Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 22, 1966 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, August 22, 1966
Page 3
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AIN STEM EY JULIAN CHRISCHIUII Twtet to** jy ft* LIKE THE old western "ghost towns," St. Paul, Minn. lias a ghost stadium" and it is just about as deserted as any abandoned mining town out west . . . hoping to lure major league baseball to St. Paul and prior to the transfer of the old Washington Senators to the Twin Cities, St. Paul floated a huge multi-million dollar bond issue and constructed a beautiful stadium along Snelling Ave. in North St. Paul in the early 1960's. The stadium will seat some 17,000 persons, has a huge blacktop parking lot, plus press box and the works ... St. Paul felt that this stadium might be enough to lure a major league team but as it turned out, both St. Paul and Minneapolis went together to bring the present Twins to Bloomington. Now tliis stadium sits almost deserted ... it is used only a few days a year for exhibition w-estling shows, etc. probably most of the 17,000 seats have never been sat . its I'ulurc is indeed bleak! in THERE'S A STORY making the rounds of the farmer who called the TV shop and told the repairman to hurry out . . . "This new set you sold me doesn't work," he told the man. "I can get only two stations — one has Lyndon Johnson on all clay long and the other has Hubert Humphrey on." So the repairman went to work outside and in a few minutes returned to the house. "I've found your trouble — it's in the Icadin wires," he told the disgruntled farmer. "One wire was hooked up to the manure spreader and the other to the windmill." * * * IT'S HARD TO BELIEVE but there was % million dollars worth of farm machinery on display on "machinery row" at the Kossuth County Fair last week! SPEAKING OF TV, an ex-Algonan is active in setting up cable TV franchises in Minnesota ... he is Burns Nugent, son of the Lee Nugents, who lived here for many years in the 1930's and 1940's when Dr. Nugent was a well-known dentist. The younger Nugent told us recently he has received approval from Hibbing and Virginia, Minn, for cable TV and his company is also putting in cable TV at Clinton, Fairfield and Decorah. ' He said Minnesota does not require eleptipns for cable TV franchises and in fact, Nugent's company is testing the Iowa law requiring such an election at Decorah where cable TV is being put in without an election . . . this is the first test of this law, to our knowledge, in Iowa and should the law be found unconstitutional, it would mean cable TV systems could be put in towns without an election but with only city council approval. IT'S TOO BAD our ex-newswriter Erma Lea Deim doesn't have a r on aop seven or so ... because mavhe in 10 or 15 years he might date and marry a young 7-year old girl who recently moved to Algona . . . her name? Penny Nichols. She's the daughter of Sgt. and Mrs. George Nichols. And then she would be Penny Nichols Deim! BANCROFT'S DENIS Menke has been hitting at only a mer'iocre olio this season (.249) but some of his base blows have been timely, particularly in recent days . . . three times in the past two weeks he has driven across the winning run, twice against San Francisco and again in the Los Angeles game a week ago. THE RAY AGARDS of LuVerne were returning from a three-week trip to the west coast a few days ago and stopped for dinner at Little America, Wyo., one night, enroute to Las Vegas . . . and while shopping in a gift shop there, they looked up and saw their daughter and family, the Cecil Korslunds of Fort Dodge. The daughter and family were enroute home from a two-week trip through the west also and it just so happened that both couples stopped in the same little Wyoming town at the same time! MONDAY, AUG. 44, 1966 ALGONA (Iowa) ADVANC6—3 5 Oth anniversary they will leave with the entire family for the Slack Hills, S. D. The Christensons were former Lone Rock residents. Mrs. Rose Kraft returned Sat* urday from Portland, Ore. Mrs. Kraft had been visiting net brother Max Borchardt who had surgery. She was in Portland for four weeks. The Jim Marlows are spending a few days at Hackensack, Minn., at Don Jensen's, The Jensens are former Lone Rock residents. Burt Mrs. George Hawcott MR AND MRS. Ralph Fandel, Whittemore, who were married Nov. 30, 1916 in St. Michael's Catholic church, Whittemore, will be honored at an open house in observance of their golden wedding anniversary from 2-4 p.m. in St. Michaels school August 28. . Mr and Mrs. Fandel have 13 children, including: W. T. Fandel, Donald Fandel, Michael Fandel and Ralph Fandel, Jr., Cedar Rapids; Mrs. Paul Ring, Ayrshire; Robert Fandel, Santa Ana, Calif.; Stanley Fandel, San Diego, Calif; Thomas Fandel. Orlond, Calif.; Mrs. Robert Barone, La Mesa, Calif.; Mrs. Elmer Dehling, Meqion, Wis.; Mrs. George Dresen, LaCrosse, Wis.? Mrs. Gene Nichols and Mrs. Mark McGuire, Algona. All friends and relatives are invited to attend the open nouse Photo by Poundstone GOP tickets available for Murphy Dinner Oliver S. Carlson, Algona, GOP 6th District finance co-chairman, announced Saturday that tickets are now available for the Republican party's "Dinner with George Murphy" which will be held Sept. 17 at Veterans Auditorium in Des Moines. Money from the sale of the $100 tickets will be used to finance the campaigns of the Iowa Republican candidates. Tickets may be purchased from Victor Parsons, Oliver S Carlson, Mrs. L. L. Riter, Mrs John Schutter, Kirk, Hayes Wayne Keith, C. R. Schoby an : ( Mrs. Al Agena, all Algona, am Angus Cotton, Lone Rock, and Mrs. W. D. Ley, Lakota. Ticket orders include the din ner ticket and four balcony tick ets. Bode By Mrs. Roland M. Olson St. 01 a f ALCW Circle meetings are: Aug. 31, at 2:15 Young Matrons in the Fireside room, Mrs. Arthur Hampe as hostess, and 2:30, Gleaners at home of Mrs. Marlyn Pfilbsen, Mrs. Lawrence Schreiber co-hostess. Sept: 1, 2:30 Altar Guild in the Fireside room, Mrs. Leone Pflibsen and Mrs. Vernon Tompkins hostesses. Sept. 8, 2:30 Ruth Circle in the Fireside room, Mrs, Magnus Sorlien and Mrs. Arthur Hanson hostesses. Mrs. Madelon Halvorson and Pam, York, Neb., and Dennis Moore were recent visitors at Justin Torgerson's, and attended the Rolland-Wilson wedding. Mrs. Justin Torgerson and Mrs. Miles Helman had guests and members of the Rolland-Wilson wedding party at a brunch Sunday at the Torgerson home. Larry Torgerson, Cedar Rapids, is spending a week with his mother, Mrs. Lucille Torgerson The Tom Roushes, Columbia Mo., are expected in Bode this oor neighbor. The Edward Lenzes were Monday visitors with his cousin Mrs. Margaret Lenz, Pomeroy. The Walter Rekwards, son 'aul and new adopted daughter Susan, Davenport, on vacation rom his bank position, visited her mother Mrs. Lydia Lund. They also visited Mrs. Rekward's sisters, the Willard Zeiglers, Algona, the Homer Vaudts, Whitemore, and Tjeren Nerems, Cor- The Rodney Giddings, Spirit Lake, visited Aug. 14 at Walter Rentz's. The Eugene Stewards and four sons, Minneapolis, were weekend guests at Walter Steward's. Joyce Miller, Estherville, spent the past week at the Steward home. The Walter Gramenzes, Silvis, 111., are visiting the Howard Sal- isburys and Walter Stewards Mrs. Gramenz is Howard's sister and Mr. Gramenz is Mrs Steward's brother. Fidelis class will meet on, Aug. 24 with hostesses Lurena Soderberg and Jenny Riebhoff . Roll call is vacation fun, and program is by Lulu Hawcott. The Howard Salisburys and Walter Gramenzes were guests t Allen Salisbury's, Algona, on Monday. Patsy Zwiefel spent the week- ;nd at home. A birthday dinner or Mrs. Myrtle Zwiefel was held at Van's Cafe Saturday. Also present were the Brian Zwiefels and Shawn, and Donald Mugan, mmetsburg. Mrs. Emma Manus fell Aug 15 at the Gertrude Ackerman lome and is unconscious following a stroke. The 3 months old daughter of the W. J. Crosbys, Citra, Fla, with. The Dennis Holmes returned **•*++* St. J0 Mr*. Sylv*i»if Sislef M. Le*iti^dsFf£nd her companion, Sister**) M^f Bleinof OSF, Will leaved for-SioUx pity Friday after a wifefc tt«*fe. Sister Mi Letitia Will eflritiniM* her «lu* cation at Briar Cliff ,iJ»d Sister Eleanor will b& stationed at St. Anthony's Home ih Siojax City. Margaret Rsidrniltei 1 is leaving on Tuesday aceompaJiie'd by her sister Mrs. Clara Wetttei, Wall Lake, to visit a bother* thes Leonard Reidmiller^, Cincinnati, O. The FrldereS'iErpeldiflig reunion was held Slmdfly afternoon in St. Joseph's school hall with a chicken barbacue at 5 o'clock with 150 in attendance. Sister M. Letitia OSF, daughter of the Paul Erpeldings, is spending this week here with relatives, and Mbnclay open house and a reception was held for her in St. Joseph's school hall with 100 in attendance. Frank Reding and Ronnie, Danny and Pat, spent last Week at Lee's resort, Lake Okoboji, with the Tom Sawyers, of .Fort Dodge. Milford Plathe had an emergency appendectomy; an StJ Joseph's : Mercy ^hospital at jFort Dodge Monday. , : Lu Verne Fern Bigings dist 'hospital where she will be employed. Mrs. P. W. Qually and her dau- jhter, Mrs. Arnie Sorlien, made several visits to Ellen's nursing lome in Fort Dodge to see Mrs. Qually's mother, Mrs. Belle Knr utson. Liala and Minnie Hanson had Mrs. Arnie Sorlien and children, Eau Claire, and the P. W. Qual- lys at a picnic at Call park, Algona, Thursday. The Dr. Wilbur Meyers, Gushing, Oklai, are'visiting her father, the Guy Lansings. Mrs. Blanche Christiansen, of Hubbard, visited in Bode over the weekend. Karmen Wigans, ten month old daughter of the Arnie Wigans, Hardy, is spending several days with her grandparents, the Ronald Olsons, while her parents and Kristin, with the John Nielsons, Rolfe, are at the Nielson cottage at Okoboji. Levi Sween is recovering from deep cuts on the bottom of his right foot received when a lawn mower he was riding tipped over. The cut required 13 stitches and Mr. Sween is using crutches. Wilford Rood returned Saturday from a western trip and a visit at the home of his sister the Kenneth Sweens. Kenneth PATTERSON REUNION The annual Patterson reunion was held Sunday at the LuVerne town hall. There were 60 present from California, Minneapolis and Rochester, Minn., River Forest, 111., Charles City, Ledyard, Dows, Gait, West Bend, Des Moines, Adel, Renwick, Corwith, Ames and LuVerne. A plaque showing the Patterson family coat of arms was presented by Ed Patterson, Adel. Officers for 1966 were Irvin Chapman, Ames, president; Boyd Patterson, of Dows, vice, Mrs. Harvey Coe, of West Bend, sec.-treas. The 1967 reunion will be held in LuVerne in August. New officers are: Boyd Patterson, Dows, president; Max Patterson, LuVerne vice; Mrs. Harvey Coe, of West Bend, sec.-treas. weekend to visit Mrs. Roush'sSween had three fingers mashed parents, the Emil Welters. Mr. in Roush is attending the University at Columbia. Jane Olson, daughter of the Ronald Olsons, Bode, graduated from the Methodist hospital school of nursing in Des Moines Friday evening. Commencement exercises were held at the First Methodist church in Des Moines. The Olsons, Mary Lou, and Mrs. Arnold Wigans, Hardy, Jane's grandfather, Bert Gardner, Gowrie, attended the graduation. After a month at home Jane will return to Iowa Metho- a wrapping machine recent The Marvin Kropfs and Joyce have returned from a week in suburban Chicago, Hickory Hills, at the home of their daughter, the Eldon Drenthes and attending graduation of the daughter Geraldine from the Evangelical school of nursing at Oak Lawn. Geraldine will return to Oak Lawn to begin duties at the hospital Sept. 8. The John Van Bree- mens and Yvonne, of Chicago, spent the weekend at Marvin Kropfs. ' A birthday get-together was held at Irvin Hillman's in Wesley Aug. 7 for Mrs. Hillman, her cousin, Mrs. Clarence Jurgensen, Corwith, her mother anc sister, Mrs. Edward Ramus and Elizabeth, LuVerne. Mrs. Clara Wolf, LuVerne, was a guest. They exchanged gifts. The Melvin Martys, Dennis, Douglas, Diane and Duane, returned Tuesday from touring the Ozarks in Missouri and into Arkansas. The Don Martys, Barbara and David, are on a trip. They visited her brother in Colorado. John Rentz, Britt, was a Monday caller at his sister Mrs. Lydia Lund's. The Luin B. Cpxes, Belmond, were Saturday visitors at John 0. Cox's. The men are brothers. The Edward Lenzes visited on Sunday in Fairmont, Minn., in the new home of his brother the Walter Lenzes. Walter Lenz had a heart attack and was hospitalized but now convalescing at home. The Lenzes were early long time farmers in this vicinity. The John 0. Coxes had as guests Thursday the Jess Jergensen's, Bill Jergensens, Paula and Dale, for the birthday oi Mrs. Jess Jergensen, their next Sunday from a visit with rela tives of Mrs. Holmes at Macomb 111., and Fort Madison. Weekend visitors at the par e-ntal Herman Schultz's were their son, the Dennis Schulzes Mora, Minn., and a daughter, the Roy Roeds, Woodbine. The Jack Guys, Mrs. Margare Anderson, and Mrs. Joe Guj went Saturday to Sioux Falls S. D., fc/r the graduation of theij brother 1 Jim G(iyV Jim ' receive* his B S degree: from Sioux Fall college. He will be an elementary teacher at Shelby this fall. The family will make their home there. The Orbin Hagists, Marian and Nancy, River Forest, 111., were guests of the Max Pattersons Saturday and Sunday. They came for the Patterson family reunion Sunday. Rita Patterson t vent back to River Forest with .hem and will accompany them on a trip to Canada and eastern states. Mrs. Max Patterson was in Ames Thursday and Friday attending a school board secretaries' workshop. Mrs. Alma Madden went to Ringsted Tuesday to visit her sister, Mrs. Alta Madden. The William Bigings had as callers the William Propps, of Sullivan, Wis., and Arthur Tho- mases, Palmyra, Wis. Mrs. Propp is the former Betty Lovell, daughter of the late'Earle D. Lovells, also early residents here. This was her first visit to where she was born in 1922. They moved when she was small to Wisconsin. Earle D. Lovell was a mortician in LuVerne nearly 50 years ago and later was the Lu- Verne postmaster. There were other children, three brothers Kenneth, Gordon and Robert and one sister Dorothy. Mary Lynn Crosby, was baptizec Aug. 15 by Rev. M. C. Davies at Burt Methodist church. The Crosbys and four daughters are spending their vacation with her parents, the Frank Ryersons. The F. L. Ryersons and W. J. Crosbys were guests Friday at Ray McWhorter's. Wednesday the Jim Schencks were guests of the McWhorters. Aug. 14 the. Ray McWhorters attended a breakfast for Flying Farmers at Garner. e The VFW Auxiliary held z lospital meeting recently. Mrs Bruce Graham, Mrs. Ed Blair and Mrs. Amdry Charlson furn shed sewing machines. They'years, 1871-1875. Mrs. Kenneth Brones Bancroft newly weds . • . '• ."••. • .•.'. .:>. . .' J ••..•• Bancroft — Helen Johnson, daughter of Mrs. Leona and the late Carl Johnson of Bancroft, and James Ricke, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roman Ricke of Bancroft, were married Aug. 6 at St. John's Catholic church here with Rt. Rev. Msgr. J. H. Schultes officiating. Mary Jo Johnson, sister of the bride, was maid of honor and Virginia Gary, Rochester, Minn., was bridesmaid. Attending the groom were Daniel Menke and Charles Johnson, brother of the bride. She graduated from St. John's high school in 1964 and the groom is a 1962 St. John's graduate. The new Mrs. Ricke is employed at the Arrow Insurance Co. at St. Paul. Mr. Ricke recently completed three years in the U. S. Army. The couple is at home west of Bancroft where he is farming. Burt Mrs. George Hawcott worked on bed pads, hospital gowns, scrap books and rags for rugs. One gown was completed, six bed pads, and two scrap books. Attending were the chairman, Mrs. Amdry Gharlson, Mrs. Earl Berg, Mrs. Earl Kvamsdale, Mrs. Ed Blair, Mrs. Bruce Graham, Mrs. George Eden, Mrs. Wallace Johnson, Mrs. Ed Berggren and Mrs. Kenneth Brones. The Floyd Montgomerys took Mrs. Kenneth Letcher and sons home to Alexandria', S. D., on Sunday. Mrs. George Harner was honored at Mrs. Milton Wilson's, Elmore, by her painting class who surprised her for her birthday. Theodore Roosevelt discovered the Teodoro River in Brazil which newspapers called the Riv er of Doubt until its existence was confirmed. Those who helped at the good neighbor deed at the Merlin Vladsen farm, were: Charles Spry, Billy Spry, Wayne Mann, tiomer Sabin, Donald Madsen, Henry Thilges, David Thilges, Howard Salisbury, Leonard Stenzel, Elvin Stenzel, Boyd Shipler, Rudy Willrett, Duane Adbeger, Allen Marlow, Howard Batt Jr., and Raymond Walker. . Wayne Mann fell and broke a bone in his heel and was a patient at St. Ann hospital overnight. • The League of Nations was established on June 28, 1919, and dissolved April, 1946. |i The District of Columbia had a delegate in Congress for four SHEAKLEYS clean electric cooking! P I Lone Rock Mrs. A. A. Krueger had 17 uests Sunday including Kermit Krueger and Bunny Thomas, of Minneapolis; Mrs. Ronald Christenson and Ann, Belgrade, Minnesota; Mrs. Pauline McGuire, Algona; the E. L. Lees and William Christenson, Lone Rock; and the Melvin Meyers, Swea City. The Jess Blaachards and daughters are vacationing this week along the Mississippi in Iowa and Illionis, and at Omaha and Des Moines. Mrs. Denis Priebe and Mrs. Ken Schmidt spent Wednesday in Cedar Falls visiting Mrs. Schmidt's brother, the Don Priebes. The Theodore A. Talanos and boys are visiting the Nick Doo- cys, parents of Mrs. Talano Their home is in Tucson, Ariz, and enroute to Iowa they stop ped for a few days in Chicago with Mr. Talano's parents. Mrs. Ronald Christenson anc daughter Ann, Belgrade, Minn, have been visiting in Lone Rock On their return home next week Whether it's a meal for company or for your family, the modern, easy way is to cook it on your modern, new electric range. .-!»*»«.,.*;• *ti%«*^-m&3pf^'-.~ w ''.*&&•£$$ Modern electric cooking fs cleaner," faster. It's modern ... automatic, ^^^ A modern electric range ?s one more step toward better living,,, electrically ^ Algona Municipal Utilities From OG7| Turtleneck Fashion,' Group tots Of exciting new fashion ideas in popular iume« 'neck shirts. They feel good, look good, never sag at _the neck. We have just about any color you want /ll Ponmogr-washable, hardly any ironing needed, Donmoor

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