickets must be purchased by 7 p. m.J GOOD MONDAY NIGHT ONLY. < r~: N SEATS ON SALE FR1DAY.:- iLGONA REPUBLICAN ALGONA, IOWA, SEPT. 12, 1894. LQCAL MATTERS. 1 Opera House, Grocery. ,See Orr on questions of paint. Fresh oysters at Ladendorff's. 'Ed. Butler has a bird dog to sell. Corn Harvesters at Tbe Wigwam. The crop of golden rod is abundant this fall. Spurbeck & Lambert will have their bady separator at the Fair. S. S. Wartman has been quite sick the-pastweek, but is now improving slowly. ' Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Nellis mourn the loss of their infant son, which occurred Thufafday evening. Kirkhart's circus showed here Monday to a fair crowd. It is a good show, as circuses go, for 25 cent. The county had men at wprk yesterday making connection of the court bouse with the water mains. A. M, and G, M. Johnson will make a fine exhibit of machinery and also of some very fine carriages which were on exbibition at the State Fair, Miss Zpa W.artman gave a musicale secitallpr her class after which refresh- men, ts w,ere served at b e , r home on McGregor street , •A meeting of tbe subscribers to the Aigona Library Association is called fprWednesday, Sept, 12, at?;30 p, m,, at tbe Breading $oom,» W,P.'Jones,at the Wigwam,.has jus,t received a carload pf Cooper wag- j ons, an item of news which will intercept 0, Call closed up a deal ;Mpn« • tbe sale of anPtber goo-acre —i an d near El- buyer, ftpr, vBftPje-ma sjquwern *P W » ^i**' mM^$^M%&W$ty, ..change in Blw p§E 8 turfiti«aay-fnight, a pold ©vlf •.aarnoninniortnwn; frftm ., the nort j^pW^^W^^Ig^^^ ^Y'^pbi d&H'y p^sple o| tfte 'p»Rly;MU feViftWW^^ P ^ tffip: 1 i iw JM the car, driving it pack and throwing him to the ground. He was badly bruised. The clerk of the .weather seems to have discovered tliat rr We can raise ciops without rain up here in Northern Iowa, for while the drouth has been effectually broKen in all the rest of the state, we are still dry. As tbe wife of Prof, Lilly was driving by the circus grounds, Monday forenoon, her horse took fright and ran, throwing her and her child from the carriage. Both were badly bruised but neither was seriously injured. The prize fichting outfit from Ledyard were set at liberty last week, on payment by each of a fine of $26 and costs. It seems to be generally believed that this ends Sunday or any other day prize fights in this county. One of the REPUBLICAN force was down in the south part of the county the first of the week. He found good crops down there and brought home some likely specimens of " Gold Mine" corn from the Geo. W. Hanna farm. The Woodward Opera Company will give a prize of $2.50 iu gold to the school child presenting a list of the most words from the letters of the words "Maud Muller.'' Letters can be used as often as they appear in the name. Here is a chance for money. It is anticipated that Judge Can- will resign immediately alter the October' .term, qf,court <in this county and that" Gov. ' Jackson will at once appoint Mr.Quj»rton to fill the vacancy. The latter is closing up his law business as rapidly as possible. • Mrs. Jas. Taylor and-Miss Mclritire will return Thursday morning from Chicago. Miss Mclntire will have charge of the millinery department. Those visiting the fair would be well paid by calling at Taylor's and inspecting his fall and winter hats- Harrison Warper, of Plum Creek, brought a hill of Calico corn to tbe REPUBLICAN' office Monday that was planted June 18th. It was 85 day corn and was a fine''specimen. The ears were bigger than those of tbe democratic mule in the measly republican cartoons. Advertised letters finx week ending Sept. 10, 1894: Harley Adams, Miss Alma Blakey,'J. O. Hatch, E. W. Jordon, Augustus Johnson, Herrn Robert Liesener, Mrs. Ellen Miller, Miss Tulie Nygard, A. G. Poppel, W. W. Shannon, Mrs. Agnes Stow, Fred Wolfgram, Miss Eva Willson. Tbe present dry summer has led to the discovery that there are a great many peat beds in this regiop. We perhaps can hardly say discovery, for it has been known for a long time that there was lots of peat in^pssuth, The question is, -can at.-fbejprpntaply utilized, , v •'.; r.YV .',••' " Somepepple wbp wpnder at Chairman Cbubb's enthusiastic campaign against tne Russian thistle shPUld . talk. with him abput his recent Dakpta trip, pr they might interview£>; H. Setcbell pn the way tbe thistle tPok ppssessipn of bis Redfleld faiw, The 'Russian this; tleaswprsjtbana njprtgage; It just kicks a man pfi the place,; , " - -- 1 -— ""-^w b$i lilrpdy ba<J SP ff.' f to*rt~ite(&'B .,*&&-.w ! ulist attorney of that place, to make the run for judge against Mr. Quarton. Only four or flve counties were represented. There probably would have been no convention held, only the democrats deshed to give the populists another pledge of their devotion by putting up another 'of their men .for slaughter. J. W. Wadsworth arrived home from the State Fair Saturday night. He says the exhibition was a fine one, but that the rain, tbe laying of the corner stone of the soldiers' monument and j other outside attractions beat the man| agement on receipts, so that the society is out some thousands of dollars. Under ordinarily favorable circumstah- 1 ces, he says, the iair would have made some money this year. This oflice has received several copies i of a handsome special edition of the Springfield, Missouri, Democrat, in which appears a portrait of E. E. Colby, the son of J. P. Colby, who was raised in Algona, but who is now surveyor of Green county, Missouri, and is the republican candidate for re-election to that office, which he has held some five years. Springfield shows up as a handsome and rapidly growing city of 30,000 population. Sheriff Weir, of Humboldt county, was in town Monday to subpoena witness in a case coming before the grand jury of that county this week in which Joe Grose is the defendant. The ,prosecution is on a charge, of, cheating i)y false pretences, and is on account of a transaction with a farmer near Een- wick, tbe latter selling Grose a pair of fine large Norman colts and taking for them a note signed by Grose and an alleged blue sky note given by Nate Hill, the latter being vouched for by Grose. It happens to have been the same kind of a deal as that for which Sutton was up • a few months ago. Recorder Randall, Deputy Sheriff Brunson, John Edwards and others were subpoened. .MR, AVEY'S FLOP. . . posjib,, way be made, .baoae4 ; in, eral use in this county. He has a New Hero ensilage and fodder cutter which cuts the corn into mince meat and it is carried straw-carrier fashoni up into the barn and deposited in the silo, where one man scatters in and tramps it down. At a rough estimate it is thought it will hold some fiye acres of corn. Mr. Nicholson has 80 acres of land besides about three acres upon which his buildings stand, and he I raises more truck to the acre than the most of them. After his corn is cut, unless it keeps too dry, he will sow the ground to rye for fall and spring feed. His new barn is 48x60' with the main part 24-foot posts, has stalls for cattle and horses, grain and feed bins, room for. carriages, etc., and will be arranged so that his wind mill will pump water into the barn. He' is going to have things handy and when he gets everything completed he will have as fine a ranch as the best of them. PATTERSON & SARGHETT, Successors to Patterson Bros. D. B. Avey Goes Over to the Other Side of the- Street—But There is No Free Lunch 'Set Up. Mr. Avey has been worried to .get a location'Where be can have bis sales room and repair shop under one roof, and he has found it and is already in possession and ready for business. He is in the old billiard hall and is getting in a,fine-stock of harness, saddles, trunks—everything anybody ever finds in a harness and .leather store. HOW WE.GROW! Congressman Perkins Gives Some Figures on tyi? -Grpyvtlj of, 0«r Pppujation, • At an old settlers' reunion in O'Brien county a few days ago Congressman Perkins stated some facts showing bow rapid has been the settlement of Northwestern Iowa, Be said: , "I jjpubt if ypu appreciate'bPW rapid has been your growth, Ypu knpw I claim to be something of apipneerin northwestern Iowa myself, 'When J came' to Sioux; City, in 1869, the census,.figures for thftt year put tbe' populatipn pf 0 Brien county at $Mmd tbe e, aumeratprs were iJtieulaFflPit tP drpp tbe *pn§', I4are m .iy,theepwnty wpis -liberally, figured., But natters w§yg cpnaing in §P the cgn- sH8,pf i§9Qg%yeypu' a- pppulatipn^pf m* mmwj&fflj^js&te- . ,, under , t tt|8£gtfftw; ot »*••«•«*y»? *7»v*?t.'5^,-sr^f P'rr* WTF r Z" .jfS!?* epBpsiiiPjifti fliiteioffe a« Atate, ( In WMfeM8fefeiW»^f' .ALWAYS HAVE GOOD CROPS. West Bend Journal: The Algona papers are advertising Kossuth county c'rpps as if they lived in Kansas this .year, especially northern Kossuth.' Over here in the southwestern part of Kossuth and southeastern Palo Alto wp.always have good crops and have got them this year. People were a little scared back in July. But then, a Ibng spell of dry weather was something new. When they commenced'to thresh their, oats all signs of panic disappeared and faith in southern Palo Alto,and Kopsuth was confirmed. WOOp.WARD THEATRE COMPANY. This Company will play at Call's Op- 'eravHbuse every night next week, the opening night putting on "The Black Flag." There will be a matinee Saturday afternoon at 2:30. This is one of the best companies playing at popular prices. • It carries special scenery for all its plays. On Saturday night the lucky ticket holder gets an elegant chamber set., Buy your tea and coffee at the Opera House Grocery. They will save you money. LQW EXCURSION RATES. EAGLE QROVE DISTRICT FAIB. For the above occasion tbe" Northwestern line will, from Sept. J7 ,to 21, inclusive, sell excursion tickets ', to Eagle, Grove 'and return at reduced rates; tickets good for return passage untU.'Sept. 22, 1894, inclusive. Fpr ticke'^* and full information apply to agentVCbicago & Northwestern Railway. *£, , . _ ^ •HAMILTON COTTNTT FAIB AT* WEBSTER I *? i\» ..#,.•- CITY, Fortb'e above occasion tbe Northwestern line will, from Sept, 17 to 21, inclusive, • sell excursion tickets to WebsferCity and return at reduced rates; ' tickets good for return passage until! Sept, 22, 1894, -inclusive, For ticketssand full" information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern mil' ' WW',b)s aborted yp'ur .eastern .friends Jo visit ygu 1 by the lq\vrate<-Home-8eekers» Chicago & er 11 arranged by Northwlstern Railway fo ftn4-85 and Octobw 0, 1994, If you wiU for- w^rd tgOT- A, $ hroll, General Passenger and.T gket Age»fc the Norttiwtern lin PWq»g»?I» ! « > tfie..n n fran<Js ^ aj»d addresses whom tw WP™* ,' a circular j th Big Bargain Grocery, ALGONA, IOWA. We have a large and first-class stock of Groceries that we will sell as cbx as She cheapest, and will spare no pains to please our customers. Wesoliti& ha re of the public patronage and invite our friends to call and see us and gir* a trial. We guarantee satisfaction. PATTERSON & SAJE6CHET3E. NEW Are Now On Display @ i h M i 3$ '"-«* * \K> $ , c)1 I'i '..i 1 " m ,'* i'',"A m •V'JD * ' £? •rt\»«<Y When visiting the COUNTY You are invited to call and inspect our LARGE, NEW FULL STOCK OF IV( • ' CLOAKED FUR •• MIV/V' , 7-M M* ;•". I 'i"f! • iv a 4*1 ^5$ ft;, ?>$$ r*<\ • t '%\'t<$. „ '^ifiAfc 'S! ->v /^ \"ii >. '$ " 'tiffl . WfW Y$i ',<W ,, ?*?*™ 11 ^^ ''' ' ti & and Qot. 8, ISM, |s>i»tf ;in 99r%mmvi9y«ii.iWMt(^^«biBW9t9< B^^B^M^t^JWgte*^]S9}' PjpsdQKWyfiflilBg. JtuAbr* JtWte aM ,Mefl» Before youbuysbe^mm^l poBjjd. in t&j (MT p§Qau$e *fc i§ tb/§ wh^athes^isf^ ,':*] , S '''^Aj'/^if^V^i^i^'yi -• l|j---'u5tV^'-''v '-%J-*if' '|^V',\%g IL',', ,v *>. ,fe& i» »'V ' ' jf a- 1 ?'

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