The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on July 11, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 11, 1894
Page 5
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f _wattris»0Ay t fifld DEFAME df TRAM LOCAL tttAtfr tASf. No. 2paoSengef 10: No. ipasseneef..^ 6:05 ptt No. 7fl freight carries passengers .. 11:00 No, 94 freight carries passengers... l :46 p in QoiiN* W*Sfr. No. i psSftenger 8:58 a ffi No. 9 passeftger 4:'26 pm No. n5 freight carries passengers... 5 .-30 a m No; 71 freight carrle* passengers.... s :151* to No. 93 f relgh t carries prssengers.....i i :65 a m Chicago & Northwestern ll'y. GOING NOETfi AND WfiSOf. 4p f eight accommodation .......... .... 8 -.18 & M • ilcagd Mail and Express ..... ...... 3 :33 p m Freight acdofitmodatlon .......;.. < . . 8 :*)7 p in Chicago Mail and Express ...... ...... 3:13 p tri , Chicago passenger t eaehes fies Moines at I p.m.rohioaKo6:60 a, ttu, and KahSas City 9 :30 a. ttt, The accommodation reaches Chl- •cago8:0oa. m. Tickets for sale to all points in the Jnited States ubd Canada. LEAVING AND ARRIVING TIME Of TRAINS, trains leave Emroetsburg as follows : QOlftO NORTk. No. 61 passenger.. . ... 4'.22ptn No. 63 passenger.....i ..i...0:30am No. 65 freight ...3:00pm GOING SOUTH. • No. CO passenger i :4fl p m No. 62 passenger 9:04pm No. 64 freight o ;<x> a in Trains numbers «2, and 03 run daily ;. balance of trains daily except Sunday. SWEA CITY TIME TABLE. Trains leave Swea City as follows : GOING KOHTII. PasHonger No. 81 B 7 w p m Freight No. 83 B 0 :Bfi p m OOIXG sou'rir. Passenger No. 82 B 11.47 a in Freight So 8i I2.40a.iii No. 84 runs Sunday and not Monday. . B—Dally except Sunday. ALGOHA REPUBLICAN ALGOSTA, IOWA, JULF 11, 1894. LOCAL MATTERS. The band concert Saturday night was the best yet. The regular meeting of the G. A- R- will be held to-night. We shall have but two weeks of county teachers institute this year. . L. C. Smith has resigned his position as deputy U. S. Revenue Collector and is now at home. Rutherford's baggage team celebrated the Fourth by running away and badly demoralizing the wagon. The ladies of the Algona Literary Association meet. at their rooms Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Important business is to come up. Anybody who wants .to see: a solid, substantial residence foundation .should inspect the one that Jas. Cow-, •an has just laid for Tbeo. Chrischilles, •on ThOringtofi;street, '",,;, ' : Home growers ar e supplying the market with a prime article;of red strawberries.' Fruits have been fairly plenty despite the railroad demoralization. Algona Grange will hold an ice cream festival at the residence of August Zahlten on Friday, July 13, afternoon and evening.-All are cordially invited. Bright and early Monday morning, John Grove ; had the masons at work laying the foundation of his residence •at the corner of Jones and Call streets. Algona people who want a pleasant drive in the evening and enjoy a social hour will arrange to attend the Grange ice cream social at Deacon Zahlten's Friday-evening. qE. y, Swetting has just consummated the sale of a 470-acre slice of 'Geo. C. Call's Gra,.' \s-Palmer tract in northern Kossuttr'to parties in Poweshiek county who. will become actual, settlers. Mr, Hedrick, at the Milwaukee station began taking freight yesterday for all points, The strike seems to have flatted out. It was Grover putting his big foot down on it that did the business, . For the annual convention Catholic, Total Abstinence Union of America,to b'e held at St, Paul August 1st to 3d, the C, M, & St; P. R'y. will sell excursion tickets July 30th to 31st at one fare for the, round trip. • Postmaster Hjnchon was out yesterday circulating a petition to the ""—'- - I and Northwestern railroad asking them to put in a Y» It was numerously signed by business merif _ • , T^bJletbere are aiewsympathiaers with. the gr|»tstrike,, in AJgona, they are •'very* ewee, .4 notable exception to t&e ge.jjeral'riije. js <jne of our brightest Doling layers, wbo is kept busy, in cle- fending Ws position as ft ., ._..... --_ llaarefted by the abMhcfcdf seter- 41 of the members of Company F, who W6re unexpected^ ifivited tb a different kifld of eelebfatioa. Bfouthy conditions contlnue/afcd the hope of a taore favorable show for grass has not been, realized. Corn is making a splendid growth and is bound to be one of the greatest crofts the World 6ver saw. !£he Whittemore Champion says that a cyclist came into town from the west Tuesday last who claimed to hate ridden eighty-seven miles that day at six o'clock and would reach Algona eleven miles further that night. . They do say that the most vivid descriptions of hard fought battles at SloUx City are told to select groups of eager listeners lay Sergeant Daily, The Doc finds the daily rounds at the Water Works very humdrum since his return* ddBffimetsburg Democrat: An Eagle Grove man came all the way to Emmetsburg, Monday, to get a kegof beer for the Fourth. He said he thought the strike might prevent its delivery, so he came along himself to make sure <jf the job, This Is no joke. Lawyer S. M. Elwood, of Sac City, who a good many years ago visited Algona republicans as a candidate for a judgeship in the old fourteenth district, Was nominated to that position by the 16th district judicial convention on the 2nd instant. "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again," as the old reader taught us. On all hands are signs of retrenchment on the part of the railroad companies. Every man that could be spared, at any point, has been laid off. R. A. Palmer, the freight agent at the Northwestern, is having a vacation. He took the place of Lieutenant Chubb in the Algona State Bank during the latters absence at Sioux City. Miss DJnger, of Bancroft, the infatuated young lady who ran off a few weeks ago with J. R. Brown, the notorious pugilist and insurance man, has been induced to return .to her home. The couple stayed several weeks at hotels in St. Paul and StilhV}>ter, Brown invariably skipping his board bills. This is a sad case, and it ought to be a warning to young girls to beware of worthless and vicous characters like Brown. The Courier is responsible for tin's item of gossip: "And now the report comes that Miss Hepburn, of Des Moines, the young lady that accompanied Bro. Inghamon the southern editorial trip last summer, went with that gentleman again last week to the meeting of the National Press Association at Asbury Park. If Harvej" doesn't marry that young lady we shall lose confidence in him." The editor of the Bancroft Register, who has beenconsumed with anxiety for the reputation of Kossuth County, is assured that Company F were not "disarmed by the strikers and driven out of of town." If we might judge from the graveyard quiet that prevailed about the yards after Co.F. marched in, the strikers were driven out of town, but the fact is they didn't, give the boys the chance to drive them out. The grading of Park Avenue is now practically complete with the exception of the approaches to the railroad, which will be filled with dirt from the high railroad grade. The work of pile "driving and excavating for the Milwaukee bridge is well begun, the bridge men being under the direction of H. Forberg. When Park Avenue is open it willjbe found to afford a very easy access to the town from the north and a very pleasant carnage drive to the people of the town. Judge Weaver and wife and four daughters called at the camp of Company F at Sioux City, and renewed their acquaintance with members of the company. A. F. Call visited the boys and provided them with the best cigars going. Col. S. S; Sessions, who was in the city on his bridal tour, (ailed and received the congratulations of the company and furnished them with cigars. Altogether the boys were treated royally by the Algona people in Sioux City. There was not a little excitement Thursday afternoon when the Chicago dailies came in with the news that a lieutenant of Co. F was hit on the head with a coupling pin the day previous at Sioux City and badly hurt. The telegrams received here from the boys said nothing about any accident, and the rumor was soon discredited, It appears that all there was of the story was that a member of the Cherokee Company, which was close to Co, F, was hit in the face by a big fire cracker. Geo. W. Hanna and wife and, Phil. Hanna and wife drove up Saturday from LuVerne, The first named had a felicitous interchange of views with Supervisor Chubb such as would lead the disinterested observer to believe that the differences between' the two in relation to the policy of internal improvements were not of the serious and irresonciiable nature that one would -conclude from the number of columns it has taken to tell about them, Jt has been a dry summer, and the pursuit of the frisky steer by-the one and two per cent loans by the other jbas left them time for tUe cultivation of-a literary style, which they have voluminously improved, Ex-Consul &anna received many warm greetings from his Algoaa of trie ftftif comes a little late, owing to & mischance, but its congratulations ar« none the teas hearty. Do aet f of get the entertainment next Tuesday night at the M. E. Church given by little Ada Heist, the ten yea*- old elocutionist. She has been one of the attractions at the Spirit Lake Chatau* qua this summer and a pleasant evening is assured those who attend, some fine music is also on the program. Admission 25c., children isc. Advertised letters: Mr* Swan Ateh- inson, W. H* Bogart, Miss Emma *uwvs*l) TT « JLA.4 JJJUQD JULUUlC* JL/1A" on, Frank Dye, Mr. Will Delena, Louisa Hodges, Fred Harvey, Mr. E. V< Higley, Mr, Mitt Johnson, Keiser.Geo. Lister, C. ii. Kogati, Mark P. Lohgren, Miss Maria Mergen, Ferdinand Moron, N.Neilsqn, Mr. Joseph Privet, Fannie Pruyne, F. H. Reilley, W, H. Tipper- man, Jake Vehoii, Paul Wiervm. PERSONAL MOTES, S. D, Drake has been seen occasion* ally on our streets of late^ Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Spear have returned from their Portland trip and are at home again in Algotta. Mrs. Bertha Reaver Was called home by a telegram announcing the serious illness of her father-in-law. Rev. W. E. Davidson has spent the week in Chicago, seemingly as little inconvenienced by the strike troubles as though in his study in Algona. G. W. Eddy, Wesley's Ex-Postmaster, lingered in Algona a few hours on Monday while en route for Webster City to attend the Congressional convention. Jake Freeh, the Bancroft insurance man and base ball editor, was a visitor in town the first of the week. Col. T. F. Cooke was called to Mason City on the Fourth to act as a judge in a, bicycle race. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Peterson spent the Fourth in our neighbor town ot' Livermore. Mr. and Mrs. D. D. To\vnsend left for Tama county Thursday. They intended visiting relatives before returning to Chicago. Miss Cora Wise, formerly a teacher in the Algona public schools, has been visiting friends here for a few days. Geo. Bailey spent the Fourth at Delevan,Minn., visiting his sister, Mrs. Jas. Chapin. He arrived home the 5th and was going to Sioux City immediately to join Co. F, but received word from Capt. Haggard to wait for orders. Guy Taylor spent the Fourth at Spencer, and went to Sioux City from there. Miss Alice Clarke, of Boston, is a guest at the home of Geo. E. Clarke. The Emmetsburg Democrat says that Will Sterzbach has gone to Excelsior Springs for the benefit of his health. He is badly afflicted with rheumatism. Miss Ethel Hatch, of Whittemore, spent a few days last week with Algona friends. Lieut., Daugherty joined the company at Sioux City. He was at his home at Kalo when he. got the news of the call for troops. Corporal Jas. Randall was at Mason City to snend the Fourth and went down to Sioux City with .the Mason City company and joined Company F. Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Lamson spent the Fourth at Hartley with the ^family of their son Harry. A brother of John and Charley Walk-, er is here visiting at home. He is a good musician and has been traveling with the Kempton Comedy Co. in the east. Frank Chandler has been at Des Moines for the past ten days taking treatment for his eyes. Miss Mclntire, who has been with Mrs. Jas. Taylor for the past few months, retained to her home in Chicago Monday. Miss Bertha Hancock, accompanied by Miss Louise Cole, of Brooklyn, a school friend, arrived home Saturday for her vacation. Will Purvis arrived home from Chicago a few days ago. He had been an art student at the Art Institute. • Dr. Parks, of Chicago, is making his Algona friends an extended yisit. When you want anything good to eat go to the Opera House Grocery. Dr. Irving W. Smith, of the Iowa Agricultural College, with his wife and daughter, are the guests of Mr, and Mrs. M. Starr to-day. They are on their way to Ames from Spirit Lake. F. S. Stough last week went to Elkader, where he still is. His aunt, Mrs, Mary Carter, is -not in so good health as during.the early spring, and is qu,ite feeble, ' C. B. Matson's mother, of Biverdale township, has been very ill lately. Chas Cohenour was at Sioux City last Saturday and called on Company Austin W. Creed was a visitor at home several days during the wee'k. Choice table furniture at the Opera work, which ate fast faflifig a • the weather. AS built by a personage known |s General Avitable, who came to & tragic end before he completed his magnificent residence, and whose heirs are, I belieye, still quarreling about the division of the property, while the Building itself is allowed to fall into ruins. It would be hopeless to attempt |0 disentangle the tales told about the family by the simple hill folk, there were women in the case, who poisoned One another and the general, and whose spirits, venomous still, are Believed to haunt the vast halls afld gorridors and staircases and underground regions of the palace. Whether they do or not.a more appro- pi-late place for hobgoblins, banshees, ghouls a&d vampires could scarcely nave been created by a diseased imagination in a nightmare", Even at midday, under a southern sun, the Whole place seems as uncanny as a graveyard on St. John's eve. Bits of staircase lead abruptly into blank walls, passages end suddenly in the high air, Without window-railing or parapet. Lonely balconies lead around dizzy dorflers to dismal watch-turrets whence a human voice could hardly find its way to the halls within, The most Undaunted explorers of the Society for Psychical Research might learn what gooseflesh means in such a place as this. > (Mfisffti tittftiei tt. fttttttfl. Qenefal Daniel fiaftman Hastings, Keimbltoan candidate fot govetnot of Pennsylvania, in of Scotch-Irish parent- Age. He was born in Clinton county, fca;,. 46 years ago and w&s a school* LOW EXCURSION RATES, HALF KATES TO TORONTO On account of the Convention of the Baptist Young People's Union of America, the North-western Line will sell excursion tickets to Toionto, Ont., and return at rate of one fare for the round trip. Tickets on sale July 17 and 18— good for return passage until August?, 1894. For tickets and full information apply to Agents Chicago & North-Western 11' y. LOW KATES TO COLORADO. On July 21st and 22d the North-Western Line will sell excursion tickets to Denver, Pueblo and Colorado Springs and return at exceedingly low rates; good for return passage until August 25th, inclusive. For tickets and full information apply to Agents Chicago & North-Western R'y. LOW KATES TO LACROSSE. ,On account of the Bi-Annual Saen- gerfest of the Northwestern Saenger- burid, at La Crosse, Wis., July 12th to 15th, the North-Westean Line will sell excursion tickets to La Crosse at greatly -reduced, rates. For dates of sale, limits of tickets, etc., apply to Agents Chicago & North-Western R'y. For the annual encampment of Sons of Veterans, U. S. A., to be held at Davenport, la., Aug. 20th to 24th, excursion tickets will be sold by the 0. M. & St. P. By. at fare and one-third for the round trip. Excursion rates for various conventions to be held at Denver, Col. Rate, via C. M. & St. P. Ry., and Sioux City, will be $21.28 for the round trip. BURLINGTON EXCURSIONS. . D. OfcAKttE «fe Offlc* on fiodge street, 010, ft 0AM,, REAL KSFATE Afr& ASsfttAffi ofrm oi Pot intofiflattoa in tet&td td land* in, H, ttAStlNGS, toichet at 14. In 1875 he was admitted to the bar. fci 1888 he Was a delegate to the Republican national convention aft Chicago and placed Senator Sherman in nomination for the presidency. General Hastings entered the militia iu 1877, and in 1884 he Was elected colonel of the Fifth regiment. In 1887 he was appointed adjutant general of Pennsylvania. He had charge of the relief corps at Johnstown after the great flood of 1889. General Hastings was married in 1877 to Miss Jaiio Armstrong Rankin. Our Harbor In Samoa. Our commercial interests in Samoa are not very large at present, but the Strategic importance of Samoa is universally recognized, and the necessity of maintaining our naval and coaling station at Pago Pago is generally regarded GEO. fe. CUAKK*, CLARICE & ALGOiSA CtfAS, A.OOttBJro AT W, B QtTAKTOtf. ATTO&N87 AT Office over Kossuth Co. Batik. Algonft, Iowa. . SUMIVAN & MoMABOK ATTORNEYS- AT- LAW. Postoffioe ALOOKA, IOWA. NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATION MEETING, ASBUKY PAKK, N. J., JULY 10-13, 1894. ., . One fare plus $2.00 for the round trip. Tickets on sale from all stations July 7th and 8th. Good to return until July 29th. ' ANNUAL' MEETING, YOUNG PEOPLES' SOCIETY OF CHKISTIA.N ENDEAVOR. CLEVELAND, OHIO, JULY 11-15,1894. One fare for the round trip. Tickets on sale from &11 stations July 9th and 10th. Good to return until Aug. 1st. ANNUAL MEETING, BAPTIST YOUNG PEOPLES' UNION, TORONTO, ONT., JULY 19-22, 1894. ';.*.• One fare for the round trip. » Tickets on sale from all stations July 17th and 18th, Good to return .until Ang, 8th. For further particulars inquire of station agent or address the undersigned. J. Morton, Gen'lTick. and Pass. Agt., Cedar Kapids, Iowa. HARBOR OF PAGO PAGO. as the principal consideration that induced the United States to enter into and continue the joint protectorate with Germany and England. Pago Pago was ceded to the United States in 1872 by a treaty made with King Maungwa. This harbor is said to be the most remarkable one in all Polynesia. It is about two miles long and will average one-third of a mile in width.' It is easy to approach and enter for vessels of any size, and the water inside .is deep and without any obstructions whatever. DANSON & BUTLER. LAW, LOANS AJtD LAND; Collections a Specialty. Office in Gardner Cowles new bulldingi A 'g°"a. Iowa. E.V.SWETTINa ATTOXNE7 AT LA W, Money to loan, Algona, Iowa. S. S. SESSIONS. ATTORNEY AT LAW, Loans and Insurance. Special attention given to collections of all kinds. Office over Uhrischilles'store. Algon'a.Jowa. L. K. GARFIELD, M. B., PH781G1AN AND SURGEON, Offlee on State street, Algona, Iowa. M.J.KENEF1CK,.M. I Office over Taylor's store. Aigona, Iowa. Alabama's Gubernatorial Contest. The nomination of Colonel William C. Gates for governor of Alabama in the Democratic convention at Montgomery .closed one of the liveliest preliminary canvasses in the history of the party. Reuben P. Kolb, the farmers' candidate, who is Colonel Gates' chief opponent, was defeated after a hot con- Kpuse Grocery, friends and admirers, jo whpw we ,„ plained matters, in general, not »eg» Jesting to Describe the evolution pf jug magnificent burnsides under the torrid JBUQ pf Venezuela, Mr, Banna is look. ,4ug well and sap he is feeling as well We Bave aet; to Move, Great redaction, anfl now going on at the sale t«re store, Come early and ayoiS* the rush? come while our stoQJs is compile «tf #ft your cbojce; First come, first served, , J, F * A OF Clear f^ake Park, Iowa, Season of 1894. A fine program has been arranged for this, most popular of Northern Iowa summer resorts, including lectures by some p'f America's most noted speakers; gospel meetings led by the most popular divines of the nation; camp meetings, band concerts, ahd numerous other attractions which will be announced from time to time. The Annual Musical Festival will be under the direction of Prof . W. S, Weeden of New York City. The.potel Oaks, built in 1893, will be open to the public May 15th. This Ho« telis" large and commodious, built after tlje most approved plan for sun> mer ftotels, and managed by men who know'the wants of tjbejr guests. Qrj jvill do your painting, He charg* es to |uit the hard times, Remember the removal sale at J. R, • furniture store; everything done $o' order by Mrs, Wn>. southwest part of Algona, Anyone in need of'an and efficient nurse, please call on Mrs, S. J >l$£$ston a_$ Wra^Clearjf's,, AJgqna, iteir W, C. DATES. E. F. KOLB, test by Governor Jones two years ago. He is conducting an active campaign now, and its activity and interest will wax until the polls close on Aug. 6. Colonel Gates is now serving his seventh term in the national house of representatives. He was an unsuccessful candidate for the Democratic nomination for governor in 1873. Mr. Gates is a native Alabainian and was born in Abbeville Nov. 80, 1835. Eeuben F. Kolb, the Populist candidate, is 58 years old. He is an Alabamian born and Tired. Mr. Kolb served through the first year of the war as a private and 1 then went home and organized Kolb's battery of artillery, which fought, through the war. Al}out five years ago Governor Seay appointed him commissioner of agriculture. He left the> regular Democratic party in 1898. George 3, Gould, George J, Gould's recent purchase of the yacht Vigilant is supposed to bftye been wade on bis brother Edwin's account, but George has' for some time been an enthusiastic yachtsman, The Vigilant has gone abroad and will be entered in many of ttte big paces on the other side. being a, and all around, ath* }e.te, Q- e o r g e Gould is a PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa.. J. M. PRIDE. M. P. Office over Goeder's Algona, CloHiing Store. Iowa* DR. L. A. SHEETZ, 'DRUGGIST AND 'STATIONER} Prescriptions filled. Deals in paints, oils, books, perfumeries, etc. Cor. State and Tnorlngton sts. Aleona.Iowa. C. B. PAUL, M. I).,. WHITTEMORE- - -. - l()WA> Regular Office hours 8 to 12 a, ra., 6 p. m. Over 'Wichler's Furniture store. Residence north of track. of tfc& New York oha,m.bei?Qi commerce, dent of T. J. FELLING, M. D. PSTS1GIAN AND &UR&EQN, Consultation in English and German. Over Goetch's store, Whittemore, Iowa. CHAS. MoCORMACK, Diseases of Children a Specialty. Besidfence. , Mrs, McOaU's, East of 0. & N. W. depot; ,' ALGONA, IOWA. DR.F, G:HEEFL1N, PHTSIGl'AN AND' Ofice in rear of S\vea Olty Bank. » Swea City,, Ipwa. r E. E. SAYEBS, p. V,

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