The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on August 29, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 29, 1894
Page 5
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-*'*;&*?#?*. MMBMBAfr 93 f"6l|ht" cErlfc gnttnfCM tSdfoaltttft" itotoli hfe dteeusMd ia a witty attd ifitetestitg manner.',' Seo. L. Gart^ailh ii trtfttfif B wo-ad* etf addition, two fitdtie» faitfnVon the end of the wes? bfick occtrfied *»*•** LatKl's fuf nitrite stock. It £?»£?$ feet, and wfoetf completed it tvill make the whole available room is2 feet. Mr. Laird will tmt his efctife stock ufadef the one tool And will have things much mote convenient* . F" U Calkins, whose, announcement for the .office of County AuditOtap- this issue, is the assistant 061 . OH*»«ft taoooffimodatton... Mall and BXpfess. 6:0t ft IB 3:13p in IttdEftttSMOlty .•tes&tt Chl : to ft idO a. til< TlOKetS^ior sttie 6 jBttftd States attd, Canada LEAVING "••^iiv'.ViW" TIME OF TRAINS, Trains leave. Erametebufg as follows (JOIXG SOBt^.; No. 61 passenger.. ........... i" No. «3 passenger >•"::' No. 65 freight....'.... '••••'• GOING sotrttt. Noi 60 passenger • ••/'•• • Ho, 62 passenger.......... .<.••• No, 64 freight i... •••••"' • • • "••.• rr;- -Trains numbers 62, and ,63 run dally \. »hoe of trains daily except Sunday. « wiuMWH-" do , A host of fating ia %??uth Will always hate occasion to pleasantly re- meMref this drjr season of 1894, fre- c'aus© of the unfailing water supply that it gave them. Many, who have heretofore been eontent to depend up- • t _.. _*_ , _„ _i^_ i_ I* J.JJ. ^^.4.11*1 l*M4vA Ptior to assuming in business at Ledyatd. He is higW| and pupular where 'he '-is knoTn aM he is reputed to be a Very capable young matt. " t '-',''j.\ will be some races at the' state on shallow surface water wells, have been fotced to, go deeper and have come upon supplies of the purest water in litif ailing abutidafice. The Kossuth county f aftners Who have thus equipped themselves Would make a long list. One of these is "Tface" Taylot, of Union township. Who had a Well drilled <rtfc feet and Who has 100 feet of water, have not been so fortunate, some bal- 8WI2A. GOING TABLE. Cll^ as followst bias's. ~ On J Mon'dayrthe 8td, *l$ ttiifqfifl will he faaid to Winners* sBiiiwu §S TueSaMhWh,£,300 oft Wednes^ day, the 6th, andjUOO o^n Thursday, the 0th', While. Friday, the 7th,, has been set for Derby day* running races only, the day of .days. Every 1 class is filled and a big time is assured. At the Social Union Friday night^F. H. Vesper is to read a Paper on "The South west by the Sunset Boute'^ and J, J. Byan is to deliver an orationjm "CapiSund Labor," The rest Ofthe program is to be musical and the participants are to be Misses Cornie ing^ ham. Amy WalMcfe, Fannie McrfBatfr, Bubfe Smith, Kate Smith ; and Lutie 'Wallace. ' .; ;• The monthly meeting of the Outlook club will be held in the Congregational church oh Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Miss Lillie Banks, wil paper on "Music'," Miss Lutie !., wifl give "A .Current .Magazme _Arti *»•.» iftg is in progress Whet* tlrti ».„...,- -~ tat too dry, and some a&ditig bus been dbfie. • It will be to tent Iflfefest to, OOINO o8......... N«.84uns Sunday and not Monday ,B-Daily except Sunday.. ,. 11GONAREPUBL1CAN ALQONA, IOWA, AUQ. 29. 1894, ; LOCAL MATTERS. •- 1 See Orr on questions of paint. . Fresh oysters at Ladendorff's. Cern Harvesters at The Wigwam. '"There was a special meeting of the i; .O. U. W. lodge last evening.. . TT T Winkifi has an announcement inVs'week's 6 SUBWCAN that you r-will do well to read. ' ' • Paste it in^your hat that the Kossuth County Fair comes Sept. 19,20 and 21. 1 The Fair reserves those dates. -E;W. McMiirray has sold his resid- ' ce on Call street to John McGetcbie, i. Portland, who it is understood will Jiove to town in a short time. "':, John Grove's house is already, inclos- '•edand is' approaching completion ex' teriorly. It fe going to be somewhat striking in outline but'very handsome, <- •—»'* 'TO TT a »"--«««» rvP r Snirifr. fiake. ,,. Tit. Jc • II. Q hold relif 111 ifcflVO ' 'A AJUliOl**/ ..*»•**£»•"""TV t ^~~T-~~* $' Miss Ella Thompson,""Beview of Magazines. All ladies ar« cordially invited. Each lady ft aalcedtogivea quotation on mid-sUmmer. kany are dqub^leS's curious to know why t¥ere'h^bee'ii so .much delay in completing the work on Park Avenue. The fault seems to lie' with the "Milwaukee Comp'any. ;Nothing done until the work u completed at the bridge. It is understood that the company has promised to' have the work Sone this week. In the meantime, it should be remembered that the Avenue is hot'ih' shape to'be traveled. The suggestion is made, too late .to jtt.Il liavc UUli ucr.ii ou j.uiu«*u^v«. —•'—T have been obliged to gd down 200 and 300 feet, but the cases are very rare Where the drill has failed to strike wa« ter at some depth. At numetous places in northern Kossuth flowing wells have been secured this season, and at a very slight expense. : Yesterday morning Sheriff Samson received a telegram from the sheriff of Cerfo Gotdo county instructing him to arrest six men who were driving through, the country as a hunting party. Within five minutes of the receipt of the telegram the men were Under arrest. They happened along just in time to save Mr.' Samson the bpthejf ,pf looking them Up. The sheriff at once telegraphed, announcing the arrest and asking what was the charge, anc!'the! reply stated that they were wanted for the theft of a couple of bird dogs. The sheriff Was quite confident that there was a mistake and that the men were Innocent. They had with them, however, a couple of dogs, which was no occasion for surprise. ; Th;e men were on their way to Ipirit lake. Their accuser came on the t:£6 train, but on seeing the dogs he owned that they were not his, and the men were released. ^ v' n, COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS. "Ai&pfrA, loWA/Aug. 25, 1894.-The CitV Council met in regular session at the city Clerk's office, Mayor Call in the, chair. Members present: Vesper, Wadsworth, Garfleld, Pettibone, 'Cordingly, Magnusson, NicoUlin late; absent, Hutchins. *" minutes of- the last meeting read act oh this year, that Kossuth County make a collective exhibit at the State "t*AtNLfiS9" DfeNtl^¥ At.,COR- Wlftt, f he painless dentist has come and gone, and it is well—that he's gofiel L*st Monday he did a land office busi* ness in removing bothersome grinnets Without pain, but, notwithstanding the amount of work oft. hand fot the following day, he Wisely "pulled his freight.' 5 ^ A feW hours aftet the operation the drug which he injgetM ifrW the gums began to take effect. This symptoms had all the appearance of blood poisoning. Beports come from Goldfleld, Lu Verne and other places Which he visited before coming here* stating that several persons have beett under the doctors' care since he oper* ated on them. It is said that the compound he uses to deaden the feeling (cocaine and other ingfedients) is a deadly poison. Not only did.this scoundrel endanger the health or many, but swindled them out of their money by requiring those who desired an artificial set of teeth to pay $10 in advance, promising to return and com- 1 plete the work. Someone would save the public a good deal of trouble by notifying the authorities to take care Of the gentleman. . WANTED AN APOLOGY. ^' Forest City Summit'.' L. L. Colby t the big whisky man, from Albert Lea. Came dpwn one day last week ana asked us to apologize for those little squibs that we published in regard to his,.little episode over in Kossuth Cduntv- But We told him that this great weekly's reputation for truth and veracity is such that anything appearing in its colums'could be but the truth, the whole .truth and nothing but the truth, so help us Horace Greely— and that we would see him further on the other side of Lime creek than Bro. •Anderson's 1 pet crow could fly in Sue Weeks before we would take-back a word of truth We have told about him. He left us and descended the hill, a madder' but, we hope,, a wiser man than when he came. , vf aie0n Fence Wire" • «^ uo.. 4i J If. ^0 jl. •"'!•• ./fir. . Before you buysjbeeafise We eati gfreyou mote h»a& ., Abound in.ithe, "Waukegaa" than any Bother wife *"• ^bfecause it is the strongest; because it Will '"""' Wnfete pthef wires will not. Investigate the '.•JeweP and "Riverside"' , There ,are none better. Always insist Sherwin-Williams Prepared Because one gallon will cover more surface . than any other Paint made, And because it win stay where you put it. This is a small list of our many customers .who have used the Sherwin-Williams paint in the past eight ?/>; H. J. Winkle. U. H. '(Jeo. E. Olarfc*-^ Gardner Coifctofc II. A. Oloofc. J. f t NlcouHflB - .W-K.Fel-g AtnbrosB I Sid Blossoneu , J. B. Hoflus, .W. P. HoflUa,. M. W. Fefg Wm. Bailey, •. M. E. :Ai Ji .W. D. S. J. O'Nem. y. K. Mitikier r P. . O. W. F. Oh,rteK. 1\ F. Oookct Jas. Puttetsopk., PATXERSQN & SARCHETT, .A. .^ui. t , t o . . ' ' ' =sss= ' ' ' ' i fi^\i "' )i SueieessorB to Pattereon Bros. j »> ''.Sept. 7. -, ' i ;i tv *.'• John M. Stone is a attended .EUswprth College ^lUUn W1WJ OUtOUUOl* •juJiiW'Ji—-— -i ~- ^v. -Ift'St year, but who* has, announced his 1 -intention of attending the Algona Nor- 'mal this-.fall. v "The Normal opens next Tuesday, 'September 4th;- and at this writing while the times are conceded hard, there is a good prospect for a largely attended/opening. The public school opens Monday mor- nine. The ,<vacatipn has extended over nearly three months, and probably ; Of the pupils'will enjoy a return ~tb'the routine o? -School life. 1 'Teachers of thejmblic schools arere- aufl'sted bv Prof. VJXSOTI to meet mm at fiisoffice at 4,o'clf?ck, Saturday preparatory to the "opening of school on * Monday next, September third. . Bobert Lane, of Buffalo township, has a separator of his own and is buy. ing milk of his-neighbors and working it up. He will branch out next season, ••He gets the best prices for his butter. Spurbeck & Lambert are making arrangements to exhibit at the County Fair a No. 2 DeLavel Babj Separator. This will interest many farmers who are thinking of branching out into private dairying, Mr, and Mrs. Fred McCall express themselves as feeling very -grat;ew to the friends who have extended sympa' ' ifcy in their trouble. The trial was one • rd for them-to' bear,- and- they, were 5 left to bear it alone, ' ' -compaay_has maK6 a cunewti>o OAUIUIU «»« »—~ ~_ *~> Fair- An exhibit such as might be made would reflect great credit on the county, but the best that can. be done now is to make the county fair the occasion for showing, what this county can produce in vegetable, grain ano: fruit products in a famine ve,ar. A splendid audience'at Call's Opera House Monday night witnessed the production of the "TastMail." It was the finest thing in the way. of scenic realism'ever shown 'in Algona. The railroad scene.and steamboat explosion could hardly be excelled on any stage. The steamboat explosion was heard alj over town and'caused one'resident to leave his'bed and go tip on State street thinking a busines^ block had collapsed 1 . Services will V>e resumed in St. Thomas' church on, next Sunday at 11 a.-m.> and 7:80 • p. m. The Bey. Mr. Gorrell has not been away during bis two'-Weeks vacation, but has spent much'of the time in visiting his parishioners in and out qf the city. Subject for' morning seryice, "That which Availetb." Seats free. .All••are cordially invited to attend and take part in our services,,' There is not much land selling so far this fall, but there have been quite a number of buyers in.tbe county already, and .there is,a brisk inquiry[for farms. There is no doubt, but that Kossuth county has got to the' front conspicuously in'her crops; nor is there any doubt but that the knowledge of • the fact has been spread abroad, The consequence will likely be more noticeable in resultant sales later in the'Sea- and approved with the correction that the city council accept the- proposition of the city papers to publish the minutes of the council. • •• Moved and seconded that the followr ing bills be allowed and warrants draWn on the treasury for the same. J. A. Hamilton & Co. for lumber ........ »93.T9 P. J Johnson, blacksmith work ....... 12.50 . Parish &Frlse. for harijwarq ........... 12.85 Geo. Smith, labor Wm. Tlchen, labor •.•••••• Thos. Dallfey, fot pumping d. M. Dalley/labor ..... A. F. Dajley, months salary . . . . ......... . Naudaln Bros., coal .................... *i-™ Wm. Miller, lighting lamps ........... >• 12-00 J. W.Robinson, harawar.e.,.. ........... 24.61 W. F. Carter, oil. matches, etc. J.. W.Lyons, painting stand pipe NEW DES MOINES' FIRM '! State Beficistert' Mr. A., C. Parkeft of SneVeri'has decidedJo remtoB'frbm 'if am . (J2.38 5S.OO Mullloa & Bush,' mechanical work 3.25 Do Foe, for drayage •'••'• -•••' »*° Ayes, Vesper, Wadsworth,;"Garfield, Pettibona Ctordingly, Magnuss'on'.'Noes none. Carried. • < Moved and,seconded, that a tax levy 'be i made of ten mills for water fund #n$ ten mills for other incorporation purposes. Gamed*. ^ •*'•,''/ ' ; A petiori forthe repair, of Oak street '' presented* f by Mr,, Magnusson, sou. f • N. J. Skinner has been talking of raffling off a house and lot at Burt and several horses,' but he has received timely warning that if he does undertake such an enterprise be will be arrested and punished under the anti-lottery laws of the state. The times are hard, and "cattle" money Iqanersbave some worry about making ends meet, but the BEPUBWCAN advises everybody to obey the laws and to'take an interest in seeing to it that others do the same, . No election has so far been had to fill the Miss Tweed vacancy by the school board,- but it i? expected that a teacher will be provjded by Mw- day. The follywing nawed are the teachers, with this one exceptwn.wbo will make up the corps: Supt, W, W, m M^s Minnie Cpate.Mrs, r. just Abased of Sp«rbeQk& Lambert ' ; new T Fareo bntter ' worker; This ^^ --- -pf the substantial - and keeps U P WWJffl V ** *™"'•^ TTT' "* Wft* ltweetethej»? k ? ,. , M, Horton, M JSS Mayme r Faf ell, Miss, WilSe Campbell,'Miss Maude S,m»h, T«S Wallaces Miss Nettie, Pu- ,MiaslOurtie Clarfee, Migs Josie Pettibone, Mtet -M>»teo MaCoy, Miss TUJte Qramer, Miss AF5 ne S B»»aa,U,,, tbej §xpe«t to flo.thmp nhar«, "*y«nw ^ m^fffvs^^m^^ t ^ we^;. I» £ccprdasce mth. lb§ toes ^ " -Sfifltfrt W0. s< MAMw-3' ? !^ifirtv«!*»w loftga low they er ' *V WIO •£/*. VWW« »"*~T- I ~ J • s a •signed by John Olson etal. 1 Moyed and seconded, that the street commissioner be instructed to work out the remaing poll taxes of the 3rd wjird on Oak street as petitioned for, under direction of Magnusson. Carried. / • The following resolution was then offered by Mr. Vesper: . • -Besolved, That the water.committee ascertain if a sufficient amount of money can be raised, and if so to order enough four inch mains to lay twenty- three blocks,'and also advertise for bids on the digging and filling of the, ditches-,'which resolution was earned. • There being no further business, on motion made seconded and carried, the Council adjourned. ' ' A. H0TCHISOH, City Clerk. FL.AG DAY HONORS. Burt'Monitor; Two Kossuth county citizens'were awarded special regimental honors at Des Moines on flag day. The JSth regiment, of which J. JM. Easterly was a member held a 1 reunion the day previous and one member was to be made marker. This honor was to fall to some .one member on account of some special deed or some act of bravery or< some special act of service that he bad rendered. A number ot names were proposed and their honors paeSnea, when one of Mr, Easterly's cpmrades'-a roan who had carried him from the field of battle-presented his name and reviewed his battle record, and,be was made the marker of the regiment, P- A, haggard was color bearer i» his regtwept and he baa the pleas-are'of again- carrying the identical colors, Be was; also wade marker olhis regiment. -Mi% laterjy «w rieFonce again the same old flag that filwdi^ii^^iJaSffl' v,«.j 'county to Des Moines, and is now opening a law office in this"'city. -He will-be'joined in a short time by Judge OJeo. H. Carr, of Emmetsburg, and they will form a partnership. Judge Carr will hold his last term of court at ,Emmetsburg this week, and will probably resign as soon as it is over. Mr. Parker had a good introduction to the' people of this state in his candidacy for attorney general before the republican state convention. Judge Carr has made a record during his eight years on the bench that his district is proud of; Both are earnest, active Bepublicans, good lawyers and good citizens. EXCURSION RAYES. i " TJ KNIGHT OF ''PYTHIAS CONCLAVE AT •"•WASHIN'GTON. x-ui the above occasion the -North- Western Line will sell excursion tickets to'Washington, D. C:, and return at the exceedingly low rate of one fare- for the round trip; good for retutd- (1 un-- til Sept. 15,1894.' For tickets and'tfull Wojrmation apr' Nor,th-Western " BE|T ROUTE TO' THE PACIFIC COAST Is the Chicago, Union Pacific & Northwestern line. Fast l vestibuled trains of Palace sleeping Cars,' free 'reclining chair cars and superb dining cars are ruri'daily from points in Illinois and Iowa, through to, Portland, Oregon, ' cars to Denver. Col., San ALGONA, IOWA. • We have a large and first-class stock of Groceries that we will -sell asftd cheapest, and will spare no pains' to" please our customers. We share Of the public patronage and invite 'our friends lo call and see a trial. We guarantee satisfaction. 'PATTERSON & Spurbeck & Lambert, MANUFACTURERS AND.. DEALERS IN, '5! to Agents Chjcafttf & ailwayT, 45-W •. We will save you money qn the following: Belting of alt kinds-leathei;, Gand.v her; complete stock ol Engineer's Supplies; Gas, Pipe and attings ;^Iobe Valves r, of Steam Fittings, Hose and Hose Fittings; Oils of all kinds, Wetave a lai'ge stock der O&'and'Oup Grease a specialty. Large, stock of other goods too numerous to- Glve'ukaicall. Factory and.suppjy bouse near C.&'N,"W.Depot.i. . ' f V/ • GO TO. VYAVf*- »*Vfc*4'*«g, VI*^M ,•"* "~ ~~ ' I ', * Francisco, Cal., and other important western cities. For tickets and full information, apply t9 agents Chicago & Northwestern B'y,* ' • EXTREMELY LOW. RATES TO PITTSBURG FOR'THE-G. A. R. Forthe annual G. A. E. encampment to be held at Pittsburg, Pa,,Sept. 8th to,10th, theB. C. B. &-N. B'y. will seirexcursion tickets from-Emmetsburg at the extremely low rate of $22- for the rbun'd trip; Less than one-half fare'i Those who wish to'visit the east shduld'not N > fail to take ad vantage',of this'rate as it is the lowest rate author- izedHbis'summer, and .is open to-the public. -The Burlington, Cedar Bapids & Northern B'y. 'run daily through trains'with Pullman sleepers -to Chicago, 'Direct connections at Chicago for PittsbUrg, Tickets are on sale Sept,8 andS), good to return until' Sept, 26th- For-iurtber information enquire of station*' agent or address -J- Morton, w, •£• & p, A., Cedar Bapids, Iowa. ^ ' OlfB FARE RATE TO "WASHINGTON. For the Knights of Pythias Conclave T»r__t-.,— t _Jr j^ Q^ August 9 ™'" 1 " f' 0 the Burlingto ivauiup w *iv*vhern railway „„--,,- eSslo^tickets at the extremely low ratlot One Fare for the Bound Trip. -" -'- - 1 -- on sale August 24th anft ^vw, K«V» vv 1 return unttt September J$tb» witK.'ftT) extension °f Wwe until oeptt ?«i!i^' la-ffttystt GL.IDDEN BARB Wi Of which they have the sole agency, Anti-Rust Tin .Wire, Minnesota Linseed Oil Company's Paints .—ANDT,HE-r- Bissell Carpet Sweeper, The Best Sweeper,Ma4e. ,, ', WEITGENANT BROS.,, Corner gtate and ^v-i .'^ ^D , ?M! W$* s$& K.Aitft -,'VrVvlP "•V.M* *?'^ m

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