The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on July 25, 1894 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 25, 1894
Page 8
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plans f«r the ttf enty-nrst C&autauqua provide fof ewef al trill interest old ana One of the novelties of ttmch is expected is a cotiffle of a on stories as a mode of thinfaiig Professor Richard Green Motilton, bf Cambridge, England, and BANCROFTN HtfflBMI BANCROFT, IOWA, JtJLlT 25,1894. Place to get Town is at the FARMER'S HOTEL A good square meat far BOAED fit ME DAf AND Wfifil, £L TALLMAN, Proprietor, conducted by J. A. frt-eeh» Chicago Jfoftft-Westei'ii SOti-H Mixed w&J freight....11 43AM passenger 4 08{>m Mixed« ....SOfpm way freight....8 isam passenger .... .2 05pm thing happened to the harness and in trying to adjust the same she in sofne way fell and broke her leg near the thigh. She was properly taken care of and is getting along nicely* The Baptist Sabbath school is to have a . lather, Get*. Siftpkin ttev. Stephen* pleached at the Schenek scheol house Sunday. There will be an ice cfeam social at Mrs. Frink's Wednesday afternoon and evening. All are Invited to attend. Mr. Chapin and wife attended church in ttnion Sunday, . • Gtahdma Bailey is Much improved, being Jtbte to g§ about her roost again. picnic at Greenwood one week from today. PROFESSOR RICHARD G. MOtJLTON. 4>£ Chicago university. Professor Moulton is the great missionary of university extension, and after performing a very successful work in England became to this country a few years ago for the express purpose of introducing university extension methods here. He rendered raluable services at the University of Pennsylvania before going to Chicago university, where he occupies the chair aof professor of English literature. Tho Exhibition at Milan. Many and beautiful are the buildings •which comprise the united exhibitions ,afc Milan, the intellectual, industrial and commercial center of Italy. The ground covered by the various buildings ;«£ the exhibition proper is about 60,000 .square meters, and that devoted to the .castle, garden and turf for the sports is SOO.OOO additional. In the main bmld- •.'.".'. At the hotel, formerly Stahl's Hotel. am prepared to furnish the best of board a reasonable rates by the day or week. E#-W»rm Meals for Farmers a specialty., G. C. OSTRANDER, BANCROFT, IOWA. MONEY! On Real Estate: HOXIE & BRUNSON. DRAIN TILE! AT $12,00 PER M, ON CARS ATALGONA, This Is cheaper than they are retailed at the factories. Don't fall to call on J, A, Hamilton & Go, Before buying your Brick, Tile, Stone or Sewei pfpe?aud y r e niembei- that they sell all kinds o Hard Wood Lumber, Picket Kenclng, Fel Booflng aud Paper at Bed Rock Prices The Bancroft Insurance * ,!.•.;.' ; ' V 1 . \ NEWS OF THE TOWN, TheEpworth League had a very pleasant and profitable literary program last evening. Tile ceremony of blessing the bells Will take pi ace at the Catholic church today. The program is at follows: 10:00 a. m., Blessing of Bells,. Father Nichols, Algona; High Mass, Father Erdman, Prairie; Sermon, Father Hughes, Blue Earj,h. This will be a gala day for the local church and we presume the itown will be full of our own people and there will be ten or twelve priests from other neighboring towns to participate in the ceremonies. Buffalo Center has a tow mill and will soon have a tile and brick factory. Let her boom. „.•* Walters was called to Armstrong last Tuesday to attend Mrs. L. A. Anderson, who is suffering from varicose ulcers. Mrs. Anderson is likely to be compelled to have a limb amputated. Farm loans cheap. Insurance of all kinds. See J. A. Freeh. The writer rode over the county to Buffalo Center last Friday with tho veteran Odd Fellow lecturer, Wm. Eibel and ,the crops all tho way over were of the best dnd and will bring a large yield. Mr. E. ays ho has traveled over Iowa all summer but says he'never saw such crops as we have hero in Kossuth. E. Tallman's j'edple were getting ready to occupy their new hotel and it will be the finest in town. A great deal of building is going on especially on the ruins pf last winter's fire. We believe this new town has one of the brighest futures before it of any town in this vicinity. We had a very pleasant visit with Editor Sinclair, formerly of the Lu Verne News, and. ha is getting out a bright and newsy sheet. Geo. Havens has resigned his position as timer at Bomboy and Alcorn's. A new rim- er, will take his place.. We do not know what George's intentions for the future C. A. Molindef of Sw.ea, has both oats and corn that Will go 40 bushels to the acre. Mat. Freilingerj of Seneca township, met With What came near being a serious acjident on Saturday last. He was mow* ing with a team and his son, a lad of IS, was out hunting, and in some way as the boy was shooting at some chickens he dis» charged a load of shot into his father's back at short range, Twenty-three shot entered Mr. F's, back and Dr. Walters Ull l*Cl CVA ATJ.J. • JL; w» i^*«w».fc »-,».— - succeeded in probing out most of the shot. Tnerfe teto'<e a hew school house built In the Potter district; Jv ft. Thornton and wife, of this place, are visiting the latters parents in Hancock county. Mr< fioba is having a well dug on his farm, and will erect a wind-mill ia the fut* tlt*6 * Misses Lutie, Tena, and Lizzie Wallace and George Horton, of Algona, spent Thursday at C, C. Chubb's, Bowen Bros, have their steam thresher running in full blast. Any one wanting, MfSi C. JfOwier inienaa tu am da? lot her* ottf no»6 W M«ft6, wilt sfrend some time old acquaintances. Mr. and M>s. Will Hike united with the M. E. church in full membefshlpiast Stin a day. L tf. ttttdson and sister, of Algona, attended the picnic in Portland Sainfdat' Mr. Hudson brought with him a earner & and photographed several groups. Mf& W, A. Ladert'dorn* and sori visited friends in ^prtland and Bancroft a few days last week. . Mrs. Falk has been suffering with a verjr sore foot the past two weeks, caused by stepping on a rusty hail. Last Saturday e'vening as Miss Sarah Gormley was going home from town some- Mr. Friellnger's condition was serious for a day or two, but he is now beyond danger. Dr. Walters is attending him. Hugh Carr is laid up by a bad bruise on the side caused by the kick of a horse he was leading to water. Dr. and Mrs. E. A. Howe were called in the night to attend their daughter who lives in Portland township. C. J. Lenander is being congratulated upon his arrival to tho honorable state not of matrimony but of American citizenship. He took out his second papers last week. There is to bo another dance at Dinger's in Greenwood next Saturday night. W. F. Laidley, Jr., went to Dos Moines to attend the republican State Convention yesterday. Sam Mayne also expected to go. ... . , .. C. W. Goddard and G. V. Davis and c others attended the Populist,Mass Meeting at Algona yesterday. Greenwood Is the banner populistic township in, Kossuth county. H. G. Simpkius was up from Atepna yesterday shaking hands with the boys. Dr. Howe has bought of C. E. Morehouse the old bank of Bancroft building, which he will use as an office and private residence. He has bought the C. F; Hig ley livery barn and his-son Ed will con duct the same. The Dr. will again practice medicine. We wish both parties much success. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Ostrander and baby returned from Britt last Friday. Mrs, O is in considerably .better health than she was. . .. . . ; • •• .-,.•. ... . C. E. Martin visited particular friends at Buffalo Center last ^Sunday. Wm. Campbell, northeast of town, will any threshing done will do well to employ Afte* James & Sines of Who heads tte twffltt ticket« date fb* governor, is well Georgia polities ^dAvaa. a fceffioctati tihtil a few weeto ago, whett he »tib- a letter atttionaeing his eonvet« . ( Mrs, Hudson ahd little boy, of Cylinder, came over and spent Saturday, Sunday, and Monday with her son, Bert, who is working for J. E. Dutton. , Ed. Campbell, little daughter Gertie, and father, started Monday for McHenry county, 111., to attend the funeral of his brother-in-law, who had just recently been struck by lightning. Jennie Dutton is visiting at her sister's in Eiverdale. Lutie, Norman and Carrie Hart, of Irvington, spent Sunday atCharlie Chubb's. Mrs. J. E. Dutton started Monday for a visit with her daughter, who lives near Whittemore. Allio Brown and Orton Bnsh have commenced their thrash ing. We made a mistake in stating that Frank Bamsey took his fat cattle last Monday, he did not take them until Saturday. Mart Sabin and wife were at Whittemore last Saturday on business. Clara Curtis is visiting at her uncle's, Mart and John Sabins'. WESLEY Monday night we heard the thunders roar and saw tho lightnings flash, and break our sweet slumbers all to smash, but we failed to get much of the rain that ought to have gone with it. Miss Beryl Franks returned to hoi- home at Updegraff; Iowa, last Saturday, after living here at the Sherman House about aiyear.-'She leaves many friends. • Z. S.Bai-sett and G. A. Frink made'a business trip to Britt and-Forest City last Friday'. F. Heal and Tom Gray start for England arid Scotland next Monday. Mi-Si Ft Heal and Mrs. Daggett go with them as JUDGE J. K,rHINES. sion to the doctrines of the People's Party. He is of middle age andhaft served in the state legislature and in many Democratic conventions. HW home is in Sandersville, where he was a typical country lawyer; and later a judge of the superior court of the middle circuit. On retiring from the bench Judge Hines moved to Atlanta to practice law. ; ',. '...' / " ; vi ' Famous Old Tremont House. Old Bostonians will tell you proudly that the Tremont House was the pioneer flrst class hotel of America. It was built in 1880 and was considered magnificept in its ' day. The 'ancient hostelry will soon be torn down, and in its stead-will • VY IH. WUU1J.JUU11) UUi uu.caou ua. uv*»n*j »» **» •**««- — — --------- w-_. — soon begin the erection of a large new gran- ; far as Albany, and from there they wm I - •• . ., o to Maine on 'a visit. ' '• -. • ' - 'The Only one in Kossuth County. TO MAIN BUILDINO, SOLAN. ing are the industrial arts, printing, engraving; etc.; then comes the castle, with a wealth of painting, sculpture and r photography, and further along the ancient Kochetta, a fortress .which used to shelter, the signori of .Milan when their .enemies succeeded in entering the city; : the duoal palazzo, historical residence of the Sforza dukes of Milan; the magnificent machinery building, the educational exhibit and the phylaoterio and geographic displays, ajl combining; to form a most imposing spectacle. The j exhibition will continue six months. ! A TMilllonaire NoveHst. Jphn Jacob Astor, the multimillion-. ^lire, recently emulated' the. example of liis cousin, William Waldorf Astor, by -writing a novel called..' 'A Journey In J. A. Freeh, ietor. If your Policy needs ctiang or : fixing up, I can do it for you no matter =• what con panv you are insured in, ;•• Correspondence solicited. • Creamery and Threshing Machine Insurance a Specialty. J. .A.. JHREOiH, iBgLip-OroFt, lo'wa,. Companies Represented. Phoenix of Hartford. Fire Association, Philadelphia.: . State Insurance Co,, of Des Moines. Capital Insurance Co., of DesMomes. Merchants and Bankers, of Des Moines. Anchor, of Creston; '._'.-• Dubuque Fire and Marine, Dubuque. Standard Life and Accident. : Equitable Life, a ; Equitable Life Assurance Soc y of theU.S Northwestern National of Milwaukee. ery on his place, Wm. Eeilly,. Secretary of the Board of Regents of th e State University of Wisconsin, ;was in'the-city.-over ^Sunday, visiting friends. He has been visiting at Sup- Smith's in.permania.1 • Postmaster.Mayne moved this P..O. outfit from the'Barskju block to the new brick baufcbuilding.. The-new-place makes as icat -and handy a place as a town of 3,000 ould afford. -.. •.. • •;••, ;:•• • ••• '•'•••'>••• C..C. Thompsoniwas at Armstrong yes- erday on a law suit. Our Charley is com- ug'i'to the frontfast'as an attorney. . ... G. W. andN. J. Skinner have bought out the Arlington House at. West,Union- and are conducting the same at present. D. W. Hohn and wife,' of Algona, and Ghas. Barnhart of St. Cloud, all relatives R.M,Elchmond, B. F. Smith', Vice Pi'es. "!&!. B, Richmond, , }•'•" ••'• : ; • : ; Oastiler, •• 0. J. Lenander, Ass't, Cash go to Maine on 'a visit. . /MrsVF.X. Way went to Des Moines last Tuesday for an 'extended visit with her parents.'" '' ' 'Miss Stella Fink- returned to her -hom'e on the Turkey River last Friday; after visiting Mends at the Sherman House for several weeks. ' Z: S.'Barrett left on Monday morning's first train' 'foi 1 Des Moiries, to ^attend the st'ate corivention, where he will work hard" ; • •' •••' -'' 'A few of our people went to Clear Lake last Thursday to hoar Bishop Fowler on Abraham 'Lincoln, and wore very much 'pleased with the lecture. ; ; Burton Haswell, senior member 6£ the dray firm of Haswell Bros., died Thursday after 'a brief illness. He was taken sick Monday evening previous, the dis- Farmers' & Traders-Savings Bank feSS» fsaK^»^ ^WEOTORS-T.^Tibhrnond, N. E. ShbrWan,".A, B. Richmond. B. F. Smith. Samuel Mayne, 0. E. Mallory, J. N. Slieridftn. of Geo. Hohn, the. restaurant man, visited the latter here last Sunda?. At the'democratic caucus held at Sheridan Bros.' office last Monday evening, J. B. Mousel was elected chairman and C..E. McLaughlin: secretary. The following delegates to the county convention were elected: C. C. Thompson, Q. Boettcher, J) B. Mousel, Wm. Dietz, P. G, Pettjbone, Jas. Whalen. Miss Flora Wilson hat? resigned her position in.J. B.Carr's sljove and will visit friends down, tho line, Mfss. Gaulle Al}corn takes her plape in thestore, '.Bancroft will be sorry to lose Miss Wilson, David Smith was around carrying a smile and a box'of cigars on Tuesday bf last week, all t u account of a bran new boy at his house, All are doing well. T, H, Davis came down from IVJinneapo- lis yesterday and he is looking flrst ( rate, ease being pronounced appendicitis. ' The funeral was from the M. E. church, Friday morning,'the'service being conducted by Rev. Eastman. The remains were brought to Algona for burial, theOdd>Fel- lows, of which order he was a member, conducting the last rites. The-deceased leaves a wife,'a brother and sister in this county, his father residing at Sterling, 111. His death is widely mourned. and Insurance Agency, JA.COB •Other Worlds. " The book'.'is ah In tho Jules style, of fl, joxtrney t<o Jupiter in the year 3000."- Th^ present John Jacob Astor is the great-grandson of the old fur trader from Waldorf and $yO,OQO,OQO. •'• Offlces at Bancroft and Sweft City, Iowa. «.j^uM<%Mn R, M, RIQHIVIOWO* 4. Famous Irlsfc J&obert Bomier, who hps Jong been president of tho famous Scotoh^Irish so— ciety of America, has 1 been so v?e|i kpown i» Amen^ can affairs that few people fee- his own yme» ever remember tbAt .he is of Irish, birth.- HeQSjne > county PQ»S- CALL AT THE OFFICE OF UNION, Jennie Thompson closed her school'wi^h a picnic in her fath'&t's grove by the flowing well. By the way it is getting to be quite a resort for picnics there having been three since the 4th, > Mrs. M. Schonck visited Burt and Bancroft Jast week. Mrs, C. P, Stow visited at the old home and at her brother's, M- Godden, last week. W, Jones and E, Wright and ,thejr fain> lies visited at F. L, Wilson's Pnnday.. Horace Spbenck returned Satnrdfty from a two weeks' visit in Wisconsin, He re« ports it as being very dry there, j, B, Hofws and family visited at Kenyon's Sunday, Chester Bailey entertained a PWty^ol young friends Saturday, July ^sfc JiV his 15th birthday FENTON. Mike-Weisbrod's team run away last, week'from his boys while they were hauling milk, The team got frightened'and upset tho wagon, and all'the milk was spilled, but nobody was hurt. The boys were lucky. , Newell Bros- will soon have thier thresh' ing machine that burned down last fall complete and ready for business. I A. P. Peterson has cut some grain for Mv Busk. He did a good job. A.Hayon* za was seen cutting for Ed. Brass ThnrS- Quite a number of young people spent Sunday with Billy Hable. ' ; 1 Geo, Hartiqer had a runaway last-week. , ' -pUFFAkQ FORK, Misses Flossie-and Beth Smith, of na, are visiting at Mr, E, B, Eddy's, Fyank'BJngsdorf and sister T -<*"<« ^ Sabbath with fr}eids te fcanwwj. Mr- and Mrs, Stone attended the funeral of Burton Haswell at Algewa. last ^wfj- Miss Gertie Payne is t)w owner ft{« fl»e new Jvers & Pondj'^ FROPOSBD NEW TBEMONT HOUSE, BOSTON. . be erected a big 11 story structure-of atone, brick and steel. Above the eighth Btbryisto be a broad promenade surrounding a superstruoture three stories ; in height of' smaller area ' than the flobrsbelow. This superstructure, is. to : be'laid out in euits or flats, designed for luxurious homes. The top of this super- Btrnoture will 'be 176 feet above the street line and will be devoted to- a handsome roof garden. The estimated bpst of'the building is, $8,500, OOP.' ^ President Hyde of Bo-wdoin. Bowdoin college; the nrst college es- ( tabUshed iii Maine, celebrated its one Hundredth anniversary'June 34. Bev. Dr.' Willain De Witt Hyde, the present president;, was 'elected 'to'that office in "1885, when he was' only '87 years of age. HoisagraduateofGarvard, Be- gal in his half m. '•- ' qsOBKBT BONNEB. —- --- - . ( '5tnry 020, and made a large fortune rat •"- 'SlbT New Ywk Le4gw, wlw«* je m - 'a. 1651. llQ Is m &okuo\vied.g>I '* J ' 4 ;**.V» i '* \i&.<«f., .m: Miss Cassis visiting a week with her near Seed wa§ in tMs eausip, ff^i few days Ia5tw^k with Lucy Baswell WAS »t Wesley during her illness and at flu> ttwo sJ LOT CO uui vv. I AM'lV'AtJn LAND AND Insumnce and Fan loans .

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