Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 11, 1966 · Page 18
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 11, 1966
Page 18
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eeeee«ee*eee»«eeeeeeeeee >. t. D. •eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee NOW THEY ARE making bread without the end slice. Seems a smart gazabo came up with a machine that makes a continuous loaf and when you get a gob of it it is all slices— no end pieces. Now the Old Goat was brung up to believe eating the heel or the loaf of bread was a sure way to get curly hair. So far it hasn't worked, but the few hairs the Old Goat has left do have a bit of curl in them, par ticularly just before he is urged to get a haircut or a dog tag Anyway the tastiest bit of bread today is the end piece—the only part of this modern "fresh bread that is done and really fit to eat in the Old Goat's opinion As long as the Old Goat has his teeth he isn't about to go for this continuous loaf deal with out end pieces. SEEMS SOME GO GO girls were tossed in pokey for not having the tops of the bikini or whatever they wear on at the time of the wiggle wag* gles. When the girls came up before the court they pleaded that it cost them $8 per night to wear the top half. They got paid $12 with and $20 per night without the topper deal. Just how the employer came up with that figure for a difference is a puzzle. The Old Goat doesn't get quite so spiffed in these joints at to give a a big hand to the little lady woggling around even with, let alone without. In fact if it were without the Old Goat would figure he'd had it and get out ot there fast before the pink elephants came in. Yes sir. AFTER GETTING glimpses P the big wedding last week by mistake the Old Goat kinda Former Burt resident to live in Japan Burl—The Larwence Millers, lichelle and Mark, Runnemede, \. J., are visiting this week at he parental Ed Fredrickson's and J. L. Miller's. Aug. 15 the jawfence Millers will leave Minneapolis by plane for Los Angeles and Hawaii, and then to Tokyo, Japan, where Mr. Miller well be employed as manager- director of American Electron- cs Enterprise L. T. D. affiliated with Radio Corporation of Amerca. The oldest daughter Vicki remained in New Jersey to complete a nurses training course and will visit the family in Japan on her vacation next year. COMING FOR BIRTHDAY Four daughters of Mrs. Jessie Rash will come Friday for a visit. They are June, Mrs. Orville White, Nashville, Tenn.; Norma Jean, Mrs. James F. Herring and son James, Forrest Heights, Md.; Margaret, Mrs. Wm. E. Ernst, of Northbrook, 111.;, and Florence, Mrs. Wm. G. Radtke, Muskegon, Mich. Norma will go to Tenne see and she and June will go to Northbrook. Florence will tly to Northbrook, and all four will come to Iowa from Illinois. Mrs. Rash's birthday was Aug. 7 and they will observe her birthday while here with a belated birthday party. *-ALOONA (lew*) ADVANCf THURSDAY, AUG. 11, 19*6 DATE OPEN HOUSE The Charles Curtises will have their 25th wedding with open house at the Burt Methodist church from 2 to 5 p.m. Aug 14 sponsored by their children Guests Saturday at J. L. Mill er's were the C. E. Millers, Esth erville, and the Ward Lesters, of Ashland, Ohio. The Jim Gades, Watertown S. D., visited over the weekenc with her mother, Mrs. Helen Johnson and her aunt Mrs. Dor is Larson, and his parents, the Hugo Gadcs, Algona. They mov ed from Algona to Watertown several weeks ago. Guests Saturday at Walter Steward's were the Roger Stew ards, Madrid, and John Scotts Lake Mills. Guests Sunday at Lawrence Doege's were the Art Hansons New Hartford, Mrs. Minnie Oes treicher and the Vern Rafdals Titonka. The Al feels like many of the girls nowadays might lust feel their pappy had let them down by not " IB ™ ^"Tv • U ?' befog president and having a I Mmn " vu f e i ?« rt f /\ e " ds t whWp-te-do of a wedding. Not were ? uests Fnda y of Mrs " Jess Tenneys, Granada every man can be a king or a president and quite a few father*} vieweu trie proceedings wuii a helpless feeling as far as giving their own girl a proper sendoff: After all, in this country everyone is as good as everyone and if the president's daughter can have such a blowout why not every daughter? Fortunately it seems the daughters arc more practical about it and don't blame the old man too much for not being president. BANNING THE BEATLES is applauded by the Old Goat, but it does seem the reason for doing it is secondary. What they may believe is their business, even though thty are pretty obnoxious about it. What the Old Goat objects to is the caterwauling and bonging these long-haired characters put out to the accompaniment of squeals from silly tenage girls. There is no music to it. The nearest thing is the torn torn of the deepest jungle. And they look as silly as they sing. They and all their imitators should be banned. HEY NOW! What about that Third Man Theme as far as that wedding is concerned. What in the world does a secret service man do on a honeymoon of a couple anyway? It sounds a bit like the best man at the wedding who doesn't get the girl. Sounds like the groom was second best. Could be, too! Hunh? THE CHINESE dictator who swam 9 miles in 65 minutes is quite a swimmer, a world champion no less. Now that speed is about 730 feet per minute or 12 feet per second. Keeping that rate up for 65 minutes is no mean trick, even if he is fibbing. But it does make one a bit less alarmed at some of his other wild statements. THE ftNUSHMAN who stayed in the cave for 127 days finally came. up. He just wanted to set a record for cave-sitting. The Old Goat recalls the flagpole sitters of some 30 or more years ago. This Englishman was no more nuts than they were. It takes all kinds to make a world. .e Rash. They have two sons in ;he service. Phillip in is the ai force in Labrador, and Gregor s stationed at Fort Dix, N. J One son is at home. The special education clas room will be in Bancroft thi croft, wen guest* Sunday at Engaged Ottesen club style review winners named Ottoten — The Wacousta Do- R-Best 4-H club held achievement night Aug. 1. There are 19 girls in the club. Leaders are Mrs, Albert Thorsen, Mrs. Louis Jacobson, and Mrs. Dean Telford. Bonnie and Brenda Jacobson played piano solos. Marsha Kinseth and Vickie King gave a demonstration. The girls gave a style show, modeling garments they had made. Mrs. Norman a one-seater, has a cruising i Holland, Bode, and Mrs. Howard speed of 120 miles per hour and Hellickson were judges. Lunch, „„ „_.. _ can fly four hours without re- was served by the girls to 50'cause the wood does not burn Cttl The Cafl Reynolds were guests Saturday at Werner Stru- ecker's, Algona, and attended the Cutler funeral. The Milton Salisburys and Brian, Faribault, Minn., visited Saturday and Sunday at Bernard Leeper's and Howard Salisbury's. Mr. Salibury will teach 12th grade English literature in Faribault high school. There are 11 English teachers there. HOBBYIST — Thomas C. Ross of Coralville formerly of Montezuma, three years ago started building his own biplane in his garage. Today Tom is success- ully test flying his plane at the owa City airport. The plane is MR. AND MRS. Frederick Will f Corwith announce plans for he Sept. 10th marriage of their laughter Mary and Stephen H Aagard, son of Mr. and Mrs. H I. Aagard of Bstherville. The wide-elect is a graduate of the iroadlawns School of Nursing a' Des Moines. Her fiance is a grad uate of Mankato State College in Mankato, Minn. He will attend graduate school at Mankato. Lutheran church women met Wednesday with Mrs. Olvin Haug hostess. Mrs. Richard Kinseth gave devotions. They were invited to be guests at Rolfe on Sept. 14. Pajamas were to be sewed and sent to Viet Nam. Mrs. Kenneth Weaver, of Ft. Madison, visited the Donald Ushers Tuesday to Friday. Other Thursday Visitors were the Russell Hutchinsdns, Ronald and Scott, Humboldt, Louis Jacobsons and Margaret Holt. Mrs. Albert Thorsen was a judge at the Gilmore City 4-H achievement day Wednesday. The LeRoy Worbys spent the weekend at Terry Lee's, Iowa City. They also visited Hoover's birthplace at West Branch and were Sunday guests at Ed Sta- pela's, Waterloo. Fires are unknown in the forests of the Amazon region be fueling. guests. I easily. Seneca Mr». Henry Leoft »eeeeeeeeeeee»eee»eeeeee The 4-H families at a Sunday picnic at Swea City park were the Kenneth Andres, Sheldon Merrills, Robert Fortneys, Claude Hohnsons, Nina Kracht and Karen, Clarence Menzes, Audrey Cathy, Carrie and Tom Befgum. The Rev. and Mrs. Paul Mork and three sons, of Glendale, Calif., and Otto' Wilberg, Ringsted, spent Thursday at Henry Wilberg's. The Morks are on a month's vacation from their pastorate at Glendale and are visiting a sister, the Robert Berk- lands, St. Paul. The Otto Wil- bergs accompanied them. The River Nile is approximately 4,000 miles long. SWM GHf *tfttt • replr dom Swea City —• The SWea City council reports blacktoppiftg in town has been completed with the exception of Road K running through town connecting witn the county road K. WorK will be completed in about one month. Curbs have been put in on many new streets and these were surfaced in addition to re» pair work. The council also approved the beer permit for the VFW club. "ROOKIE" YANKEE—'Butch' Hewitt, 18 year old Oskaloosa high school graduate, signed a cuuiraec last uiuiiui tu play catcher for the New York Yankee baseball team. He left for the Yanked farm club in Marion, Virginia immediately. year instead of in Burt. Lions club will meet Aug. 15 at the Legion hall. The Legion Auxiliary committee will "serve the 7:30 dinner. Shirley and Jeanette, daughters of the Bill Madsens, George, are visiting this week in Burt with Mends and relatives. Wilbur Holldorf, on furlough from Frankfort, Germany, visited Tuesday at Walter Rente's. The W. J. Crosbys and four daughters, Citra, Fla., came Aug. 8 for several weeks with her parents, the Frank Ryer- sons. Mrs. Ed Fredrickson visited her sister, Mrs. Myron Maakstad at Osage Thursday. Her grandson Brian Fredrickson accompanied her. Mrs. Myrtle Zwiefel visited her daughter Patsy Saturday and Sunday at Emmetsburg. SiSvsr wedding for Burl couple The children of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Curtis, Burt, are honoring their parents for their silver wedding anniversary with an open house, Sunday, Aug. 14, from 2 to 5 p.m. in the Burt Methodist church basement. The children are Clifford, Ottosen; Mrs. Dennis Johnson (Audrey), Lincoln, Neb.; Marsha, Jim, Charlene, Cheryl, and David, all at home. No special invitations are baing sent. 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HARRISON'S COLOSSAL CLIPS with REGULAR and EXTRA HOLDING Reg. $2.25 SHAMPOO $ 222 VALUE Spiral Them* BOOK Fitted CANVAS BINDER 300 Count FILLER PAPER 48 Wide &Narow Rule Penrit* Typewriter Paper 300 Count 66' SAVE86c Heavy blue canvas binder plus theme book, fil- 'ler paper, .assignment book and organizer. 8"X lO'/a" book is divided into A sections so it can be used for 4 different subjects. Blue Coated Vinyl Binder With Clip & 3 Rings •Type Long Wearing Finish 78 Outfkmding Value! 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