The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 16, 1949
Page 2
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Builders Eager For U.S. Projects Contractors Mor« Anxious to Obtain Government Work N, March 1« (JPi — In charge of tlie bulk of •ormunent construction *r« tlnd- Inj contractors * kit more eager ** »o«k than they were a lev month* «jo. "At one time we had to beg to Mi th» »ork Ukea .off our hands," *•** «n official In the Atomic En- Oommi*s!on. "Tlie builders le * r ' Ol taking on new jobs. dldnt want to get tied up > (orenunent contracts and then f&d they couldn't get the materl- M to flntah th« work." :,'flu«etuiie« contractors used to IncJud* in their blda contingency fc« u high u SO percent. That Is, • 'u jawUrim] scarcities, rising prices . «r\other factors Increased his cost. . th« contractor could boost his price . •* much u 30 percent. Today, however, Uncle Sum's engineers find themselves in the happier position -of buyers In a buyers'. market. This is true not only In the AEG, but also in the Federal Works Agency,- the Office of Army Engl- n*»]» «nd the Reclamation Division of the Interior Department. Th«T «»y Uiat in most sections of the country the bidding on gowm- nwnt contracts is keener 'than It ha» been in years. More contractors •ubmft bid*, they say. and their bid f™** are more closely bunched. • nowing a sharper interest in getting contracts. Qpinioni Dirr« •'• In some cases 1 'the prices quoted «» below the costs the government ipd «tlm«t«d it would have to pay. But none of the agencies re-' port* that prices are far enough below the estimates to make i t likely that they will have any money left over from the funds appropriated. As to what this trend means, the opinions of the government men fllfzw. ^r one thing, this has been a alack season in the construction industry. A sellers' market might return In the spring or summer. The chief factor, according to most oj the engineers, Is that con- flitlons in the construction Industry aw becoming better stabilized. OhortM* of materials of all 1 kinds uwd to be « nightmare. Now' mtet lt*m», except cement and steel, are plentiful. The shortage of skilled labor hu been largely alleviated by «» government's apprentice training program.' '.:•-•-':'•• A1J thta make,' tt easier for the contractor to estimate his coats «nrt trim hi* profit margin. He 'doesn't,! haw to allow: for a heavy cushion 1 . to oomp*ns»te him for losses which Rodio Sets Sold As War Surplus Very Dangerous LANSING, Midi., March ]«. |/p/_ Michigan state Police, Investigating the public sale of war surplus radio sels with a concealed explosive charfe, got some welcome new* today from several sources. Wrst th«y learned that one of thi«« types, of which some 2,000 sets had been distributed, does not contain any TNT as at first believed. Most or this type, stamped with a "'""" had beed circulated In the BLYTHEVnxy (ARK.) COURIER NEWS B*nton Harbor area of the state ' - nolldcd them tv.o other types^-BC647A wju A— can b« exploded only with a battery. The WAA said some of irnwe l yP«« apparently oonteined charges and others did not. Stale Police Commissioner Donald S. Leonard continued to warn purchaser.-!, mostly "ham"' radio operators to turn In any of the jhree types to police. He said those that do have charges contain enough TNT to "blow a man's head off. tj The purpose of the charge, police explained, wns to destroy the set to prevent 'Is falling intact into porls into a eonjjwslte construction Index It Indicnte.'i that costs •ost to Hie all-time peak in September !84S~to m.2 per cent above the average in 1939. Then they fell steadily unlu December 1948 they stood at 113.8 pei-cent above (he 1939 average. . PrlcM Fall Tlie department also lins an Index ol the prices of nil construction n »'<jrlals In September, the peak month they averaged 125.4 percent • bove the 1939 average. This drop ped to 122.4 permit by Feb 15 Tlie big decline was i,, lumber, which fell fvom 211,< percent, aboye the 1939 averse in August, the peak month, la 227.4 percent in December The trend toward a buyers' market Is more marked in light construction than heavy construction probably reflecting lower lumber costs. You don't need as much lumber to construct roads, dams and bridges as l n the erection of build - , . Furthtrmort/. . tn*' contractors' «oat» are diminishing. Various Undo XT' 8 ?' dlffer > *?>' 'he Commerce Department combines all their re- if i r .' -/},*£ yitfitfff'f,' '^'.-.^ '.^jtffl^ '- - V'VJ'LIrr"' 'I 6BT A MUFFLER TO AVOID DANGEROUS KXHAUST HH«S AND TO MAM YOUR RUM BITTIR AND QUIITER! MOTOR . Phone 4.153 It's Refreshment And It's All Value ings. <Jl*\ 5lt " ation vari " RTOgraphl- rally, too. in the District of Colum- w. exa '"t >!e .th«« wns public construction last year tlian n .the year previous. Contractors here apparently needed work roore than contractors In many oth»r areas. As a result the eagerness of bidders and their lowered quotii- MOIW )MK been especially noticeable Read Courier News Want Ads. MOVED TO NEW LOCATION 112 No. First Street • Behind Lemons Furniture Store Blan Heath Co. enemy hands during the war The sets cost the goveriunant about $1,000 each. A Detroit Sr Has been selling ll )em for M« each None of the bomb., is k,^v, n o ™ 1 * • JTBDNESPAY, MARCH 18, 194 Erastus aigelow was the Invel 01 'ho carpet-wcavlng machine] Same Phone — 828 NfW...CREAM DEODORANT^ .., J™!*j > * R * PIRATI() N 1'. 3 OAvi 4'Y. Aces safely, u p^" b*"lMdfng dociow. 7. DOM no i rot dresses or men's shirts. 3. «.n,ov.. .do, from [wrspira.ion on con.act in t seconds. His aniiscptic action. *• °™f "«* 'rrltau ,kin. Cm be used ri s h( 5. A pur., wMt. ,«.I B |.,, vanishing cream Arm], w,,h lhe ama2Jng ncw in( f rcdil ™; noi Kf \] : S ' aV5 s " 100! ' 1 and cr «my-will MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE I " "' '' IJ < ""' Scd P° r "'""' > e emire purcluic pricc p!us ARRIO •39* plus lax. A/so 10tandS9 t OON'TBEHALF.SAF£.BfARRIO.SAF£.USEARRID-IOBfS«R[. mef; ' "• ' ' " : : "Our 145-horsepower Ford Model F-8 BIG JOB is THE BEST TRUCK we ever had for heavy construction *O7TtlE UNBIK AUIHOHIT* . ..Co^-Col. Bottling Co. of Blyiheville "" the "'" r °™' ' COn0m V' durability, Sensational reports on ,|, c ncw F . 7 , p ,. _ . _. coming in from everywhere M™ wl, L , , • B J 01 " are „„, „ , M * Brand New 743-Hor,.pow 8 r Ford V-8 Truck En fl in e * Bifl Tire,; up to TO.OO-20 on F-8, up to 9.OO-20 on F * New Heavy Duty Five-Speed Tran.mU.tor,, * •!« Rear Brake,, Power Actuated, T6-In. by 5-in on * Built and Warrant-d for the foLowina rat«n fl , { -7 f 8 •49 rORD F-7 '49FORDF.8 * / DS. * Nat,onw,d. SorvU. From Ov.r 64OO Ford RUCKS Walnut at Broadway ps Motor Company Phone 4453

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