The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on August 8, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 8, 1894
Page 5
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and * jttiiNn $ ping •mjg.Aj^ijffi , - ^ . , . , ,4 LOflAt/tftAifr lilt.' re, 4nUI«tlf«f.. .44 , 6 no. t« ffftigm<sfttt)«i i>M«ftftg6f* . 11 f me »* f »«Hi eftthw paMesgefl... i - 9 WO I* M» 1:86 p ffl i:30 a rn eight carrtei pfsMngers..... ii':W a m Ohlcago & Korthwesteftt B*y» 001KO KOftfH ifcfi DfrKst. JWtlgo MaU &ni BtpteM*. | i!!!.'.".!! 8:83 p tn •ltdk£^.4 £«A**A>*4 i **44 4ft 1 MtVl ' > , GOIJfG BOuTH AND BAST* tttj^ntfuidjttofi 41<i , !•'?!£ £ if MS. ,.i.t.s.t..i 8:13 piU .x,™-.- .- o- WWhM'^« MotejBi at If i^^olic&iHjeTsO'a, fh.* alnd^Kansas Olty I Mai tttt The accomtnod&tiqft t«aehe8 Chi; ,atto«;Ma. u, Tickets fot sale, to all froints HIM Jnited states and Canada,' --i.:' .. . . . .. ' --- <"• •—.-..i— t- IOWA ROUTE, (CUtPHAPtP: LEAVING AND ARRIVING . TIME OF TRAINS. Trains leave Emmetsburg as follows t 4:22pw 6:30 am 3:00pm Ho. 61 passenger.. < No. tt passenger Wo, «s freight.^. i OOIKO SOUTH* No. 0a passenger .......... .... ...... '.. l:40pm No, 62 passenger, i....'... ... .......... 9:04prt No* «4 freight... !U*t..' ............... ...9:00 a to Trains numbers 62, and M run dally ; balance of .tralnt dally except Sunday. g\VEA CITY .TIME: TABLE. Trains leave Swea City as follows: t. f -;•> '. .- • OOXNd KOBTH. , , Pawenger Ho. 81B T : aopm ,, Freight No. 83, B ..' B:65pm aptMo SOUTH. Passenger No.81B .11.4'rain Fmlgtit 10 M....,...; iKoatn K*. 64 runs Sunday and not Monday. B—Daily except Sunday. ALGONA REPUBLICAN ALGOKA, IOWA, Atia. 8, 1894. LOCAL MATTERS. Painter Orr did a very handsome job of papering in the REPUBLICAN/ office last week. There will be a meeting of the A. L. A. in the reading room Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock. J. W. Lyons, an itinerant painter, gave the stand pipe a deeper .tinge of red last week for $65. At last accounts Goose Lake was burning and the democrats in Congress Vere working over the tarrif. Attoney Raymond and Archie ..Jutchinson have had their office repapered and a new floor laid. There were what used to be indications of rain Sunday night and Monday morning, but the hot-weather dried them up and the wind blew £hem away. , The "Painless D'entist" .outfit came to town Monday night. They gathered a crowd at the corner of state and Thor- -ingtonvaoid kept the multitude there till a late hour. ../ "» ' TheG. A. R. men are- promised a sketch of the battle 'of Nashville by Comiade John Reed at the v reguiar monthly meeting which is to occur one week from tonight. •' " v ' . Subject of sermdnin St. Thomas . church Sunday nex$ at 11 a. m. ."Music, origin of choirs and musical instrument used in sacred worship." All are cordially invited to be present. After long delay the new pump arrived Friday, and the man to put it in , operation came yesterday. The people of Algona undoubtedly feel that it is time we were having some results. Geo. C. Call went up to Ledyard last week and sold a couple of farms, one of 80 and one of 160 acres. The buyers are both Poweshiek county men and propose to become citizens of Kossuth, Frank Dingley has the reputation of keeping the best stock of wall paper in this section of the state. He is making a 20 per cent, discount to reduce his immense stock. See his announcement this week; It is reported that the Ledyard sa- loonist has decamped. It was a great disappointment to Country Attorney Raymond, who always likes to have a Uttle business with these fellows before they leave. The LuVerne News well aays: "Ev- 1 ery teacher employed by the new man* ageroftbe normal school at Algona are specialists in the branches they teach. They bring life and activity into the class-room*" The Hamiltpn'Gilbert nuptials were celebrated/Thursday afternoon, at the residence, of Thos. Gilbert, Bev, ty, E, Davidson performing, the cerempny, The couple tools the evening Miiwau" "fee,e tiplv tati intending to take a trip on tb,e great lakes, Jptise .RjjMpjoji says that the die^ cenjtfyi baye painly.been cheated by outsiders who jwebQw bad got the idea tbaj; tbey/c.puid TUB the town- Tba,t is BQwetWng which, ^,fe but > 4- A <lml^A fviT/\ Q/1/tfYll Yl fc ' A ;, A ie»ding pp ed tp,a n* bat be hQRSd the. demQora|si . 5 , '1 ta pass ft tarjf| biU, tb«i Ifantaa tariff as the npiftllqwH left it? sata that would be roucli better the country» . 1 /.".. ';« •r*te»»«LTto9 wwmim*mM'j& Clearing Sale* o Of Odd Sizes and Broken Lots in Summer Footwear, Consisting of Ladies, Misses and Children's Oxfords, Tennis Shoes,'and Button Shoesj also Great Bargains in Gents Oxfords, Shoes and Ball Shoes. HOW? FOR CASH. When? Commencing Saturday, Aug. II and Continuing ONE WEEK ONLY. >vf Where? at Brownell & Alfred's Cash Shoe House, :' •v y.i», a few cases of diphtheria have appeared, ' • • < An Iowa Falls special to the Sioux .City Times seems to indicate that the Chaflee. brothers, recently of the Northern Iowa Normal School, have now come -into full ownership of Ellsworth College., They assume, full control, Prof. Lyon going to Et, Dodge. .There was a hot interchange of tariff views at the Tennant House Sunday evening, in which our Mr. Ryan and Chairman Taylor argued free trade and a bunch of traveling men voiced the prevailing preference for the high tariff days that are gone. The ladies of the Algona Monday Club will have to come forward, with explanations. Prof. Ely, of the Wisconsin Ubiversity, whose political economy they have been studying so long, is about to be investigated on the charge of teaching anarchist doctrines. This alllooks pretty serious. The Fort Dodge Chronicle says thas a farmer boy named Winders, while breaking prairie near Merservey, a few days ago," plowed up an old money purae which contained $106, in gold and silver; The oldest piece of money was'dated 1802, and I860', -showing it had laid there hidden for many years. Spurbeck& Lambert are entitled 'to the thanks of the REEULICAN fqfc,?jfche workmanlike manner in which they,adjusted the shafting, pulleys and belts to our machinery necessitated, by the installation of our new engine. These gentlemen 1 are adepts • in- this line of work and can be depended on to give entire satisfaction. Geo. L. Galbraith has been having a big hole dug in his lot on east State street, formerly the Hough property, and the stone are on .the ground for the basement walls. The old building has been raised up for moving. It will be put to the rear on the new foundation and'the front parts will be built new, It will be quite a roomy house. According to the Bancroft Register, Algona is soon to lose one of her farmer citizens. The Register says: Joe Thompson living 3 miles north of Algona, and well known to most of our people here, has secured through Holloway's agency the Dr. Howe residence in the south part of town now occupied by W. W. Alcorn, and will become a . . , _ ncroft citizen late this fall or early in the winter, Justice Obed Bobinson, of, Wesley, visited the REPUBLICAN office while in town Monday. Mr, Robinson feels confident that we are going to have lots of rain this month, He says we have beep having dry moons right along tjbjs season, but that we have struck a wet one this month, and it is going to be a}l right, Mr, Bobinson is . a settler from way back and what he says he ought to know, List of advertised letters for week ending Aug. 6, 1894; Miss Clara Bur. roughs, Mr" F, G, Brown, Mr, W,* S, Brown, Mrs. I* J« Corton, J, A, Bar' tlett, C- L, Oarns, Mrs, Margaret Cor. bin, krs, B. A, Duell, Mr, Gerd H, Falkerts.W.T-f atfield, Mrs, Anme Haines, Mr, Fred Klato, Mr, 0* E, Lashbrook, Johnie Laoe, Mr, JV Meyer Mr, A, M. Madison, Mr. Sam'l H, MQ. Hajn, Mr. Wm, Nelson, M? ..Nils -Perg, s6n, Mies Ps, Btwraa, .A. Q> TWste, Miss Julius Pletb county and settled in kedyayd, MP, ^b baa b^ absent from $& county some norths, tart be. bai eYi is no . Wstb, while be wi oner, wu his warnings are disregarded arreflto will follow. Such a notice ought not to be necessary in such a time as this, when everything is .as dry as tinder and when we have almost reached the point of spontaneous combustion,. but everybody does not realize how danger^ ous the'situation is. •, • , It is said that the members of the Algona Matrimonial association are expecting an assessment to be levieu 1 in a shpit time for the benefit of one of their number. This will be the fourth marriage in the association since it,was organized, something over two years ago, and there will be six unmarriefd members remaining. It is also confidently asserted that one of the remaining six is to be married some time this fall, which will bring the average up right. As the limit is five years, half ot the members should be married inside of two years and six months. The. Algona base ball club went over to West Bend Saturday for a friendly trial of skill in the maniputation of ball and bat. There was a large following of spectators from Algona, and West Bend turned out her beauty and her chivalry to honor the occasion. The purse put up was $20, and Algona won on.a score of 3 to 6. West Bend played a fairly; but Algona played her best and'appeared to splendid' advantage. After the first few- iiminps the victory was so clearly Algona'sthat very little money changed hands. talk of a return game. Both of our cotempararies have re produced the following paragraph from the Forest City Summit, and we don't see why we should not show an equally enthusiastic appreciation of the compliment: " •• "Another town of Algona's size with three better papers than are published in our neighboring county seat, would be very find in all the northwest. The Upper Des Moines, REPUBLICAN and Courier are among those bright exchanges whose wrappers we always remove with pleasure, well knowing that we shall find something worth reading." r, The Anna M. Erickson farm, in Irvington township, which was purchased a few weeks since by Cashier Ferguson of the First National Bank, has just been sold by the latter to Robert Leason, who-for the past five years or more has been a renter on the J{ R, Armstrong farm, near the Erickson place. The price paid for the 160 was $26 per acre, nearly all of which Mr. Leason paid down, the sum representing part of his earnings on his rented farm, Besides this ready money Mr. Leason has a fine, sleek herd of cattle, a good number of horses and plenty of hogs. He is one of the thrifty farmers of Kos- sutb, and the results of bis labors show what can be made by a renter, The Speneer Reporter tells a story on Jake Blossom that all his Algona friends will have to know about: Here it is; "It seems that Jake hired a team at Arnold's Park last Sunday evening to drive up to Spirit Lake, It was dark when be started and Jake thought he had a reasonably good looking rig, When he jot aipng side a street lamp at Spirit Cafce and saw the outfit be came pretty near falling out of the vehicle which answered for sbuggy, He was too proud t& go thrpugh town so he unloaded his lady passenger on theeut* skjrts and hired a woaU boy to drive the rig up the street and be followed on fast. *Tbe JoQtei C that team has left a lasting iwprefsion on J»ke' 8 wind ana be fays awake nights thinking ab»»t it." , , , . . ' AS Misj OQ,r$§ Jnghgni was Qu.t driving puiaday;;fflQrotag with tv lady Mbd an4..ber netee, l pel, her bprss btsaw? M m^m A rmefi f-TH3n A v AV^/ the Congregational church was Well filled last Friday night, and the exdejr lence of the program rendered was/aui- ple reward to those who attended. The tousical program was very fine, consisting of an instrumental --solo by Miss" .Ermal). Clarke ; and a vocal solo by Miss Lillian Ranks. A. very interesting feature of the occasion was the paper read by Archie Hutchison descriptive of his southern trip and telling of the country and people of the .south. At the close of the meeting he exhibited a large number of Kodak views of southern scenes. The only Bother paper was that of Supt. B. F. Reed, on -'Garfleld as an Educator." The subject was ably handled. Earl Robinson had : ,a serious runaway while coming home from Bancroft Sunday afternoon with a rig from Norton & Jordon's livery. -The 1 -runaway. occurred just beyond the Black Cat, on the farm of P. N. Sarchett, and Mr. Robinson says , it, was started by the breaking of one of the straps holding the neckyoke. The horses ran some distance, and. coming in collision with ,a barb wire fenoe.the leg of pne of the jtiorses was so nearly sawed in two that It was ruined. Mr. Robinson had one of his legs badly torn by the barbed wire, but no permanent injury \vas "effected., ; The buggy^jyas also somewhat •of a wreck-, ..Some controversy has. arisen between Mr. 'Robinson and the liverymen out of the question of damages, and no settlement has been reached at this writing. Mr. Stow, the tenant on the Sarchett's place, took the horse off; the hands of Norton& Jordan, who would otherwise haye killed it. and will see if he can save anything from the wreck. In a, private letter to a friend in Algona, recently received. Col. Comstock, of Spokane, tells about the 'strike in that city. The striking miners flocked to Spokane, and there was. 'great fear among the citizens that the city would be looted. It got to be the habit of every man to carry a revolver and to be ready to defend his property. The small, fruit raisers about tbe : city were mainly populists, and made effusive demonstrations of their sympathy with the strikers, but when the fruit got ripe and remained on their hands because the strikers bad blockaded the railroads there was a wonderful change of sentiment. That is the way it will work itself out every where. Every man who has toiled and saved and has come into possession of a capital, however small, , has interests which are endangered if not ruined by strike disturbances, and a strike which may picture itself as a heroic struggle against giant wrong in 1$e distance, may look very ugly at short range. GREAT GRAIN IN KOSSUTH. ? Greatest Crops of Oats ari4 ; "Vy&eat in Twenty-five Years, . A y|j?W of Eighty Up the Acre.— Thirty B«sbete >', Common yieW for is reason, for congratulation in of j3}| wheat and oat crops in county tbis season, 4 gentleman who knosp the county well declares that we bayiiftbe finest erpp of jbese grains tbapbe county &a§ seen in twenty»flve m^^^m^^ >™p ^wSShSfS^l i¥ave the bo,aa cron tiiii year, A How some of the Algona boys have been getting ready for the Institute. , i w >Jf~ >**& ^•GHAS. ROSEWALL.4- Painting and Paper Hanging FOSTA.3L.OA.BMD -A.ttend.eci to Froinptly. •* best even seen, and. wheat holds its own at 30 bushels to the acre. Great quantities of hay are going out of Northern Kossuth. Dunlap is reported to be shipping two cars a day from Ledyard. The crop itself is, of course, only a fair one. Being cured and'got in without either rain or dew on it, it is the finest in quality. Anybody who wants to see a fine field of corn has only to walk or ride half a mile east of Algona. Mr. Lund's cprfl on the south side of the road is good for sore eyes. We have our ears open for news of the crops just now, and we were rewarded Mowday, by hearing a very observing and reliable man say: *'Ten days ago I went through a field of corn and pronounced it a total failure, Yesterday I went through the same -field and picked roasting ears and had them fo,j> dinner, There has been a distinct ifnprp,Yen>ent in the corn situation in ten days,'' A bystander, who is a farmer, asgen* ted to this and said: "Corn that has been'well tended and kept clean 1 , and is not on sandy land, will be some thing yet,'.' • i. ' '• The Bancroft Register-gives a .good report oi the wheat oron in ilp loQaJW', It §ay.« M Top-may tell those, wbowe inqujsitive that w« hays a crop pf wheat in this section that ampuntrto spme. tbiflfif. J&W§8 Barge tWswegfctbresbpd out fp£ an acre of wheat a«d-got 19 , machine mmm Tom .B W bushels, to Y§yy heayytim, With the white robed angels singing 1 Praises, round the great white throne^ We shall find our darling baby, .f When life's work for us v is done: LOW EXCURSION RATES. KNIGHT OF PYTHIAS CONCLAVE AT - WA3B2N0TON. For the above occasion the North- Western Line will sell excursion tickets to Washington, D. C,, and return at the exceedingly low rate of one fare for the round trip; good for return un-* til Sept, 15,1894, For tickets and fall information apply to Agents Chicago & N^orth-Western Railway. 46-49 ONE FASE RATP W WASHINGTON. '' F.or the Knights of Pytbias^BcJave at Washington, P> C., Auguptlmbrtft September 5th, the BurJingtoh,peda>t Rapids '& Northern railwaf will seJfc excursion tickets aj> the, extreme); Tickets on sale 'August 23d aoj j gpod to return ;u,nttt' September with an extension'ot 1 time r-" 1 -' Wth, if desired. ForJartbg , Jars inquire, of. JStaWonu nunjj dress J, J^ortonj Qi t 3V&£t 4,«t W Rapids, la. • -.'* ', y> ( '•••* $.8 Eft 4m$ 7 ®&mm( | J 7 SW U1 sell e,^eupte$pf ^gjmm^:,,:^^

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