The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 5, 1894 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 5, 1894
Page 3
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: -'' 5, JfMS Pft£$$t feeeswa* and turffentine mixed tnake a goo'A floof polish. Leather trunks tVere u&ed in ftoffie 6s e&tly a§ the time of Caesar. • A certain forest plant in Japan grows t« be about six feet high in, fee weeks. ^"Hei-e are now about 5,30(J Indians .tn« state of New York. Of these . 2,700 are Senecas. A burglaf ia New York was detected through his hat falling from his head fchd striking a passing polifieffian. Blackberries and mushrooms, ft-hilS growing, are not private property in England, and people who take them can not be prosecuted for theft. Of the mineral spangolite only two fepecitnens are known to exist. One was taken from Cornwall) England, and the other is near tombstone, SCS Jte uses It in •frorl? and piny, Ifa everjr time SttiA place; A wfrisfc to brush tho fllSs away, A fan to co'ol his face A WMIte't, all with flowerl fi-bltfffv O* filled flrltfc apple« reft And when it's out of use, J-ou kflOvf, It'S hand$ 6n his head. tt makes a it ftp for butter/hes When suttittiei? days be,*tn; It's just the very shape and slza To etictdlo kitties In ¥hefe'S not it flnfer flshtht net For everfrthttu, Atid fthon a shingle's hard to sct» It answers for a bon.t. tfo-day, when ran: the dinner boll, He left it In a tree; A robin niothftf scanned It well— "A cozy house,' 1 chit-pod Shft. But even while the car etui bird Considered this and tint, The owner's cheerful shout WM heora: "Where did Ileivt my hat?" Jennie Harlowe, Blf W, CtVtnK KtJSSM-I* Ofie 'Fare Excursions South Via Ci& fioitnd trip tickets,Wiil be sold from ill stations ott the Chicagd & Eastern Illinois H'lL'bn Sept, 4th, Oct.' 3d, Not. 6th and "Dee. 4th, 1894, at one far*, to points in Kentucky, "Tennessee, Louiskma, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia. North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida. Tickets good to return for twenty days from date of sale. Stop over allowed on going or returning journey. For further par- ticulars'apply to any C. &. E. I. E. fi, agent or Chicago city ticket office, 230 Clark street, or to Charles L. Stone, G. P. & T. A., 355 . Dearborn street, Chicago, III A Summer .Prediction. Weather Prophet—I hib It again. Inevor fail. Ordinary Man—Huh! The thermometer has dropped twenty degrees, and it is raining pitchforks. You predicted fair and •warmer. 'Weather Prophet—I predicted fair and •warmer with increasing humidity. I may have been a trifle off on the fair and warmer, but yOu'can't deny the humidity, sir- no, sir. f When some men Jose their tempers it •would be well if they never found them again. You never hear a couple of lovers complain of mosquitoes on the front porch. A man -who goes out to meet trouble will have a short walk. CHAPTER VI— When I recovered tny senses I was lying upon the deck with ttiy head Upon my Wife's knee. She Was bathing my brow with Hungary water, 'f he cabin lamp was buming and I opened my eyes upon her sweet and anxious face as she bent over me. Fora minute or two my mind remained abroad, but the memory of the thunderous blows that had heeled the ship over flashed upon me on a sudden like something seen by a fierce light, and I sprang as though electrified to my feet. "Uh, clea-est!" cried my wife. "I feared you were dead." "How long have I bsen unconscious, Jenny!" I inquired, eagerly straining my ea'/s as I spoke. "I cannot tell. I. have been too much terrified to know. Some serious accident has befallen the vessel, I fear. There was a deal of hurried rushing of feet overhead, and a noise of masts breaking, and faint cries as of people in a boat at some distance and then this present stillness." With lifted hand as a demand for silence I listened. The ship was slightly pitching; before I fell senseless she , had been rolling. The straining sounds within her weie very heavy; there was also a sloppy sort of noise as of near waters close to us, as though the wash of the surge came'very near to the scuttles. I also distinguished in the movements of the ship, slight as they were, a sluggishness that was like a slow, but steadfast languishing into Hfelessness, different indeed from the familiar buoyant lift and fall of the planks. All this I gathered in the space of half a dozen respirations along with the sense of a dead stillness on deck; that is to say, I'could not hear a human voice nor catch the dimmest footfall. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative .principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. • t . • Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial prqperties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met with the approval of the medical profession, becauso it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance.. Syrup of Fjgs is for sale by all drug-- gists in 50e and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California'Fig'Syrup Go, only, whose name is printed on every' package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, apd being well informed, ypu will;not aijcept any substitute if o8eVed, CHAPTER VII "Druss yourself, Jennie, as quickly as possible." I cried, "as completely as time will suffer. I will rejoin you in a moment or two; 1 ' and within at least a couple of minutes from the instant of my recovery I wa%on deck. Tha cabin lamp burned dimly, rushed to the companion steps spied the door of the captain's berth swinging to and fro, I sprung up the ladder and looked around me. It was still a dark night;, the steam- white clouds I had before "noticed were trending in large masses northwest, and there were stars enough between to complexion the midnight atmosphere with a very delicate, dim sheen. The wheel was desertec arid revolved to left and right to the rise and drop of the rudder as the vessel gently pitched. All sail was set upon tho main and mizjsen, but forward was a mass of wreckage as tliough the bowsprit had been wrenched, off, bringing down the foretop mast ani all -above it. ,'. sent a loud shout alopg the decks but received' no reply, I ran for- thinking there might be men m mil, A flpe tfnwel picture, entitled "MEDITATION " In ejcoUd-nga tot t3 Large Lttm B<wJ», 9ut frQia Mop, Coffee •ffrftppars, jmfl « 8-cent ptwop to prfy, ppstiWQ* Write for lirt Pf, our .other flno prejuiBwe, J»oUja» leg boofcs, ft Jfntfei B«»e. eto Woot-eoN SPJQP Oo,. 0 Hvirpo Bt,, Torino, OHIO, ^.past tbe'barripade of wreckage, anc 'when I had approached near to the 'galley I-kicked against something soft and nearly felJ. It was the ,b"ody of a man with another lying athwart it, and on top of both was i huge, heavy fragment of spar tha seemed to have struck them down with one and the game blow. This dreadful sight filled me with un» speakable consternation and' I fled back to the quarter deck, where I raised roy voice in an ear* piercing shout, but obtained no answer, not even an echo from the,' ,wind*hushed canvas, ,had carried • a boat on either now glahping at the • davit? 'I „-.,-„.. the.y, V9JJ9 1 empty, ' i sprung pastWwhe.§l,an.d leiuHQp prep the T *w. * t * % V_ J __ _ _ 1 1 _ -1 J. 1- _!-.__. saw what used wh@e irons, there,, J of it, by CENTS:?ALl. DRUGGISTS the gig remains. See! it hangs there," I cried, pointing shad- owily to the taffraL. "Jenny* Whilst I clear away ready for lowering her get yo\t Whatever provisions you can lay your hands upon iii the cabin." She ran below. I jumped into tho boat and found a breaker in the bows. With this I sped forward as fast as my legs would carry me to the scuttle-butt lashed just abreast of the main-hatch. The metal dip* per lay beside tho bung-hole. I filled the breaker and cut away the dipper to serve as a cup, and rushed to the boat again and fell to with a large clasp-knife, that I had just purchased fi'bm bhe captain fot* the convenience of cutting up cake to" bac<iO, to saw through the lanyards of the gripes. I worked as though the ship was to founder in five minutes. Jenny arrived With the lap of lief gown filled with articles of food, all of Which she had met with in the little pantry adjoining the state cabin. I swiftly put the articles into the boat, and observing that she had ottrs, mast, and sail in hei'» with, a rudder and yoke In, tho stern sheets, I proceeded to lower her, 1 slacking away one fall whilst my wife lot slide the C'ther. Had the ship been in any other posture than almost head on to tho sea the lowering of this boat would have been a very ticklish undertaking, perhaps impracticable to amateur hands such as mine, but under the counter the water rose and lell of an oil-like moothness. I had sense enough to o thoroughly overhaul the falls, that he boat lay athwart under the stern as safely as if she wore detached; hen telling Jenny to climb over the rail into the inizzon-chaitos, I slipped [own one of the tackles, unhooked joth blocks, pot tho boat alongside, lelped my wife into her, and rowed a ittlo distance away where we could take breath ancl yet bo clear of the vhirlpool should the "Lady Char- otto suddenly founder. I stood up to take a look around ne, for tho collision could not have ong- happened. Tho surviving boats musX therefore be near, though it was possible that their inmates had Deen taken on board the vessel that lad run into us. It blew but alight air and she could not have traveled :ar, yet I'searched the darkness in vain for any murky smudge upon the obscurity that might indicate her. It was a little after 2 o'clock, as I had noticed when running up the. companion steps, and day would riot break till about five. I resolved; to linger near the "Lady Charlotte" till she foundered, conceiving that some of pur people mijrht be doing the same thing out in the unsearchable arloom round about, and that we might find companions therefore when the sun rose. The breeze was soft and mild, yet a chill 'would rise; from the floating blackness of a near, sea, which-sent a shudder through, one-from time to time. Indeed, the nearness of the ocean was a tremendous , -presence, . and the'.huge, glooming: surface, or void rather, with its spectral glancings of pallid foam, seemed to sweep "to the vei-y throat with a sense of strangulation as the boat slided into a hollow and hung a moment in it, _with nothing to se.e save a star or two staringf sparely over the crests that stood up on either hand. I held my heart, and comforted her as best i could. It was about an hour after we had quitted the "Lady Charlotte" that she foundered. I made up my mind, however, to linger fall daybreak', and i at' last, after an interminable spell of waiting, the faint, pearly gray of dawn showed- in the east, and then the wide field of ocean opened with a sudden ,lift of the sun's pink and flashing head, and a fine-weather sky of great white clouds, and blue heaven 1 ' liquid, soft and ' glowing. •There was nothing to be seen. f«No doub.t," said I, »'the ship that ran us down took 'on board the people that gob away in, the boats. Would- -to Godr Jenny, we were of them." ' "Pearest, keep,up your heart," she answered, "In'what part of the ocean ai ' Q , we? to what plage shall we endeavor-to sail?" I remembered what Captain Christian had told me of' PUT situation on the preceding day'by'the, first sights he had'been able to 9btain for a long while, and putting a chart of the South JPaeiftp. before 'jne in fancy, I figured the <place of pup boat upon it,.|)jd then perceived tftat PUP best " ' would- lie in failing north |p wf re, 0.$ one of we rotgnt fijjd a 1 vessel willing and I- nws'e,W •" fqp bejjjg ""guilty Pf • • of brilliance, the night sparkled With stars. It was on the morning of the sixth day that, being awakened from A Short doze by the flash of the sufl athwart niy faco as I sat With thd yoke-line coiled round my handi I lifted my chin from tny breast and glancing drowsily ahead spied a little to leeward of tho curve of the boat's sail a green clou-d that looked to be resting on the sea-line on a narrow base of frosted silver. I rubbed my eyes to quicken their perception, and sure enough clearly distinguished tho shape of what was apparently a small island swimtaing in tho blue atmosphere as though viewed through a hot air. Jenny lay in the stern sheets sound asleep, her head Was pillowed oh her arm that rested upon the fail. I kissed her pale cheek vehemently in the sudden transport of joy which the spectacle of tho island kindled in me, and she instantly opened her eyes and sat erect smiling at me whilst she fondled my hand as though to thank mo for the manner in which I had awakened her. "Land, darling"' I cried, pointing. She looked and exclaimed, "Oh, thank God! How have I prayed that we may be spared. Oh. clearest, Wo could not—wo could not part!" Powder 1 PURE YCiU MAY HAVB CHAPTER VIII. I eased off the sheet of tho sail and directed the boats head at tho grenn and glimmering mass, and through it tho little craft sped with, a misty twinkling of flying-fish on either hand from time to time, and a satin-white vvalco pointing arrow-like behind us. It was not until about L> o'clock in tho afternoon that we had brought tho island close enough to enable me to distinguish it clearly. What had. resembled frosted silver iu the distance was coral sand that stretched in a dazzle from the verdurous acclivities and ilats inshore to the wash of the blue sea that glided to and fro upon it in small opalpscent breakers. There was a great abundance of cocoanuts, and there were green hills apparently toward the center, but of small elevation, along with a quantity of bush and a species of rank, tall grass, like to what is called Guinea grass. I could witness no habitations of any sort, nor discern the least signs of a ship, nor, for tho matter of that, of human life. I scanned the horizon eagerly, but there, was no more land in sight, in view at" least from the low elevation of our boat. : I had read Commodore Wilkes 1 account of his expedition into the seas, and of the man-eating people he had found on some of the islands here, and I stared intently in search of anything that should resemble a .black figure; having made up ;iny mind, should the place be inhabited, to lie off till .the .darkness fell,,'t)ien sneak softly ashore and endeavor .to obtain a.few cocoanuts and make off again 1 , into the north where, the islands would be plentiful, and where I might be sure of falling in with a 'ship or a trader of somo rig or other. Tasked Jenny if she could see any- 'thing stirring. She brought her glowing eyes to bear upon the island and after a thorough search of it said no. So I continued to head right jp', and /presently opened out a :pbint of;: land that rounded \ into •a sharp creek. The breakers flashed in spray .^gainst the point and raised a'little commotion in the mouth of the creek, but past this trifling flurry, that was too inconsiderable to cause 1 me ; uneasiness, the "water I'ounded into quicksilver. I made directly for this creek, keeping a thirsty lookout for savages, but, unless there was a community of them dwelling upon the other side of ;this little green spot of land, it was unquestionably uninhabited. It stretched east and west about a league, but how far it extended to- 'ward the north I could not tell, •' • TO BE CONTINUKP. Japanese aim to have all their debts paid on New Year's day. there is in all Japan an average of two earthquake shocks daily. Australian Bushmen are the least intelligent of the human race. Foot ball was a crime in England during the reign of Henry VIII- Vaccination has been made a relig* ious ceremony in Geneva and Holland. There are more muscles in the tail of a rat than there are in the human hand. When the north wind blows in South America, it brings an epidemic of crime. On an average, the lung's contain about 280 cubic inches, or nearly five quarts of air. Each -Malagasy noble has a dye color of his own,.which nobody else is allowed to wear. More public money is spent for brass bands than for schools in the Argentine provinces. Sixteen million children were found J» be enrolled in the schools of this country in June of this year. The heart ordinarily beats about seventy times a minute, and throws about two ounces of blood at each contraction. MORALS AND MANNERS. Couldn't due§§. College Chum—Who is that pretCy'ftfl over theflB? . . Junior—The one in the blue dress? "Goodness, no t She has & nose like ft pai-rot." "The one in black?" .. "That peaked thing 1 0! edufse flot." ''Oh! you mean the one with red flower! in her hat." "No, I don't. I mean the 6ne talking to hef." "Eh? You don't call her pretty, do fou? She's my sister." Prediction Oh a Sure Thing, "What Will the outcome of the strika be?" asked a reporter. "I don't know yet," replied the ex*em* ploye. "But whatever it is. it will amount to a heap more than the income." Why She Wanted a Husbantf. Little Dot—Oh, I'd give anything if J was old etiougb to have a husband. MaOima—Mercy, child! Why? Little Dot—I'm so tired of being petted. There are some very love to tell bad news. good, people who As soon as people begin to think they be* gm to disagree. _„___ Captain Cox of the steamer Thomas Richards was reported to Collector Shaw by tha revenue marine officers at Baltimore for not having tha name of his vessel in full on both bows. The word Thomas was abbreviated. The statute requires that "the full name shall appear. The penalty for the offense is $10. Evan Adams of Mount Pleasant, N. J., who died the other day, had 187 housekeepers during the ten years previous to his death. They generally left after two or three days. He was finally blacklisted by the employment agencies of Philadelphia, and did business with the agencies of New York. The climax came with the 187th woman, who drove him up a tree with an ax. ; The question of Sunday traction ia still troubling the people of Toronto, though they. voted against Sunday street cars last year. Recently an omnibus line has .been'running 1 on Sunday. On tlie first Sunday, when the \ mayor heard of it, he went to the office of the company to stop the desecration, but as he hired a cab to take him to the office the people who be- 'lieve in no Sunday travel 'are grieved" at him. A SURGEON'S KNIFE gives you n feeling of horroi and dread. There Is no longer necessity for its use in many diseases formerly regarded as Incurable without cutting. The Triumph of Conservative Surgery is well illustrated by the fact that DIIDTIIRP or Breach.Is now radi- nUr lUnE. cflijj; cured withoutth« knife and without pain. Clumsy, chafing trusses can be thrown awny 1 They never euro but often Induce inflammation, strangulation and death. TIIMflBC Ovarian, Fibroid (Uterine) I UlTlUnO and many others, are now removed without tho perils of cut-, ting operations. • PllE TUMORS, $SEff. la aTd other diseases of the .lower bowel, are permanently cured without pain or resort to the knife. QTAMC In the Blndder, no matter O I Ullt how largo, Is crushed, pulverized; washed out and perfectly removed without cutting. CTDIPTIIRF °f Urinary Passage *« O I nlU I Unu n i 8 o removed without cutting In hundreds of cases. For pamphlet, references and all particulars, send 10 cents (In stamps) to World's Dispensary Medical Association, 083 Main St., Buffalo, N. Y. The new passenger ' station of tlie 1 Chicago Great Western railway at.', Kansas City, which tlie above cut represents; is not only the most complete station in Kansas City, but the most , nentrally located, being- at Second and 1-7 Wyandotte'streets, but a few blocks ' from.the business center and adjacent to cable and electric lines. Passengers traveling to Kansas City and to the southwest are now assured of splendid depot accommodations by, the Maple Leaf. F. H. IioTti\ General Passenger,and Ticket Agent, Chicago, III..;;..;'/ . ;;-'•;•:;. ' Mm e JVJ ' • AYATS'TKD to soil hardy Nursery stock, BVI dlv our own growing; AVO pay salary mission. ^'Address wlth'rGferpncos, Jj, G, BKAGG A ,; .CO., Proprs. Union Nursodos, Kulainazoo, Mich. TOO MUCH' DOG. M»n Nearly Drowned by » Couplo ot • Fot Animals. "I was nearly drowried last fall, to the pernicious activity of iw'o very fine Newfoundland dogs," said JI. W. Pritohett, of Penvev.Col., !'tp"the Globe-Democrat writer, »'I liad reluctantly forjned one of a ?#io party, and in the course of '{festivities rowed a couple of la,dies ijj). a small bpat pn a river, We ran ;£oto an pbs.truction and wepe upset. ^?be river was neither wide nor deep, ',$,nd I gpt the two ladies to the bante 'Vijthout any dilfiQulty»' Thejj I pe» Mpned to vegQvwtlie bpat,, and fast Us A reached it, the two dogs, which, brpugflt tp the soepe by $& pf • the pftfty. epi parted (row. a » * Prof, Andrew JacUson De Voc, The great meteorologist whose weather forecasts, published in the Ladies' Birthday Almanac, have attracted so much attentionv was born in Bidgefield, N. J,, May 30, 1045, At a very early ag-e he commenced tofpre» tell storms simply by intuition. Since then, by deep study, Prof. De Voe has probably acquired as much information of storms as any man in the world, For years his forecasts, pre-r pared, a year in advance, have appeared regularly in the Ladies' Bivthday Almanac, published by the Chattanooga Medicine CQ. of Chatta' nooga. Tenn. It is said tha,t no great BtQpm has recently appeared without' being very accurately predicted by Voe, and his name has become a Jjousehpid word in thousands pf homes whence tftis i4m&nap circulates, hea^y gnojy of February of tins year and tb,e, severe freezing 1 weatbej? ia Marsh, that'UU^d4lwwwpds pf dql* Jftrg' worth pf fruif.anjT vegetables, 5Quth, \vere fovpto and ape rosntipped thp .accuracy of his pd tUftt the Chatta have- .jij^t, closed 'a Prpf, PeVoe fo$; fb hte predietipng Patents, Trademarks; Examination' onfl Advico as to '•'.Patentability ot, , Invention: Surid for " Inventors' Giildc,. or How.t.o Qetj' •• "fttent." PATB10S OTABBELl, WASHINGTON, P f Illustrated catalogue BbowlnK WE* ATTGEES, BOOKPBILLS.BYDBATJI40 AND JETTING MAOmNERY, etc. BENT FME. Have beon tested and • p" •..•nr—'^t"*. i Shut City Engine It Iron Works, SucoeBbOrs to PecliM.fK,CQ,, p sioux CJtv.lowB. l?17 Union Ave,, Kansas City,Wo, W, L. PQUCLAS in 1 swfe too,]? top jy^Utte fQP fit

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