The Morning Herald from Uniontown, Pennsylvania on December 30, 1913 · Page 2
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The Morning Herald from Uniontown, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 30, 1913
Page 2
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PA OK TWO THE MORNINO HERALD, TJNIONTOWN, PENN COUNCIL CHANTS A 3 YEAR FRANCHISE . Superintendent or other officer or agent 1 of the Water company that there is not nuffloient overflow In the company's res- crVoire to warrant Its ura tor the pur- potes last above mentioned, then the (Ccnliaucd Front Pago One.) borough and all and each of its officers, *— ----- -------- ngentH and employes shall Immediately used b;. the laroo consumers as was dlsrontlmis the satd use of water from i uiivnii hv h « tfnt rntn .the coinpuny'u mains and not resume the caused t# j , ,i , !! ,; I sumo until there shall be p. sufficient It was then that C. 1?. Miller arose overflow In the reservoirs to justify the and said: * uac of the water for the purposes aforesaid. And water for such uses shall "We're talking over something tonight ot which 1 have no idea what it is.’ He insisted that the action be put over on the new council and insinuated that members of council had been placed in office by the water (ompany. “Are you afraid of the new burgess?” he ranted, afraid the new binges» would veto it?” E. D. Brown insisted that the borough should have free water for the not at any time be taken In such quantities as io appreciably affect the prea- aure of the water in the Water company's ) Ipes ut any point in the borough, nor while said water Is being used to extinguish a fire within the borough. There : hall he no further charge for the water thus ured over and above the "Are von charge per hydtunf stipulated for paragraph third. Fifth. The Witter company shall furnish water for Ordinary purposes tp all borough public buildings, including the borough schools ami tht* Union town Itt.s* pltnl, for ten cents, net, per one thou- COMMISSION TO MAKE STUDY OF WATER QUESTION (Continued Front Fege One.) Congress has such a right, ami if Congress has it, why council doesn't, Mr, Whyel came down hard on the Hull Mooser, who is a practicing lawyer, when he told him that Congress is given that tight by the Constitution, but that tlie legislature and (ho borough charter has never given council such a right. “It's like a justice Va ¡of a peace issuing an injunction,” said Mr. Whyel. The following resolution was adopted WHEREAS, there has been cons id MANY WITNESSES EXAMINED IN THE CALUMET INQUIRY Ml 11 ’1 «I»-*' »«>'* *W‘ pi ft* I. Tor ten cents, net, per one thou- 1:7 , . 7 V morrow. The ui municipal buildings, the lire plugs and »and gallons, said water to he measured 4 branlc agitation among the people °Lfn~mont on hospital \t,,M . , 'Hi* duting the past year of the ", . . ,, , , ! Sixth. In consideration of the price , , . • „„a *u« ,,n dent and that hs The motion for the adoption of the at whim the \\ ,t*r com pan > will fur-1 *m>Ject of waiei rates and of the ad- Women’s itish water for borough purposes as set forth in the preceding paragraphs, all other consumers within the borough ■hall pay, .subject to the provisions of paragraph seven and to the contingency mention*- I in paragraph ninth and subject to the reasonable rules and régula­ tions of the Water company now in (By Astociatsd Pr«u to The Herald.) CALCMET, Mich., Dec. 29. — Two out of a score or more of witnesses testified before a coroner’s jury today that the man who caused the Christmas eve disaster here wore a white button like the badge of the Citizen's Alliance. Immediately after adjournment of the hearing O. N. Hilton, the Denver attorney in charge of the Western Federation of Miners’ Interests announced that further developments of this phase would be attempted to- The union lawyer did not fact that the presi- half a dozen members . .. ,lUtm,l(ol„ of the Women’s Auxilary of the Fed* Usaol.uj of tbo bo.ough ultimat eration swore that they saw no in- heroming t.te owner and operator of gigni on the an and tlmt unj0n the plant of the local water company; and, UHRRKAS. in 1hc friJnunJpanic started, said the alarm came onnril has had very ” _ ____ tions *>f tho Water company mw in present contract council has had very : watt »n<i or, ,,PMnn« {,.„■« or which the coiniianj ,„»k. ■„ mly, nmb,n,lc inform.tlon « i . ‘ from tin e to time, for an water con- , , , . , .. t„o, . , wearing such a button had passed sunns j>y or delivered to them ih#* Coi- lo the cost of the water furnished Nl© .. minority re» art was defeated, JU to Drown, Miller and Robinson voting for it. On motion of Gainer and Whyel the majority report was adopted by u viva voce vote, Mr. Whyel moved that the ordinance be read and a< tel upon. Robinson raised a point of older that it was out of order to vote on the ordinance. Tho point of order was de clared by tho chair not to have been well taken, and ho appealed from the'^VJlon decision of the chair with the same An amendment to the motion of j own, furni h and lm-tnll all iV.eter and l*ieni according to the light, and Whvel made hv Miller, that the or- keep th< am*- in repair, hut the con- therefore, In tho exercise of this judg dtnr.nce bo rood a ,„1 a, provo,I ™ ¡¡» ! bv section, was defeated, and Mr. j been damaged by the consu icr'a up «?-, Whyel-. motion etrrled. . XTS?*, “ m e'rn*',! )' ! minimi ..,,..,*1,1.. ...... ....... I gnia on the man and members who stood in the vestibule of ItaJian hall for an hour before the lowing monthly rates, said water to he people of the borough or of the profits mowtkly SCHEDULE lllc *oc;11 company arising I here*, pr0Becuting attorney, of Houghton ■;T rr thrMand’ from’ nhpt lpr reasonable unod, [«\r° county, who conducted the exauitna- r.7u.:. V-^b.5*t#02 . -V‘7 iT.r .unreasonable and excessive and that,.4,_ well them. In the opinion of Anthony Lucas, of «¿¿«¿¡mi.'-11-,:»»:-«! k :™ u „ „77 ,r^;T™.Ti,d of »«»<'*»«. »»«»• K m * por thousand, $60,00, $tî2.50; tlio tlXillg Ol tato», teriDB Rllu CO a fairly khiiops per thousand, ?«.««, fSf.RO; . ‘w‘ established todav were that an ex- nl over ..oo.oo» gaibms. lOe per thou- dilions cf the contract just made, it cUab,e member of the audtence raia- Se\ mill The. Wntm oompanj slmll l?® »^1 «id IhS • ** the ^ry* thnt there was ?° HctUal in the were open hall and that the doors and the stairway clear Notice was served on council by J minimtirmutji'iV’*■ it-»ry..*•*“i-K!»i-.ill*1!l.V Brown that if the ordinance was pass 111 .14 met <»r v,. t<-. used 1 1 water ed it would he taken into the courts. | "I“1“ 11 »t«. l«*r. month for ser- H p said that he would rpiestion the ment. the rates fixed may or may not hen <Ue lc B(alted< ho wholly just and fair to ail con* ,<AJ1 that WQ wftnt js a finding bas- rncd; and, , , ed on facts,” said Mr. Hilton. "The V1, :!ERK vs, the water con ract jus. jd^ntity of tjie miscreants who start- enaeted is tor a terra ot only three the‘ma(i ru8b f0r tbe 8tairs is of yeirs, which, if its terms and condt- a paramonnj importance and we in- right of tho borough solicitor to act and to hold office as district attorney at lite same time. Motion was made by Mr. Whyel that tre ordinance as reported out be adopted. An amendment of Miller and Brown to charge the water company $ 5,000 a year for ♦ lie j^as sag Mille pur shall vice through a five-eighth Inch meter; - . ,.n )aa. , f'-'.tui, iH*t. pp.- mouth u>r .» <*t v . *• through ttons rates, etc., are utti r a test, tend to do what we can to clear thl» v thri* -fourth inch m«tcr; ?t.oo. net, found to he inequitable and unjust,to the per month I**r service through Inch nidi r; and net, adOisiotial per month for en,h additional otie-half inch Li r ize <>r mct-r. Ih vvever. the minimum monthly charge for water through a t;v c-clght h inch meter l oi a prlvati dwelling having but cue faucet, which shall he construed to include a hot and cold water faucet, .-hall be fifty cents, net, wltb-h shall entitle the up. a fiords an early opportunity uj ,H'. 7 pe stHtenmnts as to the button borough to correct such injuMu e » earn t tbe pp^jnning and ut the eud taking Bitch action as tht- results of the present contract and a full investigation and study of the subject of water rates may warrant; and. WHEREAS, in this connection, in 0f tho ordinance was defeated. t coimunter to 3,900 gallons ot water per ¡order tliat council may have the full- StIU-r "fiht U,.,, «anted council.,o iSf.Srf'Kf„r,»"n“a.i“,5 ¡»formation It 1« de.lral.le that abase the water company lor $.n 0 ,*( only, or one fwucct and a bath tub only, an exhaustive study, by those duly „ ). Robinson said that If the ordin- ‘^one ""J « ‘authorized, be made both of the enhance was passed tlie borough would ^ ,,tlinc0 lo in,.jU(le ,, water faucet -Ject of water rates and of municipil be unable to buv the plant for three th« minimum monthly chnrge shall be ownership of water companies, and . | seventy-five ce***“ '“ —*-■ • (title the cons. the lighting system of tne water per inon of the afternoon inquiry. TINKER AND BROWN FINALLY SIGNED UP BY THE FEDERALS (By Aasociated Frex* to The Herald.) CHICAGO, Dec. 29. — The final pa- CADDIES IN A FREE FOR ALL TO CARRY PRESIDENT’S CLUBS (By Associated Free» to The Herald.) PASS CHRISTIAN, Mex., Dec. 29.- years. ■ That , „ J .......................................... Pers by which Joe Tinker and Morty j president Wilson plaved 18 holes of. tu let hi C*, "umer ’To 3^Kga!ion/of,lhat a v('i>ort of their atudie^' togctherHrown. for many years National Rolf today f0r the flrit tini0 In many| . . , >nth. Kach ntlnitnum charge with recommendations on the subject. League batfhall stars, t-ast their lots.veeks. He suceeded in defeating his town <o 3 ts over three times as much («hall «ppiy tc n Mngic building occu- he made to council, so that intelli- with the Federal League were signed opponent. Dr. Carey Grayson U. S. ns the lire protection, was stated by J\'/( p’orur.n "oft h*" huild^ng^wrunicd 'Btnt »ction may then be taken in the ln the iocal offices of the league to-jx., something he rarely does.’ Mr. Whyel. He said that the meter by a Hingie famllj or tenant, {matter. ¡day. This was confirmed by both half dozen youngsters clambered i ordinance is reason-}#KFiahtJi^ ^Meters _wjil be in stalled by | THEREFORE, RE IT RESOLVED, players who said also that their sal- on the running board of the presi rate and as soon preferenti being given to nt it ii. * limnr.ruiu,, ** ; ' ulou ......... ,iuo tuuiuug uoaru oi tne prrsi -1 owners * of that the president of council is here- nries had been guaranteed by a bond- dent's automobile w hen it entered the ?nts per imtuiiug* re^ue-'ttng tncii immediate In- by authorized and directed to appoint ¡njJ, company which assured them full golf grounds and engaged In a free-' i vtdiina, 0 u'nderhthe'V'o:jtrtcfRbetw*«n^Vh» *a committee of five persons three of .payment for their three years' con -1 ior-ali-fl«ht for the possession of his t up Ct*n- iiorougii huc I th<* ronipimy dated Feb-iwhom shall he tncuibCTB of council» * trac• regardless of what fat# may golf clubs. The preside! in the new able*, stating that In 8cottdale Grecnsburg the rate is 60 cent thousand gallons. He point that the three year term of in.- cun- borough mid the company dated Feb-¡whom shall he members or council, trat» regardless oi wnat iai® may golf clubs. The president laughed tract was very short and would give p, ixss. «hall govern in each «».•■ oue cf the three members of council;befall the league. Roth said too. that heartily a.s he leanod out and scpar-,. the nt w third class city officials a )I1Pler y.'.Uu'hVv^b^n inMaiied by'thS'to be the president of council who thetr departure from organized base- a ted the contestant# while one of the I voar in which to discuss the advist- Water company. «iliall be the chairman of the com ball into the new league had not beeu secret service men told the bovs tba’ Willy of ........ I, k I......... TmT --------- ' ---------- •--------------------patty , , , 1or ,°tber proper TI ip ordinance was then adopted. In full it is as follows; He It ordained and enacted by tne Borough of l’nl«»ntowi». in sembied, and it is hereby When Bills Are Paid In Currency there is the constant risk of loss, and if yon do not find your receipted hill that has iieen paid, you inav be required to pay it a^ain. It is always better to he on tin* safo >id<* and pav all hills hv eheek. Your account, suhj<*ct to vi ted heck is cordiali v in- sball be tne cnairnmu U, uau uiiu me u»-w icojsuTT o«crei eervic© men told the boys that* W ater company *h«ll, ’mittee, and two of whom sltnll be res- niade without full investigation whlcn jf tfiey (ijd not bebave Hnd take their ij «uiher!t'y.'rIn"!aiYa*!d ideuts of the borough, not members C()nvinced them that the Federal» had turn orderly, each day, they would l! cwuae.* : ordained and enacted'by tt.e authority of FI vat. That On- Borough of I nion- bv ita l*T*»ldcnt and Secretar.. , « ». *_ « t In -,»-1 •* rt, i /MM -m town. Which will afford the Water company n with reference reasonable return on the additional cap- i| itnl expended by It Ln the Installation DISCUSS WOMAN SUFFRAGE dav of January, 1914. Second. Water for fire protection aitali la fumíatied througti the flte-plug hvdrantn now ln use in the borougli and i public. companv, its feasibility, practicebiiit y und advisability; the economy and, loupd buiiawi mbm cf the proposi-l tion; the financial ability of the tot t|_arge rgumber of Vititor» Attend In sicig, a Justice of the poace of Dutt- 'ough to carry out the project; and to ( terestina Meeting of Proy make report of Its findings ! res» Club, omincndations to council to bo filed MAKES TAX RETURN T. L*. McLain, of Ohtopyle, yesterday made a tax return of *009.02 on , tho 191 .'I tax duplicate. William llol- bar borough, who is collecting foi Collector Marietta, deceased, made a Every phase of the woman suffrage return of 1192.02 on the 1911 dupll- coiniwnij i») ine consumer or owner , , - „ ,v,A Infor*' s»»" ** ., the premfVes. and by him kept In good amOPg He Rrclilves for the nee. tutor jqueBtion Was discussed yeeterday af- cates. Mml. r*’n,,y for imm«- jmatiou and guidance of the (lerrvooxx at a meeting of the Progress f"i Â.λ r"d'Sl”Xn),.fhî!îltlv, body of . 1,0 .„unlclpUltjr, «ho«, t,Iub llt th, horae üf Mr.. M. M. Cocli*j MRS. — |ssrs- M». a i Vfvdraiit quaVterL *’ ■ OUKh a11 ‘'am.iKes occa-Umed to the -ri.a nt Favour ana Wash* Jolilt S. Fhri-ty Spoke OH * Fourth. In addition to the use of the aforesaid fire-plug hydrants for fire protection, the thorough nhall lit- at liberty to use water t he ref rom for washing or aprlnklln* streets and flushing public aewcrs, liut only at such times when there is an overflow of water in tho reservoirs; it being the intent hereof that the borough shall have the use of water f;*»' ‘u!eL “none- !»««'■ ting, luaakin*"^'liaktna "f »."wa'tei . Fayette and Washington county torn- Mr((. (ieorge Gay. ANNIE BARRETT The funeral of Mti. Annie Barrett, guest agCt, 5g yearB who d,e(, at her hom0 in Isabella last Wednesday was th yesterday. Deceased was I 1 «'i wife of John T. Barrett, who is cm"‘P *1 ployed by the Greensboro Gas com* eMoruay. ,iauy j|ey officiated ut trrage tbe services. Interment was made in '■ the South Brownsville cemetery. Bowie. Mrs. _________________ What Surf- to the Water company to excavat« or ! bridge over the Monongahela river be*' women there tear up au> of the streeta, allays or tweet South Brownsville and West Miss Nell Witt spoke on Wyoming. h!*1.’.; J Brownsville. », » Join, meeting of the flr.t elele I® grnnt eq„»l euPrege;, SLIGHTLY WOUNDED er dro fienh ad- ed by Dr. S. H. Baum and later removed to the Fniontown hospital. CENTRAL HOTEL. James Moran, Propria The Central has the reputation of being one of the most home-like hotel« in the city, ft i* run on the American plan, with rates at $2.50 and $3.00 per day. Excellent cuisine and sendee in the Dining Hoorn. Opposite P. R. R. Depot HOSE COMPANY MEETING Tlicr« will be a meeting of the l'n-( ion Ho«e company this ev« ning in ! he Hose company rooms. | Duquesne Hotel 11 Ka«t Main St. THAT AWFUL 10LD, I*;very col 4 <♦ “»»fui ” Yi>u *f®ta danger f,,« b,.y fcenn wlu«a the - tru ts or )iigh\va>„ in an good c*m- John A. Berry, Thomas Hill and A. ,™;'n 'wuffragi movement all over dltIon »s tlicy were b+fore the said t>\- T. Barnum and Engineers Harry Arm- * ^ an,d rV‘d#r »,in“ strong and George F. Chaney, of tU' cort thereof, which ^I lk the Wate^com- • Washington county, altendeu the ' "7,1 , lb'htful luncheon pimj iivrtes to prompdv imv i „ mi >» fcrciu h . which la>ted nractically all a d* 1»- * * hi Get S3 th« eu«,.-» jfocr w-y. , _ h,«5*Ln » i aiarrtial JeHy àül« tbe s«na» v. lu' h i cumulât«; in the tt,i« •nedê'UMMtfv», *»iv« |k Qujtk auU l*£• r v>- «a irav .ti'1»!. iniJ,tfM*^A 26c er.,1 6WI I ti.iwK'ja- Sanitary Jdoi,'« at V“ all drugs: , at»' . Ær j Or iii.ii tvr £¡¿¡1 truJ to US m koavton Mig. Co. J I |fi Hu ii.apt.ii.Nimi, GOES TO DIXMONT vU)rjd i Deputi SbiHfl William Wilson \t tip* conclusion of the meeting, leaves this morning with Roy Barnett. was served by of (amont, for Ithrmont, to commit him to tliat institut.on. meeting was well f'JiA «iair£yPii* rn* The u[‘?Jtl ‘und' ailc"» «'i*1, fh°P »^PytiOB Will be appointed (Of th<- i ormjgh, h ltd indemnify or nuvo within a lew days, it was announced luirmlecH the borough for or from the last evening. No iiispection of mater- tfONDON L Catarrhal Jelly ohte in |U;H at the tiridge will be tond Water ‘*.,nipaS%"uiS* of °»trtcta of ! u,ltil Marth Flans were approved for alleys of thi borough for Its pipe line* a section oi tho bridge to be Conor tor the laying, re; »mug. renewing'struct ed partly of cement and the remainder in steel. The comuaisaloners In tot ^Uy I a pUU lure 1 or removing raid pij>* lines Fourteenth. The agreement herein provided for shall bind not only the borough and the Water company but their successors and toe assigns of the Water company. Fifteenth. In pursuance of a r*«ent order of tlie Public Kei vier t'ommiasion of tli« Commonwt .ltii of Pennsylvania, the agreemcift herein provided for shaR contain the following .ection It la hereby uudere,oo,l anti that it i- not the ... tpose oi ! nor is the obligation ol this ci badly ruptured while lifting a trunk ! R *'hon approvt d by the - bt-rvlca ( oinnUssion of the Co wealth of Pennsylvania, such as pair or in any wise affect the e by said Commission of any of tlie powers vested in it by t * e Public .Service Commission Law, approved July i'fi. litis. \il ordinain t-» or parts of ordinance « t herewith or in any ntanner with Uiis ordinance are liere- WICK ALLEYS The tuurriea uica i.u«.« ��-.««jt baaj a regular picnic *ttb the singte men of that town last night. They won all | three games ioid covered (hem up with 106 plus lu totals. McLaughlin w«ta the rtar of the mat« h. MARRIED MEN »«rdered work to be started on tiiis sec- onncra ................................ * lion as mon as possible. I McV icker When th© Inspectors are appointed Geary ,. TRY ONE OF OUR CLASSIFIED ADS AND GET RESULTS. CENTRALLY 1.OC ATEI) EVERYTHING NEW AND UP-TO-DATE Hot and ( old Water, Telephone, Electric and Gas Light« in Every Room. Steam heated. W. II. HELLEN. Proprietor. C üíbu ms KUfiUKE tji ago. Doctors ««id m y only hupc of »» operation. me u - j good, ot hold of something that quickly and cutcd me, y«ws liare passed the » never returned» uitfcougit I am doing a a ttrprskr, There vra» no opcra- agi e<*d intent, tin tract Public i it mon­ to lm- KtrcJse « I tica, no o-.t time, no tr ufcL*. lltavenut Jhiug to inc*««¡íiate •ell. Lut »ffil give full in .',/r;nuti,m about b w jeu don, if confi! etili *>«.. y find n complete et re witiiout opete by re Tht a a 1« you writ« to me, Ruse« «e M. l'ulîen. Car co •84 Marc ■Utk» Avenu« •îu:j.« <]« .-a, H, j. ikttir v* rtP «•or«ii» d‘Wv fj rut « ut li in not if e and e « >w it to any oth« rs who aitali pai* y * «cd *— you may mvp u life or at le »Kt t tOp ' U*«- nia i • au opt y t f rupture u ration. jd the worry nuJ ûuutgei *4»,f tïïTs •«t of »he |>ubliewticn and , o> $ ina uniiiiHiirs anti «,f tc ^apic tu. the Ordinance in P*t<lk1*v the said« I cu by the engineers of tin two > tun they will in- placed in tho mills of the Fort Pitt Bridge company, where the steel is being made. The Htet i must be delivered to tho engineer« of Hu* two counties to he used in the construction of the superstructure before March 1. It in thought that work will be begun on the superstructi ro aiwut April I and tliat the brutie will be entirely completed by ucxt Hoptotnber. The sub* structure Is practically comp (etc now. ADDITIONAL LOCALS McLaughlin Traynor Means .... Truxcl ..... Total T (’allahun Livingston ■ A. Callahan Jobee ..... Ret rona ... HuRlvan ... '/acovh: .... I Tot uJ .......... }(Hi 94 .............. 89 ................ 94 ' *.................... 97 081 SINGLE MEN 91 ....... 99 ....... 8 < _______ 114 64 HO 020 81 98 1H7 v>:< 100 95 98 86 ; 105! 109 HI j 103 ! 90 082 7H 102 76 91 122 96 645 100 i 96 85 j i<ti ! in j lot I 97 1 097 i d ahd « DUCtvd h 2Vlit «lay of J >«*, an i'Jl. A. 1. j — Mías .V!?ig j i* terre d hpUic i U s» t be guest Ol - Miss Murg fr*r Greens ti «tum® given eh luid even in Hi d t r Fox, of If «vin, has ter a short visit lu re ira. Daniel Chisholm et Cra> left >eater- rg where ¡ la* attend* by Mrs. Thomas lycf . um TEN PIN GIANTB LEAGUE J; THE OFFICERS OF THE SECOND NATIONAL BANK Eying has retuincd K, a ier«* he spent t extend the heir heart ’I he Ut 1613 was if thanks y support ivelopmeut espe; ialiy to ti duiiu of i own and vifinit* M r a . I it your confidence «{»precistlon of i)ih If you appicci making service, v*< in ser ig. t w msv-rv ati bu han); «jtirlfií.- S«ra< ticaI «len«, iness method the year list ret Ion i and an -rvat iv U it |toRc} and ac count. a helpful Second National Bank UNIOhTOWN, PA. CAPITAL I1QO.ÛOC 03 SURPLUS $175,03000 tm ;K* , ur t, ¡latti l'I* 'V il r It ¡Un orti j et H « o n*i I car d fri ni i wit V b f* hi. 1 r !s im t ir¡ « « - ho; ■f»i d, ì Iti! I dir« |( tlOB 1 ’ M.O to b bea ili h. ird McShine. * re.ujacd io her at the borne of from hi t»t* if Me* liome Smith VV rt i J. Grim«-», in tnurant, has F. Win eri) i \Si ; at ' r botti roviug t » r& is taking i >f his pfi .i restored m old 4ht cashier received al dtom, w ho j (hern Fia«*, j sa) h that he < > as he hud mths nt th© i uad hopes 1 Blume ., .... 164 191 188 i Springt r ___ 138 112 uo a Í 1 Hunnen . ................ 1C7 109 a**Total AT HL 459 mus 414 482 1 Porter ,. .... H9 171 165 * Howe . • • ___ 1531*6 126 s Cowan .. .... 166 ICI r« Total 462460 «Ml Tuesday Giants vs. Pira SOLONii TO ATTEND DINNER Council l»;d night accepted an inv t'ution I rom th« Union Hose vom p. nv io atlend its annual turkey dinner. '1 lie dinner will be held in tho company’s rooms on New Year s to bis usual i vo. The j.t< «nt «*ii*1 Imoml'ig m«'m- t hers of council were invited. ,, >| A »cene In the new and massive Klaw and Erlanger production of The Winning of Barbara Worth BY HAROLD BILL WRIGHT At the Weit End Th«atr®, Saturday, Matinee gnd Night. Seats now selling.

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