The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on July 25, 1894 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 25, 1894
Page 1
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ALGONA, KOSSUTM COtJMTY, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JULY 25, 1394. KO. 4S. FINE CROCKERY! We have just L adtied to our Grocery Btock a ^to*taUbp*ttniti$al china semi-porcelain, plain white and decorated Crockery, which we will be pleased to show to everyone who likes to look at nice dishes. MLZ. GROVE & SON. House Grocerjh- Arabroae A. Call, D. H. Hutchins, Wm. K. Ferguson. C. D. Smith, President. Vice-Pros. Cashier. Ass't, Cash. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK, ALGON A, IO WA/ ; < CAPITAL, $5O,OOO. Money on hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties -who furnish first-class security Directors — J>. H. Hutching, S. A. Ferguson, Philip Dorweiler, W. F. Curter, Ambrose A. Call, R. H, Spencer, Wm. K, Ferguson. CASH CAPITAL— ssaqoo.oo. *OFFIOERS AND DIREOTORS,**^^-- £. T), Clarke, Fres.. Q.<3, Chubb, Vice Pies.. . , , • ' '-ThoaJH. Lanti-y. Cashier, ' ' "' '<J«o. It Galbralth, -,.» v<i- V •> W.O.Tyrrell, ' "~ tioohenclc, ...'j-'tw^,™* *»••«• •••.jeff 1 *- , • , F. Gooke. <' *';. r * • ..<~"V^* Interest Paid for Time Deposits. ; , ,' I6w».' GENERAL BANKIJMQ- s • I V' ' " . • „•'••" • ' "• Private Safety Deposit Vault?,,/ , / W. H. President. • J. B. jrfrnes, ' { /ke^is H. Smith,' ^ Vice President. " Cashier. Kossuth County State Bank. ALGONA. lOT^A. •*' *. CAPITAL $5O,OOO. ness transacted, rassaee IICKOIS HI or iromino-uiu tjoumneB »i"u anowesi raius. Directors—W. H. fnghatn, John G. Smith, J. B. Jones, T. Ohrischlllea, Lewis B. Smith, J. W. Wadsworth. Barnet Devine, ABSTRACTSJJF TITLE! 'If you need./an Abstractor Title to your land; Itwiufpay you to have an experienced Abstractor do the work. The value of an Abstract depends entirely upon the financial responsibility of the firm 'certifying to the same, as they are held responsible tor errors. We have had •twenty-five year* o! experience In this kind of business and guarantee our work. Our books , are complete and kept posted to date. Give us a call, . JONES & SMITH. ; REPAIRING NEATLY DONE, Lacy's Old^taud, opposite Ten»a»t House, f, ALOONA, IOWA.' , ; (Swcoes^pr tq .O'NIeU * QettyHBeaier In LUMKBB, LIME, CEMENT, STUCCO, AND AU KINDS OF BUILDING MATERIAL, s't receded; a'eartoadoj tUeDestoipAW posw, 'Gome and, looHthem' over be|ore b«ying. gsr$e4 »V*W »»4 WJnaows tbatl will make up to -jflt any size wjndpir, - XOTO rssp§o«u»y , F, 8 , 1, IMP MpH ^pClflli!' Tipffli ,*^r i^r liiirwipll» KpP KEEP COOL. Oh. never mliirt hcrft hot It Is; Keep Cool. Just wear a pleasant, smiling phiz; Keep cool. yon'fc fret, and fuss, and kick, and stew. As If tlio joys of life Were few. This weather's pood enough for you: Keep cool, ii It ought to bei hot lh July: Keep cool. Of course you know the reason Why; Keep cool The corn and things nave got to grow; Warm wenther helps them on you know; The universe must haVe a show; Keep ctol. Ill .Tnat take things easy for a while; Keep cool. Don't try to put on to much stylo; . Keopcool. Wear outing shirts, if you're a man Tf not. do Jttst the best yxm can. You'll find this Is the wisest plan; Keep cool. DEBS OF THE A. R. U. I am Dobs. Red Debs. And! don't give a snap Of iny flngnr Nor a continental Nor a cuss i Nor a tinker's dam, Nor any other thing For the U. S. Or the American Union Or any other Union •Except my Un ion '• ' Which is the Union- The American Railroad Union. I am sui generis . • , And what I say Is ox-cathedra And goes Because I say it. I sat on my throne And as I sat I felt my oats. I longed for glory And For power And f6r «, chance to talk And t,o get into the papers And incidentally To hang on To the soft snap I've got, And so I said strike, And my subjects bowed down And struck as one man— 'Tha't's what! tell you That's power. And old Roderick Dhu .Ainjtinit .'1 guess, that just now People think And that I've given Your old Uncle Sain A case of internal colic That'll double bim up Quick. And if 'he tries To call me " Or mine ' , Down. . • There'll be blood Blood by the'btfcket * Way- abo ve tho bridles., < s ; •i bbeie won' " f , ' •Not muctt' I'm no fodl- •An41, know enough To'go In ^vhen it raina. -What's that? Olney ( Attorney General, Olney May make lA hot , . / Forme! * • l ! ' Eor me. Debs, DebaoftheA. E.U. Me guilty pf treason? Or of conspiracy Against thfe U.S. And Inter State'commerce And of inciting To riot To violence • -•• And to murder? Well now I must smile I really must What doTypu think I'm here for? ' JJet Olney come on I ain't scared ' ' Not a,biti Haven't I tied up roadsr Put up the price of meats And food generally > s . And made Uio poor nmnj? doll Buy less .a * x r%/^ Thanitdj4? Well I giffiss, ,'' f • ,»; i If Olney h ; ,' • ', Wants tq'^get after me ' B^t lijm Qprne, , Only ;j Let aim remember I ain't dppe no * Harmful-aQt. I've simply'bossed And talfiqd, '-' And }f any .o^e Has got to bQ'punished Heoughtp'tto get after me, But after .tbe fellera A"s done the tnlngs. 1 1 ain't done, nothing Except tQ" sit back Safe and easy And draw my pay, And sorter, stir thjqgs up 'Cause that's my way, , For I am Pebs Bed Deps. ar P'ditgr'See? it After » There we a g?§ati farmers have tnoVed to town aiid live in elegant houses. The toWtt of Stdbghton has built up more in ita tes- idfihce than iti its business districts of late years. It has a system of water- 1 \vc*KS by means of which the lawns af|'beautifled ( afld electric lights con- ttiBute to the attractiveness of the towft. There nre Watty elegattt resid* eflbes, and the lawns and streets are Well kept. Stotlghtott is made famous by|he Msitidt wagons, the extensive works of which are there located. Tbe pdpulation is almost wholly Horweg- ifttf. It was largely so from the start. Tl{6 country districts are largely set- tledby the same thrifty race. When an American moves to town a Norwegian is pretty sure to take his farm and mdke lots of money out of It. Farmers sell readily there for $100 to 125 per actfe. Drottthy conditions have prevailed in Dane county for quite a num- bdif of years, and this season has been one of the dryest ever experienced there. There were fine showers in Rutland Thursday afternoon, and the rain fell steadily nearly all the night. See Orr on questions of paint. Clear Lake Park, Iowa, Season of 1894. A fine program has been arranged for this most popular of Northern Iowa summer resorts, including lectures by some of America's most noted speakers; gospel meetings led by the most popular divines of the nation; camp meetings, band concerts, and numerous other attractions which will be announced from time to time. The An- nUal Musical Festival will beunderthe direction of Prof. W. S. Weeden of New York City. .The Hotel Oaks, built in 1893, will be open to the public May 16th. This Hotel is large and commodious, built after the most approved plan for summer hotels, and managed by men who know the wants of their guests. For the annual encampment of Sons of-yeternns, U. S. A,, to be held at Da*enport. la., Aug. 20th to 24th, excursion tickets will be sold by the C. MV& St. P. Ry. at fare and one-third fojPthe round trip. LADIES' WAISTS v crops tbw'e this, jjrQMtbj atei IB fine CWHU+I^H. *«« «ju* to eojoysd |'<*^9Hrat'. 4wv©. tte^Mh HuttaBd tQwftaWP^»^%« A»d was surprised tQ floA efoprw. g^itfi, 89 P*°Msjogv f^e m* m$ wSftpfli wife .mMfMimmi - WM. SMITH $ PUTS IN •-T TILIN©, AND > ,does ail^inds of ditch wbr&."'J. hare naa an experience of ten years at this'work andguarantee satisfaction In every respect. Call or address. WM. SMITH, Algona, Iowa. GEO. W. HUNTER, Good Big for Commercial and Business men furnished on short notice, StaaW. Bred Trote and Pacers FOR SALE OR TRADE. Thorlnsrton street, South of Hotel Tennant. , Iowa, W.L. DOUGLAS SnvX ^%V1^JI* ...-.'_. NO SQUEAKING. 45. CORDOVAN, FRENCH&ENAMELLEDCALF. -AT- 29 Cents -ALSO- AT l.OO. y BETTER VALUE THAN BEFORE_ Jas. Taylor. See Them and You want Them!. Price Them and You Buy Them! The Finest and Most — Complete Assortment of, r< New and Popular f 1 'A;JFI/je Line of New Novelties, also the Leading. Standard ""'' * and Children^ ........ \., • G !S d ,® 8 J n . FOOTWEAR 'ALQONA, YOU WILJ* FIND .AT BRCfWNELL & ALLRB9, V \ « y * i •>•, : ,v v \ \ You i Beam, adverUi the valJ the boB _»SEND FOR CATALOGUE RUM** DOUGLAS, BROCKTON, MASS, aave money by.purcbasinif \V, IM J)oug|n9 fsliooBf - ' , we are the largest manufacturers of t»»!^«a3^J!^j.MjR!S!ff%S' a U torn work in style, easy fitting »n4 juaUUes, We Jjave.tbem sold eyery» tower prices for the value given toan • Take pojwbstitttte. If y9W ), Algona, SHERIFFS Noti; special of the again? ' is hereby given that by virtue of a ixecntlon, to me divectea by the Olerfc t of Kp§su(h county, lows, chattels. Jagds, tenements, l 1 ? Ol %» rd »»" d rtenpn{. jn"f»vpr s'La,u& Trust.Oo-s .plaintiff, i wH dale, tp tHfl MtK««< attlje doproltfie iff. If you find yourself in need d'£ New Carpets, Curtains, Portieres, and Draperies;, Rugs, Mats, Carpet Sweepers, Curtain Poles, Etc. REMEMBER^- ' The Grange Stprfe Offers you the Largest * The Best - V ' C*'^ - •'* '4"H« t,.. ,;;?S • •«. -1* ;?•'.-?« • • <"'%£ » V"' M *ft , , r >^'T> .-;. M i.(i,\' 1 -.."i-W H-,t«', 'ill fe^Si V". ^^ tt*>i ' , .,- TTERSQN & B "O ,*4^* * lfp|^ TOW^^ ^P^tM' aJpBk^^*^ 1 ,^* ^^- H.. '' * Al rtrt*MA ' Il a *\AAA'^ J '' > ""V '^'f 4t :' ^w ^, T?j , rr ^r. jr ^,Y,'"^'T "P?T?j?^ftfy|()^Ryit7'«|P>}RJ^^ « «m\Mj^^dmmpM(i£ maze and invite our friends to call, and aea ui

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