Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 11, 1966 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 11, 1966
Page 8
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2—ALGONA (Iowa) ADVANCE Bing is good, but. otherwise, .the for the inadequate acting in the .is. - i- = i. -Ai. -f MA * _i «i ; Jk 1 *- U at A ,ii i. i. . . ..» .01* * « .*._'• » THURSDAY, AUG. 11, Seen at the ALGONA By T, M. C. Because Stagecoach was first released in 1939 and because it really started the trend towards the "classic" westerns as we know them today and because the current remake of this famous film has just been shown at tho local theatre, it seems fitting that a few comments be ad ded to the last week's rather voluminous review. Time magazine really touched off the controversy with a rather flippant and caustic commenta •ry. This is what it says in part "In this ill starred remake, Bing Crosby plays Thomas Mitchell'; doctor role with more flippan humor, fewer .prickly insights novie suggests once more that present film, I have only a sin- [ollyWood's twice-told tales seUj gle comment, i: e., the selection 'not-the past as much as lufTdef it." Here we have the mart, wise-cracking critic employing clever alliteration to •-.loud the issue. The review closes with this caustic comment: "In case they don't know what they have missed, the oast ought to sit home some night and catch the real hing on. the late show." As if ,hey hadn't. While iiiy recollection of the of Ann Margaret as the hard- boiled prostitute was a mistake. While her one scene with Ringo, as he attempts to escape, is effective and well done, she could scarcely match the faultless portrayal of Claire Trevor who played the original version. There's an old saying that "comparisons are odious" and in the present case, I think this applies. Thefe are so many basic improvements in the making original movie is a bit hazy and of motion pictures today and never having seen the original film on TV, I would like to make a few comments of my own. In the first place, Time's comment (also in the review) that the pic- there are so many aspects to the various roles and their significance, that I believe many professional critics are going to fall on their faces in their appraisal ture is "dull going" is far off, of the new Stagecoach. base—the final scenes of the Indian attack on the stagecoach are thrilling and realistic, if a trifle implausible. IN THE SECOND place, how could comparison be made between the original black and white edition and the handsome, gorgeous technicolor background of the current production. As I won't comment on Jerry Lewis' 3 on a Couch as I know I'd bs very biased and the preyues of Promise Her Anything indicate that this might be adult fare, but I'm looking forward to Modesty Blaise, A Fine Madness and Born Free. A good line-up of current releases. HP* '' 1964 MERCURY Monterey 4-door, Breezeway roof, Power Steering, Multi-drive transmission, radio, two-tone turquoise and white top. 1963 AMBASSADOR 4-dr. V-8. color. Extra nice. Automatic trans. Beige & 1963 FORD Galaxie 500 Sedan, 4-door, Cruise-a-matic, radio, i power steering. i 1963 DODGE 4-door 6-cylinder, radio, standard transmission, turquoise. 1962 FORD Ranch Wagon, 6-passenger, V-8, Cruise-a-matic, radio, red. 1962 FORD Galaxie 500 4-door, power steering, Cruise-a- matic, radio, white. 1962 OLDSMOBILE 4-door, Station Wagon, 6-passenger, auto, trans., radio, power steering, white. 1961 FORD Galaxie 4-door, Cruise-a-matic, radio, V-8. 1961 OLDSMOBILE 4-door "88", auto, trans., radio, turquoise. 1959 FORD 4-door Galaxie, Cruise-a-matic, radio, V-8, solid white. «, ( ..i 1959 VOLVO 2-door, 4-speed Trans., solid black finish, reasonable. 1959 CHEVROLET 6-cylinder, 4-door, standard trans., radio. 1959 CHEVROLET 4-door Bel Air, 6-cylinder, radio, standard transmission. 1959 CHEVROLET 2-door, 6-cylinder, overdrive, blue. TRUCKS & VANS 1964 CHEVROLET Van, side and rear doors, spotless finish, low mileage, radio. 1962 VOLKSWAGEN Van, 3-seater, A-l. 1962 FORD F-600 2-ton truck, box and hoist. 1962 FORD F-100 Pickup, long box, V-8, custom cab. 1961 CHEVROLET Greenbrjer Van, 3-seater, Powerglidf. 1958 CHEVROLET 2-ton truck, box and hoist. TAYLOR MOTOR CO. Ford ft Mercury Sales ft Service "Friendliness and'Courtesy Always" Livermore Mrs. Mayme Scott Mr. and Mrs. Herb Holmes and son, of St. Louis, Mo., spent several days visiting his mother, tfrs. Ruby Holmes and other relatives, returning home Mond'ay. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Tuttle of Oregon are here visiting his : ather .and sister, John Tuttle and Mrs. Genovieve Miller of the Old Timers cafe, and relatives at Rutland. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Uhlenhake and family of Kansas City, Mo., have been here visiting her mother Mrs. Maude McKenna and his folks at Whittemore. Miss Barbara Raney of Forest City spent the weekend at her home. When she returned to Forest City Monday, her sister Cindy and Denise Logue accompanied her for a week's stay. Mrs. Bob Taylor is a medical patient in Mercy hospital at Ft. Dodge, having lobar pneumonia. 4-H News first visit home. Sister. N. Eleanor OSF will be her companion Sister M. Madeline OSF Mt. St. Francis C d ft v e n t, bubuque. daughter of John B... Reding, is Doming this weekend to visit relatives and friends with a Reding-Wagner family gathering "-— J — — St. Joseph's Parish Ledyard girl weds Ledyard — Linda Jean Pingel, daughter of the Cecil Pingels, and Dennis T. Sook, son of the Delbert Sooks, Ivanhoe, Minn., were married at the Methodist church here July 30. The double ring ceremony was performed by the Rev. Edward Maus. Matron of honor was Mrs, Julie Quamme, a cousin, of Rake. The bride's personal attendant was Mary Beach, Litchfield, Kathy Pingel, niece of the bride, was flower girl, and Brent Loucks, cousin of the bride, was the U-GO-I-GO The U-Gc-I-Go 4-H club held heir annual Achievement show. 'hyllis Pentecost, junior, Becky rielibien, intermediate, Marsha Winters;.. senior .were*,chosen to model at the fair. Special guests were Mrs. Elizabeth Schenck, larol Ludwig, Marlys Lupkes, VTrs. Drummer and Mrs. Handel. Two demonstrations were given. Reporter is Debbie Bulten. State & Jones Streets Algona -^- [^...^^--^M.^^^g.-jJ.-.M-M^^-.&J- '.j&^f^ff- ' ~**Sf^ ^••^r.*-, '. ,.-*HB^R-.i--. - tfS^K^v . -.-ii^^^ft v . -S^^^^-tf--.^?^^^^. CLIP THIS COUPON ring bearer. Sunday on grounds. Sister M. Virginia OSF, Roseville, and Sister M, Clarissa, Mt, '£t. Francis Convent, Dubuque were visitors last week at John ftreilihger's and Alfred and with rther relatives and friends. Sister M. Virginia is a daughter of the Freilingefs and her companion is a sister of Mrs. Freilinger. CDA at Algona had its Golden inniversary Aug. 7 with officers if St. Joseph attending the high mass, followed bv a bannuet. anrt program. Attending from here vere Mrs. N. J. Weydert. Mrs Marvin Reding. Mrs. Maurice Reding, Mrs. Harold Reding, Mrs. Don Reding, Mrs. Sylvester Wagner. Mrs. Irene Bormann. Mrs. Orville Wagner and Mrs. Paul Erpelding. ' .Karen Christine Bormann. daughter of the Ralnh Rof manns, born in St. Joseph's Mercy hospital in Fort Dodge July 29 was baptized in St. Joseph's church Saturday by Rev. Leo C. Schumacher. Sponsors were Mrs Albert Thilges and Albert Thilges who acted as proxy for Law rence McLaughlin. Airman Harlan N. Weydert, Offutt Air Force Base, Omaha Neb. scent the weekend with his parents, the N. J. Weyderts. Sister M. Georgene ORF is vis iting here this week. The Tony Beckers and Eugene Thuls weif to Waterloo Sunday to get her Rev. Luke Becker OSB, Boone MEN WANTED NOW TO TRAIN AS ACCIDENT INVESTIGATORS > V Insurance companies desperately need tnen to investigate the-half- million accidents, fires, storm, wind and hail losses that occur dailv You can earn top money in this exciting, fast moving field. Car Furnished . . . Expenses Paid ... No Selling . . Full or. Part- time Previous experience not necessary.- Train at home in spare time Keep present job until reddy to switch. Men urgently needed foick your location. Local and National Employment Assistance. Write us today, AIR MAIL, for free details. ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION. A divsion of U.T.S.. Miami, Fldrida, established 1945. INSURANCE ADJUSTERS SCHOOLS D«pt, W-138 Suits S, 404 West 34th Street Kansas City, Ml»»ovrl 64111 i :Age Address.--^ ; City---- '--.-.-State Zip Phone Louis Bellamy, Mankato, was best man and Calvin Zutzs, Blue Earth, and Gerald Jacobson, of Ringsted, were ushers. A reception for 140 was held following the service. She is a graduate of the Ledyard high school and will be a junior at Mankato State college this fall. He is a graduate of the Ivanhoe high school and is employed at Green Giant Canning Co., but will be a senior at Mankato State college this fall. ville, Mo., a brother, is also a visitor here. Kelley Thilges, son of Norber*. Thilges, Bancroft, visited here several days with his aunt and uncle, the Clarence Smiths. Airman Kenneth Thilges, son of the Ray Thilgeses, is attenc' ing electronics school at Cha nute air force base at Rantou" 111. He enlisted June 1 and received basic training at Lackland held also. Winners were Sharon Menneke (senior), Judy Thornsen alternate. Juanita Limbaugh (intermediate) Becky Meyer, alternate. Junior, Jennifer Limbaugh, alternate Debbie Studer. Lu Verne Fern Bigings ALGONA A-OK The Algona A-OK 4-H club Achievement day was held on Thursday afternoon beginning at 4 o'clock. The three judges were Mrs. Keith, Mrs, Swanson and Mrs. Nichols. There will be 75 fair entries in the sewing, cooking and home furnishing projects. In the evening at 7:30 a program for the public was held. "Whispering" was sung was Sharon Menneke and Judy Thomson. Four demonstrations were given: Juniors, Proper Care for Better Wear, by Debbie' Studer and Suzanne Holtzbauer; Inter mediate, Shift Your Shift, by Becky Meyer and Janis Haag Senior, How To Be A Doll, by Judy Taphorn and Kaihy Lallier Special, A Helping Hand, by Ju dy Berger. A Style Show was o o. o u E Q. J U DIAMOND'S "WIN A HONDA" CONTEST (IN CO-OPERATION WITH NORTH IOWA APPLIANCE CENTER) ^ m yQUr nflme and address in the bottom of this coupon and drop in the box at Diamond's in Algona. Age restriction 6 to 96. You will get two additional coupons with each purchase of any Wrangler brand garment including girl's jeans, cut-offs, boy's jeans, no-iroii slacks, shirts, cords or jackets. Men's too. Buy more, save more and get more at Diamond's. Additional prizes to be given every week. YOU MAY BE A LUCKY WINNER. Drop your coupon at Diamond's — Honda drawing on Aug. 30! Last week's winner of transistor radio was Charles Kline, Algona, Iowa. Nothing to buy — register Name every time you are in the store. More chances to win every time you are in! CUP THIS COUPON IT'S FAIR TIME AND WEIL BE THERE! FEATURING: Pioneer Water Conditioners • FULLY AUTOMATIC • FREE WATER TEST • LIFETIME FIBERGLASS TANKS REGISTER FOR FREE PRIZES! PIONEER SOFT WATER SERVICE SALES — SERVICE — RENTALS 603 S. Jerome Algona, Iowa Phone 295-3311 The Ray Agards have recently returned from a three week tour of the western states. They vis- ted relatives in Las Vegas several days before going to the west coast where they spent about two weeks visiting relatives and friends in the Los Angeles and San Diego area. While there shey had sight seeing trips and Ray attended two games at the Dodger stadium between the Pirates and the Dodgers — and the Mets and the Dodgers. Ray got a ball from the New York Mets with several autographs on it. The Genard Townes, Manson were weekend visitors with her parents the Earl Neals. The Clifford Hudsons, Goodland, Minn., visited last week with her niece the Harold Ris- taus. They also visited a niece the Edward Behnkendorfs, at Bradgate. and the Phillip Fouar ges and Joseph Fouarges, Hum bpldt. The Harold Ristaus, sisters Mrs. Fay Harmon, LuVerne, ant the Albert Nielsens, of Britt, at tended the wedding of their oou sin Paul Ristau to Elaine Lacey Sunday in Belmond. The Harold Ristaus visited on Saturday to Tuesday in Kansas They visited in Woodston with a war buddy of Harold and attended the wedding in Stockton, Kans., of Grant Conger, son of the buddy. Enroute home they visited Harold's uncle the Wally Wegners, Kansas City, Kans. The Eldon Martys have left after visiting the parents the Edwin Martys and Mrs. Clara McClellan, and returned to their home at Oxford, Nob. The R. C. Wallines went to Osco, 111., for a visit with het parents, the Frank Swansons. The Bert C. Ramuses have re- urned from a cottage on Lake Amelia, Minn. Mrs. A. W. Dimer assisted Mrs. Jack Guy at the iost office. The R. C. Wallines, their daughter Sandra and her friend ames Cook, of Ames, and his >arents the Robert Cooks, Adel, lad a picnic at the Ledges near Joone. Clif Richardson was released 'riday from the hospital at Britt. He had major surgery July 29. St. Joe Mrs. Sylvester Wagner San Antonio. Tex. Mrs. Maggie Thilges was honored at a family gathering Friday at her daughter the Herb Kaysers for her birthday. Mrs. Ronald Evanson, Candice, 5, Jeff 4 and Dean 2, Northridge, Calif., are visiting her parents, the Alfred Redings. The Hubert O'Briens, Mrs. Patricia Hackney, Debbie and Rhonda Sue Hackney were recent guests at Ronald Hejlik's, Emmetsburg, for the baptism of Craig Michael Hejlik in St. Thomas Catholic church by Rev ; Clarence Farrelly. Other guests vere the sponsors, the .emkees, Irvington, Raymond Hejliks, Dougherty, Arnold Hej- iks, Rockwell, and Sandy O'Brien, Sioux City. St. Joseph's school is to be leaned Thursday and Friday A'ith leaders of the 12 Parish groups in charge. The George Wa.gners ers Sunday evening with an aunt, Mrs. Rose Schumacher HI, ner brother, Otto Elbert, Whittemore, and attended the Legion supper The Joe Brofers, Fort Dodge ,vere Monday visitors at George Wagner's. Sister M, Letitia OSF Mt. St. Francis Convent, Dubuque, will come Saturday to visit parents the Paul Erpeldings and other relatives and friends; Sunday afternoon an Erpelding-Frideres family gathering will be held in St. Joseph's school hall. On Monday open house and recep tion starting at 2 o'clock will be held for Sister M. Letitia. Sister Letitia, the former Lois Erpel ding, was a 1963 Garrigan high school graduate and this is her KLEIN'S Farm Supply WILL BE AT THE ON DISPLAY: WAYNE FEEDS PRIDE OF FARM EQUIPMENT PAM LINE EQUIPMENT KLEIN'S FARM SUPPLY ALGONA 1 AUGUST 14-1516-17 Fairgrounds, Eagle Grove, Iowa FEATURING: SEE US MACHINERY ROW AT THE FAIR AUG. 17 thru 20 SEE THE LATEST FROM CASE BEHLEN KEWANEE NEW HOLLAND LUNDELL TAYLOR IMPLEMENT ALGONA FLOUR & FEED LAWRENCE WELK STARS Larry Hooper • Myron floren BOYS * GIRLS 4-H EXHIBITS FFA EXHIBITS OPEN OLASS EXNttJtTS COMMERCIAL i MACHINERY EXHIBITS TWO BIG HORSE SHOWS TRACTOR PULLING CONTEST GRANDSTAND PROGRAMS LARGE MIDWAY WRIGHT COUNTY DISTRICT JUNIOR FAIR

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