The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on August 1, 1894 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 1, 1894
Page 8
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\ *•': Mra. Ellen M. Hentotin of a feeentiy elected pwaident 0 the NMifltoal Federation of Woin6to ( ft Ofcte 1* well known in the Lake City Id «ae of fcne most prominent loaded oi MRS. ELLEN M. HENROTIN, tJie best society' and as tho wife of diaries Henrotin, tho banker and broker and first president of the Chicago, Stock Exchange. During the World's fair .Mrs. Henrotin was the acting president, of the woman's branch of the World's Congress auxiliary, and her services wwre of incalculable value. Senator Quay's New Residence. , In Washington Senator M, S. Quay ia *bont to build a handsome house on. K street, northwest. It will be finished in November and presided over nexi peaaon •by tho senator's, wife. Th'eVnouse is to :bo three stories in height; Svit-h^a'finish SENATOR QUAY'S PROPROSED HOUSE. od basement and attio. ' According to the plans, tho entrance is circular in design and leads iiitp;"a broad hallway, artistically finished Un oak. To the righ-fc is a roomy library, which will no doubt servo as the senator's den, and directly opposite are the drawing, innsio and dining rooms, which can be thrown into one spacious apartment. ^ '_ ' The Torpedo Uout Erlcisoni' •'•'•- ' '"A. most significant thing about'the' new torpedo boat. Ericsson, .recently launched at Dnbuque, is 'that'it'was built at a shipyard so far in the'interior as to be practically beyond the reach of " ' • ••• THE ERICSSON. foreign invaders. The Ericsson ia a cigar shaped vessel 160 feet long, less than ie feet in width' and lO^.'fe^et 6 inches in depth. It jU built lof '"steel plates' three-sixteenths of, an inch thick and has the most improved armament. To Bring Bade Lleutenaiit Peary, • • • Fhiladelphians who know W^ .commend very highly the selection? pf "f, (J. Bryant as leader of the ex- pedijaon which has i. gone north to, <.;•. bring back Lieutenant Peary awl- his party of arqtac explorers, Bryant; knows something of the frozen north, having been with the P$8cy expedition «| 1893. He expects to reach HENRY o, BRYANT, Peary's headquarters atBo.wdpin bay in -the .latter part of July. , As the iieute^an't is ,.»ot due to return there from, hia sledging trip until the end of August, Mr. Biyant hopes to be able to explore Jones sound ancl map out tho shore line • of Ellesmere Land, besides making some ••eihuqlogical investigations among the r isolated tribe of Eskimos, He has some ihope, too, of finding further traces or the all fated Swedish explorers, Bjorling tqid glisten jus, who were wrecked on Carey island iu August, 1893. BANCROFT NEWS. ••Vcrmlforra Appemllx Dr. J, B, Murphy of Chicago, who recently elected honorary prosident for America oj the international, ' medical con- gjpegs to Eowe, is recpguized as one of the foremost surgeons in, the linked States. , He w^3 |he flrst to perform tfee pperjition of ye- • jnjfor'M pSf i B. JIUBPHy, %$*$)$ ,0. ^ult ju saving tfee'HYfs'Qf '0 i«r -wore ol persons nj|iot'e!(J'w . „ ., Rf. liuxjihy is prpjegsor -ol j« tlxe 43hjp»gQ Cpllego o| • a»(J wm for Oi) FARMERS ATTENTION fhe Place to get fettt Meals when lit fowl ifi »t the FARMER'S HOTEL. A good, sqt&are meal for BOAttD BY fffiB DAY AKC W B, TALLMAF, Proprietor, A.t the hotel formerly Stahl's Hotel. r am prepared to furnish the best of board a reasonable rates by the day or week. Meals for Farmers a specialty. G. C. OSTRANDER, BANCROFT, IOWA. MONEY! On Real Estate. HOXIE & BRUNSON. , IOWA, by J, A< Chicago & North*W'3Stetn lt»y NOKTS SOtrtfl Mixed 91iam Allied ..........Rotp Way freight... -. i l 43am way freight,.,, 8 iSaffl passenger 408pm t-assenger ..... DRAIN TILE! AT$12,00 PERM, ,:\ W CAR£AT_ALGONA, This l,s cheaperHi an tbey are retailed at t.lio factories. Don't fail to call on J, A, Hamilton & Go, Before buying your Brick, Tile, Stone or Sewer Pipei; and remember that tliey sell all kinds of Bard Wood Lumber, Picket Fencing, Pelt Roofing and Paper at Bed Kock Prices* NEWS OF THI TOWN, Mrs. C. ft. Morehouse is able to be out again. Clarence fiobinsbn, of Algona ( was a Bancroft visitor last Stittdayi Dell Bafslou was kicked quite badly by a horse last Friday mofnltig, but recovered sufficiently to play ball and make two scores in the afternoon. Miss LefaDavisoh returned home from Buffalo Center last Friday. Quite a number of Armstrong boys came down to Burt last Friday to see the ball game. News came from Armstrong that a building was burned and a Woman, who lived In the up stairs, was so badly burned that she died the next morning. No further particulars. Tho tent at J. C. Stahl's hay ranch took fire from a lighted cigar or pipe and burned a suit of clothes, part of the tent and a lot of bed clothes. After a hot fight the fire was extinguished. C. A. Hotelling and wife have moved into the rooms over Hohn's restaurant. Bancroft welcomes Mr. and Mrs. JEt. The Baptist Sunday school have ,a picnic at Greenwood today. A grand time is expected. . : . The republican platform and ticket adopted atDes Molnes last, week are tho best and cleanest for years. Iowa is going republican by 40,000 this year. J. A. Freeh takes subscrlptions I% for the ALQONA REPUBLICAN. See him. J. P. Huggett is back from Ft. Dodge this time to stay awhile. Ho is working in StahUs hay camp as is also Prof. Bycrs, Geo. Walters, Geo. Havens and' about a dozen others. , .:-.' E. N. Bruer and party started across the Atlantic last Saturday and .they .art*, expected in Bancroftone week from Saturday. k The John Paul Lumber Co. have moved the scales formerly owned by Z. Roberts to their lumberyard and the old Roberts office will be discontinued. H. Austin and family moved into their hew house laaVweeikY ; U>-v The/ Bancroft i .;'•'* A' Insurance Agency. . v , The Only one in ; :Kdsisuth Gourity. J. A. Freeh, Proprietor. 1894* Mayot f etttbolie was huatliiig aidUM yestefday with a subscription papet tot & fife pfotection outfit. At noon he had df^ ef 1100, subsclibed find it is thefefbffe Safe to say that We will have fife' pfotectiofi that Will at least paftiaily fill this long- felt watii ' Seine bttJ-glafs pried opeii the dobf at McLaughiin & db'9 General Stofe last Sunday night with a chisel that they* stole from John Jacob's tool chest and they took In the neighborhood of $200, worth of clothing, shoes, gloves, and other articles. Thefe is no clue to the thieves but' they must have been pretty Well acquainted td know that Joe Hachl, who generally sleeps in the store, was absent. This is a hard loss for Charlie and every one feels sorry for him, The Swea City correspondent of the Bancroft Register has a pain and tries 'to take Jeweler McLaughlin to task 'because he happened to be in 'that village unprepared to personally back the Bancroft nine for money against SweaClty. McLaughlin says he is not a walking First National Bank, but if Swea City ireally wishes to cross bats with our boys they can be accommodated at any time from $25 to $100, per accommodation. No attention will be paid to $10 propositions as made to Me- Laughlin. Oh, Forest City how thou hast corrupted this little hamlet. A Baptist church of 21 members and more to follow was organized at S'wea City last Sabbath by District Missionary Zellhoefer, Rev. Zellhoefer preached a very able sermon at the Baptist church here last Sunday evening. Mrs. W. S. Thompson, of Northwood, Ia., is visiting her daughter, Mrs. W. F. Laidley, Jr., of this place. Guy Taylor and Frank Chandler, of Al- gonaj were in tho city on business yesterday. .-.,,.-.. See J. A. Freeh for all kirftte of reliable insurance and farm loans. Bancroft is becoming quite well known as a base ball center. Last Monday the manager of our ball learn received a challenge from the Oak Lake base ball team at Minneapolis to play them a game of ball. Quite an honor to be challenged ,by Minneapolis. Eh, boys? It may be possible that after the Algona game pur boys will import a combination team and play Minneapolis. A. C. Wright is the name of Bomboy & Alcorn's now timer who takes Geo. Havens place. i Miss Agusta Bystedt, of.Chicago, has been 'the 'guest of her triend, .Mrs ; . R, M; Richmond of this place 'during, the past week.'' ''-•'' v " >••••••.:•.•••••. dftfeats fcuft itt two &Sfn69 6f .—ScofeS, f|tdg And 9 td ?. ^he Bait feoyS Came tip fast Tuesday and played thefftaffie of ball as pe? an* ndutieeliient IftSt WG& f Mt thef e w&s m&* Sidetable Jahgliftf as to. wild should play in the respective ninm It seems that fittfthadfilfiinfi&y Wilder and Brush, the Gfinnetl Colleges pitched and[B*ftftcroft he&Hng Of this, got WaSgatt, of Wihflebl* go City, to pitch. The gatHe wa9 a hotly contested one, each nine being in good shape, but the superior fleldifig and bal^ tittgof the tiaticfoft hihe wott theffi the game and the $50. A, & CLAUSE tfe 00, mm LMM 6fflce dti ftmtge Stftetj Algona, Companies Represented, ^hoenix of Hartford. Tire Association, Philadelphia, kate Insurance Co., of Des Moines. Japital Insurance Co., of Des Moines. Merchants and Bankers, of Des Mpines. Anchor of Crestpn. )ubuque Fire and Marine, Dubuque. Standard Life and Accident. Squitable Life. 2quitable Life Assurance Soc'y of thelJ.S Northwestern National of Milwaukee. Creamery and Threshing, Machine Insurance a Specialty. .A.. .If your Policy needs chang- •' ' . •.'•"...'-.'' K: • • ing or fixing up } I can do it for you no matter what com- ' • -•' ' i • . panv you are insured in, • Correspondence solicited. R, M. Richmond, Pres, B, F. Sraitli, Vice Pres, A. B. Richmond, Uascier. 0,,/, Lenunder, Ass't, Oiish. Farmers' & Traders' Savings Bank BANCROFT, IOWA. Incorporated under the laws of the State of Iowa. None but home capital invei :ed Author. zed capital, «50,ooo. Foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold, and a ceneral bankine i&^A&mEuK m atteutkm given to coliec «^- I»smSwrJtfeT l 1te\ a S® MaK T E?MaUoryf J.^feK' - Sherlda "' A< B ' Klohmena ' «• F - Smltb. Saffluet Land, Loan, and Insurance Agency, jf ?•" "*"• • •"•"""»' *'•'*>: Establielied 1881, A large Ust of wild lands for sale. Improved farms and villace property for sale or rent. Farm loans on Jong time atjd low rates of interest, Offices at Bancroft and Swea City, Iowa. R.M.RICHMOND, CALL AT THE OFFIOE OF CITY LANq AND TOWN L.QT 00. v ., "fi*4 . ?„ ^ |wn»t * iosuraiice . A sister of Mrs. C. S: Cbffl^ living near LeMars, is visiting the latter. ..«,).»>» \'-,^ Mrs. Wilcox returned to her home at Berlin, Friday. ' ' A game of ball came off between the Bancroft and Burt nines Friday afternoon. Bancroft won" by one tally. The score stood 9 to 8, Bancroft taking the purse of fso. ' : • A foot race took place, after the ball game Friday, between our man, "Shorty,," and Guy Scott of Algona. Scott is a dandy. B. P. Tiabbs foil and dislocated his shoulder at the ball ground Friday. He supposed he had only strained it, and there was nothing done till next morning. When he called on the doctor he was informed that the shoulder was out of joint. Dr. Koneflck of Algona, was telegraphed for, and tho two doctors replaced it. " Tho blicksmiths are kept busy early and late setting tires and repairing binders and! mowers. Some sidewalk is being laid on the north of Marble's store, and more is needed. ' I . '•'•' -II M.iM • ', _ I FENTON. People iu this part of the county are a-. fraid that there is not going to be enough water if it keeps on drying up, Ed. Chrischilles, Jr., is pressing hay a- again. It is a hot job nowadays, ; Philip Weisbrod has saved enough-mqu- oy to buy another farm. He must intend to get rich, He bought out Mr, Roach, The latter intends going to Emmetsburg if he can, ' '' J, Hagenga made a flying trip to Whit» tempre last Saturday, . Mat Spike is on the sick list, 1 ' ; Harry Filer- has purchased a pony' neighbors. He says it is a dandy, , There was a grand lecture at the man M, E, Church last Wednesday might. Lots of people attended the lecture on act count of tbe speaker being from Chjje, South America. Mrs, Wagner, of Burt, gave Mrs. Will Weisbrod a visit last Wednesday just o n ' account of the lecture, A horse trader was seen on our streets last week, He was a sharp one, ' • Jt seemed as if tbeir was ft train up to the north part of town last week, It was NeweJi Bros, with .their engine 7 and thresher, They intend to start BWB, They' will gy west to Jtorsythe first, We wish them good luck. Mr, Wil) Petttt seems to be hard time to fin4 a man, ' Wm, Peck and a traveling ekgewt were, to twe neigbborbood last Mr, H«§kajnp, ef our ptreets Friday. ^ 0' JeweJl bas si Jd fiu threshin marine to , w&s sesn sbftr§ of 't aa4 H, Bancroft,— 4 l o l 6 l 1 o *--l3 Burt,— 40 0 0 21 0 0 1—8 Umpires, llealy and Howe; Scorers, Freeh and Shaeffer, After the game was over Burt still thought they could beat Bancroft and wanted to play again at Burt on their own ground for $50 a side, to which proposition Bancroft gladly assented, but When the final agreement was made on Thursday, Burt concluded that they only wanted to play for $25 a side, and Bancroft again accepted them on their own proposition, Tho same ieams throughout played in the second game, which took place oh Friday at Burt, and which was a better one than the first. Bancroft excelled in fielding and .batting again and the Burt pitcher fanned out tho most men. The game was very close as will bo seen by tho score. One of the brilliant plays of the game was Tallman's assist to the second baseman of a wild throw. A great deal of money changed hands at both games, as Burt is always Willing to back its team, Money was not bet so freely on tho second game however, and much Bancroft money went without takers. There was considerable inexcusable kicking in both games by both nines, andin the last game Burt claimed that Ear Johnson had four strikes and the majority of tho crowd seemed to uphold the position, but neither the batter nor the umpire thought so. Some one from Burt sent an account of the game to the State Register and stated that this decision gave Bancroft the game, and that Ray Johnson' admitted having four strikes, which was not the fact. Not a. man was out as yet on the Bancroft side when this decisi ion was made and two scores were run in on this inning by Bancroft, besides Johnson's, which two scores would have won. the game any way. The score of the. second game was as follows: Bancroft,— 10 2 1 130 10 —9 Burt,— 2 020 1 1 0 0',1 —7 Umpires Walsh and Sherman; Scorers, Freeh and Shaifor. , . • ' Last Monday'evening a third game was arranged between Bancroft and Burt to be played at Aigona next Tuesday afternoon for$50a side. Algona is/to • hang up a purse. This game will be the best ever seen in void • Eossuth and the base ball crank a id others.who dp not see this game w.ill indeed miss a sight. The players as agreed upon for the .third game arc as follows: .:,, >.- • ••..,;-..,- '-.;.. '•..;. . Bancroft— Wasgatt, McLaurio, Mcr Laughlin, .Perkins, Huggett, Tallman, Barslpu, Johnson, Utley. Burt-Brush, Wilder, Shaeffer, McDonald, Owens; Boyd, Stow,'Belknap, Beard.' We would not be surprised if Bancroft were beaten, as they allowed Burt two different men and were only allowed one man themselves, but the boys are going to play hard ball and will do themselves and their town credit. Bancroft has won fiye victories on the diamond this year, defeating Swea City once,'Armstrong onco, Algona once and Burt twice. They have only been defeated twice, once by Swea City and once by' Forest City and Swea City combined. Hurrrah for the Bancroft team. , • , •• . tatAb MfAm AM AMfffAW btimffl Mjnfdrinatidfi in regard to iatids ia dwa, write te hitn, Algena.towa. OEO. Hi CLAKKfi, CHA8. A. CLABKE & COttMOUR, AT LAW " .' « '. : 10WA, W. B ATTO&XSSY AT LAjf t Office ovfli- Kosfluth Co. Bank. Algona, Iowa. SULLIVAN & MoMAHOK, ATTORNEYS-AT r LAW. Postofflce Blocit. ALQONA, IOWA. DANSON & BUTLER. LAW. LOANS AND LAND, Collections a Specialty, Office In Gardner Oowles new building. Algona. i< ,. KEPOKT OF THE CONDITION First National Bank, » a a • OF ALGONA, IOWA, 4t the close of business, July 19, 1804. ' ?loo,02l,03 ' 1,78742 , 13,000,00 1.690.00 ' ' v 7,600.00 $3,67} .64 jj,B24.oa 15.095,W 76.88 4.B80.00 9740 4,86y.08 5,870,00 e.QOO.OO 10,875.00 686,00 Loans anddlscounts ........ . Overdrafts, secured and unsecured .................. U. S.bonds to secure circa— _Iatlon.,,. -,..... ......... ,, Premiums on U. 3. Bonds.. Banking-hpus.e Pui-njtqre, and Fjxtuves,,., ,,.....,., Pue from Nftt'l BanSs (not ^Reserve Agents). ...;,. . ... . Due from approved Reserve Agents.,,,,.;,.,,,;....,, , Checks and other cash jtejns Notes of otlievNafl banks, Foujtlonal paper oujTeney, nickels, and benja,....,., Lawful Money Reserve jn Bank viz ; ' Specie.,,.., ............... Legal tender notes.. ...... Redemption fund wHU U, 8. Treasurer w per cent, of Total. Capital stock p»ldi.n, Surplus Jund Jo 'fi66.i898.89 60,000.00 1 8,600,00 • 813,79 .,,,; , , §7,327,78 depoait 9 t wtji .. .,..'..-....,. $165,698,09 County pfKos8(jtU»« name4 bftPK, dQ solemnjy swear ffta,t the above slatement }s Jl'ue to tbe pest of tny fcnewlejjge an* MM WM- & FISBQVSQS, OasJulrf Scribed and sworn t«.befcre me, tJiteJHth fey_«Uwiy, A JMv ©ABRITKB Cow: -<* WM Plafmatli' UpJSfll E. V. SWETTING. i. ' A T TORN ETA T LAW, Money to loani , , , ;. , , : Algona, Iowa. ; .S.S._ SESSIONS. , 'ATTORNEY AT LAW, Loans and Iimurance. Special attention given to collections of all kinds. Office over Uhrlschllles' store.. Algona, Iowa. L. K. GARFIELD, M. D., ; PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Office on State street, Algona, Iowa. 1I.J.KENEF1CK,M. D. Offlco over Taylor's store. •" Algona, ' , '" PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa. J; M. PRIDE. M. P. Office -over Qoeder's. Clotning Store. "• &• &><. ' 'Iowa. DE. L. A. SHEE^Z,' v DRUGGIST AND BTATlOXtWR, Pre^orlpttons filled. Deals in paints... oils, books, perfumeries, etc. Oor. State and Tnorington ats. AUjona.Iowa. . ' * ) * • C. B. PAUL, M. D., WH1TTEMORE - - - lOWA, Regular Office hours 8 to 12 a, m.. 2 to G p. m. Over WIchler's Furniture store. Residence north of track. T. J. FELLING, M. D, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Consultation in English and German. Over Goetch's store, Wliittemore, Iowa. CHA8. MoCORMACK, • • PHYSICIAN. Diseases of Children a Specialty. Tlesldence, Mrs. McOall's, East of 0, & N. W. depot. ALGONA, - IOWA, ^DK, F, a. HEFLIN, PHYSICIAN 'AND SURGEON, Office in rear of Swea ojty Bank, Swea City, E, E, SAYERS, P. V, M,, AND SVRGMQN, west of the Thorington House, BOSPlfAi^ 4qcom.B»Qaatlop8, , L, BiBT, D, P. % lor deadening Pftfa " • Ei §i GUASIER, P, D/S, DENTAL ROOMS

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