The Monroe News-Star from Monroe, Louisiana on September 13, 1923 · Page 6
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The Monroe News-Star from Monroe, Louisiana · Page 6

Monroe, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 13, 1923
Page 6
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THE MONROE (LA.) NEWS-STAR THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 13. 1923 MONROE SUBSCRIBES *°T™rJ!fuB. $35,000 TO OUACHITA TKAm/IC°lllsmU BARGE LINE SERVICE Ninety per cent of the young men start life without one penny in capital. Don’t make your boy begin under such a handicap. Teach him the saving habit by giving him an account of his own. Start him right. In future years he will have cause to thank your foresight. WE PAY 4G* OS SAVINGS ACCOUNTS “A GRKATER BANK FOR A GREATER MONROF” Ouachita National Bank MONROE, LOUISIANA Capital and Surplus $000,000.00 Ruston and Other Towns Will Be Asked to Promote Ouachita Plans The Monroe Rotary Club, wifh nn unusually large m«mbership attendance, with their ladies. and quit'1 a number of nvto-l guests, took their regular weekly a'on day lunch at the Louisiana THE MARKETS New Orleans Cotton. NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 13. Further dry weather over the belt, poor cables and rumors of a revolutionary outbreak at Barcelona caused a drop of 19 to 22 points in the price of cotton soon after the opening today October falling off to 26.80. As the market fell it ran into Irainin.r School today, with the bovs j new buying, encouraged by claims of a and te a her« of the in -1 .tution, having much higher spot basis in nor*h Texps, NAVIGATION COMPANY PROJECT IS ASSURED a most enjoyable hour 'or the club membership at least, and apparently for the bovs. . The main dining hall had hern divided into two sections, one side for the hoys’ tables and the side opposite for the Rotary Huh members, and the entire program, including a good meal, took place in regular luncheon order ah nit the tables. Mr. Shriner, field representative of the Boy Scout mowmenr ior this section of the country, happenel to be a guest of the club today, and taking advantage Captain J. C. Wright, representative the Arkn«as-Louisiana Navigation tmpany, who was here to rai-e $50,000 j of the opportunity «afforded, «poke upon scouting and ^the advantages of proper organization and affiliation. The speak *r declared that the scout movement and its success was more dir etly dependent upon the fathers and mothers of the buys and their encouragement than upon the boys themselves, and appealed to the men and women present to Dr.d their financial and moral support. President Harvey Trousdale appointed a committee with Rotarian Eugene Eby, chairman of the boys work committee as chairman to act m the premises, ubscribe part of this; A number of the best local stars fur i nished the entcrta nment for the lunch Monroe's subscribed quota towards the $200,000 capital stock of the company, has departed for Ruston, where I he will endeavor to secure the balance! of the desired amount, Monroe bus,n<*«* nun who were ap pronchi i by Captain Wright subscribed ! $35,000 of the quota allotted to it, but i refused o make up the full amount, eX- | pr» i»g 'lie belief that * other towns in ih** vicinity of Monroe would benefit from the proposed barge service ?<>m Camden to the «*-a, they -hotild j be called upon to city’s quota. C apt ?ived by express- av scheme that th produci OUACHITA NEWS PICK-UPS FOR BUSY READERS I’roject H ell Received n Wright was well re business interests, all st act ior with the project and ■" to help with fund-. The ;.d' . ,v< i • re . zed ar^t subscriptions made to the ave convinced the promoters territory at least will prove a > center where the barge ser eceiv^* tie greatest encourage- A contract for ti Iters were not r*ad it* Fxwartz road wa« yesterday awarded by the police jury to King anti Brown, cor tractors, who made a low bid of >11,- the jury. Testimony for D«»fendant j w h i ■ h a r capitalize ! chase fix 274.60 against a bid entered by Lan MACON, G. ¡.. Sept. 13. T "estimony ' with a « bert & McGuire for $11,700. The work for fh«* <1* fend lant was introdu. *ed today i equip lar on this road will commence» at on. when the trial of Dr. C. A. Y arbrough. I along th«' The question of extending me June charged with i doting growing o ut «if the j ixsip pi r boro road to Ca«leville, .n* *-ad of terminating construction at Wi te plants Di. VV. A L F. Mills, was re« ittle, a physician ¡ume<i. w ith of- | Camrier tion was settled when the police jury fices in the sa me building in i vhu-h Dr. 1 scheme o yesterday decided to continue t; . - ro«iu Yarbrough hr«« a - «iffice. wa- called as J $50,006 w from the plantation to End . lie, :hu a character w “What have it ness for the *1 efendant 1 to raise I increasing the stretch and embracing you heard about Dr. Yar-; | de:taken parts of the parish which otberwi«*- brough being « »hipping bos« of Macon ?’’ ! 1 the comp. would not benefit where cons*ruction “I’ve heard people say h** w. as ‘whip- j| ci S N , {I f* f work suspended at the plantation. YARBROUGH TRIAL IS ping boss.’ ” “Did you eve ed States ?” •r hear people sa government of 1 y he was | 1 he Unit- j eomrrerei* Mi 8‘<*0 NEARING CLOSE; MANY “No.” He then w a Dr. Tar brough , a J lot heard • rl«l war, ! heartily WITNESSES TESTIFYING asked if he had i , «luring the w< and urgnc con t ri but« The A rk msas-Loui siana Navigation impitny, organized by Camden inter- ts primarily for the purpose of transiting Smaekover crude to the sea, id subsequently broadened in scope so t r incluude cotton and other produc*« e new' transported by rail, was •d at $200,000, sufficient to pur- rr modern steam-driven barge« ■aparity of 250 tons each, to -iding stages at vniiou* point« * Ouachita, Black, Red and Mis rivers and maintain the service, ( amden Subscribe». i business interests, where the ■ri - ina ed. contributed the first orth of stock, and a campaign the remaining $150.000 was ur> by ihe organizers who felt that any should, foi its a-sured sue- eon, and this feature was unusually at- tiactive adding much pleasure t > the oc- <t,isi«>n. Mrs. Blanche Oliver, in h«*Y inimitable manner, gave several humorous readings that met with the usual approval. .Mrs. George tove, or a- Rotation are most pleased to refer to her, Miss Zola Young, -ang several solos, and she and Mrs. Oliver also favored the occasion with a duet. Mr. Philip Bernhardt gave several saxophone -ulus that were also very much enjoyed. Rotarian Hammond played the accompaniments and Song Leader Huy Stubbs lead in the singing in which the Training Institute boys heartily joined. STATE NEWS anced by the p< vould «■'■incentra lot Chamber ig he'd about a i iorsed the pr outlined bv which Louisiana Highways. Bv Asm» ited I'ress BATON ROUGE, Sept. 13. The fol owing roads ire reported by the Loui, ana Highway Comm; - «¡on today j passable: Baton Rouge to Alexandria, th of Melville. New Roa m sid. to S mm sport. *m me ree eks ago Wl ID Mac on. Go. ing of the tr dentist, charged wit I tion with the wiiipj and Novmber I. 1922 met Macon chtropo* by attorneys and a court here today vvh the trial was started Identification of prominent memb* i during th** past tw. ued yesterday when W, Arnold and R. whom have been wh K.CifltMi I’**« pt. 13. An f Dr. c A »n <i* oyal ital their allottee 000 . Captain Wright nterests here to 1 quota of* $50, t «» the rep Barg« ne trd >f K. F *t, was Dr VV ” question nytiung derog character. ■hnructer Dr. Yarbr. poi R. F Miil- it y m< W. O. A. H. oped o ting iths : in Service t«i Start Barge service on the Ouachita river to the sea will be commenced about November 1, when the first of the five steam harg*-» leave- Camden for its ini tiai trip to New Orleans, laden with oil, cotton and other farm products. Thereafter t^ere will be a bi-weekly service of barges going up and down the river, j or U< transporting merchandise from this ter- j meet! r ‘ try to the sea and returning with land e and to be shipped i «roes j irg r Firemen Rescue Occupants .»F.W ORLEANS, Sept. 13 Trapped on the third flobr of the building at 418-15 Royal -tree) the family of Mr*. Leonora Diamond and several other persons occupying the top floor were imprisoned by a fire originating from source unascertained cause under the stairway of the structure at 4:40 Ihut-day morning. Firemen rescu« the occupants with ladders. heavy freight bookings for cotton through Texas ports for September and October sailing and by reports thr*. -pinners were fixing pric«*s ¡n a large way. At the end of the fir-t hour of business October was up to 2?.Li with the list 10 to 16 points higher than the closing quotations of yesterday. The advance proceeded until Octrrtier stood at 27.2.5 and the list showed net gain- of 18 to 26 points. Hedge selling and realizing from the long side increased and at 11 o’clock October was off to 27.00. Denial- of early claims of «trength in the western spot markets and messages from Houston stating that the basis there had lost 30 points this week, had their * ffert ¡n the second half of the session. October broke to 26.70 by 12:30 o’clock where the list showed net losses of 23 to 24 points. Spot cotton quiet and unchanged; sales on the spot 94 bales; to arrive 300; low middling 26.50; middling 27.50; good middling 28.00; receipts 1,5(10; stock 54,148. Co:*cn futures Hosed „-teadv net losses of 22 to 31 point« r Pr«*\ iou* High Low (lose < lo»*October 27,25 26.74 26.77-80 26 9y December.27.20 26.68 26 71-74 26.97 January27.01 26.52 26.52-56 26.83 March27.01 26.51 26*53 55 26.79 May 26.78 26.31 26.32-36 26.60 We Are Pioneers ! In the Laundry, Dry Cleaning and Pressing business of Monroe and community. Our progressive spirit is responsible for the many pieces of new machinery now installed in our plant and the modern system by which our plant is operated. Our De Laval System is the first in this community, and you will always find us to be leaders in improvements of any kind. Competition never forces us to make improvements, as we add them as fast as they are needed or become known to the laundry trade. KEEP IN TOUCH WITH THE LEADER AND YOU WILL BE SURE OF ALWAYS GETTING THE BEST PHONES 102—103 DRY CLEANING DEPARTMENT Monroe Steam Laundry R. E. Flower«» A Go.’« Colton Letter get In k by the cold weather, and pro* NEW ORLEANS Some hesitancy pert* fur th.- late crop are not at ali *n- hown fit the start on poor cables. Over rouraging, the agriculturists report. Ger- New Turk Cotton. were in fair vo! mm', Sentiment continued reactionary regarding present valu«** excessive. The NEW > OKK, Sept. 13. There was a j initial decline, however, failed to di» renewal of liquidation in the cotton market at th«» opening today owing to relatively easy cable* and continued good weather in the south. Some ¡southern hedge selling was also reported an«J initial losses of 8 to 22 points were increased after the call, with October i also reporting good s« lling off to 27..»9 and January 26.64 **r} east. 17 to 24 point- lower. Fresh buying was checked to some extent by the rather unsettled showing of the early stocx market, but there was further trade buying with a moderate demand attributed to the replacing of contracts by interest* who bad liquidated long lines earlier In the week Liverpool cables said th*s decline there was due to increased hedge selling but reported a good undertone owing to the better trade in Manchester. lodge holder* of contract* and goo*! tiuying developed later on reports from North Texas that the high*--t price» of the »• a.«on w«*re paid fur -pots la-t mght. Fall River atlvice* spoke of good inquiry from the mill*. Manchester lemand from the many ha,« been importing potatoes front Holland and other nearby countries for month* in efforts to relieve the »hurl- age, H New Classified Advertisements Cotton -ed barely steady. Pre> ion* < lose High 1 .«> « (lose Oct ohe r 28.02 27.51 27.5*2 60 Decern her 27.68 27 d ; 27 20-2.3 January27.29 26 75 26,77 80 March 27 26 26.75 26 T h ho May- 27,20 26.70 26.72 75 27.76 27.46 27.08 27.04 27.00 NEW horein* for inlan imi marke ng I negr Longshoremen Strike Be A ■■ -(»dated I’re«. ORLEANS, S,-pt 1,3 went on strike here to* ! if on the walking: at a ate ia-'t night. Both th Longay aft- -ecret * white irkers were g to report C ‘tall by floggers during that out th*- as havir her of the crowds that “ Barnett testified he neglecting his children gers had lured him out busine•-* and also he n: either to marry or <L- who was working for hut fir»« fina 1. H* I hen wd imi He n after th* of his pi d been i irge a family affair, dui not want to told him ,1. G. ud were in the khaki am? leg* and told Mills re at honte .*nd nul in it. Bat nesvilie, his occupi un Wri un ber c rht in his ddre u.-ed to -trike, but organ bai ge de ’ ior. ih i ppfled ht* w; gets said, he wanton#? to be able t lunches at restaurar warned to bring hi- Hartley testified he drinking or selling itat xplr *rd 1« id 1; d h< niter. 11* was bad. •he term " i r thirty ye Uri < ornmeree and the civic here, declare«! that the rould have every advantage of a regular railroad, were it to h* Built along the river to th*- sea. freight charges in many cases will be lan those governing rail trans- and the upkeep and overhead would allow the company to substantial profits to the in- The Ouachita and Mississippi before 1 agreed to go out Official- of t , tne ne- firat hav- r having union -aid they wanted a wage of 8b cents an Pour instead m force. ixty-fi cents now cheaper portât.o expense operate riven were li n«»d ars with iunt was i testified gged but testified the steel rail« already laid by nature, without cost to the company, and to be utilized for the mutual benefit of . niand port- wRero freight depends entirely on rail trans MISS DAISY SWAYZE GIVEN FIRST PRIZE IN SAENGER CONTEST Liverpool Cotton LI ME RI Oi f L, fv-pt. 13.- Cotton spot quiet: price* easier; good middling H, fully middling 17.IM4; middling 16.79; low middling 1614; good ordi- rmry 15 64; ordinary 15.34; sale* 7,000 bales, l.tkKi American; r«*ce pt« l.(HM> bale-, no American. Future- rlo-ed firm: September 16.23: October 15.54; December 15 17; January 15.02; March 14,*i; May 14.09; Ju v 1413 Dur spot advices stated that mills did an enormous prie«- fix ng yesterday in Arkansas, while Fort Smith reported not much cotton being sold At 26.80 for October, prices began to recover and an advan.* of 4,5 point* followed, but selling pressure again developed which was probably influenced by advices from Texas that large re* ipt« weakened the !>,»- s furth* r w«th an inereas^in »fferinv > noted Report* *.f i revolution in Ha eeJun> aho a factor. Selling two a me fair y general in tne late aft* rnoon with the trade anticipating a further setback. No fr< -h teatur.- developed to account f »r the setback but good support was in exits wanted t «» i>u> lot suitable for apartment house Telephone 1380 13 3t. — —FOR RENT Three r*x»m apartment, privilege sanitary bathroom, reception h»!i, 107 South Third street Phone 371 J L. Kali ok i. 13 3t. F or SALE 13 2t Nice fryers. Phone 469. denee. The final figures being a ‘few points above the low.of the day. FfcNNKK & KEANE WANTED To buy, Ford roadster Must be in good condition and priced rea pa n," sonahle for caah. Call or write full par tiruiar- John R Stone, St* rimgton Route, Lock and Dam No. 5, Monroe, L* 13 3t. W ANTKI) You to patronize Methodist Missionary, < >rcl* Nn 5, cake -ale, Louisiana Savings Hank building, Saturday, Sept. 15th 13-2C < hirajpo t.rain Market ( UK A(iD, Sept. 13 New setback* in wheat price* here a* a re«u!t of huge crop es! «mates from ( añada took place n«-r Motor C WANTED Beginning Sept hand pupils for night rates, call Mrs R. P. Cet 1000, night 1561-J. M« Th«» Ku Kiux Klai con tinu e i t o b a M i Ufer c tarai ter was bad. Hawn rd Was qui mentioned in the nttuousl yj shown t wo application bl ink- for mem- 1 .. throughout yexti rdaa CHS Í« in. Tw o i btnsbíp in the Ku Klux KS an hut i **f USedÍ log women, Mrs. Lizxu- Stuck And Mi.« % j to sav h * had igned eithf r. He te *tifi**d j Wa Oorq Goo«lin nientific d lett a i he wii lot now a memb« r of th* • Klan w h. written t«* the Klan and W?1 ich wer » Î but had “affiliated with them.” ! bui turned over to the -ta te hyJ. i . Durke« -1 b A1!i m< *n placed on the witness stand 1 gur Klan organizer here, w ho dec lare«! h infense are being asked i t they h * eri selected the head<i- for the organization, this, in »pinion of the officials, being the *1 center for the r;vei traffic, bouse- for storing merchandise, ves and binding stages will be here in preparation for the map- ion of the barge service. -, got them out trough's office. A11 h < fh th Yar- wcrc* K1 u X K ' School Opens Monday September 10th All School Books Biggest assortment and best values in School Supplies Bring your list to us; we can fill it complete. Ferd Levi Stationery Company 209 DeSiard St. SCHOOL BOOT ti C a bin« I--tics Statement i »di.d, Sept. 13. After ;* cabinet L no i mg tod.i> the ’oil wing statement | ; was issued : ’The captain general of Barcelona last Hit proci limed on his own re*ponsy- tty a -tate of sieg«- in that district, • >«■; :e*l the communication- and invited ■ other districts to support hi* action.” “in order to explain this step he pub- ‘:cd a manifesto to the country declaring that the army called upon the sovereign to save Spain and asking for the j dismissal «if the present ministers. “In certain districts it appears the military forces are disposed to concur , in this attitude of rebellion. I The cabinet is in permanent session and will maintain it- position which it will abandon only under fore«* *hou'd the promoters of this sedition decide to follow up their policy with all its consequence.*, “The King will arrive in Madrid today,” Pa ri ( ause* of Revolution. By A.<atoci at «al l'r««w , Sept. 13. The cause of the seiz-J ure of power by the unitary in Spain !» j understood here to be the treatment of' the army by the Spanish cabinet and parliament after the military reverse in the campaign again-t the Moroccoan rebels. I In civi1 government undertook to punish ‘.he army officers who were held responsible w-hile declining, it is said, to «■•* against civilian contractor.- and functionaries in variou- governmental '-•‘pa ' ' »»»< ' • furti - hfng ,«,1« juait -upplie* to the expeditionary force in Morocco. * FOR POLICE JUROR Application for Releases. OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla., .S«-pt. 13 - In an effort to test Governor Walton’s suspension of the right of recourse to the wiit of babea,- corpus in Tulsa county, attorneys have filed in the state supreme court an application for release o'* tw# men now reported held by the military authorities at Tulsa, it became known today. SMUGGLE CHINESE INTO LOWER ( A LI FOR NIA Mis- Daisy Swayze laxt night was awarded the first prize of $50 offered by the Saeng’er Amusement Company to the vv nr or of tne Motion Picture Star Iden'ity contest, held h«-re last w«»«-k. Much inter*-. in the contest wa taken by thcatr«- patrons, l,407of whom entered and *. ed out the blank.- for the game. Of th* number twenty-three entrants icce--tully named a!l th*- «tar corr*-ct ly and th made it necessary for the judge to declare that a draw would be mad*- to a-certa n the winner, with the result that Mi- Swayze was given the •zest prize by Manager Ai R. Lever, Besides the foregoing there were forty -even contestant.* who named all the .«tars but one correctly and fifty* Dve who had i nly two names wrong. Nine theatr* easfm pai*es were awarded and i ilv«-r set, offered by th*' Fo-ter Jewtlry Company, wa* won b v M - * K. M -i f g h a ni o MESSO LINI ADOPTS FAMOES < V8TLE FOR SI MMER HOME to an- The Nevva-.Star is authorized nounce J. M. »HEARD as a candidate f«jr r«^-eiection a- Police Juror from Ward 10 of Ouachita parish in the January Democratic Primary election. The News-Star is authorized to announce CHAS. W. PHILLIPS as a candidate for re-election as Police JuPbr from Ward 1 of Ouachita parish , i" Ehe January Democratic Priittary election. By A*H4»í*ia?*d pn»n¡$ Hv A'huuiuipf! Pr»*nn ROME, Sepl. 13. The Castello of Sangalo, one«* the famous fort re -> and i he property of the gr«»at 0olonna family, ha- become the summer residence of the Fa.-cist; Premier, who come- to hi- office every morning by motor. The medeva castle was owned by the Colonna family when their estates vure confiscated by Alexander VI, in 1501. Th«» Cast* ilo of Sangallo eventually came into possession of Luerezia Borgia's daughter and her second husband- Alfonso of Aragon. Alexander VI ai'ded to the castle hut ail of the property was later returned to the Colonna family. Once gain the Colonna family lost the Castellq of Sangallo but recovered it. when the people of the district revolt«»«! today during the early dealing- It wa« contended in some * quarters If the !a- te-t ( anadian crop forecast wa- aeeu- rate th«» wor d cou d ea*iiy be «implied \ wheat and flour without any contribution from »he United States. On the declines in pr:c«», how«-ver. fair buying -upport developed, and the downward tendency was ch«*cked Opening quotations, which ranged from half cent oft to- 1 -e* up, December 1.04 ,3 8 o 3-4 end May 1 10 it 14, were followed by a decided g«-n«>ra! fall. Corn and oat- were «-a-ier with wheat, notwithstanding unseasonabU- cool wtather. After opening at from 3 8 (a 1-2 cent ’ower to 1^ gain, December 67 •> * fit 3-4. corn underwent a sag all round. Oat« started« unchanged to a -hade higher, December 40 (a l ei and showed slight 1 o«* < ■« Weakness :ri the hog market vt'as re- B. and B. B«*«-r ( *>tt*»n l.ett«-r NEW ORLEANS, Sept 13. Early ca hie* disappointing and unfavorable n< w « carrie«! into the 26 cent range which was an a«iditi<»nal incentive t«j some reaction buying which was also stiiuo late*l by tin* *tr«*ng good* new- and the genera] trend of market *<»«»n carri'd it points over the first low* although the weather outlook is for mostly go«»d weather, the vim that market ha* *u recently displayed was m»t there, however, and in consequence showed a reactionary feeling, nevertheless the f«-eling for ultimately higher prices still prevails. The comparison of mill taking* tomorrow vs 173,000 last year are ex* pec ted to be more favorable than in the last few w*-eks. The Liverpool statement of British exports cloths and yarns fur August are a* follow*: Yarns 13.000,001» poui«i- vs. 15,000.000 la*t year and 15,284,000 in 1921; cloth* 830,000,000 yards vs. 376,000,00 and 212,42,000. Foreign exchange was a little more ■*t'-ndyd“day, Hank of England rat*- uri changed at 4 per cent. Th«- weather was generally fair oxer j during spare tun* FOR RENT Very large desirable' room*. Privât«* entraîne Suitable f.>r two gentlemen, 603 Jackson street. 13 St. FuR SALF A beautiful new h*»u«e on muth sale. Well located Price and temi- reasonable *ta> ph rie 27.3, night I«** 13 I5t. Vt WANTED Timber cutter* and log haub-r* at once. Mr Huffman at MB 13 St. 17th. -hort * 1«*.* $’or Day phone 13-It WANTED Y »ung man 15 to 18 >«ar* of ag*, who is reliable and would be willing to make use of art opportunity to learn a valuable trade, »rid at the same tune earn <« modest but reasonable wage. Addre>* Trade Opportunity,” care New- Star,” giving address and other particular!* about y«»ur*e!f. 13 St. ----------- a .............. FOR .HALE One seven room house, two back porches. Suitable for two families Will »e j furnished or unfurnish ed. Phone 16*9 or 707 Calypso. 13 3t. WANTED Hy middle aged Woman, n«»w employed, small set of book* to keep, Ur would consider the belt, except Texas, partly cloudy and * regular permanent bookkeeping position fleet e« by provision#. V ( losing (iraiu Pri<-es. Chicago, Ilf., Sept 13. Open High Low Close WHEAT Sept1 01 1-2 1.01 1-2 99 7 899 7-8 Dec. 1.04 3-4 1.043-4 1.02 7-8 1.02 7-8 May 1.10 1.10 1-4 1 08 .3 8 1.08 3-8 CORN Sept 85 1 2 85 1 2 *Jt 7-8 84 3-8 Dec.67 ft-8 67 3 4 66 1-8 66 5-8 May 68 3-4 0.8 7 8 67 3-4 68 OATS Sept 38 7-8 39 .38 1-2 38 R 1 Dec. 40 40 39 1-2 301-2 May 42 12 42 1-2 42 42 LAKf) Sept11 m 11 95 11.90 11 92 Oct 11.92 11.02 11 80 H.Hft Ri HS Sept 8.82 Oct. 8.90 8.90 8.80 8.82 showers M irk«-t was due for some reaction and nulls are taking advantage of it to buy on scale down. Dry goods market showed considerable strength throughout the day yesterday with prices irregularly higher and with many «ales reported, also c«#u- siderabl«- contract business was «lour. Market on th* whole has shown coiish I- ri-uble resisting power and us weather has improved considerably would only buy <in very weak spots with vie\^ of Have had several years experience Ad dress “C," News-Star. 13 It. o A few cents spent f\,r c!as«tried «.it may sell thousands of dollars worth of property for yas. "ÎS selling on bulges, until «oinetbiug more definite i- known about the size of the new crop. GERMANS ANXIOUS OVER POOR « ROE PROSPECTS. C all M«»nev. NEW YORK, Sept, 13. Call money stronger; high 6; low 5; ruling rate 5; closing bid 6; offered at 6 14; !a*t loan 6; call loans .¡gainst a(,i‘r‘PtanecH 4 1-2; I time loans firm; mixed collateral 60 90 days, 4 to 6 month* 5 1-2; prune mercantile paper 51-4 (tt 1-2, Wall S4reet NEW YORK, Sept. 13,—Unfavorable foreign political news including u Span- MFV It 'D I 'ITv V ii - i »* u,.,.,u » evui it»«i ish revolt and continued lack of agree- rhn" ) ’ ’ L»--- Hundred» o. j m their favor. The castle was later sold ment on the IfSlian-Greek controverse 1 J "fi V"**!1 I Clem*"' VMI »•< »W *»«t. •»« i<zi«.n»d furth.r „»in* for bot iu- . " ' ’*'ut ° aw- »c-1‘t remained in the possession of the counts during thè first hour <*f todav s ftompl*";! r'c7'“J fy •l<*|rt»rcK .»«¡I 1**1 when ,1 ... .old .t««k m.rk.l wifi ,.£« P n«nt of agiK-u tun- from Cover* the same price to the Borghese family.Dull advantage of the reported slowing r Jo-. Jnoeente Lugo. H«> declare.« ! It became state property in 1870 and that these Occidentals, who carry great since then has passed into various of drugs, are landed on the hands and now is in sore need of repair. Instead of the picturesque old Colonna servitors or Papal Guardjt, r*| ft «tacila * . a wd .. J t. _ s L .. ft* I 1 1 x ’ desert shores south of Ensenada and, i on entering centers of populktion- devote thcmselvo* to selling opiates. Scores of them, in frying to reach the populated districts near the American frontier, become lost in the deserts and perish miserably, he asserts. reported slowing down in the steel industry. Steel »h/res. however, were no heavier than other popular stocks and U. & Steel met support at 89 7-8. Fractional advances occurred at the start of the second hour but the gen- HF.HL1N, Sept. 13 Germany’s f«>od situation a* reached what was called the “bagman" stage in tbe Russian collapse City folks mist now travel to the c«»un* try and get their foodstuffs, unless they want to pay the extortionate price« asked by food speculators. Suburban trains are crowded by men and Aomen carrying vegetables, milk,» butter, im-at mid other supplies which local retailer.« in almost all German cities are uniibe to provide under present conditions. Farmers who have food sup pies insist upon payment in foreign money. A* retuiler* must sell for German paper marks, their business is at a standstill. A well-dressed man who was walking along Unter den Linden carrying an ax-j pensive allig**t<<r case, found himself re-j centjy the center of an envious group when |,is case burst open and potatoes i r«k i I U«1 f.oiir l)«iv) m* ... a .. L . ^ . LI castle is guarded by the Fascisti militia, eral list again turned heavy toward noon dressed in black shirts, who extend the arid prices continued downward with Roman salute to Mussolini as he enters.the steel shares being offered freelv and leaves the gates. jCall money opened at 5 percent. boulevard. Berlin householders are already beginning to seek their winter supply of vegetables, and food scouts are traveling throughout the potato «listricts making contracts for families. F’ield workers’ strike» and a cold, rainy spring—the coldest, wettest spring in some 200 years —have materially affected Germany’s 192-3 harvest, which otherwise would have been about the average, according to reports from the agricultural di* tricts. Potatoes, one of Germany’s chief foods, and in many families fully ts im* ■portent as meat and eggs and rniUt, School Supplies at H. H. BOYD’S EVERYTHIN« FOR SCHOOL (except text books) Trade with us this year H. H. BOYD CO. Incorporated 111 Jackson Phone 519 A iyfe À

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