The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on August 22, 1894 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 22, 1894
Page 3
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LIFE'S trtiflta a ft ft "Hear out shirt teles" Mvef tteea a dealer of Parkersbiiif, W. Va. An astonishing feature of a brilliant SfeWport, & 1, reception was the milking of a gorgeously decorated Cow, on the lawtt in full view of the assembled guests. The Milk was distributed in glasses by girlS appropriately dressed. Helen Wilten, the daughter of » fat* fttef neat- Taintsville, JCy., took unusual measures to elope from home with her lover a short time ago. Met parents were opposed to the match, and had locked up her clothing. In ordefr to get away she chloroformed lief father, toother and entire family, and being met by her fiance ran away and was married. In a small to\Vn in tfew ¥ork lives a family by the name of Perren. The old man is a tailor, and a poor one. His son Bob, however, left the business at ail early age and went West. JSot long since he returned wealthy ftnd Wedded. A palatial residence was, of course, duly erected* and the old man went to live with his children. But lie soon tired of the idle life, and began to pine for the deserted shop. Once he went so far as to suggest that they allow him to fit tip a basement room and hang out his old shingle. His son only laughed at him in reply, so the old man bided his time, and one day when left alone, procured some paint and ia plain sight on the front door, beneath tho "11. E. Perron" on. the gilded monstrosity of a door plate, ho inscribed with octogenarian simplicity in letters of vivid verinUlion, "Netely Done." . Tiio Same Old JJuttor. A friend oE mine has just had & most unpleasant experience. Ho has married a widow, and by some coincidence took her to the same hotel whore she stopped with hoi- first spouse. At the table sho said to Charles, the bridegroom: "Will you kindly pass tho butter, John?" A vision of "John" his predecessor, flitted before the bridegroom, who Indignantly replied: "M;/ name is not John, it is Charles." "Excuse iny mistake, Charles," sho said, and then, tasting the butter, added, reflectively, "but it is the same butter." —Boston Home Journal. TABERNACLE PULPIT, tms sueject WEEK'S SfefcMON- geology ffl Mi* tMdeis tlttrt, ta**«« ttf fcfi*l6tlft*Ut, Self Mnrdet Sldfered ilonofnble rftfte— Mot-Ail ****** SJftn BROOKLTN. tf. Y., Aug. 12.-Ret. fir. Talmage, who is how abroad, has 'selected as the subject for to-day e sermon through the press, the word divine worship. His two books, fe*< titled "footprints of the Creator" and the "Testimony of the Hocks," proclaimed the bans of an everlasting marriage between genuine scienee and revelation. On this latter bofok he toiled day and night through lote of nature and love of God, until h<5 could not sleep, and his brain gave way, and he was found dead with a revolver by ins side, the Cruel instrument having had two bullets—one for him and the other for the gunsmith who at the coroner's inquest was amining it and fell dead. Have you "Suicide, 1 ' the text being Acisxvl: 27, 88: "He drew out his sword and would have killed himself, supposing that the torisoners had fled. But Paul cried witA a loud voice, saying, Do thyself no harm." Here is a would-be suicide arrested in his deadly attempt. He Was a sheriff attd according to the Roman law a bailiff himself must suffer the punishment due an escaped prisoner; and if the prisoner breaking jail was sentenced to be endungeoned for three Uf LA* * U*-U£^ »w «JM.«. — -- ** V any doubt of the beatification of Iliign Miller, after his hot brain had ceased throbbing that winter night in his (Study at Portobello? Among the mightiest of earth, among the mighti* est of heaven. t f No one ever doubted the piety of William CoWper, the author of those three great hymns, "Oh, for a closer walk with God," "What various hindrances we meet," "There is a foun* tain filled with blood." William Cowper, Who shares with Isaac Watts and Charles Wesley the chief honors or four years, then the sheriff must be of Christian hymnology. In hypochon •** i ^ , _.,_;_ J* _.*.»• irrri Jtt i»C* -t * 1 •» . . lJ_J.i_1_,Pt.l*in n-rmttt 11 T1 endungeoned for three or four ^ years: and if the prisoner breaking jail was to have suffered capital punishment, then the sheriff must suffer capital punishment. . The sheriff had received especial charge to keep a sharp lookout for Paul and Silas. The government had not had confidence in bolts and bars to keep safe these two clergymen, about whom there seemed to be something strange and supernatural. Sure enough, by miraculous power, they are free, and the sheriff, waking out of a sound sleep, and supposing these ministers have run away, and knowing that they were to die for preaching Christ, and realizing that he must therefore die, rather than go under the execution', r's ax, on the morrow and suffer public disgrace, resolves to precipitate his own decease. But before the sharp, keen, glittering dagger of the sheriff could Btrike his heart, one of the unloosened prisoners arrests the blade by the command, "Do thyself no harm." In olden time, and where Christianity had not interfered with it, suicide was considered honorable and dria he resolved to take his own life and rode to the rivet' Thames, but found a man seated on some goods at the very point from which he ex* pectecl to spring, and rode back to his home, and that night threw himself upon his own knife, but the blade broke, and then he hanged himself to tho ceiling, but the rope parted. No wonder that when God mercifully delivered him from that awful dementia ho sat clown and wrote that other hymn just as memorable: God moves In a mysterious way His wonders to perform; He plants his footstep in the sea, And rides upon the storm. Blind unbelief is sure to err And scan his work in vain; God ia his own Interpreter, And he will mako it plain. While we make this merciful and righteous allowance in regard to those who were plunged into mental incoherence, I declare tliat the man who in the use of his reason, by his own act, snaps the bond between his body and his soul, goes staight into perdition. Shall I prove it? Revelation 21: viii: "Murderers shall have their f goat bti7z\rd of the nations, lefJef 1 the centuriesl Stand ap. thou monster infidelity! Part man. part pan- tner, part reptile, part dragon, stand tfi> and take thy sentence! Thy hands fed with the blood in Which tho 1 ! hast Washed, thy feet crimson with the Human gore through which thou hast waded, stand up and take thjr sentence! Down with thee to the pit and Stip on the sobs and groans of families thou hast blasted, and roll on the bed df knives whicn thou hast sharpened for others, and let thy music be the everlasting miserere of those whom thou hast damned! 1 brand the forehead of Infidelity with all the crimes 6f self-immolation for the last century Oil the part of those who had their reason. , ]\Iy friends, if ever your life througii Its 'abrasions and its molestations fehould seem to be unbearable, and y>u are tempted to quit it by your 6wn behest do not cossider yourselves as worse than others. Christ himself was tempted to cast himself from the fcoof of the temple; but as he re* gisted. so resist ye. Christ calne to medicine all,, our wounds. In your trouble prescribe life instead of death. People who have had it ftorsc than you will ever have it have gone songful on their way. Remember that God keeps the chronology of your life with as much precision as he keeps the chronology of nations, your death as well as your birth, your grave as well as your cradle. Why was it that at midnight, just at midnight, the destroying angel A Marvellous Showing. The tL S* Government, through the Agricultural Department, has been investigating the baking powders for the-purpose of informing the public which Was the purest, most economical and wholesome. The published report shows the Royal Baking Powder to be a pure, healthful preparation, absolutely free from alum or any adulterant, and that it is greatly stronger in leavening power than any other brand. Consumers should not let this valuable information, official and unprejudiced, go unheeded, ROYAL BAKING POWBEft CO. FIGURATIVELY SPEAKING. A Chester, Pa., baker sells bread for one cent a loaf. "Michael Fleich and his wife of Brooklyn, are said to make from STu,- ).000 a year selling herbs. Cheap Bates to Pittsburgh. For tho Grand Army of the Republic Encampment to be held at Pittsburgh, Fa., September 8th to 15th, 18JI4, the ChicaRO Great Western Railway will sell excursion tickets from all stations on its line, lit one first-class limited fare for the round trip, . ticketo on sale September 8th and Utb. Take advantage of the lowest rate or tne easou for a vacation trip to the oast. The- Chicago Groat Western Railway, th its fast limited trains aad unexcelled juipment, affords the best route via icago, and by taking this route you oiir the necessity of transferring in f For further information call upon any leent of ttiis company or address F. 11. ord, General Passenger and Ticket Agent, Chicago, 111.; A. W. Noyes, A. C. P. & T. L,C.J. Brooks, C. P. & T. A., 226 Fourth treeb, under Kirkwood house, Des Moines, Owa. frJThe man who toolz everybody's direction fgot lost and met the one who refused to consult the guido-post. The love that will not suffer long and remain kind is not the Kind that comes from God. a sign of courage. Demosthenes poisoned himself when-told that Alexander's ambassador had demanded the surrender of the Athenian orators. Isocrates killed himself rather than surrender to Phillip" of Macedon. Cato, rather than submit to Julius Caesar," took his own life, and after three times his wounds had been dressed tore them open and perished. Mithridates killed himself rather than submit to Pompey, the conqueror. Hannibal destroyed his life by poison from his ring, considering life unbearable. After the disaster of Moscow, Napoleon always carried with Uiim a preparation of opium, ,and one his servant heard the ex-cm- peror arise, put something in a glass and drink it, and soon after the groans aroused all the attendants, and it was part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone." Revelation 32: xv: "Without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers." You do not believe the New Testament? Then, perhaps, you believe the Ten commandments: "Thou shalt not kill." Do yon say all these passages refer to the taking of the life of others' Then I ask you if you are not as responsible for your own life as for the life of others? God gave, you a special trust in your life. He made you the custodian of your life as ho made you the custodian of no f other life. , He gave you as weapons with which to defend it two arms, to strike back assailants, two eyes to KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used, The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the piire liquid .laxative principles embraced m the remedy. Syrup of Figs. ' Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable jind pleasant to the taste, fhe refreshing and truly bepefipial properties of, a pwfeot Jw> •ative{effectually cleansing the system, •^spelling colds, headaches, and ieyers. ' and permanently curing constipation, ' It has siven satisfaction to millions and :fie»U the approval of the medical • * - • ' - 5 it acts on the Kiu> , ^bwels without weak- Jatlia Perfectly ft' ee * rpm ever; " ~"^'" L only through utmost .medical skill) he was resuscitated from the stupor of tho opiate. Times have changed, and yet tne American conscience needs to be toned up on the subject of suicide. Have you seen a paper in the last month that did not announce the passage out of life by one's own behest? Defaulters, alarmed at the idea of exposure, quit life precipitately. Men losing large fortunes go out of the world because they can not endure earthly existence. Frustrated affection, domestic infelicity, dyspeptic impatience, anger, remorse, envy, jealousy, destitution, misanthropy are considered sufficient causes for absconding from thisi life by Paris green, by laudanum, by belladonna, by Othello's dagger, by halter, by leap from the abutment of a bridge, by firearms. More cases of "felo de se" in the last two years of the world's existence. The evil is more and more spreading. A pulpit not long ago expressed some doubt as to whether there was anything wrong about quitting this life when it became disagreeable, and there are found in respectable circles people apologetic for the crime which Paul in the text arrested. I shall Bhow ye* before I get through that suicide is the worst of all crimes and Ish&Ulifta warning unmistakable, But in the early part of this sermon I wish tp admit thp,t some of the best Christians that have evar lived have committed self-destruction, but always in dementia and not responsible, I have nq mpre doubt ftbput> their eternal friJoity than I have of the Christian who dies m his bed in the the watch for invasion, and a natural love| of life which ought ever to be on_ the alert Assassination of others is a| •"mild crime'compared 'with the assassination of yourself, because in tlie'lat- dred and thirty years were up at .2 o'clock that night The four hundred and thirty years were not up at 11, and 1 o'clock would have been tardy and too late. The four hundred and thirty years were up at 12 o'clock, and the destroying angel struck the blow and Israel was free. And God knows just the hour when it is time to lead you up from earthly bondage. By his grace make not the worst of things, but the best of them. If you must take the pills do not chew them. Your everlasting rewards will accord with your earthly perturbations, just as Caius gave to Agrippa a chain of gold as heavy as had been his chain of iron. For your asking you may have the same grace that was given to the Italian martyr, Algerius, who, clown in tho darkest of dungeons, dated-his letter from "the delectable orchard of the Leonine prison." And remember that this brief life of ours is surrounded by a rim, a very thin but very important rim, and close up to that rim is a great eternity, and you had better keep out of it until God breaks that rim and separates this from that To get rid of the sorrows of earth, do not rush into greater sorrows. To get rid of a swarm of summer insects, leap not into a jungle of Bengal tigers. There is a sorrowless world, and -,i1 is so radiant that the noonday sun is tlie lo west: doorstep " and the only ter case it is treachery to trust, it is the surrender an of e'special a castle you were especially appointed to keep, delirium Qf typhoi<Ueve,r, shP<4t 9« t he Qfttastrephe I charge all those wh.Q }]ftvehg,d ' , Q$ the VownclaVletfQl tWf. ^fe, to have no doubt » b °wt theft happiness, The dear I^rd tppfc them right, flttt Of their daged »nd frenzM State perfect safety, How Christ leel ward the ip^ne y Q u. may HBO.WB 4he kind, way jje tr?ftt«A the deJB IwwAw, it is treason to a natural law and it is treason to God added to ordinary murder. Notwithstanding the Bible is against this evil, and the aversion which it creates by the loathsome and ghastly spectacle of those who have hurled themselves out of life, and notwithstanding Christianity is against it, and the arguments and the useful lives and the illustrious deaths of its disciples,it is a fact alarmingly patent that suicide is on the increase. What is the cause? 1 charge upon infidelity and agnobticism this whole thing. If there be no hereafter, or if that 'hereafter be blissful without 'reference to how we live and how we die, why not move back the folding doors between this world and the next? And when our existence here becomes troublesome, why not pass right over into Elysium? Put this down among your most solemn reflections and consider it after you go to your homes; there has never been a case of suicide where the operator was not either demented and therefore irresponsible, or an infidel. I challenge all the ages and I challenge the whole universe, There pever has been a case of sel^'destruc- tion while in full appreciation of his immortality and of the fact that that immortality would be glorious or wretched according as he accepted Jesus Christ or rejected him. You say it is business trouble, or ypu say 'it is electrical currents, or it -• A1 - f - QV it is that, or4t is the other Why not go clear back, my. , and, acknowledge that in every it is the ahdic&tion of reason or " 'infidelity "-" aurora that lights up our northern heavens, confounding astronomers as .,to what it can be, is the .waving, pf the banners of the procession come to take the conquerors home from church militant to church triumphant, and you and I have ten thousand reasons .for wanting to go/there, but we will never get there either by self-immolation or irapenitency. All our sins slain by the Christ who came to do that thing, we wiint to go in at just the time divinely arranged, and then the clang of the sepulchral gates behind us will be overpowered by the clang of the opening of the sol id pearl before us. Q God, whatever others may choose, give me a Christian's life, a Christianas death, a Christian's burial, a Christian's immortality! THE Presbyterian church in Canada has a mission among the Chamars of Neemuch. Central In'dia. Tbey are a low casto people, living at the entrance to the town, their bouses built round a courtyard, in '•which'are wells and line trees. FOLLOWING FRIENDLY ADVICE. pounds, 4 ounce and 15 penny weights. All our gold coins are 900 parts pure gold to 100 of copper alloy, of which not more than one-tenth may be silver. A French statistician says that the number of men and women in Fran ce is more nearly equal than in any other country of the world, there bs- 'ngonly 1,007 women to 1,000 men. In Switzerland there are 1,004 men to 1,000 women, and in Greece only 933. The conditions in Hong Kong, according to Ihis authority, are "appalling," there being only 300 women to 1,000 men. The new directory of New 'Yorls city contains 387,411 names. On a basis of five to one, which is believed to be a fair ratio, the metropolis contains 1,937,005 inhabitants who transact business on forty-one square miles. The Chicago directory gives the inhabitants of 185 square miles. The publishers of the New York directory estimates that 185 square miles, with Central park as a center, would include over 4,000,000 persons. Teaching Navigation. A man once sent his son to an Irish schoolmaster who advertised that he taught navigation. During the Christmas holidays ho discovered that the boy was not receiving instruction iii that branch of study, and went to see the schoolmaster about it. "Why don't you teaoh my son navigation?'' he asked. "How am Oi goin' to ta;:he navigation, sorr, when tho navigation is all closed up?" was the answer.— ]S r ew York Tribune. The Only Requisite Lacking. «Ja yovr daughter fitting herself for the Peacocks. 'If .you wish to take tho conceit out of a peacock pull out his tail feathers, and soon as he finds the glory of his plumage gone he becomes the humblest, most subdued and ashamed-looking oird that ever walked the earth. A peacock in fuil feather is so vain and conceited as sometimes to be really troublesome. Not satisfied with squallmg at tho top of his discordant voice, and with parading himself through tbo yard and up and down tho walks with expanded plumage, he will attack cats, dogs, and even children, and has been known to seriously, injure small boys or girls that ware incautious enough to venture within his reach. Plucking his tail feathers, however, causes all his courasre to evaporate. Ho will sneak around the yard liko a whipped spaniel, will keep out of sight a-3 much as possible, and you will hear nothing of him, and see very little, until his plumage has again crown. The boss deals himself the full hand. ALL. THE YEAE ROUND, just as thoroughly and as certainly at one time as another, Dr. Pierce's . Gdldon Medical Discovery purifies the blood. You don't need it at any special season. But when any eruption appears, or you f eol weariness and depres- ordl?, it is the Vouarantced remedy. she finishes the study otjhe city directory.' "What has that to do with her stage Mercy, everything I She's hunting up a name that can't je pronounced." Was a Sure Sign. jown, Texas MerclmndlBJ, Stocks, etc., und Bold, inirkc &«laisc. Wood water tunks of all sizes Write for pi lees, stating your noolB. Geo.A.Cavter DosMolnes •you know he is alive it FELLOWS '4 -WI« would come 'collect.' Got a Snap on the Bicycle, Bat tUo Dealer Plrt Not Mourn. ' •'Wouldn't it be a good idea," said the disinterested friend, "to put a high grade bicycle in your window and mark it $50 or some such price? 't You'd lose some mon'-jy on it, of course, but look at the advertising you would get oufof it, Everybody in town would be talking about It ins,ide of twenty-four hours, and your stpro >yould get a reputation for selling good machines cheap that would ba y/orth hundreds of dollars to you," * "That's not a bad scheme," said tho bicycle dealer, after thinking it over, tjfophn," he called out t'o one of tho s , ('put that Greased Kacer in indosv and mark it 850" tlie Wfii <jife, ~ ef it, yw will wb,ere there toffy?* Will »9, w gew to tpf w,bwp' tfMJW Witt be you py- tor tho Nevev mind arguing the matter. X what I'm doiqg," Greased Wghtning Racer was conspicuously in the sliow win- w with the ?5Q tag appended. HJ?QW," said the disinterested. 'fthftt iooH? something, like it. sea a evowii gathering thfj-a f tivt mimites. Ji,v the way t u^t ponsider- that machine, t»He it )?« yaw he adjled, cefu stay iw y«»v wtowv Were Vou Ever Soxitli in Summer? It is no hotter in Tennessee, Alabama or Georgia than here, and it is positively delightful on the Gulf Coast qf Mississippi and West Florida, If vou are looking for a location in the south go down now and see for yourself. The Louisville & Nashville railroad and connections will sell tickets to all points* south for trains of Aug. / at one fare round trip. Ask your ticket agent about it, and if he cannot sell vou excursion tickets write to C, l>. Atmore, general passenger agent, Louisville,Ivy. ^ From the way some men offer prayers! it isaiffioVtosayitthey are preachers or auctioneers. At this season of the year parents have to decide -upon and select the, educational institution which their daughters are t« attend for tbecQuriPgyearp. In W* P. on - nictuVwe desire to pall attention to the educatiPnaraPUQuneeniept j» our advertis; ins columns of the Academy of the Sawed Heart! St. Joseph,, Va. Tfaejrbuudipgs and grounds are attractive, locality health* ful, toaphiBg in all brashes thorough, and terms reasonable, Parents fortunate to select this school ftw the education ,, daughters will, we are sure, be |nlly ..--_ fled For further information, address. MotherSsWrTor, Apedemy of the ftweA JJearf, Bt.iTosPp h » M°-' I'he majority of gelf'taugW SPECIALISTS AND PRIVATE DISEASES, BooU. "Perfect "'Attention afthp'rwder is'OftlM to'the wSo$8**W H°»$ ?&»• W^f. m another pQlHWi of thfo^panpp, •'JljlS sW t ??S fc tV"^" Tyr**"W ^,^«f\i r f!^', >M$ ^>.tw:«wfr,^^ jfbity&'Jarin wj%W;

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