The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on August 8, 1894 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 8, 1894
Page 8
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•2 *.. ^^t ^^ •"' *<• ""•""" " """* " ''~'"" ' BANCROFT NEWS. FARMERS ATTEHTIOH •TU» Place to get Tout Meals when in is fct the FARMER'S HOTEL, A §ooilsqu,me mealfo? BOAKD Bf THE DAY AND WEEK, ft TALLMAN, Proprietor, ; ,-. .Ajjthe.hotel formerly Stafs f »m prepared to furnish the best of board a reasonable rates by the day or week. 13^"Warm Meals for Farmers a specialty, G. C, OSTRANDER, BANCROFT, IOWA. On Real Estate. HOXIE & BRUNSON. -AT$12,00 PERM, ON CA8S[,4T AL60NA,;, i - -j ' - - This Is cheaper than they are retailed at the factories. Don't fail to call on . J, A, Hamilton & Co, Before buylng'jspjir Brick, Tile, Stone or Sewer ripe; and remember tnat they sell all kinds of Hard W!qod:Wimbe»yWPket, : ,Fencing,, Felt Roofing and Paper at Bed Bock Prices. , IOWA, AUG. 8, 1894. conducted by J, A. Chicago & North- Western K'y. lilted ......... 9liam Mixed .......... 607pm way freight... .11 43am Way freight.... 8 18am passenger ...... 4 68f»m passenger ..... 205pm NEWS Of? THE TOWN, fhe M, E, ladies' prayer meeting will be held with Mrs. A. J, Berryman'thls after* noon at 2 o'clock. Miss Sarah and Mamie Welch, of Em* tnetsburg, concluded their visit with their sister,Mrs. Nick Arend, last Monday night and returned to theif home. Wm, B. Rich, a prominent merchant, of Williams, la., visited with his cousin, J. L. Johnson, the barber, the first of the week. Dr. Morse was up from Algona on pro* fessional business yesterday,, ...1,." ,, ,. : ... Qeo. W. Smith was elected a delegate from tho local I. O. G. T. lodge to the Grand Lodge of Iowa, to be held at Storm Lako.on August S3,23, and 24.; >' •; • M. A. Turner is at LeMars attending the Grand Lodge of tho Knights of Pythias in which body he is a delegate representing Vera Lodge No, 291 of this place. • The new door and cising for the State Bank vault has arrived and is being put . .... J. C. Stahl and S. W. Callanan have !gone into the haying business this year in dead earnest. They had 3,000 acres, of grass land to cut and they already have 1500 acres cut, which has yielded about 600 tons of first class hay. They employ nineteen teams and twenty-five men, and have their own camp outfit and,a cock of their own. Their camp is now .located near Swea City and their hay will all be pressed and shipped from this place and Swea City. . . Thei ALGONA EEPUBIJOAN and either the State Register or N. Y. Tribune one year for $1.85. See J.' A. Freeh before 1 yOu'bar- gain for your winter's reading. Mr. and Mrs: Olof Pearsc-n wenj down from Swea City last Monday. ; S.'S. and Frank Wartman, of Algona, were in this part of tho county looking up their interests last. week. ,,:;'.;: , A ,:;; j The Kid nines of Bancroft and Portland were to have played a ; gam,o of .bajl in Ogle's pasture last Saturday, but when Umpire Philo P,oarch called;,th.^ gaine there were four Burt boys in'tne Portland ji n 1 /.)*•' 'V ffc' 'i '. . . •. • .- i '. 1 ^' • '' i •' y bri^ln KossutH Ojqujrity. ^,j> >',....,/. J. A- lEreqh* proprietor. f: . IT. '' V,..- 1 ' !•" '•:• i'. ' / • .' '. ••'••", '•:. > ' ')• Comps^iqs Represented., ; ' "'"' '''• ' Phoennc v .- >. , Fire Association, Philadelphia. State Insurance Co., of Dee Moinei. •: > CapitaMneurance Co : , 6f Des Jrloines. ' Merchants and Bankers, of DCS M6ines. Jtnchof;o,f Crestqn. Dubuque 5"ire and Marine, Dubuque. .Standard Iifife>*«d-Accident; •'•' - ''••' ' • Equitable Life. Equitable Lffo Assurapce Soc'y of theU.S Northwestern National of Milwaukee. Creame.ry ?ind Threshing Machine Insurance a Specialty. ' ,'.:', If. your Pblici fl^p^ft- ing or fixing up^i^ah-, & it for you no matter what company you are insured in,v!i->< Correspondence solicited. • • . .A., , Baxtororb, K, U. Richmond, . JPres, B. P.Sralth^ A. B. Richmond, . Oasnler. 0. J. [.enander 1 , '•''•• •: , • • As8',t, Cash, Farmers' & Traders' Savings Banli BASICBOPT, IOWA. ' \ XncoTiporatea under the laws of the State of Iowa, None but home capital Inverted, Author- ised capital, 850,000. Foreign and domestic exchange bought and.sold, and a general banking business transacted. Special attention given to collections. Insurance written. Steamship • * wckets to and from Eurojoe, ' sue ••*• > Richraen<lt - Smltb - _ IioaB, and Insurance Agency, . 1881. ' A large Hstbf wild Janda for sale, toprove.<J faros and village for sale or yent, Farm loans onlong time and low rates pf iotereat. Oifflpes at Bancroft anclSw^a. City, Iowa, - • ^ _ R, IVI, RICHMOND, T. ' - ^™[] r^;- ^--^^r- ; CALL AT TOT ;OFFICE OP LAND AND ^QWN LOT CO. and Farm Loans ; RICHMOND, ° : •!;>;•£?; nine. Opr boys, Beat them just the same. Score 16 to 16. The boys that fdayMlf oiii here wei-e Willie Smith, Bertie ftfeM; Freddie "Wbicbttj li.ugh t fhiSxjdb^ rfacbbs, M,iltbfa <Jbhti9on,.(Ju*9ie Ciet2, Sl- rrier Godden, and Johnnie Johnson. Aft- other gftfia.e ^ili be played here iiett Sat^tit-day^ That's right boys, give : it to them, for Bahcroft's base ball hottofs nilist be maintained at all hazards. Unfortunately the great game of ball between the regular nines of Bancroft and Bust scheduled for yesterday^ had to be given up because Wasgatt, the Bancroft pitcher could not be here at that time for good reasons. The game will be played, and played for blood and ISO a side next ;Tuesday at Burt. A special train has ;been chartered to go down from here and Bancroft, swell the gate receipts to an immense proportion, Incidentally we might mention that,Bancroft will win the game. Attorney Barslon had business at Algona last Monday, "Bancroft, Ledyard, Swea City and Armstrong got a good, rain Monday night,"—U. Di M. We failed to see it Harvef, but we wish we had. It's hard to find a school ma'am In Bancroft at present as they are all down interviewing tho Normal and Supt. Reed, preparatory to getting a first class certificate. What would Bancroft be without tho school ma'ams? Answer comes • , There will be regular communication of Progressive lodge No. 205 A. F. and A. M. at K. of P. hall one week from tonight. All members are are requested to be present. Miss Fannie Bomboy returned last Saturday from a two months visit with frle'JVd'si atDes Mbines and Avoca, Iowa. Miss Minna Bruer is expected in Bancroft next week, •• ;i Seo J. A. Frech'aboutfarm loans and insurance. He also takes 'subscribers for the Algona'REPUBLICAN. : Otto Bruer has rented and will occupy the corner restaurant after Sept. 1. This will be a much better iila'ce for his business. Geo. Hohn will, it is expected, occupy tho new Skinner building." ' ' H. L. Peterson 1 and' family of Chicago, who have 'been Visiting their father-in- law, S. Stonsbri'and family for a week're- ttirned home'last flight'. '-Mr; Peterson" ti in the hardware business. Henry Warner of Serieca, has some corn that will average' 'iip'wic'h thei'cbVri of any year! • "' ! -"'••'' r»••*••!•••': ••• • ••• - ; J••.'-, ' The Austlh''Hou^'has' diScb'ntinued : the hotel business.' r it "w'fIV : be 'bcbUpied'as 'a private residence'bnly 1 ;In the'future.' 1 '• The City Council ; 'at i'ts' -meeting last Monday 1 evening/ hired: Jf&a. ' Whalen as night' watch and patrolman at a salary of ^30 : ber mbnth.; They a1sb : "det!Ided to pfii lip fbu'r's'treet'lamps.'"'"'•• •'•'•" i'-'TKrire"is tb bW a meeting' tonight' at Jefi f ersori Hall tb see thalJ'proper fire' protec- iioh IS provided for ttfe town. About Jl,200 Is'already subscribed and the meeting will no' doubt by' a grand success. Every- fe6dy should raakelt'a biisiriess tb atten'd the meeting. : /''-'• i '; : ' s -' r; •'< '••' ' ''* : '-Jas. Mc'Laiighlin is fusftbatlrig \?Jth his parents near LUTbi'ne'thls'week, '*• ' r 'D'. : E. Smith met'With a i&iiiful'accident last Thursday aft|erfiobn'While wbrkinlg on Alcorn'sthre'shirig~machine atf HahsUeh- sbn's in Seneca township. His clothing got caught'iiil&e gearing ; of the self feeder, draWihg his leg into the cogs and a; large piece of fl6sh l was: ground out before the machine cbuldybe stopped.' 1 He was| taken to town at once 1 ' anld taken • care' of! and willbe laid up for a few days only. Iti was both a serious and a lucky accident,! lucky because it might very easily have 1 been much worse. • •. ' Mat Frleliriger has suflicieiitly recover-, ed so that he could be'in'town several times lately. Married, at Algona, Iowa, by 'Squire Ep H, Clarke, Wm. C, Braytbn and Miss Myr- 5 tie McKinnon; also W. H; McKinnon and Mrs. Laura E; Searles. All of the parties, are of this place and their friends wish them much prosperity, u ibhn A. Boxell returned to Augustana College at Rock Island today, where he will teach in the business department and continue in his college course at the same time. ; LEDYA&D, • ••;. Friday, August 3rd, thieves by forcing tho door entered the drug store of Dr, Punlap and secured eight gold watches and 510 in silver, Before leaving they took a good supply of cigars. They must have been good judges, as nothing but 10 cent goods, tbe kind that Punlap always keeps, were taken. Suspicion was .cast on a con? pie of young fellows who had been around* here for a week or ten days, and who were missing tho .next njprning, Four teams were started out early Saturday morning Ju search of them, one of the parties being Dr. Punlapj who secured the valuable ser* vices of Marsh Stevens, who ought to'find the deyil himself, £ut after being out two days they returned, not with the watches nor the thieves, but both were somewhat injured, as coming home from BuffaJp Center they had a runaway, in which botfo were thrown out and the buggy partly broken. The horses, aside from ft few bruises, were found to be all right. Two young men were seen at tfennania, Satur* cjtoy morning Answering the description of the fellows who are suspected of breaking in here, They were displaying & lot of sm»ll change, sijcb, as was taken drug Store, and were smoking cjga,r3 free. ly« They were u»(Joubte4{y tbo iflen, but nobody eouW tell where tbey went. A load of oats brought to town yeg^erds'y which by ma?ji|B§ measure was lop cl8 weighe4 o^t say they jieyey bftve s^eg oate so keaVy this year. Of c»«rsjp njpfe of liere ever Y S^YWJ WUsp-B & fltt >#y ftfJaww-'diy frg», n lift to 11,900. DunlapBros. and Sherman & Co, eftiploy about the same number of ineto, fcfid the amount of wages pftid fetefy. week fntt9 from 12,^0 to K,0t». is" ther)B fthy ot- hef town in Iowa the Size of this place which can equal it? . . There hftVe in the last few days been ae-^ fetal hay buyers here front Gathfle and ather southern coanties, buying up hay. One of them was telling of ah old fafmef in his Guthrie county who had in his would be called pasture 22 head of horses that he oflered any man if he Would pay the pastufage. There will andoabtedly be large numbers of stock killed this win* terfo* want of feed. F. S. Jenks, pfopfieioi'bf the;jettks ihb* telj hfts at present over 100 boarders and i-uns a house second to none in the state, UNION, Charley Schryver is kept busy thresh* ing with his steamer. All report good work done. . . Jos. Thompson traded stock for a house and lot in Bancroft. Wm, Strickler took his engine and thresher to Armstrong and Is thr'eshing in that vicinity. E. Ponovan has purchased some fine blooded sheep, . J. B, Hofius had the misfortune to sprain his ankle while catching a runaway team. He is improving. Horace Schenck expects to start for Kansas and Nebraska this week to visit his children. There was a party attheReibhoff homestead Friday night. A pleasant time is reported. Haying will be about finished this week. Hay is very light. Marve Cady is putting up hay in Union, camping out and having a temporary home in a tent. EJ. B. Soboleski, traveling auditor of the North-western railway, visited his sister, .Mrs. Geo. Carroll, last week. He has 800 miles of road to go over and reports Kos- flnth ahead «! Anything on his Urn ctcotft Southeirh Minn, for crops and pasture. Married Wednesday, Aug. 1st, Henry Relbhotf, of Algona, ahd Miss Ada Adams of Wesley. Henry Is a genial good fellow and his wife one of fcossuth's best teachers. May .they live long and prosper. Miss Gijftie Bonn, of Algona, spent Thursday with her sister Katie, 6f this place. Miss Daisy collinson visited in West Bend Sunday. Miss Agnes Brown closed her school, northwest -of Butt, a week ago Friday, She will teach the fall term of school in the Watt" Jbnea schodl house. Af th jlf btittd h and wife lost theif young^ est child last Wednesday"' PENtON. Ri t, B&yenga and John ,2weifel Made a fiyihg trip to Buffalo Fork Sunday. J, Haase gave a party to the young folks last Satuf day evening. Quite a ctowd were out and all report a good time. Some are stacking their grain and some are threshing. Wasn't that a good shower of rain that passed through here last week? Quite a number of bur Fentbn people went to the Fen ton hotel to see tho lady dentist, She had quite a little work. John and H. J. Newell made a business trip to Whittemoro last Tuesday. Mr. Beck, of Forsythe, Was seen on our streets last week. Mat Spike, while hauling bundles on the thrcsh/ng machine loader, upset his wagon while going along the side of a hill and fell on the fork, but was not hurt. Jacob Weisbrod's team nearly ran away last week, getting badly frightened by a threshing 'machine engine. Mrs. Zweifel's house was nearly burned down last Wednesday by mice lighting matches. Nearly all the inside was burn- e d out. 'F. C. Kluss put out the fire. P ATTERSON & SARCHETT, | _ _ _ _ r t'._ ' ' -' *i t '_-_i '• _• . _. •' • ' ' _'..'-...; ^ •_' ..'•'' ' -..' ' Successors to Patterson Bros. Big Bargain Grocery, v, a At-dONA, IOWA. : ' - : -We have a large and first-class stock of Groceries that we will Bell as cheap asihe oheapes^ and will spaye'inp; pains tb pleaBe our cuBtomers. We solicit a share of the public patronage and invite our friends to call and see us and give us a trial. We guarantee satisfaction.. PATTERSON & S ABCHETT. GJyDDEN BARB WIRE, ave the sole agency, ' Titr Wire, Minnesota Linseed Oil Cbrrijiany's Paints, Bissell Carpet Sweeper, , ; The 5est Sweeper Made. WEITGENANT BROS., ' Corner State and Thorlngton, ft 1 • • • ' - : ' : • • ^ i « _ . t ,. *"" Abstract Books are cgmpiete up to date, and reliable. They represent an outlay of thousands of dollars and werp prepared by an experienced abstractor. Our patrons may thereiore feel certain Of getting reliable abstracts, Our work is guaranteed and we furnish abstracts as cheap as irresponsible and incompetent persons who have no, books,,though the county does not pay us a salary, clerk hire, office rent or even furnish us stationery, AND WI&P fcANP FOB SALE,.,,i..- OONBTANTkY OH BAJTO> FOB FARM And tarnished immediately upon application, m- .-ajuareinmi--.;..,.. - is~...<i«imi I.--.-, m. ,t,,t-m , : pp.0r'a House HAY & RICE Spurbeck & Lambert, We will save you »9»ey on S&$ ,fQjlpwlpf: Re)H9| 9l ftU WB4?e,ftt|»ej'. Qft|l4y ft»4 Ue.y; complete ^oolC9JIng(B^r'8Supplier; GftsFlpeftndfllitlngSi Globe Valves; all o| Steam FittiOBS, Bose an a Ho*e FUMng? i ,Q»s o| all klB4«t We'have' a large sfpcH 4er Oil ana Pup torn* ft sfsslsMj • W%? stoolt of Ptfeei goj49 too n«njero\js to A, IX CO, on Dodge Street, t fata, , d, OAJLL, ' For liiformatlon In regard to land* Ito !?6ftB»etterH WWa, wHW tSwm, ' Algdtia ., ._ ,t^ .. _ ; t OfiO. 8. ALGOHA •-..•» . AtOOBiUt,0. COHENOtJiT, ; . Aft AW, .-.,..> - - IOWA, W.B QTJABTON, ATTO&NSiY AT LAW, Office oVflr Kosfiuth Co. Badk. Algona, Iowa. SULLIVAN & McMAHON, Postofflce BlocK. ALQONA, IOWA. DANSON & BUTLER. LAW. LOANS AMD LAND, Collections a Specialty, Office in Gardner Oowles new building, Algona. i owa . B.V.SWETTING, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Money to loan. Algona, Iowa, S. S. SESSIONS. ATTORNEY AT LAW, Loans and Insurance. Special attention given n « ; to oollecMoDs.of all kinds. Office over Ohrischllles' store. Alg6na, Iowa. L. & GAKFIELD, M. D.. PHYSICIAN AXD SURGEON, Office on State street. Algona, Iowa. .J.KENEpOK.M. D. Office over. Taylor's store. Algona,. PHYSICIAN. AND SURGEON, • ' Algona,' Iowa. SOti M. Office over Goeder's ' Clotning Store, -'- " DR. L. A. SHEETZ, ^ DBUodltiT AND STATIONER, frjBtuirlptlopa fllled". Deals In palnta, olin, V \M'.<•>• ^boolu. perfumeries, ete. •• ' Oor, State and Tborington its. Alcona.Iowft. i '''"'* . '. 'Sn - .fv.'^^n.):', fi .f,f .-/ WHITTEMORE - - - IOWA, Regular OfQce .nours 8"toiz-BMn,, 2 to ep. m. Over Wlchler'5 Furnlture'store;" • Residence nortli of track. T h J. FELLING, M. p. PH78W.IAN AND SUBGfSQN, Consultation In English and German. ' Over.Goetoh's store, Wlilttemore, Iowa. \ CHAS. MoCORMAOK,, Diseases of Children a Specialty. Residence, , Mrs. McOall's, East of 0. & N, W,' depot. ALGONA, - IOWA,. DR, F. 0. HEFLIN. PHTSI01AN"jtif Office In rear of Swea Oiiy BanK. ' Swea City, Jpwa, E. K. SAYEBS, D, V. M,, west of the Tborington ,-JY ' >X>XAXiBK IH 'if'?* , WJWHI!!(f?JP™™ Wf WKS 4 SttYerware, "^ff ^ ^^Wy •^^^K^^^^^'9^'^ip^^p DENTIST 50 A. li. EJBT, D, D, B, DENTAL ROOMS to

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