Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 22, 1966 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, August 22, 1966
Page 5
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' ^ •-':•• \ • . i 35f/i Wtiiftemore reunion 0-AL60NA (Iowa) A5VANC6 MONDAY, AUG. 32, 1H4 THESE MEMBERS of the Whittemore Presentation graduating class of 1929 met August '13 for a reunion at the Johnson House in Algona. From left to right they are:/front, Mrs. Anna Franks Hentges, Whittemore; Miss Marcella Fandel, Whittemore; Mrs. Patricia Weir Kollasch, Whittemort; and \ Mrs. i Lauretta Leonard, Emmmetsburg; back,, Harold Elbert, ' Rodman; Lloyd J. Roth, Park Forest, 111.; and Guy Farrell, Charles City, v'"•'•••'-., -'••/, ''•'•' '.'•'•••{ : .i-i\'.' : - '-'•". ''••• ;••'.. This ;w>as thei first reunion, of,!thei tlass member^, and seven of the original .eigjlt in the class, were present at the reunion with ol>e member deceased. .. . ''•"< •....". ; ; • • ; Y:>\^|#clu8iYe'Ady i a^ NVESTOR BYTHOMASI.O'HAftA Chairman. Board of TruatajM National Allocation of Invaatmant Club* Q. A mutual fund, salesman is trying to sell us a program in $12. price stock which we would pay $500 down and $100 a month. The profit picture he paints looks fantastic on paper, but we are wondering if sums this large are advisable, considering the national deficits. I also notice that investment clubs invest considerably less than $100 a .month and we feel this is more in line with what we can afford. What do you advise? Is the picture on mutuals really as rosy as our salesman says? A. The fund you mentioned has done well for the past several years. If you think the $100 a month program suggested by the salesman is too much, I urge you by all means to tell him so. It would be .unfortunate for you to bom mit yourself to payments so large as to work a hardship. It' you tell the salesman you think $100 a month is too much, I'm sure he will bs able to offer a program from the same fund in line with your budget. Whether the fund will continue to present a rosy picture of prosperity cannot be answered with any certainty. But it is my conviction that a sensible pro* gram of common stock investment, whether through a mutual fund or otherwise, represents your best bet as an inflation* hedge in the future. Government deficits are one force producing inflation. One important fact to bear in mind about investment clubs versus mutual funds: mutual funds are set up to invest your money (at a price) for you; investment clubs are set up to teach the neophyte investor how to look after his own invest;-; ments. You can organize an investment club with a group of your friends and set the amount of the investment at any figure you wish. In most dubs the individuals put in $10 or $20 a month. . As with mutual funds, there is no guarantee that your club will be .successful. But the average club has done quite well, especially after it has been in existence long enough for its members to learn and adhere to sound investment prinioples as advocated by the National Association of Investment Clubs. Q. A friend said his broker is suggesting that he buy warrants of a certain company. I get the idea that warrants are some thing like bonds, but am still confused. Can you explain? A. There is a big difference between bonds and warrants. Sometimes warrants are attached to bonds as a sort of "come on" to get you to buy them. ' Bonds have a fixed dollar value, whether warrants will have much or little value depends on the course of future events. A warrant is an option, the same as the real estate option on a house, except that it gives the bond holder the right to buy a share of stock in a company at a certain fixed price, regardless of the current market price of the stays below $12, your warrants lave no value. Convertible bonds work in much the same way: You can convert your bonds into common stock at any time you wish, though usually both warrants and convertible bonds have expiration dates, after which the option cannot be exercised. Once issued, warrants sell independently from the other security with which they may have been issued. If the security they represent a right to buy at a pric e goes up in price subs tan tially their value can rise rapid ly. ' ' . .••;•-•• • :• Interested in starting an investment club? NAIC's booklet, "An Educational and Investment Opportunity For You," tells how. For a free copy write to T. E. O'Hara, National Association of Investment Clubs, Department S, Box 1056, Detroit, Michigan 48231, enclosing a stamped, self addressed envelope. Choose models for Whittemore . Birt Meyers, Corwith, dies at Fort Dodge 1 Corwith — Funeral services for W. Burt Mayers, 90,' lo -g time resident of Corwith, will be held at 2 p.m. Mo.iday at th, First Baptist church in Corwith ,Vit;i the Rsv. Ronald Covvels oi- riciating. Burial will ba in the Corwith cemetery, t Mr. Meyers died Wednesday .'at'the Lathe-ran hospital in Bci\ 'Doigi, where he had baan a medical patient sines Aug. 12. He was born at Forreston, 111. In 191)0, he married the lormer Dora Marr at Forrestoa, 111. The couple then moved to Corwith. ,,.1'j. Meyers died in 1960. Mr. Meyers is surviv^u ^y two daughters and t\vo sons, Mis. Anna E, Meyers, Mrs. Harvey Hanklns, Donald and Clifford, all of Corwith; seven grandchildren; and 21 great-grandchildren. SOCIETY meet here Aug. 27 The 16th annual Algona Amateur golf tournament will be held Saturday, Aug; 27 at the Algona Country Club with a field of 128 or more golfers from northwest Iowa competing in the event. " '' Defending champion Dave Everds of Allison, Iowa, will be back to defend his crown. He fired a par 72 last year in the rain-shortened '18-hole tournament. The championship flight is 227 holes and all other flights are 18 holes each. Tom Chapman Sr. of Fort Dodge and John Eyemann of Forest City were runnersup. with 73's a year ago while Dale Hayes of Humboldt had a 74 for fourth place. Only Al- gonans in the championship flight last year were Dr. Harold Erickson, current club champion, with -a 76 and Dr. James Harris with a 77.., . J The tournament was switched from Sunday to Saturday this year. All persons playing in the: 1 championship flight must, play on-Saturday r but others in lower flights can play their rounds''during the week. ', .'" ; .Entries should be sent to,Gordon if.'. Winkel, Box 503, Algona, 'and starting times will be sent out. Entry fee is $6. POTTER COFFEE On each invitation was a coffee pot decorated with a single daisy, and the centerpiece at the coffee given for Mrs. Don Potter Thursday morning was an old-fashioned cream-colored. coffee pot filled with a bouquet of fresh daisies and decorated with a single daisy on the side. Fresh fruit, iced rolls, cookies and miniature candies were served at the courtesy which was held at the home of Mrs. Marilyn Kuester. Other hostesses were Mrs. John McGuire, Mrs. Cecil Will, Mrs. Cliff Skog- strom and Mrs. Terry McGuire. Mrs. Potter is the former Doris McGuire. She and her husband and family were visiting here last week from Verrnillion, S. D. LOCALS MIKE KAIN was busy Tuesday afternoon helping his brother Tom get the calves ready for Wednesday morning's baby beef judging. ; He is shown here with pail, brush, and plenty of lather and a big smile. Mayne blasts Johnson as cause of inflation Wiley Mayne, Sixth District for the duration of the war, or Republican Congressional candidate, told the Algona Kiwamrs club Thursday the increase in interest rates last week wa-s directly caused by the inflationary pressures generated by the Johnson Administration's high spending. He further charged that the high interest policy of the Johnson administration is creating special hardships for those who must barrow in order to obtain vigher education for themselves Anderson Award stock. Say you bought bonds of a company with a stock price of $8 with warrants attached thait allowed you to buy stock at $12, no (natter whst the pries. So the stock pries aftsr a few years rises to $16. You can then use your warrants to buy stock at Whittemore • -^ Plans hav< been .completed for the forth coming C.D. of A. Style Show here Tuesday, Aug. 30, sponsor ed by Court St. Therese. The event will be held ' ~ in 'St. Mi chael's Hall in Whittemore at p.m. . '•'.-': The, fashions 'Will be supplier by Sheakleys. Models who ; have been chosen to show fashions are: Ladies: Mrs. Tom Lensing, Mrs, Jack Spurgen, Mrs. Frank Dogotch, Mrs. John Mosbach, Mrs. George Stredt, Mrs. Ralph Fandel. Teenage and Junior fashions: Pam Kirsch, daughter of the Lawrence Kirschs, Barbara Winkel, daughter of the Harold Winkels, Nora Nurre, daughter of the Leo Nurres, Donna Mullin, daughter of the Frances Mullins, Jean Gengler, daughter of the Robert Genglers. Boy and girl fashions: Jean Borinann, daughter of the Gerald Bormanns, Susan Erpelding, daughter of the Marvin ErpeJ- dings, Cindy Lane, daughter of the Norman Lanes, Betty Farrell, daughter of the Kenneth Farrells, Larry Steier, son of the Elmer Steiers, Martin Kol- lasph, son of the Clem Kollaschs, Kent Elbert, son of the Art Elberts. Ex-Algonan named lo Fort Dodgo posl James P. Byson, Sr., has been appointed Standard Oil agent at Fort Dodge, succeeding Donald E. Silver. Byson is a native lowan, born at Algona, and graduated from LuVerne school. He is married to the former Helen Mae Wharem and they have two children, Donna Mae and James Paul, Jr. The Bysons live in puncombs. Mr. Bvon js the son of Mrs. Margaret E. Byson, LuVerne. Mrs. Byson is the daughter of John S. Wharem, Rural Route 2, Duacombe. July 15 a party was held in the Assembly room of the USDA center to present awards to personnel who had served for a period of ten or more years. Awards were presented to all three members of the county committee, three office employees and 12 members of the community committee's. Richard I. Anderson, Chairman, was presented an award for 30 years, having served the longest period of time. Donald J. Bollig, vice chairman received a ten-year service award and George W. Wolf, regular member, was given a 25-year award. Community Committeemen who received ten-year service awards were B. J. Anliker, Arlowe Blome, Dan E. Froehlioh, Francis H. Froehlich, Ronald Gardner, Menno Limberg, Robert W. Mayer, Andrew Reising, Arthur Rode, Carl W. Swanson, Bernard H. Thilges and Lsander Vaske. These gentlemen having ail served ten years or more as Community Committeemen in their particular townships. Three office employees were given awards for ten or more years: Curtis P. Haahr, office manager, ten years, Evelyn J. Ollom, ACP clerk, 20 years, and Ivy Scuff ham, administrative clerk, 15 years. All received a framed certificate and a lapel pin. Pictured is Chairman Richard I. Anderson receiving his award from Curtis P. Haahr, office manager. ' Legal Notices IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF IOWA IN AND FOR KQSSUTH COUNTY IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF EDWARD XT. HULLfRMAN, Deceased. Probate No. »9tO NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL, OF APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOR, AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN THE ESTATE OF Edward C. Hullerman, Deceased: You are hereby notified that on the 9th day of August, 1966, the last will and testament of Edward C. Hullerman deceased bearing date of the 6th day of October, 1965, was .admitted to probate in the above nomad court and that Margaret Beringer was appointed executor of said estate. Notice is further given that any action to set aside said will must be brought in the district court of said county within one y£9r from the date of the second publicqtion of this notice, or thereafter be forever barred. Notice is further given that all persons indebted to said estate are requested to make Immediate payment to the undersigned, and creditors having claims against said estate shall til« them with the clerk of the above named district court, as provided by law, duly authenticated, for allowance; and unless so filed within six months from the second publication of this notice (unless otherwise allowed or paid) such claim ..noll thereafter be forever barred. Doted this 9th day of August, 1966. Marggret Beringer Executor of said Estate Algoop, Iowa Address Winkel & Winkel Attorneys for said Executor Algona, Iowa Address Date of second publication 22nd day of August, 1966. Published m the Algeria Kowuth County Advance, Alqong, Ipwg, Aug. 15 and 22, 1966. Gold Coast, West Africa, is known as the "White Man's Grave." Capt. and Mrs. Ted Stang and daughter; left Thursday for Illinois to visit his .parents after a weak here with her parents, the Brail Wrights. The Slangs will leave Illinois next week for Cor- Hr'allis';' Ore., his next assignment after their return from Formosa. Also visiting; the parental Wrights over the weekend while the Stangs were here were the Bob Wrights and three children, of Little Falls, Minn. The Beitz reunion was held on Aug. 7 at Call State park in or of Mrs. Augusta Beitz's 85th birthday. There were 59 relatives and 3 guests. Six of her 8 children were there. They were: Milton of Motley, Minn., Mrs. R. W. Rash (Vivian) Kosh konong, Mo., Mrs. Al Smith (Ada), Mrs. Glen Hike (Mag) and Mrs. Jim Norris (Arlene) of Algona. One son, Joe, was unable to come because of a logging accident which crushed one of his legs. Mrs. R. W. Rash, Koshlconong Mo,, is visiting her sons anc families, the Clinton and Harvey Goddens. Her daughter Mrs. Bob Baker of Madrid, will take her home. Dr. and Mrs. Harold Erick son were visited Sunday by Mrs Erickson's brother and his i'am ily, Dr. and Mrs. 0. D. Anderson and children of Mankato and by Mrs, Erickson's mother, Mrs. 0 J. 'Anderson of Buffalo, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. N. S. Bangs, Jr. and daughters Cally and Bets> spent two weeks at Madeline Is land, Wis., with Mrs. Bangs parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Gridley of Locust, N. J. Mr. and Mrs. Gridley returned to Algona with the Bangs last Monday for a two-week visit. >r their children. Mayne advocated legislation o provide a federal income tax credit to individuals for the ex- >enses of higher education.. "The increase in interest rates ast week was the. fourth : this year;, all directly caused .by the nflationary pressures generated jy the high spending of the Johnson administration," Mayne said. "Unless the Johnson administration curbs its requests for new domestic spending programs, many of which are un needed and unwantad, or at [east which could be deferred unless Congress shows some independence and refuses to allo cate funds for these new programs, these inflationary pressures will continue to build and interest rates will continue to climb. Can there be any doubt that the democratic party is now the party of high interest?" Mayne continued, "High inter est rates create hardships not only for those on fixed incomes and salaries, for the farmer, and for the small businessman who is prevented from expanding and perhaps must discontinue his operations because of his inability to borrow — they create a very great and real hardship for those young men and women who must borrow if they are to obtain higher education. "Far too many young men and women that had planned to begin or to continue their college or graduate educations this fall will now become 'drop-outs' because of the Johnson administration's policies. "Educational costs have been increasing, at a phenomenal rate, increasing in both private and public higher education institutions an average of 25 per cent during the Johnson and Kennedy administrations. It has been predicted that tuition will rise another 50 per cent in private and public higher educational institutions over the next ten years. These rising costs of higher education will close the doors of education to many highly qualified istudents of limited means, including many from this district, unless some corrective action is taken quickly." Mayne concluded, "The most appropriate and effective device for relieving students and their parents of the rising costs of higher education is a tax credit against an individual's income tax for the expenses of higher education for himself or any other individual. "This would be an effective and fair way of affording direct relief to the people involved, with minimum administrative expense and minimum federal interferen.ce p,r..controls.. - t ,~ "Perhaps because it is so simple a solution, it is vigorously opposed by the Johnson adminr istration, which apparently feels no program is worth its salt unless it involves billions of dollars and thousands of bureaucrats and centralizes controls in Washington." 66th HOBO DAY AND National Annual Hobo Convention Tuesday, Aug. 23 Britt, Iowa GALA PARADE 9:30 a,m, i lection and Coronation of King and Queen of the Hoboes ... 11 a.m. Free Mulligan Stew ... 12 noon Queens, bands, floats galore. 3rd Annual Hobo Day Art Show 10:30 a.m, to 8 p.m. in City Park. Demonstrations by artists. Outstanding Free Acts Monday evening, Tuesday afternoon and evsning. Royal United Shows on Midway iiggest one-day festival in the Midwest Everybody Comes to Hobo Pay lake our penny lire lest ll won't cost you a cent In fact, wi'll even give you a penny to take thii simple safety exam. Here's how you do it: 1. Pick up a penny so you're looking at Mr, Lincoln. 2. Look closer. It's 1/16" from the top of his head to the edge of the penny. That's minimum tread depth for safe tires, Anything less is even illegal in some states. 3. Insert the penny, Mr. Lincoln head first, into the grooves on your tires. If you see the top of his head, there's not enough rubber between you and the road. ll your llres fall the test see us lor sale B.F.ooodrich tires, NYLON COMMANDER as low as $12.95 7.75x14 blackwall tubeless plus $1.88 Federal Excise tax and tire from car. Whitewalls slightly higher. 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