The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on August 29, 1894 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 29, 1894
Page 7
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11 4 DETROIT BUILDER. tfiLLS fcfeMARKAgLB HIS L1FB. Carrie to Detroit About Years Ago. 7 # <S POSE FOB «OU) tStS' Ifevl <fck*fr'S Experience Worthy S*l-WVrS ., / Attention, ' '(Mom the Detroit JSvenlnij frews.) Away 'out Gratiot Avenue, fat- front din amd turmoil of the business e, there ate nmtty attractive homes, the intersecting streets are wide^ cleatt and shaded by large leaf-covered trees, and the people you meet are typical of industry, economy and honest toil. There are many pretty residences, but none more inviting in its neatness and hbme4ike comfort than that of Mr. Levi fils'eyY the well-knoWtt builder and Contractor, at 74 Mofan street, just off (jti'fttiot. Mr. Elsey is an bid resident Of Detroit, having moved here about forty years ago. lie has erected hundreds of houses in different parts of the city; and points With pride to such buildings as the Dewberry. & McMullan and Camp&W blocks, in which he clis played his ability as a superintendent, "I have seen'Detroit grow from a village to a city*" he observed yesterday in conversation with the writer "attd I don't think there are many towns in America to-day equal to it in point of beauty.. I know almost every body in the city, and an incident whicl recently happened in my life has inter csted all my friends. "It is now about eight years since '. was stricken down with my first cas of illness. One cold, blustering day I was down town and through my natu-.i ral carelessness at' that time I permitted myself to get chilled right through. \Vhen I arrived home that evening I felt a serious pain in my left leg. ' 1 bathed it that night but by morning I found it had grown worse. In fact it was so serious that \ sent for my family physician, and he informed me that I was suffering from varicose reins. My leg swelled up to double its natural sisie and the pain volume. The agony was simply awful., I was laid up and never left my bed for eight weeks. At times I felt as though I would grow frantic with pain. ,My leg Was-bandaged and propped up inbed at an agio of 30 degrees in order I to keep the blood from flowing to my ^extremities. '.-" .., 'I had several doctors attending me, ['but I believe my own judgment 'helped Vine better than theirs After a seige of .two,months I could move around, still |l was on the sick list and had to doctor |mys,elf for years.. 1 was never really loured and suffered any amount of [ anguish. ' "About two years ago I'noticed an \ article in the Evening News about my {friend, Mr. Northrup, the "Woodward javenue merchant. In an interview iwith him he stated that" he, had used 5r. Williams' Pink J?ills for Pale People and they cured him. I knew him very well, having built his hovis'e out Wood- •waSrd 'A ve., and I thought I would follow his suggestion. I must confess I did lf so"with marvelous success. From the time I began to take the Pink Pills I felt myself growing to be a new man; They acted on me like a magical stimulant. The pain ,departed and I soon was ? as, - strong - and healthy as everi Uefore trying the Pink Pills I had iifccd anv amount of other,.medicine.without any'inoticeable benefit. But the pills cured me and I was myself again. •'""When a person finds'-himself relieved and enjoying health he is apt to, expose himself again to another attack pi illness, Some three months ago I •shopped taking ' the Pink Pills, and from the day Idid so I noticed a change in my condition, A short time since I renewed my habit of taking them with the flame beneficial results which met one formerly. I am again' nearly as strong as, eve'r, although I, air^a-man ab.ouf 50 years' 'of age/; I'tell ypni sir, the £ink Pills are a" most wonderful medicine and if they do as well in' other cases as they did in mine they areHhe best in the world, I freely recommend them to any sufferor." ' , Dr, Williams' Pink Pills contain, in a condensed form, all the elements neq- essary to give new life and richness to .the blood and restore shattered nervefi, 'They are an unta^ing specific for such diseases as locoiflotor abasia,- 'partial paralysis, St, 'Vjtus' dance, sciatica, neuralgia, rheumatism, nervous headache, the after effect of la grippe,.palpitation pf the heart, pale and sallow complexions, all forms of weakness either in male or female. Pink Pills are sold by all dealers, or will be 1 sent post paid on receipt of price, (i5Q cents a box, wr six boxes for $3,50—they are never sold in bulk ov by the 100) by addressing Dr. Williams* Medicine Co,, ' N. Y. • > \ tie* thfefrt Who A QS&f tet of of A§ ART- of Otood Ifof-k Correspondence.} HERE New Y.ofk City aboutotte hundred young women are not feeling the hard times; although, the? are Wage earners and depend upon the patronage th6y re ceive. But in their cases they are the exceptions to the rule that "when one business is dull all businesses are equally dull," for their Work, is of a kind for which there is a constant A&- mattd and there is little or no opposU tion to them in their peculiar field. These one hundred young women aci as models for the first-class artists 01 New York. ( • It is said that no young Woman ever perfectly proportioned all over, If she is right in arm her waist is usually too long for her length of body, •and if waist and body are equally adjusted then there-is trouble with hei outlines; and where an artist looks to •find a lovely curve he meets a crue hollosv or too much adipose to bi graceful. The greatest trouble is knock knees, and few, are the young women who, whether from high heel or careless walking, do not have the slight outward tendency of the calve which betokens this defect. But th< one hundred'young Women here men tioned are as free from these faults a any one hundred girls in the world for it is to New York iihat all'the bes models come from all'-over the world One of the best m6deh> in the city, or, for that matter, to be found anywhere, is a Miss Callahan. This young : woman has posed for the artists in the city, and is now away for the summer with William M. Chase and his family. Miss Callahan is Mr. Chase's favorite model; and it is to secure her for the at tha tV6fld'& before the ftaif opeited 6he «n,4 aketi to Chicago by a patty of artists, and there she remained, posing for all otts of graceful female figures—idefei, allegorical, heroic and angel i&< She las been everything, from the baby iupid on the wall coming^ out of ft cornucopia in company with several others 6f graduated size, tb the old woman who picks up chips ifc the streets. Neatly all of the posing, loWevet, is fot the nude, as she ii beautifully fofttled. One of the most recent lights in the stage World, though as yet she has been seen only as a living picture in the large theaters, is Miss Arabella Gold, for a long time the model of Satony atid of other artists. Miss Gold is very tale&ted. She began as a young reporter, than went singing in concert halls, found she was beau 4 *. AND THEIR 0 MISS BRADLEY. ful, posod to artists to get money to tudy for the stage .and is now in Boston awaiting her debut. Miss Gold is petite, but so perfectly proportioned Uirtt her smallness is' not noticed by an artist. Miss Ella Sterling and Miss Nellie Taylor, the latter now a little chubby, are very choice models and very'fine young • women as wall. ' Indeed, it may be stated that all* good models are young ladies Of rare mental attributes, or they would be'Unable to catch the artistic inspiration and so could never give the right expression to the pictures. "Do artists very often marry their models?" was asked of one of the best "Safely throtigH ariother week," Wits written by Joim Newton.; , "There i6 a fountain filled With blood," is>the most popular of Cow- pefs hymns. "Let us with a gladsoftie ntifld,'-' was written by John Milton" When oftly 15 years old.. '/Come, ye disconsolate," was by the famous Irish poet, Thomas Moore, and appeared in his sacred songs in 181(5. "Lead, kindly light," was written by Cardinal Newmat?, on June 10, 1833j while itt the Mediterranean sea. "When on Sinai's top I see'', is from the pen of Montgomery. Ijb was originally called the "Three Mountains.'' "Return, O wanderer, -i-fetum," was by William B. Collyer and was first printed in the Evangelical Magazine in 1806. "Brightest and best of the sons of the morning'' was written by Reginald Heber and firsit published in the Chris* tian Observer in 1811. '•Blow-ye the trumpet, blow," Wrts one of the seven hymns written by Charles Wesley for Nei'w Year's day. it wlis first issued,; in 1750;, "All hail the power of-.Tesus' name," was written by Edward 1'erronet in 1779. All .else from tllo pen of this Writer has been forgotten. "Nearer, My God, to Thee,'' was the Work' of Sarah Flower Adams! and first -appeared in .a volume of hymns and anthems ptiblishcd in 1840 by Rev. W. J. Fox. "And are we yet alive?" is by .iCharies Wesley. Ft is the opening 'hymn used by Methodist conferences the World over, and has been so employed for a hundred j^ears. < "Just as I am !/ ; ,'appcared in-.the "Invalids'Hymn,Uppk," in 1830. .J4, Was<..of;.Charlotte Elliott, who beca.uie an invalid in; 182.1 and remained such until her death in 1871'. "Jesus Lover_,of My Soul'Swas writ,ten by Charles ,\Yesley just^ after an escape froin a -mob.' 'He took refuge in a too}.-house attached to a' foundry, 'and wrote the hymn wi'th a piece of lead hammered into, a pencil. "Rock of Ages'' was written by Top- lady. It was originally entitled -'A Living and DyingTrayer for the Holi- 'est Believer- in the'-WorM.". It 'has been translated in'td irianj- European languages, and everywhere it- has been popular. > : "Hark'' the 'herald tlngels singi" is the only hymn by'Chai-les Wesley that is included io the Episcopal Book of Cpnimon Prayer. It, with five..others, was put in by. a printer in 1318, Who found six pages vacant in his form, and ..without,, asking, anybodj^s permission, filled them with Ijyimis. ' No'-, body knew how they wore introctuced, and after the printing was done therp was no authority for their removal. ) . 1 " T ' li <V ( LIFE'S KALE!D,OSCO,PE. ] THERE are ahy house' keepers not using kOVAL BAKING POWDER, its great qualities Warrant them in making a trial of it. The ROYAL BAKING POWDER takes the place of'soda and. cream of tartar, is more convenient, more economical, and makes the biscuit, cake, pudding and dumpling lighter, sweeter, more 1 delicious and wholesome,. Those who take pride in making the finest food say that it is quite indispensable therefor. nOYAL BAKING POWDER CO., 106 WALL ST.., yi 3 . An Anecdote of AYilliam II. According to the .story lately circulated in Berlin, the emperor ftp-; peared at G o'clock one mornilig-- inost unexpectedly, at the barracks of a dragon regiment. ••• The soldi£ra were ready for • manoeuvres, .but the commanding officer bad not. yet), arrived. The emperor waiter, half fiin hour, when the delinquent -arrived. His feelings tit the eight "''of his sovereign can bet ter be imagined than described. But the emperor did'' -not say a word. He assisted at the manamvres, made several observations, as usual, and Anally left without addressing a word to the officer at .fault, who considered bimsplf lost,. Ho 'vent home in despair, expecting from moment to moment to receive the new» of his disgrace. With the customary expeditious ways of the emperor, : .lie knew he would not hnvelongtowait. season that he ip,ices,her away,- to his home. She ia'ratner tjill, es- qnisitely pvoportioned', f^nd,, quite pretty of f&ee, Her principal Kxploration in Wojk U^s begun undey the new flrroan pevmittin? the Tfvlestiae e.v fun4 tP •' dig fop two yeavs »isa starts on toward,'Qpijel, between the plishnient is he> ability ,to catch th^ whom 'she is artists of New Yorlr, who has seen life on both sides of the ocean, "Yes, I think they do," replied he; "but it js for reasons not always understood, "You know an artist leads a-very lonely life." He wugt work hard, he <?a» go Jtytle into society, The only company, he receives are his patrons,^ an4 hjs only, women companions' are the" models, '- By 'and by, bejng mnob. ( m theiv society, be, fancies one move than t the othevst an^ way be invites her tp go to the tjieatre with him- An4 so the cguptship begin* Bnt }}Q n^vev fftpeies 'he> • on account of personal "guftUflcationj merely. That is A, silly iwet&ke- * J?o wore than a niati in bufsiness ll.fe : marvies a just beaause,§]ie,}),a8 a prpity, lase. The young women employed in dairy farming at Ebling-,' Germany, have adopted men's attird, as tney find that it facilitates theii- work; A Lexington, Ky., girl recently died' from grief over the amputation of her arm, which was rendered neces&ary through the re'sult of an accident. A. 'New Yorkrdealer in farm produce advertises "special eggs for invalids.'' With each egg the mantis reported to furnish a certificate that it is not over forty-eight, hours old. The real sitting on stoops pertains and is peculiar to the country. It needs the accompaniment of vines, the smell of yrees and shrubs, the clicli: of a gate and the stretching of a faithful, intelligent dog' with a heavy breath. The're should be no'-electric light ito throw a baleful glare on the lovers, young or old. The stars should be clearly seen to nod'; and the' moon in the cquntry is. another ...machine altogether from the dull'fire -balloon of ti|e 4 t'o^vn,, lllLj't''! * ! ; ' But the afternoon passed, then evening," and still nothing ocourreieli He Imd-not dared to leave- the house"'; 5ti dread of the •o.vents: .tjhwt -were to 'decide-his future career. >'•' Finally, as tho evening wore oil," he ^ventured out for a walk. . On returning home he found a little package addressed to him. No letter ov message accompanied it. He hastily 'opened the jnysterious parcel found it contained an alarm clock, Betrayed. Himself ', Clork— "How did you discover' that -thd man/in No. H5 \vas 'Slanu, the grant • xle-' tecljve?" ••' • • /!' Bell boy— "He had t;o ring fpr some ouo to flncl tho/towel 1'or him." ,, ', One'lFnrc Kxeui-sloiia South' "VIji C.'£ K.T.JJ.K. Round trip tickets will be sold irom all stations on the Chicago '& Eastern Illinois;' 11 11. on Sept.- 4th, Oct. 3d, 'Nov. c'th and Dec. 4th, 1S'J-1, at._one'i fare; to points jn Kentucky," '^'ennesj'] see, Louisiana, Mississippi^' Alabama,' Georgia, North Carolina, South .Carolina and Florida. Tickets good 'to return for twenty days from date of sale. Stop o,vcf allowed on going or returning journey, For further par,- ticulars apply to any C. &. E. I. R. R. agent or Chicago city ticket office, 230 Clark street, or to Charles L. Stone, G, 'P. & T. A., 355 Dearborn street, Chicago, 111. ', v A Flourishing First Unde—What are you doing now, t'holly?- ., Second Diide — Nothing at all, dohchor know. :£/First Dude—And your brother? >SeCbnd Dude—He is in with me, yo.u see. • First Dude—Docs it take yo"u both all that?—Texas Sittings. An Authority on Conduct. «'For; good no£&' sake, what is that man over at-the ne\t table cramminsf his dinner'down like that for?*' "Oh, that's the man who delivers lectures on etiquette at the Young Ladies' Fashionable seminary. He'll be ..-late now for his afternoon discourse on !'Tho Art of Polite '-Deport- me.ii t,.'" ___! 1' A Friend of Man. '(Have you, done anything for the social" asked the lady with the eyeglasses. . .-•"No'm," said the judge, who had sat in divorce oases and was a cynic', "but I've done'tt heap for'tbe emancipation of man." A LIGHT HEART, strong nerves, bodily, comfort — these cpine to a woman, with the USQ °f Dr. Pierce's • Favorite Prescription! You can't be anything else hut nervous and spiritless, as long as yon-suffer from any womamy ills; The < ".Prescrip- , t [ tion" relieves every such condition. !jlt builds Up your general health, too, better than any ordinary tomo can .clo-r-aridTby restoring the natural functions, it' brings back health and strength. " St. Afatthews, Orangcburgh Co., S. C. DR. B. V. Pucncc: Dear Sir —For four months my wife tried your "Favorite Pre, seription," and 1 am able to say that it has done nil that jt claims to dp. She can always praiso this rac'diein'e for till -aroiub troubles. .. - - . . " truly, : ,Tovru. Texas and Nebraska lands, MerclmnrtlBB, stocks, etc., boughl nnd sold. JlurLe £ Ulaise, Den Sollies, la, Cbtu'ch members wlio riovor smile will some flay liud out Jiow much liarm they have done, , • • ' .' Were Vou Kvcr Soutli lij It is no hotter in Tennessee, Ala-, bama or Georgia than here, and it is. positively delightful on the Uiilf Coast' of Mississippi and AVcst. Florida. 'If you are looking- for a Itica'tion in , the soxith go doAvn now' and see foi ; yarn*-. j?elf. The Louisville & Nashville rail-i road an<l conn,ections will sell • 'tackfet^ i to all points south for trains of Aug. 7 a't one-fare round trip, A^l? ,voui' tick- et>ag'entj! abpiij; it, and if he cannot sell ' yoxi 'excursion tiekeis ,'\A';-,ite to'C, 1 J , Atmore, general passenger agent, Louisville, lyy. . . '.. , ' , new passenger Gre'at> Western of the railway ai; Kans''ag City, which the above cut vep- resen|s, is not only the most cprnplete Jvansas-Cityi ;hut the most located, beipg Ut yec'pw] and streets, but- a business center and tp cte and eJeptvic Ufies, pj^sengers Raveling to Kansas Igr^he sou fli west »?e now a m^n's lite jp a, failure who does not' try to no something to IQ&VQ the world riQher,tto»n he found ib. ' ilroperty situated one half blooh; from Stale Capitol Building, for farm or stock of hardware, Address V. Or Box 2-15, Be& 3JoJnes£lo\nv. "BTCYCJ^ES AJJD, KEPAIKS—wo have ona >f tUe best equipped repair plants 8n the west, youi ivoric solicitod.;We (Uwaya havobargains In new and •;. Mention this ad. 'ATotnes, ia, W^.NTKP to sell hardy Nursery stock, onr.own growing; we pay salary or oom- . _. VJj Si, .£:;..,.«„*.*. T r* HT>AfAn f« / of tUe best equipped repair plants Sn the west, work solicited.,'We (Uways liayo bargains in ne hecond hand nia'chines. Send for cat. Mention this ad TJio ksitliro'li-Rhodes Co., Pes MIEN mi&.sion. Auaress wwi reierouucB, ±i, ur. jQ««.urvT, CO,, Prpprs. Unlpn Nurserlep, Kftlamazoo, Mloh. r r «!«., .„_-.., p. O, tes Claims;., . 'opsiop Bureftu* ^ McELREES' WINfeOPCARDUi;: - • ' v Money In AVIntei- Wheat— 100 .That's the >vay farmers "who pcnved , Sal- new World's F(iip,,\vheat 1'eport,' It all the wyy i'vpjn 4^'/ pev acre, and u good-inuny are s ' r Qyev , this <yyJtea£ that tjiey qli3,im ,ean be; grown pev a'cro,' 'Jflje W winter rye yiojds TP'onsliols pex* acre, pays tvejnonaous profits. .u:

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