The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on August 1, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 1, 1894
Page 5
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OfilOAOU. MlLWAtlkftB , *BAtfr Mil* * * B wit* . ii sflo IP in i : » p m 4:28 p» 6 -. No.'&fefiTeii NO, M freight Ro. 1 m. Chicago & Not thwestef ti ft»^» OOIKO tfOfctfi ASS WI«f 4 t ftccofamodfttloti; . t ........... 8 si* fc ifl Mftlt afcd E*i>tess ........... 3 sS3 j> fia aoi»d86tr*M AHJ) SASt. A WEt)£)lNG J. A. Hamilton and Miss Emma will bft United in the Bonds of Matrimony 'tomorrow .30 a ttr ght earner passefigew.... s-.isp ta fht carries pwsengieri ..... it :65fttn lMgd MftilfthdBJtpreSS.^.... ..... 3:18 p tt Chicago, fjMieftgef t eaches ftes. M6lft6* at . , ^^ » s80 a, m, The aeeotnmpdaUdtt feaches Chi 08*08:00 a.m. TlOketsfor sale to all points Ittthe Jbited states attd oahada. LEAVING AND ARRIVING TIME OF TRAINS. trains leavft Eraraetsbui-g as follows i GOlifO NOBTH. No. el passenger. . ........... ... ..... 4:22pm No. M passenger ........................ 6:3oam No. 66 freight. ..................... ...SiOOpm GOING SOUTH. No. eo passenger... ......... >... ...... 1:46 pm No. 62 passenger .................. ....9i04pm No. 64 freight.., ....................... 9:00 am Trains uumDefs 62, and 03 run dally; balance of trains daily except Sunday. SW12A CITY TIME TABLE. Trains leave Swea City as follows : aouro XORTH. Pasaengflr No. 81B T;Mpm FrelghfNo.BSB. BsBSpm QOIKG SOUTH. Passenger NO. 8t B : ...n.4T»m Freight fo84........ 12.40ani N*. 84 runs Sunday and not Mondavi B—Daily except Sunday. '' » ALGON1REPUBLICAN ALGONA, IOWA, AUG. 1, 1894. LOCAL MATTERS. The ladies of the Outlook had a meeting Sunday afternoon for bible study. The bill for the town pump has been received. The pump was shipped the 25th, and is expected today. There wa» a very slight shower Monday night, but there was little trace of •it to be seen next morning. A grand new piano with Geo, C. Call's name on the box was to be seen at the depot the first of the week. j Sheriff Samson reports the jail entirely empty. The latest occupant was Kirby, who was sent over from Wesley to serve out a $10 fine. Prof. Chaffee was so well pleased with Ellsworth College that he and his brother Will, haye bought a half inter• est in the institution. In this issue appears the statement of -the FirsOTatipnal Bank. The showing made is a^obd' b.rie 'ana -indicates that the First National sis'one of the soundest of'ojjf'j^nancialj/'^'^flhjns. For thf/ 6U ' e i*l encr dd life J Sons of VeijA 0 so/. 11 *?' 3 I'ound /eld at > littlelts^/ursions," sajLg?' the, C. of no usfev'ln ray opin*' one-third at least a year of oo/ , a. \Toyago round $ are making f you are perpetua'Jments and re- ing the temperature, y^ building. They santly breathing wincJ< Bde important ad- fi«nm fill mitti'tnita nf i*T ln the ShapO Of nom nil quarters 01 ;Lr works ' are carried into a H rence V™ ^ ftstr^srssaytafsffls %Z%^fel3&S£!%& My advice to yc ow/ , sb .ip guarantee flow- is to take smp/jjfj^ They secure the flow What I am $ t 0 70 feet, pened in the^^ Grose issued a marriage vessels nanjto Wednesday to Mr. J. F. /"of the diiy/apd Miss Mary Kennedy both South W.<|iey. They were married next called tft'ev, A. O, Stevens, pastor of the date 9uit church, performing the cere- if/ others &• , £; chose / fl e Social Union meeting comes " re^soiday night. B. F. Beed will, tell of Foncirfield as an, educator, and Archie th Hutchison wiW tell some yarns,regarding bis recent southern < trip, Mips .Banks and .Miss Irma D, Clarke have the musical parts, Geo, W. and Jas, 3, PJatt have in* vested in a merry-go-round putflt at Clear Lake and are already pn the * . i-pad with it, We hope they will sue* ' ceed, and possibly in the cour§e pf i years perhaps we can brace up in Algona and ta&e medicine in that shape< p, A. Haggard expects to attend flag day ceremonies at Pes Mpines next , '. ,week, and looj? once rpore on the old . flagons carried fpy eighteen months during..therebellipn, Mr, Haggard - - color sergeant pf the 21st Ipwareg- . /• '. Mrs! W,, E, v .i/M4r§e>pd Mm, Taylor haye ^jusf. fjords .fpr an " '- fYfteing at "oe - Mow, eorner SfflJS Iftfefi W& . . ^.^;^PV:" There was a y&ra * agoing,-yesterday mproingtb|ti m$$w opwg store ><w|8 to be riwtaiilghtiMrafti MfcHif£it was to be located ip-thfi Jpauwratj Jrwas qwMJy &$ ^ri^as a ^m/ Z* dossnat; seem pp^ibli 'J^w/ogl!; Myttl6Hhe.Bfc>tfigfc*t «». * ftl * taken down with diphtheria, which git at test all doubts as to the nature of the trouble. The Algona Deposit and Loan Association has just ton subjected ,|o a rigid examination at the hands of Hotter A. Millet, State Batik examiner, whose statement of the condition of the institution is printed in this Mile. Mr. Millet f&ys a flatteting tribute to the offleetS) saving; "I cannot tec&ta* mend toohighly the care and diiigenceof the officers Iti guarding the interests of their stockholders, not the almost per* feet system of keeping the accounts. Listo! advertised letters fot week ending July 80, 1894: Mr. L. E. Alexander, Mf. Charles Bragg, Mr. Gqbeft $> Butes, Mr. A. W. Campbell, Miss Emtaa C. Erickson, Mr. C. 0. Mfe, Miss Lilla Harrison, Maud Jatnson, Mr. Will M. Lone- Hev. I*. H. Land* eraott, Mt. A.M. Madison, Miss Fran* ces Newman, Mr, H. N. Hooch, Clafa Schellin A. M. Swahgel, BeV. k S. L. Eastman, Mr. Boseweli H. Fair field, H. D. Makinster, Harry Mercer. A regular simoon swept over us last Thursday, or the Kansas hot wind. It was certainly foreign to Kossuth. The oldest inhabitant was dumb. He had never "met up" with any such wind in the last hundred years. It was awful in its scorching and frying effect. The week has been as trying as any of the summer, A few minutes of ram fell here Monday night, however. In Lotts Creek, it is reported, it rained heavily for several hours. W. L. Barton was arrested last week for assault, on complaint of, "Hank" Stebbins, and fined the regulation $10 and costs! There was a difference of opinion between the men on some serious question, which Barton accentuated by giving his antagonist a hard whack on the fingers. The latter made a probably involuntary movement of his- hand behind bis back, when Barton, supposing he was going for bin hip pocket. turned »nd ran, yelling, "Don't shoot!" Mr. Stebbins thought It was a case for His Honor, Justice Taylor, and the sequel was as above' stated. Bev. Byrnes, a Humboldt Unitarian preacher, held forth at the Congregational church Sunday morning and evening, proclaiming the religion of "cutchaw." He delivered a lecture Monday evening on Wendell Phillips; which W&B listened to by a small audience. Bev. Byrnes is 1 a young man of considerable ability as a speaker. He was the guest of Mrs. Mann, of Irvington, during his stay. We give in an-r other column a letter from one of his auditors in which it is suggested that he is preaching a new kind of Unitarianism. The "Lesley Beporter tells how a couple of plasterers got a jag on and made a disturbance which required the presence of City Marshal Cosgrove to quell. The men were taken before Justice Robinson, who fined them $10 each and costs, which one of them, Kirby by name; failing to pay, he was shipped to this place and jailed. The Eeporter says that "the day is past in Wesley when parties think because they are filled up on bad whisky they can. run the town to suit themselves. Marshal Cosgrove' is to be 'commended *for hi^ efforts to maintain law and order." > We bear the name of the Hon. j| , J. Wilson mentioned as a not impossible candidate for congress. The convention does not come off 'until, the 10th instant and the Courier will have plenty of time to give Mri Wilson the proper booming preparatory thereto, Mr. Wilson is one of the wheel-horses of the democratic party in Kossuth county and in the district, and he is probably as strong in the party faith as any man who could be found in thirteen counties. A consistent democrat before, through and since the war, it would seem as, though the laurels would become his brow. Let us get Mr. Wilson nominated by all means. It was stated in a brief local a short time ago that Mrs. Alfred Richmond was in an asylum in California. Mrs, W. H. Conner received a letrer this week from a sister of Mrs, B. She writes that her trouble came on -in the form of intense home sickness for which she chided and blamed herself and tried to, throw it off. Her case comes under the head of Melancholia, which i@ said to be one of the hardest to cure, Her trouble was not brought pn by being thrown from the carriage as she was entirely herself when she went to California in October, The last news from her was nQt incourag- ing, She continues to lose flesh all the time, Sheriff Samson went up to Qwaton- na last week to locate the team of hors' es belonging to 1 3ST. J. Skinner, that J, B, Brown drove QUJ o| the county on bis trip, into -Minnesota, grown had sold them to a liveryman in Qwatonna for $30, and the liveryman declined to, give them up without propf, so iM,r,. Skinner was, telegraphed fpr and went up and gave the necessary bondiji The liveryman wanted a few days to get one pf the hprse§ which be iad traded off, and 59 If. 1 was Arranged tp sepd up fp$ them this w eek. Probably: Henry wrton will go up there today to reclaim. the team, The Sbwiw had,s woid that Brown, wh9, ( b&8,,Jwe» jep ing a thirty day's wMpss. poopfl eg atone on the streets of Minneapolis, was tp'go free today, bpt no stepg m m taken to,boJd him for string £b& boja* fisf^dbsef eQttrse.jioea frees , ; ; There w&s the ,wjpJ wldg aifwanga of ppinie» ^m t last weefe m ta the, — of Mr, UMU Ct U1TAUVU nlAVtJVi.V V\f M, MJkflfeV*. W*. VM,T and Dfltidaon ef Bitfti*, who in any (ft- dinaty situation would have tece ved from KosSUth aa loyal ft support as tbat accorded bttneif own counties. The terrible exfoet ieffde ,6f Belle Plains, Iota, and Phillips, Wisconsin, which were completely wiped out by fife last week) ought to be a timely warning to Algona and to .every otbfcr town to keep vigilant watch after every outbreak, however small, and to be at any moment prepared to fight fire. It does seem as though we had got almost tothi point of spontaneous combustion. At Phillips the town was swept by what wad described as a cyclone of flame. The very air seemed to be ablafce. Some fourteen lives were lost in that town, so swift was the rush of the fire fiend. There should be a close watch while the conditions are so favorable to destructive fires, and when a fire once started is so likely to sweep the whole town. The School board have received not* ice from Miss Ella M. Coan of her decision to decline a re-election as teach' er of drawing in the public school, it being her intention to attend the Pratt Institute, of Brooklyn, New York, and resume her art studies. Miss Coan has been a successful and satisfactory teacher, and her resignation Will be accepted with regret. Ho meeting of the directors has so far been held, but it has been decided to give the place mado vacant to Miss Louise McCoy. Formal action will be taken by the board at its first meeting, and in the meantime Miss McCoy has been advised of the unanimous desire of the board to give her the place, which she has decided to accept. A better choice could not have been made. Miss McCoy will bring enthusiasm as well as good training and .experience to the work and will succeed in Algona as he has elsewhere. The most exciting runaway we haye had in Algona for years occurred Saturday afternoon. It called together all the people within two or three blocks, and once it looked very like a tragedy. Clayton Hutchins' horse and surrey were standing near the walk just south of the State Bank building, and seated in the carriage were Mrs. Hutchins and three children, the horse being headed to the east, when Gilmore's delivery team and wagon came tearing down the street and struck the Hutchins horse with full force, one going one side and the other the other side, and in a twinkling all three horses were down in a tangle and the Hutcbins carriage had been overturned, The occupants were for a moment caught in the carriage top but were speedily extricated by the bystanders, and no one was injured except one of the boys, who got a slight scalp wound. Strange to say, neither of the horses was killed, though one of Gilmore's was punched in the side. It was a head end collision, and the chances were for a more serious outcome. James Taylor .and John .Goeders arrived home Saturday night from their extended Dakota trip,,,with browned faces and generally improved physical condition. They .drove out there in a comfortable rig .and visited the main towns in central South Dakota. Mr. Taylor located his, halt section farm, which he bad previously taken in on a trade and traded for more in the vicip r 1ty.'-"Mr. Goeders'--also made 1 -invest- ments-iri Dakota land. It seems that buying land out there is something unknown—everybody trades. The country around Woonsocket suited our travelers best. That is the, region of artesian wells.i The artesian well is a com- •plete answer to the objection most frequently entered against the Dakotas, for with an artesian well, irrigation is entirely practicable, and with irrigation good crops are assured. But this resource is not available everywhere, and where it can be had it costs heavily. The crops in the region traversed are hopelessly dried up, more so than here, except in favored sections. ALGONA'S GREAT GAME. Hurt and Bancroft to Play Ball in Algona next Tuesday for a Purse 'of $xoo. Messrs. Sheridan and Shaefler, representing the Bancroft and Burt clubs, respectively, were in Algona yesterday and completed arrangements for a game of ball between their' two clubs for a purse of $100, at the Pair Ground here next Tuesday. The money is deposited and the arrangements all made. Bancroft defeated Burt twice last week in very close games and -'it is proposed to definitely settle the question as to which is the better club, at this game, The Algona boys who aaw the game at -Burt laat Friday, say that Mb clubs play splendid ball < and the game will undoubtedly be the best Algona has seen in years. .Admission will be .charged and the game will be called about four o'clock, ,Ther,e will doubtless be large crowds down frem Bqrt and Bancroft, as the two\tpwns are staking tbejr repnta- tion for ball -playing on the jegult °* this, game. , •< • PERSONAL/ NOTES, Mrs. H, J, Edens and children, and Mrs, John Sbadle, armed frpm Sioux City last night, \ f, B. Jtmes bas.heena visiter in AJ. gopft the, pajt wg§k, t He gays that the dipth w mpr§ jeyere in jje . . , business imw, was in AJgona Saturday .frpja —••———__ . Ttftaorrow afternoon at lo'<jlo«k,attne residence of the bride's patents, occurs the taafriftge of Mr. J. A. Hamilton afid Misi Emma H. Gilbert. The an- B^tificement of the efr'-nt will occasion leas surprise than Some others IK that line have done. The congratulations gs$8nded will be many and sincere. Thd groom is the head of the lumber firm of J. A. Hamilton & Co., one of the; inost enterprising, progressive and successful business houses in Algona. and personally one of our most genial popular young men, and the bride 10 the daughter of Mr- and Mrs. T. W. Gilbert. She has done good work for sditte j ears in the school room, teaching theyoung|idea,and is a general favdrlte. Mr. Hamilton may well count himself fortunate in winning such amatriinon* ial prize. The young couple will at once take possession of a pretty and cosy residence on Hall street, which was erected early in the season by Mr. D« H. flutchitts for their use. and Which has been handsomely furnished. WEATHER AND CROPS. THE STATE AT LAKGE. • The past week has been the worst of the season . The daily temperature averaged seven degrees above the normal. On the 26th the temperature ranged from 100 degrees to 107 degrees, with winds 20 to 85 miles an hour— the severest in its effects upon vegetation ever known in Iowa. Light showers are reported along the eastern border, and at a few localities in the interior, affording temporary relief in checking the process of desiccation. • Variable reports are received as to .the effects of the drouth and hot winds upon corn. In the central and southern districts the damage is much greater than in the northern belt. The consensus of opinion seems to be that about one-fourth of the acreage planted will yield no corn and but little fodder. With speedy and substantial relief the State at large may possibly harvest one half an average crop. But every day's continuance of present conditions will lower the possibilities and reduce the output. i Pastures are dry, and feeding stock is now general. Late sown millet has not; sprouted. Potatoes and flax are greatly damaged. > /.Threshing returns show much better yield of rye, Wheat, oats, and barley than was expected. FROM THE TREE MAN. IT'' t As you have favored me with orders in the past, I take this means of informing you that I am still canvassing jhow on my third year) for C. G. Pat- 'ten's Charles City Nursery, and that I will be at your place befoie the Fall ,and Spring delivery. ' No Nursery in the wliole Northwest has a better reputation. We grow'only the best Russian apples. Patten's Greening is an extra hardy tree, an early bearer, a fine market sort, and highly appreciated where it has fruited: Also'all, of the . Other niost' "valuable sorts. 'Mr. Patten is the "'disseminator of the Bockford plum',' It and the Wyant are of the verj highest quality, While the Hawkeye and Baker are yery large, ,'j. ' We have a good stock of those famous keeping Malinda apples. We have them top grafted on the hardiest stocks: also the Perry Busset and many other valuable winter apples. Please bear in mind that we do not humbug you with Pottawattamie Plums. Salome apples, or other worthless trash, but seek to furnish only the best of all kinds of fruits. The Patten's. Greening apple. We challenge any one to name another apple, after the Oldenburg, that is so valuable as this for the Northwest. The most intelligent fruit growers in North Iowa, Minnesota, Dakota, and- Wisconsin fully realize this fact. Whj plant unknown sorts when you have in this apple the hardiness, bear- inglquality and size of the Duchess, with a season' three to four months longer. • , ' Thanking you for past favors and hopjng tbat you will reserve your or- devs.for me I am > Most Bespectf ully Yours </>], J. W. CURTIS, ' ( ; Algona, Iowa, August 1,1894, FJ?, TO OUR PATRONS. Our mill will be shut down in ten 1 days for the purpose of refitting the game with new machinery on the lat- esftffimproved plan, known as ,tbe "Plansifter System." We ure prepar« edfto furnish flour pn wheat now; in s%s, and will also advance flpur on thatnew crop, but don't want to take wfeat into tbe'mill until we are ready toUtart up, notice of which .will be gi^ro. ; • y josiss &SYAQY,' l$UfM\t»M<£4 ,'„,*» ' .1 .' ' ^p«f wftwjHb- ;v v J I • • #« RPMw' ^v*»t«f v *«v*»,». 'jM?8?< " tf 1 Ua»»ssV.4m*W4* V **** a£n on •> *,J \^i WBbflttiMfr •*#>.& nm GLIDDEN BARB WIRE;, Of which they have the sole Anti-Rust Tin Wire, Minnesota Linsised Oil Company's Paints, —AND THE Bissell Carpet Sweeper, The Best Sweeper Made. WEITGENANT BROS., Corner State and Thorington. Our Abstract Books are complete up to'date, and reliable. They represoat an outlay of thousands of dollars and were-prepared by an experienced )»b~ stractor. Our patrons may thereiore feel certain of getting reliable abstracte. ; Our work fs guaranteed and we furnish abstracts as" cheap as irrdsponaibte* , and incompetent persons who have no books, though the county does not lijr us a salary, clerk hire, office rent or even furnish us .stationery. FARMS AND WILD LAND FOB SALE... .', ., MONEY CONSTANTLY ON HAND FOB FABM LOANS, And furnished immediately upon application. Opera House Block. HAY & RIC'E Spurbeck & Lambert, MANUFAOTUBEBS AND DEALERS IN later We will save you money on the following: Belting of all kinds—leather, Gandy and rubber ;, complete stock ot Engineer's Supplies; Gas Pipe and fittings; Globe Valves; all kinds of Steam Fittings, Hose and Hose Fittings; Oils of all kinds', We have a large stock of Cylinder Oil and Oup Grease a specialty. Large stock of other goods too numerous to mention Give us a call. Factory and supply house near C. &N;W. Depot; . . .- IDEAD SHOT!! Is thp name, and STUDLEY'S DRUG STORE the place. The best ,Fly Paper in the World;' it kills flies by, the bushel. Be sure to ask for And take no other. Sold only by W. J. STUDLEY, DBUGQIST, > ANTA Siif'--'. 1 . 1 ,-^ TV^-VA, :'5SfCV , - ' * s^rjl .,, -,.-,i-,'>: .'v.r>sfc . , . I „ V ^''!S • I '-"' ' , S v«v'% </* Mp "i.. 1 ,,. 1 .....' '^T ':•-•' \* • ^• i ^TI,NWWl^^ M f ' ' " •» 1S "• mte% 7^v»

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