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Southern Illinoisan from Carbondale, Illinois • Page 78
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Southern Illinoisan from Carbondale, Illinois • Page 78

Carbondale, Illinois
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Page 15 Television Tonight Complete listings in Sunday's TV Week Advice Southern Illinoisan, Thursday, January, 24, 1991 THURSDAY JANUARY 24 DTD'S Daw 1W1 TV Unq tne. Wort, TX 'Homer' stars in particularly human episode Wife of dead son has right to a life, despite disapproval By Joseph Kahn Of The Boston Globe 6PfJ 6:33 7 PM 7:33 8 PM 8:33 9 PM 9:33 10 PfT" Attx JcsipA. Dowting tnd Sister Stave becomes jealous of CD CvbiO try to stop a political Josephine after she Shepherd assassination. starts dating a customer. wp5n tews Cessy Sxsw Cesty Stew. Pam is Cheers. iWtaiQSl? LA. Law. Kuzak News wrdU pressured to prove her Wedding represents a policeman; CD affection for her Bell Blues Becker ruins his I boyfriend. (R) marriaoe plans. (R) tecKIUhrtr MnrtHssr ichdssSs iTfcSs 03 MytUryt Poirot brings Aust-i Ctty LLrJtH. miu KH). Flora HassQ forth the secrets of a Ricky Van Shetton and Cusbess CD vs. Mater mysterious lady. Kelly Willis perform. Report Del rcv- Kawt iWfctcl of Tcp Ctps. The murder Uatsomt Dove, Pt 4 el 4 ft Duvtll, T. News rwa Fortuae of seven victims is traced Jones. The Outfit is shocked by Oeets' death; CD to a dentist Gus is shot in the leg by a band of Indians; the I cattle drive comes to an end. 1988 (Western) wm HerttasSs aad KcCoralck Eovto: Eld Arnica (Pt 4 cf 4) M. Sheen. Uudge iNews MASH. wutc T. Russell. Presidential advisor John Dean's Smilin' Jack IS) involvement in Watergate is examined. 1979 (Docudrama) I A4yGrtt llfeldsa Cirto Skcpsw. eabes.The (Btvtrty HUH, W210. Star Tret The Next Love adm Andy enters Homer is Babes oo to Brandon falls for a senior Qeimstioa. LaForoe Coaaettlon a haunted poisoned. Alaska to who has a baby. is stranded on a planet house. fipd love. WTCT TCT Today Data Wi Dwlsht Thompson Praise the Lord CT ji Ami Jul i Has there ever been a more lovable prime-time schlemiel than Homer Simpson, the beleaguered patriarch of Fox's hit series "The Talk about cutting against the grain of his times Homer works in a nuclear power plant for a boss who could be described as Dickensian, but Dickens never thought up anyone this greedy, conniving or conscience-free. In tonight's brand-new episode (at 7) Homer, ever the trendy guy, dines on sushi. As the title Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue implies, all is not well in raw-fish land. Poor Homer is poisoned by an inexperienced sushi-slicer, then told he has only 24 hours to live. Admittedly, 24 hours in Homer's life promises to be more eventful than most men's final days. But Homer doesn't take this lying down, at least in a manner of speaking. No, it's time for Homer to question the very meaning of his existence, and to this end he turns to the Bible. Talk-show host Larry King guests as the authoritative biblical narrator and "Star Trek's" George Takei also has a voice cameo in this very funny take on the spiritual essence of life. isn't. "Lonesome Dove," CBS at 8: Final installment of the acclaimed four-part miniseries. The epic trek from Texas to Montana comes full circle when fate deals Gus McCrae (Robert Duvall) a final hand and his partner Capt. Woodrow F. Call (Tommy Lee Jones) makes good on an old vow to bring him home. The mythic death of the Old West has never been better articulated in TV form. "Gabriel's Fire," ABC at 8: When Josephine (Madge Sinclair) starts dating Rollie (Louis Winfield If "The Simpsons" offers a window on our culture, poor old Homer is the chief window-washer, doomed to keep leaving smudgy fingerprints on all those pesky little panes. Bless him for it. Highlights "Cheers," NBC at 8: In the second of two parts Rebecca (Kirstie Alley) dons a bridal outfit and prepares to waltz down the aisle with Robin (Roger Rees). You wouldn't expect it to be all champagne and garters after that and it certainly Dear Ann Landers: Our 35-year-old son died 18 months ago after a long illness. His wife, "Laurie was a faithful caregiver and we loved her for it. After "John's" death we thanked her for being so wonderful to our son. She has never acknowledged our financial help, which was considerable. She stills lives rent-free in a house we own. Less than a year after John died, Laurie started to date a married man 15 years her senior. He is now divorced and has moved in with her and our two granddaughters. This man brought nothing to the, relationship except a hearty appetite and a pick-up truck. He has a job but most of his checks go for alimony and child support. One of our granddaughters is 15 and knows what is going on. We are not happy about the example their mother is setting. We also feel that Laurie is taking advantage of us by living in our home rent-free although we don't need the money. Do we have any right to say or do something? Worried In-Laws in Kansas Dear Kansas: I can understand why you disapprove of Laurie's lifestyle. I wouldn't be crazy about it either. But she is under no obligation to answer to you. You were generous to allow her to live rent-free in your home. I hope that you will continue to do so, if not for her sake, for your son's children. They need you in their lives. If you have a confrontation with their mother she could cut you out, and that would be a tragedy. So, swallow hard, dear, and close one eye. It's in your own best interest. Latest jewelry fad hard on car owners Dear Ann Landers: I'm an old fogie in my 50s and was never concerned about the effect rock groups had on kids until my "new to me" 1987 Cadillac Seville hood and trunk ornaments were stolen. The replacements will cost more than $100. I've since learned that the kids here, in a suburb of Grand Rapids, have caught on to wearing these ornaments upside-down as necklaces or belt buckles, as a symbol against the establishment, just like certain rock groups do. I've worked hard for 16 years in real estate sales and finally was able to buy my "dream car." Within four weeks, some kid ripped off the ornaments while I was at the county fair watching our 12-year-old grandson become grand champion for his steer. Get the picture, Ann? Dutch Reform area, County Fair, 4-H achievers, and kids stealing emblems off a car because some rock star started a fad. I hope all mothers who read this will check their kids' jewelry and dresser drawers. If they find these ornaments it's a cinch the kid is up to no good. You should waste no time finding out exactly where the stuff came from, when they were acquired and why. I grew up in this town and there was none of this garbage going on when I was a kid. Please, Ann, print this letter and give me a hand. Things are changing too fast for me. Life is Less Grand in Grand Rapids Dear Life: The changes you refer to are taking place far beyond the city limits of Grand Rapids. It's happening all over. According to Marion Jelks at Grossinger's Village Cadillac in Chicago, stealing crest emblems is very common. Cadillacs and Mercedes are the prime targets. The chrome emblems cost $35 to $55. The gold ones run about $90. Kids use them on belt buckles, walking canes, gym bag zippers, necklaces and even as earrings. War boosts cable subscriptions Bailey), one of her customers, Gabriel Bird (James Earl Jones), is emboldened to ask her out himself. It has been a long time, though, since Bird played the dating game and his rustiness shows. Cable Calls "To Be or Not to Be" (1942), TNT at 7: Before there was Mel Brooks' loopy remake there was the original version, directed with satirical fury by Ernst Lubitsch. Jack Benny stars as the leader of a Polish theater troupe that saves its greatest performance for outwitting the Nazis. Co-starring the incomparable Carole Lombard as Benny's glamorous decoy in what was to be, tragically, her last film role. "The Dunera Boys" (1985), at 8: Another drama set in World War II, this one an Australian-made tale about a group of Jewish refugees who are sent to an Australian POW camp after being mistaken for spies and infiltrators. Bob Hoskins and Joseph Spano co-star in this decidedly offbeat comedy-adventure. Talk Time "Arsenio Hall," Fox at 10:30: Dick Clark, actress Rae Dawn Chong. "Tonight," NBC at 10:30: Actress Lucie Arnaz, with guest host Jay Leno. "Late Night With David Letterman," NBC at 11:30: Martin Mull (repeat). By The Associated Press Carbondale Cablevision is among several cable systems that reported an increase in calls for cable TV hookup in the wake of last week's outbreak of war between Iraq and a U.S.-led coalition of nations. Atlanta-based Cable News Network, a 24-hour all-news channel, has devoted virtually all its programming to the war since the first allied missiles hit Iraq last week. The nation's appetite for war news is affecting all media, with newspapers running extra copies or special editions packed with Persian Gulf reports. Radio stations are expanding news reports to include more war dispatches. They're almost sheepish about the boost in business, but cable television operators say interest in CNN's round-the-clock coverage of the Persian Gulf war has paid off by attracting new subscribers. Renee Neibel, office manager at Carbondale Cablevision, said her office staff has noticed an increase in subscriptions. "We always see an increase at the beginning of a semester at SIUC," said Neibel. "But a lot of our new subscribers have sepcifi-cally said they were getting cable because of CNN's news coverage of the war." ml Reason for cheer: Rebecca (Kirstie Alley) and Robin (Roger Rees) prepare to take their wedding vows. 1 RE6RET THAT I PRANK THAT LA5T ROOT HA5 HE FOR60TTEM THE SL06AN.0FTHE LEGION. JE NE RE6RETTE RE6RET NOTHING! THE FAMOUS 5ER6EANT OF THE FOREIGN LESION LOOKS IS HE THINKIN6 OF THE PA5T? 1W Mart, mc OA by CowIm SynO. mc. "Wow! Your house has windows in the ceiling!" orJhiJ I WaH.J AMP tfOYV OlLLE OUISE I ABOUT THAT ftoyr rHOSB jr PJ kitchen pirst rr rained mo -H x'm chilled right 1cJ hx seeing that just THEN IT TUBNED TO SNOW SVi) 1 "0" up CHILLED MY BONES, TOO I By Joyce Jillson Of Tribune Media Services Pluto in Scorpio goes a long way to help us clean up the environment, point-- ing out what we've sacrificed in order to have our luxuries. Those of you looking for job opportunities should investigate companies that are exploring alternative forms of energy, such as solar power. Be a pioneer! Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Stick with a job as long as it takes to complete it. -This may be the time to use the equity in your home. Healthy surroundings are conducive to positive thinking. 2 Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20): Your be- liefs and philosophies can have a major impact on everyone. Find out more about the world of publishing. You can make money through more than one income. Aries (March 21-April 19): Working out conflicts with relatives will take effort but is well worth it. Check to make sure your car's tires are OK; if they're not, replace them. Taurus (April 20-May 20): Be more ag- gressive in business if you have to. The more education you have, the brighter your future is likely to be. Start an important personal project now. Gemini (May 21 -June 21): The more you prepare yourself for meetings, the better off you'll be; leave nothing to chance. Your throat may be more sensi-' tive to irritation today. Love with a Can-ycer or Leo. Cancer (June 22-July 22): Working in group situations or among friends will enable you to accomplish more. Relationships stabilize and have a grcat-er chance for success. Pay off one debt. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22): Don't be put off if someone says no to your proposal just try again later. Get the know-how to rrun your own business. You can use your' "j'sense of touch to good advantage. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): If you're going to do the labor, you should be well- compensated but are you? Some of you could do well as a jeweler. Long-term investments can bring excellent results. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 23): Let your part-" ner's emotional stubbornness be a chal-v lenge you can overcome. Visit more than "one store before you buy anthing look for value. Consolidate your finances. Scorpio (Oct. 24-Nov. 21): Others might resist your ideas it's probably just a matter of timing. What you do for your partner now will come back tenfold. To succeed, outlast your competition. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): You can swing a deal if you don't give up at the first sign of opposition. Learn how to tap your sales ability. Keep making repeated attempts to break down barriers. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): The law profession could be the one for you. Your positive feelings about marriage may soon emerge. You do better when you rely on your own ideas and determination. Today's Birthday (Jan. 24): Expect a culmination of events this year as a result of your past hard work. Bring important affairs to a conclusion. February balances out your emotions; cooperate for the good of all. You have more to celebrate March. Double-check all contracts and business projects in April and August. Help others straighten out their problems in June. Vacation in July. De- cember is a month full of emotional re-' wards; there's plenty to celebrate. Celebrity Insights: Talk show king Larry Kin (born Nov. 19) has the moon Tin open-minded Sagittarius and Mercury in investigative Scorpio. Any way you add it up, he knows how to get right to the point, and in an entertaining way. This man has vast appeal if only he "wouldn't work so hard! 1 2 3 4 IS i 5 I 10 11 1 1 2 13 14 71 16 17 18 19 23 24 25 28 27 28 29 30 (31 32 34" 35 36 39 40 41 42 43 45 46 47 1 43 49 50 51 52 53 S4 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 82 63 i i i r-os 7 i'a fix Rfi feUA flfl A. A MT ftfl IT! 1991 Tribune Media Services. Inc 01249! All Rights Reserved ACROSS 1 Long nap Instrument from Cremona 1 0 Brewing need 14 Sharpen 15 US painter 16 Vast area 17 Chooses 18 Between: pref. 1 9 Dance 20 Means to weight loss 23 Applications 24 Old card game 25 Craving 28 Chirrups 33 Black 34 Adorn 35 Saying nothing 36 Author Murdoch 37 Game area 38 Chinese: pref. 39 Gibbon 40 A flower 41 Term in bowling 42 Places of residence 44 Quiet 45 Not working: abbr. 46 B'rith 47 Weight-conscious ones 55 56 Ringing sound 57 Fervor 58 Catalogue 59 Garment part 60 Reasoner's word 61 Fowl food 62 Ledger item 63 Wine DOWN 1 Like some equines 2 Amerindian 3 Stake 4 Body language 5 Small piano 6 Minds 7 Deserve 8 Mr. Haley 9 Negligent Yesterday's Puzzle Solved: WWn 1 iji Wn rt Iffril 1 IV III A fiv 1 1 DID 100 A I 10 Good-luck bringer 11 It. city 12 Tales 13 Bind in a way 21 22 Memory 25 Test 26 One of the Marxes 27 Like some walls 28 Bridge support 29 Cautious 30 Zola 31 Altercation 32 Struck sharply 34 Clock part 37 Liturgical song 38 Wine and soda water, mixed 40 Breakwater 41 Mr. Conneiy 43 Expansion 44 In a cozy way 46 Big mistake 47 Still 48 Inter 012491 49 Maiden 50 Ardor 51 Mil. rank 52 Saarinen 53 Tattered duds 54 Liquor flavoring

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