The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 5, 1894 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 5, 1894
Page 8
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BANCROFT NEWS. Chicago & SOUTH -Htied SUam W» 43am 4 08pm aotriH ttlsed............8 otpm Jospin 1 ELL BORING AND DRILLING. 3Ve have machinery: of all slfces for bating or .drilling wells. Water guaranteed or no pay. Call on of address, GALL1ON BROS., Bancroft, la. GEO. W.HAWKINS, JEWELER, BURT, IOWA. MRS. F. E. EDDY, PHOTO ARTIST, WESLEY, IOWA. WM. SMITH PUTS TILING, AND SEWER PIPE And does all kinds of ditch work. I. have ",*iad an experience of ten years at this work . and guarantee satisfaction In every respect. > Call or address. WM. SMITH, Algona, Iowa. GEO. W. HUNTER, •Gpbd' Big for Commercial and Business mor :'; ;: :' furnished on short notice, BM Trote and Pacers FOR SALE OR TRADE. ilgooa, Iowa (Thorlngtoii street, Hotel Tennaut. IOWA, SEPT. 6, 1894, Conducted by J, A. NEWS OP THE TOWN, Or. Heflitt was down from Swea 0ity esterday looking happy and prosperous and a little bird said their is good reason tor it because the doctor is to marry otte of Swea's prettiest and best girls, in the near future. Miss Etta Johnson is to return from her visit at the old home in Red Wing, Minn., soon. Prof. J. W. Case, formerly assistant principal of the Bancroft schools, arrived yesterday, with his bride and Will remain visiting for a day or so. His many friends are glad to see him and Mrs. Case. C. L. Ostrander left last Monday for Chicago to have his kneo .operated upon again, it is hoped for the last time. The Catholic people held a Thanksglv* ing service at the church last Monday morning to thank the creator for bountiful crops. Roy Johnson and Minna Bruer left yesterday for Owntonna, Minn., where they will again take up their studies in Pillsbury academy, one of the best preparatory schools in the world. F. D. Eisonhart has rented the II. A. Whitchillnresidence and Mr. Whitehill's family will move into the Austin house in the near future. M.F.'Randall, tho popular county recorder, was shaking hands with friends in Bancroft, Monday. Fred Calkins, of Germania, announced himself as a candidate for county* auditor last week. Fred formerly lived here and is well and favorably known. He would make a first-class auditor and we predict that the north end will send a solid delegation for Calkins. Hurrah for Fred! S. D. Drake, S. S. Wartman, and Frank Wartma,!! had land business in this city lasVMonday. School opened last Monday and everything j se f ems to bo ''running in first-class order. J ( .B. Johnson left,for the state fair at Des Moincs this morning. Special .communication of Progressive Lodge, A.'F. and A.M., oa Friday evening of this week. M. M. degree. All imembers'requcstcd ; l,o be present. By order of the W. M.. .E. AilHo'wland, the Odd Fellow insurance man, was in the city over Sunday. The Baptist iToung Peoples Union hate taken up the chriStiSh eultufe eetifse. They will have their meetings oft Sunday evenings at seven o'clock eftfch week. The Nichols school begins heit week MOM THE COUNTY, Ledyard t»H*fe Fightftts Taktn by §6«itf &ftftlS6ft ittfid*? and th« BflliSiftg Ptd* gfiffi Stttffiftd.—Diflftitfo-us May f^ife.—A Slough that is Burning Out. The Bancroft The Only one ii) Kosayth County,,... ~y J. A. Freeh, Proprietor. If your Policy needs changing -or.!fixing up, I can do it ,for you no matter what company you are.,insured in, .Correspondence solicited, Creamery and Threshing Machine Insurance a Specialty. J". .A.. FiR/EOH, Batfi<3£pfb, Iowa,. Companies Represented. '•Phoenix of Hartford.' : < ,- /iFire Association, Philadelphia. 'State Insurance Co., of Des Moinea. Capital Insurance Co , of Des Moines. Merchants and Bankers, of Des Moinea. alnichor of Creston. Dijbuque Fire and Marine, Dubuque. Standard Life and Accident. *1Equitable Life. . . Equitable Life Assurance Soc'y of theU.S .Northwestern National of Milwaukee. •Xt. M.Richmond, Pros, B.F. Smith,. . Vice Pres. • A; B; Richmond, 0. J. Lenander, Ass't, Cash. Farmers' & traders' Savings Bank BANCROFT, f IOWA, t Incorporated under the laws of tbe State of Iowa; None but home capital invei.ted. Autbof ized capital, $CO,OOQ. Foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold, and.» genera) banking business transacted. Special attention given to collectlous. Insurance written. Steamship tickets to and from Europe, . v '•:-•. • WKEOTOIIS-B. M. jaieliraond. N. f, Sheridan, A,,B, Wchraena, B. P, Smith. Samuel Mayne.C. E, Mallory, J. N. Shendan, .,,.,. Land, Loan, and Insurance Agency, ' -*r*_-« ;* 'gV *:* f >~f *" Established 1881. A large list of wild JandiS for eale. Improved farws and vjllftge property for sale or rent. Farm loans on long tiroe and low rates of interest. Offices at Bancroft apd Swea City, Iowa 1 . R. (¥9, liillian Howard, of Algona, as teacher. Jtirtchart's 2S cent cifcus was in the citjr last Monday. C. E. McLatighiih & Co. have just received about the finest line of fall and Winter cloaks for ladies eVer atieft in the city. David Nichols southeast of town threshed last week and got twenty^nine bushels of wheat per acre and the wheat was over ripe so that much of it was lost. His barley went thirty'fif e bushels to the acre, machine measure. Me saw & plum that was grown oh his place that measured 3 4-5 inches in circumference. And still some people complain about the country they live in. > Maybello Johnson left yesterday for Cedar Falls, where she will attend the Iowa State Normal school. Her many friends wish her much success in the continuation of her studies. Doc. Dailey was a pleasant caller -here Monday. The Lu Verne News complains at the crop reporter for saying that the north end had better crops than tho south end. It is a fact "alleo samee," Smithy. The Algona Steam laundry has established an agency with J. A. Freeh who will receive laundry for them on Tuesday and return H on Friday of each week. Patronize a home industry. First-class workguaranteed. A now barber pole adorns the front of Johnson's tonsorial parlors. It will now be in order for some Hoodoo to tie his team thereto and make it the same color as mother earth, as before. Nora VanDorsten, who has been visiting at E. P. VanDorsten's and with friends in Seneca and Bancroft returned home to Goldfleld yesterday. Pern Rawson, of "VVhittemore, visited with his sister, Mrs. Claire He telling, over Sunday last. . He starts for Madison this week where he will attend the Wisconsin State University. V. S. Bomboy, of the firm of Bomboy & Alcorn, has sold his interest in the, hardware store to W. W. Alcorn, who will continue the business at tho old staid. 'The invoicing was begun the first of tyio. week. We hope Mr. Bomboy may : decide .to remain in Bancroft as we could hardly afford to lose so good a business man. Lela Davison and Andell' Austin both have contracts to teach a certain school in Lincoln. township at the same time and according to the circumstances it is believed, that both, can draw pay from the township and the township be compelled to seek redress from tho sub-direptor -who, made both contracts'. . • i ; Mary Ormiston-,bf Seneca, went down to Algona yesterday to attend the Wqr thorn Iowa Normal school. » «, G. L.Nohs, -of -Eonwick, visited over Sunday w.ith'his brother, C. H. -Nobs, .of this placed < •;"•• :. • • • •'• ! '.'- ''•• •'• ' - : - -• The Portland boys came up last Saturday and played our small • boys 1 and the former were beaten by a score of 44 to 22, Bancroft is invincible. • '•<• , , Sheridan Bros, sold their half section of land west of town for $9,000 last week to JohnGodkin, of Dubuque,. who will come out and'live on it. . The same firm also sold a half section north of townHast week and sold 200 acres near Armstrong for .$17 per acre. Wanted— Several good improved farms to rent. J. A. Freeh. ; Kossuth county will give 450 republican plurality this /all. The committee on waterworks were to let the contract for digging the well tonight, Tuesday, Several bids are in. R. W, Barge has opened up a feed store in the new George Skinner building. Sheriff Samson got a saloon keeper from Germania, a saloon keeper of Ledyard and two prize fighters into his net last week and took them down for a few days rest and refreshment in the county bastile, Verily the way of the transgressor is hard, especially when they take our officers, Raymond and Samson, for a soft snap, Law is law and is enacted to be obeyed. H, O, Bruer moved into the corner res* taurant the first of the week, f SMOKE PROP THE BURNING. About the sinoke phenomenon the Des Moines Register says; Mr. Mosa Bosa, of Montezuma, asks for the cause of so much smoke in the air. The Register has seen it accounted for in but one way, smoke of the northern forest fires. It seems like a fairy story, but we must remember that $35,000,000 worth of green trees were burned in that district and that produced great volumes of smoke, The fire districts have been almost as black as night. On Lake Michigan the smoke has been so dense as to endanger shipping, Jt has been rolling down on lowftfrom the nortU for ft whole week. It now shows signs of thinning, ftnd In a few nipre days wo may be entirely rid of It. It has given a poetic haze to tlie landscapes of Augys.t and has at the same time benefltted crops by shutting out the hot sun, juliu& Afh<* oi Butt, is Fatally titift.—A NCW tiigh SifcjSpftf ih NOflhfeth K6S* suth. ** WhitterWdf* ftipotta Coal Indicatidns. ttmo eft- F&fteyS fettttne^ frOHh the lakes lot)kiftg bfown and hearty and fe- t*of t a gbtrd time. LEBYABD, SftVtStNO GSfS IfS Qttt*!Tti8.--A cosTtt flAir Wfte. Sheriff Satnson and Deputy Sheriff Brunson c&me to Ledyard Sunday fore* nooUj unexpectedly, and arrested fouf of our boys, two of whom, as stated in last Week's RtSPUfittOAlt, fought a battle north of tdwn the Sunday previous, and the other two of whom we are told, had a fight planned Sunday, which had to be post« pynedat last. The boys Were taken to Algona in the afternoon, Last week while Wm. Leslie was pressing hay the press suddenly caught fire and the flames spread so rapidly that tho boys had all they could do to get away themselves and save their teams. No cause is known how it started, unless from a hot box, although it had been oiled five minutes prior. It is a big loss to Leslie, as his press burned up entirely and about 250 tons of hay belonging to some of the neighbors. The fire will undoubtedly burn till snow files, as it pot into a big slough of about 20 acres and has already burned holes about seven feet deep. E. V. Swotting of Algona, and M. A. Call and J.G.. Call, both of Sioux City, were up this week hunting, and were well rewarded, as they had a whole bag of game. Last Monday night a team was taken out of a barn in town, but the horses must have been either too slow or too speedy, as the thieves left them hitched to a fence post about one milo from town where they were found next morning. Horses at present are almost too cheap to steal. Mr. and Mrs. Long, of Pomeroy, were visiting A. E. Graves and wife last week. Somebody must have wanted to make* a "raise" as they last Wednesday nightwont into the old hotel and relieved some of the boys who were sleeping there of a watch and chain, overcoat, suit of clothes, flO in money and a few more things. There has been lots of that done lately and it ought to be stopped. The lumber office of C. Hill & Co. was broken into last Thursday night and the safe opened but the burglars secured nothing as there -was no money left there.. : Wm. Foot while burning a straw. stack last week got badly burned about the head as the wind suddenly changed and h,is clothes caught fire., . Ole Jensen,-who last. week got his foot smashed in a hay press, is-rJmR^oving fast and the doctor .thinks he will )>e ^ble,- to husk some of that 40 bushel per acre corn this fall. • • .>> • i • Mrs. A. C. Dunlap is at present atLohr- ville, Iowa, vtsitlng.her parpnts, Capt.Melzar.Haggard,.;of Algona, was up last week, with a landbuyer and succeeded indisposing of a quarter section of land. . . ..;• / •,. ". : Last week a-young man came to the liv- erystable of F, S. Jenks and engaged a buggy and promised tq return ^it the same day, but neither buggy nor man has been heard of since.; frfctts sironfete *rAfc8Afsb, Mrs. Jno. Imtneffall wfts quite sick last Week. fie?. Gtorfell, of Algona, called oh Sexton Mends last F>iday, MisslssieP&ttefsoMjOf AigOttft, is vis^- iting at fi. A. Laage's. col. SfjeMef sold a soiithwiick press to Messrs. Sehtiltz, Khapp and Sink. They are pressing in Gef mania at present, Miss Manila Immerfall has been visit' ing her brothel* 's faintly. Mr. and Mrs. W.j J, Hager lost their lit* tie daughter Saturday, It had been 111 three Weeks With Itittg feVeh Dr. Mirse attended it. The bereaved parents have the sympathy of the whole community, Aug. Studcr has just erected a good* steed barn, which greatly improves his Sexton property, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Lund, Misses Grace and Florence Lund and Mr. W, L. Josyln, of Algona, visited at F, R. Hedrick's, E. Fitch's dog "Rover" was struck and instantly killed by the 6 o'clock passenger Saturday evening. A. B. Cosgrove, of Wesley, is doing some grading a mile south of town. A much* heeded improvement. Mr. Hatch and a gang of men are grading the peat marsh bhe mile north of town. The dirt has to bo wheeled in, there being no road substance in the marsh. ' Fred Jensen has bought a half interest with Goo. PIatt, of Algona, in a steam "merry-go-round." W« wish the boys success. i Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Paetzof Plum Creek towhship, were stopping with E.'~ A. E. Laage, Monday. ' J. J. Rink came homo Wednesday evening and visited his family, returning to Germania Thursday, where he is pressing hay. .Farmers wishing to'exchange wheat for flour can do so at C. L. Hager's. L. E. White was a caller in our vicinity Saturday. '•" ; Elder Stevens and son spent a few days jast week visiting the Thomas and Smock families. E. Fitch's latest invention is in the form of a "rip" saw. Call around t^nd he will explain all its fine qualities. f&mbiing dttff & few dsya ago, hunttnf away from nlftl night fend whm found they wefe oft Pliiift Creek. Guess they must have tfc'en otit hunting plums, rfasp, fex-lreasuref Rice sold sifc shoatsteorft !fi January that avef&fedm. fie got *§.§&. How is that fdf ftossiith ih a drouth. He sold them August M. Haven't heard anyone say anythifig about the fair. Stow, speak tip, fafmsfsj Let's hear what is to be done. We are pleased to see the depot mill loom up. HOJMS are entertained that w§ can sdott hear the huni. Then ottr fafhiers can exchange their wheat instead of sell* ingitforioc'efits. Uncle Benschoter and wife ate down in these parts visiting friends and relatives. Uncle Benny don't lack any of either In Plum Creek. . CRESCO. ' Mrs; Young, of Algbna, Is visiting at the home'of her daughter, Mrs. Arthur Dutton. Misses Clara and Carrie Gurtli visited friends In-Algona Tuesday and Wednesday. Mrs. Beardsley arid children, of' LuVernev :Vlslted at'the home'o'f M. 'D. L. Parsons last week. Horace Parsons returned to Eagle Grove Saturday, to beg'ln school there Monday. He has been spending- the summer with his sister; Mrs. : P.' King Of Blverdale. Misses Aghbs Young and Agnes Brown began their 'schools' Monday. "Miss" Young teaches the' W.' W. 'Rahe$ p sebo'or" p and -Mlsi Brown the Wat Jones' School. Mart Sabin and wife spent Sunday In Whlttemore. LU VERNE. From the Newsi Miss Viola Mann passed through LuVerne Friday evening on her way to Washington* D, d., where she will visit her brother, Horace, a few weeks. She will visit her sister Bertha, of Chicago, also, before her return. If the person who sent Kossuth county's crop report to the State Register, (in whidk he says that the north half of the county has a full average crop of hay but the south part has only a haff crop) will come down wo will convince him that ho "lied like a thief." Wo good a' crop of hay in the south part as there Is In the state of Iowa. ; Last Thursday evening When the members of the League entered the church, they found the birthday box broken open and the missionary money "gone to parts unknown." One penny was found on the floor—left for t, good (?) purpose, perhaps. The heathen evidently thought he would take the money in advance and save the expense Of a draft, postage etc. He surely cannot be an American, but if he is let's all endeavor to identify him and then ship him to India to bo converted. Henry Beigger, son of Mrs, Carl Beigger met with a serious accident Wednesday from which he received internal injuries. He WaSTiding a horse which stumbled and fell on top of him, crushing bitti badl Dr. Lacy was called and is doing,all that] is possible for him. BUFFALOr-FORK. Misses Maude andCarrieManley return,-! ed Saturday from a'Visit with friends and relatives in Belmoud, Concord and Garner.' Peter Govern Spent.'the Sabbath with, liis brother John who lives, near Wesley. A number Of ipeopkr from this vicinity j expect to attend the State l Fair this weekJ T,he Ladies; M(to Society will give 4* chicken pie social at Mr. Fox's this weejt, Friday evening. Everydne cordially'/fn- v;ted. _ ^ . Y, ' A baby girl was born to Mr. anji' Mrs. Larie, Aug. 39. , •. ' , Mrs. Stone, of Rpck Fal\$,'Ill, f is-visitipg her son Geo. Stone. " ,,'„,„' MisS' Helen -Eddy''goes'- to''Aigon'a > thi9 week, whore she will resume her studies ab the Normal School. BURT. • v JULIUS AMES FATALLY HURT. Julius "Ames had a very serious accident happen to him Saturday while oujt driving about 4 miles west of the Seneca Creamery. He was preparing to get out of' the buggy when the horse started, throw- ' ing him backward onto a rod projecting from a broken seat, It entered his body, causing a wound from which his recovery; Is dispaired of, Drs, Beane and Peters, of Burt, and Pride, of-AlgOna attended him; M, E. Phillips, the depot agent -at this place, was suddenly called to Milwaukee by the sickness of .his little child, Mrs, Phillips having gone there on a trip to her home, J. B, Cork is relieving Mr. Phil-' lips at the depot. DickHawkcutt has returned' from a visit to his old home in 111, The Kirkhart show is in progress at this date, Burt is getting to be quite a circus town having had two in as many weeks, QE> your tea and coffee at tUe Opei'8 House Grocery, They \\iJJ save you -AT -- WHITTEMORE, OF COAIr--I.OOAI< THE WEEK, Mr. Liddy says "Coal!"too, Mr, Charles Thompson, in boring bis well, struck numerous signs of Jt, bringing up on the augur several pieces • of a sulphur compound found in coal, besides a good deal of slate. We hope these reports of coal will bo tested, as a coal mine Is a source of wealth that would not cojne amiss, Louis Bartel had a serious accident with a bay press, Monday, suffering a broken na'nd, with dislocation of tbe wrist, Mr. Donley, a, successful lawyer'of Des Moines, was in town Thursday last to view tfco legal attractions of our vicinity, We don't need a lawyer to keep us straight but believe that a good one cpuJd wa&e jnore than a goQd living' were. • Mr-Dan Kelley, one'of Emmetsburg> legal gentlejuen. was a caller at Whittfi" ore last weeki What at one tiw, e seojaesj destined to bf * coine ft conflagration'' was stwted by ft passing engine Ttfesday pjorninf • It was a spiteful Uttte fire irfwrt warred, the beauty of tfee depf bay .wijapQWi' Misses Jfettie MfttsQjj" aud RQSP Swltlj, o| Algoaa? wei-e. ^WtlBg'U»'»»»' wljbtoBr- Uoo^ Jast wsefc w&'Vwwttf wiwJwitoi.Tfiflit^ w^u faer g^r, MJ^ HBtemafe^t VWfr , & F. Ljjtoop in® 9i to»4 ttfiW £$* ™1,<« UlU,,»ln-C] ..-"'('*,*> v. !«*• ' W : FENTON. 'Fehton'seems to have 'all 'the : well drlllsi and augers this week. The' township ft full of them.' Water Is scarce. ',.••• MIKe We'lsbrod Is having a big ditch made 1 through his land by a ditching machine. Ho intends to out all tho 'big sloughs on his land for good eay next year. ' Newell Bros, are threshing In this vicinity' •again. Theyur'e hustlers. Will Dohneft gave a paj-ty to tho young, folks last Friday and they all report a good time, Lewis' Miller seems to be getting rich, for ho can afford a new wind mill. Henry Brass has hauled his corn to Whlt- temore last week. He had about twelve- loads, and each load contained nearly sixty bushels. It was good luck for Mr. Brass. Jlr. and Mrs. Will Hable were made, hap•Py by the arrival of a drugbter* UNION. Mrs. Carbin, Mrs. Bailey's mother, intends going home to Huron, S. Dak,, some time this week. Mrs. Maston, of Rochester, N. Y,, who has been spending some' with Her sister, Mrs, Kenyon, returned home last Friday Via Sycamore, Ills. M. Schenck and family spent Sunday in Burt visiting atThos. Banna's who intend starting for Peun, Thursday, Deb Blanchard and children s'p'ent Sunday with A. Barr's family. Clarence Salibury is around selling a drawing chart. It is & fine thing for beginners.' J, S, Hofius started for Hot Springs, S, Dak;, Monday to settle up his brother's 'business. J. A. Wheeler and wife were down from Gremania to attend the funeral of Will Uoflus, Chfts, Sarcbett sold his farm in Union to an Irvlngton wan we hear, B. F, Sroufe is at the State J?air, Whtte A, L, Belton and wife are at' Fair their children, Walter and Howard, are at J. B. Uoflus', v John Fox had seven pows very sick; thinks the cause was t^eir drinking stagnant water. One died and tUe rest be thinks will Jive, We at any rate hope so. • Mr, an* Mrs, J)au bad a very pleasant visit i» Wisconsin of two week's duration, MAYNE'S NEW' *TROf f B^ - ' Bancroft Register: The,, best ^re handsomest trotting bred colt ever owned in" Kossuth county .is now the property' 'of Atty. Samuel Mayne and P. G. Pettlbone, He arrived in Bancroft from Webster City, Iowa, last Tuesday morning.and-b'as been a'soiirceof admiration, to all Our' ( horse loving citizens ever since. "He is a bay c °l* three years o}d^ in • October,' stands; 15K hands high and-when matured will/make a horse of-1100 'Ibs. He is. smoothly and elegancy finished at every poftoV. has'the best of ( legs and feet'and no.'cojt jn the state has more stvje.' He is perfectly broik- en and moves with that fearless'dqsh' that is so captivating to a lore''of a good driv' er, and without whiph there ts no.good road horse. With all his dash, and style, he is so gentle that a lady could drlye^ Jiim •with perfect safety,; His' breeding is, as good 'as his splendid individuality,' > , E. ^}. SAYERS, D, V. M., BT-OfBoe west AJgona.Iowa. SV.RGKQX. of the Tbortngton <x DENTIST^ A, L, BIST, D, D |pr E, GUASJER, D, D, S, . DENTAL ROOMS Ov§p tbe AJgona'State ^a^j^ 1 ^^ IB Algeria plying ^ woSte is G. Papgbuni, of her parents, Mj 1 . and Mrs, Miller's hay bwn is to be \Yl,|Jj on, Mfs,

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