The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on August 22, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 22, 1894
Page 5
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AtfGMtfg, 1894 ni i I i - ^ ,,.i. , ' Come! We'll Give You a Picnic! Thursday ^j i and Saturday The like of which you never Jiad occasion to partake of bsfbre, It will be like picking up silver dollars fey the hand-fall, A sale ecttial to it no house in Northern Iowa ever dared to give before, We dare and challenge anyone to come within 50 per cent, of this Great Bale, The above three dav.s we put on the first three tables 200 from $12 And You can have ^ Ul/l/T L/// Let Nothing Keep You from Coming to the for $ And if possible, come in the Forenoon. Money Always Cheerfully Refunded. ALGOM REPUBLICAN ALGONA, IOWA, AUG. 22, 1894 LOCAL MATTERS. John Sharp says "Get those shoes." Chas. Nolte is a father again. . It is girl. The A. L. A. will meet with Mrs. L. J. Rice Friday next at 3 p. m. The Grange Store offers fine bargains. " 3 headquarters does what it promises. s. Patterson and wife arrived home fct evening from an extended visit 16 First .National Bank front has handsomely painted in gold and j. • [of, A. J. Lilly went to Forest City y in the interests of the Normal ool. legular meeting of the James 0. rlor .W. R. 0. Thursday evening, . Algona, says .the up^a building* in bis Erickson, p; porter, is fitting'up^a sley for a restaurant. Phere will be an ice cream social at Jo home of W. 'F. Hofius tomorrow irening. Everyone invited. The Northernlowa Normal and Com- Fmercial School opens its fall term one week from Tuesday, Sept. 4th. The Catholip church in Prairie town ship is nearing completion. It is said to be larger than the Algona church. P, L. Slagle received a telegram Friday evening announcing the sudden death of his oldest brother near Fort Wayne, Jnd.;. There 4s a''missionary meeting at Deacon Zahlten's Thursday afternoon at 8 o'clock, 1 followed at 6 by a tea. Ice cream will be served. Ben Winkie circulated a subscription the first of the week and raised money /enough to .warrant street sprinkling '.operations, which hp has already begun, E. H. Slagle recently made 99,88 percent on an Iowa examination. He only made one error in 1877 offices and "threw them at the rate of thirty per minute, F.rom numerous exchanges we learn that people who patronized the alleged "painless" dentists, are now struggling with the painful results 'of their indiscretion. Miss Hattie Stephens lias notified the school board of her declination of the position recently tendered her in the Algpna school, She goes tP Ledyard at "better wages. This locality was blessed with a stead, ily falling rain the most of Sunday, The rain extended south as far as Pes Moines. but only a few miles north and It is certain that the stealing was done by somebody familiar with the shop and who knew what was in the box. The thief will probably, sooner or later, be found out and punished. The street commissioner is notified that there is urgent need of his services on McGregor street. At one junction of streets that we could tell him about the crossing has entirely disappeared, snd it is where people live, too. The Wesley Beporter is authority for the statement that J. B. Stott, who lives nine miles north of that place, has raised 10,560 heads of cabbage this season. The editor was presented with one measuring three feet and two inches in circumference. Supervisor Burton, of Springfield township, sends the REPUBLICAN some of the wheat he raised this year. He raised 80 acres of wheat, and the average yield was upwards of 18 bushels to the acre. His 90 acres of oats weighed out over 65 bushels to the acre and his corn is a good crop. A Sunday school picnic is being arranged for in the Jack Boberts grove, on the farm of D. H. Hutchins. All the neighboring schools are invited,aud it is expected that delegations will be present from Hobart, Bourne's Grange, man whose only recommendation to the public is his detraction from others may safely be set down as a fraud. A certain number of people must be fooled it seems one way or another. Does it not appear a little singular that a physician who owns farms, to whom people have gone thousands of miles to consult, should be traveling around with a little rusty show company?" The Algona people who went up from Spencer to the militar n at the tumbling water, ^he company is a a-most efficient one, and there is a great deal of fun to go with the sensational effects. A special car for the scenery is used, and every detail is carefully looked to in the stage production of the play. Manager Haggard was fortunate in securing this company for the reopening of our opera house. It is one of the best on the road and is to play in the Grand Opera House at Des Moines during State Fair week. far to the east), . number pf AJgona people attended Qiear 1$$$ Qpngert Sunday, going and returning 90, tne Milwaukee excursion train, Agent Wyiek, sojd es tic* k§ts from ti»8 station/ 1 ,*:' v • Th,e rise oj tbXrivei, ttKj J$0§Wal of the. emerald tint 0#tbe }awn,§ gn4 reappearance of tne , fage of the farmer are pleasjng stengof "- • the return of: ... ,.'. ' ,Tbe Wesley Repojrtw ; pays; ^.pprey^ays nowif, tbe ^iAe |py Fenton, Frink's arid Joe Thompson's. It is to; be' an all day affair. A Boone paper says: "Mr. M. E. Schleicher, a graduate of the Northern Iowa Normal and Commercial School, at Algona, Iowa, has full charge of the Actual Business .Department of the Boone Business College. Mr. Schleicher is well liked by the managers and will make a strong addition to the faculty." W. F. Carter has sold his grocery store to John and Dorwbod Walker and will remove with his family to Mason City and go into a wholesale fruit concern . Mr. Cartel 1 is a very enterprising business man and his departure will mean a great loss to the town. He is well adapted, however, to succeed in a larger business. Some of the central and southern Iowa counties are talking of abandoning their, fairs this year. There is no call for such a" step in Kossuth, Let us make the show of agricultural products the best possible this fall. Anyway, the drouth did not kill off our stock, We can make a showing that'will open the eyes and shut the mouths of calamity howlers. Chairman B. W, Haggard of the republican county committee, says that the county nominating convention will b§ called to meet about the time of, but not during the county fair, An innovation suggested to and which way be acted upon by the committee, is to put the nomination of supervisors at the beaxl.of the list. That would be a sal* utary change, as it would insure proper attention to that important portion of the business, Miss Lillie J3, Banks has been engaged tO;teaeb yoga] and. instrumental Jshe Northern Tows* A PREMATURE EXPLOSION. Whitehill, who' lives in the serious Hotel Orleans at Spirit Lake last week, were Col. Cooke and sister Bertha, Surgeon Morse and wife, Capt. Haggard -— jy. * "wx UIA jJtvj. u if*. UUVYU) J-L1CU VV1UI1 Ct OCJLJ.UUa lllie accident last week while blasting stone faf - on the farm of Stephen Sharp, near Burt. In some way the blast exploded unexpectedly, tearing off the flesh inside the right hand and filling his face, Major Peek. The ball was given in honor of the officers of the Fourth regiment and was a full dress affair. Gov. and Mrs. Jackson led the grand march. The new pump is well under way and is being operated ten or twelve hours a day. The stand pipe is easily filled without running, nights. The pump throws 80 gallons per minute, and runs very smoothly. The supply of water has shown no signs of failure so far, and the hope is" entertained that it is inexhaustible, and that the end of waiting and spending for water is at an end, in which case we may look for an early extension of the mains and a general and equitable distribution of the water facilities, something which we have not yet had. The Courier has made a scoop. We give Ike credit for the following interesting news item: "We learn from a very reliable source that Harvey Ingham has rented the Lockwood residence property, lately vacated by L. C. Smith. This is one of the most desirable residences to be had in the town, and Bro. Ingham is to be congratulated on securing it. And it is just such a place as is sure to please the other party who is to occupy it with him. This is a "dead secret" and we would respectfully request all who read it not to give it away. If The Upper Des Moines see fit to copy this and give us the facts in the matter ic is at liberty to. do arms and breast with burned powder. Dis'. Beano and Fevers'have been tending him and the saving of his hand is reported to be very doubtful. The wound is very painful and fears of lockjaw, or blood poisoning have been entertained. Thad. is an industrious man with a large family and his accident is much to be regretted. IT SAVES STEPS. A New Lot of JUST BECEIVED AT and ooowerojal Sebopl jhp cpmjng year, Mis? Banks comeg hjgbly reer pmmended by some of tbe best Jnstrucr tprs of music in Chicago, and need! no introduetiPn to tbe people of &pssj«tb sounty. "We congratulate "tbe princi* tbe Normal SghPPl fpr having so. Miss Johanna Birne'y was brought over froaa Whittemore yesterday and tried on the question of sanity by a board consisting of Dr, Morse, Justice E. H. Clarke and County Clerk Grose. The evidence was to the effect that she had been unbalanced in mind for some years and had now become dangerously insane, ' She labors under the hallucination that she is about to fall heir to a vast fortune, and she thinks there is a conspiracy to defraud her of her rights, Among other delusions she thinks- she is a relative of Queen Victoria, - She is unable to tell her age, but she is probably under 40 years. She is of Irish nativity. She was adjudged insane and Sheriff Samson set out with her for Independence yesterday, • For the 'annual G, A, B, enqamp- burg, Pa,,Sept, # N, B'y, will from n 8tb to 10th, theB. Q, sell excursion 'tickets hurg at the extremely low rate, of for the round trip, £ess than one-half fare. • Those who wish to visit the east fbpwW npt fail 'to take advantage of thj| rate as/it is the jowe§t ratesu ' T. J. Julian Gives His Method of Cutting and Shocking Corn 1 .— Economizing Time and Labor. Editor REPUBLICAN: ^ it is quite evident that with our short crop very much corn will be' cut up in Iowa this year, and it is also evident from inquiries made by many that the art of cutting corn is not .generally known. Many farmers told fine last Saturday that they; considered one acre per day a pretty good day's' work for a firstclass hand. 'Now J think 1 can show your readers that two acres or more can be cut per day by any fairly good man with as little labor as is expended by most men in cutting one acre. I prefer ten by eleven or eleven by twelve square to the shock; suppose it be eleven by twelve. Begin on one side of the' field, count off to the sixth row. Start in on this row and cut six hills which will be about half an armful; throw this flat on the row in the direction you are cutting; then cut ten or twelve'hills, as you may desire, on the same row and throw or lay this on same row as the other, and continue so with every ten or twelve bills in the row until the end is reached. You now have the foundations for all the shocks eleven rows wide or five on each side. Now turn to the right and cut back to the armful on the ground; Jay your armful * at right angles, or directly across the armful on the ground and proceed/in like manner to the end of that row, when you turn to your right and cutback, laying each armful in an angle and in an upright position as much, as* possible, Keep rjgbt on up one sideband down the other, until you have tbe'^ve rows on each side all cut a]} finished foy tieing, ' this way you save very much, tim'e as when you have cut an ALL COLORS AT l.OO. •-waBS^jBsss*"— A Few Waists to Close Out Cheap. JAS. TAYLOR. The Grange Store ODDS AID ENDS SALE! « • 0 • • -....,- JUJwmer, >a R3 i3-'open to "the uplJov'Tfae Burlington, CtefeBapide, r.^Prtbern B'y, r«n daily tbrojjgK trains W}tb'?u}Jman slgepr" *" """~ ro, DJreQt cQnopQtjpn? iat "^•fiefeetiireon «.— *' ^ QA ^ |«|BF n HntU Po»fm:tb§p mfPTO&WQ» armful jou are near tbe sbpcfe _and can sta.rt in'^gain without any extra steps. One wqrjf abput cutting: fee sure to have a $pd knife; put ypurarw around the bill |s f i?e c«t'»ud you can tbws put and carr&ten or twelve bills (unless - While we do «ot know as tbis is tbe best way$jt is very mupb better tban tbe wayajpspgj; farmers cut ppyn, To get them out of the way we offer you a lot of odds and ends from all over the house, consisting in part of Remnants of Dress Goods, Embroideries, Laces, Drapery Goods; Broken Lots of Handkerchiefs, Hosiery, Underwear, Towels, Napkins; Short lengths of Table Linen, Crashes, * * . Samples of Carpets. — ,.^ v Odds and ends in Glassware, White ware, Vases and Fancy- Goods; Odds and ends in every department— ' FOR THE NEXT TEN DAYS. J ' "'" l "' 1 '"" 1J " J ' l M *JHI1 ( IJIPI >, t j These are not "Bankrupt Stock,' 7 old or poor goods, but ar^" 1 just what they claim to be—remnants, or broken lots qv pat* * terns that we do not wish to dupWoate, Every piece ismstrfo. ed ploinly at a price that wlllput no figure if you want tl goods, COMB TOW!——4 - ,' THIS SALE CLOSES AUG, 25TH> V-'tS . ..".'J TEfiSQN & SARCHETTi

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