Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois on September 10, 1937 · Page 1
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Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois · Page 1

Dixon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, September 10, 1937
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FiLauty« VttSHHOTOH Merry-âo- RQUK TWkM MA«K tom««* By MtEW AbMUON W ROBSÄT t AUX* D ixon E vening T elegraph EIGHTY-SIXTH YEAR Number 213 Telephone» 4 and 5 DIXON, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 10 ,1937 10 PAGES PRICE FIVE CENTS Washington—British and American conversations regardmp the Far East have gone much larther than ha- leaked out in Hip newspapers. Representatives 01 the two governments actualh have discussed what course they would follow in case of an ‘incident' tending to dra^ one or both countries into the melee Details regarding the*-e conversations have been ascertained by one o* 'he \lerrv-Go-Rounders, recently in London, and are corroborated here Judging by these conversations, the Roosevelt Administration is much more anxious to play a de- L isive role in blocking Japan tIvan appears on the suriacc Probably U will be denied but United States officials have emphasized to the British that if Japan conquers China he may build up an empire with which no white nation can reckon British officials have concurred in this, and have gone one step farther by pointing out that such an empire would mean complete ruin to the United States cotton be 1 1 Give!: a stable government. China could produce tremendous quantities oi con on, and Japanese mills could sell the finished product at a price that would wipe out the British textile industry. Strengthen Democracies United State officials also have taken the view that the democracies oi the world—the United States Circat Britain and France need to lake a firmer stand. To date 11 » • have yielded before even saber-ratling move by European dictator. A stiff and united front against Japan it ha been emphasized, won 1:1 show that Democracy was no we k insii mion and would be a healthy example lor Mussolini and Hitler. Thus an object lesson in th v Far East would help to maintain peace in Europe The British while applauding these idea1-, are very much inclined lo "After you Alphonse!’ They claim that lheir fleet is tied up m the Medfteiranean and the Atlantic, that thetr interest* are nearer home. In effect they want the United States 10 .show strength against Japan while they applaud from the sidelines. British Punishment Actually, the British have taken ,.ar more punishment from the Japanese than the public realizes, Six of their hips already have j been ••parched, and two of hem! • Yangtze river boats» seized as prizes ol war. Nothing has been published about tins. because the British have not announced it to the press However, they have reported it to American official• who have taken the stand that it the British did not want it known it was not the business oi the United States to announce it The British also have been under tremendous pressure from ; Australia New Zea»and. and even! Canada, to take a stronger hand against Japan. So lar. however, thev have tried 1 to push the United States forward ( ordell Hull's \ iew United States of!it mIs appear mene willing to lake »he Japanese bit in Untn i eth than tlu grn- 'eral public would suspect. Cordell H: 11 . lundainen ally a man oi pe-ace believe *ha‘ a firm stand should be taken against Japan not necessarily for war but against her aggression. He even goes so far as to believe that ii it i- necessary to fight Japan some day. it mac be better now than later. American naval matet’»:- are completely confident provided the- have some degree ol British support. They are urging the British to send at least six battleships from the Atlantic and Mediterranean »■ Far Ea tern w s. L< -onomi« Blockade American and British naval strategists have worked out an economic blockade of Japan they believe would subdue her in .short order It is based upon the fact that Japan is a group ot and. therefore, must import thing by sea. Italy, on th hand had and neighbors. League c; Nauon- had no of enforcing its boycott. Btr bv stationing fleets JAPS STRIKE AT ALL OF CHINA’S DEFENSES TODAY Spreading Battles Endanger Aliens Anew Shanghai. Sept 10 fAFi Japan's streamlined war machine struck at stubborn Chinese defenders oi' all fronts today, placing Americans and other foreigners in serious danger from the spreading hostilities United States marines guarding the northern boundary of the international settlement were endangered when a Japenese shell fragment ploughed into the heart of the barricades Shrapnel sprayed the international settlement, causing a num- 1 » ! ot civilian casualties. High explosives rained down on the Whangpoo. Shanghai's outlet to the mighty Yangtze. One pro- icciile narrowly missed a British destroyer. Another whizzed over the French flagship anchored across from Shanghai at Footung. Japan carried the warfare to south China ports with a bombardment of Swatovv Americans 1 hoi 0 took refuge on the U. S gunboat Asheville Refuge«** l,«*uw Hankow Uh • first of 1.200 American war refugees left Hankow f<u Canton with a prayoi that their train would not be bombed On the northern fionr, power - fttl Chinese Communist armies of (Jen. Mai» Tse-Tung were (-« ported taking tiie field in Shensi and Shansi provinces to block Japanese advances Japanese rushed reinforcements toll» to the northern and central China vvai zones Despite increasing danger, many Americans insisted on remaining in Cirna. It was estimated about 7 .non non-militarv United States citizens have not been evacuated More than 2.M00 American civilians. mostly businessmen and theii imm'lies stayed in Shanghai with apparently no thought of abandoning tneir fortunes Ire U S S Asheville's com- nu ’ r Allen <J (Juvnis. ordered Americans in Swatou to board his ship \e soon as it became apparent ';«{);'!nese intended to bombard the city. Alter the raid, the British consul asked Commander Guynn to transmit a request to Hong- ivn-,\ roi a British desfrover Charge 4 Dixon Boys With Station Thefts Speechless Joliet, III Sept in i a pj Mrs Bose Smith speaking to the desk sergeant at police headquarters: “Somebody stole my dog $ leather collar.” “Yeah "" said the sergeant. “My dog is a watchdog and how can I keep him tied up without a collar’" Mrs Smith continued. “Why wasn't your watch dog watching the collar so »t wouldn't be stolen?" pressed the sergeant. “He was watching" Mrs Smith replied “Shep bad the collar on and the burglars took it right off They stole two valuable rings " The seigeant, for once, had no reply. BANKER INDICTED ON 31 COUNTS BY U. S. GRAND JURY JUSTICE AGENTS INVESTIGATE EXTENT OF NA2IISM Chicago Children To Be Taught By Radio, Press Until Polio Subsides Government Take* Note Opening of Schools Is of Activities of Hitler- ite* Here Washington Sept 10 AP»—- A disclosure ihat the justice department already Is lnve-ugating reported Nazi activities m the Unit­ 'd States followed fresh demands todav tor a congressional inqmrv. J Edgar Hoover chief ol tlu* !ed- >erai bureau ol investigation, said 'a? Portland Ore that Attorney j Genera! Cummings ordered an m- ivestigation six weeks avo end it in»' begun at once. , “We expect 'o make an extended (report on the Na/i matter, but 1 I can't .-ay when we will be tench to Igive this report to the attorney general Hoover *aiu 11 will be j several weeks became we are going into this matter very thoroughly' Two .senators joined m proposing a congressional inquiry Burke D-N'ebi aid h* Indefinitely Postponed j Springfield III. Sept 10 AP» ! The eports oi !8 new cases vest«» (day brought the total number of ¡lnuntile paralysis cases this year 1 ‘o 429 con.oared with 169 for the eormqiond mg 1 9JA period the sta ¡health department leported todav Fever» oi the new ca-«"- were Chicago, three in Cook county outside o Chicago: and one each m Cass. Champaign, Kane and R'V'k Island coi nties Davenport la Sep: 10 'AP William A. Anderson, former President oi the City National Bank ot Clinton wa> indicted on 31 eount.s involvmg alleged misappropriation o: funcLs a-s an ol licet ot the bayk, by the U S Grand Jury here today.,ConKress s,,na1or Anderson w»th his aitorueys sur- renclered shortlj aiter the mdict- ment was returned. and wa-. releas- eci on ;» $10.000 bond signed by Eii- er Miller, ot Weliman. In. Andersons attorneys indicateci their Client would lufi be «rraigned j M4Kj Chicago, Sept 10 4P CI » ago 317 000 elementary -ehool children barred from via nani, by an outbreak of infantile pata Senator j lysis will be 'aught their le ms would in- during the emergen» \ b\ new - Terse News WON sK ONH PRI/T High Pride, owned by Henry tiro be »>i Sterling and ridden by Rlwun Uev hu »*l tlna t it y. won sc» ond ptt/« in the high »chool class Ot the On gut, hot se show tills w eek. MINOR ( OU.I 8 ION Cars »tri\i-n bv Miss Bcmctt and red Tally, pro at the Plum Hol- 1 ; low golf club, figured in a minor collision at the «'muer ot .North Galena aventi«’ m«l Boyd strc«t this morning about 7 oYloek Neither ol the »leivers wet»' injur«*») ami the damage t«> the cuts wa- nominal trotine*' h resolution proposing one i papers and isdio immediately upon iio> expressed j vestigition wa be lore the Novembet term ol federal court here. Twelve of the 31 count* deal with alleged pin appropriation oi iuncL> bv payment lo the Beacon Publish ing Co . publishers ol tl»«' lot rue. Tn-City Star and Winfield Beaton, oi 12 checks aggregating *20 300. during which time tiie publishing firm had only a nominal amount on deposit. One count charges misappropriation oi the sum oi $4700 by making a loan to the Beacon Publishing Co., Dec 27 1935. »>! *25.000. ol which $20.300 was used to take up previous checks »sued This act. the indictment stated wa- made out the knowledge or consent Anderson's board ot directors. The indictment covers the period from Jan. 1 1934 to Nov 24 1936. during which Ander-on wa. president and director ol the Clinton Iran reconvening of Borali R-loathe opinion an warranted There isn't any doubt of ‘lie fact that such organization *of groups advocating Nazi principles» is going on in thz country,' Borah but to what extent I do not. know A copyright article In the Chl- <ago Daily Tunes ol yesterday saving American Nazis were planning o seize control of tne government ! preceding when the Communists revolution arts stirred the senator* to comment. Former Illinois Congressman Dies In Alpena Today NAZIS “4 IIV Chicago. Sept. 10 « A e *• Thr Daily Times in the second of a series of copyrighted articles said todav Health. Hitler. Heils and Hatred are tl»* '4 H s’ used by U. S Nazis to prevent Americanization ni American children whose parents with- ar(' members of the German-Amer- ,j lean Bund, nationwide organization of American Nazis." ; " In the coining vears a!! the .unity and all the eflorts will be ! required in order to put a stop to the former crippling by the Americanization of their young ' declares the Bund yearbook, reprinted from niie German magazine Deutsche j Arbeit in referring to rhikhen of ' Germans to In the apprehension oi four Dixon boys ranging in ages from u to 15 rears Chief Van Bibber today had cleared up three recent .serv ice station robberies, a battered metal box oaken from the Lee County service station on Third street which contained three coupon books was recovered, one of the books having been destroyed At the Weeks service station about $2.30 and a compact were accounted for and ai the D-X station on Peoria avenue, a iog light which had been stolen was recovered. The boy* were taken pen re State's Atrornov Edward Jones this morning foi tionii i and were ordered to return this . * c uooi. when fi v expected it: oi ms» dons will b< filed before Juovo- leon Zuk in tne county court. < <H I D II A A E Charleston. II! Joe Williams could him ,Hi a hospital bill SW I I) Bill. Sept 10 AP' have saved by doing his Alpena. Mich,. Sep; 10 ».4P' William Rouen berg. former »on- gressman from the Illinois 22uo district and a Washington attorney, died in a hospital here Un morning I hr fornici illluoi.- Republican leade,- was admitted to tiie hospital Sept. 3 alter an attack oi paralysis at the summei home of ex-Senator Janies A. Reep. of Missouri at Flat Rock club 60 mile- south of Alpena. He tell down a flight ol Pair- and injured his head physicians here were unable to -n im- media ely whether death resulted from the -troke or from tne Head ques- j ipjuj-y. Tne boriv is to be taken by train tonig it to Washington. Rudenberg was in Congress from 1808 t.* 1023 At the tune of the accio-nt at Sen. Reed s home here, other gwen were Mrs. Roden berg and former Senator an»j Mrs. Thome- P. Ooie, of Oklahoma. bonpsettim? at home. He went to the hospital with a His bi» o»«- became bou o ni rungs of the lie stretched to free slid into place. dislocated hip caught in the bed and when them, the Imp Couple of Pains Richmond Va . Sept so (AP A pam in the stomach was a pain in the jaw to I to- tective Sergeant R B Sterling The stomach pain sei/.»•«) him suddenly his fact twiste«! in a grimace. Then he found he couldn't close his mouth Hospital physicians said hi» law was dislocated. Chicken Prices May Exceed Those of *36 Washington, Sept. 10 AP - The agri» alture department pre- .meteo tod«« price.' of rhirken- mis •ear probably would exceed those ol 1938 A s! ¡a rp mrrease in chicken u“x duruig August amounting to 10 i»-r cent o\er the Jtllv »5 price . wa noted by 'he department Normally, the department aid. chi« ken price- foi this period usually de j i lined three per cent Chicken price« now are at their fingile--* point this year and ne oe- partment -alci probably wii con- ‘tmue at the -ame or higher ievel. wiio have emigrated America the paper added. The Tunes explained its artilles were written bv three investigators and reporters who touted German* American Organizations, participated in drills wore uniforms and attended camps. yesterday s Dad article sfateci the organizations were training an arm. in preparation to control oi the government when the communist revolution starts. The statements weie ridiculed bv the German Consul General hete and denieo by representatives oj organization* men tinned. Todays main article -aid tn«* earbook staled the vouth group of the German-American Bund Amenkadeut -eher Volksbund » are a real achievement tor Germany.” “American boys and girls ,-ing hymns to Dei Fuehrer and to the Vaterland they never have seen ' The Times -nid “Thetr youthful fleet goose-step m a march of ran»' and religious hatred N A/1N SII I F I HR K Nürnberg. Germany Sept. in (AP> Nazi congress orators shifted their fire today from a:'arks on democracy to accounts of progress under the swa.uika with diplomat from democratic countries as gue ts Yesterday Propaganda Minister Paul Joseph Cíoe libel* assailed democra*» in a fier» s()«N*rh. Toda>, Ma Aniatin, président of the reich press chamber, extolled 'he power of o!lr National Social iet pre-' and Rir.ltaro Waif her Darre minr.teT oj agr» rlture recounted rising farm production «Continued ou Page 6 « School «Superintend«'!» W Mm H Johns«>n announced th*- new -ten in- todav ,«s physicians proceeded to 'tight the di-ej*e with a nas»l treatment, convalescent »-nun and mechanical rc-oirators after 12 new ca es were r<*poned «Star'nig Monday iailu> *tati«»n> wls. WIND and WJJT> will »!»> nate tune in [»ermtt daily broadcast Horn 7 1,3 (»» 11 4.-» A M Dr was planned to have the dailv le ■on.* prinlfNt iu newapnperx ti»' night 4K I hm * s I his W eek In addition to Die l‘J new «a * nine stt. irected ca es and one de.uu in the last j* nours were reported The new rases, one more than \e>-! erriav s coum brought the rotal for the fir.si font daw ot thn week !o 48 compared with 31 tor th» 1 corresponding ¡reitod last week. The president of the Chicago Laryngology a I and Oi «logical so-; • uetv. Dr Walter H Theobald, an nnunred the grn»»p s 88 membei were equipptui to administer the renuulv-developed zinc sulpiiate solution. Tl »1 solution, -prayed rnto Ihe nose, vi a ll-ed exten t’, e- iy as a preventive in other cities For tiie ninth time since the sum mei oufbn*i»k oi tile disease tn Chi* »ago tiie non lung respirator wu called tn li »1 aid oi a victim Li» « '.»tr*t prison*i in tV»e huge metn -1 anism wuu Sidnev L, Thorkmorion of uburtian msfon Sate health a ill iiont»'* appculeu (or blood donations trom person.« Who have recovered from the dr- ea,*«- The blood » u ed to make coin ale-cer.t «erum ot three who j have contracted the pwrni, • n . osw o' .1 p < «H I,INs \ GII D Kept « a«Mi( .t t i\-«• Dennis J Coll bu­ oi D«*Kalli has itccn made »» mem- bet »it the legishii ive commit t«-» lo visit ttu- city of Annua SiittnUay or Sunday a ?.« i convey tiie states felicitation» on th** oc» «»ion of that »ttys centennial the celebri» lion of which is tun* in progress I O l>|s< | ss | I s | | \ m The tuuiiice group ot tin Dixon Fall F«’»f iv al Committee <»l the (Jildnil>*‘l o! Conimele«' will meet this evening at 7 Jo ,»t tin* Figs , club house *\ «le» -sum will be ieaen«'«l at this meeting Whethei the cominitt«*e is t<* proceed with- anangemenls im a t* stivai program »n Dixon this tall r- - (¡KHANT NOMINMID Acting upon an opinion n<c:vt-V from the office of the attorney general at Springfield County Clerk Sterling Schroek today issued a eei tifi« ate oi nomination to Attorney Grover AS. «Dhant. Republican candidal«' foi eouuty judge to till a vacancy The opinion held Ihat inasinir» h as no op position appeared in I ,<■* countv, a pnuun.v «‘lection was tiiinro n\ ard the tsauance of a eertilii ate ot nominal ion cedur «*. wa« the legal pro Dr ft 0*1 the r < PMHTION I B V\ «»t ren, * made «notino t room» ¡«1 tie O Iv, tty health of- in.Hpect ton of ' Not 1 h M »-at Expect New Party In 1938 Elections Here e u passengei »tation todnv tn> refKj» * «i iravnng round lio , good «’Ondition, Au Inspet tíorj vvar eoiut'tcted carino m Un* ’*»«», * •I" health ofin «o. tollo-.» mg eo«n plttint» as t.o fin- Mrtndary «'ondition and nitor todav'» visit. Di Weirenj stated ttn*t he «*ould muiersiand: vvi.y tlu* tolleta nía y ha vi b«'«-f) ir» a n u» anitary e- a alrf roí i tora ahor i petiod of tnin- but that thev vv<-r* in yood eondltion UpOfl bis inspcc l ion today. In 48 Hours Fountain Inn. S C Sept. 10 (APi in t $ a«'ci«lcnt- .studded hours in the life of B L. Holland, this happened: His pn/.o dog escaped from his yard, attacked a neighbor's chickens and was -hot. \ wagon hauling san« to Holland's yard broke down A substituted tl tick i’HUg d fire and new parts were in- insta lied. A -Irivei backed tin- truck Into it parked automobile Someone tossed >\ stone through the windshield ot I lolland's automobile. One ol Ins two pigs broke a leg. STEWARD NAMED NEW PRESIDENT U. S. EMPLOYES Spring ¡vid. H! Sept lu VP» Fleeted by unanimous vote Luther C Stew arti pioneei le.ulei in the National I-'ederatlon oi Federal Employe started lu 19:¡. year to »¡a* n- pus nient ol Ihe orwnin/a t loti. Viso i*- ele» tt'ci were Gertrude M McNally. s> sretary-treasurer, and the following vice-pit'siuents John Fit ernltt New York first lav R Wlutnrv Mihvauk«'« Wi •»•«»nirl Clnule.s I Wiecaiit. Baltimore Md t ittii Dr. Waltet P i n* lor Col leg«' Station. I'ex fourth; IJIrev .1 Billet W.i Inn .ton 1) C tjf’ h ' William M Rapshiu Piiilat'ictphia. ixth, < icot--.«• i. Evans Denver Colt» seventh; Arthur Joachims Seattle Wash eighth and Vaux Gwen Allenta Ga ninth Sau Francisco we., elected a tin 1939 convention city Resolutions vvete adopted teitei- afiug the iederetion s 29 veer poliev a g I! in t Milker by government em­ pie e.- thanking Pi< uieut Roosevelt lor nr “intere I in tin- problem ot improv uig public persoiihei edmlinst ration exptessing nppo Ilion to tiie placement of military ottkei' and men In civilian post I tons and favoring restrictions to relatively young candidates ol a p pointments in lower grades in tin- ervtce. except tn an emergencv as an e* <*ntial to a true carecí er * i¡ e The « ¡-mention will rio «- t«Kla- identity Of Hitch Hiker Yet Unknown While a si ore of pet »«oíi» hr « aon» ■m unidenl dm morgue at the A notice roreiveu l»y County 'Ieri- Sterling Schroek todav in «mated that a new party would present a complete !)“t of camii dates at the spring primary general election in J938 Clyde i Backus of «'Imago, chairman of the founded by William Lemke, in a letter to the Lee county clerk, seeks information and requirement« in pi*-»entiiig a ticket in this eountv next »pring. At the primaries next spring tiie county M' kef will present can- «Jiuate» for five county office» as follow* county judge county clerk, aherift county treasurei and »uperinlerident of school* The letter from the Unior pai tv offu ial indicai« »! fiiat « ardui» te«» would app«*ar for ail of th»* county «»1 fice». I*IT APED «.I II I Y James Boyl» i*» oi E- field ill pica led guilty t»> th*- theft ol an auto robile belonging lo Eugeni* Me.Midion u I this cdy m tin <*ii«l eoi;, t at 1 ><«v <*npor t, Iowa yes ¿t nd i ter May altei noon and w.«.h tepced to «Jia year in jail, then» national vice -1 admit tad to parole «iispafeh «-»1 Union party from that city indhaU-d to«¡ay Jam«'» Muster.son ol St Louis, Mo,j ■ do ted together with Hoyle for his- participation in tin theft Im., not U-en sentenced The two young n er » *»«. « hurged w ith the (licit ot lii** M«’Million i .,i in this «it von 1 !’* attenroon o) July 12 and v’M’t * fi|»pr«*hen«led th»* 1 oflowdng ! «»ay t»v Iow’a City, Iowa, police , mon» -.» Zr’cd the body ot young man at the Pi » stori funeral home in thia city, of Í n i, i Is late tonay w«*ie still at a loss ! « » know his identity. Rela- I »5 of siwetal young men who have been missing ¡m weeks have n •«• iiMjtmy oi v u wed tin* hotly Dr. Ki-nvon B, Segner yester- tlay attempted trr Uii%e finger prints ano photographed the body in an »dfoit to stall HR investiga limi • In« h mu ht result in i«Jonfi- fhation I'iie stranger, a hitchhiker who boarded a uesl bound «ai »Inven bv Daniel Conroy ol (‘Imago» who was en route to SOVIET RUSSIA THREATENING TO ACT BY ITSELF Reprisals Against Fascist “Pirates” Are Hinted hi lit : I in Gena bar Sept. 10 * AP 1 — H M s Havock was reported tonight to tie .*.-•» ortmg tiie 1.4.|5-ton British met Gine! ^erion from Glbral- tar o Valencia to guard her lrom »Mediterranean pirate submarines. Die destroyer Havock herself «as the target of a pirate mrpeqo on Srp, ember 1. Geneva, sept 10 -AP 1 -Soviet IT¡s-» ,« s foreign cotnmKsar warned a nine-nation Mediterranean eon- lerenr- todav that his court f.rv mu and will nake if.s own mea<tire* against submarine pirate» in that ,«*a. Hu- was interpreted a»« a threat DU reprisals against Italy In an impassioned addrese not Ion» alter tiie nine powers met to adopt » collective means oi stopping rtftiit ,.* on neutral vessels Maxim Litvinoft. oi the .Soviet Union, cried I » soviet government cannot allow anyone to destroy Us stair proiierty !“ He finked these words with a I bin!’ veiled accu. aBcm o! Italy as pirate Hfivenuneht . lit« »i Litvinoll brought into tiie .«»pen Ins warning that R usmp anil «act alone if necessary, to stop the pirate stibiuai’lue». She already has accused lfa!y di- j recllv ol sinking two ol her .dups. Df* »Soviet foteign commissar did ,-y Russia was ready to take part n collective measure*, against the pirates; that slie was confident the measures would l>e effective and inunedlHte ( an t Remain Inactive II lie erveci notice The So viet Union cannot remain inactive m hj ,- )iof)e that its legitimate nglp mav perhap.* lie defended ' In >t!iei states or bv an interna- tionai organization! LU-vinoji spoke just i lirtie • m!e alter Pranee and Great Britain through French Foreign Minia­ te r Yvoii Delia »s. had called Upon the «onferees ;o |oin swiflly in «ii erne. gene, mutual * *u>t.&nct ♦ me to s'vpuvi Me pit.« e sub marme» in * jiounnic fashion en tiie Mediterranean Idkl) <sea ianes. F.ven earilei the League of Na« 1011 « council had Hi ranged to a»r tin* Spanish government's accuaa- • lion o, italv ax a submarine pirate at sessions next week. I )e.no. told th«* delegates: impossible to permit the filiation ol uveeurUv to without ihe gravest oi “It i* ni«-em continue p«*ll!s ' In the same breath he said '»« egi«: that Italy and Germany, because ol reason.s affecting them . eon videi efi u ne«e* ary to boycott fed- Boon* Iowa to spend Labor Day,¡Hie lonierenee. i *, an nlmoat mat alii iy killed Satirr- <io ’ '-veiung about 5:30 five milew w<*: t i/l I)i’- <»r on tin- Lincoln High- wa vhen tin* ear »kidded and turr «-«j ova r M«»v«»r»l times. Mexican Troops Nip Revolution M>*\x <> Sept 10 1 troops repoiU'il to- ei Fadet had b«*«*n IHte of Jahs'O ln sei eufomher- with military pa- )HiH Lee County To Get $6,452 In Fuel Tax Guadali • AP> Feilet day two I« lain in the arate trol.s Jo i ( fat < ia » Arellano known •'It»* Eaglet .mu tan command nd foe Maria a El Aguila” killed, the mih- nnouuccd niti UH th Only Privately-Owned Buffaloes In State Shunned by Man, Beast Smgapovr Naval Ba.se ana Panama Canal. British and can naval strategists belie* could bioekad M om of ner itxrrted bv Bn a« A meri- e they rii*' Bioomingtnn, 111. Sept 10 AP> A -mall herd of buffaloe. be- tliC j lieved to oe »he only ones private- Bieily-owned in Illinois, are given 3 wde berth bv man a pa n des i effecfi us* be or u V her ' Th punii sor : with a des One ubouf Gener Chin »ely, tm- Tlie now the farm here 0 : and bea B« n la mu ve a e .on 3 » atton, wi! no Japan, But usually lead >han?hai thing to the Sharigh 1 Chiaug u’ going to war of cour ■ **, b.ock- tr> war. Strategy b«* remembered ai battle is that Kai-, ut-k y.au:s parncu, .sees th enjoy a and ro ail the- n b cy C( .igh living, desire. 01 nea : t wc oob’ goe on'. oils -- B- njamm proper :oco and mount of freedom which ne sa vs male bore a baby, '-aid bv 10 be the firs* buffaloes thi.- .state in 50 years After a tr ing Tip bv *r N’ebraska. the bea f rom were fa rm F- runn to 1.100 placed ive stock erv con ni 1.500 a pa the pi )g over ■ <"/ nr ta **d fc CO: cow riel led fhe over Bi a* 03 : • d go. AU nor the ¿ Benjamín bous!, F« « Cor, ca on r ge 2 ‘ • ernmen» Niobrara Severs. , Nei mon t is near them." He said the buffaloes «“re the three' placed m a fenced-in pasture o i bull - from, j their own ».n’ail.ec ui J “No one j.«. .«¡lov ed ’0 er.»er ?l«e t.ree veu s . - -• -.re * Beniamin eor?mned i.o earn le-j oec«« us# thf-y are aa r.gero FRIDAY. SI I*T 10, 1937 Bv Ihe Aw*»« ialfd IT«-*»»» ( fit« ago and Vii inilv Par Ben ia nun | cloudy ano coolei «onigh«. Sa* ir»,« iair and somewiia coolei mode»*« outi.eih wind- becoming northv.e- by night ana gentle variable Saturday. Ou»look -or Sunday Generally fair. .-omewha’, pound* earn ! yarmer - ** w *h »r j Illinois P„ y eloudv ano er, ». tonight; SaMirdav fair, . omev a* cooler in extreme aast. Wi*« orivin ('■<>■ »J- ro p„ : « j cloud v, ti under-hoyver» in extt'-mc I east this «f*enioon or early tonight; * f » role* tonigli ■ Sot :rdav fair, -omc- whaf cooler In extreme e»at n mg •empera»ur« in extrem* v> «*> portion Iowa: Fair »onig;-.» and Sa’ irday cooier ion:gh* rising tempera* .re then j in west and north portions fka'ur- ‘ day afternoon. »lu born a s from weighing fair,»* said : neither would go 11 of Townships File Levies for Projects Elevet oi the 22 township» of Lee county have filed with ("ounfv (fier i Sterling Schroek the ;<*< ¡es for road and bridge putpo— forth** a spcc.tive township" »■■ (»>!lous: ArnboA 39G ifhma ::i I 1 ion 23 *• Hamilton .392, Afar ion, 56-t Narhuae ".h3* Palmyra, 55 Reyi.-old». >3 South !>;»»n Viola 39G Willow Greek <39 The levies r*o* #r ail road and brnige projects ir the arroua saues, right»-of ay pu r« ha se brizfge -<ia»n! ena!;» e gia e program» and ar y otrier proposed iiri- provenierit» Disor *own»hip h levy ;s the ,«*r> alh'Ht of th«* 1 ) to nships arirj Marion h/ nslrp is tlu highest of those filed thus far. Springfield 11 , 111 ] i «oi connue- net allot md ' of 8 ept 10 i e« > n i*d $876 H59 AP i 1 of a I then* their »’«tiered mountain , follower tied to th Ik*'1»«« «pok«* with the fuH nurDor- ! 11 v «6 Fieno li and Britush govem- meut* in complete agreement on !» lo mula for MUttling tiie pirate ubnuitines ti:.«t have brotfglrt cliaov to tiir Medfterranean and 1 !ei«i *0 tire vvorJd. Il e demanried “rapid action to »•liti tne piracy jieril A .cw minute earlier Delba* nad I be«*n eie« t.ed unnhimoualy pr esi- dent »f thè » ontei enee. All (he ■ twe, jM»wer invited were repre- s«*n*ei Haiy, Germany and Ali ba ni.« The 13i iti .1 divide ritorni! Mian oi motor in August Fin Nudeln.ai« anu fi he Malt «wi i«»r iiUerc : an $ 20000.000 * r cì i y r e « . (.«md Cook <'• - «ut*. **d 're net » eluded Bur**;* Jo Da La Sa < Island Winnen fuel t uxes rollert « «i »nee Director S. 1 mm ed t«KÍ¡«v «i in re erve $287,260 retirement of the; 1,30.000,000 emerger«-; i ■ ! if*.* with $301 461 head- oirnentr which in-i ' » a r e the I). $7 946 3.523: 15 649, I.« : 4 898 W o 18 760 me m< *: 452 jdr, 3 790 21 845 Roc 3 8 933 Place in History Detroit X«»j«t 10 «AT Th »«■•«■ eig'Hi si ore Indliins pa 1 1 «»I .« xhibit in ,nt matit ut«’ here. Join. Maiw*. fiiiiM-uni instruct«»» ars- nounced to*Jay ‘ AV«* ¿» 1 « b«*gmning to !«*e«»g mz,« that, these wwden Indian* «»«a upy a «9 finite place in the history of s«:ulpture," Moikc said, explaining that Mrchf gnu was on«-«- ;t leading state in .voo<i*«n-In«lian carvdng. Disease That Stimulates Criminal Tendencies Reported Discovered Sent CtlE: AP » erted DIED IN I* HO NT BOOTH Ch: ago Sep' 10 AP' A man dentified bv r>, i«e a John Scrtlch. 65 «>* Ro Gè!» rii died SU'.'denlv •' s,m: 'OfJH - u a teiephon» a>e«'< ]«, tue Ir Unii mo A* Nor’ W» »- .>« Hai oad •‘*rlc»i Death » a* i/«*:l»‘ **d cau-ed :•>« heari di ea .e. nine '.he fluid Sa turda at 6 1 8. s*.naa>-. at <;ll: sun rise Sun rk ti at j J 6 , - j Your F ventile Telegraph «ar* Her bnv «ill call upon von tomorrow for (he »egular weekD coileetlon. Be kind enoilft» t* have ♦ lie monev read» Thera »re 3.5 earner« who muM ««»ver the i «»utev m hasla. Please • **ii1 them. j the ci sons t ' The i stem, j Dr M I jail * I pat ho. prime minai tr­ opo ii : an;«;- i o n an abnorn m dim 1 pr z.fi to tiie e character of I w, o ) v. ere tofia’ v li() , * pea te < losed rests, theH Itj stem mducicd on nine prisoners «ri proved themselves re bv virtue of numcrou-* ar- lencies microscope ) portion '.Tilt <»f he per normal expíame and lia- uici'i 911 Dì te sputa 01 no spinai person Bi «tw till fluid is cells from •ora the : I,« Dr .x W Brow time board of health, and r.ew. of the Cook counu declared ?he' believed i\ disturbances were or., in making repeaters' Fluid extiHCtiwi from eerti nine subjects revealed a hi*, count the doctor- reporteo Warnen Franx Sam ot tic county tai» -aw a practical iof «rüninai-* Their axpertmenta. the tests if they are more developed “These tests can tie used to determine whether applica».; m I pm ole an llkeh ty re-entei a lile they »»id, ¡oí came, ne -aid. prelnmnan plan of tpe and French experts would fie Mediterranean into :er- waters and high seas. lAould Polit e Own Arras Rioiuian states would letairi full control ol tlien territorial water»* and 00 their own policing there. Bui along the great Mediterranean ■ ci, route, all craft found under wafer would be regarded automat- 1 .« .- h. piratical, to be osien to lm.-ruciiate attack by warship«* of a tune-uuwer international lleet. Bri ish and French men-oi-war woulii be the bulwarks of this anti- pin» • armada. Planes and dmzi- bles would watch over merchant shipping. SuomarmeH on the .surface, flying thetr c. vn national colors, would not be molested. Fiiere would be warships convoys oi the type employed in Lie Work War to prote«’t ne itral ves-en (>¡1 * drawn up the Nyon pro- tucol wni b** j» ibnhtted to Italy an,i Germany «’finer directly or through •lie fjondon non-intervention com- mfitee ol 27 states it- completion is lookeo for bv Monday. The League council itself met private: ’ uncier tiie chairmanship of the premier oi government Spam Dr. .Juan Negrin. Negrin, nowevei announced he would abandon tiie chair when his nation’s charges against Italy are heard Tin* members c I pc «deci 10 appoint a subcommittee to sturiv the British plan lor partitioning Palestine between the Jews and the Aral>s, then fully j adjourned until Tuesdav Simultar.eou.sly, a Chinese spokesman told the Associated Pres,- thal ni*- ii, tmn will pre v for defmitt sgti ;h cell * Coox use oi (Continued on Page S)

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