The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on August 15, 1894 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 15, 1894
Page 1
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It" ALGOSA. KOSSttTH COUHTY,' IOWA, WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 55, 1S94. mm NEMTTER¥ Your Old Dishes Call and Line of ed to 'tfce stock: of tjie 7 Nice New Opera Bouse firocerj. Ambrose A. Call, D. H. Hfttcmris, - Wmi E. Ferguson., C. D. Smith, President. ;,.Vice-Pros...,,,.-.•.• •••-- Cashier. Ass't.Oash. THEFIRST ALGONA, IOWA. „. , ^ .Money on Hand to loan at reasonable ra$e» to parties who fiirnlsii flrg£-cl B Directors—D. H. HutolUna, S. A.Tergugonv Philip Dorweller, W. F. I Ambrose A. Call, B. H. Spencer, Wm. K. Ferguson/ •>.-:$' ? CAPITAL, $5O,OOO. i* security CASiHI CA>iTAL^-$5O.pOO.Op, F ( IOER8^ND DlREOTORS, - . M -v Algon», Iowa. f i , " ; ' ' ' • " G60. Jj QfUbmitUt *"* w r ''"? i^'^ •* J '*• '* HT 'D rp*r«*«>al1 i* T* / Thas.-F,O9oke.' ,' ' " x ' """ / . », .Interest paid for Time Deposits, "•V ' ^ t i , .» J *. <i .1* > ~,; " * ;t *• '^ 'v"v*'*•••«/'*-<\iir .^t Lewis H. Smith H» tt , f * , • - r 'j, -• ^- j,- pw^/lughamr' J. B. Jones, Kossuth County State Bank. ALGONA, IOWA. '-"I, 3 ' wj •* .„. v CAPITAL$5O,OOO. , Incorporated uader genwral laws of low. Deposits received, ropney loaned, foreign and domestic exchange nought and sold. Collections made promptly and a general 'banking business transacted, Passage tickets to or'f rom the old. countries sold at lowest rates. Directors-W. Hi fngnfun, John G. Smith; J. tf. Jpnes.T. Ohriachilles, Levyls B. Smith. J. W. Wads worth. Barnet Devinet ' -^ v ABSTRACTS OF TITLE! """*"-'" ',,, ' • i , i, ?~~- —,v - 1 "" *••'" ,>•'•,,. ' l '•'• ' Abstract ol Title to your,lai^flt will pay you to have'au experleinoed Ab-> •./?n h .?f val th e ' ofran ^bstragtde'petids entirely upohjthe financial 'responsi- tifyms to.the same,-as they are held resDonsiblalop errors.-.WB hnvo hart If you need an 'actor do the work IT." "*"«•" ""P'faVr . , ........j _„„„„ .the same,-as they are held responsible lor, kind of business and i * -- • Give us a call -. ** JONES & SMITH. LEDYARD, '•;. D. J. Rice came up last week, bringing his Wheel with him, and after dinner took a trip twenty miles east of here, transact* ed his business and was back in time to test a coupleof glassesof "Ledyard Water" before taking'the4:20 passenger. Hesays ; it beats hiring a livery, paying three to four dollars and then not being able to make the tri p In one day. J. R. Jones Was up here several days last Week, selling oats and hay on his farm north of town. He sa?s he will advise any ,man desiring to make an investment that W-ill bring ten per cent., to buy land in Nm-thern Kossuth and especially around tedyard. And we not only think, but We know that his head : is level on that point. '.Joy came to the home of S. S. Orr in the way of a little baby gift Thursday night. Mb,t,her and babe are doing well, Dr. Dun-. lap'attondin^.. • . ';Eyerybodyifolt hapypy Friday afternoon as the black clgUds that had been hanging over'us finally let fall'their precious contents, the much prayed i for rain upon our beautiful country. It rained most of the afternoon and nearly all night and will help the late co.rn. and fall feed wonder-, fully; We do not believe in rainmakers.' heroj ,but have-faith enough in the Almighty, who even don't let a sparrow fall without his notice, to believe that he will provide us with, the necessary rain. Julius Pleth, formerly of Algbha, is now located here and is engaged iahis b!d business, lit.nds, loans -and •irisurarice. He "ought to do well a§ he is a -hustler. . J^VJ&ilmour and J. W. Hay'were seen i'o.n" our}str<jets Thursday. Gilmore came up to rent Bis quarter of ha'y land east of town and succeeded in doing so'a't a good cash ; price. Five leases had already been given to the same /piece 1 of land %•• land ageuts:.4tAlgona;andhore, none of thern •havih'gan'y authority'whatever.' It 'only, surprised Mr. Gilmore that warranty jieeds instead of leases hadn't been given.' 'It is a C9jdd l ay .when a'land agent can't see a doljar'in somobo'dy else's land. -'' •• -Two" well known gentlemen, one, frpm v Algona and the other^from^iirt,.came / up .here last week to runMiorsest. It ^ap ,,the' samft old story( ,"# put up Job',""'and .after 1 'taking dbout 'gho-.b^ of the crowd of puckers" they .pulled out, afraid tp stay over night. ; I| theyllntend to cbme' back ,to work th^s^me. game w,e would advlsa them to takeout" an accident policy (tp pay" for broken limbs. 4 , ?J Kev. Bagneljjeame,up Friday afternoon and drove^to Buffalo Center, returnjrig; in time Saturday,morning ito take the»'seven o'clock freight to Algona. .» ,?, - ; Last Sunday was a busy day, and enough was on the program to haye satisfied most ariy'br the AJgona.cranks,you ajways ca^i find hangjing,,onto a dry goods box time. , During.^h f e hours Iron? 10 to 1?, jn., there of course were services }n the church,, ^besides three,horse races on main-street 'and a game of ball between Wilson's and To'urilap's men,was,going on in,the part of town. v . , , South of herp, has been receiving building teaterial at our station the past week. •The members generally respond and it OSes not take long to haul away a train Wad. '•••#. E. Jones, of Wesley, was a caller, Friday. . "Lemon Extract" has hot been on the 90 lot Several days. Reports received from Germania state that our former townsman, Andrew Gor- fflan, is doing nicely and will call in our neighborhood soon. } ELMORE. V.F. H. Manther has traded for the old Simon Snyder place, Which joins his quarter section on the south) making him a fltto 2-lo acre farm, • ; *he wheat and oat crops in Springfield township are the best ever raised here, Corn will bo more than hall* crop. • There was a heavy rain all of Friday afternoon and part of the night, and this WAS supplemented by a shower Saturday Morning. ;.the threshers are at work on the farm of Supervisor Burton. He has eighty-five acres of wheat and ninety acres of oats. fi6th crops turned out in great shape. : A daughter was born to Ml 1 , ahd Mrs. vV^ard Snyder a few days agoi .]J0, H. Fenton has bought the place for- nierly owned by Ck C. Jones. A new school • house is to be ercctedlA the Bradburn district next month so thUt the hduse will be r^ady for the fall term. The contract has been/let. --•A fellow by the name of Bob Little was run out of Elmore Friday night. He was drunk and disorderly and the marshal led •him to the train by the ear and got him off on the north bound train. It was report- 'e'd hero that the same man was wanted at Wesley. '^Mr. Severn, of Elmore, traded his livery Stock to Harry Dodge, of Algona, for a lot dfihotea. Severn says the trade was conditioned on the notes being good. Severn WtSnt and consulted an Algona bank where they wore deposited, and found they were rajainly worthless, so he refused to turn ov- 5er the livery stock and the trade is off. HURT. ,' 'Aug^W.— James Hunt has parti- REPAIRING NEATLY DONE. At Lucy's Old fttftnd, oppps'He'Teoflant House, , . ALQQNA., IOWA. MA -t> j!* '' f^-ft ,. ^^^^^^ ^Wji^^ ^» W ^m- . YQUB ,^ GERMANIA. •' (Daniel Smith and/wife of Bancroft, are vis'iting \vjth their parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Smith, of this city. P. H, Spa,ngler and wife Sundayed in Bancroft.; l( H, E. lilvidgo has commenced the carpenter work on his large new dwelling house on Smith street, The George Wells elevator is about ready for ,th,e -machinery, Fred Bergman, while unloading a carload of stone a.t the .Wells elevator, was knocked pyer in the car and a grain door knocked down on bin) by the switch engine, smashing bis thumb and a couple of his fingers,- , . The beautiful shower of that fell last Friday did considerable good as well as refreshing the air. We hope to have some more soon again, SEXTON, s, Mtss Pejla Hagep is attending the Nor- ?,f red. Davis and ObftS, Walker, of WWe )fl Sexton Sunday, , JJ. Jyond was jQOkiag after ft|s in this,y}eJntty Saturday, , and th? Boskppf . sopial time, Mr, and -at Mr, ay, tioned his shoo store and istarte4 a restaii 1 rant. He received his goods Saturday. " Fred Nicholson has his bag^n J so\i!th part of town nearly fini«^«<]L, '3 ' *? ^•J>he 'proposed? ball' play-between and Banprdft, w^iich was to come off ^to^ day w-a& again declafedoff, and to work off therexcitemeht a game ' was ''arranged betweeasthe'rittr-'th and south sides, to be playedv thiS '"af ternoo'n. The business •housesiflr'e to close at 4 p. m. in honor of the occasion". ' ' - * . ' The' new pastor of the Presbyterian church, Rev 1 . Wni. Kelly, of N. Y. state, arrived in tfme to-occupy the pulpit Sunday. He, was assisted in the services- 'by B. P. McElroy, who had supplied -the pulpit for some time. Those -'in- attendance were well pleased with the twd sermons delivered by thenew pastor. Rev. Kelly is.a graduate of Williams College and has been in the ministry about twelve years. One of his boys came here with him,' and his wife and other children will soon follow, The extensive improvements which have been going on in the Presbyterian church edifice will probably be completed in a few weeks. The changes made and to be made include the shifting of the pulpit from the south to the west side, where it Is received with the choir and organ platform, in an alcove newly built, and the erection of an entrance tower at the southwest corner. The folding doors are to go and the entirf space is to be in one room, It wUl~be handsome, Mrs, Pen, Paine was home over Sunday, She is much improved in health already, and Mrs, Blanchard is reported' bettor, Mrs. Paine returned Monday, The painjess dentjst has gone, but 'the effects hlave not gone yet. We have a most Complete Assortment and many bargains in this line, We have a full line of Blair's Celebrated Keystone Tablets; a very fine line of Box Papers and in fact everything usually sold by Stationers. We are offering box papers containing i lb., or 60 sheets of fine paper with envelopes to match, for 25 cents. This is a paper sold the world over for 50 cents per box. Can sell you lead pencils and give you a pencil sharpener with each and every one for 5 cents. Our goods are first-class and our prices are the lowest. -*—.FRANK W. DINGLEY, THE DRUGGIST. How They Like It. Read what some of those who've received The Hub's Boy's HeakTo-Foot-Oiitfit think of their $5.OO Bargains. "Received the Head-To-Poot outfit all right, and am vory much pleased with it. It was a perfect fit, oven to the shoes." MBS. L. M. KBMPTON, "Most satisfactory. You will receive fur : ther orders from me from time to time." BBYAK TICHBNOB, Atty. at Law, Tuesou, Arizona. '\,, ' *>.-PffltA I? 0 ? ?*i?.^, c S 1 OIV( ?:P- D - wlt , h Privilege of Jexam natiou 'to »u>. part, or the United States if $1.00 deposit is sent with order. 'If not satisfactory we Tferee'tb* ;rejund the purchase price. Samples ofxloth FREE. -In'ordering include 65^ post- nPLJiCr T T f |Q Clothiers, Hatters', Furn- CHICAGO/ILL'* 1 0 E- ri U O, lshers , and Shoeps . Stat^Jjgltw, IOWA, Aug. 14;— Rain! Rain! The beautiful long-looked-for rain has come at j^st and everybody js gjad, Some say it hag pome top Jate to he}p flie porn crop much, Pttt we -believe ty will d0 an immense. Amount of good to that as well as to tbrpftstures ftn d late potatoes, to say nothJ^of health and comfort, Jsaw an. item in j&e R^PupwoAjf last week that Obed Rpfelftson prophesied rain o ofposit|o,RQfmoon, J think the jnt jdea that? Ql?ed did not was ' Gives Perfect Satisfaction Wherever MN.KFAIRBANKGOMPANY,CmcAoo. r^P* '*«•"• I •t**;*'' 1 . ¥**!*?#f I* Wyl 9W|iq"** si ^» ** * *" i* J ^-i * * i- ^ * 7 *L * i ' "^ ^'/ v . ^'• 1. "^/^miif ' K^F.^lkl^Vll wV^ss'Vr^.m'B' '' v ? vf W 7' ""^Y "S V'f'^t^^T^^^^yT^^i^^^'^^ffii'^i'^ ;'• • '- : ^<X^'i$^^ c" t tff^*': Bell Estate Dml^,Aliona.Iowfl. ,, gwess they have changed their TO } n d abqui thjs timjfftBd will begin to realise together a B«bfman,«f ^anp/Qft, 4. liaage p^tt pf with tbfipujty at large, tbat Wesley bas what be j» talking :i*J^%4M^4*i%&; r^fw,,f,tt™"*i T^ sf.f^ 1 "WP-W < > --"fp if- % m J«f^w^Mi;^^«:B^' 1 . Jflllin Fitch wears smllcSfan \nn3?aa*S*

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