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York Daily Record from York, Pennsylvania · Page 1

York, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, December 3, 1977
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Shell Party Today For 102nd Birthday Weekend TV litt A party to celebrate the 102nd birthday of Mrs. Mary "Mazle" Myers, pictured at left, will be held today at 2 p.m. at the Lutheran Home for the Aged. Shown with her is her son, Edgar Myers, 321 Over-brook Drive, who is 69. One of the guest at the party will be a "kid" congressman named William F. Goodling, who will be 50 years old on Monday, which is Mrs. Myers' birthday, too. About 200 guests are expected for the party at the home, where Mrs. Myers is the oldest guest. She has a grandson who is a minister in ' Brooklyn and a granddaughter who is a student at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. Before Mrs. Myers came to the Lutheran Home eight years ago, she lived for 15 years at the old Christ Lutheran Home. She was born in Dallastown, a daughter of the late Johnson and Margaret Minnich. Her husband Walter died in 1958 at age 81. (Record Photo) Magazine i , . Pullout At Page 5 J v W'' ill The Weather Cloudy. High in 40s. Details on Page 4. Cairo Paper Also Says srael Williii By United Press International Egypt will present a blueprint for an overall Middle East settlement and Israel is prepared to make a major concession at pre-Geneva peace talks in mid-December, statecontrolled Egyptian newspapers reported in Saturday editions. The reports said President Anwar Sadat had asked acting Foreign Minister Butros Ghali to draw up a pian calling for gradual Israeli withdrawal from occupied Arab lands, creation of a Palestinian state on the West Bank of Jordan and for policing of Butch Wynegar By KATHY DUNCAN Of The Record Staff York County's most prominent major league baseball player, Butch Wynegar, catcher for the Minnesota Twins, says he didn't know there was anything besides baseball certainly not girls until long after high school. Well, all that's changed. The 21-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold D. Wynegar Sr., York RD 3, and Gretchen Diane Oas, 20, were married last evening at 7 in Minneapolis, Minn. The uncle of the bride, the Rev. Maynard Iverson, of Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, performed the ceremony at the church. The bride's parents are Phyllis Oas, 5104 Bloomington Avenue South, Minneapolis, and Herbert Oas, also of Minneapolis. Yesterday's nuptials were the culmination of a courtship of which fantasies are made. Gretch, as her new husband call her, tells it: "I thought he sounded like a nice guy in all the articles I read about him. I don't even know why I had been reading them I wasn't a baseball fan. I had only been to one or two games in my life before that. "We met at a baseball game. Before I went, I had written him a letter congratulating him for being in the All-Star game. At the game, I got his autograph." Butch continues, "Two of my friends from here were in Minnesota visiting me. I had just finished batting practice, so I went up to the stands to talk with them. I looked up, and I saw Gretchen coming down the aisles. But I thought 'she can't be coming down to see me.' So I sort of looked away, and when I next looked up, she was standing there. "She asked for my autograph, and I said 'Sure.' So I signed her ticket, and when I gave it back, it was the first time we really looked at each other. It was just a steady gaze, like we couldn't look away . " He continues, "The next day, on a Tuesday, I got her letter congratulating me on having a good season. In it, she'd said she was going to come to the game on Monday, that was the day before. I thought, 'I wonder if that's the same girl who got my autograph.' So I wrote back, and I asked for her picture. She wrote back and said she didn't have a picture, but that we had in fact already met." He then wrote her back and invited her to the next ballgame, which was their first date. Gretchen remembers their first ughes LAS VEGAS, Nev. (UPI) - Noah Dietrich, onetime chief aide to Howard Hughes, testified Friday the late industrialist processed some $400,000 a year through a Canadian outlet of Hughes Tool Co. to pay off politicians. The 88-year-old Dietrich was the first witness called in an attempt to authenticate the socalled Mormon will which named him as executor. H Yob?! Vol.175, No. 280 the final accord by the two superpowers or the United Nations. Israel has rejected creation of a Palestinian state. The Egyptian weekly Akhbar El-Yom said in its Saturday edition that Israel was prepared to withdraw completely from the Sinai peninsula within one year of an Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty and make Saudi Arabia the custodian of Islamic shrines in Jerusalem. Akhbar El-Yom, in a dispatch from London quoting "highly reliable sources" date, . following the ballgame. "We just talked and talked and talked." She admits that it was she who probably did most of the talking. Bubbly, full of life, the fair-haired Minne-sotian complements the young Wynegar well, who as his friends here know, is the "strong, silent type." Friends 'and relatives joined them in celebrating their nuptials in Minnesota. Harold D. Wynegar Sr. was his son's best man. The couple was attended by Cathy Hatley, maid of honor, Bobbie Atkins, Connie Linder, and Judy Kutz, bridesmaids; Kristi Bratley, flowergirl; Bob Atkins, David Oas, and Mark Shoff, ushers. Katherine Bratlee was soloist, accompanied by Maria Bukaon organ. The couple expected 170 at the reception at the Minneapolis Women's Club, which followed the ceremony. Many of Butch's teammates attended. "We considered asking Rod Carew to be a groomsman, he's a good -friend," said Gretchen of the .400 plus ballplayer. "But Butch was nervous about asking him, because he was afraid he'd say some thing during the ceremony and make him laugh. I don't think Rod would do that, but I wouldn't put it past some of the other ballplayers." The entire team was invited to the wedding. Two weeks in Hawaii follow the wedding for the newlyweds, who " plan to live in York during the offseason. The couple had planned to wait until the off-season before they became engaged last summer. Minnesota newspaper columnists were vying for the scoop of announcing the betrothal of the young ballplayer, but a Daily Record wag found out ahead of time and called the ballpark's main office. Butch and Gretch were surprised to see, just after Butch had hit a homerun to tie the game, the news of their betrothal flashed on the scoreboard screen. The couple may seem a contrast in personalities, he reserved and she effervescent; but they say they have in common a background of close-knit family living. How did Gretchen's mother react to her dating a ballplayer? "My mother probably wouldn't have known who he was, but she was visiting my grandmother who is a real fan. So when I called and told them I was going out with Butch Wynegar, she knew right away who he was. When mom returned, they met right away, so there was no Wrote Mormon Will, Ex-Aide Says Dietrich admitted under questioning by his attorney Harold Rhoden that he was first skeptical about the document but when he saw the handwriting he decided Hughes wrote it. "It had to be authentic," Dietrich said. At the morning session, Dietrich told of the processing of the $400,000 in political payoffs through Canada but did not give details. He also said Hughes once gave a York, Pa., Saturday, Egypt Has Peace Plan g 11 OllM C) said Israel would present its concession at the talks scheduled for Cairo later this month. So far, only the United States and Israel have agreed to attend the conference. The reports of an Egyptian blueprint for peace in the Cairo dailies Al Ahram and Al Gomhuria came as Arab hardliners were meeting hundreds of miles away in Tripoli, Libya to chart opposition to Sadat's peace initiatives with srael. Syria and the Palestine Liberation Organization have spearheaded opposition 'Catches Gretchen problem. He's just like he seems." Harold Delano "Butch" Wynegar is a product of Red Lion Senior High School, graduated in 1974. In school he competed in basketball, baseball, and football. He began attracting attention in baseball early and played summers for American Legion teams and with Hallam in the strong Central York County league. As a high school sophomore, Wynegar began attracting scouts. By the end of his junior year, he was the object of many major league talent seekers. A football injury as a junior ended basketball and football careers when it became apparent he had tremendous big league prospects. Butch was selected in the 1974 high school draft by Minnesota and signed with them the night he graduated from Red Lion High. He was sent to Elizabethtown of the Appalachian league, a rookie organization, and led the league in hitting at .346. In 1975 he was promoted by Minnesota to Reno of the Class A California League. Democratic Party chairman $100,000 to get a federal indictment quashed. He did not name the chairman. He said the indictment involved irregularities in the purchase of 15 DC-3 aircraft by Hughes. Dietrich also testified Hughes gave $205,000 to Richard Nixon when Nixon was vice-president. "I flew to Washington and tried to dissuade him (Nixon) from taking the money," Dietrich said. "I told him it was trf i ti I ' ; Jf - il III l' 1 IT 1 ; W ' J. feft v., ' fit : t ' ---p December 3, 1977 to the Sadat moves and have vowed to boycott the Cairo talks. However, the first day of official talks and the second day of secret discusions in Tripoli broke up Friday night without apparent agreement on an anti-Sadat resolution. Al Gomhuria said the Egyptian "overall working paper" would also seek an "end to the state of war" between the Arabs and Israelis and call for all countries to abide by the U.N. charter and renounce the use of force. 9 A Bride and Butch at his parents' home. He had hoped to move on to Tacoma of the Pacific coast league in 1976, but instead was invited to the Minnesota training camp and won a job with the Twins. He has been a regular catcher the past two seasons, and was the youngest player ever in an All-Star game when he appeared as a pinchhitter in the July 13, 1976 contest in Philadelphia. He was named Sporting News Rookie of the Year in 1976, but finished second to Mark Fidrych in the Baseball Writers selection. He repeated as an All-Star this past season. Gretchen is a 1975 graduate of Washburn High School in Minneapolis, and attended Mankato State College, Mankato, Minn. She is trained as a nurse's aide, training at both Fairview Hospital and St. Mary's Hospital in Minneapolis, but says she dosen't intend to pursue her career because of the vicissitudes of baseball. The youthful couple admit that there are many things they've not yet experienced, like for the bound to become public and hurt his career. He said he needed the money for his brother and that his family came before his political career." Dietrich also discussed at some length Hughes' idiosyncrasies, including an inordinate fear of germs. "He had a lady house guest and he feared a social disease," said Dietrich. Dietrich, who left Hughes Tool Co. in 1957 after a dispute with Hughes over 28 Pages 20 The newspaper quoted a high government source as saying the Cairo talks would tackle "the essence of the Middle East problem" and could continue for weeks instead of several days as earlier press reports had suggested. "It will examine all details of preparing for the Geneva conference," the newspaper quoted the source as saying. The Cairo parley grew out of Sadat's controversial peace visit to Israel last month, which was attacked by many Arab and Palestinian leaders. ballplayer-husband being traded and the wife, as Gretchen puts it, "Lifted out of her community into a new one." There are lots of different pressures on families of ballplayers, she continues. Like the loneliness of both during the long stretches of road trips. And slumps "They're hard for both of us to handle. When he's not hitting, he starts thinking he never will again," muses the new bride. But she says, "I'm involved in his work. He knows when he gets a hit that I'm there to cheer him on, or to help him when he's down." Butch agrees that his new wife knows how to handle it if he's had a bad game. "If I don't feel like talking, she doesn't talk," he says, adding that she doesn't take personally his bad moods. The young woman appears to know her new husband very well indeed. "He's just like he seems. Just give him his baseball, home life, a plate of spaghetti, and let him watch wrestling on TV." money interests, recalled that in 1938 Hughes displayed a tendency to repeat phrases. He said he remembered when Hughes repeated the same phrase 33 times. Dietrich, a certified public accountant, worked for Hughes from 1925 to 1957. When Hughes' father died, Dietrich said, the Hughes Tool Co. was worth only about $600,000 but he built it into a multimillion dollar corporation. Once Said . . . "We must be the great arsenal of democracy." - President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Conviction In Slaying Is Upset A manslaughter conviction of a York man has been reversed by the State Supreme Court. Edward R. Vaughn Sr., 418 W. Philadelphia St., who has been free on bail pending appeals of his conviction in 1975, will not have to serve the three to , seven years to which a York Court sentenced him. Supreme Court Justice Louis Manderino ruled that Vaughn should be freed because his case was not brought to trial within the maximum 270 days. Vaughn, 56, was convicted of the shooting death of Jay F. Zarilla, 29, of 660 W. Clarke Ave. He had also been charged with wounding his wife, Pauline, in the same incident. His trial on this count first resulted in a mistrial and later an acquittal. He then was tried on the murder charge and convicted of voluntary manslaughter. The prosecution had contended that Vaughn was unavailable for trial on the murder charge during the time he was being brought to trial on the assault charge. The murder trial began 280 days after the defendant was charged, 10 days over the maximum. Manderino said that the most time that could have been excused from the 270-day maximum were those days which Vaughn's assault trial actually took place, a matter of two days at most, according to Gerald E. Ruth, Vaughn's attorney. Ruth argued that there are ways for a defendant to be tried on more than one charge at a time if the court sees that there is no way for the juries to become tainted because of the outcome of the other charges. Vaughn filed a motion in local courts asking dismissal of the murder charges because the prosecution failed to bring him to trial within 270 days of his June 12, 1974 arrest. Judge Albert G. Blakey III of the York Court of Common Pleas dismissed that appeal, whereupon it went to higher courts until reaching Judge Manderino in the State Supreme Court. Now the law requires no more than 180 days between arrest and trial Bash For Humphrey Brings In $7 Million WASHINGTON (UPI) - Saying he was "proud to be president of a nation that loves a man like Hubert Humphrey," President Carter joined more than 2,000 politicians and celebrities Friday night in hailing the cancer-stricken Minnesota senator. The crowd paid $1,000 a plate and more for a dinner that raised $7 million to help finance a new Hubert H. Humphrey Institute for Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota. Humphrey's terminal cancer reportedly had worsened during the week but, a few minutes before Carter arrived, the frail senator showed up at the festive Washington Hilton Hotel affair with a big smile. The governors of 40 states had proclaimed Friday "Hubert Humphrey Day" as part of the nationwide fund-raising drive for the $20 million study institute, and the president joined in the tribute. Carter said his daughter, Amy, had disliked nearly every politician but took an instant liking to Humphrey. Still, Carter said, his deepest impressions of Humphrey came this year. Carter recalled that he was in the Navy when in 1948 he first heard of Humphrey, then the mayor of Minneapolis and a vocal advocate of a civil rights plank in the Democratic platform. When Carter quit speaking, he leaped from the stage to clasp Humphrey's hand and embrace the senator. Vice President Walter Mondale and his wife, Joan, also attended the dinner, as did a host of Senate and House members of both parties and administratiion officials.

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