The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on August 8, 1894 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 8, 1894
Page 1
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\ ALGONA, KOSStTTH , WEDNESDAY, AUGtTSTs, 1894. KO, 44. FINE CROCKERY! WeJhave jtist added to our Grocery Stock a fine line of real china ^mi-porcelain, plain white and decorated Qrppkery, which ^e will be pleased to show to everyone who likes to look at nice dishes. M. Z. ^Opera House Grocery.- L-mbi'OHO A. Call/- D. H. Hutching,, Win. E. Ferguson. G. D. Smith, • President. Vlce-Pi'e?. • Cashier. Ass't. Cash. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK, LLCUXNA, IOWA. , CAPITAL, $5O,OOO. >y on hand t^ loan at reasonaMe rates^o -parties 'Vrho furnish flr*t*cla8n Security Directors—». H. Ifntotiins, S. A. Ferguson, Philip Dorweller", W. F.'Carter; -•'S AmbroBa A. Call^It. H. Spencer, Win. K. Fergoaon. ,- j> CASH,,QAP.ITAL-$5O.OOO.OO. ' Iowa. .,' A, D. CUa»l6a r ffta •;.' O.,<J. Chubb. Vice fees., . P. Oabbier, Bty:Depoflit Vaulta. W.' ii« Iriipti&tii, ' J 1 . ."i"; President.', . v .Vice President. Hi Cashier. vwr,^,^,,^. ,• , CAPITAI, $sM^00. .nfeonoNtwl uHdej gen/ral'lawaofIowa; Deposits receivpd. money.loaned, fort • W, Wadsworth. Barnet Devlne. ABSTBACTSOF TITLE! I£>$ou need ato Abstract of Title to your land, It will pay you to have an experienced Abr'' stwwtbrdo the WOHC. • The value of an Abstract depends entirely upon the financial reSponsi- . hflltv of the firm oertifyine to .the same, as they are held responsible lor errors. We have had' k twenty-five'years of experience fajthis kind of puslness and guarantee our work, Our books are oomnlete and kept posted to d«e, GiveuSacall, ,,. _ _• . , JONES & SMITH. REPAIRING NEATLY DONE. fji^Vt I*cy'9 Old fitand, opppeite Teonant House. t - " J * ' ' ------- * -- IOWA, M r 4' ~i >. W 5* ^ > J*-* (Successor t9 O'NI§H * Qettyj-DeRler In CEMENT,' STUCCO,-' AND AUL KINDS ^f BUILDING MATERIAL. f <be|orf buying,* goreej » iffUJ make up to At any si?? wjfl Ft s.; PKrHwa to* Bflfl^-H ftf ^Ajm r M^m^m' 1 mm%< 1^^ ^'C^A^h i^Tfififtfl I AiTii^^o^fcftAT^vtilA^l^fiSij ^ ftiifin flPt fite"nlfl n rl L^rf JSfs^ Jt*f *F"°* ^j**^^^^gS^*r "^M^^^jPSSv ^ff*^JpW«"iw^\ ™SvH»Ties awl Ba»«es r Jprar ^^r^fcviHma'.*,. gtSWBW^««WP^ C;i,. •:.•;.:^l-i^lftf;;?:. #.! r.^^si^^i^ser . '! ,'JWi~^i,^ 4nra»M v .np«|ka.i "«•/ * *) .%'*'',.* "A 1 - . : 'i-'^mim/ "•^.«^V%i-i«i.AiVk;'«« .'v IS CLIMATE GMANGtNG? s there Cbing oil a Permanent iJrying t?p of the fountains of Watfef Supply? A Timely Question Answered. D. A, Kent in the ttutal Life: The intensely dry weather of this year atid the comparatively dry weather of recent years has led many to venture as" sections that there Were permanent charges in climatic conditions which would foreyer modify the quantity of moisture in the soil and thtrefore the humidity of the atmosphere. It has been claimed that the water table was sinking, that the wells were drying up and that drainage and the cutting of timber were the causes of the recession of the waters in the soil. If any one who has been thinking in this line will Stop and widtu his Views a little he will certainly change his mind. The changes that civilization has made on the prairies of Iowa have been favorable to raintall rather than unfavorable. There has been as many trees planted and permitted to grow : as has been cub down.' The umoke of villag* and town and country dwelling and factory and railway locomotive sets free more moisture every year than all the pnutie' grass and little groves of the whole ; state could conserve even in the days when they afforded shelter and comfort alone to the ; aborigines. The .effect of tile is to, make Jand drier in w^ti; times and wetter in a dry time. - -Che proof of this ifrevidenced in the condition of the undrained wet land thltf, year-. The spots which are ; ordinarily wet show the greatest suffering of crops,, • unless they have been specially nan-; died to suit the conditions of .the year. There are no; wells giving out except those surface water or very small sand pockets. Watkins'. Wfell; near Story City, which at a depth' of sixty-five feet .throws,a' Q-inch column of water 20 feet into the. air i» still flowing with undiminished {ofce- And all the artesian welly so,far as I have heard are still pouring pu$ thtir.complement of water. Thp Jittle'.baBiq.tbat affords water for our 1 college atidfcjirnxis drawn on for three times as 1 much water as'in former days, yet an attempt to? 16wer the well sunk in the, basin's exlge' resulted only in getting dowp, three feet .further^ .notwithstandiog two,'',. 3-inph ~- J * >Jtf 'rich pump pjas applied." TDQ ble of this baajta .is within ai* ihe surface jn placej?, ir t / iturejihpS'just as much raitf f6r __,..„ ^_ the past,-and such w^ll cdhtlh- ue to be t^e case until there is some, jgctiatiurface modiftcatioa, "When na- pitire IMts a great cb«in' of mountains somewhere In ;;t&e;%pper l Mississippi then might we expecfclimatic chanfjei But as wnc as Bake Okoboji continuel; to he higher than the b^ighest peak ; 6f the Ozarkbaountains the weather clerk Will Continue to aend out'the same land' 01 bull,6tiriai. ' . « i • 1$ has been only thirteen years ; sinee tlne'w]t»01e state of; Iowa was so wet that about all 'one*'could Isay of 3 the country was, thafrit was too thicB; to swim and too thinTtq wade. ';; 'We Snow BWtlittl6' of "Iowa' weattief farther back than fifty years. 'But the configuration' of tbe prairies show that there has always beetv a limited rainfall. The surface and" soil conditions show that the rainfall has always been distributed as it'is now. That is,' the most rain falls in the southeast, and vthtoquantity 'gradually diminishes-'as the surface of the state rises, o? .as' we approach the northwest, In this light rainfall lies the'hope of our country. This intensely dry year has famished many of the fungus plants that' infest' our crops, and,Uas hindered the development of certain insect life. And I would just as soon-set -the' year down as at) unknown blessing, as to pass it tP any other account, Were" we to 'have double the amount of rainfall that we now, isjjjoy in Iowa it would not be but alew.years until the last vestige of the black'mould that now constitutes Iowa's greatest luxury, would be washed away, and the Iowa farmer would stand with that fOrtorn look $at,,uQw characterize^ t^e southern' planter as be pines for §4°flgb son to etfvfcr his seed, and then pipes agajn tor enough fertilizer to m^ke', it' grow,' Nature did » good job when she made, Iowa, §be never intended that the neat state S.&QU$ either dry up or wash aw»y« 8b^ tpjerates a little pinching of wao's vanity through the drouth and drowns bis pride in an occasional freshet, but on (be whole tt^ejre is a #n$ equilibrium J D t&eIowafiJtoAtie. t*. < ,;,'/• JN IFST Bpate a ,The Iowa * ^ g 9 i» 58 -The State Register ba^ the following chained him with urging on the coa telitiaa, swore Barnes would either take his stlK*itteiit back or take a licking. A fdW tftds as to the truth of the state^ meat glwed and Wiley struck Barnes on tbtehose, drawing blood. Barnes had iffifUis hands a heavy wrench and a tomb straightnef and raised the wteriSh above his head as if to strike Wile^i who cried out, "Throw that Wl'efleli downl" Barnes did so, pulled of his;eoat and hat and stepped out. Wilef .struck him, repeatedly knocked hitn down and literally beat his face to aijell&atid then kicked "him in the sid A .Barnes managed tbtsi-j out faintly* '^nought" and Wlttey desisted. BarueS lay some time in a stiipdr and Dt, Beam was sent i'or, who drassed tnjB Wounds which were visible and ex* p$sssea fears of eternal injury. -Wiley w»s attested for assault and battery, taken 'before M. Whittnan, Esq., before Whom he had been ttied and fined a few weeks before for the assault and battery of a harmless Norwegian. A change of venue was taken to Hon. Bdbert vStruthers, J. P*i >who, after hearing the evidence and plea of counsel imposed a fine of $10 and costs. Barnes was at this trial as a witness the day he was beaten, but was taken homeumd never rallied from the shock., £te was Delirious most of the time until Jiis death, Sunday, morning at 6. The mortem was made by Drs. Beam, of Bolfe, Barthell of JPocahon- tias, «tttd Wallace, ,so«'nd the iuqueat is being h&id at this '<V f - -.,{• edical testimony will be to the ibat Barries died from concussion brain caused by blows on the nd vertebral column, and alto- "ikly the coroner's jury will hold; answer the charge of murder ond degree. Herman Barnes, m of Joseph Wiley's brutal at- s not a quarrelsome man* but hful disposition. He came to this Community from near Attica, Wis., itjftjid spring of 189S. and lived on a rented farm a half mile west of town. He leaves a wife and a 1 year-old babe. Those-jvbo knew him, boy and man, in his Wisconsin home, speak highly of his jnaanly qualities. Joe Wiley came bgre ftom Polk county, Iowa, about three' years Ago and rented a farm. He was known as a great talker w'th a at aggressive way but not con- ered .dangerous. Last winter he ord- d his daughter away from the altar a revival meeting— later tried to get as saloon keeper in town that educate his fatojly. Bolfe tOrthe saloon/, Kindly- and in thi the vi tattk/ fo a mi In order to Eeduce Stock, we are Offering a. DISCOUNT OF 20 PER CENT. OK OUR ENTIRE LINM OF ... Now is your time to buy if you contemplate papering your house this season. We have hundreds of very choice combinations and we make a specialty of this line of gocxJB, i^e^iave papers ranging in prices from 10 cents per double roll, upward; and after deducting the discount from these prices, jou can readily see the great bargains that are being offered you. FRANK W. DINGLEY, THE DRUGGIST. costs the In the s erednim,;aod and ._ both-* jf r 'dowft then' ; tbrew him'through ^^barbed' fcncgj'ffpr w$ch Hpaid '<p ,and u 1 WHey is now iq> the <band$ of- ihfemf $nd ttte, pe.ople, are deeply jjnanfcj pot qhly-at >qim,'~ but 'those who permitted alnan to be killed in such a brutal mapper for such a trip- ing cau3e, v Sev'eral ,wbp .were at the machine,, spoke in favor of hurting them, but ope of Wiley's ^sftooJates forbade,it. ttis rumored, tftatj^'jyiley was unde^ tbe, influence, of-|-]iquprj at .the time. Since :this-unfortunate affair. it,has leake'd ou,t that hoe Wiley's temper is inherited. He,clajms he is a democrat because a——republican killed ^is father ,ln an electio,n fight, but ppl- 'itics,has nothing to do in this case. For the next six days or until further notice I will sell at way down prices as this is tbe time of year I make my clearing sale.—J, B. LAIRD, ' We baye some wood that we want cut dunng'tbe month,of August. iAp- ply to F. M; Stacy...... ... 42tf l WM. SMITH ^ PUTS JN— ' TILING, AND 0EWER PIPE And does nil kinds of ditch work- Jibave bad an experienqe of ten years at this work and guarantiee satisfaction in every respect, Call or aadress, WW.^JUTH, Alfona, Iowa, If syou find yourself in need of ^ ^ New Carpets, Curtains, Portieres, and Draperies; Rugs, Mats, Carpet Sweepers, Curtain Poles, 'Etc. REMEMBER. - The Lowest • 1 They Like It. 1 ^« Read what some of those who've received *,, "' ""s Boy's HeaWo-Foot-Oilfc >S, • . ,' V -'f V -?L f r- ^' .1 J .'Man.', ' t '* ' >f\ -\l< I think of their $5.0O Bargains. . the ' Head-To-Foot outfit all plggt, sfao'ain'very'muoh pleased with it. . It was'a' perfect-fit, even tp the shoes." - MBB, ij. M, , Olarement, N. H. O. K.<-If t>f tb9 Bargains I reoetved will get byders you are aure to get tbero •' T Barrjey, • "Moat satisfactory. You will rooelre ttner orders from ma from time to time;.!.' BBYA».,TiK>HEHOW,. Atty. at Law, Tucson, Arizona, ^ T J"^ , f "The Bap's Olotb'es arrived ;all rlghti am well pleased wUli them.' 1 i. K, '•^ ft , di> I ;i *?M *X <"•=- i•:-)S :1 ;1 , li-nwupsDurg, venire,up,, ira, ' > •'?-/,» * •„. s _ - fii ,»mrrn '> i -. * r""-V'i^S )n every respect. You may Uok'fpr future < ^' ; '"4f® «urders. ' J.M, ;; ,l salt of ALL-1001 clones,«|68 5 tQ IB'yewKa^l'' 1 | Cap to match tbe suit-lad a Pair of Stout aad : Shapely, -, -'Se^WreceJpt of price, qr 0,6, J>, witib privilege of ;e*aroinail6p' ^ any "' " y "8taies if,*l,OQ deppsitts se»t with orde V H Wt.MjMtoMMX*, fB^kjrrsi UTI TO ClothJers,Hatter§»Fwfn^ QHIPApO/IMi«.',;$j £ JPl JO Jyjl \ji JH^J* ' - ' '" " • ^-^SiBllg-^JIftclSfflq^/?/^ refl Trotten ani Pacers OB

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