The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 2, 1954 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 2, 1954
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 2, 1954 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THMEI Gloom of a Funeral Pervades United Nations Headquarters By FRED SPARKS N'EA Staff Correspondent UNITED NATIONS, New York — (NEA) — "Have you come to cover the funeral of tfce United Nations?" So spoke a friend as I entered UN headquarters in Manhattan. His gloom clouds every corridor in this modernistic glass pile built to house a brave new world in which justice would wield the only sword. For now the diplomats play in Geneva the ancient game of power politics; tanks and planes are the cards — the Communists let Dien Bien Phu and the French pass. The UN as a meeting hall for peace is ignored by the contestants at Geneva, at is was ignored at last winter's Berlin conference. The there terrible issues of today — Korea, Indo-China, Germany — are out of UN hands. No wonder the talk of "funeral." The UN is being- snubbed to death. Ten years ago Winston Churchill was taking a bath in the White House when Franklin Roosevelt, elated over victories in the West, called through the door: "How about naming it 'United Nations'?" Churchill agreed. And thus a tag was created for the organization that lifted the hopes of billions of white, black, brown and yellow peoples—and then drowned their hopes in a sea of words; words without deeds. Ten years ago the politicians of i the world spoke of a "new court of i justice." And so the little people i came for their day in court ... j There was the intellectual Czech ] who told of police clubs that beat i the freedom out of his country. \ * • * * I 1 There was the man .with skin like j polished black tile who wanted to: know why his African tribesmen i could not walk the main streets of ; their own cities. j There was the hollow-eyed Ukran- j ian woman who thought something j should be done for the 10 million | shuffling shadows in • the slave i camps of the Soviet Union. They came . . . and then they! went home without results, broken, i bitter, having learned that the old law of life had not been repealed: power still owns justice, might makes right. RUSSIANS ON THE UN STAGE: The world can see the arrogance of Reds like Andrei Vishinsky (left; and Jacob Malik. Susan Wayward" Divorce Suit Is Hot News in Hollywood Now In the wake of this disillusion has come a strange and often insane hatred. Match books are circulated in New York stamped with: "Get the UN out of the U.S. — and the U.S. out of the UN." Citizens who have seen so .much of killing crowd the squares of Seoul to chant: "The UN has sold us out." In the eerie light of a jungle campfire Man Maus swear a blood oath as their leader cries: "We can expect nothing from the UN —it is the tool of our oppressor." In the shabby tent camps of the Moslem refugees next the old city of Jerusalem two men with red diet, post a sign lettered in shaky Arabic: "Remember the UN — it helped steal your home." Supporters of the United Nations insist these people have expected too much — at least they have a forum. For example, there have been appeals for mistreated South African minorities. UN has done nothing. But spokesmen for the oppressed have "embarrassed' 'South Africa and improvements—ever so slight— have been made by the government itself. They argue: Publicity is a UN weapon. But while the Soviet Press plays up weaknesses in the Free World, the Communists cannot be "embarrassed" by bad publicity at home. In their ha-lf of the earth censors have taken the old line "no news is good news" and added "for communism.." However, those who plead for the UN say it has forced displomats to operate on a global stage. Their arrogant performance has offended millions in a free world audience \vho-10 years ago—thought they were bearable. Each '"veto"' shriek from the month of a Vishinsky does more to brand Russia "non-cooperative" than a million accusations by anti- Communist orators. Even about this there are doubts. An American Legion representative writes: "We can expect nothing from the UN that will 'not serve the Soviet Union/' * * * Opponents feei the Soviets care not about bad publicity abz-oad — but are delighted to watch the Free World divide itself as we have on I colonies, racial segregation, Israel vs Arabia, recognition of Red China, equal responsibilities in the Korean War ... And two of our strongest hopes for the defense of Asia and Europe —Jaoan and West Germany—are UNITED NATIONS, NEW YORK: As a meeting hall for peace, it is ignored by the big power contestants at Geneva. You Can't Beat HubbarcTs 1-TON Air Conditioner latest Model Save $100 & Son Furniture Suit Against Singer Dropped LOS ANGELES C/P)—A $35.000 damage suit against singer Jimmy Boyd has been dismissed. He was accused with two other boys of molesting a child actress. Boyd's lawyer said no settlement was involved in the dismissal yesterday of the suit. The girl Betty Lucas. 13, had claimed the boys took her to Griffith Park in an automobile last Sept. 24 and molested her. Do You Know? '/f?/« Proof — Read Friday's Advertisement Thursday's Answer: The Most valuable Precious Stones Are Not Diamonds! The ruby is more valuable than the diamond. 1—The Americana, Volume 2Z, page 521. DO YOU KNOW? That You Have a Wider Selection of Floor Covering, Wall Covering & Counter Covering to Choose From at Ray's. Remember: "Flooring is our business—not a sideline." It Pays to Shop at Ray's. Ray's Floor Center 107 E. Main Phone 3-8650 You can't buy better auto insurance Allstate pioneered low cost auto insurance — that's one reason why the number of Allstate policyholders has more than doubled in less than three years. Today, over two million car owners enjoy Allstate's famous fast, fair claim settlements, easy payment plan and many extra benefits. They all add up to the really better value you'd expect from the company founded by Sears. 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Now it is Miss Hayward, who is fighting' litigation of almost equal intensity involving her husband Jess Barker. "The divorce trial is set for June 14." Miss Hayward replied in answer to my query. "I will fly down from the location in Utah." Will it be a one-day affair? "Oh. no. The calendar is set for impatient because they are denied admission. So the debate continues. It is no longer on "How much pood wi. the UN do?" but "Is the UN worth while?" The American people, in a recen poll, aprovcd continued member ship in the UN by 85 per cent- but with equal agreement said the had little faith in the ability o the UN to solve specific problems. V » W • Largely responsible for today global gloom are the politicians o 1944 who treated UN with the sam glib carelessness they treat loca issues. They did not bother to realiz that while a campaign for votes i soon forgotten—the campaign fo peace is eternal. They overlooke history—and oversold UN. In a frank survey, the UN Sec retary General, realistic Norweigiar Dag Hammarskjold. says: "Ther was a widespread illusion (10 yeai ago) that UN would be able tx enforce peace and impose th settlement of political dispute This illusion has, of course, beej thoroughly shattered." And the Chief U. S- Delegate t UN. Henry Cabot Lodge, remarked "The UN was not created in orde to bring us to heaven, but in orde to save us from hell." Gtt fast, soothing rtlitf with PERCY MEDICINE TAKE IT HOME! One Quart $|00 Italian Spaghetti ... • Rozorback Drive-In ems piling up? all- blind One stroke—and even sticky jam whisks jff the plastic tape-. the newsm&king aylon cords—the snap-back aluminum slats! What's more, weather and wear can't make a mark on any of them. And wail till you see how smoothly this blind operates! Drop everything now and ruth to see the all-Flexalum blind. Phone Us For Free Estimate Ford Awning Co. 113 S. First St.— Ph. 2-2972 ATTENTION Car & Truck Owners: Tailored Seat Covers, Woven plastic $50 val 24.50 Truck seat covers Installed 4.95 Door Panels, Covered .-. 3.50 Head Liners 15.00 Convertible tops .... 39.95 SMITH MATTRESS 4 UPHOLSTERY CO. fti. J-42M §o. HHray 91 four days. Everything is going to be brought but. It's too bad. This whole thing could have been resolved very easily with a .settlement. But it's too late for Unit now." Hijjhl to End Miss Hay ward indicates she will fight the affair to what may well be the bitter end. She is taking her twin sons to the location with her and says she will refuse to allow them 10 be brought into open court to watch the proceedings. I didn't let Wayne escape as easily as he hoped. Long an anti- Communist, he was talking with men who wire preparing a blast against Red activities in Latin America. When he finished with this business. 1 asked him about his beef with Howard Hughes, for whom he is working at present. "There's no beet right now," he replied. "But I'll admit I was pretty put out. I set aside three whole months for my commitment to RKO in 1952 and another three months in 1953. Neither of those periods were used. "I also have been sitting' and waiting' for this picture to start since Jan. 4 of (his year. Now it won't finish until rmosurnmer. I Eric Johnston To Return To Middle East WASHINGTON l/T'k Erie Johnston, President Elsenhower's special emissary, will try again this month to bring the Arabs and Jews into harmony on H plan to develop the Jordan River Valley. State Department oft'tciuls said last night Johnston has arranged a new series of conferences in the Middle East with representatives of Syria. Lebanon, Jordan. Egypt and Israel. He will leave Washington about June 10 and arrive in Cairo June 12, where conferences will be held with the Arab nations. He plans to confer with Israeli representatives later in Tel Aviv. could have been maxing two pic- tures in that time. "That doesn't sound like much, but I have tax obligations to meet. I have committed myself to earning 1 a certain amount. When 1 don't I'm In trouble. When you're in the $-100.000 a year class and earn only $200.000, that can really put you in a hole. "We worked out a settlement so that Hughes will loan me the money to meet my tax commitments. Then, when the picture Is over and we can see how much I have lost, we can get together and make a settlement." Building Permits and Real Estate Transfers Two building permits were is| sued by the city last week for the ! construction ot two additions to residences. Hubbard Hillman received a permit to build a $250 frame porch on his residence at. 131 WcM, Sawyer while Raymond Smith was granted a permit to construct a $2,000 two room tile addition on his residence at 200 East Davis. Real estate transfers recorded in the office of the circuit, clerk last week were. Harold and Marie Wright to Joe and Dorothy Hughes, for $10 and other consideration, Lot 4. Block 1. Parkview Addition. Blytheville Cotton Oil Ool to Grain Co.. for $10 and other consideration, a tract of land in SW quarter of SW quarter of Sec. 15- T15N-R11E; and Lots 12 through 22 Inclusive, Block 1; Lots 1. 2. 3. 12. 13. 22. Block 2, P. J. O'Brien Subdivision William and May Bell Lindsey to Earl B. Snider, jr.. for $10 and other consideration, part ot N half. SE quarter, Sec 10-T15N-R1U. J. E. and Mary St«vtn«on to Wayne and Julia Moore, for $10 and other consideration, Lot 7, Block 4 Country Club Heights Addition. George and Deloma Wiggs to Terrill Jones, for $250, Lot 3, Block 10, Elliot Addition. John and Florence Turner to Joseph and Zola Watson, for $1,000. West half, Lot 12, Block G, Second Replat of J. P. Pride and Gateway Subdivision. i 1 Sam and Florence Johns to Mit- J chell Johns, for $10 and other consideration, Lot 3, Block 6, Highland Place Addition. E. E. and Edith Stevens to Jamca and Margaret O'Steen, for $10 and other considerations, SW quarter, Sec. 25-T16NR10E. D. C. and Nellie Kirkwood to Luther and Nettie Lancaster, for $5 and other consideration, Lot 14, and 15. Block A, D. M. Moor* Addition. Elijah and Viola Thompson to | Jane Parish, for $200, Lot 10, Block (j, Hollipeter-Shonyo Addition. J. E. and Mary Stevenson to Robert and Jayme Jamison, for $10 and other consideration, Lot 14, W half. Lot 15, Block 4. Country Club Heights Addition. J. R. and Kathryn Marr to Elbert and Mamie Reddick, for $10 and other consideration. Lot 6. Block 6, Country Club Addition. Dr. L.I. Hill, Montgomery .Ala., performed the first successful sur., ppis uos.rorpf 408 W. Ma in C^^i V mf^ tf £. t ^' & c/ Phone 3-4591 SAVE ON HOME NEEDS 124.01 54* CABINET SINK All steel Porcelain-enameled top resist* household stains, acids, wipes clean easily. Roomy double drainboard. 1 drawers, 3 compartments. With fittings. 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White, color* Reg. 4.98 GaL 4.43 BIRGE WALLPAPERS Now ot Wards—th* nationally known Birg* wallpaper—to bring you an even wider choice of patterns and prices. All are washable and fade-proof. NATIONALLY KNOWN PAPERS Now—so* Words torg* selection of fin* Nation* ally Known Quality Wallpapers—b«ourtM patterns for ivory room and taste—aH or* fad*proof two woenaow* KEG. 7.89 CIRCUNE 6.79 room with OVOA gfort- !•« light. Whito CHE IN*

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