The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 21, 1953 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 21, 1953
Page 5
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MONDAY, SEPT. 21, 1953 BLYTHEVILLE <ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVB Egypt Ex-Premier Of Arrested Nonas, His Wife, 12 Others Face Treason Trials CAIRO (AP) — President Mohammed Naguib's government arrested former Premier Mustafa Nahas, his wiife and 12 other onetime Egyptian bigwigs today. All 14 face trial before a special court created to deal with "traitors" to the revolutionary regime and corruption during the time of ex-King Farouk. No specific charges were an- unounced against any of the 14. It also was not known when they would appear before the court. The roundup came as the three- man special tribunal prepared to begin trials of alleged plotters. The court hearings were scheduled to open later today and'to remain in session throughout the three-year "transition period" — proclaimed last January — in which Egypt is operating under a provisional constitution. Political parties have been banned during that period. Those arrested today included leaders of two once powerful political parties, several close advisers of Parouk and other persons previously accused of ccuTtiption under the monarchy. Nahas, premier of the Wafdist government that governed Egypt from 1949 to 1952, his wife, and Hafez Affifi, former chief of Farouk's Royal Cabinet, were put under house arrest. The other 11 were taken into custody by military Included: police. They Ibrahim Abdel Hadi, a leader of the Saadist party and nremier during the 1948" Palestine War. Ibrahim Farag, former cabinet minister and a spokesman for Nahas' Wafdist party. Ex-Price Abbas Halim, Farouk's second cousin, previously acquitted of charges in connection with Egypt's notorious Palestine War arms scandal. Farouk Advisor Karim Tabet, former press adviser to Farouk, who last June was stripped of political rights for 10 years and ordered to refund 5,000 pounds ($14,400) in hospital funds an anti-graft court said he acquired illegally. Dr. Ahmed El Nakib, former director of El Mouassa Hospital tried with Tabet and banned from holding public office for five years. Ismail Almiligy, brother of Saa- dist party chief Abdel Hadi. Lt. Col. Saad Eldin El Sumbati, former police officer previously acquitted of charges of torturing members of the Moslem Brotherhood. Mandouh Riad, former commerce minister in the Saadisi government. Hamid Oodo. former vice chairman of the Saadist party. Mahmoud Suleiman Ohannam, former Wafdist commerce minister. Arkansas Agri Income Behind '52 WASHINGTON (/P) — Arkansas farmers headed into the .last hal; of 1953 considerably^ behind lasi year in cash income from sale of crops and livestock. A report by the Agriculture Department shows that the state's farmers realized $137,477,000 from sale of crops and livestock the first six months of this year. This compares with $187,644,000 the first si months of 1952. The 53-million dollar drop was due both to lower prices and to decreased marketings, the report indicated. Most of the Arkansas decline came in reduced receipts from sale of crops — $53,575,000 first half of 1953 against $92,858,000 the first half of 1952. Much of the drop was attributed to smaller marketings of cotton and lower prices for this important crop. However, money received by Ar- Kansas farmers for livestock and livestock products also declined— from $94,786,000 the first half of 1952 to 580,902,000 the first half of this year. This could indicate that unless there is a big upswing, Arkansas farmers will wind up 1953 far under 1952 in cash income. The 1952 total was $598,642,000, including 56,422,000 in government payments. BERIA (Continued from Page neutral European his life, in country. Other government sources, also asking not to be quoted by name, were skeptical, saying the chances of Beria's having escaped from behind the Iron Curtain were "one in a million." The Senate source said today 'a new man has gone over who will know him if it is Beria." and ;hat a report from this person can be expected within a few days. This source said the man who calls himself Beria had, been contacted by agents of McCarthy's Commodity And Stock Markets- New York Cotton (12:45 quoU(lons) Oct 3281 3282. 3276 Deo 3307 3310 3305 Mch 3344 3347 3341 May ;. 3359 3363 3359 New Orleans Cotton (12:45 quotations) Oct 3277 3278 3272 Deo 3305 3308 3302 Mch 3344 3346 3339 May 3358 3363 3358 3359 Chicago Corn 3278 3307 3341 3360 3304 3340 Sept Dec 160 146% 147% Chicago Whear 160 145'/, 185 189 Sept .... 186'A '188 Deo .... 189% 191% ... Chicago Soybeans Sept .... 260 263 1 /, 260 Nov .... 254K 25634 254M Mch .... 256'/i 258% 256'A May .... 256>/ 4 258 255 163 J4 H6>/ 4 186 190 263 255', 25T/ 255'/; subcommittee and had political asylum in the United fioughl Kalem El Kawish, former prosecutor general ousted when Nagulb took over the government. Nahas' wife, Zeinab, already has been ordered to pay back 1.143 pounds (about $3,200) in government funds spent on a road on one of her estates. The Naguib regime also has said she and her husband would stand trial together on charges of artificially increasing Egyptian cotton prices dflring his term of office. ap- Five In One Wyoming has an area of proximately 100,000 square miles which Is equal to " areas of Maine, N e w Hampshire, and Rhode Island. Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, States in exchange for disclosure of Russian secrets. fcast Seen May 1 Officials in the 'executive branch of the government said they knew nothing which would lead them to relieve Beria, former head of the Russian secret polic$, has man. aged to get out of Russia. At the same time, it was made clear tills ;overnment would be glad to receive anv man who knows as many of the Kremlin's secrets as Beria does. So far as is known in the West, Beria was last seen in public in Moscow on May 1. Soviet Premier Mnlenkov denounced him as a traitor July 9 and ousted him from his posts as home minister and first deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers. His name has not been mentioned in the Russian press or radio in recent weeks, and there has been no recent mention of any trial. This has led to some speculation here that he may already have been executed. The Senate source said an agent of McCarthy's subcommittee had flown to a "neutral, non-Communist country" in Europe and, after talking with the purported Beria, reported he is convinced the man is who he says he is. It was then, he said, that another agent who could identify Beria was sent. This source predicted that the State Department would issue a statement about the whole matter shortly. But a department spokesman said he did not know anything about the Beria ease. The Senate source said the man representing himself as Beria said le had escaped with three aides in an airplane and that, if given refuge in the United States, will talk only with McCarthy or Vir» President Nixon. The source said McCarthy's agents have been In touch with him about a month. New York Stocks (12:45 quotations) A T and T : 153 Amer Tobacco 7214 Anaconda Cooper son 3eth Steel 45:11 Chrysler 64>,i Coca-Cola 109 len Electric 68?:, ien Motors 54% Montgomery Ward 54 ^ N Y Central 20 " !nt Harvester 25',; I C Penny 68% Republic Steel 43 Zadio ..........: 22y 2 Socony Vacuum 33^ Studebaker •tandard of N J 68Vi Texas Corp 49 % iears 55 U S Steel 34 iou Pac 37 ^. Livestock , NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. (ffi — (USDA)—Hogs 11,500; moderately active; weights 200 Ibs up weak to 15 lower than Friday's average; lighter weights fully steady; sows strong to 25 higher; bulk choice 190-250 Ib 24.85-25.00; several loads choice Nos. 1 and 2, largely choice No. 1 25.10; heavier weights scarce; 150-180 Ib 23.0024.75; 120-140 Ib 20.00-22.25; sows 400 Ibs down 22.25-23.75; few\24.00; heavier sows 20.25-22.25; boars 14.50-18.00. Cattle 10,500; calves 2,700; little done early; few choice light weight steers and mixed yearlings about steady at 23.00-25.00; generally bidding unevenly lower; cows opening bout steady but undertone weak; utility and. commercial cows largely 10.50-13.00; canners and cutters 7.00-10.00; bulls unchanged; utility and commercial holding at 11.0013.50; canner and cutter bulls 8.0010.50; choice and prime vealers 4.00 lower; other grades weak to 1.00 lower ;good and choice veal- ers 1600-22.00; lew prime to 24.00 utility and commercial vealers 10.00-15.00. MIG. Icebox Death Inquiry Starts At Marion MARION, Ark. W)—The Crittenden County Grand Jury was called nto special session today to delve nto the deaths of five children who suffocated in an old icebox ast Aug. 12. About 20 witnesses were subpoenaed. The session was expected ;o last at least one full day, pos- iibly two. Cicuit Judge Zal Harrison of Blytheville called the session to consider reports of possible foul play. The tragedy was listed officially as an accident but the dead children's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hailman, have said they thought it was murder. The victims were Edward, Wesley, 7; Barbara Ann, 2; anc Odie and Tommy, 4-year-old twins The 'unused icebox was on the front porch of the Hallman's farm home near Proctor. (Continued from Page 1) ed asyluin if he wants it. The pilot disappeared behind & tight wall of secrecy and Kimpo Air Base was closed to everyone but authorized military personnel. A psychological warfare colonel near Seoul Said American Sabre jets met the MIG over the southern boundary of the demilitarized strilp across the Korean peninsula and escorted the Red fighter to Seoul. However, the MIG apparently caught Kimpo Air Base by surprise. * A crowd scurried out to the runway after the .plane stopped. The pilot was described as short and black-haired. An American pilot who met him said the flier pulled a picture of girl from his blue flying suit and tore it up. The American pieced together the shreds of the picture, which he said "looked like North Korean." Col. Don P. 'Hall of Kingsville, Tex., commander of the 4th Fighter-Interceptor Wing, said the pilot was "smiling; and very happy it was over with." Hall said the MIG pilot got out of his plane and immediately saluted Capt. Cipriano F. Guerra, Mission, Tex. Plane Surrounded 'The captain was quite surprised," Hall said. "He got out of lis Sabre jet and walked over to he MIG15. A crewman threw sandbags under the wheels. "The MIG pilot shook hands with all the men. "The captain pointed toward the gun on the MIG and the MIG pilot urned off the switch. Air police mmediately surrounded the plane nd the MIG pilot accepted cigarettes that were offered to him by those milling around." Asked why the pilot brought the MIG, Hall quoted him: "I'm happy to leave communism." ¥ "It is believed he knew of the reward," Hall said. The. pilot's first words were reported to be "O.K." His only other word in English was "no." Hall said his clothing was "npn- descript. . .. a blue-colored flying suit, a leather jacket and light colored shirt and flying boots." The pilot was armed, but he turned over his loaded pistol to Guerra. Hall said the Red pilot is about 25 years old and an officer. Asked what the Air Force planned to do with the MIG Hall explained: "I do not know if we will fly the MIG but we will get the most out of it. We definitely will go over it from all angles in a thorough examination." Hall said the plane may be taken to the United States for testing but indicated this had not been decided. Pictures Made A spokesman said the Air Forcn. has made pictures of the plane but they will not be released. The MIG pilot was escorted Into wing headquarters and given sand- MOX -THEATRE- In West Blytheville Air Conditioned by Refrigeration Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 Sat. Sun 1.00 Always A Double Feature On Our Wide Vision Metallic Screen ITS A NEW TASTE THRILL Made of the Finest Hybrid Popcorn Delicately Coated with Cheese Plain Cheese — Garlic Cheese — Smokey Cheese — Flavors PACKED IN NO. 12 GOLD TINS $ 1.00 PER TIN Just the Thing for Cocktail Parties — Bridge Parlies Television Snacks — Pop's Poker Club — Picnics. Sold Exclusively in Blytheville At FOSTER'S LIQUOR STORE 106 N. BROADWAY Also Exclusively in Osctola at GUY BRYANT'S GROCERY LAST TIMES TONIGHT IN LOVE WITH ISOO.MARINISI — AND — Abbott & Costello In "PARDON MY SARONG" CAKTOON & SHORT TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY Marilyn Monroe and Zsa Zsa Gabor In WE'RE NOT MARRIED — AND — LONG COMEDY CONWAY (ConUimed from Page 1) Glencoc Hotel's arcade where they have been located since. Mr. Comvny figured in some of the area's largest land transactions and sold many of this county's largest farmers their first land- He purchased some 3,000 acres near Dell on first coming to Blytheville and later bought eight section! south of Dell. This was cutover land and sold in 40-acre plots. He and Mr. Houchins were also purchaser of much of the old Chicago Mill and Lumber Company's cutover land which was later developed into some of the nation's finest farmland. In 1896. Mr. Conway married the former Miss Leila Hilen in Cynthiana, Ky. They celebrated their golden wedding anniversary eight years ago. • . In addition to serving for six years as vice president of First National Bank, Mr. Conway was one of the earliest members of Blytheville's Rotary Club, joining the club at the time of its founding, and a member of the First Presbyterian Church. Survivors include Mrs. Conway, and a niece Mrs. Godfrey White of Osceola, who made her home with the Comvay's as a child; two sisters, Mrs. Essie C. Fry, Sherman Oaks, Calif., and Mrs. Ruby Logsdon; Los Angeles, and one brother, Jim Conway. Los Angeles, who arrived in Blytheville a week ago. The family has requested that no flowers be sent. Three Assessed On DWI Counts Municipal Court collected a total of $372 this morning in three charges of driving while intoxicated and one charge of operating a vehicle without proper license. G. W. Hill and W. P. Holcom were charged with driving while Intoxicated and forfeited $121,25 and $120.25, respectively. C. M. Holt was fined $100 and cost, and sentenced to 24 hours in jail on the same charge. Floyd Andrews was fined $30 for operating a vehicle without proper 'license. Obituaries Edward Morse Dies in Grider OSCEOLA — Services for Edward *Boana Morse, 75. who died at his home in Grider yesterday, were to be conducted today at Golden Lake „„„,„ „, uuu „„,„, Church with burial in Bassett Ceme-1 street yesterday afternoon FAIR (Continued from Page 1) day. Friday also will be the annual Kids' Day, when all youngsters oi school age will be admitted free to the fairgrounds. Grandstand shows each afternoon and evening will be free this year, with tickets available at firms whose ads appear in the fail catalogs or who have exhibii booths set up in the Commercial Exhibit Building. The shows begin at 2:15 and 8:15 p.m. Stock car races will be held Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoon. The night races will follow the grandstand shows. Tickets to the shows will not be good for the races. On the midway, fair-goers will find rides, shows and concessions operated by United Expositions. A total of $10,600 in premiums will be awarded this year in the various exhibit competitions. This Is'"an increase of $600 over last Forbidden Food The Easter egg custom probably arose because In earlier days eggs were forbidden food during Lent and were always eaten on Easter Sunday, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. wiches and coffee. Lt. Oen. Samuel Anderson, 5th Air Force commander, and other top officers sped to talk with him. The pilot reportedly declined to meet newsmen. The MIG was placed in a hangar by itself, ringed by armed air police. The $100,000 offer was beamed by radio to the north for days in February with instructions on how to proceed. Leaflets were dropped over North' Korea,. There were no takers then. The MIQ is not the first to fall into Western hands—two others were landed in Denmark by bolting Polish pilots—but it is the first ever taken in Korea and the first the West can keep for a thorough testing. The two MIGs flown to Denmai'k were damaged in landing. They also had to be given back to Poland. tery. Born in Tiptpn County. Term., Mr. Morse had been employed by Fred Jacobs for the past seven years. Survivors include his wife, two daughters, Mrs. Lillian Lowe, Memphis, and Mrs. Lena Joynoj', Ead-i, Tenn.; and three sons. Bonnie E. Morse, Wilson. James O. Morse Grider. and Charles E. Morse, Birmingham. Rites Conducted For John Nelms Services for John Nelms, 76, of Blytheville were conducted in Holt Funeral Home chapel yesterday afternoon by the Rev. J. H. Richardson. Mr. Nelms, a retired carpenter died in Shelby County Hospital in Memphis Saturday after a long illness. Before entering the hospital several months ago, he made his home here with his sister, Mrs. Norn Lightfoot. He is survived by two brothers, Jack Nelms of Potts Camp, Miss., and Walter Nelms of Brighton, Tenn.; and two sisters, Mrs. Thomas Pennington of Ashport, Tenn. and Mrs. Nora Lightfoot of Blytheville. Grass Fire Put Out The Blytheville Fire Department was called to 500 North Second to put out a grass fire. No property damage was reported, according to Fire Chief Roy Head. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. LAST TIME TONIGHT THE LUSTY MEN With Susan Hayward Robert Mitchum TUBS & WED SPACE WAYS With Howard Duff & Eva Barton Negro Deaths Dave Mitchell Services for Dave Mitchell, 81, who died Thursday at his home in West Hermondale, Mo., were conducted at 2 p.m. today at Shady Grove Baptist Church by Rev. B. Trotter, pastor. Burial was in Oak Grove Cemetery with Caston Funeral Home in charge. Survivors include his wife, Pinkie Mitchell; a daughter, Mary Alice Talley of Memphis; two brothers nd two sisters. year's total. The fair will close at 8 p.m. Sunday. Admission at the fairground gates will be 50 cents for adults and 25 cents for children. Children under eight years of age will be admitted free. GEM THEATRE "Osceoia's Finest" MON & TUBS ' Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis In "THECADDY" — COMING — for 4 BIG DAYS "SHANE" In Technicolor Starring Alan Ladd Starts Sat. Sept. 26 RADE-IN Allowance on yoyr oid washing machine in running condition WASHER IF...the new kind of agitator action that handles clothes more gently Specially designed agitator draws clothes down into surging wash water, washes every trace of dirt OUT. (And Supermatic design also eliminates necessity of "balancing the load"—just lose the wash in!) FIpof-Fluih Draining takes light soil off the top, heavy soil off the bottom as Resiiloy Flex-a-Tub* contracts by powerful vacuum action. Amazing vacuum-drying action contracts the Flex-a-Tub completely, gently squeezing clothes damp-dry ... without deep creases and wrinkles. 'Reeilloy Flex-a-Tub lias 5-year warranty. SAVR MTATM-Automatic Water Level Valve assures adequate water for washing, ncxr uastet NOW ONLY 199 95 twiffi your old washer in running condition GREATEST TRADE VALUES IN OUR HISTORY! STOP IN TODAY! MOORE'S FURNITURE CO. 306 E. Main Blytheville Phone 2660

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