The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on July 11, 1894 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 11, 1894
Page 8
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: f FT NEW FARMERS AmfflHMI f he Hue to get f cm* Meals when in Town is at the FARMER'S HOTEL. A good squtire meal for BOAUD BY ME DAt AffD WEEK, JS, .TALLMAH, Proprietor, BA3TC&OFT, IOWA, JtJLY 11,1894, Conducted by J* A. Freeh* IfORtH Mixed .... ..... 9liam wayfreight...jl 43am passenger ...... 4 08pm tt'y, SOtlTH Mixed .......... 6 Ofpm way freight.. ..8 15am passenger ..... 2 osptn NEWS OF THE TOWN, At the hotel formerly Stabl's Hotel. I am prepared to furnish the best of board a reasonable rates by the day or week. G£~Warm Meals for Farmers a specialty. <G. C. OSTRANDER, BANCROFT, IOWA. MONEY! On ;ReaI Estate. HQXIE & BRUNSON. DRAIN TILE -AT$12,00 PER M, ON CAflUULGONA, J.A.Haiiiilton&Cih H 5ing y °1 r Br i ok ' Tlle - Stone or Sewer T emb £ v tha ^ the 7 sel1 a11 * to* 3 of Lumber. Picket Fencing, <F«lt; "«"" T.UUU jbumnor, i-icKet Fencing Booflng and Paper at feed Rock Prices The Kossuth County Normal Institute begins Aug. 6th. Prof. J. P. Huggett left for the homo of his parents ot Ft. Dodge last Monday. Rev. Ward preached at Burt last Sabbath in the absenceof Rev. Bawu. Rev. T.S, Colo returned the first of the week from Lake Mills where he had been attending the Methodist camp meeting. A. J, Berryman's drugstore sport a new plate glass front. Wm. Dietz is going to open up his billiard hall as soon as the fixtures arrive. They have been somewhat delayed by the Mrs. Ilpnry Johnson returned from her visit to Sheldon last Staurday. Mr. J. B.Clapp, superintendent of Sabbath School work in Ft. Dodge Presbytery will speak next Sunday in the Baptist church at Bancroft, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Those who heard him last year will surely hear him again. Mr. Clapp by special request will slog one of his solos. Rev. A. C. Zellhoefer, district missionary, preached at the Baptist church last Sunday morning, after which a member was taken into the church. The regular quarterly communion service also took place at this time. Revs. Zcllhoeffer and Ziaidley preached at Swea City in the afternoon. G. O. Austin had business at Algona last Monday. W. B. Zahller has rented the Ostrander Hotel and is now in possession of the same. Bert will make a popular landlord. Chas. Farrow had the serious misfortune to. lose his farm implements, grain, etc. by fire last Sunday evening. We understand that the proper.ty was partially insured. .The services at the Frisbee school house next Sunday will be at 10:30 a. m., instead of 2 p. m. Mr. Clapp will speak. •'Will Yates will again be in Bancroft in the hay business and other business next month. .The East Side and West .Side Bancroft ball teams had a game last Monday; score 22rt,olO in favor of the West Side. We The Bancroft Insurance Agency. Tlhe Only one sirs iKiOSsuth.,County. J. A. Freeh, Rttoprietor. Gowjpanies Represented. 'Phoenix ofiHartford. Tire Association, Philadelphia. -State Insurance Co., of Sea Moines 'Capital Insurance Co., ofiDes Moines. Merchants «nd Bankers, of Des Moines Anchor of Greston. * : X)ubuque Fire and Marme,?Dubuque. 'Standard Life^nd Accide&k Equitable Life. '.Equitable Life Assurance Soc'y of theU.S Northwestern "National of Milwaukee. Creamery and Thrashing Machine Insurance a Specialty. r. .A.. ^REOH, Baxiorort, Xowst. 3f $our Policy needs changing-or fixing: up, I can do it yon no -matter what »com,are insured in, Correspondence solicited. wish it distinctly understood that the Bancroft Insurance agency is on the west side, Soft Peek is going to South Dakota in the near future, and we understand he has a very worthy object in view in the shape of a young lady. Get those plate glass fronts insured with J. A. Freeh. lie is headquarters for all kinds of insurance. Rev. Wills preached at the M. & church last|Sunday morning in the abseneeof Rev. T. S. Cole. There has been considerable comment about oats being a failure but your correspondent has seen some as fine fields of that crop as could be seen any year. W A. Chipman of Portland, has a large piece of oats that looks as though it would go 40 bushels to the acre. P. M. Barslou is cosily located in rooms over his former office. By the way, Mr. B. expects to go to Iowa City and .take a law course this fall. Miss Lela Davison Avill teach a seven months term of school 2^ miles from Buffalo Center. She begins her school next Monday, we understand. The County Medical Association meets with Dr. Walters in this city, to-day. The Armstrong base ball team thought they had a soft snap when they cast their eyes on the Bancroft ball nine on the morning of the Fourth, and in fact the score stood 28 to 15 in the 8th inning, but in the 9th Bancroft woke up and began to play ball, making 1G scores in the one inning, and won the game easily. Bancroft was whitewashed three times and Armstrong four times. The score stood 31 to 25. Me- Laughlin pitched a superb game for Bancroft and shut out the Armstrong boys in the last two innings. Bancroft now has a much better ball team than ever before. This makes three games they have woii this season. Your correspondent had the pleasure of spending the Fourth at Jay. Grover's and to say that a good time was had is inadequate. There were about 1200 people present and the speaking by W. C. Dansou, E. B.Butler and Rev. Hawn was all good. The Burt Male Quartette came in for an extra share of commendation for their singing. The beauty about this celebration was that no one needed to be out in the sun, as Mr. Grover has one of the largest, if not the largest grove of artificial trees in the county. The celebrtaion was wasely, planned by those in charge and President of the Day Chipman saw to it that everything went off in proper shape. There-.was not the usual quarrelling, fighting and drunkenness lhat one.sees at celebrations of this kind. The following were the winners in part of the races, as we did wot get a full report: Boys foot race, Everett -StahlMnens foot race, Will Goodlad- pony.race, Will Grove took both 1st and 2nd; ;plug r acC) Will Davison. There was a baM,game,of Simungs between Burt and Portland, resulting in a tie. Score, 5 to 5. Miss'Etta Johnson expects to go to Red Wing, Minn., the latter part of the week. MayonPettibone left for Fort Dodge last Monday where he will visit friends for a time. JR. M. Richmond, Pres, B. F. Smith, Vioo Pres. A. B. 'Richmond, Cashier. 0. J, Lenander. Ass't,t)asii. Farmers" & Traders' Savings Bank Land, Loan, and Insurance Agency, Bancroft and Swea City, Iowa. R. M* R8CHIVIOND. OALL 4T THE OFFICE OF . TEieOHNTY BUDGET, BURT. C.W. Co'lver has returned to Burt. He is stopping.iatFredDehnert's. John Ken- aaid family were visitors in Burt the flr&t..of the week. Wm. Bi-ookaw, from Montezuma, a friend of Wm. Stockwell, visited at Burt the latter part of .the week. He is looking for land. * Mrs. Harvey Graham and Mrs. Will Easterly visited Dr. and Mrs. McCormick at Algona Saturday. Rev. PrughVhfts returned to Burt with his family. They will visit at Dr. Beane's until after conference. The-M-E. aid society will meet with Mrs Win, Stockwell Wednesday afternoon, July 18. There.w.Ul be a lawn social, with Jco cream, croquet, swings, etc., in the evening. All are .invited. Aboutseveuty-fl.vQ.neighbors and friends met at the home.afJMr. and Mrs. Angus about three miles weat of town, to picnic on .the Fourth. Interesting an d appropriate speeches were madefy Kev. D. Williams of Bancroft, Eev, Bafcerville and Earnest Bacon and some was renclei-ed. Mr, Angus has been delayed in his barii building operations by .the failure to get some of the lumber, for-which the strike is responsible, but lie is going to make con- sider^ble improvement ibis season. ^ John Schaffer- returned Monday, from Story iCounty, where he s.pent the Fourth" S. M. Ferris and M. J. Walsh are home from their military expedition to Sioux City. They report'the strike there ended, Ed Marlow, west of town, is building a house. Mr, Ferris isdoiag the carpenter work. Mrs. MiiUs, of Bancroft, Is visiting at C S, CofnhjS. y< Miss Minnie JSfewmftn closed hef sfthool At Fenfon last Friday and Is hotofe spending her tacation. Mh ahd Mrs. Frit* Snglef drove over from Emnretsbtirg to-dfty. fimrtia O'Brien came home from Algona last evening to spend Sunday at home. The outing party from Whittetnoro to the lakes started Tuesday morning, intent on a gay time. It consisted of Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Hatch, Ethel Hatch, Pro!. Bowers* Mr. Cotton, and others whom the writer does not recall. Harv. and Mrs. Daily, with Louie and Sadie, drove over to Okoboji and Spirit Lake Tuesday. , Work is progress ;ing rapidly on the school house wall, Messrs. Plumley and Johnson having the contract. Sheriff Samson can't keep away from his old stamping ground, but ho docsnt come officially, you kftow. BUFFALO FORK. Mrs. Wm. Cooper has been very sick with pleurisy but is now on the gain, Miss Jessie Johnson, of Algona, has been visiting friends in this vicinity the past week, Mrs. Small and daughter, of Algona, are visiting at R. Jain's at the present. Misses Mamie Davison and Rose McNeil closed their summer term of school last week. Dell Barslou was in Portland last Sunday. John Davison has gone^to Garner to visit friends. H. Buell and wife wore calling on Mends in this vicinity last Sunday. ThcL. M. S. will give a social at Mrs. Chipman's Friday evening, of this week. Mrs. Belknap and family, of Fayette, i's in Portland at present. WESLEY Wo are getting no freights from east of Mason City these days. The cutting oif of .the fruit supply is felt as a great hardship here. Gregg Sprick, a farmer living ten miles north of Wesley, who came here from Dakota last fall was in town Saturday. He had a wagon .fixed up with hay rake wheels, which he loaded up with binding twine and other goods. When about three miles on his way home his horses took fright and ran, overturning his wagon. Sprick was someway tangled up with it and went under the wagon and was dragged for some distance, until the team broke loose from the wagon. He was very badly hurt, his shoulder being putoutof joint and ho. received numerous severe bruises. Dr. Kin- •ney was called to treat his wounds, and he decided that Sprick must be gotten home the first thing. The Doctor got his man in his buggy and drove him to his home, where he did all for him that surgical skill could do, and left him in a comfortable condition. The Doctor thinks his patient will get along without serious trouble. Fred Corey seems to be meeting with first rate success at Britt, where ho has some five horses in training for the track. On the Fourth he took first money in the running race ;and second in the trotting. There will be a matinee Saturday, in which Mr. Corey's herses will take part. Nearly all the Wesley people who celebrated the Fourth away from home were dowiuat Britt, where there was a very * ™ ™ in Wesley IPaj Jle fibletetip to date, and rfeHafjle, Th6y represent *y m tiiuusanus 01 aollftrs and wore prepared by an es^eriehced ab^- fY^^XT*i £*? P ati '°, ns jpW thereiore feel eertain of getting reliable abstracts, our work is guaranteed and we furnish abstrMts as cheap as iitfespoiisible ana incompetent persons who have no books, though the countv does not fra? us a salary, clerk hire, office rent or feven fornish as statS-y! ooesn ° l » ay MftMS AKC WILD LAKD $OU SALE.«,.,...,..'.', MONEY com? isrtLY o# fiANo f OK I^AKM IOAICS, And furnished immediately upon application. o Pera H6use B1()0k , HAY & RICE. Spurbeck & Lambert, MANWAOTUREBS AND DEALERS itf Fir fats, Cis <»*: u m£ne°y. S ° D anything PWtelnlng to the manufacture of butter and cheese and we DEAD SHOT!! Is the name, and STUDLEY'S DRUG STORE the place. The best Flv Paner in the World; it kills flies by the bushel. Be sure to ask for P And take no other. Sold only by W. J. STUDLEY, DRUGGIST, ALGONA, IA. WISE ADVICE USE •• —- — v *• ***j r v* j <£u*i/v ni rr ua*yy a.y., the only stir being at the Catholic LAND AND TOWN LOT 00, Insurance and Farm Loans Dr. Parks, ,pf Chicago, visited ; at J. Farley's in .company with .Mr, aud , A, D. Clarke ( and Miss Edith Clarke, Master Freddie oamo a day or two .earlier to have a giod tinxj with Master Guy Farley, Mr, Woods, the Milwaukee's geqt A l roadroaster, stoppedvoff a few hours Friday. Mrs, Weisbeck, moMter of Ed, is visiting at the Jjome of the latter for a few weekj* Dr. Bj-uer has been to Waterloo % 4 few week's visit with relatives and friend? Mrs. Adrian is over from Emmetsb»rg for a few a days visit with Mrs, Munch, Mrs. Deaj-ehs and other relatives. Mrs. E- D.. Morris has b.eej yisitiug Gwsattinger, Mrs, Qronwa»'s father U here from on a ' ^ ~ — *( * v ->*»*»j uv>J- tj\j*.ngi CWU U14C V/CWUilUllU School, where there was .an enjoyable picnic and a considerable attendance. Prof, and Mrs. Barslou, after spending ten days in northern Kossuth, are again at pome. C. B. Long, Britt's'photographic artist was a visitor in Wesley one day last week. CRESCO. Mrs, M. Gillingham has been quite sick but is recovering now. MissPhilps of Pittsburg, Penn., sister of Rob Philps is visiting at the home of AleekBrown. Wesley Duttonand lady of Whittemore spent the fourth with his parents here. J.R.Thornton is building a neat little house on his place north of the S.A. Thompson farm. Miss Rosa Parsons is,attending the summer Normal School at Algona. Miss Agnes Brown spent Saturday and. Sunday with her parents. She is teaching near Burt. Miss Acnes Young closed a very successful term of school near West Bend Friday, Misses Mary and Jennie Dutton and Clara and Carrie Curtis spent Saturday and Sunday at Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Campbell's, of Eiverdale. The celebration at U. P. Wright's grove was a grand success. . Mr, llartman, of Illinois, father of Mrs. John Daub, is expected here the last.of the week. FENTON. Farmers are all through plowing corn and harvest is near, R, P, Hayonga was an A.lgona visitor last week, F, Bailey made a business trip to Burt. H. F. Dryer has a lame horse, ' Mit. Spike has been in our midst again fwhile off on a visit to his parents. A. Hayonga and family, attended the wedding at Bwrt last week, Ed. Chrischilles was in Algona Saturday, .A4am Beck was visiting in the 'eastern, 'Of our towhship, Sunday, L f Ha.ble had a good celebration of the owtb, and while returning home fropj taking his girl home his horse gotfrigbir ened, and jumping from the gradp, ijpset the 0aj-t, ran through the wjre fence an4 got all cutiup, while Lewis was town.}« the water apd got wet from top to toe, We think &ewis will be a Baptist now, E, Uayeaga will soon have b.}s wind gjnoupforpuwpIsF water, thing to have. Fe#ton's celebration the Fourth, .was gpod a one »s they ever had, TJie sp,eft.k era were goad ones aud the foot rape was wprth seeing. E4. J&yJe was tbo b r«p«er. Wo' know Jimmy wouW Wt runuiijg rape. }n tfee VaJl game sepoiii), o * A ??I ds exoel l ei it faculties for securing an education. Classical Scientific and Civil En C lneerln e Courses compare favorably Social, literary and moral influences admirable; expenses as low as la 6aI ^i C T f0rt and broad «">"»«* instruction, ^u Te^ "$fli? . Winter Term opens January 2, 1895. For Catalogues, etc., addresB, • B PresWenl WM. F, KING, LLD,, IWOUNT VERNON, IOWIL -Siioes In Holes and Sloucity% How Hard That ®oy la on Wls Clones} Better O«y Him ' \ Boy's Outfit Ages HP 15 years— every thread all double breasted coat—pants made with Knees— double seats— taped seams (will 3 pairs of the usual kind)— A Stanley , made like Hlustration-to match the, swJMmd A Pair of Shoes of solid leather, and Reat-the entire outfit for - »f $1.00 $pwit is eent wJth ord,** if „* gstigfgstoiy jefund the purchase pm? , Q § fcJo SW and samples f m , THE R M, RICHMOND, /•> v>» ';/• ;',Vi,|.>, ,,;'4'-',,',--, „ I f '«& „" . * '*,•<-'. -i,.,,,"••'',; v -T-^'"jtV Jiey,an4 Mrs/ Hotobkjss

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