The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 5, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 5, 1894
Page 5
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--' * ?r/& ,- ; ?AL and WiffTOE C,t 4 ,mLtfM!tiiAftfigf. fftXflf 4U*. ;.,..< lO'.tSiHl ..u 6:05 pfft .sftSBftngers . 11 iM to. ta 69 passengers... 1:45 pm No. N«« tt N3. i«&8«n|6* 8:58affl ffftg&Sngef ...» ..;...< 4:28 f>» 9i Ireipt carHes passeftgetl... B :3j» a m 71 freight tarS-iespassengeM.... d:16 p fli ft freight catties prSSeflgefS 11 £5 ft rn Chicago & Northwestern H' ihi accomfnodatlo'tt Hi £ IS flago Mail and EX&ttSs 8:33 p tt doifco SoW*fi ASi> BAs*. {freight aeeoffltnodattoft f ! f!^S Chicago Mail and Btpfess • • • • 3:13 p ffl , Chleagd pMsengtt Caches ties Motnesftt f pt in* i Chicago 6 sBtt tt. ffl.j and Kansas vny 9 So a, m, The Accommodation ft*"*", 6 15K: cago8:00a. fn. Tickets for sale to all points inlhe Jnlted States and Canada. LEAVING'AMD ARRIVING TIME Of TRAINS, Trains leave Mmtnetsburg as follows i doiiict NORTH. No. 81 passenger , 63 passenger. 68 freight..'... 4;22pw> 6:30am 3:00pm ' No. 68 freight..'.....!...,. . -..-... GOING SOUTH. No. 60 passenger., > No. 62 passenger „«,;.«, No. 64freight! <9ioo am Trains numbers 02, and 63 run dally; baP ance of trains dally except Sunday. SW13A CITY TIME TABLE. Trains leave Swea City as follows : ; GOING' KOBTH. Pasaenger No. 81 B .................... ! ! ?2P m Freight No. 83 B ........................ 5:55pm GOING BOOTH. 11.47 a in ...... . ...... .........12.40am No. 84 runs Sunday and not Monday. B-Daily except Sunday. _ Passenger No. 82 B Freight; So 84 ALGONA REPUBLICAN ALQOKA, IOWA, SEPT, 5, 1894. XDCAL MATTERS. Opera House Grocery. See Orr on questions of-paint. • Fresh oysters at Ladendorff's. Ed. Butler has '£ bird dog to sell. Corn,Harvesters!at The Wigwam.' The board, of supervisors are iri ses- Jsion this .week- E. C. Tiittije has moved into the Ni- oulin house on Call street. Buy your fresh fruits and vegetables ttiaUt wSS WotItff fftttlfc Ol fcttfdfS eotresipottdfttil that it not Chronicled that tfaeit babies wefia 'dulj' bof n: f lie flag floated ovet T tea cAN offltfe and th6 couH nousfl at half tfiast yestefday, in honor of Gpvetnor KifkWood, whose fufieral took place oil that dfty. ...... . tUfr* A.'<Vi Qotfeli fesumed fegulaf sefVices at the^ Episcopal ehofcti last Stihday aftet a btief Vacatioti. MfvGor* Ml is nlahifestitlg jptaisewotthy devO' tiott to the intetests of his growing par* iSli. '..-... Etffief Slagle has had occasiott Id ask headqunftets fof the correction of the repoftof his recebt examination* He stdod 99.94, whereas the record gave hitto 99.88. lie wanted the ddd six hiln- dfedths. Stteet Cotnmissioner Stebbihs has beeft doing the grading on Oak Stteet ordered by the council at its last tneet- ittg, Alderman Magttussofa is t doing godd wofk fot his constituents in the third ward. The very latest thing is an amateur musical association, which is to be giV* en its initial boost at the residence of A. W, Moflatt, Friday evening. Such an institution will be a great benefit to Algona. Frank Nicoulin is having his lawn graded tip and will put in a tennis court. There is no better place in town 'for tennis and the grading of the lots will improve the looks of his hanasome residence property. On September llth, 26th, and October 9th, 1894, special harvest excursion tickets will be sold by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway at one standard regular first class one-way fare,for the round trip, plus $2. Those brilliant young lawyers, J. W. Sullivan and S. E. McMahon had an important case at Armstrong last Saturday and drove up there in the afternoon, returning Sunday. It is not known whether they have won their suit'ornot. • , Capt. Geo. W. Bell, formerly an Iowa campaigner in the democratic ranks, but now U. S. Consul to Sydney, New South; Wales, sends Dr. McCoy a copy of 'a speech recently delivered by him at that place on " Anglo Saxon Unity." The order was placed Monday, by telegraph for twenty-five tons of iron, the first shipment to be made in thirty days. The price to be paid is $24.60 per ton, which is considered low. 1 The order was placed with the Southern Pipe Foundry, of Chicago. r The Algona Library Association will have a meeting at the residence of Mrs. C. A. Ingharn Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock sharp. It is hoped that all members of the association will be out, as important business is to come before the meeting. Dr. Gaffleldsays to the BEPUB'LICAN su the Opera House-Grocery, 'he dry districts' of Algona will be plied with city water in five or six weeks. , '' ^The town of Dows was burned up last night. 'The loss is estimated at $1,500,000. ' ... v A. L. Pttarsbn has had a new linoleum floor laid in the ' operating room .of -his ; gallery^ *.<••••< -/-.• Take your ordinary and special wants to the Opera House Grocery and have them all supplied. ," . , fr ,,- The.laying of ,t}i& corner stone of the soldiers' monument at Des Momes occurs tomorrow. The circus which is to be with us on Monday is reputed to be a good enough show for a quarter. Frank P. Dennison and Estella Gingery, of north Kossuth, obtained clerk Grose's consent to marry. A girl 16 years old would like a place to work for her board and attend . school. Enquire at this office. • The Woodward Theatre company will be at Call's during Fair week. They open With the Black Flag. -A", Hi Allen's restaurant was robbed of about $10, and ft'is supposed by somebody familiar'With the premises. No arrests. - a •i Charley Barber died at the home of his mother., in Berlin, WIs., Aug. 20th. He lived only a few days after reaching home. We are in receipt of the annual cata- logu.e of Ellsworth College, Iowa Falls, with which the Chaffee brothers are connected, J Ernest Wheelock will enter Cornell College next week, He has been given the position ot private,secretary to the president of the institution, Dr, W- F. King. School began Monday with only the usuaUncrease of attendance for the fall term. The* faculty is completed \ with Miss May McKittricfc, of lacrosse, "fliUng the vacancy; r Plowing, it is said, is extra good this fall, ' The ground tp not so moist, as it Should be,,b.ut it4s quite mt>llow,,the,re " Caving been no heavy vams to beat it that his original idea was a one and one-half inch pipe down onesideftf McGregor street and returning on the other, but he is satisfied that with a circuit such AS is contemplated a single two inch pipe will furnish just as fresh water. D. B. Avey has rented the-Lockwood store room? which has been ,used for so many years as a billiard hall, and will put his harness, stock therein. - The store has had its noxious' associations, but Mr j Avey's occupation of it 1 mill make it more respectable. This js npt r base flattery.' ' » County Chairman B. W. Haggard, issues the call for the republican county nominating'convention, which-'is to come two weeks from yesterday, Tues,day, September 18. The time is brief for holding the primaries, and commit" cited and started tip sudden the knife blade to strike George, inflfc£ ing a deep cut aeros* the instep, half severing the left fo6t. As sorott as possible he wad taken home ahd is nowire- potted as dolfcg well. W. F. Cattef's store was clofsed Monday, while the Work of invoicing the stock was wsiflg attended to. At its close the Walker Bfos. took charge. The new proprietors are expected to make a good tmcofd ifl the business* to which they are not new. Mt. Carter will now attend to the closing up of his business relations in Algona and it is not expected that be Will be settled in his new Ideation under ten days. He will remove his family. The people of this place will regret their removal. The Burt Monitor is authority for the statement that Ellis McWhorter has an invention that bids fair to be of great advantage to farmers. It is a deyice or attachment for ploWSj the object of which is to prevent plows or doubletrees from breaking in case of striking a stone. It has been thor* oughly tested and Works to perfection, and at a slight expense will save the cost of a plow many times over. Patent applied for, Ketnit $1 M to him at Algona and one will be prepaid to any address, The harvest ball at Sexton last week appears to have been a rip snorter with refreshments to match, If we are to judge from the ample scale upon which the ball was projected the crops of the neighborhood must have been up to the average at least. The omcers of the law appeared on the scene at eleven o'clock and took charge of a large quantity of beer and arrested Hans Carlson and Jacob Goettrude for violation of the prohibitory statutes, which the men had suspended for the occasion, The offenders were brought to Algona and Justice Clarke next day assessed them $60 apiece and costs, amounting altogether to upwards of $120. The men went to jail in default of cash, but subsequently their backers came down with the funds. It is a good enough idea to look up the law 1 before celebrating. Friday evening's meeting of the social union, though not so well attended as usual, was one of the most enjoyable, the program being very interesting throughout. The musical parts were a piano solo by Miss Cornie Ingham and a vocal solo by Miss Lutie Wallace, both being excellent. Mr. Vesper read a description, the Bailway Agents' Excursion to California last spring, which was good as anything we have had in travel write-ups. Mr. Vesper developed an unsuspected vein of humor, and there was not a dry line in the paper. The address by J. J. Eyan on.capitol and labor evinced general soundness of mind on the questions which have been agitating us so much of late, but it is hard to understand how such a smart man as Mr. Ryan is can object to having a riot put down by the strongest possible force and in the shortest possible time, inasmuch as in this country we do not settle questions by riots. Mr. By an, however, expresses, many sensible opinions, one of which is that capital ought to be kept off the grass.' WALKER BROS. IN CHARGE, TAXES 1854. Kossuth County SoAtd Mafcfts thfc Ta* Levy tot I&94— -fh* Figttfta Differ Widely When It Cornel to TeaehfeW and Contingent Taxes. The board of supervisors have been in session since Monday morning, all the metabers being present. Soine discussion was had as to means to be Used in' guarding against the inroads of the Russian thistle plagiie- Election officers Were natned where necessary, and the levy of taxes for 1894 Was attended to. The following table exhibits the levy of taxes for the count? at large and for the Several districts, townships and incorpor* ated towns for the year 1894, the levy be^ ifigin mills: State. 2!4. Boor, 1, Insane, fl-10. Road, 1. Poll. 50c. County, 8H. Bridge. 3. School, 1. . Soldiers' Belief, 1-10. Dogs, M.. SOc.jF., 11. Btirt Hurt Ind Buffalo Oorwlth Ind.... Fenton .. ..... Greenwood..... Irvlngton... .. Ledyard Ind... Lotts Oreok Lu Verne Lu Verne Ind... Portland Plum (Jreek.... Prairie ."., . Kamsay Rlverdale Sprlngflold. ... Seneca Wesley Wesley Ind.. .. West Bend. ... Germania Inc. Whlttemore ... Inc.... Teachers 14 12 10 11 14 7 22 5 18 Ifi'/j 814 74 6 1154 8H 9'/a 17 UK 10 15 0 1 A 12 11 8 22 8(i!/, 7'* 13 11 5V, 1ft 15 4 \ Contingent 5 l'/4 10 f, 10& ?i i! 4!i 417. 5- j a 4 2 8!4 It 8 4 1 2V4 G »y« a 4 214 9f 8 4J4 7V4 a 3 8 11 2«/. 8J4 School House 6 10 4-10 1V4 2-10 10 3 2 314 in 8'/ 2 2& 0 4'/, 4 r 10 5 6 10 0* Board of Health J4 4-10 M 1-10 V4 Cemetery « 8-10 1 ! Municipal 20 10 8 5 10 4 8 THE CITY'S WATER. "Carpenters who want a school house build will -in the BEPUPWOAN J- teemeri for the "various township", cincts -will have to act with j celerity and dispatch. There is work to be had in digging the ditches and putting in the new water pipes. It is to be a big job and Algona muscle should do it. "See chairman Nicoulin's notice of the letting. The sealed bids should be left with A, F. Daily, who will show you the specifications, and all bids should be'in before 7 p. m. Saturday night. List of Advertised letters for week ending Sept. 3, 1894: Martin Clever, Mattie Cyphered, Felice Divell, A. Esser, C, H, Hubbell, Louisa Hodges, Mrs. Edgar Hall, Emeline Iverson, Fets Johnson, Eva Ketraan, O, C. Lur- dall, Mrs. Libbie I. Lurrell, Henry Mansjoni W-' N. Smith, John Sipe, Charles YalUne, J, Flanders, W. H, Clarke, of Plum Creek, is putting up one of the largest barns in the neighborhood, Mr. GJarke is one-of the foremost Jersey breeders in the county, It js worthy of mentiqn that Mr. Clarke got estimates of the lumber in Wisconsin as well as in Algona, and found he could save considerable by buying at homp. - The lumber bill alone amounts to about $1,000,, Thephjldren of Mrs, Frank Ames,' of Hurt, have just been allowed back pension .money Amounting f o $853, Myp. Ames wa^'ttoe widow .of My, -Barlow,: m& when she mmed Mr, &naea hep ow» pension and that of her mteor' children were dispontinued,, Tbe amount now ailow§4 Is this ac' cumulation- , • Some complaint ig being ma4e against Milwaukee trainmen y§aa\jge of thew keeping the tyack. at the flepot crossing biQckpago mugh ef the time. Teams have to wait there' for a long time frequently, Tmnmen abQiiU be vwm% to pbsei've the /eo.uirfpen| to ^ W.'F. C*rter Turns,O,ver His Store to the Walk,K er Brps.-j-They Have a Word to Say. , ''"' '" A'&ABD TO TSE PUBLIC. • Having purchased of W. F. Carter hjs'enthre'groqeary stock, 'we wish to announce tb'.the people of Algona and vicinity that we shall endeavor, to always keep,'on' hand everything belonging to a first-class grocery, We ahall aim to please, and ask a share of the public patronage. Yours .Besp'y, BKOS. For" the next six days or until further notice I will"sell at way down prices as this is the time of year I make ray clearing sale.—J, B. LAIRD. If you want a job of painting done see Orr. Call and see the The Wigvyam, Corn Harvesters at Iowa State Fair. For the Iowa State Fair the North- Western Line will sell excursion tickets to Des Moines and return at half rates—one -fare for the round trip; tickets on sale August 80 to September 7, good for return passage until September 8,1^94, inclusive, For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago &, North-Western railway. GAMPUNG IN ALGONA, Gambling pught never to be permitted in tbjs olace even for one day, Before granting W. F.'KJpkhart's Great American 25 Cent Shows permission to exhibit in Algo- wa on Sepfc 10 the officials were convinced that tbecomingsho\vis clean and moral with no gambling QJ games of chance connected wMIt. It is a-legitimate show, conducted Q» moral a.n4 business principles; Jt offers two hourp of pure amuse* meutfw25ce.u,ts. They will exhibit here rain or shine on Sept. lo. . MEMORANDUM BOOK .LOST. Sept, Jst, between LedyayiJ ^nd Wesley, a rowi} QloVd covered r memDrandi>» Vith Uay pressing accounts, FJnflev vrJU be suitabl rewarflefj an yemvniatg ownev at mm m -.ip MR COMING SOON The Reddish Tint Comes from Red Sand — It Will Soon Disappear — The Water is the Purest and Best ' to Be had Anywhere. Some question has been raised by the peculiar pink tint of the water from the new well, and THE REPUBLICAN has' sought counsel of Dr. Garfield, one of the alderman and a gentlemen who has given the waterworks much attention. Dr. Garfield states that the red tinge is given by red sand. The principal vein of water is from a red shale formation, and the water current is .washing out; the sand. The latter Will soon be exhausted, and the water, will be.perfectly clear. At present tlie Jred sand 'precipitates quickly and leaves the \frater clear and sparkling^ perfectly pure and pleasant to the t^ste. '(/A-smore '.desirable" quality of water could not be sequredff The pipe extends down in the ' well nearly 300 fejet, .far below where any vegetable matter ever was, and the water comes out of the rock. Algona -wells • have generally supplied very pure water, and the exemption from epidemics which the place has always enjoyed has been, largely due to the purity of its wa^ter. /Tho3e who take the city water may feel assured that it will be as good as the best we have ever had. <^ _ - EAG^E GROVE DISTRICT FAIR. For the above occasion the Northwestern "line will, from Sept. 17 to 21, inclusive, 'sell excursion tickets to Eagle Grove and return at reduced rates; tickets good for return passage until Sept. 22, 1894, inclusive. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern Bail- way. • _ HAMILTON COUNTY FAIR AT WEBSTER CITY. Fpr the above occasion the Northwestern line will, from Sept. 17 to 21, inclusive, sell excursion tickets to Webster City and return at reduced rates; tickets good for return passage untUl Sept, 22, 1894, inclusive, For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern Bail' way'.' _ ^__ >! ,,'fcOW BATES TO PITTSBTOG, PA, Oo account of the encampment of the Grafn,4 Army of the Republic, the North* western line will, on Sept, 8 and 9, sell ex- curifon tickets to Pittsburgh, Pa,, svnd i'e» turji §t,exceeding)y low rates; good fpr return, passage until Sept, 85, 1894, '. inclusive^ ' For- tickets t and full information apply to ,agents / Cnicagp N AN Will be afforded yqur eastern^ IrJends to yisJtyouby tbe lpW"rj,te«Horae.S?ekers' E^u^iQQS a«'ange4 by, tbe QWoago & iw^tev^ Mi way for September i: " &9T&«S& BYQftWtt (W THE ONLY 813 SHOW OP THE SEASON C W. MUSEUM AND WILD WEST SHOWS. BEST PEOPLE GO TO SEE SHOW ON EARTH: was the only circus that was allowed to exhibit dN the World's fair Grounds. Because it does not tolerate gambling. , Because no people of questionable character are. employed with it. Because it does not carry any ballet girls or questionable spectacular farces. t Because it employs America's Fofeiuodt ArilslB in all branches of the business. Because it has the best Klflc Hn<l IMstol! Sliot« with its Wild.West. Because it has New Features, New Wardrobes, tyew Equipment, nothing being retained of th* ol'd show, . . . • '.-.if,.' . 8. Because its circos performance equals that^of any 500 show. g. Because its band is composed of solo artist's. ; .»Q. Because it is possible for every one to haVn An Opportunity of a Life Time SEE ' TEN REASONS WHY THE THE MOST MORAL i. t. 3. 4I: 7.- The Best Circus •'i/ ".liii ,. 'i That Ever Paid your County a Visit. Admission: Adults 25"cents; Children 10 cents.- DON'T FAIL TO WITNESS THE GRAND STREET PARADE AND FREE SHOW. For Particulars see Bill,Boards and Small Bills. AT iLGONi, ATTERSQN & SARCHETJ, Successors to Patterson Bros. Big Bargain ALGONA, IOWA. We have a large and first-class stock of Groceries that we will sell as cheap- as the cheapest, and will spare no pains to 'please our customers. We solicit a* share of the public patronage and invite our friends to call and see us and give up- a trial. We guarantee satisfaction. PATTERSON & SAJRCHETT; '" Spurbeck & Lambert, MANUFAOTUBERS AND DEAI/BB8 IN ber We will save you money OR the following ; Belting of »U Wnds-leatUer, < complete stock otPnglneev'a Snppljes; Gas Plp^ w4 fltttogs j Globe Valves i 'of Steam Filtings, Hose and Hose Fittings j Oils of all kinds, We have ft large stpqk o| Qyltirf der OU and Oup Grease a specialty, taj-ge stook of ,ptb'er goods' too numerous to -'—"--^ Give us a call- Factory and supply lipwse sear o. fipjf.'W, Depot, ' - * , f, -"X «•- Tl GOTO

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