Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 8, 1966 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, August 8, 1966
Page 5
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MONDAY. AUG. I, 1966 ALGONA (low*) ADVANCERS AIM STEM BY JULIAN CHRISCHIUII 'Twin Honored by SMi Helicopter activity at airport A BASEBALL GAME at Metropolitan Stadium sometimes offers much more than merely watching the game althougn the beautiful stadium has just about the finest lacilities anywhere for enjoying the sport . . . for instance, during a three-day stand there last weekend our family not only saw some good baseball but also tuned in on some sidelights. During Tuesiiay night's game, a man not too many rows from us hau an apparent heart attack and for 15 minutes or so, three persons gave him artificial respiration before doctors finally put him on a stretcher and carried him from the seats . . . and then there is always the inevitable announcement over the public address system that "Car i\o. such-and-such has its lights on, motor running — and all doors are locked!" The frequency of this announcement at ballgamcs leads one to believe that this is just a gimmick to put ians in a happy and laughing mood. Our second deck seats for the final game were right behind home plate, offering a wonderful chance for the boys to glove a foul ball . . . and no less than three came within 15 feet oi our seats but not close enough for a catch. The boys anticipate a diving catch but all dad figures on is a dive uncier the seats if a ball should happen our way! I sometimes wonder whether fans go to the games to see the game or to EAT! Middle son John is a fast starter in the food division and already had quaffed down three items before the game began ... his brothers, on the other hand, start slowly but build up their capacity in the late innings and we figure it is pretty much of a draw at the finish in the ice cream, pop, peanuts and hot dog race. (Oh yes, dad gets his share too). We can heartily recommend the Twins Motor Hotel and the Midway Motor Lodge midway between St. Paul and Minneapolis on University Avenue tor Twin Cities accommouations . . . they are located just across the street from each other but are under , the same management . . . although tliey are located far from the ballpark, it takes only 20 minutes to drive to the game whereas you should allow 45 minutes driving time for any downtown Minneapolis hotel or motel . . . both have swimming pools (one indoor and one outdoor) and both have excellent ainifcg and lounge facilities. Top tlight service, too! • Figuring three clays was enough for the Cities, we took a side trip up to Duluth for two more days and found this area to be fascinating and exceedingly beautiful ... we are told the late Bob James often spent a lew days every year at Duluth for relaxation and we can see why . . . located on Lake Superior, the world's largest lake, Duluth has much to offer for young and old alike . . . after exploring the many delights of the harbor, ships and lake area, side trips could incluue the North Shore urive which extends for 250 miles along Superior all the way to Port Arthur, Canada, or a trip east into Wisconsin to the Apostle Islands near Bayiield, Wis., which we decided upon. The Nat Bangs family of Algona were vacationing there and we thought it might be interesting to visit one oi these historic islauos, Lake Magdaline in this case ... a 15-minute ferry ride i\.om Bayfield across the bay to Magdaline was one of the trip highlights ... as we reached the dock at Magdaline, jve spotted Mat standing on .thjftdock waiting tor Jthe.-fferryiandiv were somewhat shockeu since we had only casually mentioned we might stop by for an hour or two and had not even told him what day much less what time we would come. He was just as surprised as we were though because actually lie was waiting ior his wife and family, not the Chris- chilles'. In tact, they didn't arrive until three ferries later but in the meantime, we had a brief tour of the island. We've been vacationing with the kids for seven years now and I don I think we have started a single trip without that familiar question from the youngest, in this case 8-year old Sara, as we pull out of the Algona city limits: "How much farther is it?" And by the time you arrive home you have unconsciously, memorized just exactly what flavor of milkshake each will order, what they will want on their hamburger and who wants french fries. What did the touring family do before the drive- in? Or the motel swimming pool? A friend told us once, referring to children, that "Once they've seen one pine tree and one lake, they've seen them all!" This is so true. Whereas mom and dad marvel over the beauties of a particularly enchanting view of the pines and lakes, the kids could care less. But recalling my own father's classic statement 25 years ago, "Get your heads out of the comic books and look at the mountains", we enjoy the scenery by ourselves and leave the youngsters to their own entertainments. Mri. J«rt«At*i ward Nil* *t th* w5. Evangelical and Sufidny. Roger City took theifi Sunday morning returning horn* that Averting. . • • . , .ij^V. Betty Meriog, St. Paid, Visited at tha parental Harold Hettog over the weekend; • Mrs. Glen Burrow was admit' ted to the Buffalo Center hospl* tal on Thursday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Menke are the parents of a girl bt»rti at the Holy Family hospital in EB- therville Friday. She weighed 6 Ib. 8 oz. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Cassefli and family of Rosemount, Minn., were last weekend guests of his mother, Mrs. Mary Cassem and Palmer in Lakota, On Sunday a picnic was held at the Walter Schaumberg home at Rake with Mrs. Cassem and Palmer, the Jerry Cassems, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Madetzke and Julie, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Blome and family, Mrs. Lloyd Jorgensoti attend- ng. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jorgenson and girls, Mrs. Alan Loucke nd boys and Mrs. Roger Ber ow were there. Mrs. Lillian Brack and Mickey Miller returned home Sunday af er spending several days with Roger Brack at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. They made the trip by plane. Mr. Miller has now left or Washington, D. C., where he will work with the government. Rev. Victor Vriesen, Howard Rlinksiek and Irvin Brandt at- , . tended the 50th anniversary of j visit his mother, Mrs. Pearl Bartoe ordination of the Rev. Ed- ber. PARIS MINER of the Algona airport holds his hat as the helicopter shown in the photo above starts to rev up the long blades for take-off. Five choppers stopped at the local airport Saturday, July 30 for refueling on their way to Camp Ripley in Minnesota. Several Algonans drove to the airport to get a closer look at the machines which were from the Davenport reserve unit. Exclusive Advance Photo by Mike Stillman. Former Bode girl married in California BY THOMAS f.O'HAHA Chttrmin. •oard of Trust National Allocation of Invtttmtnt Clubi Bode—Karen Ann Skaugstad, daughter of the Earl Skaugstads, Compton, Calif., and James Roy Farquhar, son of the James A. Farquhars, also of Compton, were married in a double ring ceremony at Bethel Lutheran church in Long Beach. The Rev. Frank Wilcox officiated. The maid of honor was Lynne Stockwell. Bridesmaids were Toni Held and Carol Farquhar. The best man was Charles Roark. Jack Colby and Gerald Carlson were ushers and candlelighters. Volcalist was Sandra Hays, accompanied on the organ by Mrs. Gladys Hendrikson. He is now serving in the Nar tional Guard and working for Seal j$ack Paiftn^Gp. in Orange ;ounty. They will live in Long Jeach. The Earl Skaugstads are former Bode residents. She has visit ed in Bode a number of times and has a number of relatives in the Bode area, including her grandparents, the Harold Skaug- stads, Bode, and her great grandmother, Mrs. Caroline Telford, Ottosen. Q. I've been reading some increasingly pessimistic things about the stock market, that the economy is getting "overheated," that stocks are too high in proportion to their earnings. The whole point of all these articles seems to be that an investor should sell. Do you agree? A. No, I don't. I think on the whole maintaining one's investments is the best policy. We do have inflation, which is a part of our "overheated" economy, but inflation is a reason to stay in the market, rather than get out How can you stay even with climbing costs unless your in come has a chance of climbing with them? 1 can't agree that stocks are too high in proportion to their earnings. Certainly, some are Some stocks are always too high a certain number of investors invariably get carried away by the excessive publicity that is accorded to a few favored firms 1 But stocks in general show a i pretty sensible ratio of price tc earnings. Many, many stock have price earnings ratios in tlu range from 10:1 to 15:1—anc that is not bad, even if earning should come down, wobably will not get any more eturn from them immediately nan you are getting from your Humboldt man wins golf title at Bancroft Bode By Mrs. Roland M. Olton Mrs. panied Pearl Barber accom- her daughter, the Wm. Mayers Jr. family of Whittemore to Clear Lake Sunday for the annual Barber reunion. About 50 persons attended. The Dick Barbers, Columbus, Ohio, are expected this week to New 10,500-Bushel Behlen Storage Tank Erected near Algona —t v MOVE TO HAMPTON The Leonard Millers moved last week to Hampton where he will be county superintendent for a tri-county area composed of Bremer, Butler and Franklin counties. A number of courtesies were extended the Miller family before their departure, including a morning coffee at the Imperial Cafe for Mrs. Miller by the Bode Woman's club. A gift was presented from the club. A neighborhood birthday club held a picnic for the Millers at the Bode park. The Twin Rivers Education Assn. also presented a gift. Ready now! The remarkable HONQA SUPER QO AND Alt OTHER MODUS • Sizzling sport version of the popular Honda 90, Top performance, sleek new design, remarkably low price. See the Super 90 today at NORTH IOWA APPLIANCE CENTER HONDA DIVISION 310 £, STATE,,ALGONA,,PHONE: 395-3818.;.'' CIRKS REUNION The annual Cirks reunion was held July 31 at the rural Bode home of the Don Aures with 75 present, Towns represented were Bartonsville, 111., St. Ansgar, Manson, Palmer, Gilmore City, Humboldt and other towns in the Bode area. The next reunion will be at Harold Moss's, 'aimer. The late Mrs. Anton Janen was the former Miss Orks, er children attending from the •ode area were the Don Aures, lax Jensens and Don Bakkens. our balance of payments to foreign countries. Right now more U. S. money is leaving the country than we have foreign cash coming in. A stepping-up of the war in Vietnam, or outbreak of a war any place else in the world would make this balance of payment problem more lopsided, and could precipitate a money problem harmful to investing. But consider this: If you were to sell your stocks, what would you do with the money? If the stocks of General Motors, or A. T. & T., or United States Steel are a "dangerous" investment, what would be safe? Dale Hayes of Hujnboldt won ^ ^ ___ the championship flight in the savings account, but"you will en- Invitational Golf Tournament at oy the possibility of future high-. the North Kossuth Golf Course • at Bancroft Sunday. The four top finishers in the championship flight all receiving prizes were Hayes, Benny Bennett, Chuck Moran and Bill Engstler. Participating in the championship fligiht 66-year-old Dr. J. B.' Harris, Sr., of Algona, stole the hearts of the spectators as he finished in fifth place. He nosed out his son, Dr. J. B. Harris Jr., an Algona dentist, by two strokes. Dr. Harris Sr. is retired but assists his son in his prac^ tice. He thrilled the crowd here Sunday, with 225 and 250 yard drives straight down the fairway continuing for three rounds of play, matching his younger competitors. Another old timer, though young at golf, is 69 year old Herman Dreesman of Algona, who has played the game only five years but was one of the fourth flight winners. There were 164 golfers participating in the all day tournament, played on a day perfect for golfing. Benny Bennett of Livermore shot a 31 in his last nine holes er dividends, inasmuch as nearly all stock of top quality com- janies show a general tendency ;o increase in value over the years. Looking for ways to perk up member interest in your investment club? Mr. O'Hara can give you ideas. Write to T. E. O'Hara, Chairman, National Association of Investment Clubs, Department S, Box 1056, Detroit, Michigan 48231, enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. 4-H News UNION ALETHEANS The Union Alethean girls 4-H club held their annual achievement show on Friday, July 22, at the Civic Center at 7 p.m. The judges were Mrs. Looft and Mrs. Gerber. The winners in the style revue were: juniors, Holly Haas; intermediate, Kathy Han- We do have a problem, too, in sen; and seniors, Linda Dodds. During the afternoon meeting Georgia Leigh gave a demonstra- The above picture shows the new 10,500-bushel Behlen Storage Tank recently erected on the Francis Froehlich farm east of Algona. This x new storage unit was placed beside the Behlen 10,000-bushel Drying Tank for easy transfer cf grain from the drying tank to storage. The new storage tank has flush floor aeriation, fan and auger tube. FOR YOUR STORAGE OR DRYING, SEE ... Taylor Implement "Your Grain Harvesting and Drying Headquarters" South Phillips Street ALGONA ,«»•»»•»»»»»»»»»»»»••«•»»+»»»*+»«*»+»»+*»+*+»**+* The Miles Helmans and Mick ielmans, Winona, Minn., have eturned after a week at the daughter. Dr. Ralph Aasheims, reen Mointain, near Denver, Colo. The Dennis Andersons and Robert Algoes left Thursday on a two weeks fishing trip at Wine Lake, Ontario, Canada. The Basil Brocks are vacation- ng in northern and western states. Mrs. Henry Welter and Joe spent a week recently at Larry Welters, Winona, Minn. Mrs. Welter helped care for the new grandson, Tod Mickele, The Dick Mathesons and Art Hansons were guests at the Johnson House, Algona, last Wednesday. A reunion of the decendants of the John and Andrew Aure families was held July 31 at Soldier Park, Rochester, Minn., with 64 present. Hartvick Aure of Cudahy, Calif., came the greatest distance. The Torkel Aures, Bode, and Vic Reeds, Hubbard, also attended. Q. I am 62. My husband is a semi-invalid. I plan to retire at 65. With my husband's social security and my own, plus a small pension from my present ob, we will then have about >300 a month. Our home will be >aid for and we should have about $10,000 in savings. Can you please advise me as to what to nvest in? I do not understand anything about stocks, bonds or any sort of investment except banks and savings and loan organizations which pay only about 4Vi percent. I feel we need more income than that. IRVINGTON IDEALS Irvington Ideals achievement day was held July 29 at the Extension office, Algona. Judges were Mrs. Gertrude Gutkenecht, Lakota, and Mrs. Ervin Gerber, Algona. Winners in the style review were Juniors, Kathy Bern- hald, alternate, Alebra Youngs- worth; Intermediates, Mary Harig, alternates Debbie Pecoy and Francis Jenkinson. Senior, Sharon Hix, alternate, Racheal Jenkinson. The club will have a picnic at Clear Lake August 10. DEAN'S LIST Frances Eason and Jon J. Put nam, both of Algona, were •among 350 full time students who qualified for the dean's honor list at Mankato State college by earning a grade point of 3.1 or better. They are graduate students at the college. on the Bancroft course in three years of operation. He finished n second place. Swea Eagle Mrs. Kenneth Brones Miss Wanda Hovland became the bride of John Evans, who has a teaching position in Puerto Rico. The Merle Lockwoods, Lawrence Hantelmans, and the Neil Aharts of Belle Fourche, S. D., enjoyed a picnic supper at the Swea City Reynolds park Saturday evening. Largest PAID circulation Advertise in the Advance flick switches... A. Keep one thing in mind: in investing, the general rule is that the higher the rate of return you receive, the higher the risk you are running with your money. It is difficult to get a higher rate of return in any stock or bond than you can obtain on a savings account without increasing your risk. There is, however, one thing that stocks do offer that is very important in our inflation slant ed economy. That is the opportunity for growth, both in the value of your investment and in increased income in the form of higher dividends. With your 'house free and clear, your social security, pension and medicare for health emergencies, you have your basic needs pretty well covered. Thus you might buy shares in a good utility or oil company with at (least part of your $10,000. You POUR GOODNESS BY THE GLASSFUL-MILK Family Milk delivers delicious flavor, nutritious goodness. We deliver milk, and other fine dairy products. Order regularly. / COOP -hi H sv i iv set dials... Milk Means a Healthier, Happier push buttons ... and modern, low-cost electricity serves you magically, every day, 24 hours a day, all year round. Algona Municipal Utilities ITVA •., v,..j-, •« •^ .IE*

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