Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 25, 1966 · Page 12
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 25, 1966
Page 12
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O J « " ..j KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE • » • • • w • w • ••••••*••••••••••••••••••) ,^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ Church Page || <Jofee your problems to Church this LJJ-JJLJhJLAJfc-A-M-JLJfcJLeV^-^fr.JI •fc«fcdfc«fcifcJiiA«fcA«»<i.A«t«i^a«M ' ' ._. .. ... ^. .. - - —^^^^^^^^~ - ^^^^^^^^^^""i ...^, ^_^__ • ••••••••••••••• • ^r^B^^^^vT^^B^^ni^^nnanini^i^B^B^VvflMlHHiHMBlHiHMHB^HHMHiiliiiB^iBHiV News of services and meetings in Kossuth County churches this week THIS MESSAGE SPONSORED IY ... SID'S CAFE AND THE PUBLIC-SPIRITED MERCHANiS LISTED BELOW! 6— ALGONA (Iowa) ADVANCE THURSDAY, AUG. 25, 1966 Portland Mrs. Victor Fitch ward Zinnel, Mrs. W. G. Cooper and Mrs. Essie Cooper visited Mrs. Mary Hansen at the rest home at Spirit Lake Wednesday. The Arnold Struthers, Adams, Minn., Dale Struthers, Algona, the Harold Fredericks and Mrs. Ruby Holmes, Livermore, Mrs. W. E. Hundertmark, West Bend, Lorenc, LuVtrnt Evangelical United Brethren Rev. Ralph 8. HlnrJman LuVtrnt Thursday, Aug. 25 The Youth Fellowship will a swim, and picnic at Ken- Park. Meet at the church o'clock. The lunch is pot Burt Methodist *•«. Merlin Davltt Burt uncle attended toSsT°An?h n oSla7Tu£S; had ' a famil y P icnic **»** at afternoon, JS"ering P fSJ"SS the " Old Settlers " P ark at Liv ' headaches. At this writing she ermore The Gerald Hoffmans spent the weekend at Bloomington, Neb. They attended the silver of Mr. and e Orness reunion. The Frank Aliens, of Eagle IIWJ IH_. If A I. . Mil V* *»*!. «J. iVMJ •_.»m.*w..j • 1 & TO II ~ !• Wesley, and Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Grove, were Saturday guests at Fellowship. Duncan of Fenton were Sunday the Raymond Wehrspann's. _ 8 p.m. — Bible alternoon visitors. Methodist *•». to. A. BlaMrnoycr Livermore Sunday, Aug. 28 9:30 a.m. — Worship Service. 10:30 a.m. — Sunday School. Wednesday, Aug. 31 8 p.m. — 1st Quarterly Con- is still in the hospital undergoing tests. Mrs. Bertha Elvidge of Burt and Mrs. Ed Stewart of Swea City were Thursday afternoon callers in the Tom Trenary home. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Smith, 10 a.m. — Church School. 11 a.m. — Morning Worship. 7:30 p.m. — Bible Study. Evangelical Free Wesley Thursday, Aug. 25 8 p.m. — Free Church Youth and Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Meister and Eugene went to Fayette on Wednesday, near Waterloo, 140 mJles from here. Eugene will attend college there beginning this fall. He plans to take up teaching and coaching. Air. and Mrs. Jack Ewalt of Tabor, Iowa, stopped at the Dwi- ference. ght Ruse home Wednesday. Mrs. Ewalt is the former Wanda Ruse, daughter of the Olony Ruses of Tabor and a niece of Dwight. Mrs. Frank Becker and Nancy Study Prayer. 9 p.m. — Choir practice. Sunday, Aug. 28 9:30 a.m. — Morning Worship. Mr. Dave Quiner from Dows, la., whole community" will be guest speaker. 10:30 a.m. 7— Sunday School. Livermore Presbyterian lev. Ralph Hlndmm Livarmoru Sunday, Aug. 28 9:45 a.m. — Morning Worship. Community Church Rev. Kenneth I. Coles 308 West State Street Sunday 9:30 a.m. — Bible School. 10:30 a.m. — Morning Worship. 7:30 p.m. — Songspiration Hour. Wednesday 7:30 p.m. — Bible Study. Thursday 7:30 p.m. — Youth Night. The whole Gospel for the Trinity Lutheran M*. 1. I. C. GariKa Algona Thursday, Aug. 25 8 p.m. — Walther League. Hosts: Diane Reefer, Alberta Pergande. Sunday, Aug. 28 8:15 a.m. — Sunday School and Bible Class. 9:30 a.m. — Divine Service. Ralph Wiechman, guest First Methodist Rev. Wnt. R. Nolond Algona Friday, Aug. 26 7:30 p.m. — Wedding rehear- went to Estherville Wednesday sal. morning to pick up some books Saturday, Aug. 27 for Nancy, who will attend jun- 3:30 p.m. — Wedding. Trudy R "" ior college there this fall. They Alt and Richard Dugan. Recep- went from there to Fairmont, tion following the service. where they spent the rest of the Sunday, Aug. 28 day shopping. 9 a.m. — Promotion Day in Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Marlow at- Church School. tended a family get-together at 10 a.m. — Worship Service. the West Bend park Sunday in Presentation of Bible to children honor of Peggy, of Chicago, dau- promoted from second grade to ghter of Mrs. Jake Gifford of third grade, Burt. Monday, Aug. 29 Mr. and Mrs. David Stewart Goodwill Truck will be in Aland family plan to spend the gona. weekend at the parental W. J. Tuesday, Aug. 30 _ Stewart home. They are coming 7 - 8 p.m - Boy Scout Troop tes^e^-'Mrs.lirSewickilMrs""]). for the family get-together to be No. 71 meeting. Mr. Roy Burns, - •-held at Earl Shipler's in honor Scoutmaster. o[ Mr. and Mrs. James Lee of First Presbyterian M*. Walt«r t. Mori Algona Sunday, Aug. 28 9 a.m. — Sunday Church School for all ages beginning Ledyard Methodist Rev. Edward Maus Ledyard Sunday 9:30 a.m. — Sunday School. 10:30 a.m. — Worship Service. Sacred Heart 1 Catholic 10. Rev. Robert A. Thlol* Ledyara Sunday Masses at 8 and Week day Masses 7:30. Confessions: Thursday night 12 noon — - Aid Assn. Picnic, after class; Saturday from 7:30 Call park. until 8:00; Sunday before both 6:30 p.m. — Fellowship Pic- Masses. His. Hosts: Carroll Willrett, Harold Peter, E. C. Wittkopf. Tuesday, Aug. 30 8 p.m. — Junior choir. Rev :. Gwold Fis<h Thursday, Sept. 1 ' „ J „ Livermore 2 p.m. — Ladies Aid. Hostes- s . und , a y Mas . ses ~ 8 and 10 a - m ses: Mrs. G. Wittkopf, Mrs. H. Weekday Macs — 7:30 a.m. .i^ij sacred Heart c a »hotic No Greater Love Hath Any Creature Than That DAU J"«._lj4 Ci-dft. ' Lowman. 8pm Evening Circle Hos f>irst Fridays at 7:30 a.m. 7:3 ° P- m - and Of A Dog For His Master! China Lake, Calif., who are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. lloscoe Stewart, of Burt. Mr. and Mrs. Lee and family arrived here last week. Mr. and Mrs. James Lee and family of China Lake, Calif., LuVern. Methodist J.U.Ill.iAJ' UL Vy-llJ.HO J~tC*.IVt* } VCIJ4J.*) '4.U A. were Friday evening supper w l ™. \™° year in the W. J Stewart , 10 = 15 a ' m ship Service. Rev. Morz will con- Regular Baptist CMrtai NtwklM, Patter Algona Thursday, Aug. 25 8 p.m. — Mid-week service. ••». M. A. Bia>am*yar LuVtrne Sunday, Aug. 28 8 a.m. — Worship Service. 9:15 a.m. — Sunday School. Wtdnesday, Aug. 31 ,,.„„, 8 p.m. — 1st Quarterly Con- Morning Wor- ference at Livermore . Congregational R«v. Frank H«rc«y Algona Sunday, Aug. 28 10 a.m. — Divine Worship. (Nursery during Service) First Baptist MMk CirlMn, Algona Thursday, Aug. 25 guests home. . -. .. 0 Mrs. Elizabeth Kennedy and duct the Servlce Paul attended Mrs. Kennedy's niece's daughter, Mary Keiper's wedding. She was married to David Helgwold in the Methodist church at Cylinder, dinner guests in the P. W. Mar- family, of Ionia, were Sunday Rev. Charles Nichols7missionary dinner guests m the P. W. Mar- appointee to Brazil, will be the low home. guest spea ker. We are all proud of the rec- Friday and Saturday ord Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Stewart Aug. 26 & 27 are making with their purebred Women's fellowship Camp at ..... ,Duroc hogs in our home town of the Regular Baptist Camp Gro- Bible study at the church. Algona and also neighboring un ds on Clear Lake. Sunday, Aug. 28 lowns Sunday, Aug. 28 9 a.m. — Sunday School. Mr. Mrs. Leona Guertin of Worth- 9.30 a .m. — Sunday School Ron Bitz, Supt. mgton, Minn., sister of Mrs. W. Charles Joens, Supt. A class for 10 a.m. — Morning Worship. J. Stewart, spent the past week every age in the Stewart home 10:4 5 a.m. - Morning Wor- Mrs. Mae Deibler of Wmdom, ship. Message: What's Wrong Minn., sister of Mr. Clyde Moore, w ith the Dance died Aug. 7 in the Windom hos- 7 p . m . _ study Hour . Some . pital where she had had surgery thing for each member of the recently and failed to come thro- family ugh the operation. Mr. and Mrs. 8 p . m . _ Evening Service. Moore and family attended her Special music. Message: Works fnnflrai a t Wmdom Thursday, a nd Rewards Immanuel Lutheran Rev. Arnold E. Vehling Lotts Creek 8:30 a.m. — Sunday School. 9:30 a.m. — Services. * Holy Communion on the last Sunday of the month. Bethany Evangelical and Reformed Rev. Victor Vriescn Ledyard Sunday 9:30 a.m. — Sunday School. 10:30 a.m. — Worship Service. Thursday 3:45 p.m. — Junior Choir rehearsal. 7:30 p.m. — Senior Choir rehearsal. Saturday 8:45 a.m. — Confirmation In- And "no greater love hath any man than that he shall lay down his life for a friend" ... or his country. In tihis last Great War, as in all other wars, thousands 01 brave and worthy men have laid down their lives on the altar of Freedom, and for Religious Liberty . . . that we may go on living in a land where there is still Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press Advance Publishing Co. "Algona's Progressive Printing Office Supplies Fa re way Mores Tup Urucury VHIUUJ and last, but by no means least, Freedom of Religion. Let us then not forget this boon. Let us attend the Church of our choice regularly, for it stands as a symbol of that freedom . . . that way of life, for which our forefathers founded this great nation, and for which all the brave men, living and dead, have struggled so valiantly to maintain. Metronics inc. O. B. Harnius Algona Plumbing & Heading Fran's Beautyrama Percival Motors Electric; Sewur Hooter Service Dull 2U5-5240 Algona Vault Service — Aluoriu Oudgc and Chrysler Sales & Service South Phillips -St. — Aluoi.a Frederick V & S Hardware Pioneer Hi-Bred Corn Co. J. 1. Mcrryman Algunu, Iowa Bomgaors Ben Franklin 8 p.m. — Midweek Prayer and struction. £> Cuinplete Vunely Slure Gerald Bomguars, Owner The iieat 1'lace in Town to Uuy fine quality Hardware — at a Savings Foster Furniture Store Quality Home furnishings Since 1SJ1U Herb Hedlund, Production Manager Perry Collins, Experimental Manager Post Moving & Storage Local and Long Distance Moving 2M-2275 Dick 1'ost. Owner at Aug. 11. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Smith and Ramona and Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Smith returned home Saturday after spending a little more than two weeks in Stockton, Calif., visiting Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Veerman. Mrs. Veerman is the former Edith Smith. They visited the Yosemite Falls, Disneyland and the Small and other interesting there. Wednesday, Aug. 31 Church Board Meeting. 7 p.m. — Cherubs. 7 p.m. — Jet Cadets. 7 p.m. — Jr. Hi and Sr. Young People. 8 p.m. — Evening Service. Tuesday, Aug. 30 meeting 8 p.m. — Deacons meeting at B< the church. We warmly welcome you to worship and serve with us at the First Baptist Church. Burt Full Gospel Jeff Bennett, Pastor Burt 10:00 a.m. — Sunday School. 11:00 a.m. — Morning Worship. ; 8:00 p.m. — Evangelistic Service. 7:00 p.m. — Young peoples Bjustrom Furniture Three Floors ot f Since 1U27 Algonu Funk Plumbing & Heating Ron & Jack's iiU a. llctjuuy — 6heul Metul Work St. — Phone 2\>l>-W4t St. Paul's Lutheran CkM Kauttch, Potter Whittemor* Sunday, Aug. 28 8 a.m. — Church Service. 9 a.m. — Sunday School and World Bible Classes. places Monday, Aug. 29 9 a.m. — St. Paul's School be- Ottosen Mrs. Donald Usher "Anyone who thinks he knows gins with opening services at the all the answers is not up to date Sy m on the questions." Wednesday, Aug. 31 8 p.m. — Meeting of Sunday School Staff. Thursday, Sept. 1 7:15 p.m. — Meeting of the Walther League executive board. 7:30 p.m. — Meeting of Walther League. Opening devotions, Roger Meyer, Norman Roeber; Mike Coyle was taken to the Cl ° si ^ devotions - ^nice Roeher Mercy hospital at Fort Dodge on Tuesday evening by ambulance, where he is a medical patient. Monday 21 friends and relatives came to Mrs. GuncJa Enockson's for her 85th birthday which was Sunday. She had two birthday cakes and a pot luck lunch was served by Mrs. Roy Enockson, Mrs. Earl Olson and Mrs. Loren Daniel. Mrs. Roy Tclford, Mrs. Kri- Craig BSD 5 ^ First Presbyterian Ktith Sttaycr, Lay ratter Irvinfton Wednesday 8 p.m.—Choir practice. Sunday 9 a.m.—Worship. 10 a.m.—Chju-ch school, First Methodist Rtv. Frank t. Coniidirw, Pastor Wesley Immanuel Lutheran Mv. Wm. Stock Uvermore St. Thomas Epircopal R«v. Mile D«lto| Algona First Methodist Rev. Frank t. ConildliM, Paitar Corwith First Lutheran lev. tofeart f. lorvns Algona St, John's Lutheran Burt Zion Lutheran Church R*v. |. T. Mu«ll«r LuVerne Good Hope if*. Merlin Davfet Lone Hock St. Cecelia Catholic Rt, R*v. Migr. P. P. Gearan Algona MASSES AT ST. CECELIA Sunday Masses — 6:00, 7:30, 9:00 and 10:30. Holy Days — 6:00, 7:30, 9:00 and 10:30. Weekdays — 6:45 and 8 a.m. CONFESSIONS — Saturdays, day before First Friday and Holidays. On the hour 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 p.m. Other times by appointment. Jehovah's Witnesses (120 East Call St.) Algona, Iowa KENNETH R. HUCKABYE 295-2939 Tuesdays — 8:00 p.m. Thursdays — 7:30 p.m. Sundays — 2:00 p.m. Nazarene Algona Sunday 9:45 a.m. — Sunday School. 10:45 a.m. -*• Morning Worship. 7 p.m. — Young Peoples Meeting. Joe Bradley Equipment UB So a in Thonngum il. Firestone Tires — farm Machinery Cargill Inc. Muirena feeds and Cargill Fertilizer South Phillips St. — Algonu Carsons For Color Complete Gittware Selection Phone 295-3737 Algona Chrome Truck Stop Skelly Products 24-Hour Service Always Coast-to-Coast Stores Hardware — Appliances — furniture J£d Woll, Owner — Algona Harrison's ltui:orub — iiuu^ewaros — Wearing Apparel Chanes liuiKen, Manager Hufzell's Citgo Service £lu>u lUul^eli, bbiviui: falallor. itoy «. Hulzell, Bulk Plant 295-2362 Home Federal Sav. & Loan Ajgona b only bavmgb Association 21M-JIHO — mgona "Where you SAVE DOES Make a Difference" Honsbruch Drug luui Apulia Uexall i?iuie *our Hejltn anU Beauty Center lowo State Bank Alguiia lloine-Owacu Bank Memoer i''UiC & federal iteserve System Druggists Mutual Insurance Jack's O,K, Tire Service Eugene Murtagh, President » A b for Me ana My House Vie Parsons. Secretary W e Will Serve the Lord." East End Grocery Free Grocery Delivery Dally Newly Remodeled for Your Convenience Kossuth Motor Co, Chevrolet Sales and Servic* Hois* of OK U»ed C*r* Algona's Home-Owned Supermarket North Dodge Street Schultz Bros. Garage Buick — Pontiac — Cadillac South Phillips St. — Gas for Lees Shilrs Brov/nbilt Shoe Store "The Shoe Store That Takes Care of Your Feet" Phone 295-5371 Sid's Cafe Just East of Courthouse Meals — Snacks — Breakfasts Taylor Implement Co, Bchlen Buildings and Dryers J. I. Case Machinery Tom's Radio & TV RCA Sales and Service "Home of Color TV" Thermogas Co. of Algona A Complete LP Gas Service Phone 205-2841 Weidenhoff Corporation Go to Church Sunday — You'll Feel Better Monday! Ernie Williams John Deere Kossuth Mutual Ins. Assn. Western Buyers Your Farm Eauioment Suoer Market vm.«* wi^nj. _ HA^^T.^ HV,A A«**.M *V«A m.^ ' " ff Prayer Meeting every Thurf- day at 7:80 p.m. Your Farm Equipment Super Market Phone 295-3561 Algona Formers Service Center 525 S. Phillips Street i-Us, Slarttg« and Fertiliser Your Fri«atf — Before ami Alter the Ftt« Ix>l» Scutthani, Secretary — Algon* 's Plumbing & Heating lender's Electric Sewer Rooter — Air Condjtlonlnf "People Who Know

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