The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on August 15, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 15, 1894
Page 5
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fHl is, f f A mm A,:; teif :: ; AtMk.iff. MATTERS. to havefains •/I-;' it is the evef f ti^ AflleHtia StfU' does business at the Opera Hirtfte Gfoee^ , 4 t . The stats and stripes floated over the Court ttdlise oft Fl&g tuayi Mrs, B.X Palmer is suffering ttom &n attack of malarial feVer, jphofcbgraphei: Petefson !» ttotkiflg fof the school ma'ams this week, Loose hay:selis ; on the streets of Algona these days at $5.50 to $6.00. The Good Templars will serve toe cream Slgnt b^helawti of Lewis H, 'gee that nice new Mttb of plain and fancy erotikery just added to the Opera House Grocery. . Butchess apples are coming into tne Algotiataai-ketffbittihe country and ate be sold for, 25 cents a peck* •••••" There ar e indications oi an ice famine in Alizona next month, We shall get thwigh August without trouble, F, '& Tayib> has tndyed into his new residence, ^ ancf.evexybody^ ; f*gjftog- Thoringtott street declares that it is Very handsome. ..... When we .read how N. J. Skinner ' OING ^^r. M. .IL"".^ ^w^ • ^jjjjj^ • i • i . 1 - ^J^^^^ O 1 IT*" i TKOSB BAB^AINB IN ; /is there no fer innocents? . , J, E, Stacy sold three pieces of swamp land last week. One Piece, without a furrow through the.sod, sold for$20per acre for pasture. \ ." The Emmetsburg, Reporter has changed to.a six-column quarto and is printed from new type. It isnyit?tiinv proved its appearance. - , ; , , , . ,, Miss Helen, daughter of. A- £• Mesick for sev- And we iiave just received some tne new Oxfbrds which werwni pttt^in at & <3heeat Bargain With the other goods. -This Bale ftr ^ Positively Ends SAT E^ENINC, AUG. IB. Be sttre you secure some of these Bargains be|b*e it is too late. OUB, BOCXm AND SHOES ABE ALWAYS THE •i, •>i, 31: bus;*ymptoms, She •• • re- Company F'spent-Satutd-j, ™ fi -r----- drilling rfl took a ^ecmljpr gpencw that-, p.venine. : The Webster yity .vom- panVSame up on the Northwestern^and transferred;. ;..-. /. .- . The painters and paper hangers have •naV-f-rtnaaaaRinh of the KBPUBIiIQAN 0,1- doing the worKi l .;•• rt . For. thea&iihts of Pythias Conclave fare for the ToUnd trip. • AW MofEatt had'U lively runaway .•**•• v .'»T?Ti .~ • TT! .,™«»r TOoa/nnant last ne of tie live new towns of northern J.owa- ; Geo. C.,,Call sold another 160-acre Vjrou. v^.,/v«", " ~y? —/~i inriv ffin- ig Ko'ssubh county ^ n A,p^_^J£«i, jople have,thp rooney ,and "want lana.- !?,?« «f 'wairf to'ton'ieht. ' r <Ct' Will be*fcrc large number from Algona ' \Robt'. of IMts J -,ip, is Vftod as having a wy cents toe buWiels to the acre. . • ooiqc, 4ratu j^w «" -^all the states ana on Sossiith, and more too >l^_< • ' • 4. naliaf 'ISd^Begister prints a list of Io- wf "Sers'' who dealt with a "green g?ods^ f irm in New York, whose. rec- Ss were recentlyqaptured by secret Algona,name , ,. Jos Thompson says tte Bancroft was Staken in stating that he £oving> .to, -^ there , H. Wood, of last A a%wsiSfti^SB nwfir Sits to Ifgona semi^nnuaW. A want, TCdens was UP at Armstrpng Buck and Kirk-patrick. .Miss Nancy Eichardsott, N. J. Stoll.Mr. and Mrs. Claten Trumble, Messrs. Philips and Whitman. ;. ( ' ••'<'••-..•.••. . .... : ' ;: > E. L. Tuttl'e returned from a bush nees trip to Des Moines last week. -The Tuttle Bros, have sold out; their business in this place; posse3sion ; to:be givr en September 1st; and Mr.-Tuttle will go ph the fPad for the Des Moines Wire and Bale Tie Company, He does not :fcnow whejiher or not he will remove his family from Algona. ; , ; : At several points in Iowa a hunt has b'egHn for pearls,' They 'are found in paying numbers''in the \clams 'which abound in the streams. Unless the reports sent out are misleading; there IB wealth in this resource. Number^ have been found in the river near Algona, but probably they are not numerous enough here to be hunted with profit.' . We received, too. late for: publication this week, an article on the art of'cut- ting corn, from the jpen. of a farmer who claims his plan any good man can cut and shock two acres per day. If our correspondent can handle his'corn cutter as handily as he does hiB'doeshis.penwedo not doubt that afr least-he can do it-5,'- , ' ", ' \;: ' 'Webster City Freeman: For the first; time since the settlement of Iowa the- Boone river at and near Webster City,, issolowth'at, for distances of half a* Bile- or 'so 'there is'no 1 water 'in; the Sm. , The river-is 'Actually '"dried up" at many points-'throughout-the cpunty.' Hiram Carpenter - 'declares it would require, a two-foot rise' to make the river run a continbus stream. A German from'Prairie township was in town Monday, and was taken completely by surprise by the'Stories he heard here in regard to the failure of corn and potatoes. He had observed no signs of famine in his neighborhood, and not being able to read English he was in total ignorance of the alarming situation. He had been figuring on a crop of 60 bushels of corn to the acre. . , t . s . ., The REPUBLICAN has received a copy of "The Good Citizen," the organ of the "Columbian College of Citizenship," for which probably it is indebted to Mr. Jphn Wallace, formerly of Algona, who is the secretary and' one of the 'active promoters of the organization, which we take it is a college in about the sense that the Ohautauqua Assemblies are. This institution holds a "Summer Congres9 pf Cmcs" at Lake Bluff, August 18th to127th, whereat sp- ci&l and political problems will be dis- Qussed. . ->•.;•• The Emmetsburg Reporter says regarding Judge Carr's departure for Ses'MpinesJ^JudgeCarrhasbjshouse- •: gppds packed already te take _his iparture for his new home in-Des Moines; the forepart of the week. He and his estimable family have become 89 identified with Emmetsburg and its interests that the. people here;ar6 Wth to rtwth them. Te will take with who it is understood hare been shipped back to Chicago, where they camfe from. It is said that the Milwaukee . Company has adopted the policy of em- h VAJJLL1U«*JJJ '****» wv*v^vw*-. ..—w f * ploying Dagoes all along the line, pay- fug them $L1Q per day. This may be 'perhaps, a money saying policy, but it Ml probably not prove, a popular one among, the .people where the road runs. It is nojjjpopular in AJgona. It is, in fact, understood that Mr. Callahan is is disposed'to kick against the Compa-? ny and anyway he,will kick the men, if any more'are sent on. ' ; . ; One of the serious disadvantages under which the Institute labors is that it has no rodm large enough to conveniently accommodate its.members. The members are all expected some way to get into one room for the morning op^ erring exercises, when Supt. weed expounds school law and.answers any question germane thereto that may be placed in the question box, but it is painful to see 1228 or more teachers compress themselves into one =of those, rooms. It is a case, of packed school . _'•• Ti. U — '~ *U/iA*t till rvrvaaran . , ma'ams, sure. It has been suggested - U4C% ttlAlP) D«1W» -*-v ••**«« •*•« — — T\" - J that rooms 9 and 10 might easily -and: with but a trifling expense be'arranged for throwing together when so desired.. It would be a gbod thing' occasionally for'high schooluses and would be ap- preciate'a'bv the teachers who attend, the annual Institutes. • \ ' . ' The'dailies announce the death of Jdhn T. Hancock, of'Dubuque, the heid of the wholesale grocery house, which occured unexpectedly Monday morning. Mr. Hancpck had been sick several days 'but was thought £o be out pf danger. The deceased was. a brother of the late G. N, Hancock,' formerly a merchant of this place, and an uncle of Miss Bertha Hancock's,, The family came originally from Virginia. The grandfather was Jtev. Samuel MltchelU a native of "the old Dominion, ,who be- leived it wrong ( to keep slaves in bondage, who,'being desirous of emancipating those he owned, which'he was leg; ally prohibited from doing in , his native state, moved to Illinois and set them free, Mr. Hancock was a man or wealth and prominence in business circles. 'He was a republican in politics and a, member of the M. E. Church. Mrs, Marion Hedrick had a strange accident; while driving up from Sexton 'with her-horse "Jack?' Thursday morning. . She had in her buggy a little ,dog which annoyed "Jack" by barking, and Mrs, Hedrick took it up' and was in the act of dropping it out of the buggy when she lost her balance and fell MINION LOCALS. ' There was a sensation, and ah unpleasant "One, too; last week, 'when : it"becamer .public'that by the breaking of a cable attached, over 100 feet of six-inch pjp.e.ha4 beeii sent to the bottom of the 1050 fopty f3,q$) well. The 1 pipe had a cap over the topi iarid a wooden pulley 'was on tOp : >,'bl tha»t. After three days of fishing the •pttP' iey.was got out Saturday, andlater th.ei en'^ tire.lot.of cold iron, was extracted,,"The pipe is all in now and the engine Is., in .place. It is expected that: the connection's will bo made and the pipe going this week. ;C! Kaymond went to Bancroft yesterday to try, an 'assault: an'd'bat'- tory case from Harrison tp\vn?hip, ; N61s,0n Minor had givenhis neighbor, Eeter B&8-L lei'.ia slap ; on the cheek,: and wlth,out.wait- Ing for Kesler to turn the otheiv.alsoj -h,e, 'posted'ti Swea City justice -an'd' got h'ipiself flned.S3. 'Kesler resente'd'th'is, ieel- 7 that if anybody wji? t° complain' he ought •tp.bave been given precedence', Kence the ^ancroft;proceedings, at the conclusion of which Mino contributed ?5 -and costs. ^ ^h'e yarrf told b'y the Bancroft,paper About Mr. Raymond being invited to take drink of beer in a north Kosstitb. tbwn is ( •»•!•»«•„ T> ti_ -n.^HA -fn Vi*»trtO _, The GfangS g^»r© i ' To get them out of the,way^ we offer you a lot of odds and ends from all over the house, consisting in part of | Remnants of Dress Goods, 'Embroideries, Laces, Drapery Goods; Broken Lots of Handkerchiefs, ^Hosiery, Underwear, Towels, Napkins; Short length's of Table Linen, Crashes. )roAounced,byMr. E. "a pure^fabfica- ' TKe'cOurtesy was not ex' tis iObelMa ana Boekweu Sml Weinmand sold eighty kvf' was ;our« tend... Agona Uv^O vw*- T *"*" *"*;#" - - - -i u their new home. • A very ingenious,a ar for toe State 'Fwr^as £V VT44C^& p*-»u AW^M *-*'v*- fvr--——— ^ ' _ out. probably'^Jack'' farted up and caused'the accident, but of this Mrs. Hedrjck can give no .account as her fall' rendered her unconscious. The first thing she knew after that was when''she was shaken by a man who was hauling baled; hay, The horse had then made some distance and the bay man was obliged to go to John Gilbride's and secure a conveyance to take Mrs. A, to the latter's house, A boy brought word to town and Dr, McCpy and- Mrs, Spencer drove put tp Mr, Gilbride'B atfd brought Mrs, Hedrick in, She was bruised slightly, on the head, but received no serious injury, ' The school' board Monday elected Miss ;Louise,MqCqy to succeed Miss'Coan in the drawing departnient and Miss Hattie Stevens to succeed Miss Tweed. , , . ( , ''(Jlerk'Crose issued a marriage license to John Ne\ynian 'and Maggie Clausen, 'of Bancroft.. ' ,' ' , ,.' ', r , , ; JThe Ladies! Missionary Society will meet Miss Morford, their returned missionary, atHhe Baptist Church at' 3p. m.; Satur- d ?!, y ,- \ ' ' ^ ' '•'" , *-, ;Agrnt Vesper, will sell tickets to Inde 7 pendence and return cheap, A,ug'. 25'31, , DRAIN TILE! —AT— $12,00 PERM; ON CARUVALGONA. V. Samples of Garipets." , / ; v/^i^ and ends in Grl.assware, White warei Vases and Fancy Goods; Odds and ends in every department— ! 'FOR THE NEXT.,,Tf!M -DAYS. !, "304i^^i^ M| ^l M || |MMHHaMHBBHM| ^HNHHH l p IM «lHMH^ t. These are not "Bankrupt Stoclfci^ol^or^oorgoods, but are ^ust'whatt they Claim to 'be—remflianjbS" qr broken,lots or p'at- terns that we/do,not wish to duplicate. Every piece is marked ploinly at a price that will cut no figure if you >want the goods. COME NOW! — v ', ' ' ' • 'T ' "\ THIS SALE CLOSES AUG. 25TH, J,A, Hamilton & Go, Before busing your Brick, Tile, Stone or,^'ewer Plpei audreroemberthat'ttoey^l^ .£] .kinasof Hard'Wood Lumber, picket Fencing, BeU oJ^««» « n ^ Ponai> at Had RoP.k Prices/' ' A New Lot of ) / JUST BECEIVED AT ' '.] the institutei last iwok* OB, owe „„,,. is an outli^ W^Sjftn'ffiiStf dPt for eyery gobool hgiise tn,vfl6,§Wvi or 18,4S3 d,ots« There ,ig BP rppw? '° £ courae, for anythingfl§g w MtS? KpS8Uth.JP iCbampjori^ykK' 0,59, 'A fcw.<fl. its • l#?t Tbvrsdfty heing the -70th birth- c^ Mti, Jawes PafBe, about flftyof Mfrlenda aipmWeds* hw bowtmo celebrate the day with her,-All came m3m WleA %etsandijy long tablesweyeset »»4ei? tbeitr§f§jnda bountiful difiaer 8evv«di MEfc -M-,,**' ~ "" Bb®bftW«tth§H ue «% r^ a K MONEYl , On Real. Estate, ,,!; ,. HOXIB & BRUNSON, ( •; ALLCOLOES.AT'! 1 " ". l.O ! A Few Waists to Close Out Cheap, ' ' "'If ^fiyS '- ^j ' ^ , :vl •i, n r,'. H^r, -iiF a MX . S*«. M»wM?ft HfL-S •' ****' ***'*« •W~aa«f"j( »^»»?!™j, -IT ''"..JV Qt A B9Jt9«JJ|»IPM^»^ aIuJ e IS5?Lf. .'BttUMUH yep5j?feWMi»' . , ay wsi enjoyed by, ', A' Wif * .'•' f ; , ^l)J .'' : ?'»,! .). r-' . SMITH " TlLlNOi, ... . SEWER PIPE BAD FOR.ALQONA. ?. * ^'Whittem'ore'Obampipn; Two'pf Al* 'goh'a's ypung blppds came thrpugb PUT Fpw» very'early Monday wornjjjg lab- pripg under a ^egiVii'r load of stimulant ^-- they could l ^p»veniently ca^ • -,ed w monkeyiog with" ,„. J,'whieb"at 8> m, w».s iapt on a avoid waste, So m busiiaess it,wjU, be \ :*^ n ' V..% >1 WTXIA v. £AM w* jKn vnl^ /*' >ml 11 V\f\^ n ntm*1-? v f *" 1 1 oy p,u8h tpejr business,, but ar run over and way lose ,entJrely, •HjawHi^ by bs^.^itoB^,,, , fiB*att*!B5gnaa_ T . & ^W$W«Mft» ;i^jwSS^SSmw " K-'lv-,—Q Jo4.o fV,Q'f».U^arrn \Mi1Wat B .JMplW 1 .. , When gQQd tw»|i; »»^^»^ «»«,^ Tr , ... th winyiteato try, the **Vi**'*»W+rVJ Vf< ¥**« wy^ftv*;,""^^^ •=""tV. MFTri ThMfe^Mbt M^_M.»I who nned thewilQ TOTWrJjKt^ffll 8AW.HW. ^

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