The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on July 25, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 25, 1894
Page 5
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Office (vn Dodge street, AlgonA, lewa» §10, 0, GALL, Fof Information In regard to lands In _ North western I0*a» Write to him,. fhorlngton street, Algofia.iowa, OEO, E. CiARKE, CSAB. A. COHBNO ^ TTORNSYS A T LA& ALGONA -"' i" <•>.'. * - IOWA, W.B QTJAMON, .\i\.' ATTOtiNMfAV •• Office over Kossuth Co. Bank. Algona, Iowa. ULLIVAN MoMAHON, i'ostofflce Block. ALOONA, IOWA* DANSON & BUTLER, LAW, LOAX8 AMD LAXD> Collections a; specialty, OOlcoin (iardnerOowies new building, Algona. •.•:.'•••... Iowa. .'JE. V. .'SWETTING,.', ATTORNEY AT LAW, Money b loan. , '' ! ^ Algoiia, Iowa. •- ''- ATTORNEY AT LAW, :•:'•• ' : ' . •.. Loans and Insurance. 'Special attention given to collections of all kinds. Office over Uhrlschllles' store. Algona, Iowa. L p u vctTi-rT A "rq-a L. K. &ARFIELD, M. D.,: PH7B1C1AN AND SUSGEOrf, Offlte on State street, ! Algona, Iowa, K, M. D. Office over Taylor's store. . . Algona, Iowa. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa. J. M. PRIDE, M. P. Office over Goeder's Clotning Store.' ALgona, - Iowa. DE. L. A. SHEETZ, DRVGQ1BT ANty STATIONER, Prescriptions filled. Deals In paints, oils, books, perfumeries, etc. Cor. State and Tborington sts. Aleona.Iowa. C. B. PAUL, M. D., WHITTEMORE - - - IOWA, Regular Office hours 8 to 12 a, m., 2 to 6 p. m. Over Wionler's''Furniture store. Residence north of track, T. J. FELLING, M. D. PB7&WIAN AND 8URQSON, Consultation in English and German. Over Goetch's store, Whlttemore, Iowa. OHAS. MoOQRMAOK, Diseases of Children a Specialty. Residence, Mrs, McCall's, Bast of O. & N. W, depot. . ALGONA, - IOWA. DR: F. $. HBFLIN. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Office'in'.rear pf gwea Olty Bank. Swea Qity, Iowa. E, £5. SAYEHS, D, V. M,, ffloe west of the Thorington Bo«s.«, .lowa, > HOSPITAL Accommodations, ARRIVAL tfld t)EPmtHlE of T1M8 OfilOAGU, MILWAUKEE AND 81. FAUL, S «. . 6; 4pMBenger.. ........iv...... - . 6;OB pm NO. 76 freight cattlM paMwigefil. .. . 11 iW p » No, MlrefghtcarHM passengers..,. lplM*eng*f .;*. 0passenget... ;.,.... ...... N6, 98 freight carries passengers... , Ho. fl freight oartie*passengers...> 9:16.p to No. 63 freight catties prssengers...... 11:66 a in Chicago & Northwestern K'y. aoi»o »ob*a Atjc 'ytifo, tt accointHodatiofl.............. 8:18 Ik ib Hall MM Egress....:...... 8 :33 p in dOltfOSOtJTH AND KAB't. Freightaccommodfttion....... 8:<tf p to unicagd MailandEipress............ 3:l3.p tt * dhfeago passenger reaches itea itqinift at f p, m", Chicago 6 !M a, m., and Kansas City I So a, nii the accommodation reaches Chi* eagu 8 iOO a. m. Tickets for Sale to Ml points inthe Jnlted States and Canada, LEAVING AND ARRIVING TIME OF TRAINS, ; Trains leave Brametsburg as foliowsl t No, el passenger.. . ...... ...4i2»pir No. 83 passenger >... 6:3oam No, 66 freight ,3:Wptn GOING SOUTH. No. .60 passenger. 1:40 p m No. 62 passenger... ...9:0*pm No. 64 freight 9:00 am Trains numbers 62, and 63 run dally; balance of trains datiy-except Sunday,;. SW12ACIDY TIME TABLE. Trains leave $wea City, as follows; GOING KORTH. PassengerN0.81B........... i. ........7 isiopm FrelghfNo.teB... fe 166 pm GOING SOUTH.' ' Passenger No; 82 B ... .....:... ..;..;.li.47arri Freight Mo84.... : .. 12.40am No. 84 runs Sunday and not Monday. . • B—Daily except Sunday. iLGOMEEPUBLICAN ALGONA, IOWA, JULT 25, 1894. LOCAL MATTERS. The Good Templars served ice. cream afc the rink last night. There was a good attendance. : . ; Ask Pearl Pugh to tell you:about how he was "held up" down on Gall's bridge Monday night. ' E. R. Dalton had charge of the tele- E raph office during the absence of Miss antry at Spirit Lake. H. H. Smith, the veteran canvasser for the Encyclopedia Bntannica, was doing 'Algona last week. , Sheriff Samson started for the Apa- mosa Penitentiary Thursday morning with his three prisoners in charge. -, •The Outlpok meets in the Congregational church parlors Thursday afternoon at three o'clock. Subject, Music. Ladies please come. We notice in one of our store fronts an enlarged photograph of the .late.O E : . Palmer in his Knights Templar uniform." If is a very fine portrait. TheW. H. M. S., of the 'Methodist church, will meet with Mrs. David Gil more, Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock. A full attendance is desired. About a dozen Good Templars of Algona lodge went over to Whittempre Monday night to pay a fraternal visit to the lodge at that place. They made the trip with teams. Photographer Peterson intended to attend the meeting of the National Photographers at St. Louis last week, but his business would not allow : him to leave. • There was a slight rain in this section Thursday night, but not in sufficient quantity to answer the demand. The corps are still in great need of rain.' A stranger passing through town yesterday and noting the movement of coffins might have concluded that cholera was abroad. They w,ere being moved to Mr. Laird's new store. Oliver H. Hillseth and Mis? Antoinette Fleckenstein, of Blue Earth City, came down Thursday and obtained a marriage license, tben went up to Germania and were married. The militia are being drilled twice a weefc now, Tuesday and Thursday evenings, preparatory to the annual encampment, to'bpen at Spencer • August Hth. D, H. HutcMns is going to paint and paper Ms office rooms over DurdaU's store and put in a new floor, These are the rooms occupied a9 office quarters by Attorney Raymond a.nd Archie ^utphr ison. A good inapy partiep are having their welJ8,we<; down by BOB Winkle's tapk wagon with water fyom the stand pipe, wWJe otters patronize the tank wagqn ,to save tbeir-treee, M.r, WinW? is busyjn responding $o demands, in ' ' ' i gat that sbpuM have m m mmm W to > ,... List of advertised letters to/yregc , A. BQlland,, ney, Miss Mary Lorteen o£ Attorney tf;BurJj^ljeje Is 'atbefncr one of and Mr- -Dan; mdtt "Bbaforfe" Oil the lake Oft the first of Belt intrath the Me* Gregor aftd SanbofW mail line trill be made ft full B. P. O. (Kailwat Postofr- fice)or in other words raised to. the first class* Both the day and night lines Will be of the same grade. The work Will be just the same out the 8ai- af$ Will be raised ffoffi $1,000 to $1,800 for the head or letter clerk, and the pa* per clerk Will get $1150, Justice Clarke went down to Lu Verne yesterday to look after a case for County Attorney Raymond* When he got there he found that the bearing had been postponed. The telegraph operator had received a telegram floti- fying him of the continuance, but had failed to send it* and now Mr. Clarke Will settle With the company and call it square when it pays his expenses. The item iti last Week's tipper ftes Moines concerning the Y project and Postmaster Hittchon occasioned surprise on account of Mr, Ittgham's hand in Mr. Hinchon's appointment. No matter what any railroad attorney may say about it, there is no doubt but a Y Would be a great benefit to all shippers located here and would afford excellent sites for new industries, and Mr. Hiu- Chon was doing a service to the town in circulating the petition, which was originated by the Commercial Exchange. J. B. Laird has for some days been busily engaged in moving his stock of furniture to the two brick stores of Geo. L. Galbraith, east'ttf Brownell & Allred's boot and shoe store. The goods will fill the two store rooms and both will be retained for the present, until Mr. G. can build an addition to one of them in which to put part of the goods. Mr. Laird has a very large stock, and one'Which .it has not been an easy mat- ter'to move, '• Attention is called to the new ad. of Spurbeck & Lambert in this issue. The tub factory is having a big business this season..' There is ho sign of depression there. The factory has all the work, it can do, and has had right along,. It is one ,of the prosperous institutions pf Algona. The calls that are being made npon it for water tanka and ciuteras tell a story .of more attention given by the farmers of the county to the water supply, and indicate a commendable foresight. There was a considerable delegation to Clear Lake Thursday to hear Bishop Fowler's great lecture .'on "Abraham Lincoln," put those who went to the depot at 9 o'clock to take .the special train were disappointed, as it was not run. The excursionists had to wait for the regular 10:12 passenger, and what was even more disgusting they wereob- liged to come home on a freight and did not get in till one o'clock next morning. The special advertised for Spirit Lake for Tuesday was likewise* abandoned. . W. D. Barge, of Bancroft, rode down to Algona on his Columbia wheel last Saturday, and while talking with a friend inside of Patterson & Sarchett's .store some miscreant stuck a pin into the .pneumatic tire .'of his wheel, which he left just,outside the door: The tire cannot be repaired as most makes'can be, and the. mischief done is not only annoying but,will entajl a considerable; expense. The wheel is a high grade and cost $165 when new. It is hard to see what satisfaction there can be in such a wanton damage to property. The Kossuth county delegates named for the State convention were: B. W. Haggard, Geo. E. Clarke, J.W. Wadsworth, Geo. W. Hanria, Z. S. Barret, J. B. Joues, T. W. Sarchett, A. A. Bruin- son, E. O. Fritz and, Geo. E. Boyle. Owing to his being disabled by his accident, Mr. Hafgard remains at. home, and A. A. Branson does not attend, but it is presuni'ed that their placej are supplied by'proxies, and that all posssble effort will be put forth to secure the nomination of Mr. Sessions for clerk of the supreme court. Up to yesterday the new 'pump had not been received. No notice/of its shipment had come to hand, nor any explanation of the failure of the company to fulfill its contract, It is a matter of some importance, and in this dry weather may mean great loss to the town, .In,the matter of current expense it means something. It now costs the town $JOO a m'ontb for the two men which if is necessary to employ to to pump' i: ihe waj;er with the old toach,in,ery in the old well. About four o'clock yesterday morning Marshal Benjamin found a horse attached tp a sulky tied to a hitching post on Dodge staeet.. It bad evidently been tied there all night. Mr. Benjamin, put the horse in a barn and during tfas.forenoon it was called for by ,an,.JryiBgt;on m^n wbp was said to haye^pen ,'dpnk all njgbt in a barn. That i^^e way it happens sometimes, The horse should bav<3 bepn in t;he harn and the wan tied to the post, The owne^o! $he nag bad np money to pay .expenses^nd.the Mar^baJ was obliged Jo m^ him IfP cowe do^nwitbthe e^ pehses hefQje delivering up bis liorge. They tell some, to we, amusing inci- ' ' "-- -- Veroe diphtheria .„,,. .,, ..jej'thegooapeople flpw» there are amu§e4 ie awotber naatr ter. ^ome Js^igs went into we (jountry a few flays ago to ^iftiLftieocif and , . had a HP 9gaiB§t Ww fop like > beyeaf$ej r prQjiam yi he off the grasi, Tfe§.tordpf akfliei pot PJPPOSJJ9 1 have germg aiflused through tbe if they can help it, ^^Hfff t f^f,^f a!jy^,*w»»-?F l1 W'?MJ 5 !«W^» \ \ , ,! Mto§^^^BSl&rtiai4* well isjprovea, new twQ jocd markftte, ;;^>}^i;,fm%i«ppif';; T, V^ '* '^""fe ai '^y^/^"*" ^i^'^^lS't ^^/tti^jtjf *-14 ! i • Mmfe^i^^^ m «nJr3w? 7 ^ W«v»w» a+aKt'iinf+A'* laaft^TBofllviH a W looks as thongh ft good laundrt ould pay in Emmetsburg as consider- le laundry is sent elsewhere every ek.—Beportet. t j^tie caie of Younie vs. MoNutL heard by Judge Catf last week, was taken under advisement by the courtj and the decision will be rendered later. In the divorce case of Mrs. Benke against her husbaud, the latter joined ifl the petition for divorce, which was promptly allowed. Mrs. Benke WaH given $1300 alimony and the custody of three of the children, Mr. B. getting the other three. The farm of 120 acres Was estimated to be worth $20 per acre, ofc$2400. Mrs. Benke has already gone to her relatives, who reside in Sheldon, Jforth Dakota. It appears that the re* relations of the couple have all along been infelicitous. Both Were addicted to the intemperate use of liquor and both were high tempered and inclined to violence. The sentence of the Whittetnore bur* glars and the Irvington horse thief were each fixed at one year in the penetenti- GET REAOV IFOR A FLOOD. ' A Fort Dodge special in yesterday morning's Register says that Bain- maker Jewell accepted the Fort Dodge business men's proposition of $400 for a supply of chemicals for five days with full instructions for use, and H. M, Griffin, a druggist, Was sent to meet Jewell at Harrington, Kansas, Saturday. He returned home this afternoon and the mixture of the material was immediately begun on. The interesting process will begin Tuesday morning. •. . .- •: LOW EXCURSION BATES; LOW BATES TO COLORADO. '. On July 21st and 22d the North-West-' ern Line will sell excursion tickets to Denver, Pueblo and Colorado Springs and return at exceedingly low rates; good for return passage until August 25th, inclusive. For tickets and full information apply to Agents Chicago & North-Western B'y. .". / : < LOW BATES TO DEB On account of Battle Flag Day at Des Moines August 10, 1894, the. North-. Western Line will sell excursion tickets at the very low rate of one fare for the round trip; tickets on sale August 8, 9 and 10, good for return passage until August 11; inclusive. For tickets and full information apply to Agents Chicago & North-Western B'y. JAMES ft. WfllTE, of .Walfe'a Oeletratefl Oomedy Oo, ZH-. JKile* Xedteal Co., JElkhart, Znd« , You irtil remember the condition I was in flT9 years asp, when I was afflicted with a combinv nonbf oueasea.and thought there wag NO roRWC. Itriedallklndaofraedioines.andj of eminent physicians. My nerves were prosti. prtdudng dizziness, heart trouble and all the 1 that mtko life miserable. I commenced, to taka DRTlVllLES 1 NERVINE end tottreemonths i w » nnnyrvr CUBED. In my travels each year, when! tfo the thousanoa of physical wrecks, Buffering from nervous pros, tration, taking prescriptions m>m local physicians whobaye no knowledge of their case, and whose death is cerfata, I feel like going to toem and wyjner, "QCT DR..MILKS'NCRVINC AND •CCURCD my prjBfession, ^^ • • r^ *• *^" wnere . , _ tal tloa4nd nervous exhaustion, brought on by of the business engSgea in, I •s aTgure cure for «OI Buffering from these caut _,, _ JAWS B. WAW gold on a Foiltlve Guarantee. DH/MILES'P|LLS,60D08E825CT*. 4 _ 'ill \four Watch i Insured Free, A ] ?rfect insurance against theft or is the now OT iOWi B}yb9w(rwg)wfeJsh puile4 Of whicli they have the sole agency, Anti-Rust Tin Wire, Minnesota Linseed Oil Company's Paints, —AND THE Bissell Carpet Sweeper^ The Best Sweeper Made. WEITGENANT BROS, Corner State and Thorington. : : t Pav -the Our Abstract Books arc complete up to date, and reliable. They represent. • : an outlay of thousands of dollars and •were prepared by an experienced sb- • '•• stractor.' Our patrons may thereiorefeel certain of getting reliable abstracts, '.'.'•• Our work is guaranteed and we furnish abstracts ,as cheap as Irresponsible and incompetent persons who have no books, though the county does not pay us a salary, clerk hire, office rent or even furnish us stationery. FABM8 AND WILD LAND FOB SALE..... • r MONEY. CONSTANTLY ON HAND FOB FARM LOANS, .- ..' ' And furnished immediately upon.,apj>lication. Opera House Block. HAY & RICE Spurbeck & Lambert, MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN Tonlrc PictdpnQ PPPQHIPW IdEbj ulolulllbj liludlllul] We will save you money on the following : Belting of all kinds— leather, Gandy and rubber; complete stock oi Engineer's Supplies, -Gas Pipe and fittings ; Giohe Valves;*all kinds of Steam Fittings, Hose and Hose Fittings ; Oils of all kinds, We have a large stock of Gylin- der Oil and Oup Grease a specialty. Large stock of other goods too numerous to mention^ Give us a call. Factory and supply house near C. &'N. W. Depot. • IDEAD SHOT!! Is the name, and STUDLEY'S DRUG STORE the place. The best Fly Paper iru the World; it kills flies by the bushel,, Be sure to ask for ", f v?: . "\A$ » "i<3 And take no other. Sold only by W. J, STU'DLBSj DRUGGIST, ALGONA, IA. THE TUB THAT STANDS OH ITS OWN BOTTOM ]•' S< i ,"X>, ''i »l MTrnrrr;

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