Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 23, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 23, 1896
Page 5
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._. H e FACTORY. Up=to=Date Styles - FOR" Fall,and Winter. DEWENTER The HATTER " And FURNISHER UP=TO=DATE TAILORING. POPULAR PRICES. That'* He—My Fall Woolens are ready for inspection. Can't I show you through. H. G. TUCKER, The Original Pearl Street Tailor. GREATER Th&a Ever Beyond the shadow of » a doubt, our new arrivals in Stylish Shoes Stevenson & Klinsick. 403 Broadway. THE FIRSI nATIONAL BANK -or- LOGANSPORT. .. . INDIANA: CAPITAL 826O.OOO, X J. Murdock, Tieu. W. W. Ro*. J. r. Brookmeyer, Aut. Cash. DIBKCTOBS: H. a Bice, w. H. Brtngburst, . W..T. WUson. In al! Its Departments promptly and carefully done. , -'-»,«. u.« Safety to Cu»tomor« and Stockholder* "Strong B*«enr« Fund maintained. Business Change. .Jaines Baah»«r has pnretase'd tne Peltoa meat market. He now .occupies the ntw room : Just erected to the west of the old stood,-and it-to hte Intention to rnn a first-daw stoop and handle .a full Mne of frceh and salt meats. T&e Lpgansport Humane society (INCORPORATED.) For the Prevention of Cruelty to Women Children and Animals E. S. jllce— Tret. Goo. W. Waltem-Sec. J. J. •flllrtebnmilt-Tremi. W. M. Hlshop—Uumane Ofllcer, K. S, Rice. J. C, Hauler, F. C. Coolbougti Geo WWulters, J.J- Hlldebrandt Peeked Justice, Iimah Adnmi. Mrs. W. D, Pratt Mrs. J, N. Neil. Telephone No. 33. Beport ca«e» of cruelty to Seotetaij. DAILY JOURNAL Fresh mocha and Java coffee.— Rothermel. For Sale or Rent—The dwelling at Murdock Place Rothcrmei's 'mocha, and 'Java coffee Is fresh Tuesday and "Friday. Finest 1 children's Canton'straw 'hats; also a few ladies.. Sec Otto's •• ad. Merit In medicine means the power to cure. The'great .'tores' by,. Hood's. Bar- saparltla prove Its unequaled merit; ". Don't forget until it is too late that tlie Sunday _rate to St. Joseph via the Vfindaiia llne'is ¥2.00. Train leaves.at 7 a. m. Much rest and- enjoyment can be derived from a day-spent at St. Joseph. Fare f or ^the;; round' trip,; ?2;00.- Train leaves every Sunday.at-T a. in.• Born, to-Mr. and Mrs. Klnnle Hall ot Washington township', a daughter. A few days ago .while Mrs, M ; ?'BrItton • was driving throngh the grounds at Long Cliff, one. of the patients threw., a stone at" her hitting hack' of ihe righti • ear and .inflicting an .ugly gash. • Get your children's ready mud school dresses at the Trade Palace, For 2.' cents you can pet .fl.SO chlldi- straw hat and ?2.00 men's-if you men tlon tliis ad. A number of the members of tin Onitanon club picnicked at the park Friday evening. Choice of any straw hat in Otto's store Monday for 25 cents If you men -lion this local. Mrs. Harry C. Faijrc of Cliicapo, ii- the fjucst, of the family of her brother Faul W. Jordan, 121 Fourth street. If you wish carpets, shades .curtains, matting, rugs or linoleum call at the Trade Paluce, we have the largest line ever shown. -Mrs. Eda Bebcc yesterday sold th Hernispiiuph property on High street to Dr. H. C. Cushman for a consideration of $1,800 cash. H. T. Gninn, of tho Metropolitan Life Insurance company has been promoted and will leave soon for Frank fort which will be his field'of labor. Tho Trade Palace has just received the largest and most beautiful stock of fall "carpets,- draperies and curtains ever brought to the city. Call and see them and .learn prices. Yesterday morning during fho storm lightning, struck the chimney of a house on tho .Southside owned by Jacob Zimmerman. The chimney was torn off but no .further damage was done. The funeral services of the late William Close were.held yesterday morning at 10 o'clock at the residence of his father, Daniel Close, of High" street. Interment was bad at Mt. Hope cemetery. ' Tho State convention of the Qatholic Knights of America .wjli convene tomorrow at Columbus. .State President Peter Wallrath went to that place yesterday. William, Shanahan, Al Quealy and John Sheerin. delegates, will go today.' 1 The will of the late Kathcrine McGlynn has been admitted to probate. $iie bequeathed all of her estate to her brother John McGlynn, and to her sls- teri Anna McGlynn, half of her bulldog and loan stock. Rufus Magee Is named as executor. At a meeting of the board of directors of the Northwestern -Savings and Loan association of Logansport, which was held recently, Mr. W. W, Brown resigned his position as secretary and Mr. James T, Cockbnrn was elected as secretary and manager. Mr. and Mrs. Simon Long,, of Washington township, entertained a party of young people at.their homo Friday evening la honor of the eighteenth anniversary of the birth of their daughter, Miss Agio. About thirty guests were present and a general good time Is reported, " John" YonnVTof. L'afa"yctte7formerly of this,city, returned yesterday from Phillpsbtirg, Pa.,' where he was married to Miss Harriet, Beecher Ward, a prominent young lady of that place. They will visit here for a few days before going to Lafayette when! they will reside In Hie'future. Edward Holler died yesterday morn- Ing at 0:30 o'clock at Lafayette. The remains will bo brought hero for'burial. The funeral services will be held from Hie residence, of Mr.s. Tllllo Duvall,1520 George ^treet, tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock. Services will be conducted by tlie'Rev. J. C. -Kauffman. Interment will be had at Mt. Hope cemetery. - ••" • A smart traveling man made an ex- hlbltion'of how not to be a gentleman lii' the' lobby of the Murdock Friday, afternoon. He was feeding pennies in the slot machine at the cigar stand and because, be did n%: win, grew angry and began abusing Clare Ray , the 'gentlemanly young man who is on duty there. Ray 'resented his language and the big brute, slapped him.. Bystanders .interfered and. prevented a "scrap." THE WIND'S FURY Storm Does fluch Damage in all Directions. : Freight Cars Blockade the Panhandle at Thornhope,. ; Story of the Wreck Caused in the City and "Country. | The storm which visited Log.'insport yesterday evening was wklespread'ajid' It made Its force felt more partlculaifly to the north of us. The report rcachbd' this city early in tlie evening that.the town of North Judson, at.<he" crossing' of tho C. & A. aucl I. I. & I. roads with the Panhandle, north of Winainac, hid ; been wrecked by a tornado. There, was no way by which the rumor .could, Ipe verified, as every wire leading, oijt of the city north was down and the bi>erji-' ; tors n.t the dispatcher's office co'uliVsrp no farther'out than Thoruhopo. ' Shortly after 7 o'clock a message wijs received from Thornhope stating that a number of'freight cars on the sldj?- track at that station :had been blown onto the main track, forming,a block- adj. The wrecking train was .limned!-' ately ordered out and started out of tho Fourth street station about p o'clock for tho scene of the trouble. .,&' Journal reporter was permitted to.ac- company the wrecking crew anil learned the following facts regardinp the wreck. Shortly after the.storm' had struck the station at Thornhope, a farmer's boy named James I-Tat.fieM discovered a number of freight cars lying across the main track. He kne~\y that the passenger train from Chicago, due here at 7:20, would ' soon an-iyo there, and ran to the station where lie procured a lantern, and when the train], in charge of Conductor Joe Kiiincy. of this city, hove in sight, he flagged th<? euginomnu and the train was. stopped? just in time to avert a serious wreck. ; ! After the wreck train arrived at the scene of the trouble, the crow went at the overturned freight cars 1 and after four hours of hard work the roniii track was cleared and the train, duo here at 7:20, pulled in at 2 o'clock this morning. From the trainmen of No; 4, the belated train, It was learned that the story of the destruction of the town Children's Straw Hats worth Up to $1.50 Men's Straw Hats worth up to $2.00 IF YOU READ THIS AD. $2.48 worth $5.00, Men's and Women's Finest Tan Shoes, Also Ladies' Patent leather Dress Shoes. Bead Why. >V V^ 4-1 A fn Successors to Blacker Gers.tle & (J. (jerStlC aim WO., Co. Cincinnati, Ohio write—In consequence of an error of their representative in forwardingdiscriptioit of order on Ladies' Full Dress Patent Leather Lace 20th Century Needle Toe Shoes they authorize us to close out the lot IOO pairs regular $5 SHOES at $2 50, and they will stand the loss. Otto's Shoe Sales Are Real Sensations Because the Shoes advertised are Genuine $6,00 shoes, and so knoraa by shoe buyers. OTTO KRAUS "Of Course'* of North .Tudson was untrue. The wind did some damage there, but noth- ng of consequence was-deslroyed..Thei greatest damage is to the telegraph lines. Tho trainmen report-the poles' lying flat on the ground for a stretch ; of two miles north of Thornhope. Com-, munlcatlon with Chicago by wire is' consequently cut off until the lines can ; jo repaired. • ! 'Ell Sophel, one of the wrecking crew,i was painfully,' though not seriously/ injured by tlie slipping of a derrick; chain. - - ' ; IN THE CITY. and'scurried for shelter. The advance guard of the storm shot through tho •air with increilitablc swiftness ami before anyone realized it, the wind was touring through ihe streets at a tor- rilic. rate, picking up everything in its 'path that was not securely fastened dowii and hurling it along In clouds of dust that gr.ve a serious aspect to the niomcnt.. The general direction of the w'in'd was slightly north of west; that In to say it blow to "the cast with ii . southerly, tendency. The blow lusted about live minutes and then came a torrent of rain which fairly Eclipsed the downpour of the morning. The storm came on so sud .dimly that many people were caugu ,-i.far from, shelter and in consequence were drenched to the skin. Lognusport has been cxtremelj fortunate in escaping the consequence* of heavy' wind storms such as that o last evening. Situated as she is, snr Winded by hills'ou almost every side the tornados which on the open, levc coymtry.loa.ve destruction in their path have never stooped to destroy the fait city in the valley and her people are grateful that this is so. The freaks of the.wind are many, however. a\c Olio of those; peculiar-shaped clouds ,whjch an old resident described as a I'sly coon, shaped like a funeral," may yet 'drop the smaller end of the fun uel into the valley of the- Wabash am' 'bring a full realization of tho horrors of'the tornado infested West. ' '.'' STORM AT ROYAL CENTER. '.' '' ' Buildings Blown Down and Scattered '.'!'', .. and Trees Twisted off. . Windows Crushed ,ln and. iFriilt. and Shade Trees Damaged. '"" ; - Tho damage done by the' storm In this city was confined to the blow.ing down of a number of shade trees and the destruction of a large amount.of friut, particularly peaches, tlie trees wherever exposed to the fury of ,thei winds being broken and . the [fruit- stripped from tlie branches.. A, large ilate glass window In the Wilson it rlnnphreys stationery establishment; at Fourth and,North streets wan. blown u and the glass was shivered ,lnto a thousand .pieces.. Meyer Franklir,i., one of the clerks in the store had a narrow escape from serious injury. Ho hud been putting a display in.the window and had just finished, when ho wind caved the glass in. He was not more than twenty feet from .the window and the pieces .of glass fell ill about him. . , . , -.• Joe Fox, yard conductor In the Ean : mndle yards, was ,serlously injured: luring the blow. , He.-was standing n the yards watelling.the storm when i ca.r door from a.freight car standing DII the track' .was... .torn', .from. Us iingos and struck him on. the:-left, ihouldor, badly .bruising his face and " .Toe Kreis was at Royal Center yesterday evening when the storm broke. He was compelled to remain there until after 7 o'clock and when he at last was eiiable'd to inake a start, he found wreckage of every .description strewing,the road all the way Into the city in .Ifoya.l. Center two new buildings were blown down, and partially wrfi'cs- .cd. Trees, were uprooted and-twisted off,, 'fences were levelled and a great amount .of damage resulted. Other parties who were out in the country at the tiine the-storm struck, tell slmi- iiir,t_aieg'.of. destructiycness of the wind .jCjr.'jFIcrnmn was out • in the country ,caiiing.6u a patient and on his return was obliged to drive out of his way .1 .nurobe.1*.of times to get around trees :whJCh hiid- blown across the roadway." Yij tiie,.c.lty -there.w^re any number of shade trees broken off or uprooted, and the fruit .trees suffered materially. So far.asLCan be learned last night there were no buildings unroofed, but a: number,of windows suffered and outbuildings ,were overturned. The country suffered.'greatest, injury, owing to the wind ]iavii}g.full swoor> wer the open flelds.' '-,. '' . ; ' . WAL^AOE'S CIROU'S DAMAGED. iliouldcr. He was taken to the office; if'Drs. Shulte and. H'etherington, where his injuries were attended. .It' « not thought that serious results will- ollow, but the bruises are severe nnd nflauMnatlon may set in and cause him groat deal of trouble., .Whllc.no- Jones were broken outright, the bone ,t the point of the shoulder is thought o have been fractured, • ... Tlie storm was brewing all after- loon. .The heat was oppressive, antihero was: an unwonted stillness In the tmosphere that foretold the .warring. f the elements -which folloT,yed. .The Id saying, that "there is always-a aim after the storm," was reversed l^u his case, and the period of calm.pre- eded the storm. In fact, the.condl- lons are such as are described in tlife. yclone countries as ideal for suchv.ii Isturbance, and when, at 0:40 o'clock, he white streamer-like clouds beganjtp hooj up from the bank of sullen bjack; vhlch hung low in the west,almost 1 : he entire afternoon, the .people re,al ; , Wind Storm at Hxintlnglon Plays Havoc. Wifh" the Big.'C.lrcvs Tent, Tlie'wind storm reached as far Bast • as' iluntington yesterday evening. The 1 big! Wallace circus, which is billed ho.show, here tomorrow, had its tents [.spread there and it is reported that tlie : wind 1 didn't do a thing but strip tiie :poles o_f canvass.and overturn cages ;of.,wild animals in a sorry jumble. The ng of .the lions and trumpeting of (the, elephants, combined, with tlie •Iscreams, of. the other wild .-ihluials,- jroa'de, tlie circus grounds anything but. vCijlpasant.jBlace .for a time. Shows, 'such, as.jtho Wallace,- circus nrc -pre- jpaijfjd..fpf' such accidents as this, how-. ievj.TJ and, if the .tent is too. badly.dam- iaged they. .w'H haul out the one they 'im'vQ'.',.jn! reserve and go on with the i, ""EFFECT OF THE RAIXS. i .'..•!>.' •'• • •. :' ' feofli the Wabash and Eel Rivers Rose || • ! ' T Pbeh'6mei)a))y in a Short Time. .T-heiheavy-.vrainstorin of yesterday hiorni.nir \startea a-flood in both the zed.iaa.t.a:,.wind.storm-was.-jififln,*hei»H 'Vf'abash.and Eel rivers,..and yesterday evening at the Third street bridge the rise of water could almost be rioted, so rapidly did it come up. It is stated by those who have noted the stage of the river throughout the season, that the water has not been so high this year as it: was at S o'clock last night, nnd the swelling flood was still raising on the banks rapidly. At midnight tho Wabash was still rising, and an old inhabitant said that if it did not fall be fore morning, the water would hide the Taber dam from sight. This stage o£ water is rarely obtained in the Wabash. The llooil of yesterday evening will help keep the rivers rising, and much damage will result to corn growing iu low-lying bottom fields. There was an unusual amount of driftwood floating in the Wabash throughout the night, which is always a good indication of a rising stream. Immense trees were afloat, and when they struck the piers of the old Third street bridge.the structure trembled from tho shock. . NEVER CUTS THE PERFORMANCE. It is the 1 custom with many shows to cut the night performance, that is. omit many of the acts, in order to get through early and hasten the tearing down and departure for the nest town. The Great Wallace Show guarantees never to do this. Mr. Wallace is a roost conscientious showman; he as : sorts that money received at night is worth as much on tlie dollar as the day money, and his patrons are eu- titled-to just as much for it; he maintains that he has no right to give them any less. Plenty of men are employed to tear down rapidly enough when the show is out, without having to pull- the canvas down on the heads of the spectators. At Logausport Monday, August 20th. A MERCHANT'S VIEW OF IT. Said a well-known dry goods mer-' chant recently: "We buy today sis: times as many imported woolens and prints as we did in 1802; that means that when six men had work in 1S92, only one man has work, now, and that one American is working on oue- : . third less money. That is what has become of the markets of our own farmers. Why sir, I can show you many families, in Logansport who are living on less than they threw out of their back doors in 1S92." ^ The remedy is plain; re-enact a pro? tective tariff, start our own .mills and factories; and the laboring men can then.get the money to buy the farm and other products. THE T Is a Good,Machine. * blgb standard ot exceiieneo. Man> of the "lliinson" consider It THE BEST. You wiH find It a valuable nsslstaut In jour <*• fice. Address Tor particulars . THE MUNSON.TYPE WRITER C€ MANUFACTCKERS. ent Luke St., Chicago, TIL. Greatest Discovery of the 19tfc Century. Dr. NEW BUtXDT Medicated Air for the Cure of Catarrh, Astha*. find all Pulmonary DLseisee, It bas no equal He Sick and Nervous HeM- •ctie. 1,000.000 peopte die annually from ne above nfuned dlseuM. ••dlctktedAJrand Drng Co., BIcbmoDd, JBd., tJ. B.tL. It If the best remedy on earth for I* rifpe. It will give Immediate reJtaf mt .will effect a cnr*. where til otb« wMdlei fall, •old by B. F. Keeellng. STATE NATIONAL BANK LOOANSPOR*. JND. i THE FLY PEST. . Exchange: Many of our oldest citizens cannot remember a season when the mosquitoes and flies were worse than for a month past. With flies by day and mosquitoes by-night, life for both man and beast has been almost unbearable. The stock especially has suffered a living death. While man could hide himself away from these murderous pests—behind screens or in dark rooms—the poor horse must stand tied to a rack, swelter In Die heat and tamp and fret himself into a foam fighting liies. In the pasture, a.t night even, it is no better on account of mosquitoes, i The difference between Pills and Simmons Liver Regulator, is just this: Pills/don't go down-very easy with nost people, and feu 1'eel them afterwards. While Slmfens Liver Regula- or in liquid or.powu% is very pleasing :o take, and the- only, feeling that yon iave afterwards. IB-the'great relief that t gives from Constipation, Biliousness. Sick Headache m>^. Dyspepsia. It is a. mild laxative and a tonic. The funeral of Martin Lux will be held this morning at 10 o'clock from he'residence Instead of 2 o'clock .this afternoon as was stated in an evening >a.njk'- Services will be conducted by Kev. D. W. Howe. Interment will be made in Mt. Hope cemetery. • ' ' • • • • J. F. Johnson, President. 8. W. TJlleiy. Vlc»-Pr««ia«»t H. J. HeKbtfnk, Cashier. DIRECTORS. f. T. Johnson. B. W. TJllery. J. T. Elliot W. 1C. Elliott. : W. H. Bolder.- Buy and •»'! Government bouda. IXME jioaey *n personal security and eo)latfl»- il». Isiue special certificates of depo*ttt bearing t per cent. Interest when left omt rear; 3 per cent, per annum when deposited six months. Boxes to Balety Deposit Vaults of tWc bank 'for the deposit ot deeds. Insurance pcUcIes, mortgage* and ether Talluablea, "•nted at from *5 to 116 ?w year. KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers fcEmbalmers, 610 BROADWAY. CHAS. L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER -'• '• NV 417 Market Street. Calls attended to promptly, dtr « light. Central Union and Mutual telephone*. Office, No. 16; Residence, No. 121. IANTED to take out n patent on. From $2000 to $3000 <*-. I*r«! *r a manufacturer for a good selling artlck Internatloial Patent ft TerhnlfB,' Bureau • "Belchell" SmitliB«nd,.l(id. oratHOl'Monadnock, B'k., -••' • CutcngO tilt There .will be a ^special train HID or, the Eel Rier division of the Wabaato leaving here about 8:30 for Adamsborc picnic on Thursday, Angust 27, 1986. JPull particulars will be given inorning. . Special |$3.00. Saturday excursion *c Lake Maxlnkuckeo, the 22d. Trate leaves Vandallo station at 10:5C a. m. A

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