The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 17, 1966 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 17, 1966
Page 2
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(Id.) Upp«r D*t Motftti thurtdfty, February 17, 1966 Volunteers to work on the dls- ' |||i|ir ..... play for 4-H Day are Mark Besch, Dave Beach, Tom Loebach, Rick m § * Schemmel Nuptials At Bancroft - BANCROFT - The wedding > of Mary Louise Schemmel and RoMrJ F. Droessler was solemnized fa* 10:30 a.m. Feb. 5 at St, John's Catholic Church with Msgr, Joseph Schultes officiating. Parents of the couple are Mr. and Mrs. John Schemmel and Mr. and Mr*. Frank Droes, sler, all of Bancroft. •j Attending the bride were M rs. Betty Hatten of Minneapolis as matron of honor and Janet Schemmel of Bancroft as bridesmaid. Patrick Merron was best man and Edward Droessler was grbonisman. Seventy five guests attended the dinner Immediately follow• Ing the ceremony and some 250 ' guests attended the afternoon reception In the Legion Ballroom, The newlyweds are at home on a farm at Bancroft. Both the bride and groom are graduates of St. John's High School. Mrs. Droessler also is a graduate of Mahkato Commercial College and for the past six months has been employed at Weldenhoff Corp. in Algona. Droessler has been farming for four years with his father. Elevator At Whittemore Has Annual Meeting WHITTEMORE - A capacity crowd attended the Whittemore Cooperative Elevator annual meeting Tuesday evening In Academy hall. Manager Larry Twedt gave a summary of the year's activities. The annual report showed gross, sales of $3,016,117.39 and a net savings of '$34,334.35. Dividend checks for the year 1959, amounting to $16,290.49, were distributed at the meeting. . Five new directors were elected at the meeting. Wilbur Knecht. was elected to replace C. A. Derner, deceased, in area four, Erwln Gerber and William Bormann were elected for Area 3 and Gerald Haas and Duane Arend for, ,Area E. Areas 2 and 3 are ne'w, representing the Hobarton elevator, which was merged with Whittemore last summer. For the women, door prize winners were Mrs. SterlingSim- onson and Mrs. Robert Walker, men, Richard Simpson, Leo Kollasch and William Hannover, Jr. Lester Fuchsen won the door prize. Countywide Plan Grows For Retarded According to A. M. Quintard, county superintendent of schools superintendents of the various districts in the county, in a meeting at the county courthouse Wednesday, were authorized to proceed with plans for educating mentally retarded children of the county. Purpose of the meeting was to start definite planning of the project. Mr. Quintard, accompanied by 0. B. Laing, superintendent of the Algona Community School District, and Lyle Shelton, superintendent of the LuVerne schools, met last week in Des Moines with L, A. Van Dyke of the state department and director of federal projects of that department. Mr. Van Dyke gave the men tentative approval to proceed, but no definite idea was given as to the amount of federal funds to be allotted. The funds will be allocated to local school boards throughout the county. Present goal is to acquire six rooms throughout the county this year for both educable and trainable children of various age levels. Pupils chosen would be recommended as a result of psychological examination. Since federal funds are involved, the program will be available both to public and parochial pupils. At present, there is one room in the Algona public school system and one at Burt, which Is a co-operative effort of five schools. One of the first things to be done is to acquire personnel to teach the children. Mr. Quintard is co-ordinating efforts to establish the project. Whittemore 4-H Starts Work On 4-H Day Display The WhIttemore"Boys 4-H Club met at the Whittemore Legion hall on Feb. 7, and welcomed a new leader, Jerry Bormann. Barb Winkel and Susan Walker gave an interesting report on "Arranging Furniture" and a very informing report on "How to give a demonstration" was given by Betty Eischen and Mary Detrlck. Dennis Winkei, Anne Loebach and Beck: Bormann. Whittemore CDA Founded 25 Yrs. Ago; Have Party WHTTTEMORE - C. D. A/S are celebrating the 25th anniversary of its founding this year. In honor of this occasion, the court is planning a Silver Tea to be held in St. Michael's hall Feb. 15, beginning at 7:30 p. m. Charter members will be honored as well as past regents. A program is planned and cards will be played. There will also be door prizes. All the ladies of the parish are invited to attend. An invitation has also been extended to the West Bend court. - o - Mr. and Mrs. August Vaudt and Bill, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Zinnel and Janice, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Dau and Mr. and Mrs. Louis Greinert had a farewell party for Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kollasch and family Friday night. Cards were played and Mr. and Mrs. Zinnel won high, Mr. and Mrs. Kollasch, low. The Kollasch family moved to the Lelnlnger farm in Lotts Creek township Sunday. They were presented with a gift. Mrs. James Schultz, who has been the assessor this year, completed her Job last week. She began her new job Feb. 14 as an assistant bookkeeper in the Whittemore Coop. Elevator. Mr. and Mrs. Werner Gade and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lauck, West Bend, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Heidenwlth, Mrs. Mathilda Meyer and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Meyer of Whittemore and Mrs. Martin Meyer of Garner were Wednesday evening visitors at the William Meyer home in Whittemore. Ringsted Supt. Resigns Job Held Since '62 R. D. Gustafson, superintendent_of Rlngsted schools, has submitted his resignation effective June 21,1966 to the school board of directors. - He came to Ringsted July 1, 1962 from Cylinder where he had served for two'years as superintendent. Prior to that, he was high school principal at Lake Park .and had been a coach since 1949 at Moneta, Garner and Terril. He announced no future plans. ADDING MACHINES & TYPE* WRITERS At The Upper DM Moines. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••I Dad's In the kitchen... when It's ELECTRIC !*•"• He knows that with electricity there are no doubts . . . when he selects a heat it will remain constant. ^*- He knows he can depend on electricity ... in the kitchen, in his home "% workshop, all through the house... all'through the day! Algona Municipal Utilities Notes lervicemei GRAFENWOHR, GERMANY Army Specialist Four Glenn J. Henry, 23, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dean C. Henry, 620 S. Jones, Algona, Iowa, is participating in a five-week field training exercise conducted by the 4th Armored Division in Grafenwohr, Germany, ending Feb. 23. Specialist Henry is undergoing weapons firing and various tactical maneuvers designed to maintain the combat proficiency of his unit. Regularly assigned as a mechanic in Service Battery, 2nd Battalion of the division's 78th Artillery near Bamberg, Ger., Henry entered the Army in Dee. 1963 and arrived overseas in May 1964. He was graduated from LuVerne Consolidated high school in 1961 and was engaged in farming before entering the Army. - o - FORT DAVIS, CANAL ZONE Army Specialist Four Ross D. Johnson, whose wife, Alice, lives in Omaha, completed plattoon assault training at Rio Hato in the interior of the Republic of Panama, Jan. 17. Specialist Johnson, 24, a cook in Company B of the 10th Infantry's 4th Battalion, entered the Army in September 1963, completed basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., and arrived overseas in February 1964. Johnson was graduated from Algona Community high school in 1962. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest F. Johnson, live at SIS N. Minnesota, Algona. 4-H Meeting THAT PULLS and does jattfee to ywtr fattaett, f»irty priced. Upper Det Moteeft Union Boys 4-H met Feb. 8 at the civic center for Dads Night. Twenty members and their fathers were present. Mike Mitchell gave a talk on deciding an activity project and the basketball schedule was set up. Deim and Nitchals were hosts. Top* Clot* WHfTTEMORE - Louis Elbert, BOH of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Elbert, is on the Dean's List at St. Mary's College, , Minn., with a 4.0 point average.« Lewie was first In the sophomore class. Ye$, It's True! Now you can cultivate a strip up to 5 m.p.h. without adding Power! How? Bur. *jth « Gknooe AeM culti- ntor. Etch (Mlented tptfnt controlled flunk wortc* IndepenStntb from til ihft flthen .ueh ttttte to rife owtmrnor. •Me rock* ttd obttraetkm And tnaft bick to fofl depth, ill without • Mop! Detfen minimize* "bounce" end "drift" —«wkt» t Gfeneoe harder to clog ihaa any other etiltivttor trade. Araitabte to Standard modete 7ft' to 18' wide. In Win* model* 23W to 3»W wide and 3 Point Hitch model* 8V4' to 14ft' wide. See one here or tend for your frte literature today. FIELD CULTIVATORS PORTABLE ELEVATOR MFG. CO. Oknct-t, Miiia). •leomlngton, Illlnoi* JOE BRADLEY EQUIPMENT ALGONA Don't let soil insects cut your corn yield Read how to control all 20 corn soil Insects with aldrln or Aldrex® soil Insecticide In resistant corn rootworm sreasi Use Aldrex. In addition to all three rootworms (western, northern and southern) Aldrex prevents damage by cutworms, wireworms, white grubs and other pests. In non-resistant areas: Use economical aldrin, the soil insecticide that has increased corn yield by an average of 10 bushels per acre for the past 15 years. Controls all major soil pests. •Manufacturer's suggested retail price lor Special V-6, 2-dr. coupe. Price includes Federal Excise Tax and suggested dealer delivery and handling charge. "Would you. "believe yoizr oar's veliiole identif ioettion zru.rxit»er zrtiglit "be -wortli ^S,332.OO in osls3a to you.-? 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An o"icial crVy ; o»m v.i ! be included, Sv.c'.nMaius limited to persons ov.i 21 Mvh <j in the con- ,int"tal U.S. Entrits must bfc postrr.arU-d bc'oi'- mijni'iht, Tnvji-day '• *'C'' :', 1966. Not vatid in Fioiida o< states v.hcie'.'.; u> lav*. 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