The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on July 18, 1894 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 18, 1894
Page 8
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f. BANCROFT NEWS. FARMERS ATTEHTIOH the JPlace to get Youf Meals when ifl Town is at the FARMER'S HOTEL. ji good square meed for 25 BOAKD BY THE DAY AND WEEK, £. TALLMAN, PrdDrietor, BAKCROFT, IOWA, JULY 18,1894, At the hotel formerly Stahl's Hotel. I am prepared to furnish the best of board a reasonable rates by the day or week. t^-warm Meals for Farmers a specialty. G. C. OSTRANDER, BANCROFT, IOWA. Conducted by Ji A* FfecH- Chicago & Nor tli«W«steirtt B*y» NORTH SOtTTH Mixed 9 Ham Mixed......••••60|pm tray freight.... i 1 43am way freight.... 8 15am passenger 4 08pm passenger 205pm NEWS OF THE TOWN, MONEY! On Real Estate. HOX1E & BRUNSON. DRAIN TILE! -AT,00 PER M, GARS AT ALGONA, TIlis is cheaper than they are retailed at tho factories. Don't fail to call on , Hamilton & Go. Before buying your Brick, Tile, Stone or Sewer Pipe ; and remember that they sell all kinds of Hard Wood ],nmber. Picket Fencing, Felt Roofing ami Payer at Bed Book Prices. Bancroft and Burt will cross bats at Bancroft on Tuesday, July 24th, in a game of base ball for $35 a side. Game will be called at 1 o'clock. Admission to the grounds, 15c, It will be a good game of ball. Bancroft is ready to play tho Swea City and Forest City combination a game of ball for $25 a side if they (Bancroft) will be permitted to import players. Gus. Fcnskc, the Whittemore barber, was on the street last Monday shaking hands with old friends. It is a wonder that the West Bend Jour* nal and Algona Courier cannot quit springing that old gag about Harvey Ingham's prospective marriage. Harvey is'all right and will get married when ho feels so disposed. And now since Hanna and Chubb have quit their big war on paper in the DCS Moincs Valley News, all is quiet on the Des Moines. Sam Davison is learning the printer's trade in the Register office. Sam is a smart boy and will make a first-class printer if he applied himself. L. A. Barslou and Chas. Martin have gone into the haying business together. Quite a number of Bancroftites attended tho races at Britt last week and the Cooper horses from Ledyard took more than their share of the pui scs. J. E. Russell talks of putting on an addition to his residence. Tho State Bank people moved into their new quarters in the corner brick building last week. G. F. Barslou is spending his vacation working insurance. BertStreater and lady, of Armstrong, were imlie city last Monday and Tuesday. Jas. McLaughlii went to LuVorne to visit with his parents yesterday. Miss May Yost visited with her relatives near Wesley last week. Glen Davison was out mowing for Jay Grover in Portland township one day last week and in some way the flies caused the Shorty Beard was ufc from Burt yesterday, negotiating for a game of ball to be played at Bancroft between Bancroft and Burt, next Tuesday. G. L. Sawn and family visited with Scv. Hawn and family at Burt last Sunday. Rev. Clafcp, the missionary of the Fort Dodge Presbytery, spoke to a good audience at the Baptist clnirch last Sunday evening. Tho Baptists observed tho ordinance of Baptism at Greenwood last Sunday. Three were baptized. Harvest is in full blast and oats are turning out better than was expected. Mr. Kinncy, formerly of Algona, who lived in the extreme south part of town, had the misfortune to lose his residence by fire last Saturday afternoon. The cause of the fire was unknown. There was insurance of $400 an the dwelling and contents. Bancroft's many haymakers are all very busy. horse to jerk the neck-yoke down and the horse backed into tho sickle bar and cut off his leg. The horse had to be killed and was a valuable animal. D. F. Tallinan and family moved into their new hotel at Buffalo Center last Monday. They moved over from this pi ace by team. J. M. Farley Is at the lakes attending to his summer cottage which Mr. Harpstir is building. Mr. and Mr*. Cormody spent Sunday in Emmetsbtirg. Uncle George Boyle is back from Benver fat and hearty as ever. We understand he talked of selling out here, but We know that was zephyr exclusively; zeph- yrihg for the benefit of tJenverites. George couldn't leave Whittemore if he watt ted to, because Whlttemoro Wouldn't allow It* Mrs. Weisbeck started Monday for Brownsdale to visit a son. Oefterftt ttfcfc««N>tfft StAtttfc. ¥he national capital i§ to bate ftfi equeatrtan statue of Genetal Hancofok. It is td be (ft heroic si2e afitt will be Set tip in the reservation in Petmsyltahia fttentte betweeti Seventh and Eighth AMES IS LOCATED. Says the Forest City Summit: Tho Bancroft correspondent for the ALGONA REPUBLICAN in writing up tho game between that town and Swea City says, that tho latter town mot the Bancroft team "with five of the best players from the Forest City learn and Ames, the Minneapolis Western Leagne pitcher." Said correspondent is wrongly informed in regard to "our Jim." Mr. Ames is a Forest City boy who was born and raised in this town and has never lived anywhere else. He never pitched for the Minneapolis team and never played with any league, except the college league in which he pitched for the Iowa College team for a few games last season. But all the same Ames can play ball like six or seven and Bancroft is not entitled to the discovery of tho fact, for there are at least fifty other towns in Iowa and Minnesota that could testify to the same thing. The Bancroft Insurance Agency. The Only one in Kossuth County. J. A. Freeh, Proprietor. CRESCO. farmers have corn- Companies Represented. Phoenix of Hartford. Fire Association, Philadelphia. State Insurance Co., of Des Moines. Capital Insurance Co., of Des Moines. Merchants and Bankers, of Des Moines. Anchor of Creston. Dubuque Fire and Marine, Dubuque. Standard Life and Accident. Equitable Life. Equitable Life Assurance Soc'y of theU.S Northwestern National of Milwaukee. If your Policy needs changing or fixing up, I can do it for you no matter what panv you are insured in, Correspondence solicited. Nearly all of tho menced harvesting. Mr. M. Boardwell, the buttermaker of Irvington, rides in a fine new carriage now days. Misses Cora and Edith Reed, of Algona, spent Sunday at M. D. L. Parsons. Sam McClellan, of Algona, visited in our neighborhood Sunday. Miss Bertha Tellier spent a few days at J. R. Button's last week. Frank Bamsey shipped his fat cattle Monday. The Juvenile Templars Lodge, of Algona, held a picnic in C. C. Chubb's woods, Thursday. A good time i i reported by all. Miss Julia Turner is visiting at the home of Mr. Clark's and Mr. Johnson's. WESLEY O, how much longer have we got to wait for rain? There will bo no saving of the grass crop by letting it stand longer* The grass on the Uplands will burn now in in places. It is no trouble to luake hay while the sun shines this year, and the sooner the better. With a few Rood showers the corn crop will be fine. Mrs. Davidson and Miss McCutchen, of Wisconsin, wore visiting their uncle here, Hugh McCutchen, last week. Miss Jennie Pettibone, our popular school ma'am, was here last week visiting visiting her old friends, who are always glad to see her. A goodly number of Wesley people Went to Britt last Saturday to see the races, which were very good. Ida M. of Ledyard, took first money in the running race. And say 1 she is a daisy, but she was worked too hard while there. Mrs. F. Eddy spent Monday and Tuesday in Algona on business and pleasure combined. Gold Dust Prince, of Clear Lake, took first money in tho trotting race and did it nicely. F. A. Corey's Victor V. took second, and A. S. White took third money. Last Sunday three men, judging from appearances, took plenty of Paddy's eye water and went into Sam Grove's barn and were having aloud time. The Marshal was sent for, and when he came he had his hands full, but was equal to the emergency. One of tho parties was out some time time trying to buy or borrow a "pop." He said tb.e dogs troubled him nights very much and he wanted to shoot them. He asked quite a number for a number for a "pop" and told them tho same story, but all were satisfied that it was tho Marshal's scalp that he was after, and would not let him have any weapons of any kind. One of the parties was taken to Algona Monday by the Deputy Sheriff. Justice should bo meted out to suclrmen. Mied Beatfiofc&attaden, theafitfcof of •'Ships That Pte6 1ft the NignV* ip*t ibe iise of her rlghi hand some tiffie ago through entire failure of the ulna* hetfe consentient fipon otefattain ifl wf iting and 'tfellb playing, She is a yottng woih- an of literal education, aS a eritieai e*< amitiati6a of he¥ Writings easily dis* •THE HANCOCK STATUE, streets. The design selected is by Henry J. Ellicott of Washington and represents General Hancock as he appeared at the battle of Gettysburg. The statue will bo about half again as large as life. The figure of General Hancock, if erect, would be about 9 feet in height* and the horse will measure about 0 feet in length through the body. The height of the pedestal will be 18 feet. It will ( be of granite, admirably proportioned, With rich carving on each side. General Coxey's Wife and Baby. General J. S. Coxey, the political pilgrim who has filled such a large place in the public eye of late, has a very interesting family to sustain and encourage him by their sympathy. Mrs. Coxey says that when her husband first COm- Creamery and Threshing Machine Insurance a Specialty. J. J±. FiRElOH, Bancroft, Iowa,, ft. M.Ulchmond, fres. B, P. Smith, Vibe Pres. A. B. Richmond, Cas tiler. 0, J. Lenander, Ass't, Oasli. Farmers' & Traders' Savings Bank BANCROFT, IOWA, t incorporated under the laws of the State of Iowa. None but borne capital inverted. Authorize' 1 capital $floooo. Foreign and domestic exchange boughr and sold, and a general .banking business transacted. Special attention given to collections. Insurance writtei tickets to and from Europe. JHKISOTOB8—B, M. Richmond, N. E. Mayne.C. E, Mallory, J. N. Sheridan. attention given to collections. Insurance written. Steamship Sheridan, A, B. Richmond, B, F. Smith, Samuel Land, Loan, and Insurance Agency, JSetablished 188J. A large list at wild lauds for sale. Improved farms and village property for sole or rent. Farm loans on long time and low rates of interest. Offices at Bancroft and Swea City, Jowa. R, M, RICHMOND. FENTON. Farmers are all getting in a hurry for harvest. Mr. Hal. Pettibone, our butter maker, has a sore arm nowadays. He has induced Ed. Chrischilles to take his place in running the creamery. J. Haas has his new house nearly completed. Mrs. Hyer is on the sick list. Dr. Felling, of Whittemore, was on our streets Tuesday and Saturday. A. Hayenga has a new self-binder. Ho says it is a dandy. The Young Folks' Epworth League will have a program July 22, at the German M. E. Church. Don't miss it. It will be interesting. : Wm. Weisbrod will soon receive his new BUFFALO FORK. Miss Cassie Mclnroe closed her summer term of school last Thursday. J, A, Freeh, of Bancroft, was in Portland on business last Monday. Ed. Bartlett, T, A. Butterfleld and F. Fox were visitors at the hub Monday. J. W. Stott is entertaining relative from Humboldt. Willie Gnderian is helping Pete Govern in his harvest. Grace Smith, Emma Jain, Nettie Owen and Myrtle all close their summer terms of school this week. Geo, Hawn, accompanied by his wife, Dan and sister, attended church in Bufialo Fork last Sunday, Mr. Belknap has invested in a new threshing machine. Kf.tie Gammon has returned from Ma'' son City, Her sister and family came with her for a visit with relatives here. T. B. Reibsamen is doing some carpen* penter work this week for Mr.Eddy, QALL AT THE OFFICE OF THE COMING INSTITUTE. Beginning August Gtli and Continuing Two Weeks. Tho 30th annual session of the Kossuth County Teachers' Institute will begin Monday, August 6th, 1894, and continue two weeks. FACULTY, ETC. Supt. B. F. Reed, conductor; school law. , • Prof. J. S. Shoup, didactics, rhetoric, grammar. Prof. W. H. Dixson, algebra, arithmetic. Prof. G. F. Barslou, history, reading. Miss M. Rowena Morse, geography, physiology. Hon. Orlando H. Baker, lecturer, Tuesday evening, August 7. Rev. E. P. McElroy, lecturer, Thursday evening August 9. Rev. W. E. Davidson, lecturer, Monday evening, August 13. Prof. W. M. R. French, chalk talk, Thursday evening, August 16. At the formal opening Tuesday evening, August 7, Willie M. Galbraith of Algona, will deliver the address of welcome and Miss Carrie Goodwin of Burt, will respond for the teachers, Friday and Saturday, August 17th and 18th, general examinations will be held, Under a recent ruling all teachers not in attendance will be required to take the full examination, To meet the expenses of the session no teacher will be excused from attending with out the payment of the enrollment fee of $1,00. The certificates of all teachers not members of the institute will expire April 1,1895. All teachers should be present at 8 o'clock a, m., Monday, August 6th, with a full supply of text books. B, F, REED, Go, Supt, LOW BATES TO LACJBOSSE, v On account of the ^i-Annual Saen- gerfest of the Northwestern Saengpr- bund, at La Crowe, Wis,, My mh to tittSS BEATRICE HARRABEN. c"overB. She has the degree of bachelor of arts from the London university and took especially high rank in mathematics and the classics. She is an ardent advocate of the higher education for woman and an earnest supporter of the right of her Bex to the ballot. Miss Harradon recently came to America for her health and means to write another book while in California. An Able Lawyer. A rare and most distinguished honor was conferred upon Joseph H. Choate, the eminent New York lawyer, when he was elected president of the constitutional convention of tho Empire State. Mr. Choate is regarded as tho most ver- MBS. COXEY AND LEGAL TENDER, told her of his purpose to march to Washington she laughed at the idea, but when she saw he was really in earnest she acquiesced in the plan and now expresses enthusiastic confidence in his scheme for good roads and lots of money. Mrs. Coxey is a tall brunette, quiet and sensible, who is more interested in housewifely arts than in the mysteries of political economy. Just now she is engrossed in the care of a pudgy baby boy about 8 months old who rejoices in the name of Legal Tender. He Leads the Miners. , President John MoBride of the United Mine Workers of America, at whose order 300,000 coal miners recently quit work with ono accord, is the executive head of one of the most powerful labor unions in the United States. He began to work in the Ohio coal mines when he was only 9 years of age and at 16 JOSEPH H. CHOATE. satile lawyer at the New York bar. He is equally at home in any civil court, a military court martial, a maritime legal contest, an/ international controversy, and is, in factf'ah'exceptionally able "all around lawyer?'' 'He attends to the court work of the big law find of which ex-Senator Evarts is the head and does little office-work. He was born in Salem, Mass., on Jan. 24, 1882. "Old Sleuth, the Detective." The real name of "Old Sleuth," the writer of detective stories, is Harland Page Halsey. He began writing for a cheap weekly story paper under' his famous pen name over 20 years ago, As a very young man he had literary aspira- was admitted Miners' union, to membership in tne He had been a member uuuw, »i/ i«* V>I,USPO, tup,, jwij *r,v* v; ?15fcb, thp North-Wesfcean kme will sell CITY LAND AND TOWN LOT 00, and Farm BURT. W. C. Dansou, of Algona, was on onr streets Friday. Mr.H. Butler, father of Mrs. 13, K.stam living north of Emmetsbwg, drove over to Buvt Saturday, returning Sunday. Deacon Bailey, of Algona, was inBurt Monday- Miss Rosa Wright, of Algcna> is visiting her Uncle west of town, Fred Corey, of Wesley, was jn Burt pne day last week with one of his fast horses, C. S, Coffin bad a horse that could Corey's and It was worth fa him $25 of Corey's money. ThelJnrt creamery is a popular and money waking affair under the manage went of excursion Wefceti-j to La Crosse at greatly reaqcea rates, .For elates of sale, limits of tickets, etc,, apply to Ageqts OWeago & North* Western R'y. Excursion rates fop various conven« tions to be held at Denver, Col, Bate, via 0. M, & st. f . By., and Sioux City, wil} be $81.88 for the round trip* of the union for 18 years when, in 1883 he was unanimously elected its president, which position fte filled for four successive years. Mr, Mopride takes an active interest in Ohio politics, He represented Stark ootwty in tne legislature to 1883 and 1885, Governor Campbell appointed him state commissioner of labor, and in 1886 he was the Pemo* oratio candidate for -secretary of state- He is a native of OMo and vras fcoro w Wayne county July P, J8H UJIUJILJ J JC/'H-i',- lUl, 1 U'HHIM~'"l """ SteeJrtnr Wge's Swwwwi Patton, J?., of &rand Rapids, wno succeeds $# late Francis B. stock, bridge as. United States senator from a native tion of a higher order than his detective ptories indicate, but be discovered that ' there was more money ,to be made in cheap literature, He has written more than 150 "Old Sleuth" stories, and the financial results have more than justified bis anticipations, His stories have netted him something over $600,000 and produce for him an income of f 80> 000 a year, Re is a director in a Jfrook' lyn trust company, and, for nine, years be., was' a member $ ^ Brooklyn poaid ( of education* One. of the. i»o§ famous heresy o.pea, of tiMfltt&ete4fc»t Of Bev, 1043, 1994, One fare plug $2,0,9 for Ms wm& trip e fraw all etaMms., Jul 8th, 6opa to return until July J, Morton, ae»'i Ticfc 1878, an4, A meffl ef the legal MUNTEB, . M ae,aU»g. 7$m vmttwt el A. F, Bellman is building donee. AlWn and tomjU are an ontiwg at $$ lakes, Pr, Frftger canje up frojn kuYernj- attend te P,r* Paul's practice wh%

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