The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on August 29, 1894 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 29, 1894
Page 8
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;V^ v*V'V*^j<-.:;. ' ' ' '• tjAgPOgfe. IOWA, 29, IStt, NEW i>tt jfca .....SOBfUft ATTENTION . Mitt to get Tent MealB when in Town is At the ^FARMER'S HOTEL. .Jff feoil square meat for 05 BY THE DAT AND WEEK. • . - • • . . -.., . - f ..,. -. - . . . .. At the hotel formerly 'il's i <3jf>*T>are<i to furnish tl^e best of board. A. wonable rates by ttnrday or week. Meals f of Farmers A specialty. . V •' j ^. C. ' BANOUOP*. AND DRILLING. i^StfUaure machinery of all aiees fo.r boring or JU " J ""'—wells. Water guaranteed or <.MO,pfljr. Call 04 or address. BROS., Bancroft, la. . w. HUNTER; ^ f or Commerclai!an'ci( Business men . . .v -furnished.oh .utortnotliSe. Bred Wto,.8ai, : iFOR SALE OR TRADE. "', TChorlneioii street, iltfAna lAVfl ' SSswKhof Ifotel Tennanl. WgUIlat- IWHtt, , IOWA, AtlG, 29, 1894* onducted by j, A* t f'...v''^..-B.A ft , .„ ...iJL...^.....^,- MOW FOR WATMBW0KRS. •!• 4 .'. Thfc As predicted In th^se colttmhs the propositiolHot Water wltfks li ried by 69 majority. There was considerable opposition from those living in the outskirts'of town bri 'th6 on& Question of taxation, but when the plan was"thorough* ly understood many who Voted against it would have changed thieif 'Vfiys. The la* dies were nbtgiVett thepHviiegeeifiyptin|f as it;was not a question of direct taxation. Bancroft has placed herself far in advance by this progressive move In favor'of water works. Miss Etta Johnson is expected home from Red Wing, Minn., this week. W. H. Nycum was in Bancroft to see to Ms grain»ioterests last Monday....,.,,,._„ The largest of the "Big Three" Life insurance companies, the^Equi tabjo of.N. Y,, Is the one everybody should havei a"''policy l W}th," Ji A. Freeh is their,a'getit he^e.,. - _ (', Jack Jpjinstori and lady'lef'ilSs'trSunday moaning for Spirit Lake where they will visit till FrM^y of this'Week;. ^ •;';? j x The M. Ei Sunday school%icnic-;was f a great success as far as a good time is concerned. .About 115 were .presentt and,eii- : joyed themselves. The first weekly tournament of the Ban-, croft Gun Club took place yesterday after- nodn. On account of having. to send in items Tuesday at 2:45 o'clock we cannot give the scores until next ; weefe.' '•''' ..- /•. ' G. W. Smith is repairing the corner restaurant building preparatory ;tp Its occupation by H. O. Bruer. Mr.' : Bruer will move into. it next • Saturday, -or. .Monday and will bo glad to see all his' old custo- iaers and many new ones. ...... i • . '• . • '•'. •'-..- .;••. j.i-..:. ..'•.*.;' • .. •' if !••••.. I The good people of the Metho'dist church ijrriade a,.-8urpt!i^e,-,;party,.-'for, pastor, feev; Cole,' last Monday %venirig,?and crow4ed,',t|ie i parsonage so full that they had to go to the--"church to'-acComnjo'date. the people. Dr. Cutler in a neat and appropriate speech on behalf of the people, i*S «-*•• vv ••"•••-; >ji Bancroft % >^*v/ .«*J\ The Only one In Kossuth County. il ,; *f'.' : 'iff'*' •'.•.. '"'-t' 1 •' 'i -f'"\ •> , c .... ' J. >C FrecH, Proprietor. . HartfordV ; - ;:;vv '^ ' <!B*wAssociation, Pb;Ua'delphis: '• i Burance Co.,';bf'I>e8 x M6ines. ' j Insurance Co., of Des Moihes. | and Baiii^ers, of Des Mpines. ' '••• " Fire and 'Mating Dubuque.. ' • Life and Accident. i Life.. ;.-•.,• r -< >.»•'- ;.. : ' '• • Life Assurance Soc'y of theU.8 iwestern National of Milwaukee,, • «ilCreamery and ^hresnihg' 1 .. F^Eicsia:/ for. you no matter ""wfiaf "coriii paiiv you -are^insiiM ^i^l j 11 ; €oirespondence; solicited.^;-' • '• •.: •:,'• ."'"''.f?'''' r '"•,<:•'.•: ,'5?;,- .-,.• •,• .. ..... •' Pres, ?! •!'•] .'•. v ! V; '] ; eJPrtis^ , •.,'..,..- , ;1( , . v Oa>lOB : r.., , ! '' AsS't, Oas.h.. -^ll';§aving| Bi(( '••'• i; •'iJO.'WAr '.'"'' >V '" ''""''"' t ''' ; ''<.'' (• '. None but home capital inVeiied; ; Author-' _ „ orated'Hnder i tH<!lviwS'oCt)i'e;'$.|a . _., , , r .,~ ,. i^«a capital, $3o,u<HK Fow»l(;rt,ai)4 dpmestldexchange bought and sold, a»dj» ceneral banking *«IEWWSS twns.'.uted. Special atfentfon given to colleotions. Insurance written; Steamship. aasRrtsWftnd fioiu Kurop*;- , ' •' ' ' iJMBEOl'OKS-Kv M.,- Bi^Uniond,. .> T , B, Sheridan, A< B. Klchmepfl, ^, F,. Sniith. Sampel. atssyne.C. K, Mallory, J. N, Sheridan. , • - ^ \ ' / . , , ' « . • ', ' >..*,,.» ,.:,|iaBd, Loan, and Insurance , . -TT™ 7 , - » , , -^T "... r < I . ' ' ' - . ' y/c J .... 1881, A large list of wil$ l^qds, for sale. Improved farms fc'nd viJllag*, or sale or rent. F#im loan$ on jong'time and low rates ot interest, ! ' ..^ ..._.«_.. Oit y f ,j' 0 ^ a ; ' • , .„ . f R. M. RICHMOND, presented the surprised p&fson and family with thf-ee bieftutiful .tockefs, a rug and a spread as : theif esteem and appreciation and alsd to fettihd them that it was itith iftiiVersary bf their wedding. A splendid social time is repoftedbt all Two mfeMbett were received into Ihe M. tihitftetf.'ty iilttef last^dnday mbrning. The liftptlst Sunday Schdol is making ^tensive pfeperattohs 'for the Observance of Harvest Home' Sunday. , , Trie MffeWp'ls <ih that day will be added to whathas already" been subscribed and given tci, the Iowa Baptist State conVen- tton'tb'se'nd out missionaries in f6wa. The Baptist ladies took in over $30 at their .supper one week ago tonight., ,, J^ A,- ^rech is ready fo; do any kltfd of insu'ran'ce for" y oil.'. Life insurance a specialty. .-...,,,.... v ,The Equitable Life Assurance society of New York has 1938,533,577 insurance in force, the most of any company in the wol-ld, which goes to show how it is appreciated. . J. A. Freeh can furnish you a policy cheap. A brand new republican arrived at the home of H. Ausfjtt last week Tuesday. He weighed nine pounds and Is a healthy yotmgster. All ^ro doing; well. If wedding car.ds and wedding dresses are any indication there are several weddings on the tapis for the near future. W<j understand that some Doling -I'^dies of | Bancroft and vicinity: make first class hands to do threshing. " T " 'D^ ! " v k)r. Hefljn of Swea City and Dr. Bice of Fai:motit 'performed a difficult operation oi Peter KnottS, Who lives over -the line in Minnesota. .The Operation was entirely successful. j'Mra. L-' A. Anderson ; of, Armstrong is h]er'e, visiting; and receiving treatment ffont Dr;, Waljters.- t \ } Harvey Ingham was up from the Hub last Monday to/see that women hadfa fair show in the election. Ho arrived tob late, ijto'weve'rt as the women were barred, from before ho arrived. Sarvey neither iifBi;nied nor denied tHo imputation, that. wtv'ssbbn to^ehterthe state of matri-, , : Misses Fanny' B6mboy and May Belle Joh'nspn'ieave'nextFwee'k to-take a teach's course at the Iowa 'State Normal nW61 a'VCed'ar'Fall^ Iowa. ' - , ; ! , The ladies of th'e k:*^ 'church give 'a sdciaoleatG. W. Skinner's building this. ; ;;f '"- "' 1 '' "• ' .,.,. ( A iarg'iti par'ty'of Bah'croh's" best'yoUug ^oplfiiiave 1 been at -tiie lakfea during the pasiwefik. '" ' »> * '»-'- . .. ^ 'T,' 'ri,;pQJiiipr was a MnSroft visitor last Monday and we' bnderstand that big mis- ^oS^s^ariiy political. Ml'ilSf "• '!' ^n infant phild of J. Wilder's dJSd la$t week. The funeral was -from the O&thollc "A^pry.fin'e.Wllkes bred 3-year-o'fd trot^ arrived here'last Tuesday' fro'hl'-Web-, ^ifef Cjti':'; It is the property of Samuel Qep^F.'Hbh'n has nifov'eii f?om the Smith puHding on the corner to the Barslou biickr Vf ' '• •'* t- *' , it'i'. ; . )}>*•'• ;Dr. ^owe is 1 erectrng'hinl a-'llea^ little bfja'cieli'etSveelii Wyh'esidence and McLaugh^ HuVstprp; ^Be'w'tll'also erect a nice addi 1 side,'work'upbnV/hich-wlll bo' ^attd Essie.Cord-: ihgiey; hf Algona', were the guests of Mrs, A.'J. Berryman,' yeste'rday.. < (^O/W;.HAWKIMS, JftEllR, BURT V IOWA, . MRS. F. E. EDDY, , IOWA, ' -'SMITH: TILING, 'SEWER PIPE 'And does &}!' ktada* of -ftltQU work. J, ;ue ftt this n every p* 1 * 1 ' i\'<^ QAI^L* A.T7 »*•• IK /i' i % n^ovioc'eii 4irinej-; 0, My. ! 0V M/ ! ' would' 1 'w^K a»4 retold. to^' OFFICE , Aafflp^ec^fttjeOreggo/pi^pJe a^ep4e4 ty& dkfe^ifl I? yjft^R Fr$av -eyeuiag, • • I &*& W^SH*#to bSs^eft Ygjjy' nsh ...' «> •*''•*f? > 1 .-" J. I .»' t , -' ' wake an4- spread wa,s , After there stjil rmained enough ' Mrs, Will Ajj '''' ,,W{'& »?>,.'<',.¥,,, LAND 1 AND !TOWJi,;UOT 00. ,. , INCARSATALi ffli ')<•'. l », J 1 " s , ^"x^Si Aftdtht? Srutal Frii6 fight 4t Lfedyitd- L«|ff Kflockftd SettS^ltss ifl Firlt Round-it Wad Such fti Tfaey Will ttave Ahothftt Cne ffe*t >AHihleft«d It Butt Mtke )«ftioft«ttti6ft fof Mr. Maun-Thft Welsbrod Boy is ftbte LEDYARD, WAL 6tlNDA¥ fftlZB What is iJedjfard edtoing to? Whiife the church bells sounded their melodious t6fle ca;iHng this i good toebj)le yttndef, ft -brtital fight dould .haye b^e.rt witnessed 'wfest «f; town, .one. even ^more brutal thah was fought .last', Sunday. The fightfcri " wer & John Murphy. !andl. IJdnaldsori, knoWtt, as "siim, 1 ' who pfoved tb be the' better man, , iais he in th^ first rb'und knocked Murphy .senseless' and '"Brolte his; nose. As Murphy was unable ; W 'jBtef'tip he had tp be carried back t6 town tb his- room and attended to. It was for a purse' of $25 and considerable money Was lost, as 1 odds were given on Murphy, he by far being considered the better man. Another fight is set.for next Sunday,: .;.",!,,.,, Terpin, the prize fighter, and his backVr Milton, left the hotel last Wednesda f, after Staying one week,, Without .seUling their bilk . If they had thanked Jenks for,", their week's stay, there would have been nothing done,, but. as,they Didn't. Jeriks.thought he would get eyii wit' them,-so he had them, located and Arrested' at .Blue Earth Gity and made them, settle. What else can you expect of a prize fighter and gambler?•| M. Stephens last week sold his big ' larm' near Elmore, that he last spring boughtW Graunis & Palmer, to a Story county man.' Plaice f 29.50 per acre. Charley Corey, of Elmore, is putting, up a large hay barn in the west part of toym' and intends buying and pressing hay a\l, winter. ' ' Cashier 'Beech and wife, of the State Bank,' after a week's outing, at SplrJti Lake,- returned yesterday. They report haying a good time and that fishing"!: 'is splendid. > i , x Another case of closing the well after v the child is drowned. 0-le 'Jensen, west bf toWii,vlast'.Saturday while feeding 'a hay' press with his foot,- slipped, and befora,the team could be. stopped > and the plunger pulle'd back hislfoot, was nearly takep p^. ] Dr.'Kuniap was &\ once, sent for anq didn'jt thirfk a'iy amputation -necessary; but of,' conrse Jensen will be unable to do any' work this 'year, 'It .^eems as ,if -peopje oughtito leaun to quit feeding pre.sse their feet, as »pc|dents. occur nearly,' dayinttatway. ,, f ,( '., / „' Chris. Strelt, living 8 miles southjvegt of Algona', was m-p here last week and bought a quarter section^ acresinear rAlgona ftopie four and'of course,- .like, a wjse man^ . m<5ney right into land ««B,in. JSJbrei|i cwthej from German'y 'ten yeaits.jigq apd 'wpr'ke'dj "tholfirst year for-flOO, which he |iad tosen?!' batek home to pay ior,hjs tick'et. " Any ppan 1ii l this country who. sfilj save- his n^qjiey and invest It in Iand^c«n in a few yea'ri become well off v <\ ,. , , ,' ~ ','."[ 1 A.'D. Clarke, the land ktag pf Kbs.sutlil was here with a coupje of buyers ' i]ri(Ja.7. We would naturally suppose he soM 'tb 'them. v ' • , : , -^ - , ^ , i •' Henry Thompson, a merchant} Wf ^Vhit-" temore, drove up last week, to look." after some' hay he is having put np here, ' ' •Ledyard has at least one man that'bp- lieves in reciprocity, • pamely, Wiljiam Heggert, who, on a,;warrant swor« oi^t [ by Ed Glouch, -was, arrested lastFri^fty nlpht for cheat! eg in a game of poker. Hegg'eri upon learning this/ had Glo^p^> arrested- for gambling, and, went before . Just 1 •ice Shipley, ,wbQ fined ^eggert ^7, . whfph he could well afford to pay as he still" Vf as $13 ahead of the game,. Ed U wl^f,, ^*}< now out in the* hay field ; trjring by ' 'he sweat of his brow to e^rp ,'6r When will by the ftudieneo &t fall Min. All the scenes iha'C usually attend sufch displays were e*« huffed. MM who jt is said gbnid" feot p4? hofreSt debts shouted their bets up to , fifty dollars, f o his credit, jack fioberM soon put an end B the disgraceful doings and the proceedings ran smoothly there af'tef. That all enjoyed the occasion was evid^ en'e&d by the happiness on 6ftch fade, that these gatherings ma? oecuf annually is the wish bf ail who %ef e there. A ttKASAJft- StrHlPWSft S-Ott sori.'was'the surprise party given'by thfe Methodisi'ehnrch' ali'd their ffieftdS, to colebrat&.the birthday anniversary of theif pastof's.wife.'; Jth and 'Mfsv ; if awn were Invited to ttee tea Jri Bancroft at his brothers and oft theif rettif ft to thfe parson*^y.wepe gteeted by a large company of-.thtiii;'f i'tends'. who;lfiad : asseinbiea during theli''absejac ei i^issV'Calffie Gotidwin ia iehaif of tits peopid presented Mfsi Hawn wjth a.substantiai present, as ; 'a pleasant th'etime .they 'had spent In Bur,.t and,an acknowledgement of their love and'frie.ndshipipward hrfr and hers. Mr, and Mrs. Hawn' are very popular among their people, t.nd 11 is hoped they will be returned here after conference, The Burt .Cprnet Band played several selections, and w at ,the stipper,^whlch was servfedlin,the' church, oVef one hundred sat down.: Ajl went home feeling^ -they (had passed a.peasante;Vening,' : "•'"• Thursday morning a team belonging-'tb Den Payne broke away from the depot Where Geo. Payne was loadjrig'.s'Omti' hay cars. They ran up' main' Stree't' : an<l Mr. Shaffer, pur. blacksmith', triad ids'top them but was thrown, under the heavy trucks and badly,hurt. We hope to see him pull through in a short time hll rlgh'i ' Grain of ,ali classes is now coming to our elevators. The majority of'the farmers report a.finb'crop of small grain and about a two-thjrd crop of corn. Localities however, some fields are expected to yield very heavily. • Mr. JpeElvidge has: been to Chicago on a-business trjp. ' The Fast litail proved to be a Very fine entertainment. ' ; .Thursday, of last we&k, a party of young ladles from Algona came tip to our town to help break the monotony of country towji.Iife.for, Miss Flossie Smith. } The Lone,, Rpck Creamery is soon to have a foundation^ apd'thelflnishjng touches, to pake it a model! of looks and neatness. | The law will soon bo out and ttioso birds that have been known heretofore as snipe will suddenly mature iato full fledged chlckehs: 1 -But ^owin'g to premeditation they wflf be very scarce. .,-,- ,,., ./.'.^"'PLUM GREEK. 1 '* . ' ,.' * -Fred Miller contemplates buljdjng a hay barn in the near4u$ure,r ( i, • -'' *'' Wm.' Hopkins repprls kjjling a rattle'-'snake a few days ago. • '" H. Warner intends, t to J)uild,.a lean-to horse barn alongsidp of his hay barn'/iSx 48 feet ifl^jze. H<M8 ( bou,nd tp have,, things handy. ' '<•<"' !•"'•• Mr. Mrs. Mn Pope, of Irvlngton, died !ft*t, «* ftS6%ifcrFU:^i j sfe«fl WMJ tire fctiiiglidfi etotfrcfr Ttfesdai She leaves s husband but no children ., ' 1L tefiet relil to T^t, ^66, Mdtadaf, wtirk onitheCfttlioHfe'chufeh Which is t* ' VISITS NdKTHftKff tCOSSUfM. ' ' " i * f""' ^ ' .,. is'. fh* iliftdtt Sdltdf Vtewl thft North grtd Bf koiiuth *fid Sicofnt* fifi* huilittlc—A ¥»BI» . , i *_*£«&>* IE Vi.iaA rta •f he tifei itof.ftf the filfttaire E>e writes lip > x> a trip into northern Kossuth as follows,' •' " One day last Week the Eye scribe, lit company, with' fir. Jacobs, rode pver the.., northern paHj)£iowa ibojdn'g for & thfesfi*' r. ing machine.V^his tnachiHe was to thresh "'" oUt thp large crop on 'ttife 'doctor** fafm >• five and a half ifiiles south of town, fail' ihg to make cpfinectlon at the time ap* pointed, and,'in 1 ' conSoqUehce, the', search. iWhfte scouring the country in search of the a^oresaidfthreshing ,;'machine, the writer chanced to be left on one of those high hills, and, seated upon a large bolder, 'had a very bibnitaaiitiing i'VieW of the stir* ,' rounding ^ittjitr^, Itiey&i'y directioaas far as the eye cbuld teach was the beautl* '• ful undulating, prairie, until the grain and hay stacks.and an occasional farmhouse closed be^6.nd! the .horizon's bar from the f adlng vls;iO(h.' -While it is yet a sparsely settled -cp^i.'ntry, its rapid improvement and development is marvelous. There afp; now oniy';^;few tracts of land owned by " npn-residehtS,.an;d.there are rapidly being bought up and hundreds of acres are being brdken every season. Thityfceautiful-.tyrac.t ] of cOu'ritVyi'^hioK is^bw: dotted with farm houjs0S" i andjypung,^npt, morotha.n,^ t ' -/ ,1 plafn. During a day's drive through the country all that would meet the gaze of a traveler as the ' slgns;of life was ' ' siojial herd of cattle that were roaming ov^r the grass-covered prairie. The land tha^r could be then purchased at $6, t per acre is 1 now worth from '|2Q over vfsit-, ing; old settler A.-L. Seeley and condoled; 1 him oivliTs loss'of ^fifteen or twenty teeth, whl'cK compels him* tc ^ " J .' I* /* ,i j .: man store building and inte'nd§ne.jc starting A general stoce, Pb^ljj,' Jf ' business man, well liked, ana' wjjr sorely get h \s share of the/ trade, , ,,', *'' f THEUNIPN BOUGHS you 'of township,, you 9awittltfgly Uj leV - pbance pf y^p^ lifetime, 'if ''re'4\''p' aijd a general good tfme are classes <awpQ£ t'b,o?fl pft%nces, ' Fo^ soine reason toijancl Grange Sunday 8e>i9Qla »t In^a ' ,V^uy TibbQtis was s'een on 6ur streets Wednesday and Thursday.' r ' l '- ! '' , EJk'e H#yenga has'his new windi-mill ajl> complete now. , Mr. Ed. 'Norwood- of Al- gona^put,it'up for him. ' A teain r^n away from v Bennle Chris-, chilles last ^Thursday while he was' fcaui- ing milk.,, It got frightened and "tried 1 to 1 run, .when ;ttye tug came unhooked and the tpngue fell'down and ran 1 into the ground apd broke. The team ran away but nobody was hurt. '" •'"' ' * - Wm. We.lsbrj>d made a special business trip to Armstrong last Monday,'' • ' ' f s MJke. Wolsbr^d was a Burt'Visitor last >v.ho was ac^Jflentally shot'recently.'is ipi- proving|; T apidly f " ',.,'' '*"'' V Smith ^ Co, r are drilling &' well for L. X . ^Phey'have reached a'depth of m fftftt '' * •• » % •' ' • * '??,...,"•*; «f»*« -jiu-'iJATfiw; *.m\ , ., . -j^iat ^rraJa Ttpnn. • ' ," vjSS! ,- T^abestof modern" anaesthetic's ---"' ^ 3K ., , jQ^Jjfee.fl Dumber <Jf our yoi»rig fdlks went jiow^to. t'he ~$ r E, Epworth League &t Gre,ep' ; s^bhpbi j^'In'Iio.Hs QreeJ? towfl- i^ip,. A ( Ieftg'^e meeidihg is'held' regularJy .every tw0 ^eejcs at tW German ohwwh in r> • ', BUFFALO FORK. Milo Brown, of Garner, is visiting at D. J.JDavison's. Henry Bartlett lost a valuable hor last week, , > Mr. Farrel of'Guthrlo county was in thli clty,pn business last welek. . , Miss Helen Eddy ^peht the Sabbath' wltlj friends in'Algona. T * v " . - • v ' Mrt/Bfir^ett is a)t>le to be out agair 'MrJEtbel preached a very able 's^r atthe"Doan church last "Sunday b a'ubject,"" What Can r|iDp^ r i • jjMiss Mamie Davisopj. of '.Burt', visit-, frfejads.'1'iri.'^h^ vlci^y-'iafew days tblj wpek.'^j ''"_"' '' ' '' '^"'' - v '''iJt } , 'Mr. aftd Mr's.^ogers, of Wesley^ylsllfejijl j»t Geo. Manley's last Sabbath. j' i 'Mrs.'Frances,-Haswell is A visiting ^...Stone's. ' ' • ' ' •!.'•• , - - ..,-, A> ( 3b.^ BIST, D. , Oyer the Algona State Bank, ', TO •• to make all operations as painless as pof- ' ,; Bible., ' ' " i( "' J»!> "• ^ . > «i<y/',, r* r-^ , r . ' U Manufacturer D; t^pd dealer in Harness and Harness • v -. .1 ^WOWA, IP^A..;;:^^'- ,-^ : ^ ^ n :\r ; B.a;'BOWYEflf;.> S oj V . \^ <J ¥ t?i- -<-\ *3i All'Jsi^of S«verw«yft,; .r-, ^."^ ; , , *&•• ''" CRE^CO , % ,P«B^O, A^k./gT^W^lajk s Ay^s, , ot y jlje,' c^me oyer"»n4'inaa0 ftts • par- y{§Hi last' •vyoek, 1 " He reppptl'-ibe ' ' ' Way *'"" ''

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