The Morning Herald from Uniontown, Pennsylvania on December 30, 1913 · Page 1
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The Morning Herald from Uniontown, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 30, 1913
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LARGEST CIRCULATION Ibf any Paper in Fayette, Greene, Somerset, Westmoreland and Washington Counties. Herald THE WEATHER FAIR AVERAGE DAILY CIRCULATION LAST WEEK, 10,416. o!.?. No. 300. UNIONTOWN, FAYETTE COUNTY, PA., TUESDAY, DEO. 30, 1013.. EIGHT PAGES ONE CENT. imands of People for 25 Cents a Thousand Rate and the Elimination of Meter Rents Acceded To. OTE 10 TO THREE ON FINAL PASSAGE {Minority Report Presented by H. L. > Robinson—Bull Moose Trio Attempt' to Dodge the Question by Filibust-i erlng Tactics.—C. C. Altman and J. E. Gainer Sign Majority Report. Demands of council that Jhe tin- Sontown Water company give the people of Uulontown a 25 cents a thousand rate for water and that the water sold by the company be measured j should be 75c net, which meana that by meter were acceded to and the consumer would be entitled to 3,000 gallons of water, and by the WHAT THE WATER CONSUMERS GET BY THE NEW ORDINANCE Wat,r by motor instead of by the old flat rate. W ater at 25 cents per 1,000 gallons instead of 30 cents pel* 1,000. Three thousand gallons of water for 50 rents for consumers having only one faucet, instead of 2,000 gallons. Water for the Uniontown Hospital at 10 cents per i,000 gallons. Contract for three veal’s, instead of 20 years. COMMISSION 10 MAKE STUDY OF WATER QUESTION Rates and Municipal Ownership for Use When Present Franchise Expires. PRESIDENT GORLEY NAMES 4 MEMBERS Fifth to be Selected Soon—Councilman Brown Insista That Special Committee be Authorized to Subpoena Witnesses and Compel Them to Produce Books and Papers. faucet and a bath tub connection only, or one faucet and a closet connection onl>, the minimum monthly charge Icouncil last night passed the ordln jance, giving the people their de- ¡raauds. The session of council was the stormiest in recent years. The members stood together for the new ordinance with the exception of the three Bull Moose members, H. L. Robinson. Clyde B. Miller and Edward b." Brown, who filibustered through the entire session. The Bull Moo?e trio attempted from the first to dodge the water question which has been hanging fire in coun- 11 for several months. They tried jlo get away from voting on It, at¡tempting time after time to have the natter thrown over to the new coun­ terms of the ordinance as it now stands the same consumer would be entitled to 3,750 gallons. “Taking the ordinance as a whole we consider that it is the best that we could jKisibly get and we therefore recommend its passage. “C. C. ALTMAN, “J. E. GAINER, “Committee.” MINORITY REPORT A minority report was presented by BANK COMMITTEE CHANGES PLANS FOR ITS HEARINGS (By Associated Press to Th* Herald.) WASHINGTON, D. C., Dec. 29. — The reserve banks* reorganization committee tonight announced a change In its plans for holding public hea,rings in New York and Boston. It has planned to sit two days In New York beginning January 2, then in Council to Investigate Water boston for two days and to return to New York fo* 48 hours more work. , According to the new plan the committee will meet in New York January 5 and Bit there until the 8th or Pth. It will sit In Boston January 9 and 10 and return from Boston to ! Washington. The trip to the west will | not be changed, according to announcement. The change In plans was made on account of the illness of Secretary of Treasury McAdoo. Although he shows la steady improvement, Surgeon General Rupert Blue, of the Public Health | Service, advised a complete rest of five days before the secretary takes up the strenuous days of the publn After the passage of the water or Kearin jBTfl Thorp wer, roporto »t the treasury iinaueo In council last night, a reso- department today indicating fhaA thejlution for the study of the water ques- path which ith# two cabinet officers tlon in Uniontown by a councilmanic are to travel in locating the 1* ederal 'commission was adopted. The com- reservo districts and cities will not1 he rosy. About the time Represents-¡,nittee was authorized to make an ex- tive James ¿Francis Burke, of Pitts-'haustive investigation and study both burgh, ».alien to say that Pittsburgh the subject of water rates and mills in the rade for a reserve bank anfj xiicipal ownership for the use of coun­ is anxious to have a hearing, word i r«nched oflleials ear.’ that some dtle.!0»' *»>« Pronent contract ex. which have been considered tor bank.,?'«»- Four members ot th. commit- FATHER DIES WHILE LEAVING FOR VISIT TO DAUGHTER HERE After making ample preparations to entertain her parents at her home here, Mrs. Robert I. Wilson, yesterday afternoon received a telegram stating that her father, N. W. Swift, aged 61, a retired farmer of Mohawk, N. Y., bad died suddenly. Mr. and Mrs. Swift were expected to arrive j in Uniontown this morning on the 10:41 o’clock B. & O. train to v»sit their son-in-law and daughter, the Rev. and Mrs. Robert I. Wilson, pastor of the First M. P. church. How Mr. Swift met nis death was not given in the telegram which Mrs. Wilson received. As Mr. and Mrs. Swift should have started from M'o- hawk yesterday afternoon in order t0 i JUT A'PTTTFWCS’ PTPTiT reach Uniontown this morning, it is A O XAUrXiA FIRE COMPANIES MUST SUBMIT TO NEW ORDINANCE Will Not Receive Official Recognition Unless Written Acceptances Are Filed With Solicitor Before Monday. feared by Rev. and Mrs. Wilson that he was killed while starting on the trip. Rev, and Mrs. Wilson left last evening on the 7:45 o’clock train for Mohawk. They will arrive there this afternoon at 2 o'clock. NEW LIGHTS AND WATER PLUGS ARE ORDERED BY CITY IS IN SPOTLIGHT Fireman Pretents Petition Asking for Investigation of Charges Against Him—Plea is Ignored-LCoundlmsn Engage in Vehement Language During Discussion. Inhabitants of Many Towns Starving and Without ''¿■¿onoTed.i«« "«« nam«i and another win b. Clothing —Rebels Closing Mr. Burk« arranged for hi» bearing Pro^ent Hugh A. Gorier WUbrnug. XV^ o _«»!_»_ .. nr tnn¡»ht later. The four members are Charles in on Neuva Laredo. committee encountered bankers and, but official* were wondering tonight .. ____ „ „ just what would happen when the Ashcraft and C ouncilmen C. C. finmmittan mii•mintnrnH tiaiiifpra and , Altroan, Gforge \»hjel and Hugn A. (By Associate Fr*es to The Herald.) WASHINGTON. Dec. 29. — Confirm 11 L. Robinson, the third member of J?rLv*Ae rumors, offitial reports^ the ordinance committee. In his i re&° f a , nrHvlties in north-' port, he recommended that the or- ¡^M«xico with the announced pur-| business men fo cities big enough to Gorley. have reserve banks, who do not wish one I Something Very I me tl. They objected it» water mat<-rsidtnaoc:e as raported out of committee | JfVleartn«out"the P#d#rals from' >e!ng installed. By their action they -bo not acted upon.’’ He gave as his wboie northern tier of Mexican *‘A Modem Eve,1 a suted to,make the small consumer (reasons that the ordinance as pre. - ..................... it water pay for a great part of the ¡sented b> the majority was never realtor consumed by the large indus* j ferred to the committee by council for rtes. They advocated a flat rate in-,consideration, nor was the committee ¡«"that if the campaign In that quar- tead of a meter where every conatm*' authorized or directed to recommend ter successful It will be followed *r pa>s for the water he uses. By)an ordinance of its own motion. Heimmediately ,bv an attack states. Today the Constitutionalist forces are reported as closing in upon Nueva Laredo but the understanding An attempt was made by E. D. Brown to have the resolution amended maklug the commission only three councilmen, and making the investigation “along the following lines: _ “1. Original capitalization of tho Here Tonight, Pro- Uniontown Water company, present nounced Charming by Those Who capitalization, for what purposes in- Saw it In onnellsville. crease of capital was made, how paid “A Mod-m Eve, as presented at foJ. aQ(] what wa8 done with the proceeds of sale of additional stock. “2. Original investment in plajit, present investment, and expenses of Passage of a resolution in council last night requiring the tire companies to file with the 1 orough soliclt- or before next Monday night an ac- New electric lights and water plug. tance cf ovislon8 of the new for fire protection wfere authorized by | 1 council at its meeting last night. Are ordinance in order to receive of- Chairman Whyel of the water and light committee, made a report which was unanimously adopted. The arc light at the foot of Dunlap street at the Intersection of Hamilton street is to be moved to the Eastern bridge, and the small light at the Eastern bridge is to be moved to the foot of Dunlap street. A new light is to be placed In C’ool- spring street, uear the stable of John Hankins.* Two pedestal lights are to be placed at the Delaware avenue entrance to the Uniontown hospital grounds flcial recognition as fire companies was the result of the precipitation of the woes and jealousies in the Uniontown Fire Department which have been simmering since March 28, 1910 into council. The initiative was taken by George H. Matthews, a central figure in fire troubles, who appeared with his attorney, A. E. Jones, and questioned the right of council to Interfere with the aifairs of the fire companies. Matthew* presented a petition to council, signed by 57 members of three fire companies In which they declared had been The light in Church street, nearj'hat the charges whiclJ the Baltimore & Ohio railroad Is to made against Matthews ^cr^j^lthout be moved one pole in Church Btreet The light in the hollow* on the Me- Clellandtown road Is to be moved to the intersection of the McClellandtown road and Berkley street. A new water plug Is to be placed on the Colonial theater, Connellsville, last night, delighted a crowded house. r. . ___________ _ — in forc* I Several Uniontown people went over mvemmeu» ^ _________ i vote of 10 to 3, tho ordinance In declared that the original motion aa (upon Ojinnga where the remnant of lo ^ u and came back charmed. For JJ . b *r Rince ltg incor- tbe <-ast end of Lincoln street, to be rhich the water company agreed to presented to council by the water the Federal garrison of Chihuahua has, a muaicaj comedy the company is not ‘rati^n located by the borough engineer. company and referred to the com-¡taken Us final stand „ . -'large, but what it lacks In numbers it orialnal and present capacity The wafer plug is to be placed in » sw 5u-a» »m - ¿rssL: - 8*—*“syssar« The “en,c further official commute«. He declared that the ordinance is he former demands of council was passed. HOW THEY VOTED W Om final passage, the vote was as [follow*: For the ordinance — Altman, Wtl* tame, Whyel, Craft, Randall, Mall, Ghriat. Gainer, Burd, Gorley. Aoainst the ordinance — Robineon, MM. Driiuin teln »gainst the desire of a large ktmrn G.av Wilkev majority of the Citizens of the town.** Absent - »tern. Or.y, Wilk.y. rat„ THE MAJORITY REPORT toQ high Immediately after President Hugh Another assertion made was that I ner of an alley and Wilson avenue Ho declared t hat the o£ food supplies Into the difficult witu a arabas» musical ¡¡¡r iexp*nditure of money fs made obi^uou*«. u> _rt»tli.uutlu.t«tk.,»»‘°‘ »Ul» «J» . Hflrv ffiaf mans nraUbok»«« fifflHentli times throughout the year with an: ,s to be moved to Fayette street and abundance of pure water if reasonable j Wilson avenue. muter system for the flat rate sys moutffaln Country w ^ sofn^ time so mat many n , , >h the company’s affairs efficiently man- Dr Mensendieck, In the little towm forward to “A Modern Eve, wh^icn u of Agua Calciente Baca, reports that ComeB to Mr. Harry Beesou s West, proflt9 Df the comprny by on October 25, ow-,ng to the drouth, Fnd theater this evening. That being • year since its incorporation. i-au.... * «„tar ■«arvillB’LL. i. i%a, a wiftA nfMOH 11- i r ... MA80NTOWN FIRE inhabitants were not only but to do T starving !the R would be a wise precau- j thig gpec!ul cooltnlttce were without clothing, the well llon for HI1 those wanting good I authorized to i8!jue subpoenas for! do as well aa t.u poor - to look aftor them as early a* poaaible wi»negaeg books and papers, t^at it , ,vas iLTOAl? ______ niay^e”ct private counae. If I. » ; Store Belonging to Louis Wolkof? . i Damaged to Extent of $500. MA80NTOWN. Dec. 30. — (Tues- Gorley called the meeting to or- the ordinance could only be passed ^ ............................ ii r, Counciln»a« George Wh>el asked jumjer a susi ension of the rules, and i obliged to hide in their -»hacks abHo- for a report from the ordlnanc»' com- s;xjq thut to pass ft would be “improi>- Uitely naked and all were suffering * - _ rsoiUTT» A VV imttee. The committee through itsit.r au,t unscennng.” terribly from exposure during the CEREAL* CrU-Wllr/LiN x O any foundation, whatsoever, and were made by designing and evil disposed persons for the purpose of Injuring the reputation of said George H. Matthews as a fireman and a citizen.” The matter was brought up by Attorney Jones Just as council was about to adjourn after the resolution for the investigation of the water question had been adopted. A petition of six closely typewritten pages wa* presented by Mr. Jones and he immediately began an attack on the council for the passage of the recent ordinance regulating the fir« department. Chairman Wh>«b of the fire committee. took exceptions to MY. Jones’ mode of attack, raising a point of order that his remarks were out of order. After a wrangle of several minutes in which Messrs. Browm. Miller and Robinson used some vehement the origin of which is u»*Lr >IIU ___________ _________ as discovered at 1:45 o clock jangUase> tbe attorney was allowed to , . . .this morning In the clothing store ot gom petltion, but his attack on desire*, that it employ stenographers, U oulB Walkoff. Tlle alarm was sound- £ checked and that it be directed to report tbelj and the flremen suceeded in ex-lcouncl1 was enecR * <i "it the Mr Brown moved and Mr. Miller, cold nights, lituunce with a majority report signed j ««couded a motion for the adoption He predicted even worse conditions' b> C. C. Altman and James E. Gainer. 10f \jr Hobinson s report. Debating at the expiration of two months or ^ The majority report of the committee tj,e „,0tion, Mr. Robinson said that ubout the present data. follows: the new ordinanca was an improve-j _Akll«^- i “Tho Uniontown Water company on m,,ut on thl, otiUT ordinance, but in-1 BASKETBALL tonight RECEIVERS ENTER A $10,000,000 SUIT (By A moc UUA Freo* to Tto* HsralS.) CHICAGO, der company. The entire affair from I tiiitAuu, in., Dec. 29. — The »>aid that council had no right to ^‘“‘iCray, who lives on the third ^! Matthews’ viewpoint w as presented. May 20. 1913, presented an ordinance that a water ordinance 1« dead! . , ! Quaker Oa»s company. Us directors,. inon witnesses and require mom ana the buijdtng which is owned by Dr. , Hertmion was cast on the report of to this council authorizing the presl-¡„mce council rejected It in September. Uniontown High School and Union-; anJ the dlrectorg of the GreaJ West- papers of business concerns to be H Qloud< He was awakm^ed by jn^ . ^ ^ commlttee of council in nm.k- dent and secretary to sign a contract u„ admitted, however, that he and town Regulars to Clash. | ern Serial company, were made de- brought iu.H with the said Uniontown Water com ,{|ul „thpr members of the committee What promises io be a hotly con- j ioudunlg in a guit £or $10,000,000 dam- paiu for water nsed by the borough !uu lu eM worklng with the water tested basketIjall game be play- j the United States district ^ - -- it ------" *~* - -J I* A„ait«Hn,n .hi« * bv william A. Tilden and fixing the rsi**^ to h» ( h.irj.i d t*> 4.UI,,j,ailj lu «.. ........ ... r hu - h iuui» » »«««j »<.- .......— — ------the citizens of the borough of t » !Hald that the committee wanted a)ev«dtdf between the I monio n n i and Charles G. Thompson, receivers ontown, and tho same was referred o this cofnmitt## for consideration, ____ und your commitlee has hud »♦•veritl ,ll4> ru.,ilAr rnimiHtiv reftiKiMi. Hobln« I ly meetings und met with the officials of the other members of the committee What promises to be “ hotly con- fenduntg in a liuti been w orking with the water ' l®*tpd basatimii game will he pla>-j filed In l comjiany to reach an agreement. He «d at the Basketball . court here toi said that the committee wanted a ievJ,ll“R nlTio oow.i Ite- and Charles -, -----discount of 2 1-2 cents per thousand > school team ami he I nl i o£ lbe serial compuuy. for prompt iiaymcnt of bills, which i kttlara. The 8 j4r The suit was brough the water company refused. Robin son insisted that there shoul . . ... i ne „„.V „.„..„ht under section The price of admission ^ ihu Shorman autl-trust law .ami Brown then wanted to know why (Continued From Page One.) DENSE FOG smoke. James Wilson also (\'8<ri\v.i>r*! ing a recent report to counc il that ed smoke issuing from the “u‘jfljtfthews had been dismissed as a as he was returning home from wor‘c- j mPmber of t’hief Williams Hook and They spread the alarm. ThiB is the second fire in the Wolkoff's store within a year’s time. THOUSANDS ARE DESTITUTE I he Water company at different times rate, declaring that the and after going over the mutter car«* fully und giving it our best consider itiun w e report tlm ordinance tonight tor final passage. In reporting this ordinance we do* Sire to »all your attention to the fok ,ow’iua »'hang'« in tic <>r>liu.uu <• pi«i rentfKl tonight from the original or finance as ref»*rre l to us. “First. The original ordlnunce prc^ ided that the contract be for twenty of the Uniontown Water compi . greater than those of the First Na- “P («'ams. lluntl Itank Ur. H. B. PcUlon Sturgeon .............. r. . METER SYSTEM BEST McManus..............F .. lkH'lariug the meter system for the Hurd ..........................1 best Inte rests of the people of th# j Harold town and for the conservation of ^ Dunn water, Mr. Whyel defended the or­ dlnunce us reported out of committee. He said that the meter stands for City Enveloped in Mist. Making Traffic Very Dangerous. ______ w'Clut "“nin«”™!? atmoa- 1Thirty-Thousand R.port.d^ln Oangor m aulara I c',“",‘,ns ' lu"<' **• . , I difficulty thal objects could be dis- s The 11,000.000 realized by the sale, rern(id at „ distance of 20 feet. Every! FARI», Dec. Ledder company. The petitioner* ask council “to take such action as they may deem ue es- sary In the case of the said George H. Matthews, a« they may see fit and proper.’* The signers to the petition aro: Charles Francis, Jr., U. G. Markley, J. G. Wihly, V* • I r _ || I „ 1 I t) 1 tilts PliQt mail ' ould t»o a;*» 25c whl»:h Includes roller sksilng - ^ re#i|U Qf ihe of thQ trade, e earnings before and after the game and ^8°;name8 and principal properties of theiden| mpany are (tor the game. Following Is the ¡Serial company to the Quaker Oats' . _ Thn««mnd 1 J- H. Dunn. J. P. Murphy. J. G. Wildy. f t.rvmt B Wood, Thomas Shuman, Charles .......... Mtab^.ccord.l»'^". Sr- A' J K*y V“«* ant« of a few feet. Street tars were »ru u thmuith the s 11 wàa charged, G G- ••» k J“, holders of $1.000,000 of the Serial^ J D Kerfoot company bonds, leaving the holders _ Williams i 13.000.000 worth of stock, only the¡unc J. Bower, H R. Williams, Fred T. S. Wood, William G. L»<ars front the 14th day of February, conservation of the water and for l‘J13. The ordlnanc# a* now retried , tljM b^ajth of the pnqde of this com- provides ttiat the contract stmll l*<* *°r' muntty. He said that while the flat mly three years from January Ljr*te was used In tho aummer when [ 914 . thcr# weru dry seasons, many con“Second. Paragraph five did ! burners wasted water that they would nelude that water should be furnish* jn£>| 0iherwi»e do If they were paying <1 to the Uniontown hospital at the i,,.t rrti^, of l", p«*r thousand, but un 1er the old ordinnnre they would have :o pay the sum of 25c per thousand, j i ume as other consumers >ew iDoi, J'*”‘ **“ 1 Miller, Thomas name of the company and minor pro-JJrced to’run unusually slow but werellshed a 400 mile Journey througn “«|Kafn springer Jeffries, H. O. k'runc- * a ” s T- 4 « rn ! perty aa assets. The law, it was j able to maintain their schedule. The re mot# mountainous district which he ^ Q H Mwri,hyt Barton Woo«lwaxd, Christmas Savings Club hald provides that complaining aeurchllghts from the street »arg and traversed by horse and onfooL As wm,am H Klng John Raymond. At Citizens Title & Trust company ! atockholders can hold punitive «lam- thoae from automobiles were practi- a result of the >er'lan “V . Georg# Thomas, of the Union Hose started off with a rush yesterday. agM |n three times the amount of th# cally U80ie(itj, so thick was the murky j says more than toy vumKO» ..........« company; Thomas C at... a _a _ l. „« iivitiAtil uii.l u §(OCk I Konn flaitPCIVed. Hundreds have already joined and a large number could not be accommodated because of the rush. The Club will be open until January 10th aaui in order to accomodate the out of town people or any that •Third Paragraph «dght provided ¡i(, haj,i_ would have to be pumped hat water consumers should pay tb^jfjoru the Youghlogheuy river and this lum of 30c per thousand gallons. I in* wate,r imperiled the health of the srdinance now provides that the rate immunity, blutll be 25c per thousand gallons for It by tho gallon. He said that cannot get in during the day the bank thousands of galloijs of water was (will be open every night this week wasted Tn the dry season* by consumers watering their lawns and sprinkling the streets. Watir then, “Fourth. Paragraph nine provided hat the minimum monthly charge for t consumer having but one faucet eliali be uet* wblch means that REDUCTIONS POINTED OUT from 7:0U to 8:30 except Thursday. $25.00 REWARD For recovery of a horse driven away hy Edward Miller last Wednesday. December 24 from the West End Livery Htable lu Uniontown. Black mare clipped und very thin; yeilo'v running gears with steel tires and undercut; man about 5 feet 8 Inches, w t ONE-FOURTH REDUCTION On all cellarettcs. smoking sets, sewing boxes, china, cut glass, electric and gas lumps. 1A)NG FUKNl- n HE COMPANY. FOR BEST LUMP COAL Call Bell phone 1763. Matthews, Joe atmosphere i been destroyed. * "«,>« I E#lth, M'. J. Schimele, G. Ray Her- Donald »earner, a taxicab driver, houses have been bimmd and 4, (oQt A j Kerfoot. M. Bauersack. was arrested by Patrolman Williams .men, women and children ¡John Engle, John Hascnkoff, John for driving on Main street without ¡hundred thousand persons are I Uhl, J. N. Hibbs, John Barre. William front light. I®“8 of Vlhom Howard estimates one- McLaugbuni A. R. Kramer, Joe Hag................................. third are likely to Ute of cold and j #r A c D. G Wagner, O- F. THE WEATHER (hunger. Many are living In cornstalk mnerraan Samuel Colburn. R. 3 Dtf- (Bv Aiioei<u*d Pr»u to 7h« Xtriil) ¡lean-to#, agaiust the rums ot tne , |§i, G Ray How AUDITORS’ REPORT Reductions In the i»rice of water under the new ordlnunce were point- r„„., ---------------- , ¡#d out by Mr. Gainer, a member I ¡¡ark hair au*d *du*rk~cotnpi#x ton, the consumer would be entltlod » |A# ordlnanc« committee lie showed fcbo|Jt 1C0 or ,70 wore ltnui t oior Boft ¡2,000 gallons of water. Under tbs»or- lhat lho 8JnaU consumer would UOt|hat Tlu, above »\\\ 1»«* paid ullnanc# as reported the same^ con- ,iave t0 pay for a part of the wat« r for |tMUVl( > or for ¡„forma n U ui- j lug to recovery. WEST KND LIVERY. WASHINGTON, D. C„ I>ec. 29. —¡home*. For Western Pennsylvania — Generally fair Tuesday and Wednesday ! DUNBAR For West Virginia — Fair Tuesday. --------and Wednesday. ¡Balance In Hands of Treasurer Now ■ $8,460.79. PhrifitmflR SiiVillfiS Clllb I Auditors for Dunbar township >es- CilllbimaS DUYIU^S vtuu terdav filed their report for the vear At Citizen. TUI. * Trust comp.« "¡^¡¡^ on ml)er ; „ .started off with a rush yesterda>.| thw baiance [n the hands of; Humtreds have already Joined and a , **• tr0z8Urer was $ts,649.03, while the ! large number could not be *“'vüm I balanca tlOW in the hands of the; r. ard, G, C. Scott, George Bundy, Elmer Maust, Edward W. Hague, Alph Miller, of the Keystone Fire company; C. J. Wähler. O. E. Keener, J. A Hornbeck, C. E. Williams, William Mattison, J. W. McCormick and William R Hooper. On motion of Mr. Whyel, the [petition was la'd on the table. turner would be entitled to 3,000 gallons of water for 60c. And for a c«>n turner having two faucets only or one (Ooatiuusd on Pag* Two.) •EW VICTOR RECORD» FOR JANUARY 1914 ON SALE TODAY. A VERY GOOD LIST. COME IN AND HEAR THEM. A. I. ELLIS & SON , MOROANTOWN 8T. West End Theatre To-Night at 8:20 -X Y ou will l>t* sorry ii‘ you miss it, KveryoJiç \k li»* 1 iivpB it good ishow will I k thci’t*. Prii'l'H 2*i to Sururr* your sciitn our!y »t IU m ' kgii ’ s book sltop. VICTOR RECORDS FOR January HEAR THEM AT FREDERICK’S Main and Morgantown Sts. large numb# modatod because of the rusu 1 treasurer Is now $8,466.79. The bal-iKeeuer. Th. Club win b. Oh«.» until J.u- *«»•'“ “he ,*12 I. »2,1 uary 10th »und tn order to accomodate ( ^ The amoUnt of the 4913 dup- tho out of town people or any »h“t .. { $23 927.30, The amount due cannot get in during the day the bank. duplicate Is $3,94« 70. The LANSING WAGONS. Carload just arrived Barclay & will be open every nlgbt this week from 7:00 to 8:30 except Thursday. SKATES Sleds, ice creepers, gas and coal stoves, range* and heaters. Pipes, valves, tacking, belting, roofing and ail Linds of mine supplies at Bainbrldge A Baird Next Door to Postoltics Bell—136 Trt State 945 OVERCOATS, Also Suit* can be cleaned perfectly ui »1 ANGER'S, 8 Arch street. Both phones. DONT WALK. RIDE lu Uulontown Taxicabs. Boroigh rates night and day, 25c. Both [ibonea 4 86. liabilities are $2,127 50 and the resources $12,407.49. HARPERS FERRY HAS FlRE (By A**ocUt*4 Pr«as to »a* Berald.) HARPERS FERRY. W. Va., Dec. 29. — The Riddle building here was destro) ed by a fire which broke out last m'dnight. For a time the flames threatened to spread throughout the business sectiou. The loss is estimated at $15,000 HEATING STOVES at bargains at Rush and Rhoad##, No. 9 West Main atreu«.. HAGAN S TAXICABS Bell Phone 77, Trl State i». T, See Rush and Rhoadt in HEATING STOVES. for bargains January VICTOR RECORDS Now Roady P. W. Simon 21 W. MAIN «T.

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