Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 4, 1966 · Page 11
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 4, 1966
Page 11
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4-ALOONA (Iowa) ADVANCE THURSDAY, AUG. 4, 1966 Seen at the ALGONA By T. H. C, Blindfold continues the seemingly endless succession of spy atreid .time classic of the 20's or 30's which we oldsters femerti- Hv '.vith nostolic memories. The u^ii. cast introduced John. Wayne to movie audiences and also featured Claire Trevor, Andy Devine, George Bancroft, Charles (Jrahewin and Thomas Mitchill while the new 1966 version lists this equally impressive list — Ann Margaret, Red Buttons, Michael Connors, Alex Cord, Bing Crosby, and Bob Cummings, Van Heflin, Keenan Wynn and many others. The reviews are all good for mystery thrillers but I'll have to the new Stagecoach. Ben Kern, admit that this one surprised me writing in the July 31st Minnin as much as I was able to eapolis Tribue, has this to say: struggle thru and keep the plot! "Peering into the mists of the fairly well in hand. It concerns future, 1 see an endless contin- the brother of a sexy gal — call-' uation of "Stagecoach" revivals ed Cee Cee for Claudia Cardin- reaching into infinity like ale who is being held by enemy "Uncle Tom's Cabin," each more agents in order to brainwash elaborate and (this being my day some important secret informa- for optimism) more entertaining tion. There is about the simplest than the last. of a shy The current version certainly is entertaining, thanks in generous measure to Bing Crosby, one-line description mystery on record. While this does not give Claudia much opportunity to that mellifluous master of low display her dramatic accomplish- pressure hokum, but thanks also ments, it does provide her with to an all-around good cast in- ample opportunity to show off eluding mind, you, Ann-Margret. "3 ON A COUCH" STARTS SUNDAY AT ALGONA THEATRE Jerry Lewis and Janet Ltigh here are a romantic two on a couch in the new Columbia Pictures raltase, 'Three On a Couch." The Jerry Lewis production in color presents Lev/is as an artist and Miss Leigh as his fiancee, a phyehiatrist who refuses to wed him until she cures three patients — cottars Marv Ann Msb- ley, Gila Goland and Leslie Parrish — of their man-hating complexes. To speed his own wedding, Jerry makes love to all three girls. James Best also co-stars, in his first comedy role. Helen t visited Mrs. Eliz- rnea> by th*-K 4-M abeth'Miiticdy Friday ndfftifig. lorfi* y*-™5*\~&6*£3'***ir~<a* Mrs. RAbeft Wood was ateo a i £&!!J urth * M»"»w«-** •**•««. Friday morning caller. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Clark of Britt took Mr. and Mrs. Ray Fitch to Mason City Wednesday, morning where ftay consulted an ed< eye specialist. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Fitch were dinner guests in the Clark home. Mrs. Frank Fisher and Mrs. George Peterson of Titonka were Sunday visitors of Mrs. Elizabsth Kennedy, Mrs. Minnie Samuelson and Sharon. -Dickie Samuelson is home on leave. Algono Municipal Utilitit* duorierly re*' port was accepted one) placed on file In the clerk's office. Approved the sale of West street, from UBC ,'lnc,' Coll street to the city limits, to B. Wibben. i Moved & seconded the meeting adjdurrV • Boekelmon, D. A. Smith, City Clerk OtNIKAL Finn, Salary ' Smith, Salary . ——. .. NW §«!, ft«Aft Wit TAX H. M.- Brown, Redpirs .-_.-- Eeo Machine, .Repays ----Ever* Bros.; Road Mix Laird's Body Shop, Services — Sankey Sand & Gfavel, Asphalt Equip., LigMt .-i... .. ruBLIC Salary 1 1,15 17.10 Mrs. Elizabeth Kennedy and the Samuelsons visited the Elmer Ericksons at Rodman Monday. Mrs. Helen Wieske is visiting a few days in the Lloyd Bartlett and Mrs. friends in home. Mrs. Wieske 'Bartlett visited old her physical endowments — which by the way, are rather appealing. As a matter of fact, Cee Cee, as she is affectionately known I don't say that she seems to be shaping up for a season at the Guthrie but she does manage to get off a scene, the one where Dallas's poor, prostitute's in movie circles^ is an extcrmely heart is overwhelmed by a well put together bit of fehiinin- chaste kiss from the Ringo Kid, ity, and Rock Hudson is not that need embarrass none of her alone giving a long "take" at ' very competent co-workers. ments. i Today, I'm afraid, it's too late to surprise anyone except the very young. This can lead only one way—into embroidery and elaboration. Hence, everything —the comedy, the medical scenes, the Indian fighting, the l^i > ^ It is a tender scene, managed with little dialogue, and it just goes to show you what tensed-up sex-pot Annie can do when fed, curried and handled properly. Okay, Now, about the inevi- these charms. Neither am I for that matter. Good corny entertainment with plenty of suspense and a completely implausible ending. By the way, Blindfold is reviewed in the June 10th issue of Time magazine which Shows that the Algona is getting the current releases, hot off the griddle which is better than any "rerun" on the idiot tube. Speaking of current releases, brings us to "Stagecoach" due here this week and opening in the metropolitan centers at the ] freshness about it despite its, same time. This is a remake of I even then; time-worn story ele- ""IT! "I, H * „ "3A Couch It is all done with showman- 1>30 . 3 . 36 . 5:42 . 7:48 . 9:54 ship and it is entertaining, but -Monday Thru Wednesday it isn t the film that daddy was. I «3 n ^ couch" That should drag you away from your TV sets. The rest of the month of Aug- Q n couch 7-00 q-06 V^«*MJ . A^ VTT» j aiL'X^U.Ir lill«_> XI1V/T J.~ . JL **V/ J. Vrk7lf V7L bll^ lIBVlllrll VfA ^l.U'K fTfL. 1 A A t i table comparison with the film's ust looks promising with Jerry J^ey pIan to return home next. ; jTitonka Friday afternoon. They •also attended the Parade in 'Swea City Wednesday afternoon >;and had coffee in the Roy Harbour home. i "The rich are not always Godly, but the Godly are always rich." 64th Mr. and Mrs. Klaas Hendricks, Rock Valley, have been married longer than any other couple there. The Hendricks were married in 1902 in Holland and ; came to Iowa in 1910. Their family includes three children, •eighteen- grandchildren, 63 'great-grandchildren and six great-great-grandchildren. APPLES — Mrs. Thad Sherod of Keosauqua is watching with interest five yellow transparent apples which are growing on a 20-year old tree. They are unusual in that the fruit is growing on a "sucker" of the three and this is the off-year for the Sands Salary ..la. State Bk., Wholding State Comm., Wholding .... Buchanan & McClure, Lego) Fees Colloghan & Co., Book ... W. Finn, Expenses ' N. W. Bell. Phone - , P. Schneider, Refunds Shey & Gotten, Services .. STMIT Burris, Salary . •• Burtis, Salary Framboch, Salary * Hellmer'.s, Salary . Lashbrook, Salary — Pergande, Salary .. .. Wlbben, Salary . Sf.fert, Salary ^J Boldridge Jr., Labor ..— Nitchals. Labor Smith, Labor la. State Bk., Wholding State Comm., Wholding .... . C. Fraser, Sidewalk '... I Hutchison, Salary 135.00 Jofgenson, Soldry 238.13 Rosmussen, Salary ---120.39 Etbert, Salary 60.60 Voigt, Salary 6.61 i WilTey, Salary 325.00 la.. State Bk, Wholding ...... 22.50 State Comm., Wholding 20.50 Trust & Agency, Pension 33.78 Charles Day, Uniform Allow. _ 81.25 NW Bell. Phone 25.00 Heiman Fire Equip.- Adapter -; Algona-Fire Dept., Services -174.29 SANITATION 15l.70.Gade, Salary * — 154.06 Courtney, Salary 142.54 Boldridge, Spraying 47.89' Lemkee, Spraying 192.06 Helmers. Labor 137.63 D. Mittleider, Labor ... 'I47..91|la, State Bk., Wholding 78:00 UBC, Inc.. Supplies 98.07 Midwest Culvert, 'Pipe, "£3 I SlWlR lilNTAL 105.00, Gronbaeh, Salary ... 11.93 Lemkee Salary , 45.00 320.40 60.19 165.96 47.90 163.02 15.00 87.85 13.91 13.11 75.00 24.46 7.65 303.00 State Comm:, Wholding .... — Cofgill, Refund Homehte. Blower — NW Bell, Phone D. Smith, Mileage --- MCRtATION Cooper, Solory : i Barr, Salary '184 .Bartlett, Salary :— Erpelding, Salary •--.— 227.47.1 Johnson, Salary -47 02 ! Henderson, Salary. 175 49 Sunutter, Salary 173 77 Bruch, Salary 187 30'PoiTott, Salary Olson, Solory Sigsbse, Labor i Boldridge Sr., Salary la. State Bk.> Wholding State Comm., Wholding B. Cooper, Swin Instruction -. Directory Service, Ribbons — McKeason & Robbins, Colite NW Bell, .Phone UBC, Inc., Supplies B. LaBarre, Golt Instruction _. ' Cowan's, Labor ----— — -- loVsl ' la. State Bk./ Interest ...— 1705 Security 109.90 10.54 9.54 2.00 1.99 83,20 5.40 la. State Bk., Wholding 150.84 205.13 18.70 Groen, Salary ............ Nauholz, Salary -----------la. State Bk., Wholding ---State Comm., Wholding ---Trust & Agency, Pension ---R. Groen, Painting ---- ---Published in tho Algono County, Advance, Algona, Aug. 4, 1966. . 3.7« 27.74 227.95 12.60 28.40 138.45 85.59 . 93.28 70.11 • 85.59 70.11 93.28 70.11 62.26 123.00 98.17 139.50 95.00 5.86 650iOO 3.UO 75.00 > 1.00 11.33 23.00 • 21.00 77.50 31.00 197.73 61.11 30i70 3.80 2.34 30.00 Kossuth Ipwa, Only IN THE ADVANCE FULL EDITORIAL PAGE V**«J»V* WVt • •.£*** M. *UUI* *V * tt II \ltl\f 4.-U.I11 kJ V«»J** *W«k*J J^l. W JllltJAllJ^ 'VVKI/ll */V*A Ji V _ _ j -mm- J 11* T^ * 1 T71 ' predecessor, the classic and or-1 Lewis, 3 on a Couch (ugh), and Mond ay; Mr - antd Mrs - ™>" Eim - iginal "Stagecoach,''- which Promise Her Anything with Les- ^°£ JSL^lJ^ SSL^ brought young John Wayne out lie Caron. Modesty Blaise, Mary of the shadows and into the sun-1 Poppins, A Fine Madness with;,/'": a "Y V" 0 ' *Ti?"^ auBtl l tree to produce shine. That was a bit of a "sleep-' Sean Connery. Born Free (great M ?[ gle ' T Marlys anrd M » rllvn of er," a well-knit thing, a taut and outdoors picture - for the fam- S > b J 6 /' I 7f vw . ere J" 68 *^ over artful surprise with a realistic ily, Ten Commandment. Now "^a^ Wednesday ••-*— - WED. Thru SAT. AUG. 3-4-5-6 ALGOKA mom /laioM! *~ J3*:': ALtXCQRD x- 6IN& CROSBY ~i~ R€D e UTTONS A Martin Rackin Production - MICHAEL » CONNORS VAN HEFLIN SUM WCKENS •M COMMINGS KUNANWYNN there's a program to fit everyone's tastes. Portland Mrs. Victor Fitch Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Meister went to St. Peter, Minn. Monday to attend the funeral of Mr. Chris Biehn, father of Mrs. John Welp of Bancroft. He passed away suddenly with a stroke, in a hospital in St. Peter. They re turned home Monday night. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Grosser the Victor Fitch home. They just returned from a months vacation trip through the Dakotas, Minnesota, Canada, Montana, Washington, California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, COUNCIL MINUTES Tho City Council met July with Moyor Finn and the following council members present: Elbert, Cook, Miller & Peirce. Absent: Muckey & Andreasen. . Minutes of lost meeting were approved. • • •' Mr. Schimmel, 509 W. College, came Colorado and Nebraska. They, sewer in the southwest C parT e of n city. s ° rm sold there Drive Inn, restaur-j th £ laDsia £ onla( j ant and oil station; which they,; Ron & Jack's had operated for four years. Mr.-l Diac J§° 0 f ^ rocpsm]t was approvod for Glabaugh also sold chickens and chicken feed and is a very good? flock man. Mrs. Elizabeth Kennedy;:; Mrs. Minnie Sharon visited Samuelson Mrs. Sadie and Den, ton, George Petersons and Les->; ter Callies in Titonka, Wednes-l day afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Scott and! and Randy and,Judy Fitch at-'family we^t to^edj«!a^alls Sate tended a Grosser' family reunion urday "to visit the Herbert it Spencer last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Eimers, Russell, Michael, Stanley and Karen left Thursday morning dert family. They returned; home Monday forenoon. Mrs. Elizabeth Kennedy and Paul attended the Old Settler's Council o.djourncd to an executive session for' 30 minutes after wihch it reconvened. Several interested residents of Algona presented to the council a proposal for a and was TV .Translator System for tho City surrounding area. This proposal Home written editorials by editor who has had 16 years political experience in office . . . plus six or more reprinted editorials from other Iowa editors .... some humor .... some serious on problems of the day. Only in the Advance. Also only in The Advance — Harlan Miller, Dear Abby, Almanac, The Old Goat, Investor's Guide, John Henry's "Wit By I o wans," Plus COMPLETE NEWS — COMPLETE SPORTS — MORE PICTURES for Chicago where they will visit Picnic last Sunday at the Grant Mrs. Eimers parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Herbon of Chicago. School North of Swea City. Mrs. Lloyd Bartlett and WED. Thru SAT. AUG. 3-4-5-6 STARLITE DRIVE IN ( THjS IS A BIKINI MACHINE ., Just push the button and it II GO-GO-GO! SUN. Thru WED. AUG. 7-8-9-10 ALGGMA HERE COMES THE * GREATEST LOVER , OF THEM ALL! Columbia Pictures Praams \ JERRY LEWIS . ^ __ ^. Mary Ann Mobley • Gila Golan • Leslie Parrish • James Best fcempijy b» Bob Ross inn Samuel A-Taylor -.BBW) «i uny tv Arne Sultan wi Marvin Worth ^ Music Combed ml Conducted by Louie Blown • hoM «Kt OuKUd tf Jerry LfiWlS • COIUM6IACOUH FROM AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL .PATHECOLOR STARRING MONT NICE mMcAMLOM stunHMT Mr- SECOND FEATURE DICK CLARK goes for ...and so will you! CINEMASCOPE EASTMAN COLOR A COLUMBIA PICTURE THIRD BIG FEATURE JAMES DARREN MICHAfLCAIlAN -DiBORAU WAUIY KWErWji-JEFFDONNEU «. VKN TWCKETT • «W BAKER Sc'wnpljy t>> RUTH BROOKS FlIPPEN. e.,.0 *, ti«,«.,,, „.„„ », fRE ot8.CK HOHNED P'oductd by JERRr 8RESLER • Deeded by PAUL V.'ENDKOS FOR SALE NO. 1 -t.- -<f," V-w -H » T! Approximately 10 Acres near Call State Park. This fine acreage has a very nice 3 bedroom home with large, modern kitchen, carpeted living room with dining area — screened porch. It has a large insulated building with loft — can be utilized for many purposes. Double garage, shop, dog kennel. This acreage offers many possibilities. Building sites — facilities for livestock, etc. 18 ACRES SOUTHEAST OF ALGONA IN BEAUTIFUL SETTING. MODERN 3 BED« ROOM RANCH TYPE HOME. ON THE PROPOSED LAKE SITE. HAS LARGE OUTBUILDING WHICH CAN BE USED FOR MULTIPLE PURPOSES. SEELEY REALTY CO. PAUL M, SEELEY, RwHor MARK A, SEELEY Phoie 295-2350 or 295-3174 ARNIE RIOKLEFS or JIM QEEIAN PbMi 295-2471 LEO FRANKL-PbON 295-5479

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