The New North from Rhinelander, Wisconsin on September 2, 1909 · Page 4
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The New North from Rhinelander, Wisconsin · Page 4

Rhinelander, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 2, 1909
Page 4
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JHE NEW NORTH. THE NEW NORTH PRIXTIXQ CO. SEPTEMBER 2,1909. ADTKKTISUCO Durut A»Ti«Tt«ricijiT»- ; For «to»tr«t ot tkr*e aaatk* or nor*, tea ecaU J>« roUailaeh wiStx rt«r»«J tor «««k Ia»er- tlom. Vor «ihortrr tltoe klrtfr r»t*» »in b« li »dd:tk>« to the aboTf, aQ eompoaltloa Ia4topt>7 »d«la «zrru ot tkrr« mlttBtM per la'i. wBIbe eh»iT*«l at ta* rat* ot thirty c*at» p«r hocr. REAUIMO KOTICK9. • act3t><> Jane it will tw'caarc*! at tea etata ptrtlM forth* flrttlawtlua »adflT» etat* per line lor *a<» aabtmwat 'a»ertloa. Alt. Ko-ncu wOl b* eiarjrtl atetezrrpt sotlrwol chirr* »« PaM *nt*rtalam»BU lor Chart a«« will b* charm! at halt rat««/ Both the Public Schools and .the Parochial Schools open Monday. September-nth; neit week we win give the list of teachers and their assign- ments'to building* and grades. frown en such lawlessness and discourage *»ch dead-belts. As we go to press it Is leixrr.e-l, Representative Charles N. Fowler of New.Jerser has never been classed as a~ radical* Nothing in hU career In Congress would warrant anyone In so dabbing hlia. Tor. the years he has been at the head ot the Banking andC urreney Committed of the House of Representatives ho has had the confidence ot the Commercial Bankers of the country. He has been regarded as a conservative ot conseVvatllves. , All over Wisconsld are men who know him. intimately. They are not confined' to those en gaged In the banking business. Many knew him as a student at Belolt College. He may be .known to your neighbor and If he Is you can learn from him about the conservative character of Charles Newell Fowler who /has represented the Fifth New Jersey district for eight consecutive terms. | While he Is conservative. Mr. Fow Speaker Cacnon says that .Coa- ler Is a man of independent thougtt gressman Fowler is beneath his no- and action. He has not supinely beni / tice but In the same breath Uncle his will to the dictates of Joseph G Joe goes to pieces and attacks Mr. Cannon, speaker of the House nor Fowler in a ferocious manner. The to Nelson W. Aldrich, dictator of tli>_ truth cuts dose. Senate. He was one of the men marked by "Uncle Joe" for daughter because he would rot permit the that the North Pole has been fo'ind Raniille man to cast his vote either an* ot course, America did it. On-'as a member of the Ho'ise or as Ir seven hundred fifty lives lost to the Chairman ot one ot its Important accomplish this feat. The daring Dr.,committees. Holding the Chairman- Frederick A. Cook is the lucky man ship of a great committee like Repre-| acd another colony is added to Un- sentatlve Cooper of Wisconsin he had cle Sam's dominion—Expansion is the coura;e .to vote against the carried a little farther. [rulrs although he did not go as <»far - _as Cooper, as he voted for Mr. Can- The county fair will be held next nos for Speaker. Yet he was, not- week and every good citizen should" -withstanding the protests of the wish to make It a great success. Commercial Banking interests • of To make it a success, a large num- tfce country, removed from the chair- ber' of season and single tickets manshlp of his committee, should be sold. Every business man Mr. Fowler has addressed an op- thoald purchase a season ticket- t.e «-n letter to Mr. Cannon. There Is owes It to the coui.ty and to the or- not much that Is new or startling {,-aniiatlon. Malte the fair of IfrOa in the letter. It has practically, all the banner fair. |l>een said by other men. But be' — cause it comes from a man of Mr. The Chicago Tritune Is bold i:^ }- O wler*s conservatism and experience its praise of the insurgent repubU- It has " commanded attention through- cans who so fought the Payne —Aidr oat the country. He tells some plain rich tariff bill. It implies whatever. ln ,ths o t the man who wields the future." there is for the republican par el in the House of Representa- party lies la action. It says: lives, and of the System which con- These men represent, the most ro- tro i s both houses of Congress. bast and self-reliant wing of the par-I ' ty. They have the ardor of youth.' tie confidence of a righteous cau<w, MINNESOTA STATE FAIR NEXT and the ability to defend it, and] WEEK . they believe rightly that the future' Tne Minnesota Fair opens neit l^elongs to them. If tha repuiili- .Monday, Labor Day, and continues can party Is to live It cannot exist tne f n ii week. It Is recognized as without them. If It Is to die ttey one O f the best state fairs In the will be at the head of whatever taVu northwest. The authorities have Itc- Its place. [proved the various departments from The determlnatloT^nTTe part of,^" to ^ar until it is more U the base ball management to stop men I CTeat e **> sUlo:l «*» a fal '" ^ from getting into the fair grounds ) anthonties fcave , be ! n Car ° ful " ... , without paying the admission Is a !plannin * unul U is B °7 MM that move in the right direction. Tlicse not a sin£le line is Treak - wi,o try to gain admittance by climb-! Xot oalr are tbe eihibits extensl-e ing through a hole In t lie fence are! but the racins P" 3 ? 1 ^ 111 Is always - the very ones who never give a centj oae ot the sr eatest 'eatun-s of tLe when the subscription paper is pass-1 week ed around and yet do more talking! In . previous years RMnelander pco- about management than the men who P le hare attended in larpe numbers make the keeping up of a tall aad we understand this year la no team possible by liberal subscriptions, eiceptiion. Such great fairs are an , It Is a low moral tone that does not ciucatsoa within themselves. V \ GET READY FOR THE HUNTING SEASON Double barrel hammerless shot gun S19.50. Good enough fori any body. Our stock of fire arms is complete. Winchester, Marlin, Savage and Remmington Rifles. Single barrel, double barrel repeating and automatic shot guns. Revolvers, hunting knives, ammunition and sporting goods of all kinds. Savage Rifle S19.00. We have a few second hand guns and rifles that we are offering at about one half actual value. If you are going to buy call and see our stock. It will do you good. T, G. Wood Hardware Co. TUumni Directory of the Rhinelander Hi^h School Below Tli« New North presents .to Its readers'.* list- of all the gr&duites of the Rhlnel&nder High school .. from the time the school was established In 13&. The' present addresses and occupations are '' also given opposite ^each name. JTlie list was arranged after considerable time and effort and Is as complete as it Is possible to make It. • That this will prove an Interesting feature to our patrons there Is do doubt. TheoMer residents should read the names. carefully. and learn wliat became of the little boj or girl who 02 they used to paVon the head in years (tone by. . . ' " , CLASS or 1930 ' Richard Hamilton, Lawyer. CLASS or 1391 Myrtle Westenhaver, Mrs. C. H. Wookcock, Rhinelander. Addle Rezin, Mrs. \V. Walsh, Everett, Wash. Harry Davles, Jeweler, Seymonr, \VIs. CLASS or 1SW Jennie Birnes, Mrs. M. R. Sutllff," Rhinelander. Mae Stevens, Mrs. A. L. Dunn, Rhinelander. May McDonald, Teacher, RWnelander. • CLASS or 1393 Kdna Doujtlas, Mrs. Samuel Cole, Milwaukee, Wls. Grace Cliatnbers, Mrs. Granager, Minneapolis, Minn. KIma Kueht, Mrs. C. C. Morris, Fresno, Cal. . • Krnest Melklejohn, Lumberman, Seattle, Wash. Blanche Owen, Mrs. Harley Woodard, Grand Rapids, Mich. George Reed, Traffic Manager, Duluth, Minn. v George Woodard, Photographer, Grand Rapids, Mich. CLASS or 1391 Lola Billings, Teacher, Rhinelander. Jennie Reiln, Mrs. Perle Whlttier, Rhinelander. Luther Brown, Lumberman, Rhlneliniter. Mai Chambers, Memphis, Tenn. CLASS or 1335 Viola Cain,' Teacher, Crandon, Wis. Reginald Annls, Physician, '.Vig-gins, Miss. Raymond LaSelle, Banker, Rluneiander, Robert Schell, Dentist, Battle Greet, Mich. Chester Pingry, Job printer, Minneapolis, Minn. Will Ashton, Station agent, Spirit Lite, Idaho. Karl ChrlstoSerson, Dentist, Sault Ste. Marie, Midi. CLASS or 1396 Mabel Chambers, Mrs. Holcomb, Tacoma, Wash. Ethel LaSelle, Mrs. F. C. Sawtelt, Rhinelander. Ida Vetting, Teacher, Seattle, Wash. « Abbie Smitli, Mrs. Dr. Malmjrren, Virginia City, Minn. Jessie Langdon, Mrs. Harvey Hampton, Rtiinelander. CLASS or 1S97 Inez Van Tassel, Mrs. Ray Clirk. Seattle, Wash. Ivy Rogers, Teacher, Rhinelander. Virginia Vaughan, At home, Rhinelander. Fannie Dunwoody, TeacherWPrt.o.', News sh. Blanche Martin. Blanche Barton. CLASS or 18*3 Muriel Curran, Mrs. Cable, Everett, Wash. Edith Brown, At home, RMhelander. Cora Halladay, Mrs. Rueben Herring Seattle, Wasli. Elizabeth Martham, Teacher, Seattle, Wash. , Maude Ashton, At home, Rhlnelanderl • ilyrtle Dunham. Eva Mason, Mrs. August Nagle, Minneapolis, Minn. Fanny Walsh, Teacher, PiUsbarg, Wash. Patrick Lally, Telegraph operator, Hibbing, Minn. ' — • Leslie Beers, Commercial Teacher, Sioux Falls. S. D. Samuel Hlggins, Eye, Ear, Nose, Specialist, Milwaukee, Wis. LeRoy Annis, Book binder, Milwaukee, Wis. Beit Martin, Stenographer, Detroit, Mich. Riy Marks, Mail carrier, Rhlaelarider. Fred Wedge, Clergyman, Oaiahi, Neh. Emmet Crowe, Filer, Tacoma, Wash. CLASS or La Vem Badge, Mrs. Reginald Annis, Wiggins, Miss. Earl Chafee, Civil Engineer, Newark, New Jersey. Grace Hilliker, Mrs. W. L. Smith, Helena, Mont. Erna Kueht, Deceased. Nettle LaPres, Mrs. K. M. Powers. Alton, 111. Elizabeth Miller, Teacher, Seattle, Wash. Matie Peck, Mrs. Geo. Perkins, Kirwln, Kansas. Nellie Plugh, Evangelist, Chicago, 111. Charles Vaughin. Surveyor, Rhinelander. , Alice Walsh, Teacher", Pittsburg, Wash. Catherine \\alsh, Teacher, Pittsb'-rg, Wash. CLASS or 1900 Charles Bali, Manager of lumber ofl;ce, Rhinelander. Sidie Hamilton, Stenongrapher, Seattle,. Wash. Genie Bostrom, Book-keeper, Seattle, Wash. Beulah Chise, Mrs. Pierce, Maywood, III. — . Herbert Chatterton, Stenographer, Minneapolis, Minn. Joseph Crowe, Jeweler, Mfnocqua, Wls. Nellie Didier, Mrs. Theo. Treleven, Rhinelander. Brooks Edwards, Plumber, Tacoma, Wash. William Garland, Book-keeper, Park Falls, WLJ. Edward Markham, Grocer, Rhlr.elander. Ada McRie, Teicher, Rhinelander. Elizabeth Monsell, Mrs. G. C. Campbell, Anadarko, Okla. Deva Olson, At home, Spokane, Wash. Sadie Reed, Stenogragher, Minneapolis, Minn. ' CLASS O7 1901 Lilla Vetting, Teacher, Kellogg, Idaho. Ethel Holland, Mrs. Erwin Dawley, Wausau, Wis. Oliver Rogers, Employee of Armour's, Rhinelander. j CLASS or ]902 Mary McRleT Mrs. O. E. Richards, Rhinelander. Ada Haas, Teacher. St. Joe, Idaho. Olive McDonald, Teacher, Rhinelinder. Alice LewIs,'At home, Chicago, III. Delia Wlilte, Teacher, Clinton, Wi*. Grace Lally, Teacher, Rhinelander. Ralph Clark, Stenographer, Belli ngham, Waslu Edwin Monsell. Grocer, Fallen, Nevada. Henry Chitttrton, Stenographer, Portland, Oregon. Louis Carlson, Stenographer, Minneapolis. Minn. • Claries Merrill, Clerk, Rhinelander. CLASS or 1903 Mayme Calkins, Teacher, Rhfnelander. Mary Elliott, Mrs. Stewart Lindsay, New Holsteln, Wls. Harriet Walsn, Clerk, Pittsburg, Wasli. Esther Newel), Teacher, Marshfield, Wla. Florence Miller, Teacher, Rhinelander. Lucy Llesxin. Ray WlUon, Luml^erman, Spokane, Wash, Ethel Cardin. Catholic sister, Alvemo, Wls. Hannah, Teacher, Larson, Washington. CLASS or 19CU Grace Dath, Teacher, Iron River, Mich. Vina Dwibjrt, Stenoyraphor, Oshkosli, Wls. Sljr.a Segtntr&x, Teacher, Wautoma, Wls. Florerjce MeRa», Stcdent at University, Mailson, Wls. Lillian Fosttr, Teacher, Rhinelander. Roy MarkljiTi, Druggist, Rhinelander. • - WebsUr lire-Tin, Real estate, Rhinelander ' / •Arthur CKatUrtcn, Stenographer, Portland, Oregon. . lysirf** Auitnio, Student a; University, Madison, Wis. ^Edward>MaloneV Book-keeper, Big Lake,'Wash. ,*,•"'• "Arthur Langdon,'Deceased*., -.> : v ._ •'.'••"-....• > '-.•."•- " • CLASS of 19W; - ;• :".". --.Raviell Vauglian, Student at University,,'Madison, Wls. •• : Chester Wllcot, Stenographer, Rhinelander. . . William Wilcox, Stenographer, Rhinelander. . •' ' ' ' ! "Frank Calkins, Mali Clert, Rhinelander. . Russell Didier, Mechanic, Rhinelander — — '" , Carl Olson, Student at University, Madison, Wls. Roy White, Baggageman Soo^Depot, Rhinelinder. Margaret Sheltoni Student at University, Madison, Wls. Cor* Ilagan, Teacher, Rhlnelander, . ^ ' Margaret Shelp, Normal Student, Oshkosli, Wis. ' . Alrina Emerson, Teacher, Rhinelander. Gertrude Shelp, Mrs. Abner Conro, Deceased. . Lennle Melton, Teacher, Rhinelander. r Florence Sutton; At home, Rhinelander. Winnie Gleason, Teacher, 1 Rhinelander. . - .' Winnie Foster, Librarian, Mosinee, Wls. , . • .CLASS or 1905 • .Lucy Dayton, Student Milwaukee Downer.-Mllwaukee, Wis. Harvey Newell, Book-keeper, Lac da Flambeau, Wls. Ivy McDIll, Office girl, Gladstone, Mich. Mabel French, Sales lady, Marlnette Wis. Margie Holland, Stenographer, Rliinelander. . Una Reardon, Student at University, Madison, Wis. Jean "Hamilton, Teacher, Rhinelander. . • Hazel Hildebrand, Student 4t University, Madison, Wls. Irene Langdon, Teacher, Rliinelander. ' . Logan Sanderson, Studentat Business College, Rhinelander. Jessie Hanchett, Book-keeper, Rhinelander. Henry Segerstrom, Book-keeper, Rhinelander. Barton Edwards, Waupaca. Wls. Frank Ashton, Manager Lumber Company, Rhinelander. Clarence Hansley, Workman, Rhinelander. Harry Krause, Book-keeper. Bundy, Wis. Edna Ilagan, Teacher, Rhinelander, Ella Whittaker, Stenographer, Rhinelander. Lillian, Moore, Teacher, Rhinelander. ' George Crusoe, Student at University, Madison, Wis. Lillian Lewis, At home, Chicago, 111. CLASS or 1907 Marguerite Manning, At home, Rhinelander. John Dean, At home, Rhinelander. Albert O'Melta, Student at Mairquette College, Milwaukee, Wls. Harold Crosby, Student at University, Madison, Wls. Ray Sorenson, Stenographer, Rliinelander. Wilbur Briggs, Book-keeper, Belle Fourche, S. D. Estelle Didier, Student at University, Madison, Wis. Ella Braeger, Student at Normal, Superior, Wis. Lillian Sanker, Teacher, Rhinelander. Helen McDermott, Student at Universltyy, Minneapolis, Minn. Frances Coon, Student«at University, Madison, Wls. ' * \ Lucille Bishop. At home, Rhinelander. • • ' Elizabeth Sullivan, Teacher, Rhinelander. Helga Swedberg, Student at University, Madison, Wls. Emma Desmore, Teacher, Rhinelander. GertrudeTIilmans. Winnie Vessey, At home, Pasadena, CaL ', Eta Hildebrand, Student at Trinity College, Washington, D. a Leota Sparks, Teacher, Parish, Wis. Vera Whiting, Teacher, North Crandon, Wis. .CLASS or 1903 Claude Crusoe, Student at University, Madison, Wis. James Hanchett, Clerk, Rhinelander. Rudolph Mueller, Business College, Rhinelander. Edward Rothwell, Employee Flooring Factory, Rhinelander. Leslie Sorenson, Student BusIness'College, Rhinelander. Walfred Swedberg, Workman, Rhinelander., Oget Anderson, Student at Normal, Oshkosb, Wik Mabel Errant, At Home, Rhinelander, Wis. Hazel Carr, Teacher, Rhinelander. Myrtle Gibson,-Student at Normal, Oshkosh, Wls. Mae Hagan, Teacher, Rhinelander. Anna Hanson, Teacher, Rhinelander. v ." Rose Johnson, Student at Business College, Rhiiieiander. Elaine Langdon, Teachar, Rhinelander. Bessie LaPres, Student Normal, Superior, Wls. Bernlce Newell, Student Normal, Oshkosh, Wls. Ada Shaffer, Student Normal, Superior, WU. Martha Tegatz, Teacher, Rhinelander. , . CLASS or 1909 , Emma Beyer, Teacher, Monico Junction, Wis. Charles Crosby, Student at University, Madison, Wis. Bernice Porter, At home, Rhinelander. Katherme SeibeV Normal Student, Milwaukee, Wis. Wallace Youny, Farmer, South Dakota. Richard Brown, Student at University, Madison, Wls. Margaret McCormick, Teacher, Hackley, Wis. Rex Reed/Drug clerk, Rhinelander. Raymond Stumpner, Meclianic, Fthinelander. May Bonnie, Teacher, Rhlntlander.- Eva Emerson, Teacher, Rhinelander. Hattie Keppler, At home, Rhinelander. Ruth Lelande, Teacher, Rhinelander. Blanche Constant, Cashier, Rhlnelander. Anna Kalouner, Teacher, Antlgo, Wis. , / MInnette McCann, Teacher, Rhinelander. ' ' ' • ' John Shaffer, Farmer, Rhinelander. Harry Kr-jger, Student Ripon College, Ripon, Wli c £'M. j. 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