Lebanon Courier and Semi-Weekly Report from Lebanon, Pennsylvania on August 17, 1892 · Page 3
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Lebanon Courier and Semi-Weekly Report from Lebanon, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 17, 1892
Page 3
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THE LEBANON OOUxiliGH, WjBI4 iilSJDjY, -AJUC'tJST 1'T, 1892- Sjc Lebanon (Courier. : .n:-:m kst ok pasrknq er trains May 15. 1892. TRAINS (jcwv: lifAr.iN a follows: - Ynrfe vi.i n.iUitlelohia Route weekdays : x .i n a. i.i., and 17. 4.40 and tt '. p. .', nn' iv 7 4ia. m.,'2.4i, 4.4'.' l- ni. I. r sow V lik'vU Altentown, weekday 7.W. Aoa ni KWil? aiul4 40, . m. Sundays, ns t.iw. 8.sn. loao For ; , I.Ufa CJ.cWf. a" i " 17 4 40 and 6.46 p. m. Sunday. a. ,nl?ftXt,t T.62. t?3. a, m- ttM. 5.15 Sundays, u u,w . " and .i.fiin"' weekdays. 6.05, 7.07.(Fast Express.) lisoa m., 12.k 2.17. 4.40, 46 and 8.58 p. 4.4V, ami For Middled 11.20 p. m 5.04 P. i .vr Reading- m Sunday, 7.12 9.43 a ,6'?iSnnVwn wpkdavs. 6.05 7.07. 8.50 a. ra., " fi!7 and V.4.) P. Sundays, 7.2, 9.d p ,r Hn-'-i?"huUVUdays, 6.02, 8.23, 10.5S a. m., Fori , 9 " 5 15 7 07, 8.46, (Fast Express.) and ni-loV m. Sunday. 7.24. 9.54, 11.48 a. m.. 5.04, 7 i4 11.20 p. ni. For Gettysburg 6.02, 10.58 a. Sunday, 7 24 a.m-For Slilppensburg, 6.02,10.58 I ForrmMifove. s.25 a. m , 1 CO 6 15 and 8.55 p.m. For Brookxide, 8.25 a. m. and 1.0") p. ni. For PottsviHe via Pine Grove, 8 2;, a. m. and 10 pm-' THA1KS "or Ijcanoh Leave as follow : ,,' xvw V'Ukvia AUentown, weekday 4.00 L0 and 8.45 a m!, and 1.00, 3.4b and 5.46 p. m. ml-iv l.Ui'l. 5.30 p. m. r.S 'i York, via Philadelphia, weekday 7 1-, " t m. 1-30, 4.00, 5.00 p. m. and 12.15 mid Sunday, 11.30 a. in., 5.00 p. m. Leave Philadelphia weekdays, 4.10. 8.35 10.00 a. m!. 1.10, 4.00, 6.00 and 7.15 p. m. Sunday. 6.30, 9 u5 a. m., auu a.. i . v- m.,2.22, 7.07 p. m. m., and 2.22 p. m 7.15. 10.10. 11.50 a. 1.25 d. m. Sunday. Sn as.i ni .s a. m.. and 4.U0. e.uu, iu.a p, m. r ave AUentown. weekdays, 5.47. 8.40 a. m.. and ?lo 4 6 4", 9.05 p. m. Sunday, 7.2o a. m.. Sunlw. sofiw " 2 00- lm 5M' 6M P m' Atlantic City Division. Leave Philadelphia, Chestnut Street Wharf and South Street Wharf. riAvs Express, 5 15 (excursion 6.4o),8.0l, UIK7) minute llyer 3 3)), 4.00, 5X0. 6 OJ p. m SlijiUAia iA'iv.", Accommodation, 8.00 i turn 9.w, lii.:',o a. ra., 4 3) p. ni a. m. ana 40 p. m antic and ArKausas aw - --rfn Ti, 67 PonoSa- 7.S 8.1)0, 9 30 ptm. Accommodation, 7.30 a. m. and 5.15 p. 111. n o. Hancock. Gen'l Passenger Agent. I. A. SWKIGARD, General Manager May 18, 1892. Cornwall Bail road , Mnon and Lancaster Joint Line.) si'OHTKSlMtOUTBKOK LANCASTER AND ALL POINTS EAST AND WEST. ON AND AFTER SUNDAY, NO VEf ,ieb 15th, 1891, passenger trains wU te run as 1 ollows: A" IT . Leave: Lebanon I'ornwall M. Villas Prturyn Mt. Uopo Mialieini ARHIVB: Lancas' r, K iug St. Columbia . . a ni 6.30 6.4; 6.50 a m 7.12 7.27 7.30 7.31) 7.45 7.58 am 9.10 9.21 9.24 Fm 1.05 11.16 11.19 11.26 11.31 11.43 p m 3.10 3.21 3.24 Lsavb: Columbia Lancaster Mauheim Mt. Hope Penryn Miners' Village.. Cornwall ........ Akkivs Lebanon Lbave: Lebanon.... Onnwall M'nerV Village ., Mt. iiope Manheir.i Akhivs: Lancaster tio'r.tmbia I.eavi:: Cjlum'oia Lancaster M.iulieim Mt. Hope - Miners' Village. Cornwal! AKRIV15 , L h.inon , M ly 25. lS'.i. 8.35 .... 12.15 .... 9.15 .... 2.00 NORTHWARD. am am pmpmpm ... .... 12.35 .... 7.00 .... 1.0J .... 7.33 .... 134 7.45 .... 146 .... 7.50 4.14 . .. 7.56 10.10 1.57 4.20 1 .... 7.59 10.13 2.00 4.23 nm 7.15 7.26 7.29 7.36 7.41 7.53 8.25 pm 3.45 50 6.13 6.15 6.20 6.26 6.29 ... 8.11 10.25 SUNDAYS. am 7.55 , 8.10 8.13 8.27 8.44 9.20 ;.. 9.20 am 8.05 ; 8.00 8.45 9.00 9.11 9.17 9.32 2.10 4.35 6.30 p m 12.30 15.42 12.45 2.21) 2.23 d m 5.35 3.50 a&3 4.05 4.22 5.00 5.00 P m 3.45 3.45 4.23 4.36 4.46 4.49 2.35 5.02 Peonsylvanl9 Itallroact krf AND AKTJ3U JUr- lata. 1M ..!.. nrill lnoTja UMuDII as lollOWS, omiectini! at Conewago lor all points on the Pennsylvania Railroad. Leave Lebanon at 6 25 a. m. Arrive at Cone wv-o -t 7 05 a. m.. Lancaster. 8.10 a. m., rnua delJuii 20. "i'., New Yotfe 1.10p.m.. Harris biU 7 5 .a. m., Altoona 1.45 p. m., Mftsbnj? d m. This tniin makes close connection at Har-risbura lor points on the Northern Central and Philadelohia and Erie Railroads. Ie Lebanon 8.15 a.m. Arrive a: Conewago at 8.5J a. m., HarrisbuiK H-''5,: m-, lto?o? 3.4 ) p. m.. Pittsburs 8.10 p m.. Philadelphia U.25 a m N?w York 2 p. m. This train makes close connection at Harrisburg for points on the Northern Central and P. & E. Railroad. Leave Lebanon at 10.50 a. m. Arrive at Con?. wa?a 11.35 a. m., Lancaster 12.50 p. m., Harris burg 1201 noon, Philadelphia 3.t0 p. m. Sew YorK 5.50 p. m. , nnnn. f.avB I ..Million at iwu. ui., 11 n. u ir. ... un.aliinctnn M.1U D. 111. lSS cbanoCT p. m Irrlve attJonewago 4 pfmT. Lancaster 4.45 p. in.. Philadelphia 6.50 p. XBSStttlWZlm. Arrlveatnewo 7.55 p. m.. Lancaster 8.40 p. m.. Harrlsbur 8.40 p. m., Philadelphia 10.55 p. Jgg3"60 General Passenger Agent. GIIAS. E. PCGH, General Manager. Ctirawall I,eiioii Railroad. -T!iK T BOUTB lor all rrauw 1 "ii.N'NSYLVANIA Tajlt..'. IS. LewB le.v. u fanners' r.KCuiiiiuiieitt. Closoly upoa the footsteps of Chautauqua and C'ampmeelinr, at Jit. Gretna, follows the Industrial Exhibition of farmer:.. Too encampment opous to-l;iy an-.l nontinues c-i;Ut days, and promise t KHrs.-ms ivi:n its former grandly Huccessful exhibits. It will ail'ord 111 ny pleasing si;;lits mid present many useful olijocts It will lu otpjcially a school for the farmer and muclianic, with plenty for all students to investigato. Very many of tho latest impvovod farming implements; recently patented machinery, generally; rarj household furniture, ornamental and useful, ancient and modern; relics, historically valuable: needle work. luarvelously admirable; fmit of superior size and flavor; grain, ot- oxcoMent. qunlity and abundant yitd.l, ."fcj , will b) amonpr tho nunieroui attractions. Complete arraiigc-monts have beou made for exhibitors and visitors. Dr. T. A. Carrol, superintendent, has been very active and efliciont in arranging preliminaries and securing excellent facilities for all interested in the encampment. Uood farcins. Auctioneer Wm. Behney, last Saturday afternoon said at the Eaglo Hotel, forty shares of People's Bank stock, belonging to the estate of Dr. John C. Seltzer, deceased, Hon. Thomas Capp, executor, at the follow ing prices: Samuel Helms, 1 share, S8O.0O; K. M. Woomer, 20 shares, at 80.30; Prof. Thomas Stiue, Fredericksburg, 10 shares at i?.S0.0O, and shares at $83.20. Twenty shares belonging to Capt. John W. Mish were also sold, Mr. Samuel E. Fox purchasing 10 shares at 81.05, and "W. H. Heilman 10 shares at 580.90. The p ir value of this stock, which is only about four years old, is 50 a share, and the prices realized represent an increase of over GO per cent. The (7. H. K. Penna Campmeetlng. This camp during many years including last year, held at Heilinandale lias changed its location to Mr. Gideon Light's beautiful grove, on the Fredericksburg road, two miles Northeast of our city, and commenced its annual sessions last Monday morning to continue to Friday evening. About 00 tents have been erected and are occupied. The attendance will likely bs good the entire week if the weather bo favorable, but Wed nesday will be especially interesting because it is Ycnng People Christian ITnion day and will be distinguished by the prosence of nu merous members of this organization and by eminent speakers who will a.ldross them among them Bishop Castle. Contractual ions. Judge McPherson, in his letter to Geo. B. Bohoek, Esq., Chairman of tho Ilepublican County Committee, pays a high compliment to Mr. Schock. He states that the party is to be congratulated by having the campaign In such able hand and that It insures vie. tory in November. I Judge McPherson writes: "I hava just written to Judje Lauser, Mr. Kcdsecfcer and Major Gherst, asking them to act as judicial conferrees from Lebanon county and desire to report this appointment to you as county chairman." A Church Centennial In Jonestown. On Sept. 4, 1792, the corner-stone of the first Lutheran church in Jonestown was laid by Eev. William Kurtz, assisted by ilav's Schultze, Wildban aud Muhlenberg. The congregation has arranged lor the proper observance of this Centennial hy suitable gorvicison Sunday, Sept. 4, of thi3 year, They expect an interesting service vud a largo gathering of people who have from time to time been members of this church. Among the speakers for the day will be some of the former pastors of the church, bnt who are now preaching elsewhere. The Farmers' liank. This recently orgamzel institution, consisting of prominent husineiumca anil substantial farmers, of our city and county, and located in the colossal building of Howard C. Shirk, Esq., comer of Ninth and Willow streets, opened its doors for customers yes terday (Tuesday) morning. The grat da-mand for its stocks, all sold several months ago, the reputation ct its directors, share holders and officers aud its admirable) facilities generally promise gratifying sue loss. Preached lZcre. The pulpit of thaFirit Uefortned church was occupied on Sunday hy Iiev. Henry Keller Miller, son of Daniel Miller, of Heading, and grandson of ex-Director of the Poor Henry Miller, of West Chestnut street. Mr. Miller is a rnambsr of tho coiigrajr.sion by baptism, and has recently b.;en closteJ by the board of commissioners for foreign missions of the Reformed church, additional misbionary to Japan, for which country ho ' will probably sail in September. Mt. Uretaa. In -Addition to tho Farmers' Exhibition, which commenced this morning anil closes Thursday, next week, tha following excur sions will attract large attendance:) at Mt. Gretna: 1 Thursday, Augti3t 18 Union Sunday schools of Toptoa, Berks county. Friday, Augnst 19 Paradise Sunday Sshcol of Leaman Place, Lancaster county, and general excursion from all points oa the r. & li. railroad. Saturday, August 20 Reformed. U. B. and Evangelical Sunday schools of Myers- town and Uood Samaritan Sunday 'school 01 womelsuorr. on mti.ROAD. Time In effect Monday, May 23, 1892. a.m. a.m. a.m. p.m. p.11 . !.. r-'"- to 8 15 10 50 2 00 3 15 5 00 7 10 AUKivr. Lne;istr P.iira New Von!. H vrris'j-g. Carlisle.... Wii'iSpovl. Pittsour:. LEXVb. Pittsburg . W'mspoit. Carlisle .... HairisbV'. Nw York Piiil'a Lancaster AKllIVE. Lebanon A 10 .... 12 f.0 3 55 4 4 .... V) 20 11 2 3 00 6 49 6 60 .... Ill 2 00 5 50 9 20 9 35 7 i 5 1L to 12 01 3 20 8 52 .... 1 17 4 3J 11 15 .... 3 DO 7 00 6 50 8 HI ....11 55 a.m. a.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p. m 8 HI 1 20 3 30 7 15 8 00 .... 3 0 .... 8 25 .... 12 30 .... 5 5") 7 45 9 43 12 3 ) 2 30 .... 7 TO 8 3) 10 40 2 36 3 40 .... 12 15 9 00 4 30 .... 8 5011 50 11 45 .... 6.27 .... 10 55 2 00 2 50 .... 8 41 10 55 3 50 8 4r 10 58 3 25 6 Ot. p.m. i'tV) 6 22 7 30 3 00 5 20 7 25 Everybody should joia tho Aucieat Order of United "Workuasu. .Samuel Peters and Isaac L. Behney, who died recently, were members of Kittatinny Lodge, No. 85, for about 17 year; and 4 months. Each paid iu assessments about 8334 and their widows receive $3,009 each, a net gain af $1,070. The annual cost per thousand of insurance was $9,33. In what other society or insurance company can you get insurance at rates as lo?v as this? 820 9 15 12503 E5 4556 10 900 .11 .a .liilvnTfcntunilftV. TWRets for ail Western points ; baggage 'bKrlnrhreTSlormatlon see the time table at all olilses 01 this and the Pennsylvania K. R.Co. A. i). SMI ill, General Passenger Agent NED IRISH, . . , General Superintendent. ; , Fine Apple and Pears. The numerous friends of John V. Mish, Esq , have generougly partaken of luscious apples and pears, which the Colonel not only admires as a result of good choice and culti vation, but especially delights in distributing to competent judges of rare fruit. His Early Strawberry apple is exceedingly beautiful and of delicious flavor. - coiittensed Locals. Pbachks are very scarce. Sneak thioves aro about. Grapes are changing color. Vacation days are almost gone. The ieo iv.cn have an uncouimoi.ly good season. Salt water, frequently applied, allays th tching of hives. i If you wish to vote next November get registered how. Thirty-Five newspapers are published in Lancaster county. Lititz has a street sprinkler and lias no dust. Ahead of Lebanon. Nearly all of tho Italian workinsinen haveabandonrd tho Wi rncrsville hospital. The DeniorraM of 1,'ioi.M - m - i 1-.--M their primaries on il.ur-l:!tv :ti;. I.EAIUKO is to have a nnw i.'r nl.ti.t .vlri.-h will manufacture 70 tons a day. Be careful what you eat, how j on eat and when you eat. There is cholera morbus in the air. The lightning rod men are doing a big business in Lancaster county since the recent barn burnings. DtTKlxo August day light will bo decreased twenty minutes in the morning and forty-one at night, or over an hour in the month. Columhia, Lancaster county, will have a large labor demonstration on Labor Day, Monday, Ssptembor 5. Eight organizations will participate. The Harrisburg Wheelmen will have a grand wheel meet on Labor Day, Monday September 5. A great many valuable prizes w ill be distributed. Ma. Calvin Desh, of this city, has been granted an original pension, under tha act of June, 1890. Monument Park has been well patronized b our citizens the past week. The seating capaciiy is almost inadequate. E. E. Craumer, Esq., of Pittsburg, Pa., son of Kev. L. W. Craumer, is visiting hi parents.No. G20 North Tenth street, Reading. Mr. Charles Forster, the newly appointed alderman of tho Sixth ward, this city, has opened an office at No. 309 North 9th street. Mr. John Behney, of West Lebanon, has pnrchased the grocery store of Lewis Fleisher.located at Tenth and Mifflin streots. Hiram Plasterer, of near Rexmont, was arrested on Friday by Constahle Sohn, for betrayal on oath of Emma E. Swope, of North Lebanon township. Alderman Kreider held him in 500 bail for his appearance at September sessions. The printers of Lebanon on Friday evening last, met in Breslin's ball, for the purpose of organizing a typographical usion . A committee of three on constitution and by-laws was appointed. Fourteen compositors were in attendance. The delegates of the several local camp3 of tho P. O. S. of A., held a meeting recently and authorized the chartering of a special car to convey them to the meeting of the State camp, which convenes at Shamokin, on Tuesday, August 23d. The Eagle Hotel, S. B. Cox, proprietor, has just boen retouched on the interior by a fresh coat of paint. It is spoken of by the traveling public as being one of the best hotels in the interior of the State. Messrs. H. O. Nutting, C. Wheeler Lord, Will. P. Nutting and Robert C. Wedekind, drove to Columbia on Friday to attend a barge party. Paymaster Guy, of the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad Company, will visit Lebanon on Monday, August 22, to pay the em-ployees of the Lebanon Valley Railroad. Axoeline Eohland and husband, havo sold to Harvey T. Hauer a 13-inch strip of ground between their properties, on North Eighth street, for 51.17. The Lebanon Manufacturing company is at work on a contract to construct eight-wheeled cars for the Logansport quarries and the Huntingdon and Broad Top railroad. Harvest Home services were conducted at Sunnyside at 2 o'clock on Sunday afternoon, by Rev. B. W. Schmauk, in German, and Rev. T. E. Schmauk, in English. Rev. Isaac C. Fisher, of Kimberton, ! Chester county, preached in St. Mark's Re-formed church on Sunday, in the morning ' in German and in the evening in English. Mr. John W. Firestine, residing at Tenth and Lehman streets, was stricken with pa ralysis while standing on the back porch on Thursday morniag at 7 o'clock, Ho fell into the arms of his son John, was carried to bod, and Dr. Geo. P. Lineaweaver called in. Messrs, Adam Funck, W. D. Fisher, J. W. HartUiau, of this city; Jacob Light, of Jonestown, and Andrew Light, of Uwatara tovrnship,and others.returned recently from a visit to Sea Isle City.N. J. They brought with them about 150 pounds of fish, for distribution among their friends. Mr. Hayes Dickinson, of Reading.solicit-ir.g passenger agent of the Philadelphia and Reading Tailroad, was married at Niagara Falls to Miss Mary E. Dotts, of Rtading. Mrs. Lydia Unijer, aged 80 years, aud inothtir of Mr. A. H. linger, of this city, on Saturday ieli down the cellar stairs at No. 225 Walnut street, Reading, which resulted in her death. Sba leaves to survive two daughters and seven sons. Johjt U. Killinger, formerly of Avon, aud for the past several years a resident of Martin, Florida, and Morris Krebs, a brother-in-!a of Mr. Killinger, who lately left Avon for the samo place, have purchased a saw mill aud will hereafter engage in thit busi- 1M5SS. Levi Brandt, son of Dauiel Brandt, of Cainpbellstown, who injured himself at Mt. Gretna, on Sunday a week, by falling from a swing, aieu on iliursday morning last, at the Gocd Samaritan Hospital, Thursday morning last, aged 19 years. He was buried on Saturday afternoon at his home in Camp-bellstown. Chief Engineer Crowell and his able assistant, Thomas Humphreys,of the Cornwall and Lebanon railroad, will sever their connection with that company on the first of September. William Trayer had a hearing on Wednesday morning before Alderman Garrett on the charge of beating his wife. He was recommitted to the county prison, in default 01 ?200 ban, to answer tha charge at Septem-bsr session, Wm. S. Bordlemay, Esq., Deputy Clerk of Quarter Sessions, on Weduesday morning received notice from Michael Cassidy, warden of Eastern Penitentiary.of the discharge of Jo3enh Miller, known there as 5803, from that institution. Miller was sentenced to 18 months in the Penitentiary for robbing the smoke house of Mr. C. P. Steinmetz, of Newmanstown. Mr. Samuel Huston, formerly master mechanic of the Cornwall railroad company, left for Chicago on the 13th of August, and have charge of six miles of elevated railway which is being extended to thirty miles. The company is composed of a syndicate of Boston, New York and Philadelphia capitalists, and they contemplate constructing a railway all through that city. t"oiniOi;;yetl Locals. The street cars are still wall patronized. A vigilant commhtots has bomi i.-.-.; uiiy.i 1 to rid Minerkvilio ct thieves. St. Mary's Catholic picnic, at Penryn, today, is well attended. Lebanon will have a uuuubjr of new bicyclists next season, East Lehman street is a favorite drive for owners of fast horses. The political pot will soon bo boiling. Lebanon has a great many attraction 1 on Saturday evenings. The Gamowell Fire Alarm falls to work occasionally, caused by the wires becoming twisted. Two horses belonging to Mrs. Catharine VmIpv mil Mr. .lulin Krornaii were htoli'ii fror-i t'"if siMtdes at Itnnker Hill, on Teus-1111 . :.' ..!' tli animals b is lies ii .(ui.d. The Acme Shirt factory, of Myorstown, has closed a contract with a New York party which will take ten months to complete. Excursions to seaside resort are very popular these days, and they are well .a tronized. The Cornwall Railroad Company has sold engine No. 1, which was old and somewhat dilapidated to the Duluth, Wisconsin aud Missouri River Railroad. It was shippad on Friday to Rapid City, South Dakota The court has appointed Mr. John F. Kimmel, of tho Sixth ward, to act a3 special policeman at the camp grounds of tho East German U. B. Conference, to bo held iu Gideon Light's grove this week. Mr. Paul Stanley, leader of the Perseverance Band, this city, filled an engagement with the Manheirn Band, at Penryn, on Saturday. Lebanon is behind time in its band concerts. Harrisburg, Pottstown and other places have their weekly hand concerts, &c. The Indian tea fakir, vith the banjo accompaniment, held forth at the Court House on Saturday evening last. He did a rushing business. Work on tho Lehman street extension of the Lebanon and Annville Street Railway Company is progressing finely. Joseph Phelan a German, who has betn in this country but three months, whilo employed at tho Reinoehl Lumber Company's planirjg mill, on Thursday, cut otl" the thumb of his left hand and cut a deep gash in tho hand by coming in contact with a rip saw. Dr. V. II. All wein attended to his injuries. Rev. J. Calvin Leinbach, pastor of tha Fir3t Reformed church, of Sunhury, Pa., preached in St. John's church, in this city, on Sunday morning, at the usual hour of service. Llckdale Items. The Steel Works hero for the last; three weeks aro running day and night. Payday wa? tho item cf interest on Saturday. Another young couple called at the parsonage on Saturday afternoon, and our pastor, Rev. Scheirer soon joined them iu tho holy bonds of wedlock. The Liekdale Sunday-school will hold their annual picnic in the fine grovo o Peter K. Boeshore on Saturday. The same grove where tho picnic was last year. Music will ba furnished by a Lebauou Band and fine refreshments will be served. All who conduct themselves well are w el-eorne to come ;iad join in the pleasures of the occasion. The Harvest Thanksgiving services were held in the Walmer'a Church, by Rev. O. S. Scheirer pastor, on Sunday forenoon. The church was beautifully decorated for tha occesion and nicely by tho people of their place and vicinity. Tho collection for benevolent purposes amounted to $i5. 50. The marvest Thankssiving sarvica will be held in the Zattazahn's church on Sunday. 53P -'A God-send is Ely's Cream Balm. 1 had catarrh for three years. Two or three times a week my nose would bleed. I thought the sores would never heal. Your Balm has cured me." Mrs. M. A. Jackson, Portsmouth, N. H. Syiscr ttcin. Miss Alic3 Maulfair, of Heading, made a visit to her p-imi's hist week. Mr. Oiuifl Het'.ifF r -' ifo and daughter, of Fredericksburg, vee the guests of 8. M. Ulauoii over iiunaay. Mr. John II. Suoke aud wife, of iluni-i.iclstowi:, were tho guests of Elias S. Snoke over Sunday. Mr, George S. Walmc.r and family w r. (pending their Sunday on Gravel Hill with his brother, Amos V. Mr. L. M. Blanch gut ;, !or, of broom handles, wire and twine from Philadelphia and is busy at, making brooms. Mr. Auson llemperly and family were the guests of William Weiler over Sunday. Iiev. Simr 11 Noll and family last week hold a family re union isif.h t heir son, Law-renea, tboy all p.eairsed to bo happy. All the chili'i-i'ii ::tnl raml ;hidion were present Mr. George E. Mark, of Lebanon End Amo3 E. Mark, of Annville, were spending Sunday with their brother, John E. Mark. Rev. W. W. Yost will aarain preach in the St. John's Evan, church on Sunday afternoon. Mr. D. M. Blauch has ajjaiu started in carpet weaving. Ho is crowded with or ders. Mr. John Strickler and wife and Ida Clauser and Minnie Miller, of Lebanon. were the guests of S. M. Blauch over Sun day. Mr. L. G. Noll spent Sunday in Anu-ville. It is rumored that our entermisiusr mer chant, John II. Blauch, wants to build an addition to his house for a etoto room to keep a larger stock. Mr. Thomas A. Eirly and family, of Ono, were the guests of D. M. Blauch and family over bunday. Jonestown Items. Mr ii If. feWiitas-a IteiJis- S. Kern, Sr , of th. place, house a ljick-.m c f it'ustsis o I was so much troubled with catarrh it seriously affected my voice. Ono bottle of Ely's Cream Balm did the work. My voice is fully restored. 15. F. Liepsnfr, A. M., Pastor of the Olivet Baptist Church, Philadelphia, Pa! augl7-2t Mt. Irtm Farmers' Encampment. Wednesday, 17ih inst. will witness tho opening of the great Farmers' Encampment and Exhibition at Mt. Gretna Park. The exhibits are being rapidly put in position on the platforms, and in tha various buildings, and everything is now ready for the formal opening on Wednesday (to-day.) Governor Pattison and Lieut. Gov Wat-res on Thursday will address the imuienso crowds which doubtless will be in attendance. And iu tho evening there will be a Grand Army cainp-firo under thu auspices of tho various Posts. An interesting feature of the program on Tuesday 23rd will be an address by citizen Georgo Fratei.-". Train, who is known the world over as a genius, a philanthropist and an eloquent exponent of the rights of the people. Every poison should see and hear him. As before stated each political party haj a day for its most prominent speakers to expound their views on tho political questions of tho hours: 19th, Farmers Institute; 20th, Labor Day; 22nd, Prohibition Day; 23rd, People's Party Day; 31th, Democrat's Day ; 25th, Republican Day. Tho Encampment will be the most interest- in one ever held In the State. Special trains will leave Lebanon at 9.00 a. m., 11.30 a. m., 1.60 p. m., and additional trains if necessary to accommodate the public. Prof. Kemp, of Palatinate college, Mverstown, delivered a very interesting and instructive sermon in the Reformed church last Tuesday evening, Mrs. babina Kamig and daughter, ol Philadelphia, wife aud daughter of Rov. A. Romig, for many years pastor of the Reformed church here, aro visiting relatives and friends. Miss Annio Stine, of Philadelphia, is spending her vacation with her father, Mr. William Stine. Quite a number of our young ladies and gentlemen attended tho Fredericksburg picbic last Saturday. Rev. R. S. Arndt, pastar of the U. B. church, delivered the address at the Mou roe Valley Sunday-school at their celebration on last Saturday. Mr. George Kaley and wife, of Lebanon, spent Sunday iu town visiting relatives. The school board contemplates pavchas- insf a handsome iron fence which will be placed in position in front of the building. Mrs. A. IvauflmaLi. 01 Irov, Ohio, is visiting her mother Mis. Caroline Uhland, on Lancaster street. Tho public sale of D. II, Hinterleitner was largely attended. A l.ltllc Cilrl's Experience In a Lighthouse. Mr. and Mrs. Loren Trescott are keepers of the Gov. Lighthouse at. Sand Beach.Mich. and are blessed with a daughter four years old. Last April she was taken down witu Meaeles, followed witu a dreadiul Cougli and turnins into a Fever. Doctors at home and at Detroit treated Uer, but in vain, she crew worse laindly, until she was a mere "handful of bones." Then she tried Dr. King's New Discovery and after the use of two and a halt Dottles, was completely cured. They say Dr. King's New Discov ery is worth its weight in gold, yet you may get a bottle frea at Dr. Geo. Ross & Co.'s Drugstore. Avon Item. Revs. S. E'.tcr and .1. II. Lowery preached to a well-siz-:d audience on last Sunday aiternoon mthe camp grove.iNortn Lebanon township. Mr. Charles Weiss, v. ho has gone through a siego of four weeks of typhoid fever is at present not much improved. He is under the carcfull attention of Drs. Samuel, and Geo. Weis, who do all for him thev can. Ou last Sunday evau'in:, Hosi, wife of Mr. F. P. Hoke, departed this life. Her funeral will bo held on Thursday forenoon She was a kind wife, a loviug mother, and a good neighbor. Mcssis. J. rrans JJouncr and Ohas Stem, are employed at Reading in one of the larce cigar manuiaeturies. Mr. I). T. Werner will fhortly leave for Phila. w here he will pursue a ooarse in chemistry. Ktoolstown Items. .: lay.!! boarding and wilt i.ike nosstfoi in as so;r.o nccctssa; v itiairs building aro. completed. Tho Valley Sunday-school picnic, la'45 Saturday was quite largely attended. Ou place was exceedingly well represented. M.1I. Loser, watchmaker and jewekr has a good deal of work ou ha:i3, and is therefore constantly kept very busy. T ho farmors iu our vicinity are quite busy hauling manure and turning the soil for wintor grain. Who is responsible for destroying and tearing down the hand bills just as fast as Dr. G. Wayne Stuckey puts them 11 p? Mrs. Frank Kline, of your city, Was visiting hra.n last week, the guest of her parents, Mr. and Nrs. Jacob Darkes. Mr. J. II. Grumbine, bought a small near Frodcrickburit, containing about 23 acres, from Lsvi Wagner. Consideration, $1300. The Dunkard brethren again held sir-vices in tha Bsthel church at Fredericks burg last Saturday evening and Sunday forenoon, tho attendance was hirfce. Mr. William Kohr, of your city, 7ill move to Lickdala some tinia during the week. He formerly resided near Inwood. Will Brown, of Mt. Ziou, spent last Sunday at this place, lie made the trip on his new safety bicycle, which he just purchased last week. Mr. 1. is malting good progress 011 his machine. A Uissextilo party was neiu lasi Satur day evening at the residence of Joseph Shugar. The evening was spent in in so cial games and conversation. Vocal and instrumental music were enjoyed. At a a seasonable hour they left for their homes well pleased with the evening s entertainment. Mr. John II. Zittazahn, of this place, will leave about the middle ot this week to nurehaso a car ioa.il of oxen, which ho will dispos3 of at private sale. This af- porsom wno KHyei-Mawsn llcuis. Nest Saturdv-' morning ou ." tho Jar x eat ex ;m Kioir; i.l;. ever 1 ft on tow cva i go to ?dt. G. iitint, tospocd too day. Toe United Brethren, Evangel ieat and It;-formed Sunday schools ii'Jd many other will participate. Exceil.ii.5 prep tratioiif. have W mado ty the various committect to make it & day of pleasure for all. Tins V-aiii will lwvc our depot at b.10 a. in. Ale. George V, Wooaioj, delegate of Lo KniuM of Pythias, No 258, of this pUc.V Jefc for "!Vi!Hlitngt.on,D. C, on Mou- (I'l V. 'TUent Vs a larre' s-fc mdauce on Su i- day foronoun at Tul eniiooKeu cimreu. IteV. Welker pieaehod u invest Home service. The puipi., ,;uId a! ct, the edifieo. Over $50 w as cij.Whted by tho congregation for benevolent '''1P;tes-Mr. William Ny.. aged ab mt 7v, fK resiiliug oa W-st, Main street, attendee ue tabernacle services on Mill street on Su n day evening, after tho audience was dis missed ho started for home, and no doubt becamo bewildered on the way.and passed down New street towards the canal from there he wended his way in tha dark to the stone quarry of Donges Bros' and ascended tho road way to the lime kiln, which is elevated and when on top it is supposed he made a misstop and fell down about 13 feet into the quarry, where ho was found on Monday morning by William W oomer, IIr. Woomer procured n ve hicle and couveyed him to his home. On It is a Mistake To avoid Chestnut Street to get low prices for Cloth ing. VVe do not "Chestnut Street ask high and prices for our goods. We give you better clothes lower prices than is asked in the stores on other streets. You need not take our word for it A ten minute look will convince you that we are right Browning, King & Co. Leading American Clothiers, 910 and 912 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Warren A. Reed. ni. Ph nm,., f . V J fc- J J H, f t . 1111111 Well beuiri9 half done." Begin cake of SA POLIO. your housework by buying examination it was found that his shoulder Sapolio is a solid cae of Scouring Soap used'for all cleaninj? tnirnosea was dislocated and numerous bruises oa Tnr if " njaen his body. At tms writiug he is resting easily- It was a providential escape from instant sieath. HW daughter was alarmed at his abssnee from home and search parties were out during the night to find his whereabouts. Rev. Mr. Harvey E. Kilmer, who g radii Faturdav, September 3: Real estate. by ex'ors os fc of George Holler, deceased, in S. Ann. twp Saturday, August 13: People's, Bank Stock, by Thomas 11. Capi, Kx'r, at Eagle hotel, Leb Saturday, September 3: Real estate, to ex of Cards) Out. Cards are out for the wedding of Miss Ida C. Miller, daughter of Mr. A. H. Miller, of the Miller Organ Company, to M r. John B. TtAnrnAr Hon nf Mr. f!nnrn.il "Bmrrner. on "M&X$VLft S! Annviue twp Thursday evening, August 25. Saturday. September 34: Real estate, by ex' rs John Stewart, dee'd. In Beidelber K township Friday, August 26 : 0 ak lumber, by Daniel 8. tight Co . In Union township, lbanon eo Wednesday, August.2 : Oak lumber, by Henry L. Long, near Jonestown queduct Saturday, September 14: Real Estate of the late J ohu C. Seltzer, dee'd, at Jonestown. Pienle. The Reformed and Lutheran Sunday-schools will picnic at Heilmandale next Satardiy, August 20. Public invited to at- tnd. . ... The Grand Central oreueatra of Latianon has been engaged t enliven the occasion with their eholce music. Uoo4Tlld. Mr. Will. R. Uhland formerly of this county but who years ago went West, informs 1x1 that in Pawnea county.his present home, Kanga, thrashing is in full sway and that the wheat average ig H5 bushels per acre. Mr. Uhland is busy and prosperous. Caned. Mr. 8. B. Cox, proprietor of tha Eigle hotel, this city, on Monday presented a beautiful cane to Mr. WillUm G. Elsaman, one of h's guests, It balng th occasion of Mr. E 'a reventieth biith.lay anniversary. Superintendent Conrad, 00 Thursday morning, commenced running cars every half honr between this city and Annville. The ran between this city and Avon has also been changed and one car less is used on the schedulo. Drowned. Mr. George Salen, who resided on the Kilmer farm, near Newmanstown, was i drowned in Albert's dam, on Thursday last while fishing. He leaves a widow and three I children. Justice Pe ffur summoned a jury who, after hearing the testimony, rendered i a verdict in accordance therewith. J3TMr. John F. Kimmel, of this city, was on Saturday morning appointed policeman at the U. B. campmeeting in Mr. Gideon Light's woods, two miles north cf this city for this week. X-3 Mr. John W. Roberts has sold to Emma D. Bruce a house on the west side of ! Spring street, for $2,600. VST The Perseverance Corntt Band gave a sacred concert in Washington Park on Sunday afternoon, which was listened to by a large audience. Prof. Oscar R. Gleason gave two exhibitions of horse training on the Cricket grounds on Saturday afternoon and evening to large crowds. His addresses are interesting and instructive. Oliver B. Siegrist, who has been awarded the contract for the masonry work of the new High school building, Thirteenth and Lehman streets, commenced work on Friday with a force of ten men. The cellar will be 55x60 feet in dimension., and the work will at least take two weeks. Jack Straub.the well-known watchmaker and jeweler, will remove his store to Lancaster this week. He is compelled to vacate his present business place owing to the sale of the property ,and there are no other suita ble rooms to be had. There was a game of base ball between the Golden Bucks and the Drug Clerks base ball clubs, on Friday afternoon, at the Cricket grounds, the proceeds of which were donated to the Good Samaritan Hospital. The Drug Clerks were victorious by a score of22to7. Bishop E. B. Kephart, D.D., of Toledo, Ohio, brother of Rev. C. J. Kephart, of this city, and Bishop Nicholas Castle, D. D., of Roanoke, Indiana, both of whom preached at the Mt. Gretna campmeeting, delivered sermons at Emit's grove, York coanty, after leaving Mt. Gretna. Mrs. L. R. Kiester. editress of the IWoman's Evangel and secretary of the Woman's Missionary society, who spoke at Mt. Gretna, also made an ail-dress on the missions in China and Africa. B Room Nc. i, in the court house, was hous, was comfortably filltd, last Friday evening, with voteis of this city and county, who met for the purpose of placing a People's party ticket in the field. A committee wa p;olnted to formulate a ticket, which will be submitted at another meeting in the near futuie. t-af" Daring the feitivities at the banquet of the Knights Tojjpiur at Deover, Colorado, Sir M. F. Patton, of Salem. Oregon, presented Grand Master J. P. S. Gobin with a peculiar gavel. It Is made of Oregon oak, and Id the center !s the form of the Maltese croua. The oak is a solid block taken from a tree just as it grew, and the cross formation was the work of nature. iar"Durlng theabsencoof Mr. John Bjtz, who had charge of tho Washiiig'ou Park restaurant, on Friday motniug, the till was robbed of f 15. EsT" Fully 100 additional cottages will be erected at Mt. Gretna next summer on the campmeeting grounds, it is stated by good authority. IrsV Mr. James Baldwin, through the real estate agency of Mr. Elon E. Koehler, has sold to Mary A. Long, of Reading, the house and lot, No. 434 Spruce street. Terms, private. fST Now is the time to ailvir.isj your ilea in the Coubikk, the best advertising medium in the Lebanon Valley. A regular meeting of the Young People's Social Circle of St. Mark's Reformed church was held last evening at the residence of Miss Lizzie Behney. After transacting the usual business the following officers were eleeted to serve forthe following six months: President, Gertrude Miller; vice president, Harry Karcher; secretary, Lizzie Walters; treasurer, Sadie Walters; editor, George Bleistein; editress, Lizzie Behney; critic. Bertha Wentz. The Union Sunday-schools from Topton will picnic at Mt. Gretna to-morrow; on Friday, the Paradise Sunday schools from Leaman Place. Also general excursion from points on the P. & R. railroad; on Saturday the Reformed Sunday school 01 Myers town. and Good Samaritan Sunday sehool of Womelsdorf. Tom Lee, the only Cbixaman in this city. will next week receive a visit from Deputy Collector of Internal Revenue, Miller, of this county, and under instructions from Collec tor Friday, will be informed that he must have his picture taken, and that three am-davits be made out, showing that he came to this country before May 5th, 1892. One given when he calls for them. One of these alii davits will have to be made out by Tom Lee himself, and the other two by two reputable American citizens, ortwo Chinamen. The laws of May 5th, 1892, requires that this be done, and in case any Chinaman should be found who arrived in America after the above da'e he will have to return to China. STniou Brewery KobboJ. Tho office of the Union Crswhig Company was entered by thieves last Weduesday night and 875 in cash was stolen from the drawer. Checks amounting to 835 ware left scattered about the floor. An entranoo was effected by prying open tha doors with a chisel. The same chisel was used to pry open the drawer containing the money. Death of David BunUel. Rev. David Runkol, who was a native of this county e.nd born March 20, 1S20, died at Lisbon, Iowa, on August 2, 1802. Ho was a faithful, earnest and devoted memb ;r of the U. B. church, and in 1849, at the annual conference held in Myerstown, thia county, received the license to preach, signed by Bishop Russell, and was ordained an elder by Bishop Glossbrenner, on August 20,1854. He leaves a widow, six children, one brother and one sister in Iowa, a sister in Harris burg and relatives inthis county. Donbly Bereaved. The family of Henry Light, iron master, sixtn ward, tms city, not many weeks ago followed the fathar to his grave, and last Sunday stood around daughter Emma, aged about 29 years, as she passed forever from their earthly companionship. Emma was a long and patient sufferer, but her life, having been hid with Christ in God, ended calmly and triumphantly. She was an affectionate daughter, loving sister, noble associate and amiable friend. Woods Meetings. Xextunday afternoon, August 21st, tho lona Sunday-school and its numerous friends will have a special children's meet ing to be addressed by Rev. Longenecker, of Myerstown, in Mr. George Light's grove. The following Sunday, August 28th, a meeting will be held at the same place, throughout the day, Revs. Young and Stamm, of Annville will preach. Berry Chnreh. The U. B. Derry church will be reopened next Sunday. Under tha direction of the pastor.Rev. H. M. Miller,lthas been remod eled. Rev. Etter, from Avon, will preach in the forenoon. Children's services will be held In the afternoon. In the evening Rev. C. J. Kephart, of Lebanon, will preach, Public invited. Mr. JElinh Maulfair, tax collector, re ceived his tax books on Saturday. Inow he savs "you can pay your taxes. Miss Ida Clauser and Miss Minnie Mil ler, both of Lebanon, on Sunday, after Sunday-school went to 11. M. lilaucli 8 drawiugwoll to ret a drink of fresh water, ana 111 leaving thj bucket down it ran down for thc-ni, arid when Ida Clauser tried to catch the handle it ttruck on hsr linTir hich bi-uisoc" it very badly. The first U ston for city gills to draw water. Mr. Saniforu (Jarrr.auy, ol llanisuurg, 13 on a visit to Mr. Jbi'iau Maulfair. Mr. L. G. Noll treated himself to a new base 011 Saturday. Mr. L K. Alleiiiau roada a business trio to llani.-u.urg list week. A party at Sycer repaired their boat ana intend to paiut it so that it will bo in right trim for the Salt river, after the election 13 over. Death of Levi Kauri!. Mr. Levi Rauch, who has born, raised and resided mo3t of bia years in this county, but sorao years ago moved to Pittsburg, died there Tuesday of last week after a proloiged sickness, aged about E3 years. Kis remains were brought to this city, and funeral ser vices held at hisbrothcr.Israel Rauch's resi dence, No. 020 Willow street, 011 Thursday afternoon, conducted by Rev. C. J. K phart, Interment on Mt. Lebanon cemetery. He was net forgotten by his numerous former schoolmates.comrades and neighbors to whom he was warmly attached arid who extend sympathy to tho beicaved family. His widow and children are deeply smitten but are comforted with the assurance that their loss is his gain and that although he cannot come to them they may go to him Fur Campmeeting;, Partiei wishing to be taken to the Camp' meetinz. held this week in Mr. Gideon Light's grove, 2 miles northeast of the city. can be accomodated by calling at corner of Eleventh and Mifllin streets, Cyrus L. Lisht's residence, or sending directions for conveyance. His coach will meet and de liver passengers in all parts of the city. fords an opportunity to such desire a good wintor beet at a low ngure. Come and see, if you purchase or not. He will arrive with this well selected stock in the course of a few days. A large number of our young folks in tend visiting that popular resort Mt. Gretna during this week. A brake for all kinds ot vehicles nas re cently been invented and patented by G. Wayne Stuckey 01 Jonestown, ra. it is an ingenious invention, simple in con struction, and is said to work admirably. Mr. S. secured the services of S. B. Grum bine of this place, to introduce it through this part Ot the country. A model ot tnn invention can be seen at the blacksmith shop of Mr. Grumbine. Messrs. A. ii. swartz, ann rraiiKim Kern, accompanied by two young ladies, spent last Sunday in tho vicinity 01 ouoo-burg. They presumably enjoyed the day highly, at least the expression ou their faces, on thoir return show.ed this to be the case. Mr.Jac. K. Bensing and wife spent Sunday at Meckville, the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Swope. Howard Werner, a young gentleman ot this place.securod emplopment at Bright- bills Bicycle Factory of your city. He will shortly leave to assume his duties. Mrs. Amos Bngntbiil, residing auouo two and one-half miles east of Lickdale.is reported seriously ill. The corn crop will apparently be a lairiy pood one after all. Quite a refreshing rain shower passed through here last Thurs day aftc-rnooon and evening. It is reported that tha farm ot George Grumbine, Sr., wiil be tenanted by his son Gaorge B. Grumbina next year. .Ir. Moses Hummel is naking extensive improvements to his dwelling. The carpenters are busily engaged, and are push ing the work iorward as speedily as pos sible towards completion. Mr. Reuben Measo, who is employed at I'arkersbursr Pa., spent Sunday at home, (Liekdale) aud also visited Other friends and relatives. Mr. John Weavar and Samuel Schaeffsr aud wife, visited friends and relatives in the vicinity of Mt. Zion, over Sunday. xsaiah VV. Wood ot Lebanon, son ot Mr. Isaac Wood of this place, and Miss Ida, daughter of Nathaniel Artz, of Mc-Gillstown were unitsd in tho holy bonds of wedlock by Rov. Charles W. White, of Jonestown, we wish the couple a happy and prosperous future. Mr. Aaroi B. Wecger and wile spent last Sunday in the vicinity of Meckville, the guests of Henry C. Kern and family. Misses. Agues and Lozze Batdorf, 01 Phi'a , whose parents reside at this place spent last week at Mt. Gretna. SchaeH'crstowH Items. ( Intended. for Aurust 10.) The Johnstown Sunday-school had their annual picnic last Saturday in Abrara Myer's grove. The weather was pleasant and the attendance was large. 1 he school was addressed by Rov's. Fernsler and Bachman of our place, and Mr. Elias Ebcrly, of Neb. The Schaefferstown baid furnished the music. Dinging by the Sunday-school and singing class The liofoimed Sunday-school will pic nic this coming Saturday and Kleiufelters- ville school Aug. 20. Miss Cora Steinmetz and Mis. Mary Spangler are at the camp-meoting at Mt. Gretna John B. Stohlor is building a new bain at Johnstown. The house of Mis. Nagle cau4ht fire through the stova pipo 011 Friday after noon and was considerably damaged before the fire was extinguished. Heal Estate. Joseph llemhard and wife have totd to David W. Miller a house and lot of ground on Lehman street for $1,300. A. P. Seltzar has sold to Cyrus J. Miller a house aud lot on Lehman street, Consid eration, SI. David W. ?Iil!er aud wife have sold to Cyrus J. Miller a house and lot on Lehman street for 2,750, H. A. Yeager has sold to Wm. S. Fitlery a lot in Independent District for $350- gT Mr. John B. Curry's mill dam will ba drawn off on Friday August 19th. all fishermen are invited. Thirteen members of W. C. No. 250, P. O. S. of A., paid a fraternal visit to Camp No. 239 of lt'jxmout, last Thursday evening and had a very pleasant time. They expect to continue their visits to other neighboring Gamps. 1 he Reformed Sunday s-'cuooi pieuic last Faturday was a grand success. Their bag and wbeclbarow races weie a novelty, and created great merriment. There was a large attendance of young and old people, A young man driving along the road aside of the grove, his horse shyed at one of the swings became partly unmanageable and ran over a little boy, who was badly scared but not hurt as much as it was feared. when the accident occurred. Our baud has been engaged to be pres ent to furnish the music on the coming Saturday for the picnic at Millbach Springs, by the singing classes. Our band purchased lour new instru ments of which two are an addition to tha former strength of the band. 1 rof. Keeny, ot Manheirn, was present at the picnic on Saturday and remained over till Sunday, and attended religious services. He was heartily welcomed by his old friends, and received many con gratulations. Come agaiu,Prof. JNext ounciay morning itev. m. erns-ler will deliver the fourth ot his series of sermons on Christian baptism, the speoial topic will bo "infant baptism." Rsv. M. P. Hooker, of Stecltoa, will preach a German sermon at 2.15 p. m. 11a will also deliver au address in theevening at tho anniversary of the W. II. & F. M. society. Mr. Hocker is a fluent and very pleasant speaker, the people will bo delighted to hear him. W. C. No. 254, of jour city, paid a fraternal visit to Camp 256, last Wednesday evening. He will leave for Ohio whtro he expects to secure a charge. On next Sunday forenoon Rev. Mr, Wel-ker will preach the Harvest Home sermon in St. Mark's church, your city. The Myerstown Cemetery company intends to sink an artesian well on Mount Hope cemetery. This will greatly help the lot owners to keep their lots in fine condition. On Monday forenoon Mrs. Harry Christ-man, residing on West Main street, had a stroke of apoplexy. Mr. Titus M. Gass was appointed by the school directors on Saturday evening, to teaoh the Jacksonville school aud Edward Urich for the Kutztown school. Mr. John Stcner, salesman iu cue of tho Reading stores is spending his vacation with his relatives. Miss Evelyn Donges, from Camden, New Jersey, is visiting friends Rev. Mrs. Fehr, from Shamokin, who has been visiting her mother, Mrs. Sarah Black, was seriously ill, but is now convalescing. President Kemp, of Palatinate college has secured tho services of a lady musie teacher from New York who comes here highly recommended for the position. Thecollsge will open thefall term on Monday, August 29th. Several students aro already heie and the prospects for a large attendance aro very gratifying. On last Saturday night an alarm cf fire was sounded from the Keystone Hook and Ladder building which brought out the entire fire apparatus. It seems some mischievous young men loaded on an old carriage a lot of timber aud then took it iu judge Coover's field and set it on fire which caused the alarm. We hope tho act will net ba repeated as arrests may follow. TheRamoua creamery wili put in place this week a new horizontal boiler, capac ity 20i horse power. The immense amount of milk handled daily and tho large out put of butter necessitates the improvement. The Acme Band furnished the music for a Sunday-school picnic at Rshrcrs-burg, Berks county. The I'rieden's Lutheran Mite Society left in a large omnibus aud carriages on Tuesdaj morning for Strausstown, Berks county, on invitation of Mr. Luther Millar and wife, who will entertain them and give them a royal reception. JSF" Farmers' Institute at Mt. Greti a on Friday, August 18, will be the biggest day of the Encampment. The program w ill be elaborate, interesting and instructive as will be seen by the number of speakers and the reputation for abilityand eloquence that we know tuey possess. 1110 music will be vocal and will ba of a highly classical and popular order. Farmers, spend this day in your own interest, this is the day to so to tho Encampment. Following is program for day: Call toorder at9.30 a. m. Music. Opening remarks by resident member, Hon. C. R. Lantz, Dr. G. G. Groff, Ltwisburg, Pa ; D. P. Forney, Hanover, York county, Pa. Music. Jacob E. Reinoehl, Esq., Lebanon , Pa.. "Index Boards' E. Grumbine, M. D., Mt. Zion, Pa., "County Roads"; Prof, John Hamilton, State College, "Taxation." Musie. Adjournment at 12 ni. Call to order at 130 p. m. Music. Opening of Question Box, Hon. T. J. Edge, Secretary of Board of Agriculture; "The Penna. Fertilizer Law and its Effects"; Hon. F. S. Peer, Mt. Morris, N. Y., "Illustrated Lecture." Music. Prof. Watters, State College, Pa., "The Model Cow"; Will B. Powell, Springboro, Pa., "The Horse." Music. Adjournment at 5 p. m. Call to order at 7.30 p. m. Music. Prof. G. S. Hull, Chambersburg, Pa., "What Electricity has done for the Farmer and what it promises to do," (Illustrated); Prof. S. B. Heiges, York, Pa., Lecture (Illus trated by Lantern). Music. Adjournment. JfflUL CREAK! PRESERVED V , wuu.v u viiTOw, uner, denies, neat, insh. Fowl etc. as-Sold bv drn-iriats anil nrlccBst FLXlf & CO W m2l P8e- Send tot cfJfeKS and price list. U. F. SHLLL & CO,, 3988 Market St., 1'hUa., Pa., Props. Golden Butter Color MILLIONS OF PE- PLE ARE WEARING Sond6 cents for Sample Collar and Pair uuns.f,memion Size. ' in. Reversible" Collar Co., 1 MAS?. O Mrs. William Lohr Of Freeport, 111., began to fail rapidly, lost all appetite and got into a serious condition from nuenpneia Sue could not cat vege" "JwrCK31 tables or meat, and even toast distressed her. Had to give up housework. In a week after taking Hood's Sarsaparilla She felt a little better. Could keep more food on her stomach and grew stronger. She took 3 bottles, has a good appetite, gained 22 lbs., does her work easily, is now in perfect health. HOOD'S PILL8 are the best after-dinnef fills. They assist digestion and cure headache. A Rocbr Mountain Care. The dr uggists claim that people call daily tor the now cure tor constipation ana sic headache, discovered by Dr. Silas Lane, while in the Rocky Mountains. It is said to be Oregon grape root (a great remedy in the far West for those complaints)combined with simple herbs, and is made for use by strength on boiling water to draw out the around, it sells at 00 cents a pacxas" u is called Lane's Family Medicine. !Dcd. tST" Machine washing and alkalies soon show their ellect upon collars and cuffs, which often require to be reuewed. Now taking the first cost aud frequent washing, it is expensive. Then again the stvles change. "Linene" Reversible Collars and Cuffs snrpass in appearance the finest laundered goods, are made in all the latest styles, moulded to fit perfectly, no rough edges or loose threads, both sides alike, reversible and always ready. RAUCH. On the 9th inst., Levi Rauch, of Pittsburg, aged bi years. ESENWEIN. On August 10, Annetta Ruth daughter of Kev. J. Berg Esenwein, a;red ! months and 15 days. YOTJTZ. In this city, on the 9th inst., Mary Youtz, daughter of Jerome ana ivate xoutz aged 6 years, 11 months and 15 days. CONNOR. On the 21th inst., Samuel C. Con nor, aged 63 years, 7 months and 12 days. POTT. On the 15th Inst., in this city, Evely1 Marion, infant daughter of G, Mahloa aud He' lena (Reinoehl) Pott.aged 5 months and 8 days. LIGHT. In this city, on the night of the 13th inst., Emma L., aged zu years. HOKE, On the 14th inst., at Avon, Rosa, wife of Frank P. Hoke, aged 40 years. KEPPLEMAN. In this city, on the 12th inst. Mrs. Keppleman, wife of Edward Keppleman, aged 39 years. GROH. At Myerstown, Pa., on Saturday, July 30. 18:12, Lemuel Groh.son of Henry Groh and his wife Maria (nee Anspach) member of Capt.Tlce's Company of Penna. Cavalry In the late war,aged 55 years, 7 months and 2S days. KRICK. Near Myerstown, Pa., on Saturday, August 6th, 1892, Mary Elizabeth Krick, (nee Strickier) wife of Philip Krick, aged 83 years, 1 month and 1 day. tSPDuring the festivities at tho banquet of the Knights Templar, at Denver. Sir M. F. Patten, of Salem, Oregon, presented Grand Master Gobin with a peculiar gavel. It is made of Oregon oak and in the centre is the form of a maltose cross. The oak is a solid block taken from a tree as it grew and the cross formation was the work of nature. 53&Messrs. J. T. Nitrauer, Jonathan R Seidel and Dawson L. Light viewers ap pointed to extend Carponter street in Myers town from the residence of Gaorge Umben- hen to the road running south fro n Main street to Loose & Bauder'e tannery, will meet Thursday next, to attend to their duties. Correction. The United Brethren Sunday-school Mt. Nebo picnic will be held on Saturday Au gust 23; not October as erroneously stated in last week's issue. Delightful Recreation. Mr. Tobias Reinoehl (s. s.) and wile ie- centlj spent sever.il days with Mr. John Zortman and his amiable family, at his beautiful country home, near Grebie, Bethel township. That they had a magnificent time goes without saying. The rural, charming surroundings, the bouadless hos pitality of tho Zortmans and the geniality existing between the parties made the occasion joyously memorable. Fatally Struck. Last Saturday night, on the Lebanon Valley R. R., near Kreider's crossing, beyond Annville whilo it is supposed on his way home, Auam Aern was strucic Dy tne midnight traia and instantly killed . Prohibition Ticket. The executive committee of the county Prohibitionists have announced the following nominations : For Congess Dr. Ezra Grumbine, Bethel township. For Assembly Prof. J. E. Lehman, Annville; Abner Bowman, Bismarck. For Director of the Poor Jojph K. Light, Annville. Mt. Gretna I'amniu net lair. It closed last Wednesday night at about 11 o'clock. Its various meetings and varied exercises were all calculated to edif v saints and reclaim sinners. The so cial, intellectual, moral and religious influ ences will 00 enuunngiv and sweetly cner- ished. Tho services of the last three days, Monday, '1 u-jsday aad Wednesday will be given 111 detail in next week's issue by a speeia' corresponuent. Richland Items. Mrs. Fehlman and two childreu from Aurora, Ills., are here visiting Mrs. F's mother, Mrs. Burkholler, a mile north of town. M. H, Leitner, chief clerk at the Hotel Brunswick, Phila, was homo over Sun day. Miss Cora Hartman, lrom your city, spent Sunday in town. The remains 01 ueoege aaiem, tne yGung farmer living near Sheridan, who was drowned at Albert's Mill last Thurs day, whilo fishing, were buried Monday forenoon at the Host church. Tho funeral was very largely attended. JN. L. Kalbach, has made quite an im provement in front of his residence, in widening the pavement. G. L. Dry a new store room will soon oa ready to be occupied. The opon front makes a big improvement. 11. G. liueii has charge 01 tuo Marietta Manufacturing Co's exhibit at Mt. Gretna during the Farmers' Encampment. S Dr. J. H. McLean's Strengthening Cordial and Blood Puriher is admirably adapted to make "o little health go a lung way. ' Its curative power is largely attribu table to its stimulant, tonic and nutritive properties, by which the energy of the system is recruited. It is pleasant to the taste.casily borne on the stomach and harmless under pro- onged use. Try it. March24,'U2-ly T1112 picnic of the Middletown Tube and Tron Works, at Mt. Gretna, on Saturday, was, as it usually is, one of the largest of tha season. Over 2,000 people accompanied the excursion. Base ball, foot ball, foot races, sack races, three-legged races, tub races, &c. were numbered among the sports. Rkv. E. S. Brownmiller, a native of this countv and present pastor of a Lutheran church at Reading, who was one of the excursionists to Europe, in charge of Rev. M. H. Stine, has returned home. He expresses himself hiahlv pleased with the trip. Mrs. Michael Moore aud Miss Mary Crowe, cf Myerstown, have also returned. Democratic Convention. This meeting was held in the court house last Monday aiternoon. It was well attended and considerable enthusiasm characterized its proceediugs. The following ticket wa nominated : For State Senator H. G. Walter, Fifth ward. For Assembly A. W. Weirbach. North Lebanon township, and Wm. Hunsicker, Bethel township. For District Attorney George H. Morgan, Second ward. For diroctor of the Poor Ezra Barto, South Annville township. Congressional Conferees Robert L. Weigley, Myerstown; F. E. Meily, Fifth ward ; D. L. Straub, Fredericksburg. Judicial Conferees Simon P. Light, Independent District; Thomas L. Backer, Millbach, and Jacob Evans, Londonderry. Mtovcrdatc Camp. This old and popular camp began Wednesday of last week and continues to Thursday of this week. The attendance thus far has been very gratifying, the services interesting and instructive, aua the managers are assured of satisfactory success. $W J. H. Miller, our popular and enterprising boot and shoe merchant of the Eagle Shoe Store is now in the East pur chasing goods for the fall trade. His large cxperienOij gives him advantages to buy and sell shoes that should attract the attention of every customer. Besides his store is connected with ecveral factories, and his line of home made shoes are not surpassed in price and quality anywhere. Buy your shoes at Miller's shoe store. Bhcnmatlsiu Cnrcd In a Day. "Mystic Cure" for Rheumatism and Neuralgia radically cures iu 1 to 3 days. Its action upon the system is remarkablo and mysterious. It removes at once the cause, and the disease immediately disappears. The first dose greatly benefits. 75 cents. Sold by J. L. Lemberger, druggist, Lebanon, Pa. EBERSOLE MUTCH. On the 6tU Inst , at Palmyra, Pa., by Rev. G. Meyer, Mr. Allen L. Ehersole, of Cainpbellstown, to MiS3 Minnie K. ATtrh nf KAllnprnvft. Pa. DAUBERT YORTY. On last Saturday afternoon. August 13th, at the Liekdale parsonage, by the Kev. O. S. Scheirer, Mr. Calvin W. Daubert and Miss Carrie M. Yorty, both of East Hanover, Lebanon county, Pa. DISSINGER BUR KEY. At Schaefferstown, .... , .. ... 1 J lun-l liv ,1m Hav M Gpni, sler. Mr. Jacob Dissmger and Miss Lizzie 8, Burkey, both of Cornwall, Lebanon county. Pa. T.nnsER ELY. At the Lutheran parsonage. Mvrt-n Pa., bv the Rev. F.J. F. Sehantz.on Thursday evening, July 28th, 1892, Mr. Luther J. Louser, to Miss Mary M, my.notu 01 i-eoanou. MILLER PHILLIPS. At the Lutheran par-ennooa nt Mvrstnwn. Pa., bv the Rev. F. J. F- snhant? on sji t ii ill :i v evening. AneuStlSth. 1892. Mr. Reuben F. Miller, to Miss Sallie A. Phillips, both of Myerstown. m.ATJKr.RV snHNRPP. On last Thursday mamincr A noriwr 1 1th At the St. Marv's Catholic church, this city, by Father Huber, Mr. William Blankley, civil engineer, to Miss Mary Schnepp, Dotn 01 tms city. Religious "Eofiee Wednes- Rev. H. Giesz will preach a Harvest ser mon at St. John's, Fredericksburg.next Sunday, at 9.30 a. m.. German, and at 7.30 p. ni- English. Monroe Valley at 2 p.m. A collection will be lifted. All are respectfully Invited. Zoar's Harvest sermon has been postponed to the 11th of September. Fourth Strbbt Presbyterian Church. Sabbath-school, 9a.m.; morning service, 10.30 a. ni. wo evening services, oocicij m uiimu Endeavor prayer-meeting, at i p. m. day evening prayer meeting, 7.30 p. m, Thb Evano. Lutheran Church ot the Holy Trinity .Lehman street. Sunday-school, 9 a. in. Harvest Home service, iw.jo a. m, Salbm Evano. Lutheran, Cornwall, Sunday-school at 1.30 p. ni. Harvest Home sarvice, 2.30 p. in. F. M. Skip, Pastor. 3, Rev. A. J. Bachman's appointments for next Sabbath are : Newmanstown, 9.3J a- m. reunion of eatechumens, 2 p. m.. Tester s, and 7.30 p. ni., Newmanstown, Children's service, S- Rev. H. J. Welker s appointments are : Harvest Thanksgiving sermons next Sunday ,at St. Mark's, Lebanon, at 10 a.m. and 7.3) p. in. Services at Kimnierling's at 2.15 p. in., and catechetical instructions at 1 p. in. Strength and Health. If you are not feeling strong and heal thv try Electric Bitters. If "La Grinoe" has left you weak and weary, use Electric Bit- lers. Anis remeay acts directly on the liver Stomach and Kidneys, gently aiding those organs to perform their functions. If you are afflicted with Sick Headache, von will una speedy ana permanent relief by taking Electric Bitters. One trial will convince you that this is the remedy you need. Large bottles 50c. at Dr. Geo. Ross & Co 'a Drug store. Oity Councils. SELECT. A communication was read advisinir council that a suit has been instituted against the Gamewell Fire Alarm Co., for infringement, and that users are liaoie. Chairman Light reported the tracks of the street railway too high on Lehman street, crossing Doe alley. a. report or tne committee on sewer age recommended tho construction of two sewers one on Seventh street aud one on Partridge alley, to extend from Lehman street to the Quittapahilla creek. Mr. Eckenroth and Mr. Gassert opposed the sewer on Seventh street. Mr. Gassert presented an ordinance making an appropriation of $1000 for enlarging the sewer on Eighth street, S . 1 - J . I' I , , . . iu iiie ciiy ol .ueoiiuon. a asseu nisi reacting. A letter of the city engineer to Mr. Gassert was read, giving suggestions and estimates in regard to sewerage in the northern part of the city. An amended bill was passed to purchase 500 feet of Paragon hose for the Union Fire Company and 200 for the Liberty. COMMON. The communication with regard to the Gamewell Fire Alarm Telegraph Company infringing certain rights was read and filed. The petitions for the extension of the water mains on South Sixth street from Locust street to Oak street.and on Lafayette street and Washington street, between Twelfth street and Thirteenth street, were granted. The bids for the city electric light plant were submitted to Select Council. On motion of Capp, seconded by Bsch-tlc, the bill for a city electric light plant was indefinitely postponed, there being no opposing vote. Adjourned. A stated meeting of Common Council was held last evening. President Hayes in the chair. The Misses Schroedcr appeared before council and made a request that city build a bridge over the gutter at their property on corner ot Spring street and Walnut nuey. ricicrrca lo mgnway iommnaue. Citj Engineer Burnside made a statement to council in regard to pipe that could be purchased at $5 per ton. No ac tion. On motion the committee on ordinances and laws be granted further time on bill No. 9, relative to the loan of $5,000 for pavements and gutters. THE LEBANON JHAKKETS. Reported weekly by the Produce Committee of Lebanon Retail Merchants' Productive Association : Butter, per pound H Eggs, per dozen It Lard, per pound, S Shoulder, per pound, 7 Ham, per pound, l' Potatoes, per bushel, 5fi Beacon, per pound S Dried Apples, per pound, WEEKLY GRAIN MARKETS. The following are the paying prices of grain. Corrected weekly by A. Stricklers' Sons, Lebanon, Pa. : Longberry red, per bushel S3 l oliz, per bushel, so V hlte, per bushel 73 Rye, par bushel 55 New Corn, per bushel, 45 Oat, per bushel 2 PHILADELPHIA HA It liETS. Philadelphia, Pa.. Aug. 13. Flour Penna. supers, $2.25a2.50 ; Penna. extra, $2.75a3.10; Penna. No. 2, family, S3.25a3.65 ; Penna. roller, S4a 4.30; Penna. patent. $4.50a4.7o. "Wheat Ko. 2 red, 82Jc; No. 1 Penna. red.Slic. Corn 3s o. 2, 60a63c. Oats Xo. 3 white, 42c; No. C white, 3Sia39c. Butter Penna. creamery, extra, 234c.;Penna.print,extra,wholesale,27c; jobbing, 28a32c. Eggs Penna. firsts, 17c. Cheese Part skims, 5hi7c.; full skims, la2c. Potatoes New, 2Sa33c. fort bushel DasKet. Wash Ooods. Received another lot of the much ad mired corded Taffetas, in beautiful design at 12i cents per yard. Also, Tiji cloth, styles rlogant, also 12J cents. Very good value in India Linen, at 12$, 17, 20, 23 and 28 cents. Ladies' Black Silk Mitts, largest stock in the city; very good quality, at 25 cts.; better at 33, 50 and 75 cents. Tan colored Mitts, 25 cts. Manbeck & Sando. C.uul-.i K Leads to Cnntnm ptlon. Kemp's Balsam will stop the cough at once. There is one person worse thau the tat - i tier, and that is the man who listens with out protest. The trouble is you hold the Back while ho fills it. The receiver of stolen goods is as bad as thief. At your finally table allow no uetraotron. Teach your childron to speak well of others; show them the difference between a bee and a wasp, the one gathering honey, the other thrusting a sung. The foremost of our periodical. COMttAHDWQ EVERY GREAT CENTBE OF THOUGHT AJTX) ACTIOS IS THE W0ELD, A sample copy ltt lllvitrated praspac-lus art 1 1 be sent for SB cents. KESIDBNT C. W, ELIOT, Th Unarm la the most m9trocthre. the most timely, tha largest nnd the handsomest of the reviews LIVE STOCK PRICES. Philadelphia, Saturday evening, August 13. Beef Cattle Extra, 5ic; good, 4J a5c; medium, 4ia4ic; common, 3Ja4c; culls, 3ia3c; fat cows,2Ja3ic. SnEEp Extra, 5ia5c; good, 5a5c; medium,4Ja4Jc; common ,3Ja4;c; culls,2 a3c.; lamus, 3a7c. Hogs Chicago, 8ic; other Western, 8ia8fc. FAT COWS S24a3 JC. Thin cows sioa20 per haul. Milch COWS $25a50 poi- head. Milch calves 4aCic. Dressed beeyus 5a8Jc. Register liuvcniau Ims i.-sued l.dUrs uf adniinisliai ion on tfii- tsia'o of Mr?. Elizabeth 11. Seidu1, hit.;- n. this city, deceased, lo J, Harper Seidei, of Marys-ville, Perry county, aud 11. G. Scarlett, this city. Also letters testamentary ;u the estate of John Kapp, late of Millcret lt township, deceased, lo George J. Kapp, of Stouchsbmg, Berks county. What la the Use! Of buying worthless medicines, and spending money on quack doctors whose only idia is to gull the public. Is it not better to buy reliable medicine like Sulphur Bitters? I think so, as they cured me of Catarrh after, three years. 1 P. Clark, ijanchester. angi7-2t

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