The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 3, 1966 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 3, 1966
Page 2
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2-AJfpne $04 DM *»*«*•* ffwrtdey, Martfe 3, 1964 Os cssssists* »"Kt Els ME. A3® K2S. EL 7 ME5. LUCILLE C»OE£ KB, A.VD MRS. L. £. U i^rd Mr, tof Mi ci^tk T*:* Tidied Ltst :?• Mr. tzd Krs. BriaL iau Serai* o iisr* fr^as ntftr* sfr* is «a- :*v, Mr. i/.fl itrs. c;<ri.rr_Lt«, vtri sls .- -,t.*:, Mrs. ?.'.« Bai vv. i'-i-r: s^'5cc ^» si I^'-i."j',i.i, Sv.^"-* «• '^'A'Z?. V*s%st- ^.-j-. «:tl S'xC.'s pirvaLs, Mr.J^d !».-.. A.O tf?.S. M. 0. S-'xra XAF£)« HAAdt, ;/*• W-.-.•%•:, Ti.-..i.v..:. ..- -j--fi svr^< e'ils, M.*. <^ Mrs. TL:'*'-•:•; W>.. .'JO WP.3, -,*>• KsJiJie. MT. i/jy Mrs. H<>~&=: ,".-. «.vl M*. i-'j-l Mrs. of Mrs. Hiase^s v .:-,^v-:, vv;l«:%c f,i;: -,f ii* &v:Si. A? Kidtittxc, ?i.i.".5., -'A;' Tisltvi i sister 7» WHS. GL£.V!> HARMS S.X he: «er« tee v.'-;iles tv^t i tire* r^iie tika Cit? Fe^. tu&nl sem Mrs,, VJUTZ&, *t/i tee*. & ear aad had suffered i Lear crude. He had cr* ;v&«i La 'Ae best </J health lor soav% tix&e. WE. AM) MRS. V,-iliu.r; F^'Jc and Mrs. Harold Smiti spe^t Friday at Lotts Creei vi& Mr. and Mrs. Albert Metz?er. Mrs. Metier and Mrs. Smith ire > *«:: t', Ol-i Mete.-.. TLe iigMi^tl c4 tv%:r tr;;, vvs thie Mar-ii Gras L-. !»e-s- Ori%.i.s "stftre tr^y stayed vie. frieois. Tbe last n^fcl of tieir trip vas sjAd La Qiiscy, 01, it Mrs. Lirr;.- ai&cfrer's sister's. rr*ir tri^ anrered MR. AiiD MRS. Carl Morck had as weekend gue sts the latte r* s brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford strutters, Perry. ME. AM) MRS. Albert Granzow have been visited recently by their son aol da;jgbter-iQ-law, -Bev. -aoi llrs. Eoyi Graozov ,pf Ifew-vins, MIrui. MB. AM) MRS. Ollie I.'asby spent last weeicfend at Tyler, Uitw., with tfaelr BOQ-ln-law and da/jgfater, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Wesley C.D.A. Initiates Five New Members ME. A20) MRS. Edvifl were 'rtsited Thursday by Mr. and Mrs. Maylacd BraasvoW, Ke-nsett. MRS. H. M. KJ»ECKT had as gufest last T«*"»t£y aM V/edoes- day tusr sUter, Mrs. Al Salz, Dee WESLEY - iTiltlatloo c«re- ra-iojfts .were conducted at the* C. D t A, me*tir^ Feb. 22 tor five' women. Ttey vere Patricia Drwgiian, Helen Udcteig, Rotn Liclcteig, Irenft Peterson and Selma Cnjlse. The ceremonies vere c«i- dacted hr/ the local officers, assisted by district deputy Mar/ Brady of E^lmood, and Irene Hanl^-, Helen Kopj-en and Frances Weber as Ha;? bearers and Carol Young-«drth and Sally Studer as guides. A pantomime " Patrons of the C. D. A.", was presented by members of the entertainment committee. THURS. thru MARCH 3 - 5 ALGONA PLUS 2ND THRILLING HIT I NOMINATED FOR 8 ACADEMY AWARDS! that include among them: BEST PICTURE OF THE YEAR I BEST ACTRESS - SIMONE SIGNORET BEST ACTOR - OSKAR WERNER BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR - MICHAEL DUNN "AN EVENT! FASCINATING! MASTERFUL!" l*« Marvin It great I Lee Marvin li brilliant I Lee Marvin it hilarious i Vivien Leigh Jose Ferrer surf OE Sfeies Ods, KITT x-A sx&sx -rS t« Ittr 22 •»*£. i p tt e-4;. 71ft DsasU ^i Eodc Ea^is spssfi Se Fei. ii &s jare^Ul Qer.. 3£fer-ii7 t&er sa Ten Lease ester*-! r cii Mr. sad Jtrs, 7. M, i^e Mi asfeer Mrs. A» Ks* M^. sai Mrs, Wilfred B a±t«srled SK fcnerzi oi Dare GOT? si Ai?cca, He Lsie Gc*a? e Fred Ksrtes c-f Brat, fonaer Wes- leyaas, also titsiafeA tfce of tt»elr relaSTe. Lerjcari Bedter, r>ja fcei, Artocy MaetK, Bofc Boleais acrf Estter KOdmaa atteaied tte 4-K vjjaUr camp at Madrl-i o-rer &* Fet. 20 Tesekesri. Tiae Jack Vitzttnim family niored frotn Its Fred Beta farm Lsto tbelr oeTrty-ballt Jxnse u tte acrtbvest part of tovn o*rer the ve*fceaL Jack was a bit haadlcapfxEd as be receally sustained a barfly infrared ankle la a fall at the orv boose. Tbe baby boy bora to Mr. aod Mrs. Ciete Sbrier Feb. 17 vas baptized Sonday In St. Joseph's Cattudk daucfa by Father MIllps aod named Tod Tbomas* His trade and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Reising of St. Joe vere sponsors. Father Phillips also baptized Stereo Jobn, *bo was born Feb. 17 to Mr. acd Mrs. Leonard Froehlich. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Balk, Jr. of LuVeroe, were sponsors for their nephew. The Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. John Hamilton was baptized by Father Phillips Feb. .. ? 7 - . J?e was born Jan. 28 and was named Michael John. His ancle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. John Sadmeler of Minneapolis, were sponsors. Bill Hrubes sustained three broken toes on his left foot when a piece of machinery slipped off the jack as be was assembling It. He is employed at the Bauer Implement Co. Mrs. Viola Studer entertained her contract bridge club Thursday. Mrs. Beralce Vitzthum will entertain them March 10. Mrs. Justine Becker will entertain the auction club March 2. OTTOSEN By Mrs. Donald Usher Bum Lawrence Teltord, whd had surgery recently at Mercy hospital, returned there last Sunday and the following Saturday he had surgery again. He is recovering nicely. Mrs. C. N. Welter, 89, fell, breaking her hip, Tuesday night at the home of her daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Tony Halligan at Pocahontas. She had surgery Wednesday. She Is getting along satisfactorily. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Welter of Iowa City came to see her over the weekend. The Maple Lawn Good Will club enjoyed a supper and card party at the Max Janssen's Sunday night. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Hoflus entertained the anniversary group Tuesday night. Donald Larson had high score and Oliver Kinseth second high. Mrs. Raymond Wehrspann had high score "Nevtt Tad iaW Qpem SwmJoy Af Th* Missfca teefetr A£tt»e. * Ft. TBEaSrr. Mr. tad Mrs. M*rari fesas aarf Mr. sad Mrs. Dszse leases v*r« fvssts Svabj st &e IKS* c* 8» Btrtt Earps at Crjstsl Late to teij? o^tnis Os» 3rj ffee Esrp's see, Mkfe- Tte Oslr« Etrps o{ Aibsrt L«a, MM&, rto are craad- ptreots tkra? vgfe the Assess, were pests tlsa. Mrs. M±jaxrl Jsssea TZS a peti^ rf tfae Soi? bas^tzl at Es&errQ^ Fti&j. Mrs, Tbe Orsal r«^2£ Tisztors it the La- Terse Larsoc bc«&«. Ottter Tisitors tber* ««re Mrs, Lars«£*s brotter, toe ^adc Zinsmers The A»g8*t RoHsons called on h«r bTo(h«r ( Clareoc* Lohse at th« Fairmori hos^tal Thursday. Earp of Crrstal Late ess» to risit at a&sdrr. Mr. tad Mrs. H«aer ffenrik- s*s lad fernilf of PJnf sted vsre risitcTs at tfee tern)? of par«nts, tfae Everett Rippeu- trt^s. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Catler of Trisoot, Kim, risited Uwir 2i»oe aad faffiOT, fbe Everett Hocaetts at Tsrkck, calif. Mrs. Booaett Is a dascfater of the waiter Magaesees. tbe Ctrtlers jiacsied to go ria Salt Lake City, tat bad to re-route tbemselres beczase <rf sao». TtJfiy »ent by TIT of Las Vegas instead. THURSDAY ttrn SATURDAY "The Reward" 7;00 only, "ship of Fools" 8:40 only. SATURDAY morning at 10:00"For the Lore Of Mike" 6 color cartoons. SATURDAY matinee at 1 : 30"The Palomino" Has 6 color cartoons SUNDAY - "Serer Too Late" 1:30-3:15-5:00-7:10-9:20. MONDAY thru WEDNESDAY "Kever Too Late" 7:25-9:30. ie Darrofl SLsiaps were T^esdaj so^er guests at £e Riclarl Lorfl borne, LedTari. Tbe Rasseil StrayersofCerloB aad tbe Warrea Brooes faaQy v»r» Ttsrsday ereainf callers at tbe Kesceth Brooes bocas. Tbe Fraads Toriaes were Sai- ij ?K3ts at the home of his parents, the Perry Torines at Bancroft, for the 83rd birthday of the latter. Other guests were the Howard Nagels and Mark of Sherbarn, Minn. Mrs. Gene Thompson, Mrs. Francis Torine and Mrs. Erria Link attended the Baptist Ladies ALGONA SAT. MAT. Only AT 1:30 KIDDIES 35c KING OF GOLDEN HORSES ! "PALOMINO" PLUS 6 CCH.OR CARTOONS £r LJh<ri XoJsa kctets stsrU Paul Ford atari Jim HiCtoc fw tiprr is tfcas crazk scene from Warner Bros, "^ever T->j Lste." Tectekisaw- asrf Psnsrisoo comedy afao starrH^ Ma^rc«n O'So^hraa and Gasae Stereos. Bod Yorlrai directed tbe mo&o c«:tar» rersoo c€ *e Broadway play wiikfe tefis tbe Story of a nudtiie-afed coopfe aboot to bare a baby at aa age *t»en m-.-t coripjes are already frandpareols Somnef Artfaor Long *rote I'c screecpiav fw the raakap ocmaedy. wtadi was prwfoc*d by X/ -. piac Lear, and Dsvid E. Rose tnte tbe mask. " Too'La:- ' ts sdxdukd to of*n Sfjwiay at the Algona Theatre lor Trvss*.! asd Mrs. Dooaid Lar- scc s?<xcrf Sd^i. Mr. aaJ Mrs. M-5.rtiu Meyer, -sliose score totaled tbe rarest to 1S22, tfee year Mr. a»l Mrs. Kofias vere serried, recelred trarel prize. Jearaler "A'atoem celebrated Ler se~esth tirtMar Sinday. 0%sSs -s-ere Mr. aal Mrs. Irl B^LI asd Sifiryl aaj Mrs. Dotsdd P>e aai Brecria of Red Oat Mr. aai Mrs. Stacley Keitt of Pccahoctas, Mr. aaiMrs.Ehrlgfet Keith of Cedar Rapids, Mr. and Mrs. Robert "A'aecfcter aad Mark of "A'est Besri aad Mr. and Mrs. Percy WatiKni. Mrs. Jennie Bratland cel- ebrited a bird/Jay Friday. After- nr/xi quests vere Mrs. Harold Dale of DabXa City, Mrs. Sherman Silbangh and Zoe Ann and Mrs. Richard Christiansen, and Jana cf Humboldt, Mrs. Art Christiansen and Mrs. Laura Halsrud of &uis, Mrs. Mina Wehrspann and Mrs. Robert J. LeMoot and Linda. Mrs. Richard Christiansen baked the birthday cake for her mother. Mr. and Mrs. Nick DeFrancisco of Des Moines, spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jacofason. Mr. and Mrs, Clarence Jensen and Mr. and Mrs, Arthur Wiother of Osage were weekend visitors at the Donald Usher home. ' Mr. and Mrs.RaymondWe&ra- pann went toDesMoIne"sSalun^^< to visit Mr. and Mrs. Jginry* Wehrspann and see the new baby. Diane Tellord celebrated her ninth birthday Tuesday. Guests were Gloria Johnson, Jana Wehrspann, Kathy Hundertmark, Karen Kinseth, Donella Hacker and Mrs. Mike Frohling. Later guests were Mr. and Mrs. Roy Telford and LeRoy Worby and Tami. Mary Lynn Wehrspann celebrated her sixth birthday Thursday with several of her classmates coming for a party at her home in the afternoon. James Oppedahl, Howard Zeman, Ruth and Sara Usher are visiting their homes for a week during the quarter break at Iowa State University. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Larson of Plover were Sunday night visitors at the Donald Larson's. Margaret Holt and Mrs. Mary Leitl visited Grandma Telford at Rolfe Monday. Homemakers In Swea-Harrison Met Feb. 15 Swea-Harrison Homemakers met Feb. 15 at the home of Mrs. Harold Jones, with Mrs. Ralph Walker assisting as hostess. Fifteen ladles answered roll call. The lesson was presented by Mrs. Maynard Jensen and Mrs. Tom Preston. Mrs. Jensen talked on storage arrangement, dealing with clothing. Mrs. Preston talked on efficiency in the kitchen. Mrs. Dettmer Thompson and Mrs. Emil Larson will present the next lesson. SUN. thru WED. MARCH 6 * 9 ALGONA CONTINUOUS SUNDAY PROM 1:30 P.M. C4 *r Mother IS/ Daughter's tryin and POOR *OLD" DAD mm&'Wm* 22,/29,000 THIS HAS M 8EEM OME TH£ HOME, Of THEM!!.' DARN car SPECIAL MORNING SHOW SATURDAY AT 10 A.M. ONLY I ALGONA RICHARD BASOUOT 1 PLUS 6 COLOR CARTOONS ADMISSION ALL SEATS 50e SPONSORED BY BETA SIGMA PHI If it takes the longest warranty* in the business to make you happy- we'll be seeing you soon. AUTHORIZED DEALER w CHRYSLER MOTORS CORPORATION No other car in Chrysler's class offers a warranty as long as ours. 5 years or 50 000 miles of vital - - *» U.,- parts UOK , Moye ^ ^ CHRYS1BR PerCJVal Motors, Inc. • 800 S. Phillips, Algona, Iowa

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