Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 4, 1966 · Page 15
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 4, 1966
Page 15
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(towal ADVANCt THURSDAY, AUG. 4,1966 ABOUT EVERY so often there's a news story out of hot and dusty Florida boosting the benefits of that great state. One of these regular stories that bob up came last week when it was reported a gal of 22 summers was arrested for driving in the nude. Said she'd been swimming and wanted to dry off without a wet bathing suit. The justice of the peace clobbered her for a $25 fine for indecent exposure, so the story said. Now the Old Goat is plenty narrow etittrmin, t«tf i *f TruittM MMtofMf AfttBclitian of InvHtmtnt Club* Q, Don't you think the government Intentionally brought on the break in th« stock market that started in May? A. The federal government tightened the money supply and raised interest rates. While this action was designed to slow up inflationary forces, it was probably not aimed primarily at the stock market. But certainly such action could be expected to slow up business, and this propect has been reflected in the stock market. The inflation in our economy for many years has pretty much been created by government action. There is no question but what we were beginning to get excessive speculation in the market and the entire business picture has been suffering from inflation. Over the long pull, the prospect seems to be for more inflation, increased business, and a minded but a gal driving along continued rise in the dollar val- at 60 per in the nude isn't giv ing much exposure, indecent or otherwise. The Old Goat doubts very much whether radar shows how many clothes a person has on. So the whole story seems a bit on the publicity side for Miami Beach. Of course there may be dames there who would happily do such a thing, but the gendarmes can't be so narrow minded as to sneak a look in the car 'to see if she has things and stuff covered up. No sir-it sure sounds phony. * * * THE OLD GOAT and horses have a pact-they don't like each other. There are people who go nuts over a horse and bless them for it, but deliver the Old Goat from the likes of a horse. Once upon a time a visit to a farm netted a bite on the shoulder for the Old Goat from a horse who took a dim view of people in general and a small boy in particular. All this leads up to is the fact some horses are being ridden in the fair city. Now a horse couldn't care less about used oats, and at several places there are reminders that a horse passed this way. Time was when this was normal for everyone had to have a horse, but not now. One irate citizen whose curb was decorated wanted to make the rider come back to clean it up but he didn't know who to blame. Another thing, while the Old Goat is making his horsey friends good and mad-why do they have the horses at the head of a parade, making the band members and all the marchers step high, handsome and sidways? Put the horse at the other end of the parade. « * * MAYBE THIS WILL catch on but the Old Goat doubts it. The commercial showing a husband and boys watching a ball game and putting pop bottles, popcorn, potato chips, etc., on the table in front of them. Then the hapy housewife comes in humming a happy tune and cleans it up with one swipe of ue of most common stocks. * * * Q. Would you give me the names of some of the better mutual funds?' A. I .make no specific recommendations on stocks or mutual funds, but have some thoughts for you to consider in selecting what might be the best mutual fund for you. Mutual funds come in several broad categories: Those that emphasize growth, those that emphasize income, 'balanced* funds containing stocks aimed at both growth and income and those which hold common stock shares with no specified goal, i After you have uecided which particular c&cegory fits your own special needs, go to your local library and read Arthur Wiesenberger's book, Investment Companies. It lists the various classifications of funds and you will be able also to see what these funds have done over the years. * * * Q. I am almost at retirement age and would like to invest up to $2,000 in a good firm where I could draw dividends to increase my income. Can you advise me? A. It is unfortunate that people reach retirement age without having established an investment program, no matter how small. 1 would like to use your situation to point up to younger people that they should set up some sort of program of learning investment principles and gaining investment experience by the time they are 40. A person who starts an investment club by age 40, putting in $10 to $20 a month, is likely to have a nice little nest egg by the time he is retirement age, and will have gained experience and knowledge in investing that should help him make wise decisions on putting money to work for him. In your case, I suggest that you ask your bank manager to put you in touch with one of his trust officers or an experienced broker to advise you. Either of them should have sound ideas on how to get the most out of your money.' ; RobisoRsin annual reunion at Gall park Irvington — Attending a Robi> son reunion at the Call state park Sunday were Mrs. Dorothy Schulz and the Keith Sapps, of Des Moines, the Frank Decenas and Vernon Robison, Sioux City, the Keith Currans, Emrnetsburg, August Robisons, Swea City, Mark, Mike and Vioki Mortensen, Hutchison, Minn., Delores Mawdsley, Newton, the Harold Currans, Britt, Don Hanigs, of Wesley, Roscoe Madws R. I. Mawdsleys and Geo. Mo Vays, Algona, Geo. Johnson, Mrs. Hazel Sabin, the Harold Sabins, Ronald Sabins and the Kenneth Roneys. A pink baby shower for the Stephen Canadays was held at Darlow Rogert's July 26. Hostesses were Mrs. Joe Cunningham, Burt, Mrs. Robert Peterson and Mrs. John Schade. The E. B. Huntleys, Renwick, Engaged Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Ras- rnusseh .of Eagle Grove announce the engagement and approaching September 9 wedding of their daughter, Jo Ellen to William John Baker, son of Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Baker of Algona. Miss Rasmussen attended Eagle Grove Junior College. Her fiance graduated from Eagle LOCALS Capt. and Mrs, Ted Stang and daughter Teri landed in Seattle last week after two years duty on the island of Formosa, They are visiting in the west and are expected here to Visit Mrs. Stang's parents, the Brail Wrights, some time this coming week. Mr. end Mrs. Kenneth Stephenson, Long Beach, Calif., and Ardis Brown, Las Vegas, Nev., have been visiting relatives and friends in Algona recently. The two ladies visited their parents, the Julius Petersons last week, and Friday another sister, Lucile Anderson, and her husband joined them at the Julius Peterson home. . The Kenneth Stephensons had went to Manchester to see his brother, the Maynard Stephensons and were joined there by another brother, Ellis Stephenson, and his wife from Newton. AAl FAIRMONT SPEEDWAYS PRESENTS STOCK CAR RACES "The Mldwest't Fastest* High Banked, Va Mile Race Track" Every Sniriiy Night - 9 P.M. Rain Postponement — Races will be held following Friday "THE 'ACTION' TRACK OF THE MIDWEST" MARTIN COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS Fairmont, Minn. Mulligan stew at St. Joe dated for Aug. 24 St. Jo» — Knights of Columbus was dated to meet Aug. 3 at 8:30 in the local club rooms with Miifred Plathe presiding. E. M. Gales has been chosen local chairman for the decent literature committee with further appointments and announcements to be made as plans progress. The annual Mulligan Stew will be held Aug. 24, with a softball game at 2:30 between the Livermore Legion and a K. C. team the afternoon attraction. Good food, games and fun for all with a television set, tractor radio and a Polaroid camera as prizes. In charge of the meeting on Wednesday were Ralph Kohlhaas, Gordon Hilbert, Alfred Zeller, Eddie Illg and Eugene Mertz. Hark Patrick, Jamesport, Long sland, N. Y. Mrs. Weydert attended the 31st National Biennial Catholic Daughters of America convention at the Statler- Hilton hotel, Boston, Mass., as an Iowa delegate and following the convention visited with her the are cloth. Now housebroke most husbands to such antics. They put a used newspaper over the table, pick up the spilled chips, ets. & kick the rest under the chair. And the humming that comes is not a happy tune. Maybe this commercial is to be a lesson to the wives? Hum a happy tune instead of beating the old man over the head with a skillet. Now that's progress! TO THE HILLS, men—the dam has busted! Last weekend wa$ the wedding of a half-sister of Mrs, Kennedy which seemed to be a warm- up for the sob sisters on the wedding to come this weekend. Mere man is about to be washed down the drain in the flood of goop about how each of the umpteen people in the parade looked. And on TV there'll be quite a bunch of stuff to be ignored by the men. Well maybe the women will be starry-eyed for a few days/ but the best a man can do is be noble about it all, and have an important golf game during the proceedings. » * * ONE THING about re-runs of the Ed Sullivan and similar shows you are warned by past experience when a stinker is coining up and can get out of the room for a drink of water or a tasty snack instead of being bored again. Some of these touted singers are just plain lousy with their yelping off key, off tune, and oi'f beat. Why they TROJANS MEET St. Joe Trojans 4-H club met July 27 at Francis Erpelding's The pledge to the flag was led by Jerome Kohlhaas. Fair projects were discussed and a dem onstration was given by Allan Kohlhaas and Donald Erpelding Marvin Kohlhaas and Jerome Kohlhaas gave a report on their trip to 4-H camp at Clear Lake The 4-H pledge was led by Tom McGuire. Lunch was served by Mrs. Erpelding. Marvin Kohlhaas is reporter. HAS 95TH BIRTHDAY The John Bertes, Bob Bertes Albert Bertes, John F. Redings and Clarence Berte attended the Mergen family gathering of over 100 in the REA hall at Coleman S. D., for the 95th birthday of Math Mergen. Mr. Mergen, father of Mrs. John Berte here, is well known here and just recent ly returned to Dell Rapids, S. D., after an extended stay here. spent Thursday and Saturday ^ v ^, JlM1 2 rr c o" e ge and will with the Verl Pattersons. I attending Mankato : State Col- Guests of the Marvin Eischens l e $ e > Mankato, Minnesota, this Tuesday to Thursday were the Tom Farrells, Pittsburgh, Perm. Marvin Eischen and Tom Far- of .'the. Dewey Skillings, were vis- rell were army buddies during itors/Sunday with their grand- World War 2 and served in New Guinea. The men had not seen each other for 22 years. Dennis Davis, son of the B. O. Davises, left Tuesday from Irvington by car after a month leave here with his parents. Hie reports at Ft. Carson, Colo. He stopped at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. Dennis is a Spec./4 and has served 13 months in Korea. Deloris Mawdsley, Newton, visited her aunts, Mrs. Hazel Sabin and Mrs. Dorothy Schulz, of Des Moines, visiting at the Sabin home Friday. The Gerald Colemans and the Erdain Eastmans, Algona, went to Lyle, Minn., Sunday to visit the Clarence Colemans. The Eastmans were joined by the Howard Sewicks, Lyle, to Min- the C.^C. Patricks. Doro- neapolis, for a Twins game. The _i Sewicks are former Algerians thy 16, and Mark 10, plan several weeks here with relatives before returning home. Jane Wilson, Livermore, and Judy Kollasch, St. Joe, spent the weekend with Sandy Wagner. | A 4-H county leaders and assistant leaders "Cook Out" was held Thursday evening at the Farm Bureau office, Algona, with Bernard Thilges, Bob and Dick Erpelding, and Howard Kohlhaas attending. Mrs. Eugene Zcimet had the Farmerette 500 club on Wednesday with Mrs. Hubert O'Brien as a guest, in the Imperial cafe dining room in Bode. Receiving prizes were Mrs. John Capesius, Mrs. Delmer Plathe and Mrs. Raphael Faber. Mrs. Delmer Plathe has the club in August. The Jack Morrissys returned to Des Moines Monday morning after a weekend here and accompanying her parents, the John Bertes, to Coleman, S. D,, for her grandfather's 95th birthday. The John Thuls visited Sister M. Amalia 0. S. F. at Holy Fanv ily hall, Mt. St. Francis Convent, Dubuque, Thursday and Friday. The Olete Salzes, Florian Fabers and Tom Reisings spent several days camping on Marble Beach, Spirit Lake, with Mr. and Mrs. Pete Werling and Mrs. Ade line Wagner spending the week end with the campers. and Mrs. Sewick and Mrs. East man are cousins. Callers Sunday with Florence Colwell and her brother Claude Fowler, were the Neil Colwells, Ames, Clement Fowlers, Clare, Ted Fuchsens and Mrs. Ethel Colwell, Algona, and the Art Olsens, Sexton. A pink baby shower was given for the Stephen Canadays at Mrs. Margaret Kent's, Algona, Thursday. Guests were Louise Patterson, Virginia Rogert, Doris Mil- parents, the Robert Skillings. .Mrs. .Marguerite Hayes spent the weekend with the John Hayes; Cedar Rapids. Mrs, Dorothy Schulz returned to Des Moines Sunday, after a week with relatives here, and at the Robison reunion. Lewis Grams, surgical patient at the Mercy hospital, Ft. Dodge, for many weeks, is now at home here." He will return to the hospital in the'fall for further surg- spent last week Perils, at Arm- ery. Peggy ,Sabiri with the Geo. strong. Mrs. Veva Schneider is now at Good Samaritan home in Algona having completed her medical care at Iowa City hospital. Lewis Grams has returned Homevyhaving been with his sister; Mrs. H. Julius at Fort Dodge, a /few weeks recuperating from recent surgery. 'Mrs. Elmer Dole is visiting her daughter Lois, the Dr. Joe Birds, Saratoga, Calif. . Marguerits Hayes spsnt Sunday with the John Hayes family at Cedar Rapids. j Tpdd Lewis is the new boy in the '.Terry Johnson home, born July 20 at St Ann hospital. (.; Terry Johnson, Ronald and Gene Frankl left Saturday with the National Guard for 2 weeks THOMAS FUNERAL CHAPEL FENTON Experienced Embalmers and Funeral Directors ^Bt •y _ RELIABLE 24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE —•— ' Funerals May Be Referred To Us With Confidence Phone 889-2796 — FENTON RINGSTED PHONES: 886-1006 — 986-1001 — 886-1970 FOR SALE FORMER KELLEY LUMBER PROPERTIES AT ALGONA — Office building, Lumberyard, shop and storage buildings — on area leased from C. M. and St. P. Ry. AT SEXTON — Small house and approximately 1 acre of land. AT OTTOSEN — Lumberyard building and blacksmith shop. All must be sold to make distribution. Deed and abstract will be provided on the Sexton and Ottosen properties. Assignment of present lease on Algona properties. Goniacl L W. Nitchals, Lawyer, Algona, la. Telephone: 295-2713 61-64 ler, Leona Sabin, Mildred Spear, Lois Larson, June Hauser and Florence Jennings. Instead of miscellaneous gifts the Canadays were presented with a stroller: Mrs. Gerled Coleman went to Ogden Saturday and visited her mother, Mrs. Henry Stevens. Cindy and Theresa, daughters at Camp Ripley, Minn. SIMNOIHIN AMI MGI'S MAC! fOWIKI SAVINGS BONDS rav* IMUf IN AMIIKA BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Own your own retail business. Choice location on State Street, Algona. Small investment can bring good financial return. Phone 295-3214 After 5 p.m. Phone 295-5932 61-62 Earth, Minn, Mrs. Maurice Reding had her 500 club Tuesday evening with Mrs. Marvin Reding, Mrs. Wil* fred Kohlhaas and Mrs. Richard Kohlhaas guests. Receiving prizes were Mrs. Marvin Reding, Mrs. Harold Thilges and Mrs. Wilfred Kohlhaas. Mrs. Harold Thilges has the club Aug. 31. The J. J. Schumacher family, Pueblo, Colo., came Thursday to Mrs. Schumacher's sisters, the N. J. Weyderts, for a visit with relatives and friends. The Tony Weyderts took the latter's mother, Mrs. Kathryn Fisch, Algona, to Des Moines, where she took the train for Pueblo, Colo., to visit a daughter the Jim Putzstuck family. The Putzstucks recently moved from Colorado Springs. Mrs. N. J. Weydert returned Wednesday accompanied by a niece and nephew, Dorothy and KLGA NITE STARLIGHT DRIVE-IN THEATRE TUESDAY, AUGUST 9 1966 DORIS DAY in "JUMBO" TONY CURTIS in WILD & WONDERFUL ff are even tolerated is a mystery. The Old Goat likes a happy singer, not one who looks like hp's dying GUEST OF KLGA RADIO COUNTY FAIR , TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, & THURSDAY, AUGUSTS, 9, 10, 11 Fairgrounds, MONDAY, AUGUST 8- Enlry day. Entries will be received until 6 p.m. Grandstand shew, 8 p.m.-"Teen Nile A'Go-Go" TUESDAY, AUGUST 94-H, FFA and Open Class judging. Calf scramble in frenl of the grandstand, 4 p.m. Grandstand show, 8 p.m.-Kitty Wells Shew WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 10- Jadging continues. Grandstand show, 2 p.m.- Trader Pulling Contest Grandstand show, 8 p.m.-DeawliHon Derby. THURSDAY, AUGUST 114-H Buyers' Breakfast, 8 e.m. 4-H Livestock Sale, 9 a.m. Grandstand show, 2 p.».- White Horse Troupe Grandstand show, 8 pan--While Norse Troupe LARGE MACHINERY DISPLAY AND COMMERCIAL EXHIBITS THROUGHOUT THE FAIRGROUNDS Wm. D. Stanley Shows ON The Midway

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